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         Kids Links Botany:     more detail

1. Botany WWW Sites
Science 4 kids from USDA (click on parts of tours of gardens and arboreta, calendars,links; Garden Club over 4400 terms relating to botany and horticulture.
Botany WWW Sites
Some Sites of Special Interest Kid's Educational Sites Botanical Image Sites Societies ...
  • AGRICOLA Web Access - powerful literature search for plants [database is free]
  • PubMed - MedLine access to authors, titles and abstracts [database is free]
  • Plant Nomenclature Database
  • Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database
  • CSUBIOWEB - Steve Wolf's science links site
  • Scott's Botanical Link of the Day and Botanical Links - Subject Index
  • Internet Guidepost for Plant Production - Extensive botany and agriculture WWW site
  • World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Botany part of the W3 World-Wide Web Virtual Library
  • BioAgMed INFOMINE - Encyclopedic site, searchable by keywords or index directories
  • The Mining Company's Botany site - Links to lots of sites
  • Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory
  • Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages
  • Why Study Plants?
  • Florida Plants Online - information about sustainable agriculture in addition to everything you wanted to know about Florida plants!
  • Cal's Plant of the Week - from OU's greenhouse
    Jobs and Career Sites:
  • 2. NIEHS Kids' Pages Science And Health Hot Topics, Careers And Projects
    Search for educational information and links in over 50 categories.
    Change to Text-Only Version
    National Institute of
    Environmental Health Sciences
    NIEHS Kids' Pages Index
    Environmental Health and Sciences
    Hot Topics, Careers, and Projects
    Stories and Curriculum Material Careers and Science Projects Asthma and Allergies Children's Health ... Links and Resources
    Note sites marked with are NOT NIEHS sites. Please read the following information carefully before proceeding to other websites. When you encounter this image or the words "Non-NIEHS Link", it means that by following that link you will be leaving the NIEHS website. NIEHS is NOT responsible for the content of other websites. Since they are maintained by outside organizations, they can be changed without notice to NIEHS. Therefore, endorsement by NIEHS is not implied, and we cannot be certain of their continuing safe content or their privacy policies. So please ask your parent or guardian before continuing, and especially before providing any information via the internet or by e-mail. When last reviewed, this website seemed suitable for you to visit; but if you have any difficulties or concerns about it, please . For more information, we recommend you visit and review our

    3. Kids' Links--Science, Highland Park Public Library, Highland Park, IL 60035
    photos taken by an Associate Professor of botany in the guides for parents and teachers,and links to other science project sites The kids' Guide to
    book lists homework help reading programs special events ... library home
    We have provided links to these sites because they have information that may be of interest to you.
    The Library is not responsible for the content of these external sites. Biology Botany Chemistry Computers ... Weather
    Animal Cell Picture
    3D cutaway of an animal cell
    Bugs in the News!

    Answers questions about bacteria, antibodies, E-coli, and DNA "bugs" Cell
    Images of an animal cell and its parts Cell Drawings
    Interactive drawings of cells Cell Quiz Page
    Color diagrams of animal and plant cells; click on answer page to have parts identified CELLS Alive!
    Diagrams of cells and information about microbiology and immunology

    Save a frog! Dissect a virtual frog instead A Guided Tour: Visible Human Animations and images of the Visible Human Project The Heart: An Online Exploration Detailed information and images of the human heart Human Anatomy Online Over 100 illustrations of the parts of the human body with animations and links Human Genome Project Explore this site for answers about the U.S. Human Genome Project

    4. Safe Kids Links From ToganA Safe Site For Children To Visit. Loads Of Page Of Fu
    The botany node of the NBII provides comprehensive resources for botanical information to researchers and gardeners. Annotated links collections are available for such topics as plant biology;databases; indexes; taxonomy; references; species

    5. Kids' Links--Homework Help, Highland Park Public Library, Highland Park, IL 6003
    ask a librarian catalog databases kids' home library links for Current Assignments. ScienceBiology, botany, Chemistry, Computers, The Earth, Ecology
    book lists homework help reading programs special events storytimes
    ask a librarian
    ... library home
    Homework Help
    Links for
    Current Assignments Cells

    Other Resources
    Online Databases Library Catalog Ask a Librarian Current Booktalks ... book lists homework help reading programs special events storytimes
    ask a librarian
    ... library home This page is maintained by the Youth Services staff of the Highland Park Public Library, 494 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035, (847) 432-0216, TTY (847) 432-7674. Please e-mail comments or corrections to

    6. Botany: Botany For Kids
    Annotated links collections are available for such topics as plant biology and fungi;botanical organizations; botanical collections; and botany for kids.
    Botany Home Past and Future Form and Function Focus on Species ... General Reference Sources Hi Kids! Are you ready to learn something about the wide world of plants? Did you know that there are more than 400,000 different types of plants growing in the world? Plants provide us with so many benefits, and there is lots we can learn from them! Follow the links below to find out more... Have fun! Aliens Explore Earth: Plants, Trees, and Forests If aliens came to Earth from another planet, what would they think of our plants and trees? Like the aliens, you too can learn about how plants grow, how seeds are spread, and the many kinds of plants that inhabit our planet. Grades 4-8. Botanists-in-Training From the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network, this site provides students with a comprehensive, clear, and well-illustrated introduction to botany. Included are a sections devoted to plant anatomy and biological processes; plant growth from seed to seedling; invasive and endangered plants; science experiments with plants; a hyperlinked glossary of terms; a quiz; and a directory of related links. Although the site has a Canadian slant, it nevertheless includes many species also found in the U.S., and is a useful resource for teaching basic botanical principles and processes.

    7. Garden Games - A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Botany
    Online games, puzzles and quizzes about plant life in your garden. links from your Homeschooling Guide. Home New kids links One Exploration A Day Contact Ann Zeise Free Newsletter Explore botany. Garden Games Garden Projects Plant Science Trees

    8. Botany Teacher Resources - NBII
    the NBII botany area features hundreds of links to information Taxonomy, Gardening,Species Information, Collections, Organizations, and botany for kids.
    Grades K-3
    Botany for Kids from the NBII Botany Page Find links to kid-friendly background materials, project ideas, fun activities, and teaching materials related to botany at NBII's Botany page. From the National Gardening Association, this site includes resources for starting a school greenhouse; stories from their Digging Deeper newsletter about successful projects in the classroom; grant-writing opportunities and guidelines; a wealth of classroom gardening activities; and international classroom projects that can link your students to other budding botanists around the world. School Gardens from KinderGarden What is Photosynthesis? A comprehensive, annotated collection of links culled by Arizona State University, this site points users to online resources for a range of age groups. Grades 4-6 Created by three teachers, Alien Explorer is a collection of references and activities for a variety of science topics. The plants module includes information about plant growth, seed dispersal, types of plants, and lichens. Botanists-in-Training From the Canadian Botanical Conservation Network, this site provides students with a comprehensive, clear, and well-illustrated introduction to botany. Included are a sections devoted to plant anatomy and biological processes; plant growth from seed to seedling; invasive and endangered plants; science experiments with plants; a hyperlinked glossary of terms; a quiz; and a directory of related links. Although the site has a Canadian slant, it nevertheless includes many species also found in the U.S., and is a useful resource for teaching basic botanical principles and processes.

    9. Kid Links
    SCIENCE botany Encyclopedia of Plants Botanical Dictionary. Chemistry for kids. kidsHub (for middle school students). High School Hub. links to All Colleges. Links.htm
    HOME Just the
    Get in ...
    Biographical Dictionary
    (Notable people who have shaped our world)
    Encarta (Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Atlas)
    Daily Grammar
    Literacy Education Online (LEO) (writing, grammar, punctuation, resumes, etc.)
    Purdue University Online Writing Lab
    Web of On-Line Dictionaries (50+ specialty dictionaries - law, business, finance, medicine, computing, sports, etc.; 200+ language dictionaries and thesaurus, etc.)
    Chemistry for Kids
    Conversion Factors
    Encyclopedia Astronautica
    Expeditions to the Sea Floor
    20th Century History
    HyperHistory Online
    The History Channel
    The History Place
    DiscoverySchool with B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
    FCAT Explorer (Helps Florida's students, parents, and teachers practice the skills outlined by the Sunshine State Standards and assessed by the FCAT.)
    Kids Hub (for middle school students)
    High School Hub
    Homework Central
    Palm Beach County Library System
    CollegeBoard (advises about college costs, education loans, college work study offers, strategies for evaluating/comparing financial aid offers, etc.)

    10. Botany Links And Resources |
    Use at your own risk. This is the gateway page to botany websites andresources and educational botany links for kids and teachers ..
    MUSEUMS EXHIBITS EVENTS NEWS ... email this page keyword search Botany Items at Auction Books and CDs Organizations General Links ... Botany Books .. why not take a moment to view the latest special offers and new arrivals for Botany .. available on .. this link will quickly deliver the results to your screen. Botany Auction .. the auction site offers a continually updated database of unique and hard to find items that relate to Botany .. from museum reproductions to original artwork .. you can find it here.
    links science :: botany
    Botany - Links
    FEATURED LINKS search for more add a link Botany in the News
    Catalog of Botanical Illustrations - Smithsonian Institution
    Botany - Books and Videos Botany - Auction Botany - Links Search
    .. sign up for our brief and occasional email newsletter .. receive news about current events, special resources, fun activities .. and much more from 1000's of fascinating museums around the world .. it's always easy to cancel .. so why not give it a try? INFORMATION .. this site is one of the world's leading gateways to educational and entertaining museum "stuff" .. Our network has helped over one million visitors gain access to museums online .. our project is a valuable tool for the public and participating organizations.

    11. Botany In The News - Quick Details From
    Today's features include botany links for kids, featuring websites about botany forchildren and children's botany websites art links about botany history link >> Botany in the News Email this page Print Edit
    Botany in the News
    These are selected news articles that have appeared on the web and in print media. All have appeared on the home page of the Botanical Society of America LINK ENTER THIS RESOURCE CATEGORY links/science/botany RELATED search the web .. for more botany resources .. companion search powered by
    .. this helpful resource page has been brought to you by one of the world's leading gateways to museum links and resources .. named most "user friendly" by the New York Times. Showcase .. for those who are simply looking for a "few good museums" to enjoy online .. our showcase of interesting museums is a great place to start .. searchable by a wide array of topics and themes. Information updated on .. .. page last rebuilt on
    This Botany in the News resource is a best of the web featured web site from the botany directory and database from .. featuring botany links and botany websites that are among the best educational botany resources online for teachers and children as well as museums and non-profit professionals and researchers .. we have made this available online as a result of frequent and common requests for popular and otherwise great links related to botany museums and exhibits.

    12. Kids' Gardening Bibliography
    include puzzles, coloring books, quizzes and links to other s’ guide and a informationgeared to kids are highlights http//
    California Academy of Sciences Library
    World Wide Web Books Curriculum Videos WORLD WIDE WEB Botany.Com A plant encyclopedia is a feature to check out at the site above. Careers in Botany Would you like to study plants for a living? Learn how are this site. Carnivorous Plant FAQ An exciting page about plants that actually capture their prey is located at this site. Did you know that there are more than 600 kinds of carnivorous plants? You can find out more information by stopping by this link. The Great Plant Escape http://w w w.urb a ... Teacher’s guide to plant detective game, plus site links. Growing Ideas Catalog ww w .g a ... Links include educational membership for teachers, gardening courses, free newsletters, grants and resources directories, etc. KinderGARDEN http://aggie-hortic u Includes children’s programs at school, botanical, or community gardens, with ideas, research and special tips. Kid’s Valley Garden

    13. BJ Pinchbeck Offers Science Homework Help, Kids' Homework Help And Chemistry Hom
    Organized collection of links to help students find the information they need.Category kids and Teens School Time Science Homework Help...... amino acids) Back to Top botany (Plants) Glossary wonderful list of science experimentlinks from Cherokee Madison, WI Science Projects for kids — Very nice
    All DiscoverySchool Students Teachers Parents
    Go to: Choose a subject... Art/Music English Foreign Languages Math News Recess Reference Science Search Engines Social Studies About B.J. Ask B.J. Bulletin Board Alphabetical List New Sites Site Map General Science Anatomy Biology Botany (Plants) ... Zoology (Animals) General Science
    Discovery Channel Science Search

    Bill Nye the Science Guy

    My Reference Desk - Science

    Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography
    Back to Top

    Gray's Anatomy

    Human Anatomy On-Line

    Body Quest

    The Heart Preview Gallery
    ... Back to Top Biology MIT Biology Hypertext On-line Biology Book Rader's Biology4Kids Mr. Biology ... Back to Top Botany (Plants) Glossary of Botanical Terms Aquatic Plant Glossary Plants Database ... Back to Top Chemistry CHEMystery Chemistry Tutor Page ChemTutor Erik's Chemistry ... Back to Top Dinosaurs Dinosaurs K-12 Dino Directory All About Dinosaurs Dinosaur Illustrations ... Back to Top Earth Science Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science I Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science II Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science I Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science II ... Back to Top Entomology (Insects) University of Florida's Book of Insect Records Images of Insects "Bugs in the News"

    14. Books And Web Links - Science Fair Central -
    Check out this list for a wealth of books and Web links to learn Wood, Robert W. Sciencefor kids 39 Easy Astronomy Experiments botany 49 Science Fair Projects
    All DiscoverySchool Students Teachers Parents
    Once you've selected your topic, it's time to begin your research. Check out this list for a wealth of books and Web links to learn all about your topic. Astronomy
    For terrific online resources, see the recommended astronomy sites in Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators. Project and Experiment Books
    • VanCleave, Janice. Astronomy for Every Kid . New York: Wiley, 1991.
    • Wood, Robert W. Science for Kids: 39 Easy Astronomy Experiments . Blue Ridge Summit, PA: TAB Books, 1991.
    Reference Books
    • Beasane, Pam. 1000 Facts about Space . New York: Kingfisher, 1992.
    • Harrington, Philip, and Edward Pascuzzi. Astronomy for All Ages . Old Saybrook, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 1994.
    • Moche, Dinah L. Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide . New York: Wiley, 1989.
    • Pearce, Q. L. Stargazer's Guide to the Galaxy . New York: Doherty, 1991.

    For terrific online resources, see the recommended biology sites in Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators. Project and Experiment Books
    • Bonnet, Robert L., and G. Daniel Keen.

    15. Kids Online Resources - Science, Botany
    life of a particular area the botany of the The Michigan 4H Children's Garden kids'Tour - Rich in learning, fun, filled with hundreds of links to panoramas
    Home Internet Safety Art/Music Geography ... Site Map
    Science: Botany Pg: 1 of 2
    Science Science Fair/Projects Agriculture Astronomy ... Physics

    a. The science or study of plants.
    b. A book or scholarly work on this subject.
    The plant life of a particular area: the botany of the Ohio River valley.
    The characteristic features and biology of a particular kind of plant or plant group. The Michigan 4-H Children's Garden Kids' Tour - Rich in exploration, surprises, learning, fun, filled with hundreds of links to panoramas, QTVRs, games, ASL signs, videos, eCards, and information for parents and teachers.
    Aggie Horticulture
    - Just for Kids.
    Aggie Horticulture

    Composting in Schools
    - Cornell Composting.

    Let It Rot:
    The Gardener's Guide to Composting, by Stu Campbell for all ages.

    16. Natural Links From The Wilderness Center, Wilmot, Ohio
    Volcano World's kids' door a virtual 'eruption' of activities. Ecology/botany ScienceLinks American Institute of Biological Sciences - a national center for
    Natural Links
    Nature Centers Wildlife Links
    Education Links Ohio Environmental Links Just 4 Kids

    17. Botany, Horticulture And Plants Resources For K12 Educators
    BIOWEB, Massive site which allows you to search for links under numerous categories.NBII botany Page, See their botany for kids and botany Teacher Resources

    18. Botany Links
    kids INFORMATION ACTIVITIES 1. Most Master Gardener edu/natsci/paleobotany/paleobotany.htm has links to the to my Chicago Botanic Garden botany student Dr
    To join my free events and information E-mailing list, drop me a line at
    New entries are listed frequently, so check back soon. Please e-mail me if you find any broken links. Click on the topic below you'd like to explore:
    General Information, Including Glossaries

    Chicago Wilderness Magazine 5 no.1: 28-30. Available online at
    2. Wiggers, Raymond. 2000. Chicago Wilderness Magazine 3, no.4: 4-10. Available online at
    Chicago Wilderness Magazine 3, no.1: 5-9.
    4. Wiggers, Raymond. 1994. The Plant Explorer's Guide to New England. Missoula, Mont.: Mountain Press. ISBN 0878423060. Currently out of print, but available at, etc.
    (Works that are especially well written are preceded by an asterisk.)
    1. Crum, Howard. 1992. A Focus on Peatlands and Peat Mosses. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Univ. of Michigan Press. ISBN 0472093789. 2. Kohnke, Helmut and D. P. Franzmeier. 1995.

    19. Botany - Education
    K12 Curriculum Resources for botany A nice list of Most of the links are to lessonplans that can be kids on Suite 101 Not everything here is botanical, but


    Botany - Education
    Sites designed for use by educators and students and/or children. Cabbage Juice - pH Indicator
    Who needs special chemicals to measure pH when cabbage juice will do. Cacao
    A virtual exhibit on cacao and chocolate hosted by the Science Museum of Minnesota. Careers in Botany
    This is an online version of the brochure "Careers in Botany" distributed by the Botanical Society of America (BSA). It answers many of the questions that students have about what botanists do and how to prepare for a career in Botany. Celery Stalks at Midnight
    A do-it-at-home science experiment demonstrating how water moves up a plant stem by capillary action. Chaparral and Fire
    A presentation of how fire affects chaparral communities in California.   Presented in a way that appeals to kids.  Seems to be designed for ten and over.  Prepared by the California Native Plant Society.
    A Site especially for kids. Lots of links to other page, many with neat experiments to do.

    20. :: Kids' Links
    Violets at School Provides kids, teachers and covering astronomy, biology, botany,ecology, geology guide, background concepts, related links and references. plans/science
    @import "/style2.css"; in Lycos Kids Dictionary Thesaurus Navigation: Home Teachers Lesson Plans Science ... Physics Science:
    • Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans - Science lessons prepared by practicing teachers participating in National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN) online courses. Everglades Educational Resources - Wide range of curriculum-based environmental education programs and classroom resources. Growing African Violets at School - Provides kids, teachers and volunteers an on-line information service about growing African Violets at school. Homeschool Science Lessons - Visual homeschool lessons, 150 great lessons in life science, earth science, chemistry, physics, and some practice with math as well! Online payment available. K-12 Science Lesson Plans - Provides carefully reviewed k-12 education resources covering astronomy, biology, botany, ecology, geology and earth sciences, problem solving, and general topics. - A teacher created site included leasson plans and ideas for middle school level chemistry, physics, life science and earth science. NASA/MSU-Bozeman CERES Project - Classroom-ready astronomy activities. Created by a team of master teachers, university faculty, and NASA researchers. A combination of contemporary teaching strategies, current NASA science data, and Internet pointers to resources.

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