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  1. A Natural Sense of Wonder: Connecting Kids with Nature through the Seasons by Rick Van Noy, 2008-06-01

1. Surfing The Net With Kids: Ecology Games -- The Best Ecology Games For Kids, Tea
Headbone Derby ecology Strikes Back! The following links are either new discoveriesor sites that didn't make it into my Keep America Beautiful Just for kids.
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Earth Day

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research, publications, health programs, news items, and links. EPA OFFICE OF WATER KID'S from the Franklin Institute. kids DO ecology This site provides educational activities
An Eco-Art Project in Progress

A set of web-based activities primarily designed for classroom use, but made available for all to enjoy.

Animalkind Rescue Kids

Internet Retriever for Kids, Families and Schools



... CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION Kids Page - Try our Brain Busters, a quiz about safety in the home and when playing outdoors! DR SEUSS LORAX - SAVE THE TREES GAME I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I've come here to celebrate Earth Day. E-PATROL Endangered Alert, Energy Savers, Eco Info, E-Patrol Quiz, Art Contest EARTH AWARENESS EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES - This is a resource for teachers and students to find useful information on the environment. EARTH AND MOON VIEWER You can view either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment. EARTH DAY GROCERIES PROJECT EARTH'S BIRTHDAY PROJECT Celebrate our planet through a variety of unique hands-on projects. From protecting and preserving threatened wildlife and habitat, to raising and releasing butterflies.

3. Johnny Appleseed Junior Ecology Club - Helping Kids With Their Money!
kids links EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking US Environmental Protection Agency'swebsite for kids (ages 5 2003 Johnny Appleseed Junior ecology Club Web
Home How do I Join Guest Book Become A Sponsor ... Privacy Policy Kids Links
EPA - Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water
The EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water has compiled resources especially for kids to learn more about drinking water. VERY COOL STUFF HERE!!
The Nine Planets
The Nine Planets is a multimedia tour of the solar system by Bill Arnett. Click on the solar system and begin your space travel.
The Internet's #1 site for K-8 teachers and kids! the web's number one site for kids (35 million page views per month), has joined the Family Education Network. These are the people who built the web's number one site for parents, . In the near future, both sites will be adding powerful new tools that will allow parents to be even more fully engaged in their children's education.
A place where kids can read great books, learn interesting history and facts, and work on fun projects with easy-to-follow plans.

4. Links To Ecology
Music and environmental education activities for tropical and temperate rainforest ecology. Science curriculum questions, forest links, song samples from awardwinning children's music Good Green Fun! with its inspiring ecology lessons. for temperate rainforest links and activities. - ecology overview
Links to Ecology
Brought to you by:
The International Center for Tropical Ecology The Missouri Botanical Garden
The Association for Tropical Biology
and The University of Missouri-St. Louis
Academic Ecology
Academic Societies
Ecology Indices and Networks
Government Research Groups
Institutes, Museums and NGO's

5. Reader Reviews: Ecology Games -- The Best Ecology Games For Kids, Teachers, Pare
The organization focuses on Forestry, ecology, Outdoor Skills and is familyfriendlyand has some excellent links. is a bright, colourful kids site featuring
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Ecology Games
Reader Recommendations
Junior Forest Wardens
Reviewed February 14, 2002 by Pat D., a reader from Maple Ridge, Canada, who is affiliated with the site.
This is a large site that is easy to navigate and full of information about a non-profit co-ed youth organization for 6-18 year olds. The organization focuses on Forestry, Ecology, Outdoor Skills and Leadership. It is family-friendly and has some excellent links.
EcoKids Online
Reviewed December 4, 2001 by S. Kent, a reader from Canada who is affiliated with the site.

6. Caithness CWS - Links - Kids Links - Earth Day
NEWSFEEDS , Back to kids links, links Information. ecology Forkids. United Stated Environmental Protection Agency -Explorers
Back to Kids Links Ecology For Kids United Stated - Environmental Protection Agency -Explorers Club
Eddy The Eco Dog Online

Garbage - How Can My Community Reduce Waste

The Lorax's Save The Trees Game
... The Yuckiest Site On The Internet
See Also
Earth Day
Other Earth Day Sites

7. Caithness CWS - Links - Kids Links - Earth Day
links Information. Science At NASA kids In Action Earth Day kids For Saving EarthEarth 2 kids Sound Prints See Also Other Earth Day Sites ecology For kids.
Back to Kids Links Earth Day Kids Planet
Kids domain - Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Science At NASA
Sound Prints -Where Children Discover

See Also

Other Earth Day Sites

Ecology For Kids

8. "Just For Kids" Links
"Just for kids" links. 1. kids/Librarians/School Resources such as Ireland for St. Patricks Day, or ecology Games for Earth Day.
"Just for Kids" Links
1. Kids/Librarians/School Resources

Good source of searchtools, websites, projects.
2. Kids Love A Mystery

Because kids love a mystery,they are a favorite of teachers and an ideal
way to teach critical thinking, problem solving, writing, and literature.
3. Funbrain - Games

Educational kids' games to play online.
4. HomeArts:Best Sites for Children Suggested child-safe web sites. 5. Genealogy for Children This could also be listed as a history as I use it in European history. Good beginners and children's site on tracing the family roots. 6. Quia Quia - educational games, kids can play and create their own games. 7. Kidz Zone Christian game site, requires shockwave. 8. Time Magazine for Kids It's like having Scholastic News or Weekly Reader available each day! 9. Schoolhouse Rock

9. EcoLinks



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10. Kids Ecology Corps: Links
org ICUN (Species Survival Commission) kids For ecology Corpswww.lcv html Tree Facts (lists many pages of environmental links) www.unep Join Free Home Programs Membership ... Contact Other Places With Information on Our Environment! ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS
    ENVIROLINK - Envirolink is a nonprofit organization that provides internet services for organizations around the world. Every day, 400,000 people in 130 countries access the service. ENVIROLINK also has information on over 400 environmental organizations, check it out ! You can also call Envirolink at 888-353-7663. (National Audubon Society)
(Center for Environmental Citizenship)
(Center for Marine Conservation)
(Common Dreams Newscenter)
(Conservation International)
(International Agricultural Research)
Earth 911 (Clean Up – Tells you what is happening in your County)
(Earth Force Youth site)

11. Kids Ecology Corps: Site Index
Taking Community Action Join Free, links Other Places With Info. Copyright© 2002 The kids for ecology Corps All rights reserved. Join Free Home Programs Membership ... Contact Site Index Home
About Us



12. Homework Links: Ecology
Freshwater ecology (includes Food Web) Click on Life in other resources on therainforest; for kids and teachers links to specific animals give pictures and
South Plainfield Public Library Homework Links see also DINOSAURS Plants General Animals: Wildlife (including Endangered Species see also Amphibian Checklist - Excellent photos and facts for all kinds of frogs, toads, and salamanders, with links to some other reptile and amphibian sites. Animal Bytes - Animals are grouped by type (mammals, insects, etc.), then listed alphabetically. Each entry contains basic facts and a picture. Animal Diversity Web - Type the name of the animal in the space provided for brief information on geographic range, physical characteristics, food, reproduction, habitat, behavior, economic importance, and conservation information. Excellent photos for some animals (listed as "Media"). Click on the small photos for an enlarged picture. From the University of Michigan. Animal Info - Contains information on the biology, history, distribution, size, behavior, diet, and status of hundreds of animals. If you are looking for a specific species, use the Individual Species Index, which includes past and present common and scientific names. Use the Species Group Index to browse through a list of the common names of each species grouped by category (e.g. "Cats"). You can also search the site by keyword. (No photos.) Animal Pictures Archive - Good photographs of many different animals. Search images by keyword. Click on image for larger picture.

13. IdahoPTV's Dialogue For Kids - Ecology Links
kids Do ecology about ecology? Back to Dialogue For kids ecology Facts.

EPA Explorer's Club
From science experiments to coloring pages, the EPA has a ton of great information on caring for our planet! You can even sign up to become a member of the Planet Protectors Club! Backyard Jungle
You've always known that your backyard was a cool place. Now, with Backyard Jungle, you can share it with others, and learn about the world around you! Secrets at Sea
Become a detective and help solve the mystery of sick whales while learning about ocean ecosystems! Kids Planet
This is a great site to learn more about the Web of Life! This site includes facts about endangered species, interactive games and there is a whole section on wolves! Biome in A Baggy The ZOOM team has a great science experiment for you to try at home!

14. NVDPL Kids - Kids' Links
A great place for kids who like science, ecology, nature and outdoor activities.Electronic Zoo. links to everything you want to know about pets, animals and

15. North Vancouver District Public Library - Kids: Cool Links
site for students interested in Canadian history, ecology and social issues withlinks to Youthlinks 700 great sites for kids selected by the librarians
A world of reading Click here for extensive lists of recommended titles and reviews of favourite books, by and for kids! Enchanted Learning! Check out this website for a myriad of links, information and great craft ideas. ExZOOberance! Exzooberance is the world's largest virtual zoo! Check here for animal facts, figures and photographs! Historica A collaborative and interactive site for students interested in Canadian history, ecology and social issues with links to Youthlinks online. Vancouver Aquarium What's up and who's underwater and the Vancouer Aquarium Check out the Aqua Facts under "Learn with us" for lots of information about sealife! 700 great sites for kids selected by the librarians of the American Library Association Check here for over 700 "amazing, spectacular, mysterious, wonderful web sites for kids and the adults who care about them" Kids Domain Tons of fun stuff! Official Red Cedar Website Click here for information, nominees and author profiles for this year's Young Readers' Choice Awards! Yahooligans This is a good place to start your search for just about anything.

16. Kids' Links--Science, Highland Park Public Library, Highland Park, IL 60035
projects The GLOBE Project An ecology and earth the world from 1900 to 1994 NationalGeographic.comKids! plants and history RiverResource links to information
book lists homework help reading programs special events ... library home
We have provided links to these sites because they have information that may be of interest to you.
The Library is not responsible for the content of these external sites. Biology Botany Chemistry Computers ... Weather
Animal Cell Picture
3D cutaway of an animal cell
Bugs in the News!

Answers questions about bacteria, antibodies, E-coli, and DNA "bugs" Cell
Images of an animal cell and its parts Cell Drawings
Interactive drawings of cells Cell Quiz Page
Color diagrams of animal and plant cells; click on answer page to have parts identified CELLS Alive!
Diagrams of cells and information about microbiology and immunology

Save a frog! Dissect a virtual frog instead A Guided Tour: Visible Human Animations and images of the Visible Human Project The Heart: An Online Exploration Detailed information and images of the human heart Human Anatomy Online Over 100 illustrations of the parts of the human body with animations and links Human Genome Project Explore this site for answers about the U.S. Human Genome Project

17. Kids' Links--Homework Help, Highland Park Public Library, Highland Park, IL 6003
ask a librarian catalog databases kids' home library links for Current Assignments. Botany,Chemistry, Computers, The Earth, ecology, General Science
book lists homework help reading programs special events storytimes
ask a librarian
... library home
Homework Help
Links for
Current Assignments Cells

Other Resources
Online Databases Library Catalog Ask a Librarian Current Booktalks ... book lists homework help reading programs special events storytimes
ask a librarian
... library home This page is maintained by the Youth Services staff of the Highland Park Public Library, 494 Laurel Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035, (847) 432-0216, TTY (847) 432-7674. Please e-mail comments or corrections to

18. CanTeach: Links: Science - Ecology And Environmentalism
Earth Day On Your Block A Guide for kids From 2 to celebrate Earth Day as well aslinks to other of classroom projects on conservation and ecology Earth Times
Resources Links Discuss Submit ... Science
Ecology and Environmentalism
BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Information on British Columbia's air quality, car emissions, climate change, smoke control, parks, crown land, wildlife, managing waste, land stewardship, protecting habitats, managing pesticides, preventing pollution, water stewardship, water quality, watershed management, water licenses and fisheries.
Canadian Endangered Species
List of endagered mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, and plants in Canada.
Composting in Schools
Includes: Why Composting? Teacher's Page (lesson plans, activities, teacher forum); Ideas for Student Research Projects; Compost Quiz; Science and Engineering (explaining the science and engineering behind composting; includes experiments); Composting Indoors; Composting Outdoors; Weird and Unusual Composting; and, Frequently Asked Questions.
Coral Forest
Educational material on coral reefs and their surrounding environment, the threats reefs are facing, and the possible solutions to these threats. Also included are maps showing coral reef regions around the world and a teacher's guides for grades K-5 and grades 6-12.
David Suzuki Foundation
Information on major issues like climate change, the fisheries, forestry, sustainable development and local action.

19. ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society
Educational website intended for children, with diverse material about ecology, the environment, and Category Science Environment Education...... Species, ecology, ecology club, careers ecology, Natural resources TO TOP, Importantinformation for kids and their parents Internet Safety links Tips for
Environmental Education on the Web

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Click the star and then Hang on ! TOXINS 1 in 4 Americans lives near a super-contaminated site! Do you? STUDIES SOUND ALARMS FOR DESTRUCTIONS OF ANCIENT ECOSYSTEMS AND EXTINCTIONS OF MARINE SPECIES Read about the reports on human destruction of exotic species faster than scientists can discover them, and scraping away ancient deep-water coral reefs. "What we are destroying now will take centuries to recover." Human Impact on Oceans
CURRENT CONDITIONS OF THE ENVIRONMENT OF PLANET EARTH WEATHER Global warming and extreme weather causing glaciers to melt, climate changes, rising sea levels, coastal damage, floods, crop failures. ATMOSPHERE Polluted air Endangered ozone layer Acid rain Greenhouse gas buildup WATER Polluted water causing loss of species in rivers

20. Mega Resource Directories
links From California Native Plant Society. CyberSleuth kids Internet Search Guide.Directory of Best Environmental Directories . ecology
Environmental Education on the Web
Resource Directories, Guides, Libraries, and Encyclopedias
Comprehensive linked lists of websites
(many with searchable indexes, photos, and detailed subject lists)
See what's Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory Audubon - Birds, marine life, science, ecology, trees, environmental education-groups-law-gov't agencies Australian Science and Technology on the Internet
To begin with, click on Science for Schools and Children and/or Subject Listing of Sites. Links are also provided to electronic journals, libraries and archives, and Australian search engines. This huge database of resources provided by the Nat'l Library of Australia.
Awesome Library - Over 15,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the
top 5 percent in education. BBC Online Education - See special site listings in left drop down selection box, such as Nature, Kids, Science, Web Guide and many others. BBC Education Web Guide - Searchable directory of nearly 4000 of the best websites for learning, selected and reviewed by subject specialists.

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