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         Kids Links Safety:     more detail

1. Surfing The Net With Kids: Guide To The BEST KID SITES For Kids Of All Ages
Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini, online encylopedias, Category Home Family Parenting Resources...... Parents, Teachers, Parents, Teachers Lesson Plans, Parenting, Web safety kids,kids sites, kids games, kids links, family sites, family links, K12, K12,
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As seen in millions of newspapers each week, here are my site recommendations for kids and families, starting with this week's:

2. The Kids On The Web: Safety On The Net
Lightning information and safety for kids (plus parents and teachers) Read the lightning safety links about this. Sometimes, kids have special lightning safety problems because they can't always make their own safety choices.
The Kids on the Web: Safety on the Net
There are a number of software packages available that try to help keep children safer on the Internet. While there is no ideal solution, as with life in general, the packages help take a first step to protecting children in Cyberspace. The software currently available includes:
If you know of other packages, please let me know One project of interest, the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) , has the goal to help develop technologies that will give users of interactive media, like the Internet, control over the kinds of material to which they and their children have access. (This set of pages has a PICS rating inside it, by the way, to make it clear that it's safe for kids to visit.) Phil Gibbs has also designed his own approach to rating Web sites , if you'd like to check it out. Some folks at the Voters Telecommunications Watch have put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list about Internet Parental Control which could help introducing your kids to the Net in a safe way.

3. - Kids, Teens, And Educators
Food safety Coloring Book (FDA/FSIS). Food safety Quiz for kids (FDA). Food safety Word Match (FDA/FSIS) Additional links to federal, state and local government agencies.
Federal Government Web Sites Federal Government/Private Sector Partnership Web Sites

4. Child Safety On The Information Highway
Put out by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this document outlines how parents Category Computers Internet Child safety...... An ISP links you to these sites, but it can’t control could risk his or her safetyor the safety of other may be an area set aside just for kids where you don
Table of Contents: Introduction
The Benefits of the Information Highway

Putting the Issue in Perspective

What Are the Risks
About this Document

Child Safety on the Information Highway
By Lawrence J. Magid

(c) 1998 National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
"'Cyberspace,' the 'Web,' the 'Net,' the 'Information Highway'" — Whatever The Benefits of the Information Highway The vast array of services that you currently find online is constantly growing. Reference information such as news, weather, sports, stock quotes, movie reviews, encyclopedias, and airline fares are readily available online. Users can conduct transactions such as trading stocks, making travel reservations, banking, and shopping online. You can find information about your local schools and government, read an out-of-town newspaper, or obtain vital health information. Millions of people communicate through electronic mail (E-mail) with family and friends around the world. Others use the public message board chat areas to make new friends who share common interests. You can even use the Internet to watch video and listen to audio programs produced by major media companies, businesses, organizations, and even individuals. As an educational and entertainment tool users can learn about virtually any topic, visit a museum, take a college course, or play an endless number of computer games with other users or against the computer itself.

5. Vince & Larry's Safety City
Offers a public service for parents interested in educational online experiences. Learn about the risks kids face and search for safety products. Search or browse for Internet safety products, including those that filter explicit or violent content, monitor a Web Sites for kids. Check out these links to great sites families
Back-to-School Supplies From NHTSA! catalog HINT: To get the book cover, select "Junior High Students" as the Audience. Hi! Welcome to NHTSA's Kid's Page! We're Vince and Larry, NHTSA's crash test dummies, and we'll be your tour guides. Come along as we have fun visiting all of the hot spots around town. We'll learn lots of cool stuff, play some games and even see a movie. Just click on us anytime to return to our home page. Let's Go! Someone has to keep this town running! Learn about current events, email NHTSA's administrators, read the letters of the week, browse the headlines in the Safety Town Gazette, and explore job opportunities in the transportation field. Could you be Safety School's next valedictorian? Take the "Safety Challenge" quiz to test your knowledge of safety trivia - see if you can outwit Larry and me. You could learn a lot from a dummy! Plenty of lesson plans and materials in the Teachers' Lounge for downloading. Sharpen up your crayons and have fun coloring real works of art in the Cyberstudio ! Visit my Permanent Collection , view artwork by other cyber artists or print out artwork to color with real crayons.

6. Kids Home Page
to see fun links for kids. Organizations figures with arms raised. Mixed Contentfigure beating a drum. All links figure on skateboard. safety parent figure

7. Firehouse.Com's Safe Kids - Links
safekids Firehouse Safe kids Health/safety links GENERAL links. American Academyof Pediatrics; American Public Health Association; American Red Cross;
Search Select Web Directory The Internet Galls Superstore Books - Books - for check e-mail forums chat links ... Health/Safety Links
Updated: Thursday, October 5 - 2:20 PM
Safe Kids > Links
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Health/Safety Links GENERAL LINKS
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • American Public Health Association
  • American Red Cross
  • Center for Injury Prevention ...
  • Dr. Koop's Community MORTALITY DATA LINKS
  • National Center for Health Statistics
  • State Injury Mortality Data
  • US Injury Mortality Data MOTOR VEHICLE LINKS
  • General Motors Trunk Safety Information
  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
  • Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
  • Child Passenger Safety Web ...
  • American Academy of Pediatrics DROWNING LINKS
  • US Coast Guard FIRE LINKS
  • National Association of State Fire Marshals
  • National Council on Fireworks Safety, Inc.
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • National Fire Sprinkler Association ...
  • United States Fire Administration POISONING LINKS
  • Alliance to End Childhood Poisoning
  • American Association of Poison Control Centers
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Food and Drug Administration ...
  • National Lead Information Center (Spanish Version) BIKE LINKS
  • Bike Helmet Safety Institute PEDESTRIAN LINKS
  • Partnership for a Walkable America
  • Highways and Local Roadways - information on Washington state's pedestrian program.
    that provides resources, news and information, links, columns, learning of an interactivewebsite designed to teach kids and their families about safety.
    Special Web Sites of Interest to Kids
    Other government sites for kids:

    9. KIKS - Online Education About Internet Safety For Children - Keeping Internet Ki
    A small collection of articles about online safety topics, as well as some links, and newsletter archives.

    Click here for a tribute to our troops
    KIKS Quest
    Online Education is essential in order to provide a Safe Internet experience for children and adults. Our main goals are to Educate the public, Monitor Internet Activities (i.e. stop the porn spam, monitor chat rooms etc.) and to change laws in order to benefit our children.
    The Internet has revolutionized life over the years. We are able to keep in touch with loved ones and friends, conduct business, financial transactions, and have a wealth of information only a dot com away. Computers encompass our lives as we have access just about anywhere through Schools, Libraries, Businesses, Our homes, and yes, now even e-mail retrieval and instant messaging through phones. What a great World we live in, only if we could make it SAFE to surf the Internet without fear of those who prey on our children and send pornographic links through instant messages, e-mail, and directly to the chat rooms.
    For any organization to succeed it will take not only the dedication of those who spear head the KIKS quest but will require a desire by those who wish to protect the children to stand up, fight the good fight, and become PROACTIVE in helping the children.

    10. .Links4kids - Safe Sites.
    Includes educational, and fun links grouped by topics such as art, cartoons, coloring, fun, games, Category kids and Teens Directories...... Slow Page, Space Invaders, Teen Chat links, Teen Chat Top100Brits, Top100-Jokes,Top100-kids, Top100-Mp3 Up Window, Profile, Privacy Policy, safety Policy, Tell
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    11. HHS - HHS Pages For Kids
    Teachers Educators Tips For Teens Prevent the Addiction Puzzles and Brainteasersto Stimulate Creative Ideas Food safety Coloring Book. Additional kids links.
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    HHS Home
    Questions? Contact Us ... Parent's Note
    HHS Pages for Kids
    Additional Kids Links
    Welcome To The FDA KIDS' Home Page Welcome to Kids' Home at NCI! National Institute of Environmental Health Science Kids' Page
    in Spanish
    ... NIDA Goes To School (science-based drug abuse education) Welcome To The FDA KIDS' Home Page About the National Center for Environmental Health Web Pages For Kids!!! Around the Federal Government National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information Be Smart Don't Start Environmental Diseases from A to Z Snapshots of Science and Medicine Are You a Working Teen? ... FirstGov

    12. MGPL Webrary® - Kids' Links
    City A fantastic, colorful and fun site that teaches kids about safety. Large fontsand simple language are very readable. links include safety School; keeping
    K i d s ' L i n k s The following sites are recommended for children from preschool through grade 6, their parents and other caregivers. Parents are strongly urged to read and discuss with their children the brochure Child Safety on the Information Highway and to accompany their children when they use the Internet. You can also search for links on a specific subject. Index
      : Lots of Things to Learn and Do
      : Problems, Feelings and Behavior
      : Different Beliefs
      : People, Laws and Government; Taking Care of our Planet
      : The Words We Use
      : Birds and Beasts; Science, Space and Math
      : Your Body, Your Family; Planes, Trains and Automobiles
      : Art and Entertainment and All that Fun Stuff
      : I Want to Read! I Want to Write!
      : Here and Around the World; History; Important People to Know
    000 Lots of Things to Do and Learn
    Ready Web
    A collection of resources for parents and teachers on school readiness. Sponsored by ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education. (
    The children's computer library for kids who love to read. Print-out activities; match-ups; preschool library, craft projects, reading lists on different subjects. In English and Spanish. (/

    13. NCDOT, Division Of Aviation, Safety & Education, Kids Links
    Airport Development. safety Education, Kid's links http// Museumof Life and Science. http// FAA Education kids Corner.
    Programs and Events
    2002 Coastal Air Tour

    Spring Wings Weekend

    NC Collegiate Programs
    Contact Us

    Kid's Links
    Museum of Life and Science Civil Air Patrol Soaring Society of America AOPA's APPLE Program EAA Youth Programs Young Eagles NASA Education Resource Center NASA Education Program NBAA NBAA AVKIDS First Flight Centennial Commission First Flight Centennial Foundation FAA Education Kids Corner National Park Service, Wright Brothers
    Division History
    Director's Office Aircraft Services
    Airports Grant Program
    ... Comments

    14. Eggys World Of Fun For Kids - Games, Puzzles And Mazes!
    Seven categories of links to interactive, safety tested, kids' web pages.

    Eggy Dolls have arrived! Click here
    Earn cash online 6 different ways! Click Here var site="njgeno" Enter search word

    15. CMLKids: Kids Links
    safety Tips for kids on the Internet This site, created by the FBI, includesa short checklist of ways children can stay safe on the Internet.

    16. Pumpkin And Company - Kids/links/Education_Health And Fitness 3
    Vince Larry's safety City NHTSA's safety City, Designed to Teach Kidsof All Ages about Traffic safety in a Fun Environment. Water safety.
    Links Educational Sites
    Fun Sites

    ... M.E.N
    You are here:
    Kids' Corner/LINKS Educational Sites Health/Fitness 3 H e a l t h a n d F i t n e s s Diseases Drugs and Alcohol Fitness
    ... Page 2
    Boat-Safe Kids Dolt's Fire Prevention Week Activities Twinkle and Eyenstein's Wise Eye Web FEMA for KIDS Homepage- Education, Schools, Disasters and Games. Fire Pal's Kid Safety Net The Firepage Firefighters teach students Life and Fire safety. Injury Prevention Website Injuryfreezone for Kids Kidd Safety Kiddie Safety Education Center ... Kid's School Bus Safety Zone The Kid's Safety Zone is a must see site for kid's needing to know about school bus safety. Features school bus safety rules, online safety. LanaKids The Otto Club Safer Parks Smokey Bear ... Sunshine How UV's attack your skin...How to mount the most effective defense... Why a combination of filters works better than 1... Survive Alive Village Indianapolis Firefighter's Survive Alive Program for Children to learn fire safety using fire emergency simulations.

    17. Farm Safety 4 Just Kids: Memberships
    Iowa Farmer Today Online; Organic Valley Visit the Hey kids Section for a farmtour and a kids farm journal. Quia Farm safety Sleuths; Lorenzo's links; Make a
    Program Services Formal Partners

    18. FBI - Kids & Youth Educational Page - Safety Links
    A Parent's Guide to Internet safety. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children(NCMEC). K 5th safety Page. FTC's kids Privacy. FBI Youth 6th - 12th .

    Crimes Against Children
    Crimes Against Children Additional Resources page A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)
    Crimes Against Children
    Crimes Against Children Additional Resources page A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) ...
    FBI Youth 6th - 12th

    19. Ohio Department Of Public Safety: Public Safety Kids!
    The Public safety kids feature games and activities teaching safety tips for home, school, and playing Category kids and Teens Health safety...... Great Games Cool links Public safety kids Public safety Parents PrivacyPolicy For comments or suggestions on PSkids!, please send email to the Site
    Welcome to the Ohio Department of Public Safety's Public Safety Kids Web Site! This site requires the Macromedia Shockwave Plugin Great Games Cool Links Public Safety Kids ... Public Safety Parents
    For comments or suggestions on PSKIDS!,
    please send e-mail to the Site Administrator.
    This Site Created by
    Interactive Ink, Incorporated
    Legal Info

    20. Aglinks2
    Originated USDA for kids star bulletUtah Ag in the Classroom links star bullet DairyFacts kids' Honey Page More Than A Cow Sheep USA, Just For kids Farm safety.
    *These sites contain math and farm fun. NASS does not endorse any company, product,
    service, hypertext links, or the accuracy of the information found on these pages. Ag in the Classroom and
    Other Educational Sites Livestock and
    Poultry Sites
    4-H Farm Animal Awareness
    AgNIC: Plant Science for Kids

    Ag's Cool

    ARS Photo Library
    Farm School

    Foreign Ag Service: Teachers in South Africa
    Kids' Ag Page

    Kidz Korner
    Kids on Campus Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom ... USDA for Kids Utah Ag in the Classroom Links What Do Statisticians Do? Fruits and Veggies Corn: Captain Cornelius Indiana Soybean Development Council Leafy Greens Council Home Page Nutrition Eat Smart. Play Hard. USDA School Meals American Egg Board Breeds of Livestock ... Sheep USA, Just For Kids Farm Safety Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Kids and Farm Safety A Must FFA National FFA Organization Ohio FFA Association Math and Farm Fun CyberKids Playground Esmerel's Coin Toss Game Esmerel's Accident Statistics Esmerel's Number Tricks Farm Kids Word Search Race to the Barn Game ... The Fruit Game

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