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         Kids Safety & Prevention Programs:     more detail
  1. Facilitating a Violence Prevention Support Group for Kids Who Are Bullied K-6 (Building Trust, Making Friends / Teresa M. Schmidt) by Teresa M. SchmidtM.S.W.L.C.S.W.B.C.D., 1998-09-15
  2. My "Kid-Ability" journal: A child's personal journal and workbook accompanying the "Kid-Ability" self-protection program from the Girl's Club of Omaha by Mary Mitchell, 1985

1. Hopkins Awarded Grant To Fund Child Injury Prevention Programs In Baltimore
Johns Hopkins Awarded Grant To Fund Child Injury prevention programs In BaltimoreProgram gives East Baltimore parents real power to improve kids' safety.
November 22, 2002
MEDIA CONTACT: Jessica Collins
E-MAIL: Johns Hopkins Awarded Grant To Fund Child Injury Prevention Programs In Baltimore
Program gives East Baltimore parents real power to improve kids' safety The Johns Hopkins Children's Center has received a four-year, $213,380 grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to establish a nationally recognized pediatric injury prevention program in Baltimore. The Injury Free Coalition for Kids (IFCK) of Baltimore at Johns Hopkins University is a hospital-led, community-oriented program that offers parents and neighbors training and guidance to make communities safer for children and teenagers. Based at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center, IFCK Baltimore is a partnership between the Children's Center's Pediatric Trauma Service and Children's Safety Center, the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and East Baltimore community groups, with support from the City of Baltimore. IFCK Baltimore will initially focus on East Baltimore, where a comprehensive analysis of Johns Hopkins pediatric trauma service records shows children are at increased risk of hospitalization due to motor vehicle injuries, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, falls, burns, and assaults.

2. Childhelp USA® Virginia
This site promotes the prevention, education and treatment of child abuse and neglect through body safety programs for kids, residential treatment for abused children, and helpful lectures for adults all free of charge - as well as the child abuse hotline.
Virginia Home Prevention Children's Center of Virginia Residential Treatment ... Donating
Childhelp USA is one of America's leading organizations in the field of child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment.
Childhelp USA/Virginia provides services throughout Virginia
and the National Capital region, including
abuse prevention education for children,
teens, parents and professionals
outpatient treatment of suspected abuse
abuse ages 4-12
child abuse
pads, bookmarks, information about abuse)
About Childhelp USA
Childhelp USA directly provides help and hope to more than 152,000 children and adults each year whose lives have been traumatized by child abuse. The organization, with headquarters in Arizona and regional offices in Virginia, New York, California and Tennessee, is one of the largest and oldest national nonprofits dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

3. Youth Smoking Prevention Programs | Kids Love Fishbone Fred
Theresa Burch, manager of youth smoking prevention corporate and youth adult whouses music to convey important safety messages to kids, she said.

INJURY prevention programs AVAILABLE TO ALBERTA COMMUNITIES. TABLE OF CONTENTS (PDF file, 14 KB). Farm safety 4 Just kids. Farm safety for children.
(PDF file, 11.9 KB) Blank program profile form (PDF file, 22.9 KB) Order form (PDF file, 14 KB) AMA School Safety Patrol School pedestrian safety (PDF file, 14 KB) Drinking Decisions Early intervention for problem drinkers (PDF file, 14 KB) Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Farm safety for children (PDF file, 14 KB) Heads Up: Head Injury and Trauma in Sport Head injury prevention in hockey and ringette (PDF file, 14 KB) HEROES Youth injury prevention and risk management (PDF file, 14 KB) Learn Not to Burn Fire and burn prevention school program (PDF file, 14 KB) MADD Impaired driving (PDF file, 14 KB) Mission Possible @ Work Traffic injury prevention – workplace program (PDF file, 14 KB) Nobody’s Perfect Family life, parenting, injury prevention (PDF file, 14 KB) Operation Red Nose Drinking and driving (PDF file, 14 KB) PAID / REID Impaired driving (PDF file, 14 KB) PARTY Teen injury prevention (PDF file, 14 KB) Risk Watch Injury prevention school curriculum (PDF file, 14 KB)

5. Community Awareness & Safety Education
prevention programs for Elementary School Alert Bert ; Always Ask First ; BeSafe, Be Smart Always Ask First ; Chiefo the Fire safety Clown; EMS kids ;
Search: Home Agency Directory Fire Department Community Awareness and Safety Education
(C.A.S.E.) Division
Fire Safety and Injury Prevention Programs for Elementary School
  • "Alert Bert" "Always Ask First" "Be Safe, Be Smart Always Ask First" "Chiefo" the Fire Safety Clown "Poisonality" "Ride Smart, Ride Safe" (Bicycle Safety) "Sammy's Playground Pointers" "You Be Safe"
Injury Prevention Programs for Middle and High School
  • "EMS Career Opportunities" "For Pete's Sake, Don't Use Inhalants" "Infant and Child Safety" "Wheels of Death"
Fire Safety and Injury Prevention Programs for Adults
  • "Children and Poison" "Dally" the Clown Fire Safety and Falls/Injury Prevention "Fire ExtinguishersNFPA's Fight or Flight" "Home Escape Planning" "Senior Fire Safety" with Jonathan Winters
Community Awareness and Safety Education "Special Events" Resource Library

6. McGruff The Crime Dog, Child Identification, Fingerprinting, Internet Safety, Se
Purchase the Complete safety Guidebook, Fingerprint, and Identification program from McGruff the Crime Dog. Child safety / Security Field though the McGruff® Safe kids Total Identification prevention Campaign published by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice programs, U.S.
Safety Kit
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7. Injury Prevention Programs
Conducts SAFE kids Week activities. Promotes safety for children with special needs.Shares information on available injury prevention resources and programs.

8. Food Safety Programs And Activities
Details regulations for produce, imports, inspections and compliance, risk assessment, and surveillance. Includes research and education links. Centers for Disease Control and prevention. National Food safety programs Food safety Materials for kids Educators. Food safety Progress Report Education August 2001
Food and Drug Administration
U. S. Department of Agriculture
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Food Safety Programs
What's New Surveillance Inspections Education ... Overview

9. Report Finds Gun Safety Programs Fail To Protect Kids
Report Finds Gun safety programs Fail To Protect kids. BY HELEN RUMBELOW, THE WASHINGTON POST is to start 910 different prevention programs of your own, then run a study
FreeRepublic .com "A Conservative News Forum" Browse ...
Salt Lake Tribune ^

Posted on 07/19/2002 7:35 AM PDT by Joe Brower
Report Finds Gun Safety Programs Fail To Protect Kids
Friday, July 19, 2002
Gun safety programs aimed at young people do not work and have done little to reduce the 20,000 children killed or injured by guns in the United States every year, a foundation report says. Children's curiosity and teenagers' love of risks makes them extremely resistant to efforts to persuade them not to handle guns, such as the National Rifle Association's Eddie Eagle campaigns as well as programs by gun control advocates, it found. In some cases these programs may have increased the appeal of guns, said the child health specialists who wrote, "Children, Youth and Gun Violence" for The Future of Children, a journal of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Instead, the easiest way to save young lives would be to make guns more "childproof" with built-in safety devices, although the industry has been slow to adopt these measures, the report said. In the meantime, the report said, parents should become the new target of gun safety campaigns, because they leave guns around the house, loaded and unlocked. Parents don't take enough responsibility for gun safety because they overestimate the maturity of their children, it said.

prevention programs. Submit completed form(s) to ACICR c/o Jennifer Drozdowski Fax 403381-4487. Title Farm safety 4 Just kids

11. Kid's Plates Home Page !
keep California kids Safe. Proceeds from your plate fund programs that benefit California'schild injury prevention efforts, such as bicycle safety, drowning
A License Plate For People with a Passion
Buy a license plate that lets the world know you're a
For the first time, a new specialty license plate lets you use
any one of four symbols , or to create a message.
Tell the world how great your husband, wife, son or daughter is.
Trumpet your skill at your job or hobby. Tell the world whom, or what, you
Use your car or truck to make a personal statement.
A Chance to show who or what you are, on a plate people will notice
Buy the most visible license plate on the road. These new symbols are not available
on any other California license plate. Order yours right away to be sure no one else
grabs your idea. Your message will jump off your bumper and scream to be heard.
People will notice. They'll care. They'll ask how you got it
Proceeds Benefit
Kids' Safety Programs Throughout California

Your new Motor vehicle license plate will help keep California Kids Safe. Proceeds from your plate fund programs that benefit California's child injury prevention efforts, such as

12. National PTA | Violence Kids Crisis | What You Can Do
prevention is the BEST Protection Why kids Are at Risk Protecting Your Family . and more People wants their homes to be safe for their family and friends. the resources available to assist in developing programs and activities that will reduce child and
Talk to Your Children Set Clear Rules and Limits for Your Children Know the Warning Signs Don’t Be Afraid to Parent; Know When to Intervene ... Work to Influence Lawmakers and Decision Makers
Why National PTA developed this resource and what is happening next Let Others Know About This Resource
Web banners to link your web page to From the Experts
Crisis Intervention Bibliography

School Violence Bibliography

Parenting Bibliography
Violence, Kids, Crisis—A Discussion About Prevention
Town Hall Meeting from the 1999 National PTA Convention Community Violence Prevention Kit
Safeguarding Your Children
Prevention tips for parents and children to use at home, at school and in the community Common Sense website
Strategies for raising alcohol- and drug-free children Public Relations:
A Practical Guide for PTA Leaders
What PTA leaders and parents need to know about working with the media Public Relations Crisis Kit What PTA leaders and parents need to know about preparing press conferences especially in crisis situations

13. Abduction And Abuse Prevention Programs: Child Safety Solutions With Yello Dyno!
and Exciting InSchool and Community Assembly programs. Dr. Sounds and our ChildSafety Specialist, children musical approach assures kids' comprehension and
Endorsed By Educators, Law Enforcement, Child Safety Professionals and Parents! New! Three classroom presentations: Can't Fool Me!, Tricky People and Play It Safe On The Internet: Video clips from Yello Dyno's award winning videos catch the attention of even the most difficult students. The professionally lead, age appropriate, presentations help students respond openly to discussions and enjoy role playing as they learn key safety rules, strategies and the powerful "lures" used by Tricky People, Bad Guys and Bullies. Self-esteem is naturally developed with these programs. (Grades 2nd-8th) Let's Play Yello Dynothon!
and Exciting
In-School and Community
Assembly Programs 2nd Grade- 8th Grade EMPOWER...
The Yello Dynothon's unique approach to children's personal safety attracts children to want to learn. Through a live performance incorporating the life-size interactive board game, the puppet, Yello Dyno, that "Purveyor of Protection," Dr. Sounds and our Child Safety Specialist, children will learn how to identify "Tricky People" and their lures, who to turn to for help, how and what to yell for help and many more skills critical for keeping themselves safe. Our entertaining musical approach assures kids' comprehension and retention soar as Yello Dyno teaches the "SAFETY RULES!" Age appropriate; average length is 30-45 minutes. Yello Dyno's Safety Party
Classroom by Classroom Preschool - 1st Grade

14. Brantford Fire Department Department Programs
kids!!! Send your suggestions for fire or life safety messages to the attention of FireSuppression and Fire prevention promoted fire safety to students from

15. Child Safety Networks And "Kids Are Street Safe Campaign"
kids safety Awareness Month and roleout of national Safe Hoods Program * FIRSTREADApril is Youth Violence prevention (See Sec 2) * Government programs

* About Us

* Awards

* Bright Stars

* Donate to Kids
* Service to Kids

* Campaign

* Joining
* Nominate Hood * 1000 for Kids CALENDAR * New Events * Youth Prevent MEDIA * Articles * Papers-TV * Press * Spokesperson ... Hurting Kids NETWORKS * Bret Harte-Oak PROGRAMS-USA * Safe Hoods * Street Safe Kids * Teen Leaders/ Home Security * Youth Safety ... * Walkabouts SAFE HOODS U * University VOLUNTEER

16. Bureau Of EMS - Injury Prevention Programs
Bureau of EMS Injury prevention programs. 6) focuses on everyone riding in a motorvehicle must be buckled up or in a safety seat Love our kids License Plate.

17. Fire Prevention - A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling - 10/7/97
safety and prevention. Call your local fire department for information. Check yourTV schedule this month for fire safety programs. Fire safety For kids is now
Click on the banner for recommended books and supplies for homeschooling A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Feature Articles I am Ann Zeise , your guide to over 800 pages of the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about home education on the web. Search
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Fire Prevention Dateline: 10/7/97, Updated 4/1/01 By Ann Zeise The first full week in October each year is Fire Prevention Week . Throughout the U.S. fire departments have open houses, demonstrations on fire safety and prevention. Call your local fire department for information. Check your TV schedule this month for fire safety programs. Fire Safety For Kids is now at its own page.

18. National SAFE KIDS Campaign: Promoting Child Safety To Prevent Unintentional Inj
Receives $750,000 for Childhood Fire safety Education The For the last 11 years,SAFE kids and the to deliver lifesaving fireprevention programs to millions

19. Health And Safety, Federal Resources For Educational Excellence (
safety 4 kids (Consumer Product safety Commission); School Health Program Guidelines(Centers for Disease Control and prevention); School Health programs An

20. USFA Schools/Day Care Programs - Program - Most Kids Aren't
school children, it's especially important that burn prevention programs speakspecifically to kids. He teaches young children fire safety and how to

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