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         Korea Culture:     more books (101)
  1. Culture of Korean Shamanism (Korea Culture Series I Volume 2) by Shing-yong (editor) Chun, 1999
  2. One Korea again: when, if and how?(Divided Korea: Toward a Culture of Reconciliation)(Book review): An article from: Journal of International Affairs by Aleksandr Ilitchev, 2006-09-22
  3. Culture Guide: South Korea Series 1 Secondary Grades 7-12 (International Outreach Culture Guides, Series 1 Secondary Grades 7-12)
  4. The Culture and Preparation of Ginseng in Korea by C. T. Collyer, 2010-10-14
  5. Traditional Performing Arts of Korea: Korean Culture Series 10 by Jeon Kyung-wook, 2008-04-23
  6. Confucian Ritual Music of Korea: Korean Culture Series 11 by Song Hye-jin, 2008-10-15
  7. Culture of Korea: Music of Korea, Korean art, Korean dance, Korean painting, Korean pottery and porcelain, Korean architecture, Korean garden, Hanbok, Korean tea, Korean calendar
  8. Fifty Wonders of Korea. Volume 1. Culture and Art by Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Proect, 2007
  9. Modern Korea: Highlights of her history, culture and tourist appeal by Seung Mok Yang, 1966
  10. The Culture of Korea: Racial background, Sketch of Geography, History of Korea, Religion, Literature, Art, Science, Music, Economic background, and History of the Revolutionary Movement by Changsoon and Korean American Cultural Association, Inc. Kim, 1946
  11. The culture & arts of Korea
  12. A Handbook of Korea (Korean Overseas Information Service Ministry of Culture and Information, Fourth Edition) by Lee Kwang Pyo: Minister of Culture, 1982
  14. Korea Its History & Culture by Korean Overseas Information Service, 1996

81. ::: :::
2002 FIFA Worldcup korea Japan hosting city Seogwipo, in jeju, korea, stadium construction, tour, culture, investment etc

82. South Korea - Culture, History, And Religion - Awards
South korea culture, History, and Religion Awards and Recognitionfor This Site. Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed
South Korea - Culture, History, and Religion
Awards and Recognition for This Site

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83. Latin American Museum
Shows with structure the culture, relics and lives of Latin America. Located in korea.

84. Country - S. Korea
Information on its culture, art, business, news, travel, and history.
Updated Countries / Regions Home Cambodia China India Indonesia Japan Malaysia Mongolia Myanmer N.Korea Philippines Singapore S.Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Bangkok Beijing Hong Kong Seoul Shanghai Tibet Tokyo Areas of Interest Culture/Tradition Map of Korea
Click for Large View Map of Seoul Seoul Subway Map Travel Guide Weather Links to Areas of Interest Art Entertainment Literature, Painting, Crafts. Music, ... TV. Business Government Stock, News, Trade. Embassies, ... Organizations. Culinary Items Martial Arts/ Meditation Food, Recipes. Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido. Culture / Society News Religion, Traditions,
Modern Life.
Newspapers, ...
Libraries. Travel Information Hotels, Travel Agents,Transportations (Airlines)...
Korea National Tourism Organization Special Articles

85. VOTE.COM In Korea-Culture And IT
The summary for this English page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Canada France Japan ...
How Big-Money Lobbyists and...

"I'd like for you to contact your congressman and contact your senator, and tell 'em to come on the side of the people when it comes to what to do with your money."
President George W. Bush,
Washington, DC
under which this service is provided to you. Read our and view our

86. All About Korea Korean Culture
Provides an illustrated look at a different aspect of Korean culture each month.

87. Cultural Exchange: Europe In South Korea. CulturE-ASEF
updated August 2002. Home / Asia / South korea. Site Map overview of culture-ASEF,Link suggestions. ©, Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe.
Home Asia South Korea
Europe in South Korea
Individual ASEM countries: Finland France Germany Great Britain ... Spain Events
ASEM III: Cultural and Arts Program
Cultural program for the 3rd ASEM summit meeting in Seoul, October 2000: art exhibitions, concerts, opera, film, conferences, new media, folk arts, etc. Link lists with access to more specific information.
updated: August 2002 Home Asia South Korea Site Map - overview of CulturE-ASEF Link suggestions Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe email newsletter imprint

88. Doo-Hong's Guide To South Korea
With a guide on Korean food, culture, entertainment, and links.

89. Cultural Exchange: Asia In Spain / South Korea. CulturE-ASEF
Nonprofit association for korea-related research, support, exchange, documentationin culture, science, and the arts. es, kr, updated August 2002.
Home Europe Spain
Asia in Spain

South Korea South Korea Institutions, Associations
Spanish center for Korean studies. Non-profit association for Korea-related research, support, exchange, documentation in culture, science, and the arts. [es, kr]
updated: August 2002 Home Europe Spain Asia in Spain ... Site Map - overview of CulturE-ASEF Link suggestions Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe email newsletter imprint

90. Symbols Of Korean Culture
A look at some of South korea's bestknown symbols. Includes photos.

The Korean Traditional Culture
Korean Modern Ideology Traditional Art Major Cultural Assets in Korea ... Symbols of Korean Culture
Symbols of Korean Culture
The Korean government is now pushing forward with a program "to manage the integrated images of the Korean culture for the enhancement of the national image to the highest level in the 21st century" by means of systematically displaying selected images that symbolize Korean culture, which is part of the government's globalization policy. an expression of the Koreans' traditional costume life, and the beautiful colors of the costumes an expression of the Koreans' traditional living style, including the art of ceremonial tea making symbols of the Koreans' traditional eating habits and food culture an exhibition of the tradition, historicity, and distinctiveness of Korean court culture a martial arts for the Koreans' mental and physical training as well as daily exercise a display of originality and sarcasm in Korean folk dances a typical symbol of the Korean people's literary arts, scientific mind, and creativity symbols of Korea's natural beauty of landscapes, promotion of tourism, and protection of the environment

91. Cathy's Korean Escapades
Canadian working in korea writes about her experiences teaching ESL, living in a foreign country and adapting to a new culture.
Introduction Updated! February 19, 2003 by
Cathy Bates

© 2000-2003 Cathy Bates
Download it!

Can you believe it? I have finally taken some time to update my website. Nothing major, but just a small update to let you all know I'm still in Korea as of February 2003. I have lots of plans in the works, so please stay tuned for a big update!.
Welcome to my webpage with all the information about my new and exciting adventures living in Korea. I have now been in Korea almost 3 years - unbelievable as I originally only planned to be here one year. Alas, here I am 3 years later.
I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but I have been very busy. It seems I always apologize for lack of updates, but perhaps it's because I am accustomed to life in Korea and nothing surprises me anymore. I better take that back because there is always something that arises when I least expect it.
For any doubters, I was SUCCESSFUL in my squat pot challenge. In fact, I have now lasted almost 3 years without using the dreaded pot and I am STILL determined to last the ENTIRE time in Korea without using one.
For those of you who don't know, I have a boyfriend I've been seeing for the past year. He's a great guy and we have a wonderful relationship. (Roger, if you're reading this, you were right.)

92. Korea Web: Attractions, Arts And Culture, Festivals, People And Religion...
A look at the nation's history, arts, and culture.
Home Arts Attractions Brief History Festivals ... People Weather Asia Dragons Yahoo Weather About South
Factbook Maps Korea Web

Chosun Daily News

DongA Ilbo
Program World

Economy Environment Search Yahoo! South
Korean economy

World Bank

(requires Acrobat Reader)
... South Korea - a country study Television KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) KBS TV 1 - RealVideo 28.8K KBS TV 1 - StreamWorks KBS TV 2 - RealVideo 28.8K MBC ... SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) SBS TV - Windows Media PSB (PuSan Broadcasting Corp.) PSB TV - RealVideo 28.8K

93. Life In Korea: Cultural Spotlight
An indepth look at various aspects of Korean culture and society.
Life in Korea takes an in-depth look at different aspects of Korean culture, society, and customs. Here you can learn more about Korea and get a better understanding of the Korean people. If you would like to see a particular part of Korean culture discussed, please send your suggestions to
Current Spotlight Oriental Astrology Oriental astrology assigns twelve animals according to the year of ones birth, as opposed to Western astrology which goes by the month of ones birth. Koreans believe that ones animal determines ones personality and fate. Each year holds different things in store for each animal. See what this year holds in store for you! Updated for 2003: Year of the Sheep Past Spotlights Traditional Alcohol Every culture has its own traditional alcohols, of which only a fraction are widespread. German and English beer, Scotch whiskey, French wine, Japanese sake, and Mexican tequila are known the world over. What about Korea, a country famous not for its alcohol but its reclusiveness and secrecy? Worldwide, alcohols have developed with idiocyncratic original charateristics. Europe has the perfect conditions for a viniculture that produces fine wines and dry Mexico makes Tequila out of cactus plants. Korea has created unique alcohols using rice malt. Discover Korea's Traditional Alcohol Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the symbol of the ideological dispute between North and South Korea and poignant reminder of the Korean War (1950-53), winds 155 miles across the Korean Peninsula. The last remaining vestige of the Cold War, the closed border region between North and South Korea highlights the fact that the Korean War did not end. An uneasy truce continues between the antagonists, but no peace treaty has ever been signed. Review the Korean War and the various parts of the

94. Hello From Korea - Traditional Korean Culture - Korean Foods - Kimchi And Pulgog
Two foods that people have come to identify with korea are kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish, and pulgogi, a marinated meat dish. This site describes both in detail.
Home Culture Sightseeing Holidays ... Traditional Dress Korean Foods - Kimchi and Pulgogi (1/3)
The Most Trusted Name in Web Host Directories
Two foods that people have come to identify with Korea are kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish, and pulgogi, a marinated meat dish. Whereas kimchi is a staple dish that is eaten at every meal, pulgogi is more like a party food in that it is generally eaten on special occasions and when dining out or entertaining guests. Koreans tend to favor beef when entertaining or eating out, and pulgogi is one of the most popular beef dishes and one that even non-Koreans find very tasty. The word pulgogi is commonly translated as Korean barbecue, though it literally means "fire meat" as pul is "fire" or gogi is "meat". Beef is most often identified with pulgogi, but even pork, chicken, lamb, squid and octopus, for example, can be cooked pulgogi style as pulgogi, like barbecue, is a method of cooking. For the most common beef pulgogi, thin slices of meat, usually tenderloin, are marinated in a sauce made of soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, sesame seeds and other seasonings, and then cooked over a charcoal grill, usually at the table. The grilled beef slices can be eaten as are or wrapped in a lettuce leaf along with slices of fresh garlic and green pepper and a dab of soybean paste, red pepper paste, or a mixture of the two, all of which are rich in vitamins, minerals and cancer-ighting substances. In some restaurants, pulgogi is cooked on a dome-shaped p'an that is placed over a charcoal brazier or a gas range. The p'an has a trough around the edge to catch the tasty juice that cooks out of the meat so that it can be eaten with one's rice. Pulgogi can also be cooked in a regular frying pan or on an electric skillet but most connoisseurs prefer the traditional charcoal fire. For pork and other types of pulgogi, a little red pepper paste is usually added to the marinade. This gives the pulgogi a spicy taste and aroma.

95. Today In Asian History: December 30                    China,
to strengthening Pakistan's military and in part in response to Iran's 1979 IslamicRevolution, Zia promoted the Islamicization of Pakistani law and culture.
UCLA Center for East Asian Studies Today in Asian History December 30 Rudyard Kipling, British author born in India, was born. A prolific writer of stories and poems, Kipling received the 1907 Nobel Literature Prize Kipling became known as a supporter of Western imperialist impulses in part for his poem " The White Man's Burden ." The poem appeared in February 1899 in McClure's Magazine in the midst of a fierce debate over whether the United States should join the European scramble for empire. The same month this poem was published the United States Senate ratified the Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish American War and brought the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico under United States control. Kipling died in 1936. The Kipling Society maintains a website devoted to the author. Other Kipling poems can be read at the Poetry Lover's Page TOJO Hideki, Japanese general and prime minister, was born. Tojo graduated from the Imperial Military Academy and had command experience in Japan and Manchuria. In 1938 he was named Vice-Minister of War. In 1940, he became Minister of War. He became prime minister in October 1941. He served until July 1944. After Japan's defeat, he attempted suicide, but survived and was among those accused of having committed war crimes by the International Military Tribunal of the Far East. Tojo was convicted and was executed on December 23, 1948

96. Territory
A look at the land, people, and culture of South korea.

Climate People Language ... National Flower
Korea is a peninsula state located in the northeastern part of the Asiatic Continent, bordering China and Russia in the north and surrounded by seas in the east, west, and south. The territory of Korea, the Korean Peninsula, stretches approximately 1,000 kilometers from north to south, and 216 kilometers from west to east, covering an area of 221,000 square kilometers. There are mountain ranges with fine landscapes on the east side of the peninsula, rivers and fertile plains on the western side, and the sea on the southwestern side is dotted with over 3,400 lovely islets, all of these well deserving the name "Land of Picturesque Rivers and Mountains" At the end of WWII in 1945, however, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel, the south ruled by the Republic of Korea, a free democratic state, and the north ruled by a Communist state, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. After the Armistice Agreement of the Korean War was signed in 1953

97. Home Page Of The Embassy Of Switzerland
Swiss embassy in Seoul page with tourist information, and guide to Swiss business and economy, science and technology, culture and education, media, and politics.
Embassy of Switzerland
in the Republic of Korea
Berne, capital of Switzerland.
please click here to access the menu
You are the Visitor since December 1997

98. Our Country
A look at the people and culture of korea. Simple illustrated text. From the Office of the President.
Philosophy Goals Tenets Top 12 Policy goals Philosophy Goals Tenets Top 12 Policy goals ... National Flower

99. ::¹ýÁ¦¿¬±¸¿ø::
Governmentfinanced think tank to gather and manage information on acts, survey and research legislation to assist the national legislation policy, disseminate information on acts, and enhance the legal culture.
The Korea Legislation Research Institute is a government-financed think tank established in July 1990 to systematically gather and manage information on Acts and subordinate statutes, and professionally survey and research legislation with the aim of assisting the national legislation policy, speedily and accurately disseminating information on Acts and subordinates statutes and enhancing the legal culture. The Korea Legislation Research Institute, in keeping with the trends of external changes and internal reforms and based on the accomplishments attained to date, is striving to reform its management to remake itself into a competent research institute specializing in the research of legislation, expand the current legislation research projects and the dissemination service project concerning the information on Acts and subordinate statutes, which I believe contribute to the better legal life of the public, and upgrade the efficiency and substantiality of those projects. In the future the Korea Legislation Research Institute will meet working-level requests from each government ministry and agency in the legislation research area and focus on the research project exclusively tailored to legal consumers, which I believe can serve directly to improve the public legal environment through the responsible and autonomous management. The Korea Legislation Research Institute will work to rebuild itself into a key research institute in the legislation area by improving its information-supply services qualitatively and quantitatively with respect to Acts and subordinate statutes based mainly on various Acts and subordinate statutes database in the possession of the institute.

100. World Travel - Korea (Culture And The Arts)
World Travel korea (culture and the Arts) ©2002 You Jae Ryuk/TheimageAsia.com5/15/02 603-4270 7330 page 1 of 3, Next. Travel South Korea/Cultural

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