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         Kyrgyzstan Culture:     more detail
  1. Kyrgyzstan (Cultures of the World) by David C. King, 2006-03-30
  2. Executive Report on Strategies in Kyrgyzstan, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Kyrgyzstan Research Group, The Kyrgyzstan Research Group, 2000-11-02
  3. Winding road: democratization in Kyrgyzstan.: An article from: Harvard International Review by Jason Schmitt, 1997-06-22
  4. KYRGYZSTAN: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by TIFFANY TUTTLE, 2001
  5. Speaker briefing book: A review of the history, culture and economics of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Russia by Ewa Wasilewska, 1994
  6. Regional Change in Kyrgyzstan: Bazaars, Cross-Border Trade and Social Networks by Emil Nasritdinov, Kevin O´Connor, 2010-04-16
  7. Cultures of the World, Group 24
  8. Women in Kyrgyzstan

41. Open Bishkek - óÓÙÌËÉ
places, etc History of Bishkek and kyrgyzstan All the kyrgyzstan links government,news, culture, science, entertainment, personal pages, etc Our photo gallery

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42. Country Guide / The Times Of Central Asia
have come to be associated with the Kyrgyz people and culture partly because Kyrgyzstanhas two wellknown living authors - Chyngyz Aitmatov and Kazat Akmatov.

43. 1Up Info > Kyrgyzstan > Society And Culture Of Kyrgyzstan | Kyrgyzstani Informat
issue does not seem to generate the same passions in kyrgyzstan that it does inother former Soviet republics (see National Identity, ch. 1; culture and the
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People ... News Search 1Up Info
Kyrgyzstan Society and Culture The ethnic identity of the Kyrgyz has been strongly linked to their language and to ethnic traditions, both of which have been guarded with particular zeal once independence provided an opportunity to make national policy on these matters. Less formally, the Kyrgyz people have maintained with unusual single-mindedness many elements of social structure and a sense of their common past. The name Kyrgyz derives from the Turkic kyrk plus yz , a combination meaning "forty clans." Language In the period after A.D. 840, the Kyrgyz joined other Turkic groups in an overall Turkification pattern extending across the Tian Shan into the Tarim River basin, east of present-day Kyrgyzstan's border with China. In this process, which lasted for more than two centuries, the Kyrgyz tribes became mixed with other tribes, thoroughly absorbing Turkic cultural and linguistic characteristics. The forebears of the present-day Kyrgyz are believed to have been either southern Samoyed or Yeniseyan tribes. Those tribes came into contact with Turkic culture after they conquered the Uygurs and settled the Orkhon area, site of the oldest recorded Turkic language, in the ninth century (see Early History, this ch.). If descended from the Samoyed tribes of Siberia, the Kyrgyz would have spoken a language in the Uralic linguistic subfamily when they arrived in Orkhon; if descended from Yeniseyan tribes, they would have descended from a people of the same name who began to move into the area of present-day Kyrgyzstan from the Yenisey River region of central Siberia in the tenth century, after the Kyrgyz conquest of the Uygurs to the east in the preceding century. Ethnographers dispute the Yeniseyan origin, however, because of the very close cultural and linguistic connections between the Kyrgyz and the Kazaks (see Early Tribal Movement; Ethnic Groups, ch. 1).

44. 1Up Info > Kyrgyzstan > Contemporary Culture In Kyrgyzstan | Kyrgyzstani Informa
kyrgyzstan. Contemporary culture. As the capital of a Soviet republic,Bishkek (which until 1990 had been named Frunze after the Soviet
You are here 1Up Info Kyrgyzstan
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Kyrgyzstan Contemporary Culture As the capital of a Soviet republic, Bishkek (which until 1990 had been named Frunze after the Soviet general who led the military conquest of the Basmachi rebels in the mid-1920s) was endowed with the standard cultural facilities, including an opera, ballet, several theater companies, and an orchestra, as well as a Lenin museum, national art and craft museums, and an open-air sculpture museum. Since independence, funding for those institutions has decreased dramatically, and the cultural facilities have also been hard hit by the departure of local Russians. It also is unclear whether younger Kyrgyz will continue their parents' substantial interest in classical music, which in the Soviet era led several generations to support the national orchestra. In the Soviet-directed propagation of "all-union culture," Kyrgyz actors, directors, and dancers achieved fame throughout the Soviet Union. Chingiz Aitmatov, the republic's most prominent writer, became one of the best-known and most independent artists in the Soviet Union in the 1980s. The Kyrgyz film industry, which had been very productive while supported by Soviet government funds, essentially vanished after 1991. Film projects that survive, such as a large-scale production on the life of Chinggis Khan directed by noted Kyrgyz director T. Okeyev, do so through foreign financing (an Italian film company has supported production of the Okeyev film).

45. IWon - Travel Guide - History & Culture
iWon Travel. 5 iWon 6 Travel 3 Asia 3 kyrgyzstan History culture, Powered by. HISTORY and culture History culture. History.,20310,Asia-445,00.html
iWon Travel Asia Kyrgyzstan Powered by HISTORY and CULTURE
The earliest notable residents of what is now Kyrgyzstan were warrior tribes of Saka (also known as Scythians), from about the 6th century BC to the 5th century AD. Alexander the Great met perhaps the stiffest resistance from Saka tribes in his 4th century BC advance through Central Asia. Rich bronze and gold relics have been recovered from Scythian burial mounds at Lake Issyk-Kul and in southern Kazakstan. The region was under the control of various Turkic alliances from the 6th to 10th centuries, with a sizeable population living on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. Kyrgyzstan was the scene of a pivotal battle in 751, when the Turks and their Arab and Tibetan allies drove a large Tang Chinese army out of Central Asia. Ancestors of today's Kyrgyz people probably lived in Siberia's upper Yenisey basin until at least the 10th century, when under the influence of Mongol incursions they began migrating south into the Tian Shan - more urgently with the rise of Jenghiz Khan in the 13th century. Present-day Kyrgyzstan was part of the inheritance of Jenghiz's second son, Chagatai. Peace was shattered in 1685 by the arrival of the ruthless Mongol Oyrats of the Zhungarian Empire, who drove vast numbers of Kyrgyz south into present-day Tajikistan. When the Oyrats were defeated by the Manchu (Qing), the Kyrgyz became de facto subjects of the Chinese, who mainly left them to their nomadic ways. In the 18th century the feudal tentacles of the Kokand khanate began to encircle them, though the feisty Kyrgyz constantly made trouble from their Tian Shan redoubts. As the Russians moved closer in the 19th century, various Kyrgyz tribal leaders made their own peace with Russia or Kokand. Russian forces slowly rolled over the towns of Kokand, their advance culminating in the defeat of Tashkent in 1865. The Kyrgyz were gradually eased into the tsar's provinces of Ferghana and Semireche.

46. Projects Concerning Culture In KYRGYZSTAN
Projects concerning culture in kyrgyzstan. Legend C=Consulting, F=Financing,L=Lobbying, N=Networking, O=Overseas Activity, P=Publishing\PROJ\z1089013.htm
Projects concerning Culture in KYRGYZSTAN
Legend : C=Consulting, F=Financing, L=Lobbying, N=Networking, O=Overseas Activity, P=Publishing, R=Research/Survey
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47. Projects Concerning Culture (general) In KYRGYZSTAN
Projects concerning culture (general) in kyrgyzstan. Legend C=Consulting,F=Financing, L=Lobbying, N=Networking, O=Overseas Activity\PROJ\z1089014.htm
Projects concerning Culture (general) in KYRGYZSTAN
Legend : C=Consulting, F=Financing, L=Lobbying, N=Networking, O=Overseas Activity, P=Publishing, R=Research/Survey
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48. Poetry Of The Nomads' Way Of Life. NoviNomad.
culture Tour Map of Tour, A Kyrgyz Shepherd, Children on Jailoo. Duration 8 DaysSeason JulyAugust. kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country in the center of
Trekking Tours
Horse Riding Tours

Car Tours

Culture Tours
Poetry of the Nomads' Way of Life
Multi-ethnic Kyrgyzstan

Discover the Land of Chingiz Aitmatov

Build Your Own House in Kyrgyzstan
Make Your Own Felt Carpet ...
In a Nomads' House
Poetry of the Nomads' Way of Life
Culture Tour Map of Tour A Kyrgyz Shepherd Children on Jailoo Duration: 8 Days
Season: July-August Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country in the center of the Asian continent, where high mountains occupy 93% of the territory. Almost all the area has been settled from time immemorial. The Kyrgyz, who have preserved their ancient traditions right up till the present, live in unity with nature. Every summer the Kyrgyz people drive their cattle to the natural pastures, called "jayloo", situated up in the mountains.
The nomadic style of life has determined that "the yurta" is a most comfortable and economic dwelling, which is suitable for rapid assembly and transportation. On our tour you will have a chance to live in it, to understand how safe and comfortable it is and to experience its charm. And have you ever listened to the do-major symphony performed by a boiling teapot?
Not only will you see, but you will also experience this poetry by having lived for several days on the mountain pastures - jayloo. Have you ever baked bread in the open air on a temporary stove made of two frying pans or one copper. Here, you may try to do so.

49. Multi-ethnic Kyrgyzstan. NoviNomad.
Multiethnic kyrgyzstan. culture Tour
Trekking Tours
Horse Riding Tours

Car Tours

Culture Tours
Poetry of the Nomads' Way of Life
Multi-ethnic Kyrgyzstan
Discover the Land of Chingiz Aitmatov

Build Your Own House in Kyrgyzstan
Make Your Own Felt Carpet
In The Land Of The Ancient Artists
In a Nomads' House
Multi-ethnic Kyrgyzstan
Culture Tour Map of Tour Felt Carpets (Shyrdaks) Making Yurta Duration: 9 Days
Season: All year Kyrgyzstan is a really multi-ethnic country with more than 80 nationalities living together. During this trip you will see the lifestyles of different nationalities in Kyrgyzstan. Each day you will share in the life of a family from a different ethnic background - cook different food and participate in a cultural program, listen to stories of Manaschy who sing about the epic hero of the Kyrgyz people, Manas. Make your own traditional Kyrgyz carpet and sing songs of different nationalities. The fresh air of the Ala-Too Mountains will give you energy for a long time. The beautiful scenery of the mountains and Lake Issyk-Kul and the traditional hospitality of the Kyrgyz people will make an indelible impression upon you. Itinerary Day 1 Arrive in Bishkek. Family run accomodation in Bishkek.

50. Kyrgyzstan Breaking News
kyrgyzstan Court Sentences IMU Member to 25 Years in Prison 6 Feb 2003; Armenian RoutineVisit to Russia on February 7 6 Feb 2003; Russian culture Centre Opens

51. AdmiNet - Kyrgyzstan
organisations Cities Towns Agriculture Law Art, culture Health Environment UniversitiesPress, Entertainment Defence WWW resources about kyrgyzstan Thanks.
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52. Browsing Regional Asia Kyrgyzstan Society And Culture Category
Browse Regional Asia kyrgyzstan Society and culture Top Regional Asia kyrgyzstan Society and culture. Categories Organizations Personal Homepages.

53. CSEEES - Kyrgyzstan
culture, travel, media, business, news and more. kyrgyzstan FREENEThomepage information on history, geography, literature and culture.
main page About the CSEEES Undergraduate Slavic Studies Graduate Slavic Studies ... Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Moldova ... Yugoslavia
click here to see Kyrgyzstan's flag
click here to see a map of Kyrgyzstan full name: Kyrgyz Republic
local name: Kyrgyz Respublikasy
languages: Kirghiz (Kyrgyz), Russian
currency: 1 Kyrgyzstani som (KGS) = 100 tyiyn
independence: 31 August 1991 (from Soviet Union)
total area: 198,500 sq km
comparative area: slightly smaller than South Dakota
borders: China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
population: 4,522,281 (July 1998) life expectancy: male 59.45 years, female 68.3 years general travel language culture ... Kyrgyzstan Resource Page A large selection of links on Kyrgyzstani history, culture, travel, media, business, news and more Kyrgyzstan FREENET homepage information on history, geography, literature and culture Kyrgyzstan: business and tourist directory information on economy, banking, transport, folk history and tourism Kyrgyzstan - A Country Study The Library of Congress page, full of historical, societal, economic and political information Lonely Planet - Destination Kyrgyzstan The publishers of some of the best travel guides on the market have made available a condensed version of the information that you'd find in their book on Kyrgyzstan. Heavily abridged, but still very useful.

54. Russian Women - Margarita, 13961, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Age: 26, Art, Culture, Mu
13961 Margarita kyrgyzstan City Bishkek Age 26 Birth Date 2/6/1976 Job TitlePhilologist Sports Tennis Hobbies Art, culture, music, sports, literature.
City: Bishkek
Age: 26
Birth Date: 2/6/1976
Weight: 115lb, 52kg
Height: 5'7", 170cm
Measurements: 30-24-35
Measurements cm: 75-62-90
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown Marital Status: Divorced Children: 1 Pets: Religion: Christian Smoker: N Drinker: N Education: University Company: Private Co. Job Title: Philologist Sports: Tennis Hobbies: Art, culture, music, sports, literature Self Description: My character is caring, kind, romantic, sincere, caring, loyal, humorous, faithful and secure. I have a 2 year old daughter and I speak good English and a little German. Comments: I'd like to meet a man who is honest, gentle, sincere, caring, family-oriented, reliable, intelligent, and who loves children and home life. Up to age 40.

55. Russian Women - Irina, 13104, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Age: 43, Reading, Culture, Na
13104 Irina kyrgyzstan City Bishkek Age 43 Birth Date 4/2/1959 Smoker N EducationUniversity Job Title Teacher Hobbies Reading, culture, nature, theatre.
City: Bishkek
Age: 43
Birth Date: 4/2/1959
Weight: 132lb, 60kg
Height: 5'7", 170cm
Measurements: 36-28-39
Measurements cm: 92-70-100
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond Marital Status: Divorced Children: 1 Religion: Christian Smoker: N Education: University Job Title: Teacher Hobbies: Reading, culture, nature, theatre Self Description: I'm kind, communicative and optimistic. I have a 9 year old son and I can speak fairly good English. Call me now, don't have her phone number, no problem, click here!
Click here for additional photos of Irina 13104

56. Society And Culture
history. Category Regional Asia kyrgyzstan Society and Culturehttp// 2, Fingerprints. One
Bishkek International Church English-speaking evangelical Protestant congregation. Includes service times, miniser profile, ethos, and history.
Category: Regional > Asia > Kyrgyzstan > Society and Culture
One Peace Corps volunteer's experiences in Kyrgyzstan.
Category: Regional > Asia > Kyrgyzstan > Society and Culture
IHF report: refugees in Kyrgyz Republic
International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights report on status of refugees in Kyrgyzstan
Category: Regional > Asia > Kyrgyzstan > Society and Culture Kyrgyz Heroes History of the Kyrgyz people including the Songs of Sanzhyra and Tales of Batyrlar. Category: Regional > Asia > Kyrgyzstan > Society and Culture Tribalism and modernity in Kirgizia Article by Erlend H. Hvoslef. The third Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies: Ethnic encounter and culture change. Joensuu, Finland, 19-22 June 1995 Category: Regional > Asia > Kyrgyzstan > Society and Culture

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58. Listings Of The World Regional Asia Kyrgyzstan Society And
for Human Rights report on status of refugees in kyrgyzstan http//www The third Nordicconference on Middle Eastern Studies Ethnic encounter and culture change

59. The Observatory
kyrgyzstan People and culture kyrgyzstan's cosmopolitain populationof 4.832 million is a unique mix of over 80 ethnic groups
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Capital: Bishkek
Primary Religions: Muslim, Russian Orthodox
Ethnic Groups: Kirghiz, Russian, Uzbek, Ukrainian, German
Location: Central Asia, west of China PRAYER PROFILE Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8: 32 Nestled between China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, this tiny mountainous republic has adopted a Western-style democracy. For centuries, foreigners imposed their ideologies on the country-Turkic armies brought Islam in the 17th Century, Russians took over in the 19th, and Communism was imposed in the 20th. Kyrgystan was the first Central Asian republic to break free from the USSR. Although it has a secular government, Muslim opposition clamors for an Islamic state and vigorously opposes the religious freedom of worship, that is guaranteed by the nation's constitution. Sixty percent of the population is Muslim, but they practice a form of Islam called Sufi mysticism. According to Operation World, Christians are almost entirely from immigrant ethnic groups made up of Germans (many of whom have been leaving for Germany since 1988), Russians or Ukrainians. Nominalism is common within the Orthodox and Catholic churches. Using the unprecedented freedoms gained since 1990, Baptists, Pentecostals, and Adventists have held large evangelistic meetings. Protestant churches are growing and some Kyrgyz have come to faith in Christ.

60. TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents - Kyrgyzstan Page
kyrgyzstan. The Ethnologue Database tells us about the Cultures of Kyrghyzstan.To Country Main Page To TDS Home Page Travel Document Systems
The Ethnologue Database tells us about the C ultures of Kyrghyzstan.
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