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         Kyrgyzstan Culture:     more detail
  1. Kyrgyzstan (Cultures of the World) by David C. King, 2006-03-30
  2. Executive Report on Strategies in Kyrgyzstan, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Kyrgyzstan Research Group, The Kyrgyzstan Research Group, 2000-11-02
  3. Winding road: democratization in Kyrgyzstan.: An article from: Harvard International Review by Jason Schmitt, 1997-06-22
  4. KYRGYZSTAN: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by TIFFANY TUTTLE, 2001
  5. Speaker briefing book: A review of the history, culture and economics of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Russia by Ewa Wasilewska, 1994
  6. Regional Change in Kyrgyzstan: Bazaars, Cross-Border Trade and Social Networks by Emil Nasritdinov, Kevin O´Connor, 2010-04-16
  7. Cultures of the World, Group 24
  8. Women in Kyrgyzstan

61. Subject Bibliography: Asia (288)
Presents teaching materials which deal with the influence of physical geographyon kyrgyzstan's culture. Focuses on the country's diversity.
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Asia (288) Asian Collections: An Illustrated Guide. BOOK. 2000. Traces the growth of the Asian Collection of the Library of Congress from its earlier emphasis on classics to its current focus on modern Asian publications. Includes color photographs of items from the collection. 2000: 80 p.; ill. S/N 030-000-00284-9 $11.50 Background Notes . . . Issued with perforations. Armenia, Republic of, November 2001. BOOK. 2001. 11 p. S/N 844-002-10776-8 $2.25 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), March 1992. BOOK. 1992. Member countries are: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. 6 p.; ill. S/N 844-002-10390-8 $2.25 Australia, Commonwealth of, October 2000. BOOK. 2000. 14 p. S/N 844-002-10720-2 $2.25 (Out of Stock) Bangladesh, People's Republic of, March 2000. BOOK. 2000. 23 p. S/N 844-002-10664-8 $2.25 (Out of Stock) Brunei Darussalam, October 2001.

62. Arts & Culture Network Program
page is no longer prevalent the activity of Arts culture Network Program listBack to country ordered list Seminar for museum professionals of kyrgyzstan.

63. Arts & Culture Network Program
OPEN ISLAND; Seminar for museum professionals of kyrgyzstan Slovakia. Slovenia.Artservis, a web consultancy tool for contemporary arts and culture Ukraine.
has been substantially limited as of January 1st, 2003. Archive resources provided for research purposes only. Presented below is the list of projects approved for grants in the Cultural Policy Program competition during year 2002, ordered by country.

You can also list projects ordered alphabetically . Click on each project to find out more about it. Armenia Croatia Czech Republic Estonia ... Ukraine Armenia
  • Online Internet-magazine “Arvest” focusing on the problems of culture and cultural policy Croatia
  • Redefining Cultural Identities:Cultural Industries and Technological Convergence
  • The Cultural Confrontation Workshop: Theatre for the Social Change Czech Republic
  • Transformation of The Theatre System in The Czech Republic Estonia
  • Sector integrated approach to promotion of regional identity by networking of museums Georgia
  • Caucasus University-Training Program
  • Development of the informational means and popularization of theater by electronic and non- traditional printed material - new model of management Kyrgyzstan
  • Training for museum professionals of Kyrgyzstan Latvia
  • Developing of the Concept of Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art: research, conference and virtual museum
  • 64. Asian American Net: Kyrgyzstan
    Wealth of information about kyrgyzstan Government, daily news, business,culture, maps, photos, travel stories, list of recommended reading.
    Central Asia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan ... Uzbekistan Republic of Kyrgyzstan Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the USA and Canada Embassy Address:
    1732 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20007
    Telephone: 202-338-5141
    Fax: 202-338-5139
    Kyrgyzstan Embassy in USA and Canada
    Consulate in New York:
    866 UN Plaza, Suite 514
    New York, N.Y. 10017 Telephone: 212-319-2836
    Fax: 212-319-2837
    Government House of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Constitution and Law: Banks and Financial Institutions:

    65. FSU New Issues - Kyrgyzstan - National Monuments Of History And Culture
    National Monuments of History and culture. Date of issue 21st March1993. Designers L. Zaitsev by photo of L.Sherstennikov and
    National Monuments of History and Culture. Date of issue: 21st March 1993. Designer: L. Zaitsev by photo of L.Sherstennikov and V.Zhigailov
    Paper: coated
    Printing process: offset
    Perforation: comb. 12
    Size: No 5, 8-11 - 40 x 28 mm., No 6, 7 - 28 x 40 mm.
    Sheet composition: 36 (6 x 6) stamps
    Printing run: No 5A-7A - 1.000.000, No 8A-9A - 700.000, No 10A-11A - 600.000.
    Michel catalogue numbers: 5A-11A. 0.10 (R). multicoloured. Cave paintings.
    0.50 (R). multicoloured. Tower of Burana, architectural monument XI c.
    1.00 + 0.25 (R). multicoloured. Mausoleum of Manas in Talas region, architectural monument of the Mddle Ages.
    2.00 + 0.50 (R). multicoloured. Mausoleum in Uzgen, architectural monument XII c.. 3.00 (R). multicoloured. Kirghisian Yurt. 5.00 + 0.50 (R). multicoloured. Statue of Manas in Bishkek. 9.00 (R). multicoloured. Cultural and exhibition complex in Bishkek. Varieties 5B-11B. Souvenir Sheet Block1. For buying FSU stamps, Postal stationery and Postal History, please, see Classified Ads This page is a part of the FSU New Issues Catalogue , maintained by the Worldwide Society of Russian Philately

    66. USAID: Kyrgyzstan
    USAID MISSION kyrgyzstan PROGRAM TITLE Democratic culture and Institutions (PillarDemocracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance) STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE AND
    Skip redundant navigation Home This Is USAID Privacy ... Contact The United States Agency for International Development
    >> Regional Overview >> Kyrgyzstan Overview
    Program Data Sheet
    USAID MISSION: Kyrgyzstan
    PROGRAM TITLE: Democratic Culture and Institutions (Pillar: Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance)
    STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE AND NUMBER: Strengthened Democratic Culture Among Citizens and Target Institutions; 116-0211
    STATUS: Continuing
    INITIAL OBLIGATION: FY 2001 ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE: FY 2005 Summary: USAID's program of training and technical assistance to strengthen democratic culture among citizens and targeted institutions seeks to:
    • strengthen civic and advocacy organizations and make them more sustainable; increase the availability of information on civic rights and domestic public issues; increase opportunities for citizen participation in governance; and strengthen judiciaries, local government, etc., as both democratic and service providing institutions.

    67. Sustainable Tourism
    Make an effort to find out about kyrgyzstan, its culture and naturein advance, so that you can understand and appreciate it fully.
    Created by
    Home The CBF Kyrgyzstan ... Contact Us
    International Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism in Kyrgyzstan The small mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan in the heart of Central Asia is distinctive for its pristine habitats and ancient culture. These are what attract many foreign and national visitors – but the habitats and culture are also vulnerable to disturbance by tourism itself. These guidelines have been produced in response to the rapid growth of tourism in Kyrgyzstan and the recognition of both the threat this may pose to the very resources that attract visitors, and the potential that tourism has to help conserve them. It is hoped the guidelines will provide a basis for approaches and behaviours which are likely to promote tourism which is sustainable with respect to the environment, culture and economy. These guidelines have been produced through collaboration between government, tourism businesses, NGOs and many others concerned about tourism in Kyrgyzstan. At present they are a voluntary code of conduct for tourists, tourism businesses, communities affected by tourism, and the government. We hope that by following these guidelines you can contribute to the long-term future of tourism, while maintaining the natural wealth of wildlife and culture in this remarkable country. Tourists
    • Avoid actions which might damage the nature, culture, moral codes or important natural and cultural sites of the country.

    68. Teaching Jobs
    GEN / Web Directory / Asia / kyrgyzstan / Society and culture (13). SubCategoriesin Society and culture. Organizations (6). Personal Homepages (2).
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    69. Kyrgyzstan Human Development Report - Chapter 2
    The economy of kyrgyzstan changed radically in the years of Soviet power.Manufacturing built. Science, literature and culture were developing.
    Geopolitical Dynamics of the Kyrgyz Nation
    The Kyrgyz Estate is mentioned in the Chinese history as early as 201 B.C. but descriptions of the people are scant and sometimes contradictory. The geographic origin of the Kyrgyz is a matter of scientific debate; some believe they came from the banks of the Kyrgyz-Nur Lake in Mongolia, while others suggest that they first occupied the Boro-Horo mountain ridge in the eastern Tien-Shan mountains in China. It is believed that the ancient Kyrgyz state was established at the same time as the first Tun Turkic language Empire. Thus, the Kyrgyz were among the earliest people to develop the concept of a state. An early feudal state was established in the 4th and 5th centuries A.D. while the Kyrgyz were living in the Minusin basin along the Enisey river north of the present-day Kyrgyz Republic. The reputation of the rapidly developing and expanding Kyrgyz state spread beyond southern Siberia. One branch of the great silk road westward from China passed through modern Kyrgyzstan and was called the Kyrgyz way. During this time, many ethnic groups in the region were integrated into the Kyrgyz people. In 840 A.D. an army of 100,000 men under the leadership of the Kyrgyz attacked the ancient Uigur capital, Orhon, located in what is now Mongolia, occupied and destroyed it; the grand Uigur state was defeated. A Kyrgyz Khanate was created in its place, the boundaries of which extended from the Lake Baikal to the Irtish River and from the present Krasnoyarsk City to the great Chinese Wall. In the period of "Great Power" the empire of the Kyrgyz Khanate encompassed many non-Kyrgyz nations. The empire, however, did not last long; by the tenth century the Kyrgyz people had returned to the Enisey basin. Repeated attempts to establish statehood during the 10th and 11th centuries failed; local chiefs were unwilling to subordinate their authority to a central leader. In the 13th century the state splintered into a number of feudal estates that proved easy prey for the troops of Ghenghis Khan in 1207. In 1293 the Enisey Kyrgyz state was completely destroyed.

    70. Rafting In Kyrgyzstan. River Tours.
    , RIVER TOURS IN kyrgyzstan RAFTING. River difficulty is Class IV VI. To theTop Map. culture and rafting in Suusamyr (RT-4). Duration 2 days, 1 night.
    Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek,Issyk-Kul lake, Issyk Kul, hunting, Lenin Peak, peak Lenina, Peak Pobedy, Pobeda peak,Khan-Tengri, Marco Polo sheep, Marco Polo Argali, biking, ibex, Safari,Tien-Shan, Tien Shan, Silk Road,Kyrghizia, Kyrghizstan Abonement Box #1317, Bishkek, 72010, Kyrgyzstan E-mail:
    Phone:+996(502) 560-133, fax:+1(253) 669-8627 Home About us Trekking Biking ... Heli ski tours Rafting (river tours) Hotels Transport service Visa support Back Form ... Outdoor adventure gear RIVER TOURS IN KYRGYZSTAN: RAFTING. Chu River (in the Issyk-Kul Valley). (RT-1)
    Chu River (in Chu Valley). (RT-2)

    Chu River (in Boom Canyon) (RT-3)

    Culture and Rafting in Suu-Samyr. (RT-4)
    Culture and Rafting in Central Asia 2 (Kyrgizstan, Usbekistan). (RT-7)

    Chu River (in the Issyk-Kul Valeey) (RT-1) Duration: 1 day.
    Season: May-September.
    Distance: from Bishkek 160 km; from Cholpon-Ata 85 km
    The program ideally suites those who never rafted down the mountain river before. The difficulty level of a rafting site is Class II according to a Class I to VI international system. Chui River allows the tourists to have a wonderful and time, to slip into the world of emotions they have never experienced before.
    Under supervision of an experienced guide one can easily obtain basic rowing and vessel handling techniques. While rafting you can get excellent suntan, swim in the quiet spots. Rafting down the river surrounded by gorgeous mountains is a sort of experience that nobody can be indifferent to. At the end of the tour there is a nice one-hour walk among Aeolian canyons. It is possible to take magnificent pictures with red rocks and cliffs on background.

    71. NIS Education, Culture And Exchange Organizations
    Alumni Center; Pavlodar Consumer Protection Society; Pavlodar Fellowship of UkrainianCulture; kyrgyzstan Aalam Nury; Altyn Oimok ( Golden Thimble ) Art Center;
    NIS Education, Culture and Exchange Organizations by Country
    For More Information on Similar Topics on this Site Visit:
    Int'l Organizations in the NIS - Education, Culture and Exchange

    Electronic Resources - Education, Culture and Exchange
    Print Resources - Education, Culture and Exchange Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia Kazakstan Kyrgyzstan

    72. Polysphere
    The purpose of the magazine is to contribute to the formation of democracy and opensociety in kyrgyzstan, and to promote Kyrgyz science and culture and its

    73. Society And Culture @ - Local Links And Information, Society And
    Add your web site to FAST FOREVER.Home Asia kyrgyzstan Society and culture,

    Asia Kyrgyzstan : Society and Culture
    Kyrgyzstan Learning Maps News Weather
    Kyrgyzstan World Web

    Organizations Personal Homepages

    Sites: • Find products related to Society and Culture @ • Search the web for Society and Culture web sites Shopping: Africa Asia Caribbean Central America ... Feedback © 2003 Worldagogo

    74. SME Trade Center | Information Resources | Kyrgyzstan
    Wealth of information about kyrgyzstan government, daily news, business,culture, maps, photos, travel stories, list of recommended reading.

    75. ALMISBAH: Regions, Nations And Peoples: Particular Regions: Turkic Peoples Of Mi
    URL, http// Keywords, kyrgyzstan; news; general information;politics; economy; culture, DETAILS. Contents, Clarity, Index, Links. 12.
    Regions, Nations and Peoples: Particular Regions: Turkic Peoples of Middle Asia: Kyrgyzstan: General Resources (WWW)
    1. Bishkek Humanities University Source Type Universities / University Departments URL Keywords Kyrgyzstan; Bishkek; university; turkish studies; arabic studies; oriental studies; persian studies DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 2. Buchversand Krieger Source Type Booksellers URL Keywords Caucasus; literature; books; periodicals; booksellers; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan; Turkmenistan; Tajikistan; Russia; Weiterstadt DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 3. Country Studies: Area Handbook Series [LOC] Source Type General Encyclopedias URL Keywords country information; bibliography; geography; economy; politics; society; history; general information; country studies; Library of Congress; Afghanistan; Saudi Arabia; Kuwait; Qatar; United Arab Emirates; Oman; Bahrain; Iraq; Syria; Lebanon; Jordan; Mauritania; Algeria; Libya; Egypt; Sudan; Cyprus; Ethiopia; Somalia; Iran; Tajikistan; Turkey; Armenia; Georgia; Azerbaijan; Uzbekistan; Turkmenistan; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan DETAILS Contents Clarity Index Links 4. CrisisWeb : Central Asia

    She has published articles on civil society development and culture in Kyrgyzstanand Central Asia in several European and US journals, as well as the Kyrgyz
    ASIYA SASYKBAEVA is Director of the International Centre “InterBilim” (Centre for Support and Development of Non-Governmental Organisations) in Bishkek. InterBilim is a specialised non-governmental organisation with a mission to strengthen the Third Sector through strengthening the capacity of NGOs. It was established in 1993 to offer support, training and services to NGOs working in the areas of poverty alleviation, health, environment, human rights, education, democratisation and other areas to improve society and living conditions during the transition to a market economy. Ms. Sasykbaeva has published articles on civil society development in Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan in several European and US journals, as well as the Kyrgyz mass media. From 1999 to 2002 she served on the Board of the Soros Foundation - Kyrgyz Republic. Ms. Sasykbaeva has a university degree in philology. She is fluent in Kyrgyz, Russian, and English.
    International Centre InterBilim
    16/2 Razzakova St.
    720040 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

    77. OPIC Links: Kyrgyzstan
    OPIC Investor's Information Gateway Country Links Database Information for kyrgyzstan.Bank Holidays. Business culture Heritage Foundation Index of Economic®ion=euro

    78. About Imagination Celebration - Kyrgyzstan
    kyrgyzstan Nomadic culture In The Modern World . A view of Islamic nomadiccultures which are similar to kyrgyzstan's ancient culture.
    Contact Us Feedback Visit our Sponsors:
    Teacher Educational Material Compiled by:
    Hermine Dreyfuss, Mary Helsaple,
    Sharon Gibson, Judy Gebben
    and Barbara Diamond Photos by
    Hermine Dreyfuss The Kyrgyzstan Exhibit was on display at the Penrose Public Library
    April 6 through October 31, 1997 Legend has it that when God was giving out land to the peoples of the earth, the Kyrgyz, who like to eat and sleep as much as anything, were doing just that and missed their assignment. They went to God and asked if they too might have some land for their people, and God replied that he had none left. "But," he said, "since you are a kind and hard-working people, I will give you a small, but beautiful parcel of land I was saving for my dacha (a traditional holiday home in the countryside)." Now take a walk in God's Dacha through the eyes of the children of Kyrgyzstan as expressed in their art; through photographs of the everyday life of the country; and through the beautiful needlework, leatherwork, musical traditions and other products from the gifted hands of the Kyrgyz people. "KYRGYZSTAN: Nomadic Culture In The Modern World"

    79. ICARP - Kyrgyzstan
    culture, HISTORY LANGUAGE. Ethnologue Database kyrgyzstan This informative site,by SIL International, is part of the Ethnologue Database from Ethnologue

    80. Helvetas
    The government roots its national pride in the Manas, the great heroic epiconly embracing a small part of kyrgyzstan's kaleidoscopic ethnic culture.
    Kyrgyzstan - the country Living in Post
    Soviet Kyrgyzstan
    Decreasing Natural Resources ... Publications Living in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan Nine years have passed since independence - Bishkek in summer 2000: a buoyant small capital, 800'000 inhabitants, smart street cafes, modern shops with imported Italian and Otto catalogue fashion, a mixed community of Kyrgyz, Russians, Koreans and Ukrainians strolling along the streets, a large community of expatriates, bazaars overflowing with sweet-smelling fruit and vegetables and imported Chinese and Pakistani products. Standing as it does, in front of the snow-capped Tien-Schan mountain range, Bishkek looks appealing to any foreign traveller. The average per capita income in Kyrgyzstan is 800 Som per month (approx. 16 USD), and the estimated minimum monthly consumption expenditure required for subsistence approx. 30 USD. How do people survive? Having more than one job is one possibility. The taxi driver who took me to the bazaar the other day told me he was a doctor and earned 600 Som at the hospital. Low-level corruption and unofficial "fees" are other ways of surviving, as widely practised among state officials. A 4-hour taxi drive from Karakol to Bishkek costs the taxi owner 400 soms in fees to policemen who threateningly wave their sticks to stop passing cars - victims of their unofficial income generation. Agriculture remains the central plank of the economy (43.3 % of GDP) and after years of negative gross output, output is on the increase. Livestock, fruit and vegetables, rice as well as cotton and tobacco are cash crops. The Kyrgyz living in rural areas growing their own vegetables and sheep are largely self-sufficient. Rural areas lack employment possibilities, and as a result purchasing power, the infrastructure and agricultural equipment are in decline.

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