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         Macau Government:     more books (33)
  1. ANA ESQUIVEL by Ana Esquivel, 1992
  2. Hong Kong and Macao: History in search of a future by Kan Tang, 1989
  3. Islands of Instability by MC Miller, 2009-04-25
  4. The Politics of Cross-Border Crime in Greater China: Case Studies of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao (Hong Kong Becoming China) by Sonny Shiu-hing Lo, 2008-12-30

41. Listings Of The World Regional Asia Macau Government
Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center Post Review A nonprofitjoint venture between macau government and the private sector.

42. News And Events
SAFP of the macau government selected SLS Software (20008-12). We are verypleased to see the SLS Software being adopted by the macau government.
News and Events
News in 2000
SLS announces the release of KidsOPAC (2000-11-7)
SLS is pleased to release KidsOPAC, a Web-based catalog searching interface for kids and young children. Enriched by cartoons and colorful images, KidsOPAC is more customizable than its big brother, WebOPAC. System administrator can define what search options to be turned on for their kids. You can even change the background schemes, from a choice of Monkey, Tortoise and Pig. You can preview KidsOPAC here on our demonstration site. A second phase of enhancement on KidsOPAC is now on the drawing board. When it is ready, KidsOPAC will be given a simple search interface, with guidance searches. Stay Tunned...
SLS Software Version 5.1 available for distribution via HKPTU (2000-10-7)

43. 8th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2001)
Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau SARL. macau government TouristOffice. National Natural Science Foundation of China Macau
8th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference 4-7 December 2001
University of Macau, Macau SAR, China

Photos Taken at the Opening Ceremony

Call for Papers
Call for Participation Invited Speakers ... Related Conferences Organized by
University of Macau (UM)

Office for the Development of Telecommunications and Information Technology (GDTTI)

United Nations University / International Institute for Software Technology (UNU/IIST)
Sponsored by
National Natural Science Foundation of China

Macau Foundation

Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, Macau SAR

Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau S.A.R.L.
... Macau Government Tourist Office Co-organized by Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center Zhuhai Science and Technology Committee Macau Computer Association

44. Annual Report 1995 -- 6 MACAU-ORIENTED ACTIVITIES
lecturing, thesis supervision, joint university research, and proposing and discussingjoint development project possibilities with macau government authorities
Annual Report 1995
UNU/IIST is devoting a substantial proportion of its resources to lecturing, thesis supervision, joint university research, and proposing and discussing joint development project possibilities with Macau Government authorities. Macau's involvement in high technology concepts is very new. This gives a special dimension to UNU/IIST's interaction with Macau institutions. It also means that UNU/IIST must spend extra resources on "nurturing the ground", supporting the maturation process, etc.
6.1 Joint Research with University of Macau
During the Autumn of 1994 and Winter and Spring of 1995, Prof. Wang Ju An of Macau University, together with Prof. Zhou Chaochen and others, researched, as part of the Hybrid Systems research programme, A Duration Calculus Approach to Specifying a Steam-boiler Control System. The resulting report was accepted for presentation at a by-invitation only workshop at the International Informatics Workshop Centre: Dagsthul, Saarland, Germany. UNU/IIST was proud to fully fund Prof. Wang Ju An's three week visit to Denmark, Germany, France and England. See items

45. :: The Macau Dildo Incident
Some officials of the old Ladies’ House, the macau government (official organiserof the event) and the participating Macanese artists are worried about the
Self-censorship again? The
Monday 7 October Apple Daily Wednesday 9 October The South China Morning Post only do political cartoons anyway. Thursday 10 October
Click to enlarge Friday 11 October
click to enlarge Written on the left side of Jiang:
" Such a martial communist party
well deserve to live 10,000 years ". On the right side:
" People who accept slavery and
suffer dictatorship deserve it ". Many thanks to Michel Bonnin for the translation. Saturday 12 October Sunday 13 October Monday 14 October Friday 18 October ATV World airs a story about the exhibition (RTHK Mediawatch watch it online We meet with 5M6, the cartoonist of the Hong Kong Economic Journal , to decide what we do. Saturday 19 October

46. NLA: Asian Government Internet Resources
Guide to Asian government websites and information from National Library of Australia.Category Regional Asia Government...... Macau. Governments on the WWW Macau; macau government Home Page. Malaysia.The Government of Malaysia; Governments on the WWW Malaysia. Maldives.

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47. Macau
Source City Guide macau government Tourist Office Discover events and festivals,virtual Macau, a photo gallery and many useful links for further information.
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Last Updated: Mar 30th, 2003 - 18:40:55 M: Macau to Mozambique
By ClassBrain staff
Jul 15, 2002, 2:15pm
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The City Guide

A tourist guide, cultural and sport activities, weather, industrial and commercial data and other areas of interest.
Source: City Guide
Macau Government Tourist Office
Discover events and festivals, virtual Macau, a photo gallery and many useful links for further information. Source: Macau Government Tourist Office Search Guide to Tourist Site World Information A: Afghanistan to Austria B: Bahamas to Burundi C: Cambodia to Czech Republic D-F: Denmark to French Polynesia G: Gabon to Guyana H-J: Haiti to Juan de Nova Island K-M: Kazakhstan to Luxembourg M: Macau to Mozambique N-O: Namibia to Oman P-R: Pacific Ocean - Rwanda S-T: Saint Helena to Syria T: Tajikistan to Tuvalu U-Z: Uganda to Zimbabwe Country Games Advanced Search Top of Page Search ClassBrain Search WWW DICTIONARY M: Macau to Mozambique Latest Headlines Macau Macedonia, the former Republic of Yugoslav

48. U.S. Commercial Service Hong Kong: Macau
The macau government's fiscal position is strong due to the significant taxrevenue generated by gambling activities. Macau has no public debt.
Worldwide Sites Home Other Asian Markets Site Map ... Chinese Hong Kong
Services for U.S. Businesses
Services for Hong Kong Businesses Contact Us Useful Links ... Visit USA Committee Hong Kong
Economic Scene:
Macau, a thirteen square mile enclave of approximately 440,000 persons, became a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China on December 20, 1999 after 450 years as a Portuguese colony.
U.S. business interests in Macau are modest. There are approximately 600 Americans residing in Macau, engaged in business, academic and missionary work. The United States is Macau's most important foreign market, taking nearly 48.2 percent of Macau's total exports, while imports from the United States amount to 4.2 percent of Macau's total imports.
Driven by increased tourism and gambling activity, Macau's real GDP in 2001 grew by 2.1 percent compared with a 4.6 percent in 2000. Nominal GDP was US$6.2 billion. Deflation continued in 2001, as prices declined two percent compared with a drop of 1.6 percent for 2000. Unemployment was 6.4 percent in 2001 compared with 6.8 percent in 2000. The Macau government's fiscal position is strong due to the significant tax revenue generated by gambling activities. Macau has no public debt.
Macau's most important industries are gambling, tourism and textiles. Textile exports account for nearly 83.9 percent of all merchandise exports. Macau ran a negative trade balance in 2001 of US$86 million compared with a trade surplus of US$ 283.4 million in 2000, with total exports of US$2,292 million and imports of US$2,378 million. Exports decreased by 9.4 percent while imports rose 5.8 percent.

49. Macau News
Mr Ho described relations between Macau and Guangdong as fraternal .macau government EXPECTS FIVE PER CENT GDP GROWTH THIS YEAR.
T he Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, paid in August separate working visits to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Guangdong Province to promote economic and commercial relations with the two areas. During his visit to Inner Mongolia, the Chief Executive held meetings with top officials and business community leaders, including Mrs. Uyunqing, chairwoman of the People's Government of the Autonomous Region. Mr Ho also visited the Sino-Russian trans-border trade zone near the city of Manzhouli to learn from its experience. The zone, China's first international trade zone, includes bonded warehousing and duty-free export processing facilities. Mr Ho described the visit to Inner Mongolia as "fruitful". He stressed that Inner Mongolian businessmen were welcome to benefit from Macau's close ties with the European Union and the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries. With regard to his visit with the Governor of Guangdong Province, Lu Ruihua, in Guangzhou, the Chief Executive said the two sides had reached a "general consensus" on establishing a trans-border industrial zone between Macau and Zhuhai in the near future. Hong Kong businessmen are closely following the planned Macau-Zhuhai industrial zone that could serve as a model for a similar project straddling the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border.

50. WTC Macau - Links
MACAU Links. macau government. Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. MacauPrinting Office. macau government Tourist Offiec. Concordia Industrial Park.
World Trade Centers MACAU Links Macau Government Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute Macau Finance Department Macau Economics Services ... Concordia Industrial Park World Trade Center Macau,S.A.R.L.
Av. da Amizade, No.918
World Trade Center Building, 16th Floor, MACAU
Tel : (853) 727666 Fax : (853) 727633
E-mail :

51. BBC News | ASIA-PACIFIC | Macau Handover: Asia's Last Colony
Some of the pictures in this special report are used with the permission of themacau government. Search BBC News Online. Internet links macau government.
low graphics version feedback help You are in: World: Asia-Pacific Front Page

Handover ceremony
The raising of the Chinese flag as Macau returns to mainland control
Jill McGivering in Macau
"An historic ceremony"
Monday, 20 December, 1999, 11:44 GMT
Macau handover: Asia's last colony At midnight on 19 December the tiny enclave of Macau returned to Chinese control after more than 400 years as a Portuguese colony. BBC News Online looks at what the handover means for Macau and the region as five centuries of European colonialism in Asia come to an end: The handover China takes control The Portuguese and Chinese presidents attend a lavish handover ceremony as Macau becomes a Special Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China.
  • Jiang hails new era for Macau Chinese President Jiang Zemin welcomes Macau's return to the "embrace of the motherland."
  • Portuguese president bids farewell President Jorge Sampaio pledges that Macau will "remain a crossroads between Europe and Asia." Eyes on the future What now for Macau?
  • 52. New Page 3
    Macau. They negotiated with the macau government for permission toset up an international university in the territory. Consent
    University Profile Principal Officers Program Program Characteristics ... Course Description University Profile In 1978, when the economy of South East Asia was in rapid growth and the Open Door Policy of China was initially confirmed, Dr. Peter Eng, Dr. Edward P. H. Woo and Dr. K. K. Wong, founders of the University, recognized the desirability of having an international university in Macau. They negotiated with the Macau Government for permission to set up an international university in the territory. Consent was promptly given and the first university in Macau, the University of East Asia commenced operation in September 1981. In February 1988, the University of East Asia was restructured to become a public university, renamed as University of Macau. Programs previously offered by the Open College and Graduate Collage of the University of East Asia were handled by a new East Asia Open Institute. To cope with the ever increasing and changing needs in the territory, the East Asia Open Institute entered into a joint venture with Universidade Aberta (Open University) of Portugal to form a new university - the Asia International Open University (Macau), with the approval of the Macau Government in 1992. Dr Hsueh Shou Sheng was appointed as the Founding Rector and Professor Zhuang Shanyu succeeded the position on 1 January 2001.

    53. : Destinations : Macau : Planning A Trip : Visitor Information
    Contact the macau government Tourist Office, 5757 West Century Blvd., Suite 660,Los Angeles, CA 90045 (tel. 877/MACAU00, or 310/670-2234; fax 310/338-0708).
    This Island Entire Site Guidebooks Deals M. Boards Destinations Asia Macau Planning a Trip Visitor Information
    Overview Planning a Trip Visitor Information ... Expanded Index Sponsor Deals Get Great Deals on Hotels from TravelWorm Save up to 40% on ... with HTH Worldwide Community Message Boards
    Visitor Information On the Internet You can obtain information on Macau through the Internet by visiting the Macau Government Tourist Office's website at Macau has finally opened a U.S. office. Contact the Macau Government Tourist Office (MTGO), 5757 West Century Blvd., Suite 660, Los Angeles, CA 90045-6407 (tel. 877/Macau-00 or 310/670-2234; fax 310/338-0708). In England, contact MTGO at 1 Battersea Church Rd., London SW11 3LY (tel. fax 207/771-7059). In Hong Kong Your first stop for information about Macau should be as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong, at the new Hong Kong International Airport. In the arrivals lobby, at 3B, you'll find the Macau Government Tourist Office (MTGO) information counter (tel. ), open daily from 9am to 10:30pm (closed for lunch 1-1:30pm and dinner 6-6:30pm). Stop here for a wealth of printed material about hotels and sightseeing in Macau. In addition, there's another MTGO information bureau at the Macau Ferry Terminal, the departure pier for most jetfoils and other craft bound for Macau. You'll find it on the third-floor Departure Floor, in room 336 of the Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Rd., in Central (tel.

    54. Macau Search Engine > Government
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    Special event! 2001 FIVB World Tour Macau Beach Volleyball Women's Open
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    55. Discover The World, Inc.
    The macau government Tourist Office is the government body in Macau, which besidesother specific duties, deals with promotion of travel to Macau and

    56. ALU Archive: Sex Workers In Macau
    During the survey, the macau government cooperated with the police bureauof Zhuhai Chinese city next to Macau to attack the sex industry.
    SEX WORKERS IN MACAU By Kendy Yim, Ziteng project researcher Usually sex workers wait for clients on the streets near hotels. After reaching agreements with clients on the deal, they take the clients to their rooms. No third party is involved in their transactions. As they stay in Macau only for a short period, they work very hard. Except during their menstrual periods, they work everyday. Some sex workers even use medicine to delay their periods to prevent them disrupting opportunities to earn money. All the sex workers we interviewed stayed in hotels. Usually they wake up around noon, and wait for clients in hotel lobbies. Sometimes, they go back to their rooms to rest for a while. Their main working times were from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. In Macau some hotels rent out rooms for sex workers. The interviewees usually stay in small hotels. Each person rents one room if she has enough money. Sometimes, in order to save money, two women share a room. The hotels are only responsible for renting out the rooms. They do not provide clients or provide condoms like guesthouses in Hong Kong or show them how to escape when there is a police raid. Occupational Health and Safety Measures All interviewees except one said firmly that as sex workers, they asked clients to use condoms because they had to protect their own health and their boyfriends'.

    57. PATA: Press Release
    achievement of 21 organisations and individuals under the Association's 2002Gold Awards programme, sponsored by the macau government Tourist Office.

    58. PATA Web Site: Membership Directory
    25. Company 01 macau government Tourist Office Macao, China. 02macau government Tourist Office, Bangkok - Thailand. 03 Macau

    59. Macau Hotels, Online Reservations For Over 100 Hotels In Macao With Discounts!
    Macau Tourist Info. (Hongkong Macau Guangzhou. Tourist Resources macau governmentTourist Office. Macao Tourist Country Sites Tourist Portals Macao

    This site is hosted by
    Netfirms Web Hosting
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    60. Chinalaw - Law Of Macau
    We started this page on the law of Macau and are in touch with the macau governmentto obtain more English translations of laws applicable in the territory.
    Law of the Portuguese Colony of Macau
    Macau was the last colony to return to control of the central Chinese government. We started this page on the law of Macau and are in touch with the Macau government to obtain more English translations of laws applicable in the territory. If you have translations of laws in Macau and you would like to contribute them to our site, please contact See Also:
    Home Chinese Law in English Chinese Law in Chinese
    Chinese Law Explained
    ... Other China Related Sites
    Comments or questions concerning this web site should be directed to:

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