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         Macaws:     more books (100)
  1. Have You Seen Hyacinth Macaw? by Patricia Reilly Giff, 1984-12
  3. D. J. Macaw's Joke Book by Mary Ellen Sias, 1985
  4. Macaws 2011 Wall Calendar #11087-11 by Pet Prints, 2010-06-22
  5. Macaws: A Complete Guide by Rosemary Low, 1990-10-18
  6. Parrots, Macaws and Cockatoos by Elizabeth Butterworth, 1994-09-10
  7. The World of Macaws by Dieter Hoppe, 1990-11
  8. Parrots, MacAws and Cockatoos (Close Up) by Vicki Leon, R. H. Armstrong, 1994-09
  9. The Handbook of Macaws by A. E. Decoteau, 1989-09
  10. The Life And Times of Thomas Balogh: A Macaw Among Mandarins by June Morris, 2007-04
  11. Hunters No More.(hiring former macaw trappers to help protect the birds)(Brief Article): An article from: E by Lillian M. Roberts, 2000-07-01
  12. Save the Macaw (Save Our Species Series) by Jill Bailey, 1992-01
  13. The MacAw Name in History by, 2007-06-27
  14. Sarah Saw a Blue Macaw by Jo Ellen Bogart, 1993-06

21. The Large Macaws, Their Care, Breeding & Conservation
The Large macaws; Their Care, Breeding and Conservation The combined resourcesof this volume should prove invaluable to anyone working with macaws.
"The Large Macaws;
Their Care, Breeding and Conservation" ISBN# 0-9635964-0-3
Second Printing January 1999
Practical information with a multi-disciplinary approach: Aviculture Veterinary Medicine , Conservation, Anthropology, Ornithology and Zoology Covers eleven species of macaws: Hyacinth, Lear's, Glaucous, Spix, Green-winged, Scarlet, Buffon's, Military, Blue and Gold, Blue-throated, and Red-fronted This long awaited reference book has already been distributed to aviculturists, veterinarians and conservationists in 56 countries. 25 chapters, written by 20 international experts with 17 collaborators. 552 Pages hardbound, 9 x 12 format, 350 color photographs, over 70 illustrations, fully indexed. The combined resources of this volume should prove invaluable to anyone working with macaws. Some Information on the Authors The Making of this Book Recent Book Reviews The Topics Covered ... Send us email If you'd like to order "The Large Macaws" over the phone,
please call 1-800-422-5963 (US orders only) Available exclusively through

22. Rockledge Aviary
Breeder of macaws, amazons, cockatoos, african greys, and eclectus. Information about their nursery and availability. Located in Spring Branch.

23. Welcome To!
Offers bird cages with an external feeder system for sanitation and security as well as accessories. Custom stainless steel cages and powder coat model cages available for parrots such as eclectus, amazons, cockatoos and macaws.

You have just found the finest powder coat and stainless steel bird cages
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Parrot Cages
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  • cockatoo cage
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  • sulfur crested cockatoo cage
  • rose breasted cockatoo cage
  • black palm cage
  • amazon bird cages
  • hawk head cage
  • double yellow head cage
  • yellow front cage
  • yellow nape cage
  • panama cage
  • mealy cage
  • blue front cage
  • african grey cage
  • timneh grey cage
  • congo grey cage
  • eclectus cage
  • mynah bird cage
  • toucan cage
  • conure cages
and cages for all other medium to large birds!
Cage Avianix, Inc. reserves the right to alter features, specifications and prices without notice Home Accessories Selection Tips About Us
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24. BirdLady Babies... Hand-Fed Parrots Macaws Cockatoos Greys And More!
Breeds African greys, amazons, cockatoos, conures, and macaws. Also distributor of cages and supplies. Located in Atlanta.
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25. Bill's Bird Company, Parrots, Macaws, Cockatoos, Parakeets, Kaytee, Birds, Bird
Breeds macaws, cockatoos, parakeets, African grey, amazon, king, and other parrots. Also offers feed, wire, and custom aviaries. Located in southern Oregon.
Bill's Bird Company is a 50 acre ranch in Southern Oregon. We have been raising Macaws, Cockatoos, Parakeets, Parrots, African Grey, Amazon, King, and other exotic and parrot like birds for over 25 years. Our birds are closed banded and raised in a home atmosphere. We have furnished birds to 3 of the major chain stores for many years. Our babies are lab checked by a licensed medical lab technologist prior to all sales. Our aviaries are a closed facility. We hand feed most of our babies from day 1 (artificial incubation). A few are reared by the parent birds for the first 1 to 2 weeks before we take over. we feed the breeders high quality Kaytee Rainbow pellets, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Our babies are fed a very high quality Kaytee Exact hand feeding formula. We sell to the general public and also to retailers (contact us for special prices). We ship throughout the continental United States, and overseas for all book orders. For book orders overseas and to Canada, please contact us for a shipping quote , these orders have to be processed manually.

26. Macaws On The Endangered Species List
macaws on the ESL, macaws on the Endangered Species List. Species, Yearplaced on appndx, Extinct, May be extinct, CITES appndx I, CITES appndxII.
Macaws on the ESL Macaws on the Endangered Species List Species Year
appndx Extinct May
extinct CITES
Hyacinthine (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) X Green Winged (Ara Chloptera) X Scarlet (Ara macao) X Blue and Gold (Ara ararauna) X Buffon (Ara ambigua) X Military (Ara militaris) X Cuban (Ara tricolor) X Lear's (Anodorhynchus leari) X Blue Throated (Ara glaucogularis) X Red Fronted (Ara rubrogenys) X Red Bellied (Ara manilata) X Severe (Ara severa) X Illiger (Ara maracana) X Spix (Cyanopsitta spixii) X Yellow Collar (Ara aurocollis) X Noble (Diopsittaca nobilis cumansis) X Hahns (Diopsittaca nobilis nobilis) X Glaucous (Anodorhynchus glaucus) X X Coulons (Ara couloni) X CITES - The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (over 100 countries comply with CITES rules).

27. Welcome To Joyce's Birds
Specializing in Congo African Greys and Indian Ringneck mutations, also breeds hahns macaws and amazons.
Sweet Happy Baby Parrots
Bred and Raised
In the Arizona Sunshine
Specializing in
African Greys - Mutation Indian Ringnecks
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28. Macaw Landing Foundation
Photo Gallery. macaws on the ESL. PHOTO GALLERY • Macaw Landing Foundation's MacawPhoto Gallery. macaws ON THE ESL • macaws on the Endangered Species List.
You are visitor number since 9/17/96. Click here for Latest Updates from the Macaw Landing Foundation ABOUT THE MLF
About Macaws and the Macaw Landing Foundation ARA NEWSLETTER
, the Macaw Landing Foundation Newsletter ECOTOURISM
Blue Velvet Brazil/Bolivia ... PHOTO GALLERY
Macaw Landing Foundation's Macaw Photo Gallery MACAWS ON THE ESL
Macaws on the Endangered Species List FROM THE FIELD
Letters from the Field
by Dr. Charles Munn MACAW LINKS
Other Macaw-related websites of interest RAINFOREST LINKS
Other Rainforest-related websites of interest ENVIRONMENTAL LINKS
Other Environment-related websites of interest FIELD PROJECTS
These projects are in need of your support. CONSERVATION LIST Join the Macaw Landing Foundation's E-mail list GIFTS AND SUPPLIES Great gift ideas from parrot lovers JOIN THE MLF Join the Macaw Landing Foundation today CONTACT THE MLF Send E-mail to the Macaw Landing Foundation Website designed by Northwest Web Works

macaws ONLY. Breeders of Exotic Parrots and Builders of Premiere Cages. Wealways have a MACAW for you! Our macaws are hand raised.
Breeders of Exotic Parrots
Builders of Premiere Cages
Savannah, Georgia
E-mail US by clicking here.
Cages The Show Macaws
We can build any size cage and ship it anywhere in the world. Preview our standard cage selections.
We always have a MACAW for you! Our MACAWS are hand raised. Preview our current birds available.
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The Brad Broadwell Show
Cages on Display

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30. Our Virtual Heaven -- Online Memorials For Your Beloved Pet
Family owned and operated aviary with more than 30 years experience. Specializing in macaws, cockatoos, amazons, greys, and eclectus. Located in Kimberling City.
Free Memorials Search Memorials
Create a Memorial for your Pet
Custom Memorials Featured Memorial:
u t t ... r Learn More about Custom Memorials
Our pets are unique. Each loves us unconditionally, and thinks the sun rises because we want it to.
There's nothing quite like the void left in our hearts when a beloved pet passes away. It's a pain most have experienced, but few forget. Our laps are a little colder, and homecomings a little less sweet.
While nothing can erase the sadness entirely, sharing memories of the lost pet often helps. Remembering funny stories, looking at cherished pictures, and expressing what's in our hearts can often make the time pass more bearably.
O u r V i r t u a l H e a v e n is a community site for sharing these memories and creating memorials for pets who have passed away. We invite you to create a free memorial , look through the memorials already here , or read the " Rainbow Bridge ," a poem that has given hope to thousands of pet owners.
Please read about our memorial services here Search Memorials Add a Memorial Contact Us
O u r V i r t u a l H e a v e n c o m

Sixteen species of macaws inhabit tropical forests from central Mexico to northernArgentina , distinguished among the world's 340 parrot species by their long
The macaw is a long-tailed parrot that lives in South America and Mexico . Sixteen species of macaws inhabit tropical forests from central Mexico to northern Argentina , distinguished among the world's 340 parrot species by their long tails and huge beaks. Eight are considered large, the others weigh a pound or less. Nine are endangered or threatened, and Spinx's macaw of Brazil may soon be extinct in the wild. Macaws' intelligence ranks them among birds as chimpanzees rank among apes.
Macaws eat by breaking through the pulp of some fruits and occasionally flowers and leaves, but their main goal is seeds. This makes macaws unlike most birds in the tropical forest. In feeding, a macaw displays mammal-like dexterity. Each muscular leg powers a foot of four clawed toes, two facing forward, two backward. The bird can hang upside down or reach upside down effortlessly, anchored by one foot to pick fruit with the other. Its hooked beak can act as a third foot for climbing.
Once the bird has lifted a fruit to its beak, it cannot see it, but its thick tongue judges the shape and works with the skills of a thumb to rotate the fruit and position its seeds for cracking. No seed appears to be a match for that beak. Macaws have been found eating in mahoganies, kapoks, coral bean trees, and rubber trees- among a list of 60 or so favorites. Macaws are thought to experiment with everything. It is part of their curious nature to bite and test. In a forest of maybe 2,000 species of flowering or fruiting trees, plants, and vines, they may come upon something they haven't seen before and try it.

32. J-Birds Home Page
Breeder of african greys, amazons, cockatoos, eclectus, and macaws. Located in the New Orleans area.
Large Parrots to Loving Homes J-Birds is a small aviary in the New Orleans area. In addition to our own birds we also have access to a small group of Louisiana hobbyists and local aviaries to provide you with the perfect large parrot for your family. We specialize in Macaws Cockatoos African Greys Eclectus and Amazons CONTACT: or E-Mail: Links: Your Home For Global Parrot Networking Rob Harvey Zoological Supplies

33. Bowcreek Postcards - Macaws 1
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Visit the rest of Bowcreek! A Passion for Parrots Bowcreek Backgrounds Parrot Forum

Breeds african greys, amazons, conures, eclectus, and macaws. Has information on diet, including recipes. Located in Canada.
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Presentation of aviary and breeding pairs, with pictures, videos and an e-mail list.Category Recreation Pets Birds Species Parrots macaws......HYACINTH macaws Cherane Pefley NonSmoking Page. Dear Padrineta CheraneThanks to you I have my nice name, for this reasons we have
var TlxPgNm='index'; HYACINTH MACAWS C herane P efley
Dear Padrineta Cherane: Thanks to you I have my nice name, for this reasons we have Padrinetas, to put our name and to look after our parents all life.... I had a wonderful day today, like everyday, this Daily Children drive me nuts, today we been to the school and lots of kids wanted to touch me, well my mommy had a bottle of spray and was spraying the hands of every kid. I'm having fun! I can say Hola and Hello!. My eating is very well, they give everything, today I had pasta and chicken and of course my macadamia and some coconut! Today they got a parolett, this tinny and smaller canaries but green c olour and they give it to a friend of them, I'm glad, I do not want to get jealous of another avian friend. I must go now, they are watching a baseball game, and mommy is getting some popcorn, may be I'll be lucky and get some! Love you lots, Xena's and my mommy says hi!
15 March 2003
Aloha, Dear Mom,
Good Morning. I just want you to know that I shall never forget you, the first and forever love of my heart. I've become a bit of a ruffian, I've been told, but I suspect that I shall grow through this phase.

36. CAMEX-3 Instruments - MACAWS
macaws. Multidimensional Measurement Capabilities. macaws has the capabilityto direct the lidar beam with varying degrees of sophistication.
MACAWS Point of Contact:
Dr. Jeffry Rothermel Global Hydrology and Climate Center NASA/ Marshall Space Flight Center / Code: SD60 Huntsville, Alabama 35805 Office Telephone: (256)961-7965 Fax: (256)961-7723 email:

MACAWS Home Page:
Brief Instrument Description of the
Multicenter Airborne Coherent Atmospheric Wind Sensor (MACAWS) Platform Overview MACAWS is an airborne side-scanning Doppler laser radar (lidar) which measures two dimensional wind fields, vertical wind profiles, and aerosol backscatter from clear air and clouds. Range varies from 10-30 km depending on aerosol abundance and cloud attenuation. Upon exiting the aircraft, the lidar beam is completely eye-safe. MACAWS is developed and operated cooperatively by the atmospheric lidar remote sensing groups of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Instrument Description MACAWS consists of: a frequency-stable pulsed transverse-excited atmospheric pressure carbon dioxide laser emitting 0.5-1.0 J per pulse at 10.6 micron wavelength at a nominal pulse repetition frequency (PRF) of ~20 Hz; a coherent receiver employing a cryogenically-cooled HgCdTe detector; a 0.3 m off-axis paraboloidal telescope shared by the transmitter and receiver in a monostatic configuration; a ruggedized optical table and three-point support structure; a scanner using two counter-rotating germanium wedges to refract the transmitted beam in the desired direction; an inertial navigation system (INS) for frequent measurements of aircraft attitude and speed; data processing, display, and storage devices; and an Operations Control System (OCS) to coordinate all system functions.

37. Parrots - Pua Parrot - Collectors And Breeders Of Rare And Unusual Exotic Macaws
Breeders of macaws, cockatoos, eclectus, african greys, conures, and other parrots. Offers food, parrot toys, custom cages, aviary and exhibit landscape designs. Located in Waianae.
Parrots - Pua Parrot - Collectors and Breeders of Rare and Unusual Exotic Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, African Greys, Conures and Parrots.
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Parrot Cages
The Macaw cage features a large access door, 3 swing-out crock holder doors, adjustable cagetop playpen with crock holders, 2 slide out easy clean trays, pull out grate, easy roll casters and durable square tube construction.
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Parrots - Pua Parrot - Collectors and Breeders of Rare and Unusual Exotic Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, African Greys, Conures and Parrots.
Cages - Pua Parrot - Rare and Unusual Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, African Greys, Conures and Parrots. Domestic hand-raised baby birds. Food, parrot toys, custom cages, aviary and exhibit landscape designs.
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macaws are messy, noisy, rowdy, intelligent, playful, destructive, rough, and sometimesdownright mean, but they are some of the most beautiful and interesting
Welcome to my world of.......
and Alex's very own homepage..........
and just who is Alex?
. . . a bird with his own homepage Alex is a 7 year old male Hyacinth Macaw who is extremely spoiled, somewhat pampered, and never gets enough attention! Most of the time Alex lives with 5 other macaws and an African Gray named Willow, who strangely enough, happens to sound more like a macaw every day. All. . . in my house!! or mini zoo!! Also, are four cats, who for some strange reason are terrified of the birds. Wings flutter, cats run!! While you are here, enjoy Alex and all his friends, . . but be sure to visit the KAYTEE Hyacinth Macaw Foundation page and see what you can do to help save this most endangered of all the macaws. Another link, The Macaw Landing Foundation will show you just where your money goes and how it has saved many hyacinth breeding sites from destruction. Your donations ARE working! The wild hyacinths are making a slow, slow comeback. The year 2000 was once scheduled as the year of their extinction, but your dollars are pushing this date further and further into the future. This Christmas, give your bird a real treat, make a donation in your birds name to the KAYTEE Hyacinth Macaw Foundation . Alex and his friends will love you for it!!

39. Jackson's Birds - Exotic Birds, Bird Toys And Gifts For Bird Lovers
Breeder of african greys, alexandrines, cockatoos, derbyans, macaws, quakers, senegals, and sun conures. Also offers a variety of bird toys and gifts for bird lovers.
Gift Certificates Now Available!
Click Here To Purchase
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Sterling Silver
Wall Plaques
Click Pictures for Details!
We are located in southwest Michigan. We have been breeding and hand-raising exotic birds for more than 20 years.
Several years ago we expanded our business to include the sale of bird toys and gifts for bird lovers.
We sell our babies mostly through word-of-mouth referrals and at bird shows scattered mostly around the eastern half of the country.
In addition to ordering our birds, bird toys, and gifts online, our products can be seen and purchased at the bird shows we attend.
(see schedule below)

March 22, 2003 - Mishawaka, IN
Michiana Bird Society's 9th Annual Bird Fair Mishawaka F.O.P. Lodge * 1210 Commonwealth Dr. Hours: 10-5 * Admission: $3 Info: Betty Gillespie 574-293-9733 or Mary Fuller 574-287-4210 April 5, 2003 - Warren, MI

40. Macaws
Parrots Paradise Uk Parrots Cockatoo macaws African Grey Parrots My AfricanGrey Links Hand Reared Fuertes Parrot Visitors Pets My Awards

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