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         Macaws:     more books (100)
  1. Red macaw by Phoebe Haggard, 1934
  2. Macaw in the House by Dorothy Pickles, 1983-07
  3. Save the Macaws (Save Our Species) by Jill Bailey, 1991-08-20
  4. Spix's Macaw: The Race to Find the World's Rarest Bird by Tony Juniper, 2003-01
  5. The cage-bird handbook, with chapters on parakeets, parrots, macaws, and other parrotlike birds by Leon Augustus Hausman, 1954-01-01
  6. Paroots Cockatoos and Macaws by Edward J. Boosey, 1956
  7. Macaws (Animals of the Rain Forest) by Jim Deiters, Erika Deiters, 2001-09
  8. Scarlet Macaw by G.E., Illustrated by Charles E. Meister Locke, 1923-01-01
  9. A Monograph Of Macawsand Conures by Tony Silva, 1993
  10. Parrakeets (budgerigars) their care and breeding;: Also chapters on love birds, parrots, dwarf parrots, macaws, and other parrot-type birds, by Willie Flora Flowers, 1957
  11. Trail of the Macaw (Gunsmoke Western) by Eugene Cunningham, 1995-07
  12. Mexican MacAws: Comparative Osteology (Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona) by Lyndon Hargrave, 1970-06
  13. Delilah Doolittle and the Missing Macaw (Pet Detective Mystery) by Patricia Guiver, 2000-02-01
  14. Macaws by Loren Spiotta, 1983

41. Welcome To Becks Bird Barn
Breeders of African greys, amazons, cockatoos, eclectus parrots, kakarikis, Port Lincoln and Pennant's parakeets, macaws, and quakers. Has pictures and general information.
Rebecca and Chris Taylor welcome you to
Beck's Bird Barn B reeders
of Incubator-hatched,
Hand-reared Baby Parrots
Parrot Toys
Avian Books Avian Vets
... NEW! The Java Tree
Tel 01952 541244

Beck's Bird Barn To Appear On Channel Five
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Reptile Hideouts For more information about these unique products click here Volume 1 Available Now - Please Call For Details "Don't Leave All The Flying To The Birds" Book a trial flight in the 'Becks Bird Barn' Microlite in association with the Shropshire Microlite Flying School. The Java Tree The all new 'Java Tree' provides your bird with an attractive and Practical perch. Click Here FINCHES We now stock a varied selection of foreign Finches, Canaries, Parakeets etc.

42. Pet Bird Large Macaw FAQ
Read about the different types of large macaws with this guide that discusses their value, personality, Category Recreation Pets Birds Species Parrots macaws...... Even the minimacaws can be loud and demanding. They are smart birds, and needattention and toys to keep them busy. The macaws are also vigorous chewers.
The Large Macaw FAQ
Jodi Giannini
There is probably no other tropical bird so "tropical" as a macaw. Whether we see them on travelogues, tropical shirts or airline commericials (United airlines used a piano-playing Blue and Gold), we immediately think of lush, exotic, and far-away places. But why go far away? A macaw, aside from being colorful, can also be a loyal, loving, (if somewhat raucous) lifelong companion. Most of the macaw species tend to be five things, big and loud, and loud and big, and demanding. Even the "mini-macaws" can be loud and demanding. They are smart birds, and need attention and toys to keep them busy. The macaws are also vigorous chewers. Keep this in mind if you have heirloom furniture or small children. (I'm kidding!) But I am serious about the furniture. Chewing is the macaw's hobby. Aquiring a baby macaw is the best bet, although a number of breeders whom I talked to suggested getting a weaned baby, especially if you've never hand-fed before. But this depends on your gumption. I know of some people whose very first bird was a still-feeding macaw. Breeders are generally the safest course, because they have dealt with the birds from hatchdate on. They will also usually offer a health guarantee, advice, and help if you have problems.
The macaws most commonly available as pets (in order) are:
Ara ararauna Blue and Gold Macaw, Blue and Yellow Macaw

43. "Araras, Papagaios; Criação E Conservação"
macaws breeding and environmental conservation
var PUpage="76001080"; var PUprop="geocities"; yviR='us';yfiEA(0);
ararauna ), arara vermelha de asa verde ( Ara chloroptera ) e arara vermelha de asa amarela ( Ara macao
Fotografias de filhotes
Links interessantes ; Artigos sobre avicultura ; 4. Reservas; Fale conosco; Caso deseje, entre em contato por mail or por telefone: fones: xx 51 478 1426 / 3219 1068 / 9163 8168
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Antonio Augusto

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44. Pet Macaws
Pet macaws By Joanne Abramson from Raintree macaws. Easily availability.Six of the large macaws will be discussed in this article.
Pet Macaws
By Joanne Abramson from Raintree Macaws Easily distinguished from amazons and cockatoos by their bare facial patch and long pointed tail, the macaw family comprises one of the most extravagantly colored in the bird world. Provided they are given a healthy diet, allowed freedom and given lots of attention they will be a life long companion. It is because of this longevity that deciding on a pet macaw should not be taken lightly. Most captive bred birds are closed banded. Closed banding means the bird has had a bracelet-like steel or aluminum band (with a letter and number code stamped on it) put on its leg. This band's code tells where the bird was bred and has an unique number for that bird. The band is soldered shut and cannot be put on the bird after it is about two weeks old, depending on the species. Selection
Choosing your first macaw will be your biggest challenge. With so many beautifully colored birds vying for your attention it is hard to decide. In the end the decision should be based on your lifestyle, the bird's health and availability. Six of the large macaws will be discussed in this article. Species
Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna): Commonly kept in captivity and understandably popular the Blue and Golds are playful, fun loving birds. Their availability in captivity has erroneously lead to the belief that they are unremarkable. Too often they have been hybridized with other species. Perhaps the most commonly available large macaw. Their personality is ideal. They adapt easily to new surroundings. As with all the large macaws they are highly sociable and quickly become members of the family.

45. Bird Cages Toys For Our Psittacine Family Including Parrots Macaws Cockatoos And
Canadian refuge for neglected and unwanted psittacines including parrots, macaws, cockatoos and various other exotic birds.
We are a Parrot refuge for neglected and unwanted psittacines including parrots, macaws, cockatoos and various other exotic birds. We are a registered charitable organization and are supported thru the sale of parrot cages, parrot toys and donations from the concerned public. We also sell bird cages in custom shapes and sizes to help fund our refuge.
Our Society offers a permanent loving home to abused, neglected and unwanted psittacines and is the special place where loved parrots can be willed or given to.
To learn more about our Society please enter our gallery.
Parrots, Pet Birds and Bird Cages

46. - Article: Developmental Milestones Of Macaws
Developmental Milestones of macaws, by PetPlace Staff, Related Articles. Sensesmacaws are born blind with their eyelids sealed shut.

47. Cheep Thrills Aviary
Offers macaws, cockatoos, poicephalus, greys, and ringnecks.
Exquisite Companion Parrots At Affordable Prices
Check out our
New Cage Line

Mackenzie takin 5
Owned by Craig Thornsberry


48. Macaws
ALL ABOUT macaws Astonishingly Like Humans. macaws Many of the macawspecies are large and magnificent in every respect. They require
The Real Macaw Enchanting movie about a clever macaw that "saves the day" - any parrot lover will love it. For Tips on for you, please go to the Pet Bird Care page. I already knew this one - Did YOU?: Scientific Evidence that Birds are Aware, Intelligent and Astonishingly Like Humans
MACAWS: Many of the Macaw species are large and magnificent in every respect. They require a set-up that allows them to chew as much as they want, toys to keep them busy, an area that is easily cleaned and maintained. Not a bird for most households, but a source of great pleasure, wonderful companionship (and, admittingly, the occasional heartache over destroyed furnishings ;-), for the right owner. Macaw Landing Foundation Parrot Care and Prevention Guide: Young Macaw Parrot Care and Prevention Guide: Mature Macaw Macaw Weights and Measures Macaws on the Endangered Species List Macaws on the ESL ... Aras (in German) Images of the Macaw Macaw Pictures The Blue Macaws - Comprehensive information and pictures on the Hyacinthin, Lear's, Glaucous and Spix's Macaws

49. Brian McCarthy - Irish Artists - Irish Art - Irish Painters - Irish Paintings --
Irish realist artist, specializing in surrealist still life oil paintings, featuring Venetian masks and birds such as macaws, falcons and canaries.

50. Index
Offers information on the species they raise, including amazons, cockatoos, conures, and macaws. Located in Bricktown.
WELCOME TO PARROT BAY AVIARY Photo by Gwen Greene Moluccan Cockatoos
Umbrella Cockatoos

Goffin Cockatoos

Greenwing Macaws
PHONE 732-920-3803

51. Parrots - Judy Leach's Parrots - A Parrot Place
Raises handfed and socialized macaws, cocakatoos, african greys, and amazons. Also some breeders for sale. Located in Marengo.
Judy Leach's Parrots
Breeder of Macaws, Cockatoos, and African Greys
As a parrot breeder and trainer of parrots, specializing in macaws, cockatoos, amazons, and african greys since 1983, I have developed this web site to share my experience in parrots, to help others better understand and care for pet parrots. Introduction Learn about us, our guarantee, our terms of sale, and how we raise our parrots. Our History Read about our history; how we got started and the obstacles we had to overcome. References Read comments from people that have purchased our parrot babies. Email them for references and comments. Visit Our Nursery See how, and where, we raise our parrot babies. Parrot Pictures/Descriptions See parrot pictures and descriptions of various species. Learn about personality traits and tendencies. Witness the hatching of a Green Wing macaw. Parrot Care, Training, and Behavior - Learn about parrot care, diet, training, and behavior, good and bad. New additions as time permits. Parrot D isease/Illnesses/Injuries - Learn about parrot diseases, illnesses, and injuries, how to recognize them and what to do about them.

52. WWF-UK: Macaws
macaws are the largest members of the parrot family. Seventeen species of thesebirds can be found in the wild today, in Central and South America.
Areas of interest WWF-UK home Just for kids - go wild! Just for teachers Just for researchers Who cares? campaign Just for shoppers About WWF Take action Wildlife News Search WWF-UK WWF-UK Wildlife Endangered species > Macaws Wednesday 9 April 2003 Endangered species Barn Owl Bears Big Cats Birds of prey ... Environmental threats Macaws Background Current threats What WWF is doing Background Macaws are the largest members of the parrot family. Seventeen species of these birds can be found in the wild today, in Central and South America. They are typically brightly coloured, with large beaks and long tails.
Habitat and diet
Macaws live in a wide variety of habitats, from tropical rainforests to arid regions, but they are normally found near rivers or streams. Their varied diet includes fruit, seeds, nectar and nuts, which they open with their strong beaks. Macaws will often fly long distances in the search for ripe fruit and nuts.
Nesting sites
The favoured nesting sites for macaws are holes in trees - particularly natural holes in dead trees - or cavities in cliff faces. Some species, notably the hyacinth macaw, nest in burrows excavated with their beaks. Scientists think that macaws mate for life, producing one to three young each year. The young are relatively slow to develop, remaining in the nest for up to four months, and staying with their parents until the next breeding season.
Macaws have few natural predators and can live for up to 60 years.

53. Home
Breeder of many species of macaws, cockatoos, amazons, greys, conures, pionus, eclectus, and caiques.
Join the Oklahoma Parrots mailing list Email: Raising the Finest Hand-Fed Baby Parrots.... In Our Home for your Home CURRENT AVAILABILITY
PARROTS Welcome to Oklahoma Parrots! Pull up a perch and have a look around. You’ll find that we do things a little different than most people selling parrots today. We specialize in the finest hand-fed baby parrots (bappies) available including Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Eclectus, African Greys, Asiatic Ringneck parrots and more.... If you don’t find what you’re looking for email or call us. We can surely help.

54. Blue & Gold Macaws
Blue Gold macaws. Origin South America ..Length 34 36 . Blue Gold macaws are one of the larger macaws. They
Origin: South America .............Length: 34" - 36" Blue and Gold's enjoy being out on their cage where they can play and exercise their wings. They require a fairly large cage that has some height for the length of their tail.
Our Price - For availability go to our Available Birds Page
Price Shipping Fees Fully weaned Shipping - $200
Carrier - Health Certificate -
Airfare - Included A $200 deposit is required to reserve a bird.
Shipping fees include airline required health certificate, airline
approved carrier and airline fees.
All fees must be paid in full before bird is shipped or picked up. We do NOT sell or ship unweaned babies - please don't ask.
Birds available for sale may be seen in person by appointment ONLY Want to learn more? Why Does My Bird Do That :
A Guide to Parrot Behavior

Julie Ann Rach / Hardcover / Published 1998 NEED A CAGE? Check our prices! Available HERE!
Discount with bird purchase! HOME Available Birds Cages Catalog ... Teal
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55. Welcome To Birdworks!
Breeder of african greys, cockatoos, macaws, conures, lovebirds, and cockatiels.
Welcome to BIRDWORKS ! We are very happy to have you here because we put bird lovers in contact with bird breeders and bird sellers. Also check out our great reference library of links to information about the birds you are interested in the most. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often to see what we have available, or email us for that special bird.
Home Bird Library Contact Us Photo Gallery ... About Birdworks About Birdworks This is THE quality place to find your next petbird. Birdworks is a "collective" of bird breeders located in NE, Indiana. The local breeders we work with raise many of the birds they sell and pride themselves on some of the best handfed birds you can find. And if our breeders don't have what you want, we'll refer to someone else if we can.
  • Proven Pair of Mustache Parrots Quaker Breeders, Nandays, and Jendays $200 (SUPER DEAL) Yellow Ringnecks (Very Sweet) Proven Cockatiel Breeders (All varieties) $70 pair We have two Congo African Grey babies. Place a deposit now! SOLD Timneh African Greys Congo African Greys Sun Conures (breeders) $250 Various Lovebird Breeders @ $75.00 pair

56. GreenLeap
Critters » Macaw Macaw Physical Appearance Widely distributed throughout Centraland South America, 17 different species of macaws exist Blue and Gold

57. Free Graphics Of Parrots And Other Birds Animations Buttons Borders
Buttons, borders, and backgrounds of parrots and other birds such as lovebirds, budgies, macaws, and parrotlets, as well as some free animated email icons.

Enter for Parrot Graphics
Inca's Graphic Grotto is devoted to beautiful bird and parrot backgrounds, buttons, borders, and animations. We will update it frequently (join our mailing list to be the first to know when we do). All we ask in return for the use of these graphics is a credit with a link somewhere on your site to our main parrot site at If you'd like to know when we add
new graphics, just join our mailing list!
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then click the 'Join List' button: Powered by ListBot Some of the graphics, buttons, borders, and backgrounds you will find here: lovebirds, peachfaced lovebirds, English budgies, budgerigars, parakeets, cockatoos, hyacinth macaws, scarlet macaws, greenwing macaws, amazons, caiques, sun conures, Pacific parrotlets, animated birds, toucans, finches, canaries, barrabands, yellow canary, and other birds. This page was created 15 January 1999 and updated 5 June 2000 by roughmagick
This takes you to the counter site and is NOT an entrance to the graphics site.

58. The Endangered Great Green Macaws
Endangered Great Green macaws of Costa Rica. Thispage is under construction. COME BACK SOON!
The Endangered Great Green Macaw Ara ambigua The Great Green macaw is an endangered and beautiful bird of Caribbean lowland rainforests. Its last stronghold appears to be along the Nicaraguan border near Laguna del Lagarto Lodge and Tortuguero NP. The Field Guide to the Wildlife of Costa Rica has this to say about the Great Green: " The intense green-and-blue body, highlighted by red tail feathers, make this imposing member of the parrot family a stunning symbol of the country's diminishing rainforests. Unfortunately, it is a victim of both deforestation and the illegal pet trade." The Great Green ranges widely across the Caribbean lowlands in seach of food but the amount of suitable remaining nesting habitat appears very small, the number of feeding trees is declining, and the number of birds left is very low - probably only thirty to thirty-five pairs. " (That was in 2000). The bill of this macaw is larger than that of the Scarlet macaw. It is adapted to cracking open the very tough nuts of the swamp almond tree (Dipteryx panamensis). The life cycle of the Great Green is tied very closely to Dipteryx trees it nests in hollow cavities of this tree and depends on its fruits as a major food. Below, a Scarlet macaw competes with a Great Green for food. These stunning macaws may live more than sixty years.

59. Taxidermy, Bird Taxidermy, Feather Jewelry, Feather Ornaments, Waterfowl Taxider
Ducks. Feather Jewelry. Feather Ornaments. Feather Pads. Feathers. macaws. Mammals.Parrots. Peacocks. Pheasants. Quail. Skins. Store Policies. macaws. M1. macaws.
About Us Chickens Designer Decoy Line Ducks ...
My Account Login Help ... Checkout Unique Gamebirds. 505 Martha Lane , Grandview, TX 76050. 817-866-2397.

60. Cockatoo Connection - The Cockatoo Specialists
Breeders of amazons, cockatoos, macaws, conures, African greys, hawk heads, meyer's, caiques, jardines, indian ringnecks, grass parakeets, and princess of wales parrots. Located in Fresno.
preloadimages("images/balloon2.gif"); Home


Contact Us
The Cockatoo Specialists
Welcome to The Cockatoo Connection ! We are the Cockatoo Specialists. We have been breeders of socialized, hand fed, GUARANTEED gentle baby exotic cockatoos and parrots since 1987. We have more than 80 pairs of breeding birds at our Aviary.

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