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         Macaws:     more books (100)
  1. Mac the Macaw: The Bird Who Went to College by Gerard Wolfe, 2006-06-02
  2. Macaw (Heinemann Read and Learn: a Day in the Life: Rain Forest Animals) by Anita Ganeri, 2010-09
  3. A bird's eye view of Singapore by Macaw, 1985
  4. Winning the public by Samuel Macaw Kennedy, 2010-09-04
  5. Vigil's End : Book One of the Ninth Day of Man by Grant Macaw, 2005-10-30
  6. Born Again Sinner by Rusty Macaw, 2004-08-09
  7. The Ninth Day by Grant Macaw, 2002-01-01
  8. The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw One Womans Fight to Save the Worlds Most Beautiful Bird - 2008 publication. by Bruc Barcot, 2008
  9. The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird [LAST FLIGHT OF THE SCARLET MAC] by Bruce(Author) Barcott, 2009-01-31
  10. Macaw's Pipeline Defects
  11. Mesoamerican Influences in the Southwest: Kachinas, Macaws, and Feathered Serpents (BYU Popular Series)
  12. Chestnut-Fronted Macaw
  13. Macaws Getting Started (Save Our Planet) by Horst Schmidt, 1995-03
  14. Macaws of Death by Karen Dudley, 2002-11

61. Welcome To Adobe GoLive 4
Other macaws macaws are mediumsized to extremely large, long-tailed parrotsof the New World that share certain physical characteristics.
Other Macaws
Macaws are medium-sized to extremely large, long-tailed parrots of the New World that share certain physical characteristics. Which New World parrots should qualify to be called macaws and which should not is somewhat controversial. Some feel that neither the Spix's nor the Red-shouldered are true macaws. Helmut Sick eliminated all of the miniature macaws, stating that they are better grouped with the Aratinga parakeets. The Brazilian names for macaw are ara and arara, both descriptive of their vocalizations. Sick felt that a parrot that failed to vocalize a macaw name failed the macaw test. Some feel that the Golden Parakeet (Conure) is really a macaw in disguise (its scientific name is Guaruba guaruba, and is derived from the Tupi language that translates to yellow macaw). Others suggest that the Thick-billed and closely related Maroon-fronted Parrots are really small, short-tailed macaws. Some books even call them "Macawlets." One characteristic that "accepted" macaws share is the presence of a bare facial patch, very prominent in most, not so prominent in others. This is the characteristic that the "would-be" macaws lack and some of the "might-not-be" have. Long a major determining factor in whether a parrot made the macaw list, it may eventually prove to not be so important.
The total number of macaw species that have inhabited the earth is unknown. Certainly, at least two species have become extinct in modern times, the Glaucus and Cuban. There are rumors of other species having inhabited the islands of the Caribbean, but the Cuban Macaw is the only one represented by museum specimens. As of now, 18 species of macaws have been recognized. The Cuban Macaw was last recorded in 1864 and there are no proven records of the Glaucus Macaw beyond 1860. This leaves us 16 extant species of parrots accepted as being macaws. However, the Spix's Macaw is known from only one naturally wild specimen, a male which has paired with a female Blue-winged Macaw (potential mates from captivity have been released, but their fate is in question). There may be other populations of this bird in northeastern Brazil. If not, it will almost surely go extinct in the wild (there are a few in captivity) in the 21st century.

62. Whistling Bird Training Tapes
Three tapes to teach your birds how to whistle country, show or christmas tunes. From parakeets to macaws.
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63. Background Hyacinth Macaw
The Hyacinth Macaw, To Other macaws. The Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)is one of 16 living species of macaws and the largest parrot in the world.
Hyacinth Macaw - the largest and one of the rarest of the macaws which are various large,
long-tailed parrots of the genera Ara, Anodorhynchus , Cyanopsitta, Orthopsittaca, Propyrrhura and Diopsittaca. The Hyacinth Macaw
To Other Macaws
The Hyacinth Macaw ( Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus ) is one of 16 living species of macaws and the largest parrot in the world. There are six genera of macaws and the Hyacinth is one of three species of the genus Anodorhynchus . One of the other two species of this genus is thought to be extinct ( A. glaucus , the Glaucus Macaw) and the other ( A. leari , called either the Lear's or Indigo Macaw) is severely threatened. Anodorhynchus macaws (an=no, odo=tooth, rhynchus=nose). There are two bare areas of the face, a prominent and deeply golden colored eye ring and the peri-mandibular area making a beautiful contrast with the rich blue plumage. Both observations in the wild and of captive-bred individuals confirm that immatures have similar plumage to adults and that they are very slow to reach independence. The Hyacinth Macaw's historical range included a large area of northeastern, central and southwestern Brazil, eastern Bolivia and northeastern Paraguay. Today, it is know from the interior of northeastern Brazil, central and southwestern Brazil, easternmost Bolivia and, some claim, extreme northeastern Paraguay. The outline of the range has not contracted much, but the number of individuals is much reduced. Recent estimates of the number surviving in the wild have ranged from 2,500 to 5,000. Persecution has taken the form of illegal pet trade and hunting for food and feather (see photos of Indian crafts). The high value of these birds in captivity ($7,000-$10,000 in the United States) has driven illegal trade in Brazil long after they received legal "protection."

64. Site Temporarily Unavailable
Familyowned aviary, with over 25 years of avian experience. Raises handfed African greys, amazons, conures, mini macaws, and lovebirds. Located in Gainesville.
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65. Welcome To Public NetXchange
From handfed cockatiels and macaws to amazons, finches, and ringnecks. Presentation on their breeders and babies.
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66. The Parrot Pages - Avian Link Center - Macaws
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Blue Macaws...
This is the unique website for the Anodorhynchus group of parrots with comprehensive information on and images of the Hyacinthine Macaw, the Lear's Macaw,the Glaucous Macaw as well as the Spix's Macaw...
96 pages found, 28 links found, 686 score
Judy Leach's Parrots...
Parrot breeder of macaws, cockatoos and african greys offers information about parrots; parrot care and training, parrot diseases, parrot pictures and traits. Parrots for sale. Questions answered. Pa...
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Macaw Landing ...
Dedicated to the preservation of macaws thrrough research, public education, and ecotourism. ... pages found, links found, score
Susie and Flock ... pages found, links found, score
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67. Avian Habitats - Your Online Resource For Avian Adventure Bird Cages
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68. The Nesting Box
Breeder of macaws, african greys and eclectus. Located in Sugar Hill. Will ship, health guaranteed.

69. Macawsinfo.html
Along with other types of macaws and other parrots, the greenwinged macaw frequentsclay licks. The buffons macaws are extremely threatened by deforestation.
Parrotlink Homepage African Parrots Amazons Cockatoos ... Other Species (Caiques, Hawkheads) Hyacinth Macaw Andodorhynchus Hyacinthus
length 100cm
  • The hyacinth hacaw is the largest of all the Macaws, invariably seen in pairs. The flight is direct, with shallow wing beats, their long tails streaming behind, making an impressive sight. It inhabits swamps, forests and palm groves of the Pantanal, regularly travelling to surrounding hills and secondary forests where it nests. Hyacinth macaws share the plains and the pantanal region with herds of domestic cattle where large areas are flooded for 5 to 6 months of the year. They frequently perch on fences around cattle ranches, eating palm nuts they have foraged off the ground which have been eliminated by the cattle. They nest in hollows in trees. The normal clutch is 2, sometimes 3 eggs.
Green-winged Macaw Ara Chloroptera
length 90cm
Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina

70. PARROTS, Parrots For Sale, Birds, Parrot, Breeder, Parrot Breeder, Proven Pair,
Breeder of many species, including, African Greys, amazons, caiques, cockatoos, conures, eclectus, lories, macaws, parakeets, pionus, poicephalus, and toucans. Located in Scottsdale.
Bird Finder, Inc. is a reputable business serving the nationwide exotic bird and parrot breeder niche. We strive to provide new and repeat customers with quality birds—parrots, macaws, African Greys, cockatoos, toucans, conures, and more. Bird Finder, Inc. has an ongoing inventory of pet quality baby birds and parrots for sale. We are not parrot breeders. Instead think of us as bird liquidators or wholesalers. Bird Finder, Inc. owns all the birds and parrots that are for sale.
Meet our pets,
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We purchase pet quality parrots for sale from reputable parrot breeders who, for one reason or another, are liquidating their birds stock. Most buyouts are from bird and parrot breeders that we have done business with in the past so we know their background. Pampered birds
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71. - MACAWS CHATBOARD FOR PARROT OWNERS - Visit The Macaw Owners' Chat
Idea if several of you would like to chat live about your macaws, feelfree to schedule a meeting on the live Chatroom.

72. Flight Of Fancy Farm
Breeders of African grays, macaws, and cockatoos. Located in Colton.
We might be out with the horses or the puppies, and we all know that we've gone to the birds..... so why don't you just come on in and have a look around. We are still building our website, scanning pictures and composing text, so add us to your Favorites list and visit often, we're sure you will find something new! Flight of Fancy Farm is in Colton, Oregon Here's our email We are also putting together a mailing list so that we can spread the news about arrivals and updates if you are interested. We have welcomed visitors so far! Webpages designed by

73. Birdhobbyist - Macaws Forum
macaws Forum Here you may post messages or questions pertaining to keeping of macaws.Please do not post for sale/wanted items here. Sereve macaws pictures .

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74. Current Website
Breeder of African greys, cockatoos, macaws.
Bundle of Feathers
Do you love birds? You have found the right place. We raise baby African Greys Cockatoos; Solomon Island Eclectus Sun Conures ; and Blue and Gold, Scarlet, and Caninde Macaws. All birds are incubated, hand-fed, and most are potty trained. All birds are weaned, priced with a quality wrought iron cage of appropriate size, and receive a letter of health from the veterinarian. Most importantly, all our babies are raised and nurtured with love in our home. We believe that babies should be socialized in a home setting where there is constant contact with their human counterparts. We have three friends of our own.; Emmy, a Blue and Gold Macaw; Teddy, an Umbrella Cockatoo; and Rusty, a rose Breasted Cockatoo. Click on " Our Friends " to meet Emmy, Teddy and Rusty and learn more about parrots. Cockatoos Macaws African Grey Solomon Island Eclectus Eclectus Maui (left) Conures Babies we have available now Babies in our nursery What should I feed my Parrot? What should I NOT feed my parrot ? Parrots and toys Send Us Email Contact Us Our Friends
Do not reproduce anything from this Website without permission;

75. Yahoo! GeoCities - Bluequakers2001's Home Page
Small home based breeder of amazons, conures, eclectus, macaws, and quakers in blue, split for blue, and normal varieties. Located in Logansport.
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76. Macaws,  Psittacidae
macaws. Family Psittacidae. Catalina DDani. macaws are definitely amongthe most colorful and strikingly beautiful birds of the parrot family.
Family: Psittacidae
Catalina Macaw
Photo courtesy DDani Macaws are definitely among the most colorful and strikingly beautiful birds of the parrot family. They have the greatest and most unique personalities of all birds. Because of their great beauty and engaging personalities, they are a favorite pet among bird lovers and have been kept for centuries. Macaws come from South and Central America and have been "widely" kept as pets since the beginning of the 20th century. In the United States, Macaws have been kept by the Pueblo Indians since 1100 A.D. The Pueblos especially prized the Scarlet Macaw. It was not until the early 20th century that reports of macaws breeding in captivity were released. Even still, very few birds were successfully bred at that time probably because they are hard to sex (all macaws are sexually monomorphic), and because most imported birds were kept individually as pets. That is changing as imports decrease and the demand for these wonderful birds increases. Today most of the birds sold as pets are captive bred. Today there are 17 living species divided into 3 genera. All macaws share the same physical characteristics. They all have long tails, slim bodies, and broad heads. The most easily recognizable of the three groups are the large macaws like the Greenwing and the Blue and Gold macaw because of their large size and vivid coloration. This genus

77. LITTLE DARLINGS: Alexandrines/pyrrhura Conures/pionus/quakers/senegals/hawkheads
Breeder of alexandrines, 5 species of pyrrhura conures, blueheaded, white-capped and maximilian pionus, senegals, hawk-headed parrots, red-shouldered macaws, quakers and mutations. Located in Embro, Ontario.
Photographs, articles, some backgrounds are the property of LITTLE DARLINGS Please ask permission.
TOP All my chicks are hand fed from the ages of 14 - 21 days. They come with a hatch certificate and a phamplet on care, feeding, behavior, etc and a species information sheet. They are weaned onto a pelleted diet, etc. We believe in abundance weaning and do not force the birds to wean. If you live near the locality of my home. When the bird of your choice is reserved. You may come to visit your sweet little bundle of feathers on a bi-weekly basis, by appointment only and please bring a camera for picture taking.
We only sell hand fed, weaned parrot chicks, that our own breeder birds have produced.
* VERY IMPORTANT * ~ Please check out our Health Guarantee, Terms and Conditions of Payment, Shipping and General Information page! Meet TIPPIE , a special needs African Grey parrot and the wonderful person who is his companion! M.A.P. CERTIFIED AVIARY P.O. Box # 218 Embro, Ontario CANADA VISITORS By Appointment ONLY! Meet TIPPIE , a special needs African Grey parrot and the wonderful person who is his companion!

78. Macaws
macaws. macaws are some of the most intelligent and beautifully coloredparrots. They are certainly the largest companion bird species.
Macaws are some of the most intelligent and beautifully colored parrots. They are certainly the largest companion bird species. Although they are free - ranging in Mexico and Central and South America, most free - ranging species are considered threatened or endangered, and efforts to protect these birds have resulted in a ban on importation for pet purposes in the United States. High quality companion birds are available from breeders. Large macaws include Blue and Golds, Scarlets, Greenwings and Hyacinths; miniature macaws include Yellow - collars, Severes and Nobles.
What to Expect from Your Macaw
Macaws are commonly filling up shelters for unwanted birds.
Is Your Macaw a Male or a Female?
In most macaw species it is difficult to distinguish male from a female based on physical characteristics; therefore, endoscopy or laboratory methods must be used for sex determination in breeding facilities.
What Do Macaws Do All Day?

79. BOPA, Hawaii's Leading Bird Breeder Of Handfed Baby Parrots.
Breeder of over 35 species of parrots including macaws, cockatoos, eclectus, africans, amazons, pionus, conures and hawkheads. Located in Kurtistown.
Price List Availability List Health Guarantee Baby Bird Diet Sheet Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Pictures of Our Birds Breeding Stock for Sale Breeding Stock Wanted Links to Other Bird and Bird-related Sites Contact Us! Design and Graphics by ~SUE~ ©1999, - Content and site ownership TigerMan ©1999 - Original Logo Design ©1992 by Sherry Partlow
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80. Hyacinth Macaws
Blackstone Aviaries Hyacinth macaws There is nothing else like a Hyacinth. AtBlackstone Aviaries we have been raising hyacinth macaws since 1985.
Blackstone Aviaries
Hyacinth Macaws
    There is nothing else like a Hyacinth. Hand-fed baby hyacinths are sweet and loving and love to be with you. They can also be rambunctious and outgoing. No matter how you interact with your Hyacinth they quickly become part of the family.
Our first baby Hyacinth:
Photo By: John Hollingshead, March 2,1985.
Hyacinth Mother with just hatched baby Cyrus.
At Blackstone Aviaries we have been raising hyacinth macaws since 1985. Cyrus, who is pictured above with her mother, was our first baby hyacinth. Cyrus (we thought she was a male at first) was a pet in our home for four years. In 1989, she was placed into the breeding facility with a wild-caught mate (Socrates). It took a few years to settle down, but they became a very loving, bonded pair. In 1995, Cyrus and her mate became parents for the first time. In 1989, we obtained a hyacinth male from a pet owner. Ben had been hand-raised by a local San Diego veterinarian. During that same year, he was paired with a wild-caught female (Jake). Ben and his mate went to nest for the first time in 1994. ( Zachary pictured above was their first baby.) It is truly a joy to get the first hyacinth eggs of the year. We love to watch the babies grow and change in their personality. As with all the birds, they are special, but the hyacinths seem to steal your heart with their very first vocal demand for food.

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