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         Macedonia Culture:     more books (24)
  1. Macedonia (Cultures of the World) by Marylee Knowlton, 2005-04
  2. Macedonia: The Politics of Identity and Difference (Anthropology, Culture and Society) by Jane K. Cowan, 2000-12-01
  3. Women and Monarchy in Macedonia (Oklahoma Series in Classical Culture) by Elizabeth Donnelly Carney, 2000-06
  4. Patterns and Corporeality: Neolithic Visual Culture from the Republic of Macedonia Bar S1910 by Goce Naumov, 2009-12-31
  5. A History of Macedonia (Hellenistic Culture and Society) by R. Malcolm Errington, 1990-08-27
  6. MACEDONIA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by VICTOR A. FRIEDMAN, 2001
  7. Skopje: Seven Monuments of Art and Architecture
  8. Modern and contemporary Macedonia: History, economy, society, culture
  9. Modern and contemporary Macedonia: History, economy, society, culture
  10. Treasures of Ancient Macedonia: [catalogue of the exhibition organized by the] Ministry of Culture and Science, General Direction of Antiquities and Restoration [at the] Archaeological Museum of Thess by Greece, 1978
  11. A HISTORY OF MACEDONIA. Volume V in Hellenistic Culture and Society. by R. Malcolm. Translated by Catherine Errington. ERRINGTON, 1990
  12. The Macedonian national culture in the Pirin part of Macedonia (Macedonian heritage collection) by Pero Korobar, 1987
  13. Hegemony to Empire: The Development of the Roman Imperium in the East from 148 to 62 b.c (Hellenistic Culture and Society) by Robert Kallet-Marx, 1996-04-01
  14. Athens and Macedon: Attic Letter-Cutters of 300 to 229 B.C. (Hellenistic Culture and Society) by Stephen V. Tracy, 2003-08-04

81. Republic Of Macedonia: The First Macedonian WWW Page
Politics and geography of this country.Category Regional Europe macedonia...... Republic of macedonia culture. The macedonian movie Before the Rainwas nominated for an Oscar in 1995 in the foreign film category.
Links News Places Studies ...
Balkan Info Home
Republic of Macedonia
Useful links
For more news reports, check the links from the Macedonian News Collection
Republic of Macedonia : State Symbols
Republic of Macedonia : Facts and Figures
Republic of Macedonia : ... In Pictures
Republic of Macedonia : Major Cities

82. Macedonia Breaking News
This Day in History. February 6th Know a political, historical or cultural factabout macedonia, which took place today? EIN Top sites directory culture. 12.

83. Library Of Islamic Culture, Skopje, Macedonia
Images Documents Files References Gallery. Library of Islamic culture,Skopje, macedonia (12 of 2). archive View text list. IAA3863.

84. The Power Of Culture - Greeks And Macedonia
home. Follow this link to Greeks and macedonia. (The link you followed can notbe displayed as intended, because your browser does not support frames.).
Follow this link to Greeks and Macedonia (The link you followed can not be displayed as intended, because your browser does not support frames.)

85. History Of Macedonia
Cultural Heritage. macedonia Thessaloniki References culture Centers Events Greek culture Today in history GuestBook Webmaster Home .
Macedonia Thessaloniki ... Home

86. Region Of Central Macedonia - In Space And In Time - History And Culture
Byzantine culture. Since the end of the 9th century, however, and until the seizeof Konstantinopolis by the crusaders of the 4th crusade in 1204, macedonia is
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History and Culture: Times-Places-Landmarks Prehistoric and Classical Times

Pot of the Early Copper Period,
"Guide of the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum" Classic historians consider Perdikkas the 1st to be the founder of the Macedonian dynasty and date the beginning of the Macedonian state back to the first half of the 7th century B.C. Tradition, however, mentions other earlier kings.
Right off the start, the country of the Macedonians is self-sufficient in necessities, a fact which will soon make the area a target of expansionists. In the 7th century B.C. colonists from cities of Southern Greece come to the shores of Macedonia and establish a number of cities such as Methoni, Sani, Skioni, Potidaia, Akanthos.
Macedonia takes its particular form and character as a state in the beginning of the 5th century B.C. under the ruling of Alexander the 1st (known by the name of Philellene). He is the one who provides vital information to the southern Greek City-States leading to their victory over Persian king Xerxes and his troops.

87. Internet Resources On The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia
culture and society History macedonia Through the Centuries.Regions and cities Skopje Online. Other resources
School of Slavonic and East European Studies
University College London
Internet resources on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Government and official information:
Economics and statistics:
News and media:
Academic sites:

88. TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents - Macedonia
macedonia. Virtual macedonia has some resources concerning the culture of macedonia.To Country Main Page To TDS Home Page Travel Document Systems
Virtual Macedonia has some resources concerning the Culture of Macedonia.
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89. El Planeta: Travesías En Internet
Translate this page (in/gr) Alexander http// Y este es el otro servidordel Ministerio de Cultura Helénico que agrupa información arqueológica
Una estatuilla del
Museo del Louvre

(es) Museo del Louvre

(in) Museum of Antiquities

(in) Egyptian Museum

(es) Museo del Oro ... (in) Hellenic Culture (in/gr) Alexander (in/chi) Museo Henan (in) Anatolia

Don't limit yourself to the macedonian culture, but rather start with it. Startin macedonia though, because the diaspora version is little bit of date.

91. Society And Culture @, Local Links And Information, Society And Cul
Society and culture. Home Europe macedonia Society and culture, Categories
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Macedonia World Web Categories Sites Macedonia: Entertainment Learning News Sport Shopping
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Society and Culture
Europe Macedonia : Society and Culture
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Sites: #MACEDONIA on Austnet IRC pop The chat channel Bid for position Macedonian Java Chat pop A chatroom where Macedonians can meet and chat Bid for position Macedonia and the Macedonians home page of the Macedonians in Germany Bid for position Macedonia for the Macedonians Information on the Republic of Macedonia, Aegean Macedonia, Pirin Macedonia and Mala Prespa. Bid for position Macedonian Folk Embroidery Interesting info, includes lots of pictures Bid for position Macedonian White Pages Searchable index of phone users, in Macedonian and English. Bid for position Templum Book Publishing Skopje, Macedonia Bid for position United Macedonians Organization The biggest Macedonian national organization in the world. Bid for position • Find products related to Society and Culture @

92. Ancient Macedonian Culture
PreSlavic culture in macedonia. Prehistory. The geographic location of macedoniaallowed contact between two cultural spheres the Aegean and the Anatolian.
Ancient Macedonian culture Pre-Slavic Culture in Macedonia Prehistory. The geographic location of Macedonia allowed contact between two cultural spheres: the Aegean and the Anatolian. This contact was the reason why Macedonia since prehistory took a significant part in the cultural development of the Balkans. The finds at Vrshnik, near Tarinci (in the region of Shtip) are proof of the existence of the "Vrshnik" or east Balkan culture of the Neolithic. The Neolithic sites by Anzabegovo (also near Shtip), by Zelenikovo and Madzari (near Skopje), Buchim (Radovish), Lopate (Kumanovo), and somewhat later in Pelagonia and Ohrid, where primitive pottery has been discovered, prove that a native cultural tradition-though a tradition susceptible to outside influences, especially from the east-developed in Macedonia.
This Neolithic development was discontinued at the beginning of the second millennium B.C. in the early transition from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age (2600-1200 B.C.). Sites from this period have been discovered in Macedonia at Skopje, Crnobuka, Shuplevac and Bakarno Gumno. The discoveries at these sites include stone houses, pottery with smooth coatings, graphite-painted ornaments, roughly stylized seated figures and roughly-modeled figures with an opening on the upper part and a modeled head.
The discovery of graves in Demir Kapia (near Bitola) by Saray Brod and the central grave from Viso (also near Bitola) are significant, as all take the form of a stone chest; the existence of a special kind of local, painted ceramic known as babushti ceramics; research on necropolises in Eastern Macedonia by Radanje and Orlovi Chuki; research on the graves under the tombs in Orizari (near Kochani), Vuchidol and Brazda (near Skopje); all provide ample information about the life and cultural circumstances of Macedonia during the Iron Age (1200-400 B.C.). The last centuries of this era represent a period of strong Hellenistic influences over the region, noticeable both in the processing of ceramics and in the common forms of jewelry, metallic vessels and other metallic articles found at Trebenishte, Radolishte, Vsoi, Tegovo and at other sites throughout Macedonia.

93. The Cultural History Of Macedonia - Literature
A history of the country's literature and information on contemporary writers.Category Arts Literature World Literature macedonian...... The Cultural History of macedonia Literature. All were written in Glagoliticscript, proof of the continued use of this alphabet in macedonia.
Search: MCIC Macedonia EuroSeek Home About MCIC About Macedonia
... Our Services The Cultural History of Macedonia - Literature
The texts of the Thessaloniki brothers Cyril and Methodius, written in the new alphabet, mark the beginning of Macedonian literature since the language they were written in was the language spoken by the Macedonian Slavs of Thessaloniki. For that reason, the beginning of literary activity among the Slav peoples is closely related to the beginning of Macedonian literature. The oldest Slavonic texts proving the literacy of mediaeval Macedonia are the Assemani Gospel, the Zograf Gospel, the Codex Marianus, the Sinai Psalter and the Sinai Euchologion, all dating from the 12 th century. It has been ascertained that they were either written on Macedonian soil or contain characteristic traces of mediaeval Macedonian originals. All were written in Glagolitic script, proof of the continued use of this alphabet in Macedonia. During the Middle Ages, monks and other church figures in Macedonia patiently transcribed and copied church works. Besides the famous Ohrid centre, transcription centres also existed on Mt. Athos, in the Monastery of Lesnovo and in monasteries on Mt. Skopska Crna Gora. There, monks transcribed the Gospels

94. MINELRES - Minority Related National Legislation - Macedonia - Culture
The summary for this Macedonian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

95. Pravda.RU Air Defence Exercises Conducted Along Common Plan And Concept At Five
AFTERNOON NATO's first operation to collect weapons from Albanian militants in Macedoniais expected 1154 CHRIS DELISO BARBARISM AND THE ERASURE OF culture.
Aug, 27 2001 Accidents Companies Culture Diplomatic ... About [an error occurred while processing this directive] Pravda.RU:Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia is changing its ambassador to the USA. Milan Protic who has been occupying this post announced he is discharged for criticism of Yugoslavian government and of president Vojislav Kostunica. “It is completely obvious, that I am being dismissed not because of my bad work, but because I openly spoke about all I did not agree with”, the ambassador said after returning to Belgrad at the beginning of this month.
More detail
President Vojislav Kostunica, Prime Minister Zoran Zizic and other Yugoslav leaders have repeatedly urged, through electronic media and the press, Kosovar Serbs to get registered for participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo.
More detail
KFOR's Roy Brown said in Pristina that 149 Albanians suspected of affiliation with the Liberation National Army (LNA) had been detained by KFOR peacekeepers in the past three days.

96. Penpals (Macedonia) - Email Pals For Exchange Of Language And Culture
Penpals (macedonia) Members Search Results. Click on a name for more informationor to contact the member. Dan. macedonia. Afrikaans. Afrikaans. test. gazmend.

97. Users\KOSTAS\Costas\churches
The summary for this Greek page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
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