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         Mackenzie Sir Alexander New World Exploration:     more detail

1. Sir Alexander Mackenzie The Scottish Bulldog
sir alexander mackenzie ranks as one of the most remarkable has had no superior in the history of American exploration." Highlanders, moved to the new world, only to become caught
Sir Alexander Mackenzie the Scottish Bulldog An article for the April 1999 Deep Cove Crier Sir Alexander Mackenzie ranks as one of the most remarkable persons of North American wilderness history and, indeed, as one of the greatest travelers of all time. His transcontinental crossing predated (and indeed inspired) the more famous Lewis and Clark American expedition by twelve years. Even Bernard De Voto, the well-known Utah-born historian said of Mackenzie, "In courage, in the faculty of command, in ability to meet the unforeseen with resources of craft and skill, in the will that cannot be overborne, he has had no superior in the history of American exploration." I remember singing around the YMCA Camp Elphinstone and Camp Howdy campfires: ‘This Land is your Land, This Land is My Land, from the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake Waters,…from the Atlantic Ocean to Vancouver Island, this Land was made for you and me". ’ In Mackenzie was realized the dream of a Canada stretching from sea to sea. Beneath the lion and the unicorn supporting the coat of arms of Canada are the Latin words: A MARI USQUE AD MARE, taken from a Biblical text, ‘He shall have dominion also from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. Without Alexander Mackenzie (and his Nor’Wester friends Simon Fraser and David Thompson), Canada would have lost her entire Pacific Coast, being shut off from any access to the sea. In 1764, Alexander Mackenzie was born in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, a windswept, rugged island in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. When Alexander was ten, his mom died. Neighbours, knowing he had memorized long passages from the Bible, predicted that Alexander would become a clergyman. Through the local pastor’s library, he learned about astronomy and the use of telescopes. At age 13, Alexander tabulated all the animal and plant life in the Hebrides, and he and his pastor tried unsuccessfully to get it published in London.

2. Explorers And Exploration. A Bibliography
Pedro de Teixeira, sir Walter Raleigh, Charles Ferdinand Magellan, alexander mackenzie, Francisco Pizarro, George tne new world. Lomask, Milton. Great Lives; exploration Scribern,

3. Mackenzie, Sir Alexander
mackenzie, sir alexander, 1764? 1820 , Canadian fur trader and explorer, b. Scotland. His family took him to the colony of new trips of exploration. Almanac world Sports
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Mackenzie, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Sir Alexander, , Canadian fur trader and explorer, b. Scotland. His family took him to the colony of New York in 1774, and later he was sent to Canada. He entered (c. 1779) a Montreal fur-trading firm and in a short time became partner of one of the firms that merged (1787) to form the North West CompanyVoyages . . . to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans (1801) won him wide recognition and a knighthood in 1802. Mackenzie was elected in 1805 to the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada, but he soon returned (1808) to Scotland, where he lived the rest of his life. See his journals and letters, ed. by W. K. Lamb (1972); biographies by P. Vail (1964) and R. Daniells (1969).
Mackensen, August von
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4. Explorers/Colonizers Of The New World
of the new world V = Vikings exploration of Texas rivers by France 1576 sir Francis Drake E E Explored California on voyage around world Life 1740 alexander mackenzie Sc E
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5. Calverley Collection Composite Bibliography
Hodgson, Maurice. The exploration journal. Beaver. Early man in the new world.Garden City, NY Natural History Library, 1962. mackenzie, sir alexander.
A selected bibliography of the Peace River country Note: the Calverley Collection does not necessarily have all of these items.
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Adventures in cooking. [4th Edition] Victoria: British Columbia Provincial Women's Institute, 1958.
[also contains brief history of the Women's Institute movement]
Akrigg, GPV and Helen B. 1001 British Columbia Place Names (2nd Edition) . Vancouver:
Discovery Press, 1969.
"Alaskan Highway an engineering epic." National Geographic , February 1943. [pp 143-168]
Alberta: A natural history. Edmonton: Hurtig, 1967.
Alberta. Chinook Arch: a centennial anthology of Alberta writers. Edmonton: Queen's Printer, 1967.
Alberta. Dept. of Industry and Development. Survey of Grande Prairie . Edmonton, 1961.
The Alberta Golden Jubilee Anthology. Edmonton: McClelland and Stewart, 1955.
Albright, W.D. "Past, present and future of the Peace." Canadian Geographic . March, 1938.
Always a river to cross . Bear Canyon, Alberta: Silver and Gold History Committee, 1981.

6. Untitled Document
of the North West Company were sir alexander mackenzie, Simon Fraser that had dominatedwestern exploration since John and understand the new world showed the
David Thompson
In Comparison, Lewis and Clark were Tourists He has been called the world’s greatest land geographer. Certainly no man of his time saw the rivers, lands, and peoples of the western reaches of North America with such clarity of vision. His precision maps remained the official maps of western Canada for a hundred years, and his perceptive writings have enabled subsequent generations to envision the first nation peoples of the early fur trade and to know the ways of a world long since vanished. Yet, less than a hundred years ago, his name was hardly known. Even today, there is no known portrait of David Thompson, and we remain unable to imagine a picture of him other than by dwelling on his known similarity to two other historical figures: John Bunyan and John Philpot Curran.
No likeness of David Thompson exists. The famous geological explorer, Joseph Burr Tyrrell, while editing Thompson's diaries for the Champlain Society, received correspondence from one of Thompson's six daughters that claimed her father had an "excellent likeness" to John Bunyan. The famous 17th century English writer and preacher. J.J. Bigsby, a British Army surgeon and geologist, who sat next to Thompson at a North West Company banquet in Montreal, in 1820, reported in The Shoe and the Canoe, published in 1850, that the famous explorer "greatly resembled [John Philpot] Curran, the Irish orator." Based on these assertions, this computerized composite suggests a "new" representation of what David Thompson might have looked like while mapping and measuring Canada during the first half of the 19th century. [Computerized image rendered by Hart Broudy and Peter Reitsma via David Anderson]

7. History Council Meetings Recreation Pow Wow Days Dog Sled Races
of the North West Company were sir alexander mackenzie, Simon Fraser. that dominatesthe western exploration since John and understand the new world showed the
History Council Meetings Recreation Pow Wow Days ... Town Office David Thompson, HE HAS BEEN CALLED the world's greatest land geographer. Certainly no man of his time saw the rivers, lands and peoples of the western reaches of our continent with a vision so clear. His precision maps remained the official maps of western Canada for a hundred years and his perceptive writing have enabled us to see the aboriginal peoples of the early fur trade and to know the ways of a world long since vanished. Yet, less than a hundred years ago, his name was known only to a few. Even today, there is no known portrait of David Thompson and we remain unable to picture him other than be dwelling on his known similarity to two other historical figures: John Bunyan and John Philpot Curran. A Welsh boy at Hudson's Bay In 1784, as a 14-year-old welsh boy in London's Grey coat charity school, David Thompson accepted an apprenticeship with the Hudson's Bay Company to learn inland surveying at the remote fur trade posts of Hudson's Bay. After working under men such as Samuel Hearne and Philip Turnor, his real lifework began when, at the age of 27, he went over to the rival Montreal-based North West Company. At Ile-a-la-Crosse (Saskatchewan) he married Charlotte Small, a 14-year-old Cree-Scots mixed blood girl who bore him 13 children (five in the wilderness) and remained his closest companion throughout his life. His three challenges He was charged with three duties in addition to establishing trade with the Indians: to locate and map the Company's posts astronomically; to determine the source of the Mississippi River; and to gather large fossil bones. In the first two duties he succeeded in a way that no other man could have surpassed. The third duty of finding large fossil bones was ironically fulfilled one hundred years later by David Thompson's biographer, J B Tyrell of the Canadian Geological Survey, who was the first to discover dinosaur bones in western Canada near what is now the Royal Tyrrel museum of Paleontology.

8. History Of Nova Scotia, Bk1, Pt1, Ch3, Early European Explorers.
Tells of the time Cartier spent in the region that would become Nova Scotia.Category Society History exploration Explorers Cartier, Jacques...... Was it new lands for splintered clans the light of civilization to other personsof the world. George Vancouver (c.175898) and sir alexander mackenzie (c.1755
Book #1: Acadia. TOC

Chapter 3 - "Early European Explorers" Norwegians though there be very little record of it visited the most northern parts of eastern North America; and did it, over a thousand years ago. Indeed, maybe before the Norwegians, the Irish paid a visit; or maybe, in classic times, the Greeks. However, what we do know, pretty well for sure, is that the Norsemen first came to Iceland, then as the decades and centuries unfolded they traveled beyond Iceland, to Greenland; and, then again, beyond Greenland to the shores of Baffin Island and Labrador; and then, swinging south, in their frail vessels, down they came along the upper coast of eastern North America. What ever motivated these northern Europeans to keep extending their northern voyages, and exactly when they might have made them, are further matters on which we are obliged to speculate. Was it for timber? Was it new lands for splintered clans? Whatever the extent of their explorations and the timing of them, it is believed that any settlements of the Norsemen were but of a temporary kind and that they made no great impact or contribution to the exploration of North America. Before we deal with such known explorers as Cabot and Cartier, we must acknowledge the thousands of seafaring men, who, in the process of making a living, came to the shores of America, especially those that are washed by the waters that flow over the great fishing banks of the northwestern Atlantic. Discovery, like everything else in life, is an evolutionary process and one voyage by one family was built upon the knowledge gained on a previous voyage of another family member; only slowly, did the Europeans become aware of their courses and their objectives that lie to the east over the ocean.

9. Richard Kolbet On Narratives Fo Early North American Explorations
on the progress of exploration in the new world. his travels entitled A new Discoveryof Hudson's Bay Company, commissioned sir alexander mackenzie to explore
To: UI Special Collections Narratives of North American Exploration RICHARD M. KOLBET From Books at Iowa 6 (April 1967)
Before his assassination in 1687, Robert Cavalier Sieur de La Salle had fulfilled two personal ambitions: in 1682 he had descended the Mississippi to the sea, claiming for France the vast territory drained by the Father of Waters; and in 1686 he had extended French colonization to the lower Mississippi Valley. La Salle's own account of his adventures was not made public until 1879 when his letters and documents were published in Pierre Margry's Decouvertes et etablissements des Francais dans l'ouest et dans le sud de l'Amerique Septentrionale , 1614-1754 (6 vols., Paris, 1876-1886); however, several contemporary accounts of the visionary Frenchman's life and death were published by his companions and followers. The first to write A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America . . . (London, 1698), wherein he described his discovery of the Falls of St. Anthony (now the site of Minneapolis, Minnesota). But, more important, he boldly repudiated La Salle's genuine claim to glory: In 1698

10. English Books > History/War > North American
First Across The Continent sir alexander mackenzie Gough, Barry Canadian DiscoveryAnd exploration Bradley, Michael Wonder Of The new world Greenblatt, Stephen

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11. Mackenzie, Sir Alexander. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
mackenzie, sir alexander. 1764?1820, Canadian fur trader and explorer, b. Scotland. His family took him to the colony of new fur district, mackenzie set out trips of exploration.
Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Columbia Encyclopedia PREVIOUS NEXT ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Mackenzie, Sir Alexander

12. Significant Scots - Alexander MacKenzie
Scottishborn alexander mackenzie (1763-1820) entered the fur trade and from 1788 to 1796 commanded Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca in present-day Alberta for the North West Company. for his achievements in exploration, mackenzie acted as a statesman mackenzie, sir alexander In the list of those adventurers that part of the world " in which one of the
Clans Tartans History Travel ... Feedback Significant Scots
Alexander MacKenzie Scottish-born Alexander Mackenzie (1763-1820) entered the fur trade and from 1788 to 1796 commanded Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca in present-day Alberta for the North West Company. During this time he made voyages to the Arctic and Pacific oceans. Between these explorations he went to England to learn navigational science. In 1801 he returned to England to publish Voyages from Montreal, on the River St. Laurence, through the Continent of North America which chronicled his exploits in western Canada. After being knighted for his achievements in exploration, Mackenzie acted as a statesman in urging Britain to assert control over the Pacific Northwest. Additional information The acquaintanceship which Mackenzie had acquired of the country and the native tribes, during a residence of several years at Fort Chipewyan, situated at the head of the Athabasca Lake, in the territory of the savages to the west of Hudson’s Bay, and the intelligence, courage, and enterprising character which he had already displayed, pointed him out to his employers as a fit person to be sent out on an exploring expedition through the regions lying to the northwest of their station – at this time still a terra incognita on the Slave River he reached the Slave Lake, that was almost wholly frozen over; and after encamping six days among the ice, that sometimes gave way

13. Explorers Of The World
Timline, Christopher Columbus Journey to the new world. Discovery and Explorationof Florida, Hernando DeSoto's alexander mackenzie, mackenzie, sir alexander.

DISCOVERY.CA DISCOVERER'S WEB BIOGRAPHY.COM ... Saint Brendan Lists of Explorers: National Library of Canada - List of Explorers Museum of Civilization - Explorers Discoverers by alphabet Discoverers Web European Explorers Resources ... Explorers - Nice site with lots of information Explorers Site - many links Explorers Link Site Explorers of the Millennium - excellent Explorers Theme Page The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide Biographies of European Explorations of America Early Explorers ... Return to top Individual Explorer Sites Vasco Núñez de Balboa Vasco Núñez de Balboa - History Vasco Nuñez de Balboa - Netherlands Vasco Da Balboa: First European To Site Pacific Ocean Balboa: His Great Discovery Vasco Núñez de Balboa - history Vasco Nu ez de Balboa and pictures Balboa Balboa - Germany Vasco Da Balboa: First European To Sight Pacific Ocean Vasco Nunez De Balboa by Thomas Quimby Vasco Núñez de Balboa The Great Explorers East Hampton Middle School ... Return to top J ames Cook BBC Education: James Cook Discovery School: James Cook The explorer Captain James Cook Captain James Cook ... Return to top Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sir Humphrey Gilbert Zoom Explorers: Sir Humphrey Gilbert Image of Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sir Humphrey Gilbert ... Sir Humphrey Gilbert's Voyage To Newfoundland, 1583

14. Explorers Of The World
Explorers of new Worlds Dampier ; Fransisco Coronado ; Eric the Red ; sir FrancisDrake ; Jean Nicolet ; Leif Eriksson; alexander mackenzie ; Henry Hudson

Grade 6 Explorers Project A Webpage for the World Explore the net - Learn about Explorers Introduction Explorers have always been adventurous people. Their motivations vary from the desire for wealth and fame to a quest for knowledge. Some expeditions are more successful and others more dangerous, but all are interesting! By completing this unit, the student will have met the following expectations of the Ontario Curriculum Grades 1 - 6 - Social Studies : Grade 6 Aboriginal Peoples and European Explorers. -identify early explorers (e.g., Viking, French, English) who established settlements in Canada and explain the reasons for their exploration (e.g., fishing; fur trade, resulting in the establishment of the Hudson's Bay Company); -identify technological developments and cultural factors that led to the exploration of North America; -identify some of the consequences of Aboriginal and European interactions (e.g., economic impact of the fur trade on Aboriginal peoples; transmission of European diseases to Aboriginal peoples). -construct and read a variety of graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and models for specific purposes (e.g., to trace the routes of the explorers);

15. Buy The Best-Selling Book World Civilization Sources, Images And Buy The Best-Se
exploration (HIS 555) Handouts alexander von Humboldt, Personal Narrative of a Journey to the Equinoctial Regions of the new world alexander mackenzie, Voyages from Montreal to

16. Explorers From Britain -
Fiennes holds many world exploration records. that the Spanish had stolen from theNew world. mackenzie, alexander sir alexander mackenzie (1755?1820) was a
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Zoom Explorers A B C D ... Glossary of Exploration Terms Explorers from Britain BURTON, RICHARD F.
Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) was an English explorer, linguist, author, and soldier. He was the first European to see many Muslim cities and Lake Tanganyika; he wrote voluminously about his trips. For more information on Richard Francis Burton , click here. CABOT, JOHN John Cabot (1450-1499) was an Italian-born English explorer and navigator. In Italy, he is known as Giovanni Caboto (which is his original name). For more information on Cabot, click here CABOT, SEBASTIAN Sebastian Cabot (1474?-1557?) was an explorer, mapmaker and navigator of Italian descent. He worked as a cartographer (mapmaker) for England's King Henry VIII, was a captain for Spain's King Ferdinand V, explored for England's King Charles V, and may have secretly explored for Venice. Sebastian Cabot's father was the explorer John Cabot Cabot searched for the Northwest passage across North America (1508). He began an unsuccessful trip around the world (1526-1529) in a voyage that supposed to sail to China and the Moluccas (the Spice Islands, in Indonesia), but he only made it as far as the enormous mouth of the Rio de la Plata (a river between Argentina and Uruguay in South America). Later, he began to work for the English again (for King Charles V), searching for a water passage across the north of Asia around 1553.

17. Great Canadian Explorers: James Cook
Labrador with Québec, Halifax, Vancouver Island, new Zealand, Australia is placedwithin the larger world framework of Continue on to sir alexander mackenzie.
James Cook
Efrat, Barbara S. and W.J. Langlois, eds.
Captain Cook and the Spanish Explorers on the Coast: Nu.tka . Victoria: Royal British Columbia Museum, 1978.
Villiers Alan.
Captain James Cook . New York and Toronto: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1967. Continue on to Sir Alexander MacKenzie
Table of Contents Great Canadian Explorers English Introduction Page 1 General Sources Page 1 Annotated Bibliography John Cabot
Jacques Cartier

Samuel de Champlain

Henry Kelsey
Vilhjalmur Stefansson
Related CD-ROMs Page 1 Related Web Sites Page 1 PDF version Printer-friendly About Canada Annotated Bibliographies
Canadian Heritage/Patrimoine canadien

The Centre for Canadian Studies
at Mount Allison University

18. Les Grands Explorateurs Du Canada: James Cook
Translate this page Barry Gough, «Nootka Sound in James Cook's Pacific world», qui situe new York etToronto, Charles Scribners and Sons, 1967 Continué sir alexander mackenzie.
James Cook
Efrat, Barbara S. Efrat et W.O. Langlois (dir.)
Captain Cook and the Spanish Explorers on the Coast: Nu tka . Victoria, Royal British Columbia Museum, 1978.
Villiers, Alan.
Captain James Cook . New York et Toronto, Charles Scribners and Sons, 1967.
Les grands explorateurs du canada English Introduction Page 1 Page 1 John Cabot
Jacques Cartier
Vilhjalmur Stefansson
CD-ROMs Page 1 Sites Web Page 1 Format PDF
Patrimoine canadien/Canadian Heritage

19. The Scot In British North America - Chapter II British Fur-hunting And Settlemen
NorthWest their own by exploration should resent the partners in the new company,and settler was alexander (afterwards sir alexander) mackenzie, the explorer
Clans Tartans History Travel ... Feedback The Scot in British North America
Chapter II British Fur-hunting and Settlement
On the second of May, 1670, King Charles II. granted a charter to his "trusty and well-beloved cousin," Eighty Years Progress in British North America. By various authors: - "Commerce and Trade," by H.Y. Hind, F.R.G.S., p. 279.] Denonville, the Governor of New France, whose piety and patriotism were in wondrous accord, resolved, in 1686, to try conclusions with these intruders. The two countries were at peace, it is true, but that was not a consideration of much weight in the wilds of North America; and besides, the French rule was sorely tried by the masked warfare of Dongan and his Iroquois allies. Early in the spring he accordingly despatched the Chevalier de Troyes with four or five score of Canadians, from Montreal, to strike a blow at the English trading-posts. Working their way up the Ottawa, by river and lake, they at last arrived at Fort Hayes, the nearest of the English depots. "It was a stockade, with four bastions, mounted with cannon. There was a strong block house within, in which the sixteen occupants of the place were lodged, unsuspicious of danger." [See Parkman: Frontenac

20. History Books : History Of Native Americans
To America and Around the world The Logs of Anthony Grafton, et al ; new worlds,Ancient First Across the Continent sir alexander mackenzie (The Oklahoma
Books about the history of Native Americans
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