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         Mackenzie Sir Alexander New World Exploration:     more detail

21. Canadian Explorers -
1580 (Magellan led the first voyage around the world). Hudson sailed into new York'sharbor on mackenzie, alexander sir alexander mackenzie (1755?1820) was a is a user-supported site. Click here to learn more.
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Explorers of Canada

More information on Canada

Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) was a Norwegian polar explorer who was the first person to fly over the North Pole in a dirigible (May 11-13, 1926) and was the first person to reach the South Pole. Amundsen and his small expedition reached the South Pole on December 14, 1911, traveling by dog sled. Amundsen was also the first person to sail around the world through the Northeast and Northwest passages, from the Atlantic to the Pacific (in 1905). He was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles. Amundsen died in a plane crash attempting to rescue his friend, the Italian explorer Umberto Nobile who was lost in an airship. For more information on Amundsen, click here CABOT, JOHN
John Cabot (1450-1499) was an Italian-born English explorer and navigator. In Italy, he is known as Giovanni Caboto (which is his original name). For more information on Cabot, click here

22. A Brief History Of Science And Technology
such as the Bering Strait, Antarctica, Tahiti, new Guinea, the returned safely fromhis voyage around the world, and sir alexander mackenzie completed the
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Click on a period of history for the key events and individuals in church history and other developments in science and technology. Ancient Medieval Renaissance Elizabethan ... Edwardian
We invite you to learn about the achievements of humankind in discovering, studying and creating the world as we know it. ANCIENT Similarly, the ancient Egyptians also discovered ways to dominate the land and thus, made a number of strides in agricultural technology. The Egyptians developed a range of agricultural tools, such as hoes, rakes, scoops, sickles and plows, usually constructed from wood and stone. The Egyptians also learned to exploit animal labor, and frequently used pigs and sheep to trample the ground and soften it up. Donkeys were used to trample the harvested stalks and separate the grain. Perhaps their greatest achievement, however, was developing a carefully organized system of dikes and irrigation ditches with which they managed the annual flooding and silting of the Nile and thereby allowed to grow a rich bounty of grains. MEDIEVAL Among the early Medieval civilizations, the Maya are remembered for being advanced mathematicians and astronomers. They developed the most complex writing system of Mesoamerica, with ideographic and pictographic symobls, as well as systems for coordinating astronomical events with territorial history. Their detailed writings revealed precise mathematical notations as well as use of the concept of zero. The Incas of the fifteenth century continued this tradition of innovation, practicing sophisticated medicine, including brain surgery. The Incas skillfully constructed bridges, tunnels, aqueducts, terraces and buildings. They were also advanced metallurgists, lining the Temples of the Sun and Moon at Cuzco with gold and silver.

23. Quiz Feature
have influenced the preColumbian culture of the new world. duo sir William Gilbertand sir Arthur Sullivan Anthony Henday Go to 21 alexander mackenzie Go to

24. Educational Resources: WWW Links
during the late 1930s, and world War II Each year they document a new segment of SandfordFleming, Captain Robert Bartlett, sir alexander mackenzie, Louis Riel
Updated on: Thursday, November 7, 2002 History Links: Pictures and audiovisual material People General Resources Black history Pictures and audiovisual material Canada's Digital Collections - History The collections range from treasures of institutions, such as the National Archives of Canada, the National Library of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Themes include: Canadian Heritage Canadian Heritage Gallery Parks Canada Virtual Tours

25. Secondary Social Sciences - History: Educational Resources
stories with each other, and with the world. Each year they document a new segmentof Fleming, Captain Robert Bartlett, sir alexander mackenzie, Louis Riel
A List of History-related WWW sites Also on this site:

26. - The People-Inuvik
bronze monument in front of sir alexander mackenzie School commemorates bring education,medical care and new opportunity to with the changes in world oil and
Jean-Luc Pilon
NOGAP Archaeologist
Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Town of Inuvik is included in this section on people not because there is a third, distinctive ethnic group that lives there, but because it represents a new element, a new dynamic in the ethnic make-up of the region's population. Inuvik (an Inuvialuktun word meaning "the place of Man") is a unique community in the Mackenzie Delta/Beaufort region. The inhabitants of Inuvik come from the region's two major Native groups, the Gwich'in and the Inuvialuit, but they also include a very sizeable non-Native population drawn from just about every quarter of the globe. A bronze monument in front of Sir Alexander Mackenzie School commemorates the three peoples coming together as one. Inuvik is also the largest centre in the western Arctic with a population of 3206 (as of the 1991 census). Inuvialuit Dene Métis Non-Native Total Inuvik was planned by the Canadian government in the late 1950's in order to replace flood-prone Aklavik as the region's administrative centre. Canadian Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker dedicated Inuvik as "The first community north of the Arctic Circle built to provide northern facilities of a Canadian town. It was designed not only as a base for development and administration, but as a centre to bring education, medical care and new opportunity to the people of the western Arctic." Inuvik witnessed the oil and gas exploration boom of the 1970's and early 1980's. But with the changes in world oil and gas markets, activities have shifted to a wider range of economic sectors including aboriginal administration and tourism.

27. Alexander Mackenzie - Mapping The Northwest - 18th Century - Pathfinders And Pas
At the age of ten, he emigrated to new York and four of one of the longest riversin the world did not On February 10, 1802, he became sir alexander mackenzie.
Alexander Mackenzie (1764 - 1820)
Alexander Mackenzie, the first explorer to cross North America, was born in Scotland in 1764. At the age of ten, he emigrated to New York and four years later came to study in Montreal. At only 15 years old, Mackenzie became a clerk in the company of fur merchants Finlay and Gregory (which became Gregory, MacLeod and Company in 1783). Five years later, he was offered a share in the company on the condition that he went to Grand-Portage. Alexander Mackenzie
The American Revolution ended just as Mackenzie's career was starting. The creation of the Canadian-American border diverted the attention of the Montreal merchants from the basin south of the Great Lakes, which had become American territory, to the northwest, in Canadian territory. Mackenzie, located by Gregory, MacLeod in just this region, found himself in the right place at the right time, with the Montreal merchants ready to invest in finding a commercial route to the sea which was now known to be in the west, thanks to Captain James Cook . Mackenzie followed his dream of being the first to find this route. From 1785 to 1787, Mackenzie traded

28. Chessler Books - Mountaineering, Rock Climbing, Exploration, Guidebooks And Vide
(B3375) FIRST ACROSS THE CONTINENT sir alexander mackenzie Gough, Barry. A decadebefore Lewis and Clark, mackenzie forged a route to the 1995, new edition.

29. Mercator's World Online
An article by J. Raymond Edinger, Jr. on the Hearne's explorations of the Canadian Arctic in the 1700s.Category Regional Polar Regions Arctic Society and Culture History...... Few explorers in the new world began an expedition When sir John Franklin and hisparty reached the In 1789 alexander mackenzie (1764–1820), working for the

Voyage Around the world, 18161819, and Trading for Sea new York Greenwood P, 1969. Lamb,W. Kaye, ed. The Journals and Letters of sir alexander mackenzie.
General James Cook John Franklin Alexander Mackenzie ... George Vancouver EXPLORATIONS AND EXPEDITIONS General Return to Top Adams, Percy G. Travelers and Travel Liars, 1660-1800 . Berkeley: U of California P, 1962. Barr, William. "The Forgotten Explorer: Christopher Middleton." The Beaver Barr, William and Glyndwr Williams, eds. Voyages to Hudson Bay in Search of a Northwest Passage 1741-1747: Vol. I, The Voyage of Christopher Middleton 1741-1742 . London: The Hakluyt Society, 1994. Beidleman, Richard G. "Nathaniel Wyeth's Fort Hall." Oregon Historical Quarterly LVIII (1957): 197-250. Betts, Robert B. Along the Ramparts of the Tetons . Boulder: Colorado Associated UP, 1978. Billington, Ray Allen. Westward to the Pacific: An Overview of America's Westward Expansion . St Louis: Jefferson National Expansion Historical Association, 1979. *Boit, John. "A New Log of the Columbia." The Washington Historical Quarterly XII (1921): 3-50. *Boit, John. Log of the Union: John Boit's Remarkable Voyage to the Northwest Coast and Around the World, 1794-1796. Ed., Edmund Hayes. Portland: Western Imprints, Oregon Historical Society P, 1981.

31. Explorers
Vikings in the new world http// sir John Franklin CanadianArctic Profiles http alexander mackenzie http//
UP Exploration of the New World
Explorer Project
Lesson plan with links for students to make a research pop-up book. The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide
Brief account of travels of explorers through time. Timeline of adventures is included.
Teacher' Guide of Geography activities.
Create a compass, an astrolabe., a quadrant. Identify navigational instruments, parts of a ship, and more...
Discoverers Web Listing of many links to explorers. The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide Timeline of exploration and links to many explorers. Explorer and Navigation Printable Print worksheets for creating a compass, an astrolabe, a quadrant, a globe, name parts of a ship, and more. Memorable Canadians - Explorers An excellent collection of explorers of Canada.

32. History / Americas / Canada
A new world An Epic of Colonial America from personalized portrait of the world'slargest nation Across the Continent sir alexander mackenzie (The Oklahoma
Home History Books Americas Canada
A New World : An Epic of Colonial America from the Founding of Jamestown to the Fall of Quebec
by Arthur Quinn Berkley Pub Group
(October 1995)
Click here for more info
Booknews, Inc. , August 1, 1994
Read more

The Penguin History of Canada

by Kenneth McNaught Penguin USA (Paper)
Reprint edition (August 1991)
Click here for more info
Synopsis Canada possesses a history rich in incident and personality. In this classic, definitive work, Professor McNaught traces that history from the earliest expeditions in search of fish and fur to the 20th century. "An exemplary exercise in compression and lucidity".D.H. Murdoch in THE TIMES... Read more The History Atlas of North America (History Atlas Series) by Philip Davies(Editor), et al IDG Books Worldwide Hardcover - 160 pages (September 1998) Click here for more info Book Description Entertaining, authoritative, overflowing with gorgeous graphics and cutting-edge maps, this innovative series brings history to life through word and imageand tells each continents story from the perspective of its people The Macmillan Continental History Atlases form a major series of five... Read more Gold Rush Women by Claire Rudolf Murphy, Jane G. Haigh (Contributor)

33. Ideas- Summer 1998
Men like sir alexander mackenzie and Martin Frobisher were the Colman Jones exploresold and new ideas about Lister Sinclair looks at the world Columbus left
I D E A S Summer 1998 Calendar Monday, June 29, 1998 thru Friday, September 4, 1998 July August September * beside program title indicates transcript available
+ beside program title indicates audio cassette available July 1998
For the past fifty years, many serious musicians have been making new music. It has been called experimental music, contemporary music, but it hasn't always made sense to today's audiences, supposedly its contemporaries. Now, a new generation of composers is taking radical ideas from the fringes of music into the mainstream. Alan Guettel and Jeff Reilly speak with several of them and find they are re-discovering improvisation, narrative and the music of other cultures to create a new music that is relevant and personal. Wednesday, July 1
A year after New Zealand embarked on anew electoral system, politicians are still struggling to make it work. Could this experiment in democracy have implications for Canada? Halifax political scientist Therese Arseneau looks at the consequences of changing the system.

34. Christian Science Monitor
What's new. When explorer sir alexander mackenzie set off across Canada to find aroute to the Pacific Coast, he traveled with European explorers, native world.
Today's Paper
OCTOBER 17, 2000 World USA Editorials Opinion ... The News in Brief World Today's Story Line: The Monitor's World editor puts international news into perspective. David Clark Scott Arab world pulls Arafat two ways President Clinton tries to move both parties 'beyond blame' at the Mideast summit, which began Monday. By Peter Ford Adoption vs. trafficking inGuatemala Skyrocketing adoptions figures, coupled with mounting reports of cases in which Guatemalan mothers are either offered money, recruited, coerced, or even robbed of their children has unleashed a public backlash. By Catherine Elton PRI calmly downsizes after defeat Mexico's PRI Monday held on to a narrow edge in a crucial state election. Like a giant corporation with products gone out of style and shrinking sales, the political organization that ran Mexico for seven decades is undergoing a historic downsizing. By Howard LaFranchi Swaziland's stock exchange waits for bulls - or bears In this tiny mountainous kingdom where most of the 1 million residents eke out a living as subsistence farmers, a stock exchange may seem like an unnecessary folly. Swazi government officials, however, see things differently. By Rena Singer Britain's television chefs sling mud along with recipes British palates are the latest battleground in a larger struggle over national identity and multi-culturalism as the influence of new immigrants is felt in all aspects of life in the United Kingdom. By Alexander MacLeod

35. Voyageurs NP: The Environment And The Fur Trade Experience: 1730-1870 (Bibliogra
Narrative of a Journey Round the world during the years 1841 and 1842. First Acrossthe Continent sir alexander mackenzie. new York Random House, 1971.
Special History:
The Environment and the Fur Trade Experience in
Voyageurs National Park, 1730-1870 Bibliography Primary Sources (Manuscripts)
Adshead, George. Journal. Manitoba Provincial Archives. Winnipeg, Manitoba. American Fur Company. Papers. Manuscripts Collection, Minnesota Historical Society. St. Paul, Minnesota. Anderson, James. Diary. National Archives of Canada. Ottawa, Ontario. Anonymous. "Notes on Peter Pond's Map." National Archives of Canada. Ottawa, Ontario. Documents de la Campagnie du Nord-Ouest. National Archives of Canada. Ottawa, Ontario. Bell, Josiah Jones. Diary. Manitoba Provincial Archives. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Buller, R. H. Letter from Captain R. H. Buller to his sister, Miss Henrietta I. Buller, giving an account of the taking of Fort Garry, 1870. Manitoba Provincial Archives. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Chaboillez, Charles Jean Baptiste. Journal. Manuscripts Collection, Minnesota Historical Society. St. Paul, Minnesota. Douglas, James, Earl of Selkirk. Papers. National Archives of Canada. Ottawa, Ontario. Dundas, James. Journal. Manuscripts Collection, Minnesota Historical Society. St. Paul, Minnesota.

36. Explorers And Fur Traders
contribution and assistance in the exploration and development new York Dodd, Mead Co., 1964. True story of sir alexander mackenzie on his second voyage, he
Reader's Guide to Explorers and Fur Traders
From the Euro-Canadian historical point of view the history of the Peace River region starts with Mackenzie's journey to the Pacific. There are several versions of his journal available, one in modern English Alexander Mackenzie's Voyage to the Pacific Ocean in 1793 (NY. Citadel, 1967) is the most readable included in this bibliography. The journals kept by David Thompson and published as David Thompson's Narrative (NY. Greenwood, 1968) and journal of George Simpson and Archibald McDonald Peace River: A Canoe Voyage... (Ed. Hurtig, 1971) a reprint from 1872, both add detail to travels on the Peace River. Fur traders at the forts established on the Peace River left behind a legacy of journals. Two of which D.V. Burley, J.S. Hamilton, and K.R. Fladmark included in Prophecy of the Swan (Van. UBC, 1996), a study of a twenty-nine year period of trading on the Peace River. The book includes details of the archaeological digs done at some of the trading forts along the Peace River. Further examples of travel on the Peace River in the late 1800s can be found in W.F. Butler The Wild North Land (Tor. n.p. n.d.) and C. Horetzky

37. Canada
in synthetic fibers, the modern world has been the Nor’Westers actively soughtout new sources of It was sir alexander mackenzie, a North West partner, who

From its northern Arctic islands to the majestic mountains of the Western Cordillera and the windswept tip of Newfoundland, Canada encompasses an area of almost 4 million square miles (10 million square kilometers). It is the largest country in North America but its entire population of approximately 30 million is equivalent to that of California. Most people reside close to the US border and the vast expanse of remaining land forms one of the most extensive wilderness areas in the world. Cladonia lichen grow among the thinning forests. It is the main food source for caribou, moose and musk oxen during the winter months. These animals, in turn, provide food, clothing and shelter to woodland peoples. In the springtime, great herds of caribou migrate from the forest to their summer calving grounds. On the Eastern Shield, the George River herd of Quebec Labrador caribou is one of the largest herds in the world with an estimated 700,000 to 800,000 animals. On the Western Shield, the Bathurst herd of barren ground caribou has about 350,000 animals that summer around Bathurst Inlet. To the west of Hudson Bay, the Qamanirjuaq (Kaminuriak) herd numbers about 500,000 while the Thelon Game Sanctuary is located within the range of the Beverly herd of approximately 300,000 animals. The vast tundra region of northern Canada extends beyond the Shield to the Yukon in the west and encompasses the Arctic archipelago. Including portions of Greenland and Alaska, it is the traditional homeland of the Inuit people who have adapted to one of the most adverse conditions on earth. Unable to control the Arctic environment at large, the sophisticated design and manufacture of their clothing created individual micro climates that allowed them to survive in extremely cold weather. It is no fluke that Robert Peary and Ronald Amundsen, attributed with conquering the North and South Poles respectively, both utilized Inuit technology in their endeavors. In spite of copying the design of the

38. The BC History Internet/Web Site: Exhibitions Online
To search for new or updated content, use Fox, the Sasquatch, sir Sandford Fleming,and sir alexander mackenzie. Indians and the Natural world (Carnegie Museum
The British Columbia History Internet/Web Site
Exhibitions Online
To search for new or updated content, use the page-search function of your Web browser and search on "date added" or "date updated". Dates are entered as "", for example, "2001.08.23".
Directories, Guides and Search Engines
The Exhibits

39. TechTV Store Powered By
Columbus and the First Voyages to the new world. sir Francis Drake and the Strugglefor an Chelsea House Publications alexander mackenzie and the Explorers of

40. - Discovery And Exploration
the High Plains of Texas and new Mexico, 1536 and the Knight In Search of sir JohnMandeville The Journals of alexander mackenzie Voyages from Montreal, on the

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