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         Mackenzie Sir Alexander New World Exploration:     more detail

41. English Books > Children's/Teenage > History - Exploration & Discovery
John Hardcover ISBN 0195216911 alexander mackenzie And The On Everest A PhotobiographyOf sir Edmund Hillary Columbus Discoverer Of new Worlds Carpenter

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42. Wild Fruits: Works Cited
The History of Carolina, in John Stevens, ed., A new Collection of Voyages and Travels… in All Parts of the world … London J mackenzie, sir alexander.
Wild Fruits : Works Cited
Alcott , Amos Bronson. Report of the School Committee of Concord, for the
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Part of Virginia …" In Collections of the Massachusetts Historical
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43. The Great Canadian Heros Quiz
In 1879, sir Sandford Fleming devised a new world standard for keeping time calledCo a. sir John A. Macdonald b. alexander mackenzie c. sir Charles Tupper.
The Heroic Heart a. 1900
b. 1920
c. 1940 Henry Harper died heroically in 1901 when he dove into the Ottawa River to save a young woman, Bessie Blair, from drowning. What was Henry Harper's relationship to Bessie Blair? a. cousin
b. stranger
In 1899, nurse Georgina Fane Pope joined Canadian troops fighting overseas. In which war did these Canadian volunteer troops participate? a. Boer War
b. First World War
c. Second World War Terry Fox began his westward trek from St. John's to Victoria in 1980 to raise money for cancer research. After completing two-thirds of his cross-Canada run, where was his "Marathon of Hope" halted? a. south of Winnipeg
b. outside Thunder Bay
c. east of Toronto Henrietta Muir Edwards, women's rights activist and member of the "Famous 5", edited the first magazine for Canadian working women. What was is called? a. Working Woman of Canada
b. Homemaker's
c. Chatelaine The "Famous 5" championed the cause of Canadian women in the legal and political battle known as the "Persons Case". In 1929, the British Privy Council ruled that women would legally be recognized as persons, declaring them eligible for appointment to what?

44. World Almanac For Kids
the poorest remnants of their new world empire and federation of Nova Scotia, newBrunswick, Québec efforts of the explorer sir alexander mackenzie and others
'); else document.write(''); // This script will choose the CSS (stylesheet) to use based on browser // End > EXPLORE ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT HISTORICAL BIRTHDAYS ... home Contents
    HISTORY Select a section LAND AND RESOURCES Physiographic Regions. Geological History. Rivers and Lakes. Climate. Natural Resources. Soils. Vegetation. Animals. POPULATION Population Characteristics. Political Divisions. Principal Cities. Language. Religion. EDUCATION AND CULTURE Education. Elementary and secondaryschools. Specialized schools. Universities. Cultural Life and Institutions. Libraries and museums. Theater and music. ECONOMY Labor. Agriculture. Forestry and Fishing. Furs. Mining. Manufacturing. Energy. Currency and Banking. Foreign Trade. Tourism. Transportation. Communications. GOVERNMENT Central Government. Legislature. Judiciary. Local Government. Political Parties. Health and Welfare. Defense.

45. Discoverers Web Alphabetical List M
sir alexander mackenzie alexander mackenzie To the Pacific alexander mackenzie- same page way of the Canadian 1750 Pierre travels from new Orleans to
Alexander Mackenzie (Scotland, 1764?-1820)
1789: Follows the Mackenzie River to its mouth.
1793: Travels up the Peace River, crosses the Rocky Mountains, reaches the Fraser and reaches the Pacific by way of the Bella Coola River.
Sir Alexander Mackenzie
Alexander Mackenzie - To the Pacific
Alexander Mackenzie same page in French
Donald Baxter MacMillan (USA, 1874-1970)
1908-9: Member of Peary's final expedition.
1910-2: Lives in Labrador, doing ethnological research.
1913-7: Explores northwest of Axel Heiberg Island, searching for (nonexistant) Crocker Land.
1920-1954: Several more expeditions to the Canadian Arctic.
1957: Flies over the North Pole.
Rear Admiral Donald B. Macmillan
Donald B. MacMillan
(better known as Ferdinand Magellan , also known as Fernando de Magellanes , Portugal, 1480?-1521)
1505-12: Serves in the Indies, visiting Malacca and possibly the Moluccas.
1519-22: In Spanish service, discovers the Straits of Magellan and sails through them, crosses the Pacific and reaches the Philippines. Is killed when getting involved in a local war. Other members of his expedition complete the first circumnavigation.
First Circumnavigation of the Globe by Magellan 1519-1522
Ferdinand Magellan
After dire straits an agonizing haul across the Pacific
Ferdinand Magellan: The greatest voyager of them all ...
Magellan, Ferdinand

46. Discoverers Web: What's New? (older Part)
with maps drawn by Hennepin, Cook, Vancouver and mackenzie. Added a site on sir FrancisDrake to the pages for Herodotus and Plutarch's alexander to reflect
This contains changes to Discoverers Web prior to 1 January, 1998. See the normal What's new page for later changes. 17 December 1997:
  • Rewrote the cartography section on the main page
13-16 December:
  • Added yet more maps
12 December:
  • Added some maps
6 December:
  • Removed a page (correction, the page) on oceanographic expeditions.
  • Added Alexander the Great's homepage (back)
  • Removed pages on Nansen and Radissson
  • Removed pages on the history of the northwestcoast, the Overland trail and early Australian exploration and colonization
  • Added a timeline of exploration
  • Added an English version of John Day's letter to Columbus
  • Added a page on Corte-Real
4 December:
  • Added a page on WIC farming in Manhattan
  • Added a page on a book claiming Marco Polo never was in China
3 December:
  • There is now an email-list on the history of exploration and discovery. See the list page for more information.
  • Updated some URLs
  • Added a bibliography on Australian discovery
2 December:
  • Removed a page on Burton
  • Added a list of links on Cook
14 November:
  • 7 November:
    • Added a picture and a link to the page on Coronado
    30 October:
    • Added a page with the 21 October:
      • Changed the URL for the pages from 'The American Revolution - an .HTML project
  • 47. Exploration [Print Article] - World Book Online Americas Edition
    world had been explored and mapped. At that time, explorers turned their attention to two new frontiersthe ocean depths and space. This article discusses exploration 22, alexander led
    Use the Print command in your browser's File menu to print this page. Exploration is one of the oldest and most widespread of human activities. People in all times and places have engaged in some form of exploration. Even children explore their immediate surroundings. However, the people we usually think of as explorers are those individuals who traveled over long distances and to unfamiliar areas for certain purposes. For example, some explorers have sought to learn more about an unknown part of the world or have traveled for adventure. Others have hoped to gain fame or wealth for themselves or to expand their country's trade or territory. Still others have set out on expeditions to faraway lands for religious reasons. World known by Europeans in the 1500's In many cases, as explorers came upon places that were new to them, they encountered people who had been living in these areas for centuries. When Europeans began arriving in the Americas in the late 1400's, for example, they found the continents to be inhabited by the people who are now commonly called American Indians. Sometimes, the inhabitants helped explorers by acting as interpreters and providing information about geography and sources of food and water. More frequently, explorers tried to conquer or colonize newly found lands. In many cases, fighting broke out between the new arrivals and the local peoples. People have engaged in exploration since prehistoric times. Prehistoric human beings crossed vast areas of land and water and eventually populated all the continents except Antarctica. Later navigators started out from the islands of Southeast Asia and settled Hawaii, New Zealand, and other Pacific Islands.

    48. Mackenzie, Sir Alexander
    mackenzie, sir alexander, 1764?–1820, Canadian fur trader and explorer, b him tothe colony of new York in important Athabasca fur district, mackenzie set out


    Mackenzie, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Sir Alexander, , Canadian fur trader and explorer, b. Scotland. His family took him to the colony of New York in 1774, and later he was sent to Canada. He entered (c. 1779) a Montreal fur-trading firm and in a short time became partner of one of the firms that merged (1787) to form the North West Company Voyages . . . to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans (1801) won him wide recognition and a knighthood in 1802. Mackenzie was elected in 1805 to the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada, but he soon returned (1808) to Scotland, where he lived the rest of his life. See his journals and letters, ed. by W. K. Lamb (1972); biographies by P. Vail (1964) and R. Daniells (1969).
    Mackensen, August von
    Mackenzie, Alexander AD AD AD AD AD
    Print this page Cite this page Awards and Press Link to Fact Monster Add Fact Monster search ... Privacy

    49. Bibliography
    and W. Davies, 1801. mackenzie, alexander, sir. Smith, James K. alexander mackenzie,Explorer the Hero Who Failed. new York Oxford University Press, 1990.
    Bibliography Anderson, Bern. Surveyor of the Sea: The Life and Voyages of Captain George Vancouver . Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1960. Carter, Edward C. ed. Surveying the Record: North American Scientific Exploration to 1930 . Philidelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1999. Cook, Capt. James. The Journals of Captain James Cook on His Voyage of Discovery: The Voyage of the Resolution and Discovery 1776-1780 . Ed. J.C. Beaglehole. Cambridge: University Press, 1967. Cook, Capt. James. A voyage to the Pacific ocean: undertaken by the command of His Majesty, for making discoveries in the Northern hemisphere, to determine the position and extent of the west side of North America, its distance from Asia, and the practicability of a northern passage to Europe, performed under the directions of Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore, in His Majesty's ships the Resolution and Discovery, in the years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780 . London: W. and A. Straham, 1784. Coues, Elliott. The Expeditions of Zebulon M. Pike: Mississippi Voyage Vol. I . Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1981.

    their uncle, Simon McTavish, and mackenzie had connections infant princess, and askedabout sir alexander’s wife Fort William, the great new Northwest Company 02 - Fur Trade/2-007.html
    2-007: SIR ALEXANDER MACKENZIE By Dorthea Calverley In 1787 Peter Pond’s successor paddled into the Peace River country. He was twenty-four year old Alexander Mackenzie, a "brand new partner, recently appointed to replace Peter Pond in the rich Athabasca trade department" of the newly re-organized Northwest Company. He was destined not to be the first white man on the Peace, but the first to leave us a remaining written record of the area. Certainly he became its most famous figure. Little is known of his early life except that he came from Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides as a motherless boy of twelve. At the time the Seven Year War had ended but the American Revolutionary war was about to begin. England was poor; Scotland and the Isles, always poorer after the times of Bonnie Prince Charlie, were poorer still. The crofters or small farmers were being forced off their lands. Many like Mackenzie, father and son, found their way to the New England colonies. When the American Revolution almost immediately broke out the Mackenzies, loyal to the British Crown, were more akin to the Canadians who did not join in the Revolution. His father, a British officer, went back into the army, apparently, and died. He had sent his young son to Montreal for safety in 1779. Alexander probably attended a school of some kind for three years. At sixteen Alexander, and later Roderick, were apprenticed to the Montreal firm of Mr. Gregory, who later traded out of Detroit as the Gregory - McLeod firm and which still later was absorbed by the Northwesters.

    51. Loading L4U IPAC
    as administrator of the new Spanish colonies la Verendrye, Matonabbee, Samuel Hearne,alexander mackenzie, and David Dog, Biggest House in the world, Carrot Seed
    Loading L4U iPAC. If iPAC does not automatically load within 5 seconds
    Click on the L4U 2000 Image

    52. Adventure Books & Ebooks By
    Exploring Across Canada in 1789 1793 alexander mackenzie (1802 And the Sword Huntersof the Hamran Arabs sir Samuel W The The True Wild West of new Mexico and
    Home eNewsletter What's New How to Order ... Links Book Categories Africa Archaeology Fortune Hunting Islands ... Women Authors
    Adventures of Captain Bonneville, The: Digested from his journals by Washington Irving
    Benjamin Bonneville (1837) African Game Trails: The Classic Big Game Safari
    Theodore Roosevelt (1910) Against All Odds: Shot Down Over Occupied Territory in World War II
    Frederick Dustin Worthen (1944) Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, The: And Explorations of Nile Sources
    Samuel W. Baker (1866) Anson's Voyage Around the World: In the Years 1740-1744
    Chaplain Richard Walter (1748) Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, The: The Making of a 19th-Century Explorer
    Henry M. Stanley (1909) Boots and Saddles: Or, Life in Dakota with General Custer
    Elizabeth B. Custer (1885) California Coast Trails: A Horseback Adventure from Mexico to Oregon in 1911
    J. Smeaton Chase (1913) Camera Trails in Africa: A Photographer's Safari in British East Africa
    Martin Johnson (1924) Commerce of the Prairies: Life on the Great Plains in the 1830's and 1840's Josiah Gregg (1844) Cruise of the Alerte, The:

    53. Adventure Books & Ebooks By
    sir Richard Francis Burton Goa, and the Blue of the Great Dance in new Guinea (1955). alexandermackenzie Journals of alexander mackenzie, The Exploring Across
    Home eNewsletter What's New How to Order ... Links Book Categories Africa Archaeology Fortune Hunting Islands ... Women Authors
    Samuel W. Baker
    Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, The:
    And Explorations of Nile Sources
    Ismailia: The Expedition for the Supression of the Slave Trade
    Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia, The: And the Sword Hunters of the Hamran Arabs
    Rifle and Hound in Ceylon, The: Stories from the Field, 1845 to 1853
    Henry Walter Bates

    Naturalist on the River Amazons, The:
    The Search for Evolution
    Estelline Bennett

    Old Deadwood Days:
    The Real Wild West of My Childhood
    Nathaniel Holmes Bishop
    Voyage of the Paper Canoe, The: A 2,000-Mile Journey Down the Inland Waterways of the Eastern Seaboard Benjamin Bonneville Adventures of Captain Bonneville, The: Digested from his journals by Washington Irving Sidney Spencer Broomfield Kachalola: or, the Early Life and Adventures of Sidney Spencer Broomfield Frank T. Bullen F.R.G.S. Cruise of the Cachalot, The: Around the World After Sperm Whales Sir Richard Francis Burton Goa, and the Blue Mountains:

    54. Explorers
    Explorers of new Worlds Drake ; Jean Nicolet ; Leif Eriksson; alexander mackenzie; Henry Hudson Verrazano ; Amerigo Vespucci ; John Davis ; sir Martin Frobisher
    Explorers of New Worlds A Web Quest for Heritage and Citizenship : Grade 6 - Aboriginal Peoples and European Explorers Introduction Explorers have always been adventurous people. Their motivations vary from the desire for wealth and fame to a quest for knowledge. Some expeditions are more successful and others more dangerous, but all are interesting! By completing this unit, the student will have met the following expectations of the Ontario Curriculum Grades 1 - 6 - Social Studies : Grade 6 Aboriginal Peoples and European Explorers. -identify early explorers (e.g., Viking, French, English) who established settlements in Canada and explain the reasons for their exploration (e.g., fishing; fur trade, resulting in the establishment of the Hudson's Bay Company); -identify technological developments and cultural factors that led to the exploration of North America; -identify some of the consequences of Aboriginal and European interactions (e.g., economic impact of the fur trade on Aboriginal peoples; transmission of European diseases to Aboriginal peoples). -construct and read a variety of graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and models for specific purposes (e.g., to trace the routes of the explorers);

    55. Northern News /Deh Cho Area
    By the 1780s, after sir alexander mackenzie's navigation of the in the 1920s, usheringin a new era of That road later became the mackenzie Highway, which now
    Main index The Deh Cho Deh Cho Fort Simpson Fort Liard Providence ... Nahanni Butte Aboriginal people lived off the land in the Deh Cho long before non-natives found and exploited the riches of the region. Historians and archaeologists theorize the first inhabitants wandered into the Deh Cho (big river) more than 10,000 years ago, after the last ice age. For more than 2,000 years, the ancestors of today's Dene hunted caribou, moose as well as smaller game. They also fished the flowing waters of the mighty Mackenzie River, using birch bark and spruce canoes, toboggans and snowshoes for transportation. In the early 1700s, the fur trade was booming to the south. In time, it would push its way north to the Northwest Territories. As early as 1715, fur traders were heading to the northern reaches of Alberta. By the 1780s, after Sir Alexander Mackenzie's navigation of the Mackenzie River, the fur trade became a northern enterprise. By 1821, trading posts were popping up everywhere along the rivers and streams of the North - the highways of the fur trade. The 19th century was a period of rapid change for the North, and the Deh Cho was certainly no exception.

    56. Forthcoming Books, June 2002
    MaxJourneysCanada 2. mackenzie, alexander, sir, 17641820 3. alexander mackenzieVoyageur Route 4 1954- Destination Fundy Trail, new Brunswick / George
    ISSN 1487-5039
    Forthcoming Books
    June 2002
    Top of File
    Arnold, Phyllis A.
    China. Teacher's resource package / by Phyllis A. Arnold. Edmonton : Arnold Pub., c1999.
    1 v. (various pagings) : ill. ; 30 cm.
    Supplement to: BonBernard, Trudie. China.
    Includes bibliographies.
    ISBN 0-919913-84-9
    1. ChinaStudy and teaching
    I. BonBernard, Trudie. China. II. Title.
    Beurling, George F. (George Frederick), 1921-1948.
    Malta spitfire, the Buzz Beurling story : Canada's World War II daredevil pilot / George Beurling ; with Leslie Roberts ; epilogue by Arthur Bishop. Toronto : Penguin, 2002.
    Previously published under title: Malta spitfire : the Buzz Beurling story. ISBN 0-14-301237-1 1. Beurling, George F. (George Frederick), 1921-1948 2. Fighter pilotsCanadaBiography 3. World War, 1939-1945Personal narratives, Canadian 4. World War, 1939-1945Aerial operations, British 5. World War, 1939-1945CampaignsMalta I. Roberts, Leslie, 1896- II. Title.

    57. Tracy Mullins
    part of the highly successful sir alexander mackenzie Canada Sea of the team, Tracyportrayed sir alexander McKenzie in to raise clients project to new levels.
    Permanent: 734 Harrison Street, Monroe, Michigan 48161
    Phone: (734)384-6069
    Tourism and Recreation Land Planning, Business Consulting, Marketing and Business Geography SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Extensive academic and work experience background in business, tourism, recreation, and telecommunications
    Handles all aspects of event planning and management, site selection, budget, contract administration and destination management
    Excellent interpersonal, verbal, presentation and written communication skills; professional and clear manner
    Creative, resourceful and thorough in clarifying and developing the essence of a project.
    Published author; Duke of Edinburgh Award recipient; developed and presented workshops, researched, developed, organized and participated in interpretive expeditions PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Present Graduate Assistant, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti Michigan
    Present Vice President, RMS Consulting, Monroe Michigan

    58. Legion Magazine Features
    was inspired by the journals of sir alexander mackenzie, who in but there would soonbe a new kid on his journeys of the 1790s, alexander mackenzie had noted

    59. Explorers
    first surface journey around the world's polar circumference had been sent by theNew York Herald sir alexander mackenzie 1764 1820 British explorer and fur
    Captain James Cook
    James Cook was born on the 27th October 1728 in the small Yorkshire town of Marton. Unlike the majority of Naval officers of the time he was not the son of rich or noble parents. In fact he was the son of a Scottish farm labourer and a Yorkshire girl. He was intelligent enough to impress his father's employer who paid for the young James Cook's schooling.
    After he finished school his parents apprenticed him to a grocer in Whitby, where he was not especially happy. It was there, however, that he got a taste for life on the sea. In those days the port of Whitby was a bustling place, always busy with all kinds of ships: fishing vessels, navy ships, and colliers. It was on a collier that Cook served first.
    In 1755, the year before the Seven Years War broke out between England and France, Cook left his ship and signed up with the Royal Navy. In the Navy James Cook worked his way up through the ranks, eventually rising to command his own vessel, unusual for an enlisted man. His first mission was to map the estuary of the St. Lawrence River prior to a naval assault on Quebec. It was those surveys that made Cook's name, along with the information he obtained from observing and recording an eclipse of the sun in 1766. The surveys were so accurate that they remained in use until the beginning of the Twentieth Century.
    His surveys and scientific observations, coupled with his own scientific ability and his being in the right place at the right time led to his being chosen to captain the Endeavour in 1768 on a mission to explore the great unknown of the Pacific Ocean and scientifically record everything that was encountered. It was the first of the three great voyages of discovery he led in the South Pacific.

    60. CHRS - What's New - 2002 Archives
    Other explorers, such as sir John Franklin, soon Route is available from the alexandermackenzie Voyageur Route In the Wake of alexander mackenzie Published by

    What's New
    - Archives: Further information on any of the news pieces listed below may be obtained by contacting the Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS) Secretariat at PROCLAMATION OF CANADIAN RIVERS DAY Posted June 2002 OTTAWA, June 21, 2002 The Minister of Canadian Heritage, Sheila Copps, today signed a Ministerial Proclamation to "declare that the second Sunday of June will be celebrated henceforth as Canadian Rivers Day". Among the groups calling for an annual Canadian Rivers Day was the Canadian Heritage Rivers Board, comprised of representatives from the Government of Canada and all the provincial and territorial governments. Delegates to the 2001 Canadian Rivers Heritage Conference unanimously endorsed the same concept. The idea was first raised in Parliament by Secretary of State Stephen Owen, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra and carried forward in a Private Member's Motion by Karen Kraft Sloan, Member of Parliament for York North. The distinguished non-profit organization Rivers Canada, founded by President Dr. David Goranson, has agreed to undertake a leadership role in coordinating nationwide activities for the first Canadian Rivers Day to be celebrated on June 8, 2003.

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