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         Mackenzie Sir Alexander New World Exploration:     more detail

61. CHRS - What's New
Other explorers, such as sir John Franklin, soon followed and mackenzie reached thePacifc in 1793 a Continent On the Trail of alexander mackenzie Published by

Further information on any of the news pieces listed below may be obtained by contacting the Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS) Secretariat at
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Coppermine River, Nunavut, 450 km
Posted January 2003
Copper deposits found along the river were important to the first peoples who lived there. Many important archaeological sites, distinguished by copper artifacts, are found along the Coppermine. It was stories of these copper deposits that brought Samuel Hearne to the area in 1771. Hearne's documented overland journey to the river, and the massacre he witnessed at Bloody Falls, brought the Coppermine into the history books. Other explorers, such as Sir John Franklin, soon followed and the Coppermine became an important exploration and fur trade route. The river continues to support the Inuit subsistence lifestyle. Bloody Fall on the lower Coppermine River is an area of great scenic and historic interest. For more on Bloody Fall, check out this web site . Photo by Michael Peake.
All About Canoes
web site - Caribou, muskox, wolverine, wolves, moose, fox and a variety of raptors can be found here. The Coppermine and its environment are essentially unchanged since the first British explorers saw it.

62. First Crossing Alexander Mackenzie, His
Vol 14)First Across the Continent sir alexander mackenzie (The Oklahoma First Crossingalexander mackenzie, His Expedition Across North America Not much new!

63. Canada
8 sir alexander mackenzie reached the mackenzie attacked Toronto in December, wasrepulsed, fled across the former colonies of Nova Scotia and new Brunswick.
Research Seminar
Canada French explorer Jacques Cartier [1491-1557], who reached the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1534, is generally regarded as the founder of Canada. But English seaman John Cabot [1425-1500] sighted Newfoundland 37 years earlier, in 1497, and Vikings are believed to have reached the Atlantic coast about 1000 AD (Duborg and Isted, 1996). Canadian settlement was pioneered by the French who established Quebec City ( Samuel de Champlain in 1608) and Montreal ( Sieur de Maisonneuve in1642) and declared New France a colony in 1663. Niagara Falls was discovered by French Franciscan missionary and explorer Louis Hennepin in 1678.
In 1692 fourteen-year-old Madeleine de Vercheres , two terrified soldiers, and her younger brother held out for over a week against an Iroquois raid on the St. Lawrence River near Montreal.
Britain decided in 1711 to attack French Canada, but the French sank 10 ships as they entered the St. Lawrence River. News of the naval disaster persuaded Sir Francis Nicholson to call off an attack that was planned against Montreal.

64. Homework Center - Explorers - Alphabetical List The saga of sir John Franklin 18 when he studied the TrobriandIslanders of new Guinea in Smith, Jedediah alexander mackenzie http//www
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Alphabetical List of Explorers:
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Explorers are listed alphabetically, last name first.
[Alexander the Great]
Alexander the Great
Detailed information about the famous leader of Greece in the fourth century BC.
[Alexander the Great]
Alexander the Great
More information on Alexander, including real audio pronunciations of Greek words.
[Amundsen, Roald]
The Life of Roald Amundsen
Biography of Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, from the Internet site, "ODIN," produced for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Norway].
[Armstrong, Neil]
Neil Armstrong
Learn about astronaut Neil Armstrong and watch a movie of man's first steps on the moon!
[Astor, John Jacob]
Astor's Beechwood
The Web site for the Astors' historic home in Rhode Island includes biographies of the family.

65. Johnston Heights Library: Biography Links
Online Resources. What's new. Library Club. Canadian Arctic Profiles John Davis.sir John Franklin. alexander mackenzie. alexander mackenzie Voyageur Route.
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TIME 100 : Leaders and revolutionaries

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Edgar Degas

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World of Escher ... Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery Athletes Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Playerfile : Michael Jordan Canadians A tribute to Canada Diefenbaker Web Prime Ministers of Canada Earle Birney Home Page ... Inventive Women Explorers General English and French Explorations of East Coast of North America Mountain Men and the Fur Trade 17th Century Exploration 18th Century Exploration ... Civilization .ca-The explorers

66. Northern Names
Jenness school in Hay River, sir alexander mackenzie and Samuel Hearne schools inInuvik, and sir John Franklin of this article and select some new names for
Don C. Barnett
INTRODUCTION 1. Explore the reasons behind some town, city, river, and/or street names in your community. 2. How should names be selected? New buildings, roads and streets require naming. Could we use bird and animal names? Can we draw from our historical and cultural backgrounds to select meaningful names? 3. Select things to name in your community. Decide which new names would be appropriate. 4. Consider reasons based on history, tradition, culture, and geography. Look at some names in northern Canada that tell about that part of the world. Find these places on a map. Search for more information about people who had places named in their honor. NAMES ACROSS THE NORTH What's in a name? Names of some places are based on historical background INDIAN NAMES First Nations peoples have been named by themselves as well as by other aboriginal groups. Those who shared a common territory, spoke the same language, and had similar customs called themselves "we, people". The word for people in Inuktituk is "Inuit". The word for people among the Athapaskan speaking Indians is "Dene", and the Algonkian word for people is "Eno", "Eyo", or "Ewo". Some smaller bands of people would call their neighbors such things as people of the mountains or people of the pointed coats. Enemies were called names which were rude. These included things such as bad people, stinkers, or louse eggs. The Indian referred to Inuit people as Eskimos, or eaters of raw meat. The Cree called the inhabitants living inland as "strangers" hence, the origin of the word "Athabascan". It was the word that white men heard which referred to the many northern Indian groups inhabiting Canada's sub-Arctic.

sir Walter Raleigh 1587 England Roanoke Island US. Janszoon Tasman 1642 Dutch NewZealand, Tasmania. alexander mackenzie 1793 Scotland Canadian Rockies and NW.
AGE OF EXPLORATION NAME DATE SPONSER EXPLORED I . Eric The Red Norway Iceland 2. Lcif Erickson Norway North America 3. Marco Polo Venice Asia 4. Ibn Battuta Tangier North Africa, Europe, China 5. Cheng Ho China South Asia, India, and East Africa 6. Gil Eanes Portugal North Africa 7. Bartolomeu Dias Portugal Cape of Good Hope (Africa) 8. Christopher Columbus Spain Cuba, Bahamas 9. Christopher Columbus Spain Puerto Rico, Jamaica 10. John Cabot England Newfoundland 11. Vasco Da Gama Portugal India 12. Christopher Columbus Spain Upper South American Coast 13. Amerigo Vespucci Spain S. America, Cuba, Haiti 14. Pedro Cabral Portugal Brazilian Coast 15. Vasco Nunez de Balboa Spain Central America 16. Ponce de Leon Spain Florida 17. Hernando Cortes Spain Mexico 18. Ferdinand Magellan Spain Sailed Around World (Died) 19. Juan Cano Spain Finished Trip Around World 20. Giovannido Verranzano French 21. Navaez Spain Gulf of Mexico 22. Francisco Pizzaro Spain Peru 23. Cabeza De Vaca Spain Texas, Rio Grande River 24. Jacques Cartier France St. Lawrence R., Miss. Valley 25. Herando de Soto

68. Your Heading Goes Here
record and compare the use of water around the world. new Brunswick Fathers of Confederation. sirGeorgeEtienne Cartier, sir Charles Tupper, sir alexander Galt

69. World Methodist Conference-Seminars
Unity, Rome); The Reverend Murdoch mackenzie, ordained presbyter Dr. Neil alexander,President and Publisher of the sir John Houghton CBE FRS is cochairman of
18th World Methodist Conference
July 25-31, 2001
(updated) Photo Gallery News room Seminars Speakers ... UMNS Home WORLD CONFERENCE SEMINARS A. Spirituality in the 21st Century The subject of "spirituality" is a popular one all around the world today. This seminar will explore selected aspects of the subject in relation to a global and post-modern setting, with attention given to the development of a theology of spirituality and ministries of spiritual formation akin to the Wesleyan tradition. General Seminar Dr. Steve Harper serves as Vice President of the Florida campus of Asbury Seminary in Orlando. He is also Professor of Spiritual Formation. He is married to Jeannie, and they are the parents of two adult children: John and Katrina. He has authored 14 book and numerous articles and reviews. He is a frequent speaker in local churches, conferences, and retreats. He is an Elder in The United Methodist Church (Northwest Texas Annual Conference). B. Common Faith, Common Witness

70. Jack's Arctic Page
In 1789 sir alexander mackenzie, a Scottish explorer working for the The noted Britishnavigator sir John Franklin explored we are promoting a new musical CD

The Arctic
Arctic, the Arctic Links:

71. Explorers From The 1700's -
Pacific Ocean, Antarctic, Arctic, and around the world. of California (then calledNew Albion). mackenzie, alexander sir alexander mackenzie (1755?1820) was a
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Zoom Explorers A B C D ... Glossary of Exploration Terms Explorers from the 1700's - the Eighteenth Century ANZA, JUAN BAUTISTA DE
Captain Juan Bautista de Anza (1736-1788) was a Mexican-born trailblazer and explorer. He was the first person of European descent to establish an overland trail from Mexico to the northern Pacific coast of California (then called New Albion). He found a corridor through the desolate Sonoran Desert. His expeditions brought hundreds of settlers to California. He founded the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. De Anza was the commander of the presidio at Tubac. BERING, VITUS J. Vitus Jonassen Bering (1681-1741) was a Danish explorer and navigator who explored the seas off Alaska and northeastern Siberia. Bering was a sublieutenant in the fleet of Tsar Peter I the Great of Russia. From 1725-1730, Bering led an expedition to determine whether or not Asia and North America were connected by a land bridge. Bering sailed through what is now known as the Bering Strait, finding a sea route around Siberia to China. He concluded that Asia and North America were not connected (although he did not actually see North America due to fog).

72. Reading Room Index: Sinko
I. sir alexander mackenzie. Call no. PN6728.W47S5 sir Leo Comics, ed. by Maurice Horn (new York Chelsea
Reading Room Index to the Comic Art Collection:
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73. Gi - New General Catalog Of Old Books & Authors
GIBSON (M 1878 Jul 26 1959 Feb 16) Arnold mackenzie GIBSON (M GIBSON {US} (M 1867Sep 14 - 1944 Dec 23) sir, Donald (Cameron 1918 George alexander GIBSON (M
New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors
Author names starting with Gi
Follow these links for explanations of the of this catalog, its condition of use , the dates , the general abbreviations , the language abbreviations , the nationality abbreviations electronic library codes used, and for advice on buying or borrowing selling or valuing old books. If you have any corrections, additions or other suggestions, please send them to C D MI ... I The Madman [1918] The Forerunner [1920] GA nee nee CO Les Caves Du Vatican [Fr-?] Charles GIDE (M: ? - ?) nee GR CR K MA LLESON) Benjamin GILBERT (M: 1711 - 1780) I L g g Le Jugement Dernier [Fr-?] g nee I More Bab Ballads [?] Songs Of A Savoyard [?] nee MO ORE) Training In Tracking [1933] Fraunces GILDART (see: Frances Gildart Ruffin DU RHAM) St, GILDAS, aka GILDAS, 'SAPIENS' (M: c516 - 570) A A A A ... R Chinese Sketches [?] Janice Holt GILES, nee Ma Mc I I ... I nee BLACK (F: c1845 - ?) R CR Manx National Songs [1896] ST RATTON) A Lockhart GILLESPIE (M: 1865 Jun 12 - 1904 Dec 25) Cynthia K GILLESPIE, nee SH SM nee nee nee T A A Oracles From The Poets [?] Charlotte (Anna) (

74. What Do Winston Churchill And Sir Alexander Mackenzie Have In Common??
sir alexander mackenzie ranks as one of the most remarkable In 1764, alexander mackenziewas born in Stornoway on At age 13, alexander tabulated all the animal
Short and Sweet:
Tips for living the abundant life
What Do Winston Churchill and Sir Alexander Mackenzie Have in Common
Sir Alexander Mackenzie ranks as one of the most remarkable persons of North American wilderness history and, indeed, as one of the greatest travelers of all time. His transcontinental crossing predated (and indeed inspired) the more famous Lewis and Clark American expedition by twelve years. Even Bernard De Voto, the well-known Utah-born historian said of Mackenzie, "In courage, in the faculty of command, in ability to meet the unforeseen with resources of craft and skill, in the will that cannot be overborne, he has had no superior in the history of American exploration." I remember singing around the YMCA Camp Elphinstone and Camp Howdy campfires: ‘This Land is your Land, This Land is My Land, from the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake Waters,…from the Atlantic Ocean to Vancouver Island, this Land was made for you and me". ’ In Mackenzie was realized the dream of a Canada stretching from sea to sea. Beneath the lion and the unicorn supporting the coat of arms of Canada are the Latin words: A MARI USQUE AD MARE, taken from a Biblical text, ‘He shall have dominion also from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. Without Alexander Mackenzie (and his Nor’Wester friends Simon Fraser and David Thompson), Canada would have lost her entire Pacific Coast, being shut off from any access to the sea. In 1764, Alexander Mackenzie was born in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, a windswept, rugged island in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. When Alexander was ten, his mom died. Neighbours, knowing he had memorized long passages from the Bible, predicted that Alexander would become a clergyman. Through the local pastor’s library, he learned about astronomy and the use of telescopes. At age 13, Alexander tabulated all the animal and plant life in the Hebrides, and he and his pastor tried unsuccessfully to get it published in London.

75. Explorations
newsAlmanac—world and news—world Geography River (Canada), Explored 1, sir AlexanderMackenzie, Scottish Canadian new Zealand, Explored, James Cook, English

World and News World Geography
See also Explorers
Country or place Event Explorer Date AFRICA Sierra Leone Explored Hanno , Carthaginian seaman c. 520 B.C. Zaire River (Congo) Mouth visited c. 1484 Cape of Good Hope Rounded Bartolomeu Diaz , Portuguese explorer Gambia River Explored Mungo Park , Scottish explorer Sahara Crossed Dixon Denham and Hugh Clapperton,
English explorers Zambezi River Explored David Livingstone , Scottish explorer Sudan Explored Heinrich Barth , German explorer Victoria Falls Explored David Livingstone , Scottish explorer Lake Tanganyika Explored Richard Burton and John Speke , British explorers Lake Victoria, identified as the source of the Nile Explored John Speke , British explorer Zaire River (Congo) Traced Sir Henry M. Stanley , British explorer ASIA Punjab (India) Invaded Alexander the Great , king of Macedonia B.C. China Explored Marco Polo , Italian traveler c. 1272 Tibet Visited Odoric of Pordenone, Italian monk c. 1325 Southern China Explored c. 1440 India Explored (Cape route) Vasco da Gama , Portuguese navigator Japan Visited St. Francis Xavier

76. Arctic Explorers -
mackenzie, alexander sir alexander mackenzie (1755?1820) was a Scottish mackenziewrote Voyage from Montreal on the River St. Ross and his uncle, sir John Ross is a user-supported site. Click here to learn more.
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Zoom Explorers A B C D ... Glossary of Exploration Terms
Arctic Explorers

Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) was a Norwegian polar explorer who was the first person to fly over the North Pole in a dirigible (May 11-13, 1926) and was the first person to reach the South Pole. Amundsen and his small expedition reached the South Pole on December 14, 1911, traveling by dog sled. Amundsen was also the first person to sail around the world through the Northeast and Northwest passages, from the Atlantic to the Pacific (in 1905). He was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles. Amundsen died in a plane crash attempting to rescue his friend, the Italian explorer Umberto Nobile who was lost in an airship. For more information on Amundsen, click here BOYD, LOUISE A.
Louise Arner Boyd (1887-1972), known as the "ice woman," was an American who repeatedly explored and photographed the Arctic Ocean; she was also the first woman to fly over the North Pole. Born in San Rafael, California, (near San Francisco), Boyd inherited the family fortune (made by her father's investment company) when she was 33 years old (in 1920). For more information on Boyd, click here

77. University Of Oklahoma Press
an enduring classic of world travel literature international impact of sir AlexanderMackenzie's expeditions and the elite of new world explorers, illuminating

78. Grade 6 - Social Studies
Inuit; Samuel de Champlain; Discovery and exploration; Chouart des Groseilliers;Pierre Esprit Radisson; Simon Fraser; alexander mackenzie; Jacques Cartier
Grade Six
Social Studies
Aboriginal Peoples and European Explorers Expectation Specific Aspects of Expectation Title # Resource Identify early explorers and describe their impact on the development
Canada: a peoples history: grade 5-9 teacher resource package (Book)

Canadian history: exploration

Canadian history: settlement

Christopher Columbus
The Viking explorers
Identify ways in which the environment moulded Canadian Aboriginal cultures;
- Aboriginal people - Then and now; Indians of North America; Atlantic; Inuit-Social life and customs; Fur Trade; Cree Indian; Huron Indians; Algonquin Indians; Woodland Indians
Aboriginal Peoples kit (Kit)

Aboriginal voices: then and now, grade 6 (Book)
Canada: a peoples history: grade 5-9 teacher resource package (Book) Diary of an Innu Child (Kit) ... The Woodland Hunters: the Central Tribes - First Nations-Series The First Nations: the circle unbroken, video 5 The First Nations: the circle unbroken, video 6 The First Nations: the circle unbroken, video 7 Demonstrate an understanding of the social, political, and economic issues facing Aboriginal peoples in Canada today -Canada-History; Indians of North America; British Columbia; Chief Dan George

79. Annapolis Collection
Life of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry by alexander Slidell mackenzie, 1840. Lifeof Napolean Buonaparte by sir Walter Scott, 1827.

Library 25th Anniversary

Main Page

Nimitz Library Main Page
USNA Main ...
The Annapolis Collection
Nimitz Library Special Collections
U.S. Naval Academy In 1845, the United States Naval Academy Library consisted of 361 books, some of which had been purchased new, but many of which were sent from ships or naval yards around the country in response to a navy-wide request to help build the Library. It is interesting to note that in 1848, Midshipman (and future Commodore) William Penn McCann wrote in a letter to his father: "There is a good library here, especially for Naval scholars." ( Letters from Annapolis: Midshipmen Write Home by Anne Marie Drew, 1998. McCann's original letters are located in the Nimitz Library Special Collections and Archives Division.) The following is a list of some of the books that McCann would have found in the original library collection. These books are now a part of the "Annapolis Collection," located in the Special Collections of the Naval Academy Library. To assist in browsing, we have organized the list into the following broad subject areas: General topics History Travel and Exploration Law ... Engineering , and Naval and Military Science
  • Edinburgh Encyclopaedia Paley's Natural Theology by William Paley, 1845-47.

80. PPE - Working Class Encyclopedia - Dump List 2
James McKenzie, sir William mackenzie, Shirley MacLaine Scotland, Dick Scott, sirWalter Scott Vladimar Sergeyevich Soloviev, alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn
Index Dump
L - S
for Biography and General Information pages
NB: Working Class biography (bio) entries placed after general (gen) entries. A - K T - Z L1 gen - La Comune, Fiorello La Guardia, La Marseillaise, Labour, Labour Day, Labour Party, Labour Force, Lady Day, Marquis de Lafayette, Arthur Laffer, Joseph Lagrange, R.D. Laing, Laissez Faire, Lamaism, Lancashire, Joseph Lancaster. L1a gen - Land, Native Land Act 1862, Maori Land March, Land Ownership, Land Reform, Land Use, Land Wars, Landed Gentry. L2 gen - David Lange, William Langland, Language, Larnach Castle, Ferdinand Lassalle, Rose Lathrop, Antoine Lavoisier, Law and Order, Lawyer, Halldor Laxness, Emma Lazarus, League of Nations, Leakey Family, Left Wing, Legal Aid, Legal System, Baron Gottfried von Leibniz, Leibnitz, Lend Lease, Vladimar Lenin, pope Leo XIII, Leonardo da Vinci, Leopard II, Leprechaun, Mikhail Lermontov. L3 gen - Les Miserables, Level Playing Field, Levellers, William Lever, Claude Levi-Strauss, Sinclair Lewis, Li Po, Liberal, Libertarian Party, Library, Max Liebermann, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Karl Liebknecht, Lifespan. L3A gen - Lighthouse, Walter Lippmann, Literacy, Literature, William Lithgow, Little Bighorn, Little Slavies, Livy, David Lloyd George, Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd's of London.

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