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         Mackenzie Sir Alexander New World Exploration:     more detail

81. - Online Resources For Canadian Heritage - Canadian History
alexander mackenzie A Map of America between Latitudes 40 and 70 45 and 180 West,Exhibiting mackenzie’s Track sir John Franklin His Life and Afterlife http
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Online Resources for Canadian Heritage
General and reference works Geography and local history Museums and other cultural institutions
History - Canada (page 4) page 1: General history Chronology Historical geography page 2: Biography, demography and genealogy page 3: Emblems, symbols and flags Constitutional history Politics and government page 4: Discovery and exploration page 5: Migration and settlement page 6: The British colonial period Canada, the nation page 7: Economic history Exploitation of natural resources, Industries and trades, Labor, Commerce, Finance page 8: Transportation history Water transportation, Railways, Air transportation, Space flight Communications history page 9: Religious history Social history Women's history
  • Discovery and exploration
  • 82. Découvrez Le Patrimoine Géoscientifique Du Canada - Rencontres
    Series The Romance of Canadian History; 3. mackenzie, alexander. Through the mackenzieBasin A Narrative of the Athabaska 41949) Parry, sir William Edward.
    Bulletin (National Museum of Canada). Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1913-1970.
    Title varies. Contains 3 subseries: Anthropological, Biological and Geographical, which have separate numbering.
    Calder, Ritchie. Men Against the Frozen North . New York: MacMillan, 1957.
    Canada Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. The Canadian Indian: Yukon and Northwest Territories . Ottawa: Information Canada, 1973.
    Cook, John P., McKennan, Robert A. "The Athapaskan Tradition: A View from Healy Lake in the Yukon-Tanana Upland." Paper read by Robert A. McKennan at the 10th annual meeting of the Northeastern Anthropological Association, Ottawa, May 7-9, 1970.
    Dawson, George Mercer. Notes on the Indian tribes of the Yukon District and Adjacent Northern Portion of British Columbia . Montreal: Reprint from: Annual report of the Geological Survey of Canada, 191B-213B, 1887.
    Dawson, George Mercer. Notes on the Shuswap People of British Columbia . From Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, section III, 1891. Original and microfiche (CIHM Microfiche series; no. 14874).

    83. Sykes, Brigadier General Sir Percy, Explorers And The British Empire
    The adventures of alexander mackenzie. Recent confirmation of mackenzie's observationsby Captain Bishop sir High Willoughby and Richard Chancellor sailing in

    84. Stepone
    sir Francis Drake and the Struggle for an Ocean Empire. alexander Mackenzieand the Explorers of Canada. new York Lothrop, Lee Shepard, 1991.
    Step Three Gathering Locate these books in your media center. Some might be helpful as you gather information. Explorers of Long Ago Explorers of the Twentieth Century Non-Fiction Books Explorers of Long Ago Individual Explorers
    • Coulter, Tony. J acques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, and the Explorers of Canada . New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1993. Weisman, Joanne B. Weisman and Deitch, Kenneth M. Christopher Columbus and the Great Voyage of Discovery . Lowell, Massachusetts: Discovery Enterprises, Ltd., 1990. Coulter, Tony. La Salle and the Explorers of the Mississippi . New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1991. West, Delno C. and West, Jean M. Braving the North Atlantic: The Vikings, the Cabots, and Jacques Cartier Voyage to America . New York: Atheneum, 1996. Dodge, Stephen C. Christopher Columbus and the First Voyages to the New World . New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1991. Whitman, Sylvia.

    85. Explorer Ebooks (e-books) Links
    alexander mackenzie (17631820), explorer and fur trader, was includes both journals,plus mackenzie's own General sir Samuel Baker writes in his introduction
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    "Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great Fish River, and Along the Shores of the Arctic Ocean in the Years 1833, 1834, and 1835"

    86. Index
    52, 58, 63, 66, 7172,94,164 Latour, alexander Napoleon Ulysses Colonel Ned, 235-36,240,242-43 mackenzie, sir William, 12-14, 21-22, 28,52 mackenzie and Mann
    Index Acoma Indian Film
    Anstey; Edgar, 103-4
    Aran Islanders, The
    Aran Islands, 105-9,115-17,119,121,123, 125,127-28,133,135,146,148-49,153, 155, 160, 169, 177, 225, 266,
    281; arrival on, 110- 13; departure from, 126; description of life on, 107,111,146,150; Inishmore, 110,
    123-24, 126, 157; Inishmaan, 124,134; Kilmurvy, 111-14 Amell, Richard, 203-4,226 Baird, Teddy, 166,175-76
    Balcon, Sir Michael, 106-8,119,126-27,138,164
    Bali, 89
    Bali, The (Pasqualito, The ) (ship), 89-90, 96
    Barry, Iris, 42, 140, 262-63, 270
    Battles Potemkin Beethaven's Coriolan Overture Belfrage, Cedric, 97, 106, 123, 162, 185, 285-86 Bell, Michael, 266 Bell, Monta, 165-66,175 Bilby, Julian W., 47 Biro, Lalos, 165, 174 Black Mountain Farm, 228, 230, 232, 234, 261,273-74 Bond, Ralph, 148-49,151, 157 "Bonito the Bull," 87, 94, 164, 231 Borradaile, Osmond H., 165-68,173-75,178,186-87,236 "Boy and the Pit Pony," 185 British Board of Film Censors, 136 British Broadcasting Corporation, 184,266 British Commercial Gas Association, 185 British documentary film movement, 42,96-97, 155,157

    87. Burgersdijk En Niermans
    alexander mackenzie and the North West M. alexander, ed. Discovering KANE, EK Arcticexplorations The second Grinnell Expedition in search of sir John Franklin

    88. NA - Before Mr. Lamb And Mr. Smith Went To Ottawa
    government documents after the Second world War and such as the journals of sir AlexanderMackenzie and George new challenges awaited Lamb with his appointment

    Publications The Archivist Lamb and Smith
    Before Mr. Lamb and Mr. Smith went to Ottawa... (page 2) In the fall of 1934, Lamb was approached by the Provincial Secretary and Minister of Education of British Columbia, Dr. George M. Weir about a possible appointment as the Provincial Librarian and Archivist in Victoria. He accepted the offer and took command of a staff of five housed in a wing of the Parliament buildings. In evaluating his archival experience at that time, Lamb conceded that his involvement with archival holdings to that point had been limited, almost exclusively, to research on non-governmental material in manuscript repositories in the United Kingdom. Help from the Canadian archival community could not be expected as the profession was still in the early stages of development. Turning to the Manual of Archives Administration by Hilary Jenkinson, he found little assistance as “in Jenkinson’s view, only official documents that had been continuously in official custody were entitled to be designated as archives”. He added that Jenkinson “would have looked upon the Provincial Archives of British Columbia, with its small collection of official records and its much larger accumulation of historical manuscripts, transcripts, etc, as being little better than an archival dog’s breakfast.” Lamb’s approach to archival administration was a simple one: “look for practical solutions to practical problems.”

    89. Douglas Day Pioneer Dinner
    Lives such as those of sir James and Lady Amelia Douglas writes in his Diary, thathe thought alexander mackenzie was probably What if mackenzie had been awake Remarks by
    The Honourable
    Iona Campagnolo,
    pc, cm, obc
    Lieutenant Governor
    of British Columbia
    Douglas Day Pioneer Dinner
    Langley Civic Centre
    The Honourable Lynn Stephens, Your Worships Mayor Marlene Grinnell of the City of Langley and Mayor Kurt Alberts of the Township of Langley (Congratulations), School Trustee Ms. Hogeterp, Chief Factor Ms. Olive Wilson of the Native Daughters, Friends of the Fort, Distinguished Guests, Elders, Pioneers, Descendants of the '25', and of the Bay: good people of today's thriving and diverse community: It is such a joy to join you on this 144th Anniversary of Sir James Douglas' audacious and very necessary declaration of the Colony of British Columbia, here on November 19th, 1858. As the 27th Lieutenant Governor, I follow in a continuum that began somewhat chaotically with 5 Governors and 3 jurisdictions. Those first Governors headed both the Colony of Vancouver Island from 1851 - 64 and The Mainland Colony of British Columbia from 1851 to 1858, when with the Douglas Declaration it became a Colony with Sir James as its first Governor. This was followed by the United Colony of British Columbia in 1866 that existed for five years, until Governor Anthony Musgrave led B. C. into Confederation with Canada in 1871 (and the Lieutenant Governors began).

    90. Contents For June 1997
    alexander Boyd Hawes, Off Soundings Aspects of the Maritime Forts and Parks by KennethS. mackenzie / 284. The Naval Leadership of Admiral sir Charles Cotton
    Contents of the International Journal of Maritime History Volume XII, Number 2(December 2000)
    Editor-in-Chief's Note / xi Contributors / xiii
    David M. Williams, “The Shipping of the British Slave Trade in its Final Years, 1798-1807” / 1 Jonathan Goldstein, “The Andrew Jackson Administration and the Orient, 1829-1837” / 27 B.R. Burg, “Dissenter’s Diary: Philip C. Van Buskirk, the US Navy, and the Han River Massacre of 1871” / 53 Adrian Jarvis, “Land Policies in the Port of Liverpool, 1709-1857” / 69 Jan Lucassen and Richard W. Unger, “Labour Productivity in Ocean Shipping, 1450-1875” / 127

    The Abandoned Ocean: A History of United States Maritime Policy Andrew Gibson and Arthur Donovan, “The Abandoned Ocean: A Roundtable Response” / 176 She Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the Sea Joan Druett, “She Captains and the Writing of Popular Maritime History: A Roundtable Response” / 208
    Rainer Baehre and Peter Pope on Outrageous Seas: Shipwreck and Survival in the Waters off Newfoundland, 1583-1893
    The Story of Sail by Trevor Kenchington / 225 Norman J. Brouwer

    91. Ministry Of Sustainable Resource Management - Resource Management Division
    Total new Protected Areas. including portions of the route used by alexander Mackenzieon his significance including Mount Ida, Mount sir alexander, karst and
    Prince George Land and Resource
    Management Plan
    January 1999
    I n British Columbia, and indeed the world over, people today are wrestling with one of the most complex and compelling issues of our time , the need to protect the environment while sustaining economic growth. Many challenges face British Columbia's Land and Resource Management planning tables. They are finding ways to protect our magnificent natural heritage, while ensuring the viability of our resource-based industries and protecting jobs. The Prince George Land and Resource Management planning process is one of 18 strategic land use planning processes in British Columbia. The plan sets the direction of all land use activities on provincial Crown land within the Prince George Planning Area for the next ten years. Since 1993 a group of dedicated people from the Prince George and surrounding area have been working on a Land and Resource Management, Plan (LRMP). The LRMP process is designed to provide an opportunity for resource users, community groups, Aboriginal peoples, interested citizens and government agencies to work together using principles of shared decision making and consensus. The objective of the process is to produce a sub-regional land use plan for Crown land that considers all resources and values, and the needs and interests of the people and industries that use them. The LRMP process began in December 1992, when an invitation to participate was extended to Over 300 tenure holders, community groups, local governments and native bands.

    92. Paul Mapp, Omohundro Institute Of Early American History And Culture | Exploring
    Expedition in Search of sir John Franklin Western exploration, Gunther Barth, usingAlexander mackenzie and Meriwether shaping the conduct of mackenzie and Lewis
    Reviews of Books
    Exploring for Knowledge
    Paul Mapp, Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture
    Surveying the Record: North American Scientific Exploration to 1930. Edited by E DWARD C. C ARTER II. Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society, vol. . (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, . Pp. xvi, Exploration forms a fundamental part of both the prehistory and history of North America. From the earliest arrival of Asians and Europeans in the Americas, unknown territories had to be investigated, mapped, and assimilated into existing conceptions of cosmography, humanity, and religion. Surveying the land and its resources was an imperative for aggressive and avaricious European colonists, and, in the long international struggle for dominance in the Americas, usable geographical information constituted a coveted resource. Witness the many British and French efforts to find a passage to the Pacific and the alarm these efforts aroused in the minds of rival Spanish officials. Native peoples' long familiarity with the terrain gave them a critical advantage over newcomers in these struggles to comprehend and control North America, and acquisition of this native information, or at least some usable approximation thereof, was bound up with the advance of European expansion. In the history of the United States, exploration became assimilated into the mythology and memory of the West: Frederick Jackson Turner's evolving frontier is unimaginable without the explorer in his many forms. Historians of science are equally indebted to explorers, whose ventures into mysterious lands and waters opened new areas for European and American investigation in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; from James Cook to John Wesley Powell, the allure of scientific discovery has actuated exploration of North America as fully as have politics and profit. The drama of such expeditions inspired such classic studies of Western discovery and settlement as Bernard De Voto's

    93. Sh: Adventurers And Explorers - Brooke Bond Tea Cards Of 50 Great Great Stories
    The huge river he followed was named the mackenzie River after him. 27 sir HenryMorton Stanley 18411904. 29 alexander Yon Humboldt 1769-1859. German.
    More News Home Luck ... Next Adventurers And Explorers - Brooke Bond Tea Cards of 50 great Great stories of trail blazing and discovery You a vet from the South Cotswolds - Not the Bronx
    01 John de Piano Carpini c. 1180-1252. Italian
    Illustrated: Carpini and Mongols crossing the Russian steppe.
    Sent as the Pope's ambassador to the Mongols, Carpini was the first European to describe the vast steppe country of Central Asia. More than 60 years old when he started out on Easter Day 1245, this Franciscan friar withstood the bitter cold of the Siberian winter as he travelled to the court of the Great Khan (Emperor) in Mongolia. On his return he wrote A History of the Tartars, describing their customs, such as drinking mare's milk, and how they had become the finest cavalry of their day 02 Marco Polo 1254-1324. Venetian.
    Illustrated: Marco Polo presented at court to Kublai Khan.
    17 years old when he began his travels with his uncle and father, Marco Polo crossed the Persian desert, climbed the Pamirs, and finally reached the court of the great Khan, Kublai, near Peking. Travelling about China he observed the use of paper money, coal, and the huge Chinese cities. 24 years later when he returned to Venice, few people believed his descriptions. But asked on his deathbed to recant, Marco answered "I have not told half of what I saw". 03 Leif Ericsson, tenth century A.D. Norseman.

    94. The History Of Canada And Canadians - New Dominion Is Launched
    (later sir) Garnet Wolseley were was a primary condition imposed by the new province. AlexanderMackenzie headed the Liberal government that then took office.
    THE HISTORY OF CANADA New Dominion Is Launched The first Parliament of the new Dominion met on Nov. 6, 1867, with Macdonald as prime minister. By the Deed of Surrender of 1869, Canada purchased the vast Northwest Territories from the Hudson's Bay Company. The company was permitted to retain trading rights in the area and a small percentage of the prairie lands. The only western settlement of importance east of the Rockies was the Red River colony in Manitoba, which had attained a population of some 12,000 since Selkirk's time. The metis were the most numerous of these settlers. Their leader, Louis Riel, defied the new governor sent out to take over possession of the territory from the Hudson's Bay Company. Riel seized Fort Garry, set up his own provisional government, and forwarded demands to Ottawa that the civil rights and the land rights of the people be protected. At this point Riel might easily have won a place in Canadian history as the father of Manitoba, but he committed the grave error of imprisoning some of the Ontario settlers who opposed him and of having one of them, Thomas Scott, executed. Calmer judgments prevailed when Donald Smith (later Lord Strathcona) and Bishop Alexandre Tache, the religious leader of the Red River Settlement, went to Ottawa and obtained passage of the Manitoba Act of 1870. By this act Manitoba was constituted a province, with its seat of government at Fort Garry (later Winnipeg). But it was a much smaller province, amounting to little more than the Red River Settlement. The right of the French-speaking inhabitants to their own religion and schools was recognized. Soldiers under Col. (later Sir) Garnet Wolseley were sent to Fort Garry to bring law and order on authority from Ottawa. Riel allowed his provisional government to collapse and fled from the new province. The Red River Rebellion was ended but not the career of Riel.

    95. Sykes, Brigadier General Sir Percy, Explorers And The British Empire
    Malo, to discover a new route to China as it assuredly will, a statue to AlexanderMackenzie will be In 1553, sir Hugh Willoughby and Richard Chancellor sailed

    96. Social Studies
    he is the knight's son and sir Kay's brother CROSSING CANADA BY LAND Loyalist Alexandermackenzie mounts two In this scene mackenzie, fellow explorer McKay, two
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    97. Travels, Explorations And Empires, 1770-1835 Published By Pickering & Chatto
    Interior Districts of Africa (1799); sir John Barrow Sara Coleridge (1822); Alexandervon Humboldt and Aimé Indies in 1825 (1826); Charles mackenzie, Notes on

    Travels, Explorations and Empires
    2 Sets of 4 Volumes General Editors: Tim Fulford and Peter J Kitson
    Advisory Editor: Tim Youngs The Romantic Period saw the advance of the massive British imperial expansion that was to make it dominant for most of the nineteenth century. There was a corresponding expansion in travel writings, which, highly popular in their own time, seemed to bring exotic realms within the grasp of the reading public and were a source for ethnographic and cultural information about other societies. Students of British history and colonialism will find much to interest them in this collection. The selection of writings reflects the diversity of the literature, revealing something of the cultural and gender difference of the travellers, as well as fuelling debates on colonialism, natural history, anthropology and slavery. Don Juan
    • All texts reproduced in facsmile Each text accompanied by headnote and endnotes where appropriate Each set has a comprehensive index
    Publication details
    Travels, Explorations and Empires, 1770-1835 Volumes 1-4

    98. Occasional Paper No. 3 - The Margaret P. Hess Collection
    His Majesty's Ships Isabella and alexander, for the ultimate defeat of Prime MinisterMackenzie Bowell's government sir John Thompson's speech on Schools in the
    Special Collections

    Occasional Paper No. 3
    While academic libraries must turn to governments for their basic sustenance, the roots of greatness in a library have always been found in the generosity of individuals, particularly private collectors and lovers of books.
    The Libraries of the University of Calgary have derived much nourishment from the Governments of Alberta and Canada and for this we are truly thankful. However, in the traditon of the great libraries, the jewels in our crown are those specialized private collections placed in our care by the unique and knowledgeable people who built these collections over time with personal care and enthusiasm.
    No finer example exists than the Library of Margaret Hess. The pages that follow provide a brief account of the extent and value of this impressive collection and bear witness to the life's devotion and discernment which Margaret Hess has given to this collection.
    Over the years this large gift of books,journals, pamphlets and rarities have proven to be of immeasureable worth to the scholars of the University of Calgary and to visitors from afar.

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