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         Magellan Ferdinand Explorer:     more books (77)
  1. Ferdinand Magellan and the First Voyage Around the World (Explorers of New Worlds) by Jim Gallagher, 2000
  2. Ferdinand Magellan and the First Voyage Around the World (Explorers of New Worlds) by Jim Gallagher, 2001
  3. Six more explorers: Vasco Da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Jacques Cartier, Mungo Park, Richard Burton, Roald Amundsen (Living Names) by John Walton, 1965
  4. Ferdinand Magellan (Trade route explorers) by Betty Lou Kratoville, 2001
  5. Ferdinand Magellan (Robbie Readers) (What's So Great About...?) by Jim Whiting, 2006-09-15
  6. Who Was Ferdinand Magellan? by S. A. Kramer, 2004-08-03
  7. Magellan's World (Great Explorers) by Stuart Waldman, 2007-10-12
  8. Ferdinand Magellan: A Primary Source Biography (Hoogenboom, Lynn. Primary Source Library of Famous Explorers) by Lynn Hoogenboom, 2006-08-04
  9. Ferdinand Magellan (Fact Finders) by Mervyn D. Kaufman, 2004-01
  10. Magellan: Ferdinand Magellan and the First Trip Around the World (Exploring the World series) by Burgan, Michael, 2002-01-01
  11. Ferdinand Magellan: First to Sail Around the World (Great Explorations, 1) by Milton Meltzer, 2001-11

41. Ferdinand Magellan By Rhyan S.
ferdinand magellan by Rhyan S. Index of explorer Web Power Points. explorer PowerPoint of ferdinand magellan. Bibliography. magellan . World Book Encyclopedia.
Ferdinand Magellan by Rhyan S. Index of Explorer Web Power Points
Explorer Power Point of Ferdinand Magellan
"Magellan" . World Book Encyclopedia. Vol 20,
1993 edition Zoom Explorers. Enchanted Learning . Magellan

Map from the time of Magellan

42. Magellan: Great Explorer Or Villain? -
The fate of ferdinand magellan was decided by several factors, mainly, the The latterchallenge proved magellan’s mettle as an explorer and a navigator

Filipino American Lifestyle
Society and Culture
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43. Famous World Explorers Pages - Ferdinand Magellan
Cook The Great Ocean explorer (What's Their Story) by Haydn Middleton et al.Library Binding (October 1998). Our Price$12.95. ferdinand magellan and the

44. Explorers
explorers of the Land Click on the explorer you want to learn about. ferdinand magellan- Click on View magellan's Voyage to see a nice map with magellan's
Explorers Research/Informational Sites
  • 1492 - An Ongoing Voyage - See all of this exhibit! Don't miss a link! Age of Exploration Timeline Cabeza de Vaca's Trails - Use the drop-down menu to explore this Web site. Conquest Trails..Alabama Conquest Trails in North America - Click on the map to zoom in to a certain area. Conquistadors - From PBS. NEW DeSoto De Soto's Trail - Click on the map to zoom in on a certain area! DeSoto's Trail Through Georgia Discoveries After Prince Henry Discoverers by Alphabet - Scroll down and click on the explorer you wish to learn about. Discoverers Web - This site provides a comprehensive list of sources about exploration and discovery. Discovery and Exploration - From the Library of Congress. Dynamic Explorers ..History for Teens - Learn about De Soto and DeVaca and the Native Americans here. NEW English Conquest of Georgia Explorer Reports - By fifth grade students. NEW Explorers - Includes names, dates, and ONLY basic information. Explorers of the Land - Click on the explorer you want to learn about. Explorers of the World Explorers - Theme page.
  • 45. Lesson Plan
    The student will understand vocabulary found at ferdinand magellan explorer /http// Materials Computer with Internet access.
    Lesson Plan #4 Ferdinand Magellan Duration: 2 to 3 days Objectives:
    • The student will use information taken from the World Wide Web and Microsoft Encarta to create a timeline of Magellan's voyage and life.
    • The student will understand vocabulary found at Ferdinand Magellan: Explorer /
    Materials: Computer with Internet access Microsoft Encarta or any encyclopedia available Library and/or classroom reference materials Printable 1 : Vocabulary Ferdinand Magellan Printable 2: Research Guide Ferdinand Magellan Printable 3: Unit Assessment Ferdinand Magellan Key Vocabulary: Printable 1 Procedures: The students will use an electronic encyclopedia and view Web sites on the World Wide Web to learn about Ferdinand Magellan. The students will create a timeline of the events of Magellan's voyage and life. The students will write sequential paragraphs based on the information included in the group timeline.
    • discuss Ferdinand Magellan and his voyage.
    • discuss the vocabulary found on : Printable 1 Vocabulary Ferdinand Magellan. Students may use /

    46. Who2 Profile: Ferdinand Magellan
    ferdinand magellan • explorer. Portuguese name Fernao de Magalhaesmagellan was born in Portugal, but it was under the Spanish
    FERDINAND MAGELLAN Explorer Portuguese name: Fernao de Magalhaes Magellan was born in Portugal, but it was under the Spanish flag that he sailed in 1518 with the intention of reaching the Spice Islands by sailing west around South America. After much hardship he succeeded in reaching and then sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Soon thereafter he was killed while trying to subdue the natives on what is now the island of Mactan in the Philippines. After still more hardships, one of his original five ships, the Victoria, eventually made it back to Spain. Though Magellan didn't complete the entire circumnavigation, as the expedition's leader he is usually credited with being the first man to circle the globe.
    Other explorers on Who2 include Marco Polo Christopher Columbus Ernest Shackleton and Jacques Cousteau
    Ferdinand Magellan

    Basic bio from the Mariners' Museum Catholic Encyclopedia: Ferdinand Magellan
    Meaty, complicated rundown of his life Smithsonian Magazine Reprint
    Excellent trip detail, including Magellan's death Discoverer's Web Links
    Huuuuge index to web sites about explorers Birth:
    Circa 1480 Birthplace:
    Villa Real, Portugal

    magellan, ferdinand, Portuguese FERNO DE MAGALHES, Spanish FERNANDO, or HERNANDO,DE 27, 1521, Mactan, Phil.), Portuguese navigator and explorer who sailed
    Magellan, Ferdinand, Portuguese FERNO DE MAGALHES, Spanish FERNANDO, or HERNANDO, DE MAGALLANES (b. c. 1480, Sabrosa, or Porto?, Port.d. April 27, 1521, Mactan, Phil.), Portuguese navigator and explorer who sailed under the flags of both Portugal (1505-12) and Spain (1519-21). From Spain he sailed around South America, discovering the Strait of Magellan, and across the Pacific. Though he was killed in the Philippines, his ships continued westward to Spain, accomplishing the first circumnavigation of the world. The voyage was successfully terminated by the Basque navigator Juan Sebastián de Elcano (del Cano). Early life Magellan, the son of Rui de Magalhães and Alda de Mesquita, belonged to the Portuguese nobility. At an early age he became a page to Queen Leonor in Lisbon. In early 1505 he enlisted in the fleet of Francisco de Almeida, first Portuguese viceroy in the East, whose expedition, sent by King Manuel to check Muslim sea power in Africa and India, left Lisbon on March 25. During a naval engagement at Cannanore on the Malabar Coast of India, Magellan is said by the chronicler Gaspar Correia to have been wounded. Though Correia states that during this early period of his Indian service he acquired considerable knowledge of navigation, little is known of Magellan's first years in the East until he appears among those sailing in November 1506 with Nuno Vaz Pereira to Sofala on the Mozambique coast, where the Portuguese established a fort. In 1508 he was back in India, taking part, on Feb. 2-3, 1509, in the great Battle of Diu, which gave the Portuguese supremacy over most of the Indian Ocean. Reaching Cochin in the fleet of Diogo Lopes de Sequeira, he left as one of the men-at-arms for Malacca. Magellan is mentioned as being sent to warn the commander of impending attack by Malays and during the subsequent fighting courageously saved the life of a Portuguese explorer, Francisco Serrão, who later from the Moluccas (Maluku) sent him helpful information about those islands. At a council held at Cochin on October 10, to decide on plans for recapturing Goa, he advised against taking large ships at that season, but the new viceroy, Afonso de Albuquerque, did so, the city falling on November 24; Magellan's name does not appear among those who fought. There is no conclusive evidence for the theory that during his Indian service he attained the rank of captain. The Portuguese victories off the eastern coast of Africa and the western coast of India had broken Muslim power in the Indian Ocean, and the purpose of Almeida's expeditionto wrest from the Arabs the key points of sea tradewas almost accomplished; but without control of Malacca their achievement was incomplete. At the end of June 1511, therefore, a fleet under Albuquerque left for Malacca, which fell after six weeks. This event, in which Magellan took part, was the crowning Portuguese victory in the Orient. Through Malacca passed the wealth of the East to the harbours of the West, and in the command of the Malacca Strait the Portuguese held the key to the seas and ports of Malaysia. It remained to explore the wealth-giving Moluccas, the islands of spice. Accordingly, early in December 1511 they sailed on a voyage of reconnaissance and after reaching Banda returned with spice in 1512. The claim made by some that Magellan went on this voyage rests on unproved statements by Giovanni Battista Ramusio and Leonardo de Argensola, and the want of evidence argues against its acceptance. Even if he did, in truth, reach the Moluccas, a further voyagewhich he later commanded from Spain to the Philippineswas required to complete the circle of navigation. In 1512 Magellan was back in Lisbon; the following year he joined the forces sent against the Moroccan stronghold of Azamor and in a skirmish after its fall sustained a wound that caused him to limp for the rest of his life. Returning to Lisbon in November 1514 he asked King Manuel for a token increase in his pension, signifying a rise in rank. But unfounded reports of irregular conduct on his part after the siege of Azamor had reached the King, who, refusing his request, ordered him back to Morocco. Early in 1516 Magellan renewed his petition; the King, refusing once more, told him he might offer his services elsewhere. Allegiance to Spain. Magellan therefore went to Spain, reaching Seville on Oct. 20, 1517. He was joined by the Portuguese cosmographer Rui Faleiro, and together they journeyed to the court at Valladolid. There, having renounced their nationality, the two men offered their services to King Charles I (later, Emperor Charles V). Magalhães henceforward became known by the Spanish version of his nameFernando de Magallanes. By decree of a papal bull in 1493, all new territories discovered or that should be discovered east of a line of demarcation (redrawn 1494) were assigned to Portugal, all that lay west to Spain. Magellan and Faleiro now proposed by sailing west to give practical proof of their claim that the wealth-giving Spice Islands lay west of the line of demarcationthat is, within the Spanish, not the Portuguese, hemisphere. On March 22, 1518, their proposal received royal assent; they were appointed joint captains general of an expedition directed to seek an all-Spanish route to the Moluccas. The government of any lands discovered was to be vested in them and their heirs, and they were to receive a one-twentieth share of the net profits from the venture; both were invested with the Order of Santiago. Magellan was convinced that he would lead his ships from the Atlantic to the "Sea of the South" by discovering a strait through Tierra Firme. This idea did not originate with him; others had sought a passage by which vessels sailing continuously westward would reach the East and thus avoid the Cape of Good Hope, which was controlled by the Portuguese; in the royal agreement Magellan and Faleiro were directed to find "the" strait. The officials entrusted with East Indian affairs were instructed to furnish five ships for the expedition, prepared in Seville, where an unsuccessful attempt to wreck the project was made by Portuguese agents. Magellan's flagship, "Trinidad," had as consorts "San Antonio," "Concepción," "Victoria," and "Santiago." An attack of insanity prevented Faleiro from sailing. Magellan, who in 1517 married Beatriz Barbosa, daughter of an important official in Seville, said farewell to his wife and infant son Rodrigo before his ships left Sanlúcar de Barrameda on Sept. 20, 1519, carrying about 270 men, among whom nine countries were represented. The fleet reached Tenerife on September 26, sailing on October 3 for Brazil; becalmed off the Guinea coast, it met storms before reaching the line; on November 29 it was 27 leagues southwest of Cape St. Augustine. Rounding Cabo Frio, Magellan entered the Bay of Rio de Janeiro on December 13, then sailing south to the Río de la Plata vainly probed the estuary, seeking the strait. On March 31 he reached Port St. Julian in latitude 49 20' S, where on Easter day at midnight Spanish captains led a serious mutiny against the Portuguese commander. Magellan with resolution, ruthlessness, and daring quelled it, executing one of the captains and leaving another to his fate ashore when, on Aug. 24, 1520, the fleet left St. Julian. Discovery of the Strait of Magellan After reaching the mouth of the Santa Cruz, near which "Santiago," reconnoitring, had been wrecked earlier, Magellan started south again, on October 21 rounding the Cape of the Virgins (Cabo Vírgenes), and at approximately 52 50' S entered the passage that proved to be the strait of his seeking, later to bear his name. "San Antonio" having deserted, only three of his ships reached the western end of the passage; at the news that the ocean had been sighted the iron-willed admiral broke down and cried with joy. On November 28 "Trinidad," "Concepción," and "Victoria" entered the "Sea of the South," from their calm crossing later called the Pacific Ocean. Tortured by thirst, stricken by scurvy, feeding on rat-fouled biscuits, finally reduced to eating the leather off the yardarms, the crews, driven first by the Peru Current and throughout the voyage by the relentless determination of Magellan, made the great crossing of the Pacific. Until December 18 they had sailed near the Chilean coast; then Magellan took a course northwestward; not until Jan. 24, 1521, was land sighted, probably Pukapuka in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Crossing the equinoctial line at approximately 158 W on February 13, the voyagers on March 6 made first landfall at Guam in the Marianas, where they obtained fresh food for the first time in 99 days. A Memorial, sent by Magellan to King Charles before leaving Spain, suggests that he knew (probably partly from Serrão's letters) the approximate position of the Moluccas; in sailing now to the Philippines instead of direct to the Spice Islands, he was doubtless dominated by the idea of early revictualing and the advantage of securing a base before visiting the Moluccas. Leaving on March 9, Magellan steered west-southwestward to islands later called the Philippines, where at Massava he secured the first alliance in the Pacific for Spain, at Cebú the conversion to Christianity of the ruler and his chief men. Less than two months later, however, Magellan was killed in a fight with natives on Mactan Island. Circumnavigation of the globe. After Magellan's death only two of the ships, "Trinidad" and "Victoria," reached the Moluccas; only one, "Victoria" (85 tons), returned to Spain, under command of Elcano, originally master on "Concepción," and participator in the mutiny at Port St. Julian. For bringing home, on Sept. 8, 1522, the leaking but spice-laden ship, with only 17 other European survivors and 4 Indians, "weaker than men have ever been before," Elcano received from the Emperor an augmentation to his coat of arms, a globe with the inscription "Primus circumdedisti me" ("You were the first to encircle me"). It had been left for Elcano, returning by the Cape route, to give practical proof that the Earth was round. Magellan's accomplishment lies in his bold conception and masterly direction of the enterprise that achieved the first circumnavigation of the globe. The first navigator to cross the Pacific from east to west, he disproved the prevailing idea that a mere few days westward sailing from the New World would bring ships to the East Indies. Instead, after a crossing lasting more than three months, he brought a fleet within easy distance of them. Magellan, with a character so complex and of such extreme contradictions, will remain an enigma; psychologically he cannot have been at peace with himself. For his transference of allegiance many writers have denounced him, bearing in mind that in his time the loyalty of a Portuguese to his sovereign was second only to his loyalty to his God; others have pointed out that in offering his services to another ruler Magellan did what Christopher Columbus, Sebastian Cabot, and Amerigo Vespucci had done and that limitations imposed by nationality are irreconcilable with the advancement of knowledge. But on one thing all Portuguese are agreed: "He is ours." (M.Mi.) BIBLIOGRAPHY. The fullest account of Magellan's remarkable voyage is that of Antonio Pigafetta, who sailed with Magellan and returned with Elcano. The text of the Italian version, translated, edited, and annotated by James Alexander Robertson, is Magellan's Voyage Around the World, 3 vol. (1906). The First Voyage Round the World, by Magellan, edited and translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley (Henry Edward Stanley) (1874, reprinted 1963), also includes the account of Pigafetta, as well as accounts by other members of the expedition. Important introductory works on the life of Magellan include F.H.H. Guillemard, The Life of Ferdinand Magellan and the First Circumnavigation of the Globe, 1480-1521 (1890, reprinted 1971); E.F. Benson, Ferdinand Magellan (1929); and Edouard Roditi, Magellan of the Pacific (1972).

    48. Explorer Study
    Hargrove, Jim. ReneRobert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle explorer of the MississippiRiver. ferdinand magellan. Harley, Ruth W. and Frenck, Hal.

    49. Explorer Magellan
    magellan Exchange Program. Up Scurvy ferdinand magellan. Born1480. Died 1521. Spanish explorer. Major Accomplishment. He was

    50. ProTeacher! New World Exploration Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In
    map skills to trace the explorations of ferdinand magellan source. Voyage of Doom From PBS, a website about the excavation of French explorer Robert Cavelier

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    on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

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    History United States New World Exploration Explorers and Discoverers - Handout for a student report on explorers. Students sign up for an explorer, then do independent research and a class presentation source
    Explorers Handout
    - Step-by-step instructions and scoring guide for a research project about explorers. Project involves written report, art, and a speech source
    Lessons of the Explorers
    - Over a dozen activity ideas with web links and printables about explorers of the millenium from ancient times to the present source
    The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide
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    The Mariner's Museum Student Activities
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    - Students use the scientific explorers accompanying Captain James Cook in the South Pacific as inspiration for creating observation journals source
    Age of Exploration Word Search
    - A printable puzzle. Students answer clues and locate the name of the explorers. For answer key, click on source

    51. Explorer List
    explorer Web Page. explorer List. Balboa 1, Vasco Nunez de. La Salle, Robert. Lewis,Meriwether. magellan 1, ferdinand. magellan 2, ferdinand. Marquette, Jacques.
    Dodge Elementary School, Grand Island, Nebraska
    Explorer Web Page
    Explorer List
    Balboa 1, Vasco Nunez de Balboa 2, Vasco Nunez de Cabot 1, John Cabot 2, John ... Vespucci 2, Amerigo Go to Student Projects Page Go to the Archives Page Go to Lesson Plan Page Go to Dodge Home Page

    ferdinand magellan (14801521). He was a Portuguese navigator and explorer whosailed under the flags of Portugal (1502 - 1516) and Spain (1519 - 1521).
    Ferdinand Magellan
    My Project by Mark Patrick Telford, Aged 9yrs 6mths
    My project is about Ferdinand Magellan. I chose him because he was the first person to travel round the world, but he did it in two parts. He was the first person to go around South America. He named the Pacific Ocean because it was so peaceful compared to the Atlantic. Magellan came from Portugal and he lived in Lisbon. I went with my mum and dad to Portugal on holiday and went to Lisbon. I tried with my mum and dad to visit the castle where he probably lived but even though we could see it at the top of the hill we could not find it. We went to Cape St Vincent to a place called Sagres. Henry the Navigator , who was a prince and one of Portugal's first explorers, had a school of navigation at Sages. There is a huge compass on the ground. This is a statue of Henry the Navigator with me and my dad in front of it. He has a sword because as well as being an explorer he was protector of the Algarve and fought many battles.
    Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521)
    He was a Portuguese navigator and explorer who sailed under the flags of Portugal (1502 - 1516) and Spain (1519 - 1521). He commanded the first expedition to sail round the world, and was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean. he proved that the Earth was round. He died in the Philippines but his crew carried on the voyage round the world. many people think it was the greatest navigational feat in history.

    53. Ferdinand Magellan
    About the explorer ferdinand magellan had one sister named Isabel, abrother named Diego, a mother named Dora, and a father named Dom.
    Ferdinand Magellan About the Explorer
  • Ferdinand Magellan had one sister named Isabel, a brother named Diego, a mother named Dora, and a father named Dom. Ferdinand went to school every day after breakfast. The boys studied map-making, arithmetic, and Latin. After school the boys went to the field and learned how to fight with a sword. Ferdinand had many duties on board like running errands for the queen. Ferdinand enjoyed hunting with his father, and some of his friends. Ferdinand was born in 1480 and he died in 1521.
  • About the Trip
    • Life on board the ship was hard. They spent most of their time working, sleeping, and eating. By the end of their journeys they had to eat rotten biscuits, ox hides, rats, and saw dust. Anyone who fell asleep on board when on watch was whipped, or dunked in the sea. Sometimes when they had traveled for many days without seeing land, they made plans to kill the captain and turn back. Some of the crew on board were prisoners released from jail.
    Other …Facts
    • Ferdinand was the first explorer to lead an expedition around the world.

    54. PBTIL - McAuliffe Team
    Jacques Cartier; ferdinand magellan; Ponce de Leon. Each student will pair up withanother student. Each pair of students will choose an explorer to research.
    Lesson Plans - Explorer Theme
    Early European Explorers 1000-1609
    Christopher Columbus

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Time Line of Early European Explorers 1000-1609
    Lesson One Main Subject Area: Social Studies Interdisciplinary Unit: Early European Explorers1000-1609 Disciplines Involved: History, ESL, Language Arts, Geography, Technology Learning Objectives:
    • Introduce vocabulary.
    • Name different explorers, where they traveled to, and their achievements.
    • Search in the Internet to get information about the explorers.
    • Write a biography about an explorer.
    • Oral presentation-role play part of explorer.
    Curriculum/Framework Standards:
    • History Strand: Learning Standard 1B
    • Geography Strand: Learning Standard 9
    Lesson Activity: Students are going to learn about different explorers and their accomplishments. They are going to be divided into groups of two. Each group is going to be assigned an explorer to research. Each pair is going to present their final product in an oral presentation and publish it on the Internet. Materials/Resources:
    • Paper and pencils
    • Computers
    • Encyclopedias and other books related to the topic
    Procedures: Introduce the unit to the whole group. Introduce vocabulary. Explain what an explorer is and how they contributed to our civilization. Discuss the different explorers that they will be researching. Write the names of the explorers on the board and invite them to copy it.

    55. Explorer Homesite
    Montezuma II 2001. James Cook - 2000, ferdinand magellan - 2000 ferdinandmagellan - 2001. Pilgrims. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado - 2000
    Exploration and Discovery
    This informational web site was created by Ms. Mary Weidenhaft's Honors World History Classes, 1999-2000 and 2001-2002, for their Exploration and Discovery Project Assignment. The Assignment Exploration and Discovery Research Site Supplemental Information Scoring Guides Explorers Choose a role Others Vasco Nunez de Balboa - 2000 Eric the Red - 2001 Atahuala John Cabot Leif Eriksson - 2000 Leif Eriksson - 2001 Aztecs - 2000 Pedro Alvares Cabral Vasco da Gama - 2000 A Cartographer - 2000 Jacques Cartier 2001 Louis Joliet - 2000 A Conquistador Robert Cavelier
    (Sieur de La Salle)

    Jacques Marquette

    ... Jacques Marquette - 2000 Incas Christopher Columbus - 2000 Christopher Columbus - 2001 Juan Ponce de Leon - 2000 Juan Ponce de Leon - 2001 ... Marco Polo - 2001 Shipwright Bartholomeu Dias - 2000 Bartholomeu Dias - 2001 Giovanni de Verranzano Slave on the Middle Passage - 2001 Sir Francis Drake - 2000 Sir Francis Drake - 2001 Amerigo Vespucci - 2001 ... Email their "Skipper" This Page created by Ms. Mary Weidenhaft
    Social Studies Department
    Sullivan High School

    Sullivan, Missouri

    56. Ferdinand Magellan
    Who was the first explorer to circumnavigate the globe and cross the Pacific Ocean?ferdinand magellan did it on his famous voyage in search of a westward
    Home Biography Historical Figures BIOGRAPHY : Historical Figures Ferdinand Magellan

    57. Explorers - Links For 5th Grade Classes
    HALF MOON. The life and times of Henry Hudson, explorer and adventurer. Who wasHenry Hudson Anyway? And What Happened to Him? Henry Hudson. ferdinand magellan
    Exploration... the Americas Explorations and Discovery Yahooligans Directory: Exploration General explorer links
    Vasco Balboa:
    John Cabot:
    John Cabot By Amy Morgan, Grade 5, 1998
    Jacques Cartier Jacques Cartier (1491-1557)
    Samuel Champlain (1567-1635) Samuel Champlain The Explorations of Champlain Samuel de Champlain's 1607 Map
    James Cook:
    James Cook James Cook: British Navigator and Explorer Biography of Captain James Cook
    Hernando Cortes:
    HERNANDO CORTES 1485 - 1547 By: Bianca Harlow Mr. Garretson/ Room 15 BURIED MIRROR. CONFLICT OF THE GODS. TRANSCRIPT Hernando de Cortes by George
    Vasco de Gama:
    Gander Academy Vasco da Gama
    De Soto:
    De Soto De Soto
    Sir Francis Drake:
    Sir Francis Drake Sir Francis Drake
    Henry the Navigator:
    Prince Henry the Navigator Henry the Navigator
    Henry Hudson:
    HALF MOON The life and times of Henry Hudson, explorer and adventurer Who was Henry Hudson Anyway? And What Happened to Him? Henry Hudson
    Ferdinand Magellan:
    FERDINAND MAGELLAN Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan My Project by Mark Patrick Telford, Aged 9yrs 6mths
    Marquette and Joliet:
    Father Marquette National Memorial and Museum
    Francisco Pizarro:
    Francisco Pizarro
    Marco Polo:
    Marco Polo Homepage Marco Polo
    Ponce de Leon:
    Juan Ponce de Leon
    Amerigo Vespucci:
    Amerigo Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci

    58. Explorer Links
    html. Gives specific information about this explorer. ferdinand magellan http// Gives information
    Margaret Mead Learning Resource Center
    Home Student Links Curriculum Links Reference Links ... Birthday Club Explorers 1492 : An Ongoing Voyage This online exhibition from the Library of Congress examines the first sustained contacts between American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to 1600. Discoverers Web Links to information found on the web about voyages of discovery and exploration. Includes an alphabetical list of explorers. Explorers of North America This site contains information about many explorers of North America Exploits of Vasco da Gama Gives specific information about this explorer. Ferdinand Magellan Gives information about the first circumnavigation of the globe was led by Ferdinand Magellan. Ian Chadwick's Biography of Henry Hudson This site gives an extensive six -part biography of Hudson.

    59. Explorers Teaching Theme
    Cook, James; magellan, ferdinand; Polo, Marco. More Mega Sites. My 1st Amazing Worldexplorer; Silva explorer Compass with Wheel; What to Listen for in the World.
    Best Sites


    Free Sites
    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
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    Language Arts
    ... Explorers Explorers Teaching Theme Bulletin Board Set
  • Bulletin Board Border Set Bulletin Board Border Set v 2.0 Famous Faces Hit Land ... Hunting
  • Mega Sites For Individual Explorers
  • Cabot, John and Sebastian Columbus, Christopher Cook, James Magellan, Ferdinand ... Polo, Marco
  • Downloads
  • 123learn: Forest Field Trip GPSMap Journey Toward the Infinite The Age Of Discovery ... Versamap
  • Resource Materials
  • Exploring the Chesapeake in Small Boats Mailbox Exploring Social Studies My 1st Amazing World Explorer Silva Explorer Compass with Wheel ... What to Listen for in the World
  • Hands On Activities
  • Chart Columbus' Voyages How Compasses Work Explorer Interviews Exploring Landforms ... Famous Historical People
  • Top Sites For Background Information
  • Discoverers Web Explorer Poems Explorers of the Millenium MMBC Exploration: Explorer Biographies ... Ships of Discovery
  • Interactive Sites For Students

    60. Explorer Research Links
    2 ferdinand magellan. 3 ferdinand magellan. Henry Hudson, 1 Pedro Alvarez Cabral. 1Verrazzano. 2 Verrazzano. 3 Verrazzano. explorer Names Links. explorer chart. research links.html
    Explorer Links 1 Juan Ponce de Leon 2 Juan Ponce de Leon 1 Sir Francis Drake 2 Sir Francis Drake ... 1 Pedro Alvarez Cabral 2 Pedro Alvarez Cabral Vasco da Gama John Cabot Jacques Cartier Bartolomeu Diaz voyage ... Explorer Pictures Return to homepage

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