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         Mailing Lists Teach:     more detail

National Council of teachers of math list ( Additionalmailing lists provided by contributors.
Return to TedÂ’s main page INTERNET MAILING LISTS DEALING WITH EDUCATION TOPICS Welcome to my page on internet discussion lists related to education topics. If you have a favorite site or sites you would be willing to share with me please send them along to: A brief description would be most helpful. I will add your contributions to this site under reader contributions below. Please be sure to include the listserv address. Also please specify if the list is a listserv, listproc, or majordomo. Thanks in advance for your help in building this page.
Instructions for subscribing to a list For listserv and listproc servers send a message to the listserv and in the body write subscribe (list name) followed by your real name. Leave the subject line blank. Example: send message to in the body write
Subscribe collabor Ted Panitz For a majordomo list follow the same instructions except in the body write your email address instead of your real name. Example: Subscribe mathedcc

62. CommuniGate Pro Mailing Lists
, Access(see below). townhallteachin, teach-In committee of the THC, subscribers.......Welcome to mailing lists! mailing List,
W elcome to Mailing Lists! Mailing List Description Access (see below) Discussion to promote peace in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy [] anybody townhall-announce Events, alerts, info from the SF Town Hall Committee to stop Hate and War ... administration page with an account that has been given administrative privileges.
List Administration
To administer an existing list, you should login to using the account that has been designated the owner of that list. You can also access the list owner's control page through the administration page
New Accounts
If you would like a list administrator account created for you, please email and we will take care of it as soon as possible. Trial lists are free. For more information about this service, please see Problems? Email Software by:

63. Newsgroups And Mailing Lists
Prev, Chapter 14. Finding Help, Next. 14.1. Newsgroups and mailing lists. Thisguide cannot teach you everything about Linux. There just isn't enough space.
The Linux System Administrator's Guide: Version 0.7 Prev Chapter 14. Finding Help Next
14.1. Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
This guide cannot teach you everything about Linux. There just isn't enough space. It is almost inevitable that at some point you will find something you need to do, that isn't covered in this (or any other) document at the LDP. One of the nicest things about Linux is the large number of forums devoted to it. There are forums relating to almost all facets of Linux ranging from newbie FAQs to in depth kernel development issues. To receive the most from them, there are a few things you can do.
14.1.1. Finding The Right Forum
The first thing to do is to find an appropriate forum. There are many newsgroups and mailing lists devoted to Linux, so try to find and use the one which most closely matches your question. For example, there isn't much point in you asking a question about sendmail in a forum devoted to Linux kernel development. At best the people there will think you are stupid and you will get few responses, at worst you may receive lots of highly insulting replies (flames). A quick look through the newsgroups available finds comp.mail.sendmail, which looks like an appropriate place to ask a sendmail question. Your news client probably has a list of the newsgroups available to you, but if not then a full list of newsgroups is available at*

64. The Story Of "Nadine" -- A Tale Of Mailing Lists
The Story of Nadine A Tale of mailing lists. It is a story about howInternet email lists can go horribly wrong. Contents. That'll teach me.
The Story of "Nadine" A Tale of Mailing Lists
Last update : 14-Jul-2002 16:34 US Central Daylight Time. A mirror of this page is also available with better bandwidth courtesy of Al Iverson at
Preface: What's This?
This is an account of what happened after an Internet user accidentally gave a wrong email address when she visited a web page and signed up for a sweepstakes. It is a story about how Internet email lists can go horribly wrong.
Background Information
Nadine The Story Begins

More Stuff Arrives

Harris Polls
: Is It a Threat or Merely a Menace?
The Grouplotto Flood

Miss Cleo's Psychic Insight Blows a Fuse

(GTMI, Walt Rines),, ... ROI1.NET (Img Direct),, (Optin Inc) Postmaster General ( ... Scott Hirsch (,, eDirectNetwork, Mediatrec DirectNet Advertising (,,

65. Mailing Lists
Listowners, The list of users who own lists on the Muaythai, Muay Thai/Kickboxingclub mailing list. Skating-On-The-Midway, teach Skating as Community Service.

66. Folk Music Mailing Lists
a general list of music mailing lists available that you might want to check forfolkspecific lists. moderator/owner Marge Steiner, msteiner@teach.usc.indiana

67. Listservs And Mailing Lists
One of the many popular Internet mailing lists, and one of particular relevance tothese RoadMap 96 is an Internet training workshop designed to teach new Net

68. Yamada Language Center: French Mailing Lists
Frenchspeaking moderated e-conference for all who research, theorize, teach or studyfilm and The mailing lists website http//
French Mailing Lists search our site
List index
French language Guide Guide index Yamada home page Groups of mailing lists organized by specific country:
List Server: MAJORDOMO@MAIL.MSEN.COM To subscribe, send mail with a message consisting of one line: SUBSCRIBE /listname/ /your name/ e.g.: subscribe AMAZIGH-NET John Doe
French studies (literature etc.), in French. List Server: BALZAC-L@CC.UMONTREAL.CA To subscribe, simply send mail to the List Server requesting subscription.
List Server: LISTSERV@UNIV-RENNES1.FR To subscribe, send mail with a message consisting of one line: SUBSCRIBE /listname/ /your name/ e.g.: subscribe BIBLIO-FR John Doe
En francais, un "Cafe Campus" pur discuter de choses et d'autres - Very active discussion in French. List Server: LISTSERV@UQUEBEC.CA To subscribe, send mail with a message consisting of one line: SUBSCRIBE /listname/ /your name/ e.g.: subscribe CAUSERIE John Doe
classe globale de francais - For French learners. List Server: LISTSERV@CREN.ORG

69. TEACHERS' MENTOR - Mailing Lists, Forums, & Newsletters
If you teach Preschool, the new Early Learning Weekly is a good resource MailringsHere you can find subscription links to educational mailing lists for all
Mailing Lists, Forums
Printer-friendly Version What is a mailing list?
What is a forum?

What is a newsletter?
Now I have hundreds of emails. What do I do with them?
Mailing lists, forums, and newsletters can be excellent sources of information for teachers. So many teachers that I talk to seem to be unaware of their existence. Mailing lists and forums offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other teachers from all parts of our country and beyond. As teaching can be an isolating experience at times, it can be a stress reliever just to be able to share experiences, problems, and a few laughs with other adults who understand. Newsletters can keep you informed about changes to websites, education news, new websites that will fit your curriculum, and many other things.
What is a mailing list?
You receive messages from a mailing list by email. A mailing list has its own address and anything a person sends to that address is sent to all the people on the list, anyone of whom may reply to that message. It allows you to join a discussion with a large number of people who have a similar interest. Some points to remember if you subscribe to a mailing list:
  • Most mailing lists are handled automatically by a computer, so

70. Marketing Advice: How To Select Responsive Mailing Lists For The Educational Mar
How To Select Responsive mailing lists for the Educational Market Copyright 1999 ofteachers and administrators and information about what they teach or their
How To Select Responsive Mailing Lists
for the Educational Market

Most educational publishers rely heavily on direct mail in order to promote and sell their products and services to educators. These promotions run the gamut of a full catalog of all the products in a company's product line to postcards announcing special offers or new information available on a company's web site. With more than 4.4 million educators at 108,000 school buildings and 16,000 districts, no company can afford to cover this entire market with one or more mailings.
So, how do you sift through all the options in order to make the best list selection possible and increase your response rate?
Luckily, there are three companies that do a lot of the work for you: MDR, CMG, and QED. All of these companies have complete databases of the education market with a myriad of demographics attached to each school and district. They can tell you what grade levels are taught in each school, how many students are enrolled, how many computers are in the school, the ethnic percentage of the school population, the location (urban, suburban and rural) of the school and hundreds of other statistics about that school.
These companies also have a database of teachers and administrators and information about what they teach or their main job function. Some companies also offer lists of teachers who have purchased something from another company.

71. UAH: Class Mailing Lists
the Provost can update the FMM to associate you with the courses you teach. All mailinglists for a given faculty member will have the same password, which you
Using Class Mailing Lists
has recently begun constructing mailing lists for many classes offered at UAH for the current term. Utilization of the lists by faculty depend upon two things: One, the class must be assigned to the faculty member in the Faculty Management Module of SIS; and two, the faculty member must have added a Mailing List Password and current email address in his entry in the UAH Online Campus Directory. Let's take a closer look at each of these requirements and then how you would go about sending an email to all members of your class.
Faculty Management Module
The Faculty Management Module (FMM) is a part of the Student Information System (SIS) that associates a faculty member with a particular course. This is how, for example, you have access to your classes in the Web for Faculty product to post grades via the Internet. Because mailing lists must be protected against abuse, we use the information from the FMM to determine what faculty member should have access to a given mailing list. The Office of the Provost can update the FMM to associate you with the courses you teach.
Mailing List Password / E-mail Address
Once we determine what faculty member teaches a given class, we look in that person's Online Directory entry to find out what password to assign to a mailing list. All mailing lists for a given faculty member will have the same password, which you specify by updating your directory entry. Use of this password when sending an email to your class will help prevent unauthorized use of your mailing list.

72. NEWS: India's Slum And Village Kids Teach Themselves Computers
You're here Home mailing lists sasia-it. Sender's slum and village kids teach themselves how to use computers By Rezaul
Resource services Training Meetings Membership ... Internet community You're here: Home Mailing Lists s-asia-it Quick Links Site Map IPv4 requests IPv4 guide IPv6 requests ASN requests Whois Reverse DNS guide Contacting APNIC APNIC employment APNIC mail lists Date Prev Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index
NEWS: India's slum and village kids teach themselves computers

73. ISTC: Teach Yourself XML In 21 Days
mailing lists. Eleven mailing lists have been provided. teach yourself XMLin 21 Days is also a reference book of useful information resources.
The institute for the professional communicator Search: Advanced Search PO Box 522, PETERBOROUGH, PE2 5WX Tel: ++44 1733 390141 Training and education courses Career development Technical communication standards National Occupational Standards ... Whoops Archive to 2000
Teach yourself XML in 21 Days
Simon North FISTC and Paul Hermans Reviewed by Geoff Barrow QGM LCGI MIIExE (DEM (Hon)) [1999] Once in a while a useful book is published when it is most needed. This is a book for communicators - not programmers - to learn how to use and apply the extensible markup language (XML). For all those communicators, who have discovered the realities of 'ageism', this is your chance to develop those skills, which - in the very near future - will be relevant to all electronic information. XML gives communicators the opportunity to design their documents - and other forms of information - using their own styles and standards.
How is the Book Organised?
The information is structured into four parts. The first three parts are organised as; Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. The fourth part provides a Glossary, and a comprehensive list of Online Resources, Mailing Lists and Test Data. If you are already using the Internet, you can use these resources to keep you informed of the latest improvements to the XML culture. Each week is structured for its seven days, so you learn; the basics in the first week, the scripting and linking structures in the second week, and in the last week, how to use Meta-Data to describe XML data and use styling and rendering techniques.

74. Weather Mania - Mailing Lists
in an open forum where the subscribers can learn from and teach what they WX200E-mail Discussion mailing List; WX-TALK Family mailing lists; WxWare listserv
Last Updated: Weather Mailing Lists
  • ALMANAC-WEATHER Mailing List I'm a weather observer in eastern Massachusetts and on this list if you have observed something with the weather you can write about it to the list and you can write daily weather forecast's or observations to the list. Also you're welcome to write about anything that doe's with weather if you want. American Weather Observer Aussie-weather mailing list Australian Weather Mailing List Broadcast-Weather Mailing List Attention Weather Professionals (Meteorologists) and aficionados: Are you getting the most out of your weather vendors/suppliers? Would you like more? Are you tired of being told what weather data/display systems should contain/look like? Then you've come to the right place. Express your grievances HERE! Greg's Weather Center Newsletter Free Front Line Weather Newsletter HurricaneTalk - Mailing List The mission of this list server is to share tropical weather phenomena in an open forum where the subscribers can learn from and teach what they know about tropical weather and the associated atmospheric and oceanographic sciences. Additionally, it is a forum for those who have been through or will go through an actual tropical storm event.

75. Mailing List Information
To subscribe to the LinuxChix mailing lists, go to the The lists now have webbasedinterfaces, which languages, or anything else someone cares to teach.

LinuxChix Mailing Lists As well as the lists given below, there's a list called linuxchix-announce, separate from the announce list. This list can only be written to by the site administrators, and will post to all the rest of the lists (except jobposts). It will only be used for posts relevent to the site as a whole, I promise! You subscribe and unsubscribe from these lists through the web pages linked below. Subscribing

76. HR Direct For Mailing Lists, Direct Mail Consulting And List Brokerage
Home Page mailing lists Free Research Services List Revenues Free a niche market,how to target your mailing, and how Our inhouse seminar will teach you the
Direct Mail Consultants - Mailing List Brokers and Managers
Learn how to build a niche market, how to target your mailing, and how to create effective marketing materials. Most importantly, learn how to avoid the pitfalls of direct mail. These are the topics we share with clients. These are the cornerstones of successful marketing. KEY BENEFITS Free evaluation of new direct mail projects
Free consulting for list brokerage and management clients
More than 30 years experience working for you CAPABILITIES Ask about our direct marketing consulting services, or in-house seminar: "Direct Mail: T he Seven Keys to Overnight Success." We also provide direct marketing ancillary services. These include planning, copywriting, editing, graphic arts, publishing, project fulfillment, list selection, and database development. Editing/Copywriting For direct mail to be effective, the writing must be superb. Send us your previous package for an evaluation, or retain our services to edit or write your next campaign. Seminar/Workshop Our in-house seminar will teach you the secrets to creating superior direct mail campaigns. You'll learn what works and why. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The program can be taught in half-day or full-day formats.

77. Free Mailing List Dealership | Sell Business Opportunity Seeker Mailing Lists
This manual will teach anyone the nittygritty how to's of this business, regardlessof that you get this manual in order to sell our mailing lists, but if you
A Personal Message from Paul Wilson...
I have been hearing from some of our website visitors who have little or no first-hand marketing experience and they have asked us to provide them with specific, detailed information on exactly how to go about selling mailing lists..... a result, I have put together a complete, step-by-step marketing manual which will take you by the hand and lead you through the easy process of getting orders and making money. Nothing has been left out and nothing is left to chance! This information is based upon my many successful years in the mailing list business and it is a VITAL TOOL for anyone with limited experience... Knowledge is the key to success in any venture. If you lack that knowledge and you are serious about making some good money selling mailing lists, I suggest you request a copy of this manual. Here's a partial list of what's included:
  • Who are your customers and how to find them for free. How to effectively use the internet and the online services to sell names. How and where to advertise at the lowest possible cost.

78. Mailing Lists
Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on ListAdmins,mailing List Admins. Lote-teach, A List For Languages teachers and Students. Mailing Lists
No such list ugsnews.html Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the info page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the right list name appended. List administrators, you can visit the list admin overview page to find the management interface for your list. (Send questions or comments to List Description ABbC Australasian Blackboard Community List Acad-faculty [no description available] Acad-kgi Faculty of Education Academic staff Kuring-gai Campus Acad-mkts Faculty of Education Academic Staff at Haymarket Campus Aftinet-disc Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network Alo-network [no description available] Archibus [no description available] Association OMODOSHEAA Ausaid [no description available] [no description available] Bacc BAcc Discussion Group Board-riders [no description available] Bulga-residents [no description available] Cae-ig Continuing Adult Education Interest Group Cdn UTS Cultural Diversity Network Com-speak Presentation skills Coop-housing [no description available] CORT Coalition Of Responsible Taxpayers Cpsu-info [no description available] cvrg [no description available] Dig People interested in Decision Intellince Digital-Cultures Digital Culture Discussion Dissenting-voices [no description available]

79. Complete List Of Dog-Related Email Lists
Marketing reference center for fine artists offers books and newsletters. Highlights galleries and an encyclopedia of living artists. Art Treks USA (take a peak!). mailing lists. of artworld professionals
Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists
The posted version may be found on under pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/email-lists; to get a copy by email, send a message to with send usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/email-lists in the the body of the email message.
This file is posted every two weeks to The subject line will never change (although the contents may), so if you don't want to see this, you can put it in a kill file. This article describes all the publicly available dog-related email lists that I know about. If you know of any corrections or additions that should be made to this list, please let me know as soon as possible!
Table of Contents

80. Blindness-Related Emailing Lists
More than 175 800 links! 167 800 links, categorized crossreferenced, in over 150 categories. Another 8 000+ uncategorized new links in the works.
BLIST: The Comprehensive Index of Blindness-Related Emailing Lists
last updated June 20, 2002 Skip Directly to the Beginning of BLIST Skip Navigation Links
Download a zip file containing BLIST (offline hypertext version)

Skip to the Index of Blindness-Related Lists
A Note to Listowners
This document contains instructions on how to join over two hundred blindness-related emailing lists and blindness-related newsgroups , along with hypertext links which allow you to subscribe to any of the lists. It also contains an extensive listing of accessibility and pan-disability lists , as well as a list of emailing lists that are not blindness-related, but which are frequented by blind members , and a selective list of emailing list-related resources . A zipped archive of this hypertext document is available at: A plain ASCII version of this list is available from: A zipped version of the ASCII file, , can be downloaded via anonymous ftp from the pub/poehlman BLIST is also available via email. To obtain a plain text version of BLIST via email , type the line GET BLIST INFO in the BODY of an emessage, and send it to:

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