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         Maine Boarding Schools:     more detail
  1. Boarding Schools in New England: Boarding Schools in Connecticut, Boarding Schools in Maine, Boarding Schools in Massachusetts
  2. Boarding Schools in Maine: Hebron Academy, Maine Central Institute, Foxcroft Academy, Bridgton Academy, Parsonsfield Seminary, Gould Academy
  3. Higher Ground: A Memoir of Higgins Classical Institute by Ann Blaisdell Tracy, 1988-06

21. ¬ü°ê¨p¥ß±H±Jºë­^¤¤¾Ç
boarding schools (9?12 1. Accelerated schoolsColorado? 2. All Saints 6. Fryeburg Academy-maine ? 7
¿ï¾Ü§Ú­Ìªº¤Q¤jÀuÂI: 1. ³æ¤@¥Ó½Ðªí®æ,¥i¥Ó½Ð¦h©Ò¾Ç®Õ.
2. ¨ó§U¿ï®Õ¨Æ©y¤Î«Øij¾A¦X¥Ó½Ðªº¾Ç®Õ.
3. ¨ó§U¬ü°êF-1¾Ç¥Í±Ò¥Ó½Ð¨Æ©y.
4. ´£¨Ñ24¤p®É§K¶Oºò«æ¹q¸ÜÁpµ¸.
5. §K¶O´£¨ÑSLEP¦Ò¸Õ.
6. §K¶O´£¨Ñ¥Xµo«e·s¥Í°V½m.
7. ¨ó§U¦w±Æ¦b¬ü°ê·s¥Í°V½m»P§K¶O±µ¾÷ªA°È.
8. ©w´Á´£¨Ñ¾Ç²ß¶i«×³ø§i.
9. ´£¨Ñ²¦·~«á¤j¾Ç¥Ó½Ð¤Î¿Ô¸ßªA°È.
12.§K¾Ç®Õ³ø¦W¶O(¤@¯ë¨Ì®Õ¦Ó²§,³ø¦W¶O¬ù¦bUS$200-350¤§¶¡) ¬ü°êBoarding Schools ±H±J¤¤¾Ç (9¦~¯Å¦Ü12¦~¯Å) 20. St. Andrews School-Rhode Island ¹¼w®q # ¬ü°êµØ¤H¾Ç¥Í¥Ó½Ð¸û¦h¾Ç®Õ,©Ò¥H¹ï®ü¥~µØ¤H¾Ç¥Í¦³¦WB­­¨î.¨ä¥LªF©¤¾Ç®Õ¬ü°ê¾Ç¥ÍÁö¸û¦h,¦ý¹ï¦P¤@°êÄy¾Ç¥Í¤]¦³¦WB­­¨î,¨Ò¦p¨k,¤k¾Ç¥Í¦U¤£¥i¶W¹L20¦W. ¬ü°êJunior Boarding Schools±H±J¤¤¾Ç(7 ¦~¯Å¦Ü12¦~¯Å) Private Day/Parochial ESL Schools ¬ü°ê(±H±J®a®x) ¤¤¾Ç 11. Rocky Hill SchoolRhode Island ¹¼w®q

22. ¬ü°ê¦U°ê¤¤¾Ç
boarding schools ( 9th 12th ) Accelerated schools - Colorado , Fryeburg Academy- maine Horizons School - Georgia Kents Hill School - maine.
U.S.A.¬ü°ê¤¤¾Ç/°ª¤¤¤J¾Ç¥Ó½Ð ¤U¦C¦W³æ¬O¬ü°ê±H±J¤¤¾Ç¥i±µ¨ü9¦~¯Å¦Ü12¦~¯Å¾Ç¥Í¥Ó½Ð: BOARDING SCHOOLS ( 9th - 12th )
Accelerated Schools - Colorado
All Saints Episcopal School - Mississippi
The Andrews School - Ohio
Canterbury School - Connecticut (SLEP required)
Darlington School - Georgia Fryeburg Academy - Maine
Horizons School - Georgia
Kents Hill School - Maine Kennedy Catholic High School - Pennsylvania
Lee Academy - Maine Maine Central Institute - Maine
Marianapolis Preparatory School - Connecticut Marvelwood School - Connecticut
Mercersburg Academy - Pennsylvania (SLEP required) Montverde Academy - Florida New Hampton School - New Hampshire Oak Creek Ranch School - Arizona The Pennington School - New Jersey Rabun Gap School - Georgia (SLEP required) St. Andrews School - Rhode Island (Girls only)

23. Admissions To Kents Hill School Maine
Laude Society; The Association of boarding schools; Independent schools New EnglandAssociation of schools and Colleges. 257 Route 17 Kents Hill, maine 043490257
Admissions Information

school record, application essays, teacher recommendations, standardized educational testing, and most importantly, the personal visit and interview at the school with one of our admissions representatives. The School's Admissions Committee considers character, scholastic potential, and the capacity to contribute to the school community in its evaluation of prospective students. Kents Hill School admits students whose multidisciplinary evaluation indicates an ability to work within our system. Kents Hill has a very positive environment in which children may learn because our students feel valued for their own unique talent, and they value the structure and support the school provides for them. The primary notification date for admissions is March 10 with an a pplication deadline of February 28 . Students applying after February 28 will be considered on a rolling admission basis. Though the initial deadline may have passed, we encourage candidates to contact the school regarding specific openings. F inancial Aid is granted to those families who qualify and is not a determining factor for admission. The financial aid committee considers both a family's financial need and the merit of the student upon entering. Families should use the Parents' Financial Statement from the School and Student Service for Financial Aid. Please contact us if you need information.

24. Maine Central Institute
Memberships • maine Association of Independent schools • Independent SchoolAssociation of Northern New England • The Association of boarding schools
Head of School

Mission Statement


Campus and Community
Employment Opportunities
Why MCI? MCI is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and holds many professional association memberships Maine was rated No. 1 in the nation - the best state in which to raise a child - according to a July, 1999 report released by the Children's Rights Council.
the highest performing K-12 education system - by the National Education Goals Panel (1999)...
Promising Futures report, 1998) and is now engaged in a similar groundbreaking effort to address student behavior and ethics through character education ( Taking Responsibility report, February, 2001)...
Education Week 's rankings among the states in the quality of school climate (2nd in 2001). Characteristics that contributed to this ranking were: small class size prevails; behavior problems are low; student engagement is high; parent involvement is strong; attendance is high; local autonomy exists.

25. Maine Central Institute
ISANNE); National Association of Independent schools (NAIS); and our son/daughterat maine Central Institute? has several telephones; each boarding student has
displayRotatedContent("request"); Admissions Process
Instant Inquiry

Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid
Frequently Asked Questions Why should our son/daughter enroll at Maine Central Institute?
Maine Central Institute will provide your son or daughter with a very comprehensive academic and extracurricular program in a safe, caring, supportive environment. We will both encourage and challenge your child. MCI is a place where students with average to above average ability can excel at any level. It is a place that will look out for your child's best interests. How can we afford to send our son/daughter to Maine Central Institute?
No student should be discouraged from applying to MCI due to financial reasons. We are committed to providing financial aid to as many qualified students as possible if their parents cannot afford to pay the full tuition. Banking institutions provide affordable and convenient payment options, specifically designed for independent school families. Please contact our admissions office for more information.

26. Resume.htm
20012002 LEE ACADEMY - LEE, maine. of Schloss Wedendorf, the International boardingSchool in Germany and US Representative for boarding schools, Colleges, and
Winn, Maine 04495
2419 Willow Street,
Wesleyville, Pennsylvania 16510
EDUCATION Ed.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Administration, Planning, and Social Policy, 1998 Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Administration, Planning, and Social Policy, 1989 Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education, International Education, 1988 M.Ed. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Secondary Social Studies, 1971 B.S. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Secondary Social Studies, 1970 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2001-2002 LEE ACADEMY - LEE, MAINE Assistant Headmaster: Restructuring the school and its programs; recruiting international boarding students; assisting with an Annual Fund Drive and a Capital Campaign; working to elevate the standards of the school through a variety of projects and programs; interpreting and enforcing the student attendance policy, interpreting and enforcing school policies on student behavior; supervising and evaluating staff; drafting and revising school policy; assisting with the integration and expansion of Internet technology systems; implementing appropriate safety and security measures for the school. In February 2002, I traveled to Guangzhou, China to recruit students for the new international boarding program. 2000-2001 EURO-INTERNATSBERATUNG TUMULKA GMBH - MUNICH, GERMANY

27. The Heritage Foundation: Research: Education: School Choice 2001: Maine
to academies such as Waynflete School in Portland and boarding schools. Data fromthe state Department of Education suggest that maine's tuitioning program
site map help contact us The Heritage Foundation ... School Choice 2001 Maine Policy Archive:
view by date
Policy Archive:
view by issue
... Return Home MAINE: SCHOOL CHOICE 2001: WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE STATES State Profile (Updated July 2001) School Choice Status
  • Public school choice: Limited (Interdistrict/Voluntary)
  • Charter school law: No
  • Charter schools: "Legislative" charters permitted since 1821 (see Background)
  • Number of charter schools in operation (fall 2000): 2 "legislative" charter schools
  • Number of students enrolled in charter schools (fall 2000): N/A
  • Publicly funded private school choice: Yes (Tuitioning law since 1954)
  • Privately funded school choice: Yes
  • Ranking on the Education Freedom Index: 9th out of 50 states
K-12 Public Schools and Students (2000-2001)
  • Public school enrollment: 207,580
  • Number of schools (1998-1999): 690
  • Current expenditures: $1,660,967,000
  • Current per-pupil expenditure: $8,002
  • Amount of revenue from the federal government: 6.3%
  • Evaluation of school performance: Report card
K-12 Public School Teachers (2000-2001)
  • Number of teachers: 15,500

28. Episcopal School Of Maine
maine. 1. Local K8 schools. 2. A secondary school, country day and boarding on MountDesert Island, providing outstanding graduates of the elementary schools
Episcopal Schools of Maine ESM Mission Statement Cover Story for the Easter 2002 edition of The Northeast Why Church Schools? ... Contact Information return to the Diocese of Maine Home Page ESM Mission Statement The Episcopal Schools of Maine (ESM) build and nurture intellect and character in a religious environment that affirms all faiths. They expose students and their parents to rigorous intellectual challenge, a call to social and environmental service and broad, cultural responsibility. They encourage students to seek and attain the highest standards of academic, artistic and physical achievement through integrated curriculum. Each school is a community of students, parents, teachers and staff working and living together to bring out the best in each other. Episcopal Schools of Maine will be a statewide network of schools under the auspices of the Diocese of Maine. 1. Local K-8 schools. 2. A secondary school, country day and boarding on Mount Desert Island, providing outstanding graduates of the elementary schools and a wide diversity of other students with a rich educational experience.

29. Main Page
into enrolling him into the Hyde School, in Bath, maine. considering transferringhim to a private boarding school where of students accepted to such schools ?
Xpert Files
I am interested in a PRIVATE BOARDING , or INDEPENDENT HIGH SCHOOL..... List of Questions [click on the question of interest]
  • Is there a list of prep schools from which the Ivy League schools pull many of their applicants
  • Where can I find a list of Independent / Private / Boarding Secondary Schools in the US
  • We are considering send our son to a private school. What do we need to consider as far as the school's accreditation
  • Is there a ranking of boarding schools ... EDUFAX
  • 30. Private Independent Boarding Schools Advisory Service
    Independent Private boarding schools (MidAtlantic, North East Maryland York - Connecticut- Massachusetts - Rhode Island - Vermont - New Hampshire - maine).
    Established in 1939
    About Us
    Why Choose A Boarding School What To
    Look For

    Can we help you?

    For over 60 years, the Advisory Service on Private Schools has assisted parents and guardians with placing their children into private boarding schools.
    Our information is without cost to you.
    We are a free information resource maintained by a large consortium of private schools and private summer camps. By asking relevant questions and providing current information, we will guide you and your child to the right school.
    Are You Looking For: Independent Private Boarding Schools
    (Mid-Atlantic, North East:
    Maryland - Delaware - Pennsylvania - New Jersey - New York - Connecticut - Massachusetts - Rhode Island - Vermont - New Hampshire - Maine) A private, independent, college preparatory boarding school is a school whose primary economic resources are what parents pay as tuition and what parents or other people give them as gifts. They include among them schools that are designed to deal with academic underachievement, but not with significant social and emotional problems. Average Yearly Cost: Military Schools A private, military boarding school is generally an independent school that adds military dress and discipline to the ordinary college preparatory program.

    31. Educational Placement
    Native American schools, Alternative schools, Private/boarding schools.OnCampus Interviews, Job Fairs. Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, maine, Maryland.
    Teaching (PK-12) Employment/Resources
    Iowa Resources
    General Resources
    Iowa K-12 School District Web Sites Yahoo! Directory of K-12 Schools ... Project Connect K-12 teaching job listings. Username= teacher Password= aswan
    Regional Education Applicant Placement Teachers @ Work
    Yahoo Education Employment

    State and District Listings
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Puerto Rico

    General Resources
    American Federation of Teachers
    American School Directory
    ARTSEDGE - Community Center Classroom Connect ... Outdoor Action
    Guide to outdoor/environmental careers Outward Bound - Guide to adventure-based programs
    Peterson's Education Center
    K-12 schools, private schools, universities, study abroad, job listings, etc. Pi Lambda Theta Project Adventure Guide to adventure learning
    Recruiting New Teachers, Inc.

    32. | The Watchdog Of Troubled Teen Schools And Programs | Boarding
    List of schools. ME Bridgton Academy a tranisitional school located in maine, hasa Deck House School, boarding School, ME The Deck House School is a college

    33. Directory ::
    college preparatory boarding schools emphasizing character education, college preparation,and family renewal. Kennebec Montessori School Fairfield, maine.

    34. Maine Indymedia - Webcast News
    by Sue Andersen for Peace Action maine boarding at the maine PO Box 3842 - Portland,maine - 04104 For OVER THE WORLD, WHEREVER THEY ARE, schools, HOME, ANY

    and day school for grades 912 located in Hebron, maine. services provided by residentialtreatment centers, group homes and traditional boarding schools.
  • - FREE phone rate calculator! Find out how much it costs to phone anywhere in the world using different long distance telephone services.
  • Academy at Swift River - A year-round, co-educational boarding school for students, ages 13 through 18, who are experiencing difficulties managing their lives at home or in school, in Cummington, MA.
  • Admiral Farragut Academy - Independent, coeducational, day and boarding school for grades 5-12 in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is an Honor Naval School.
  • Aiglon College - Aiglon College: a British international boarding school for 300 boys and girls aged 9 to 18 (K-12) from 53 different nations situated in the ski resort of Villars at an altitude of 1200m in the Swiss Alps. The curriculum, taught in English, leads to the U.K. GCSE and A-level public examinations, and our alumni go on to universities all over the world. We offer a strong outdoor education programme and skiing in the winter months.
  • All Souls' and St Gabriel's Boarding School - Primary and secondary day and boarding school in a rural setting with academic and TAFE Courses. Cattle club, music, sport and internet access are available.
  • 36. High School Listings US Maine
    We provide information on boarding schools for troubled teens. Fillout our form to have a free information package mailed to you.
    zfp=-1 About Parenting of Adolescents Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Parenting of Adolescents
    with Denise Witmer
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    Advertising Free Credit Report
    Free Psychics

    High School Listings: US: Maine
    High School Listings: US: Maine
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    37. Family Help In Maine
    Resources, links, and information to help families with troubled teens, from a service provider.Category Regional North America maine Health Mental Health...... 207443-5584. boarding schools and Residential Programs for Troubled Teens.Center for Grieving Children. Locations throughout maine. Franklin One Call.
    Focus Adolescent Services Need help for your teen? Call FocusAS or Family Help in Maine Click here to find out if your child is at-risk, displaying self-destructive behaviors, and needs your help and intervention. Home Resources State Directory Schools ... Contact Hotlines and Helplines ChildhelpUSA Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD Maine AIDS Hotline Maine Crisis Hotline Maine Rape Crisis Hotline Maine Suicide and Crisis Hotlines National Domestic Violence/Abuse Hotline
    1-800-787-3224 TDD National Hotlines and Helplines National Suicide Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) 1-800-656-HOPE Toll-Free Numbers for Health Information
    Help support Focus Adolescent Services every time you shop online. Simply sign up, specify Focus Adolescent Services as your charitable institution and go shopping Organizations and Agencies Asperger's Association of New England Provides a variety of programs and services for individuals with Asperger Syndrome, their families, friends, and professionals. Visit Asperger Syndrome Brain Injury Association of Maine Prevention, education, advocacy, support. Visit

    38. Nevada Boarding Schools Websites, Businesses, Companies, And Links.
    search engines for boarding schools websites, boarding schools businesses and Indiana/ Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky Louisiana / maine / Maryland / Massachusetts
    boarding schools websites, links, and boarding schools companies businesses and boarding schools in Nevada
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    to list your business here!!
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    Your 10 to 15 word description about YOUR boarding schools businesses and get FOUND by YOUR customers!
    ALL boarding schools businesses and websites are placed in the order that they are received, NO alphabetical listing and NO ROLLING down the page.
    TheNevadaSearch Quick Links:
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    Directories of boarding schools websites, boarding schools businesses, companies and links.
    This site is Powered by: The Global Search Engines Hosted by The United States Search and

    39. Peterson's: Private Schools, Boarding And Day: Traditional Schools: Day Boys, Up
    Washington Academy, East Machias, maine Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin TheWebb School, Bell Buckle, Tennessee The Webb schools, Claremont, California

    40. Cookies, Fresh From The Mailbox
    her attention to a relatively untapped market the state of maine. Brochures leftat college and boarding schools, and advertisements in alumni magazines






    Help/site guide

    Network Affiliate
    Calendar Resources Small Business ... Classifieds
    Friday, September 6, 2002 Cookies, fresh from the mailbox By TUX TURKEL, Portland Press Herald Writer E-mail this story to a friend Also on this page: EVERYDAY ENTREPRENEURS Maine's small businesses ADVERTISEMENT Staff photo by Gordon Chibroski Debbie Godowsky, owner of Cookies Direct, bags chocolate chip cookies after her crew baked them in home-style ovens at her home on Main Street in Yarmouth. On a recent morning, they churned out nearly 1,320 cookies for customers around the country. EVERYDAY ENTREPRENEURS Maine's small businesses Cookies Direct 330 Main St., Yarmouth; 846-1255 or Founded: 1991 Employees: 3 part-time Quote: "Most people outside of Yarmouth haven't heard of me. And why should they? I don't advertise locally." Debbie Godowsky, owner To top of story Many women who like to bake and are at home while their children are young wonder if they can turn a hobby into a business. Debbie Godowsky did. Her 11-year-old enterprise, Cookies Direct, shipped 3,200 boxes of cookies last year and grossed $85,000. Over time, it has provided enough income to send two children through college. Godowsky has made her company succeed by providing a high level of customer service, keeping personal control over the process and fighting the temptation to increase her expenses just to do more business. She started out using a card table for a desk and having orders faxed to a dry cleaner down the street.

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