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         Maine Cities State Studies:     more detail
  1. Interstate 95: Highway, East Coast of the United States, Atlantic Ocean, Maine, Florida, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.
  2. The failure to reform federal planning requirements: A study of President Carter's planning requirement reform initiative by Philip F Harris, 1979
  3. Seated by the Sea: The Maritime History of Portland, Maine, and Its Irish Longshoremen (Working in the Americas) by Michael C. Connolly, 2010-04-25
  4. A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812 by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, 1991-06-04

1. Maine State Unit Study - Facts And Symbols
Directory of US Universities organized by state. Includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Louisiana. maine. Maryland studies. California Institute of Technology. California Lutheran University. California National University. California Pacific University. California state
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State Unit Study - Maine
These state unit studies are designed to help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children. Print the United States map and color each state as you study it. Keep map at the front of your notebook for use with each state. Print the State Information Sheet and fill in the information as you find it. Print the Maine State Map and fill in the state capital, large cities and state attractions that you find. Answer the following questions on lined paper in complete sentences.

2. Maine State Learning Results - Social Studies
eg, freedom of speech, separations of church and state). 34 Construct and comparemaps of maine, the United Social studies IV.1.2; Locate major cities of the

Social Studies
The great architects of American public education, such as Thomas Jefferson, Horace Mann, and John Dewey, considered a strong literacy essential to the preservation of democracy. Each believed that every student must be well versed in the nation's history, the principles which undergird citizenship, and the institutions which define our government. Understandings of commerce and geography were critical to their thinking as well.
In essence, Jefferson, Mann, and Dewey viewed the study of social studies as critical to the mission of public schools. Indeed, they would applaud the inclusion of a "responsible and involved citizen" in the Guiding Principles, as well as social studies as one of eight content areas in the Learning Results
A strong social studies education depends upon a clear understanding of its interrelated disciplines. Without a knowledge of the geography and economics of earlier times, history offers only lists of people, events, and dates. Without a knowledge of history, the institutions of American government and the dynamics of today's global economy are difficult to understand.
Important contemporary issues such as health care, education, crime, the environment, and foreign policy are all multidisciplinary in nature. Understanding these issues and developing responses to them requires an integrated social studies education. In such a social studies program, students are actively engaged in inquiry, research, debate, and in-depth learning. Students can further enhance their knowledge of the world around them by using local communities as extended classrooms; they can learn to build on that knowledge and on their knowledge of history to construct insights into the future. A broad understanding of the perspectives central to social studies enables students to develop, practice, and apply the knowledge and experiences required to be contributing participants in a democratic society.

3. Resources For Maine Studies
Resources for maine studies http// history.htm maine's Midcoast History. cities and Towns visiting/maps.html Links to maine maps (state of maine page)
Home Family Photo Stories History Economy ... Anna's Site Resources for Maine Studies History Geography Geology Government ... Other Sites of Interest History

4. Mrs. Higgins' Maine Studies Links
maine Constitution maine cities Online; maine Association of state Park, Finderfor state Parks and Mrs. Higgins' maine studies Links remains an educational
General Info History Products Science ... Miscellaneous Maine Links and General Info Sites American Local History Network-Maine Digital Librarian Links Maine Memory Maine Resource Guide ... Waterboro Library Science and Nature Resources Visit our Galleries of Vintage Maine Photographs. Maine History Sites Colonial Era
Acadia Cultural Society

Casco during King Philips War

Churchill's European Discovery

Father Rasle's War / Lovewell's Fight
Ste. Croix Island History
Early 19th Century
Aroostook: The first 60 Year

Aroostook War

Flags in Madawaska

Jeff Davis Visits
Wreck of the Bohemia
20th Century Fire of '47
(Portland Newspaper site) Sadly, this great site was removed. Fire of '47 (Waterboro Hist. Society) Maine's Lost Ski Slopes Vanceboro Bridge Explosion The Way Life Should Be (tourism history) Ice Storm '98 Maine Women Veterans Oral History Project American Revolution Arnold Invades Canada Capture of the Margaretta Destruction of Falmouth Peleg Wadsworth's Great Escape ... The York Tea Party Civil War Civil War Page (Maine Archives) 1st Maine Cav at Brandy Station First Maine Heavy Artillery 11th Maine 16th Maine at Fredericksburg ... Regimental Histories - Links World War II Casco Bay during WWII Destroyer Squadron 21 HazeGray Shipbuilding Maine Potato Incident ... U-Boats in Casco Bay War of 1812

5. The University Of Maine: Department Of Franco American Studies - Resources
Books, pamphlets, state documents, and other forms of printed material provideextensive coverage of maine's cities, towns, counties, and her people and
Resources Resources for the study of Franco America at The University of Maine, Orono The Raymond H. Fogler Library is the central library at the University of Maine. It is the largest research library in Maine, with collections and services supporting the faculty, students, and staff of the University as well as residents of the State of Maine. It houses a large collection of primary and secondary sources on Franco America. This bibliography lists key titles held by Fogler. It is by no means complete but is provided only as a helpful beginning guide. Further research can be done through URSUS, Fogler Library's on-line catalogue. URSUS relies upon the Library of Congress Subject Headings, which unfortunately does not provide one search term that encompasses all of Franco America. When searching URSUS, be sure to think creatively! Here are some suggestions: Franco America(ns), Acadia(ns), Cajun, French Canadians, French American, Quebec emigration, or towns with large Franco American populations (e.g. Lowell, Lewiston, Worcester). The Special Collections Department in Fogler Library also has many primary documents. It is a repository for Maine related material. Virtually all available printed bibliographical, historical, and descriptive works on the state as well as literary titles by Maine authors are housed in this department. Books, pamphlets, state documents, and other forms of printed material provide extensive coverage of Maine's cities, towns, counties, and her people and institutions. Places to begin looking for Franco American topics in Special Collections: specific town histories (e.g. Biddeford, Old Town), genealogies, Normand Dubé's papers, Charles Stewart Doty's papers

6. The University Of Maine: Department Of Franco American Studies - NSF Grant Award
in New England and New York state represent the Large numbers of Quebecois settledin these cities and towns Acadians from the Maritimes or Northern maine's St.
News and Events NSF Grant Awarded to Dr. Jane Smith When North American French scholar Jane Smith joined the University of Maine faculty in 1994, she was surprised to find that Maine's Franco-Americans had no corpus of their language - no body of recordings preserving the spoken word - other than a few taped interviewed in the Maine Folklife Center archives. That will change this fall when the first sociolinguistic study of Franco-American French begins in the state, led by Smith, a UMaine assistant professor of French, and Cynthia Fox, associate professor of French Studies at the University at Albany. The three-year collaborative study is funded by a $301,130 grant from the National Science Foundation. Franco-Americans in New England and New York State represent the second largest concentration of French speakers in the United States, Smith and Fox noted in their grant proposal. Yet they remain the only significant group of North American French speakers whose language has not been the subject of systematic, representative sampling and research. In the sociolinguistic study, the researchers will be looking at "who uses the language - and how." In particular, they will investigate its linguistic structure and "the human dynamics behind the language" in an effort to understand what social or economic factors influence language maintenance or shift.

7. ProTeacher! Fifty United States Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In G
Social studies Geography Fifty states Lessons By state of maine's state seal,state tree, state bird, blueberries Students find names of maine cities on a

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Social Studies
Geography Fifty States ... Lessons By State Maine Maine Symbols Coloring Book - Print and color Maine's state seal, and other important state symbols source
Maine Unit
- A printable packet of worksheets about the history and geography of the state of Maine source
The Story of Maine
- A collection of lesson plans with printable worksheets, and activities for teaching about Maine's heritage. Designed for use with PBS programming, but adaptable source
Let's Go to Maine!
- A web-based lesson plan in which students learn about Maine's climate, regions, wildlife, and tourist attractions source
Life on an Island: Early Settlers Off the Rocky Coast of Maine
- Through maps, readings, pictures, and activities, students learn about life as an early New England settler, and describe coastal life source
Maine Coloring Book
- Printable coloring pages of Maine's state seal, state tree, state bird, blueberries, lobsters, loons, a moose, fish, and mineral resources source
Maine Flag
- A printable worksheet with a blackline flag to color, inofrmation, and comprehension questions

8. Executive Department Maine State Planning Office May 1997Executive Department Ma
maine studies. maineGeneral Information. maine studies @ LRMS. maine state Home Page for KIDS KNOX COUNTY maps of waterways. maine cities Online towns in Knox County

9. What State Are You In?--Social Studies: Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
See how many cities students can think of If a student knows the state in which thecity is found, he or she can raise his or her hand to answer Oregon or maine.
What State Are You In?
Social Studies: Intermediate (Grades 3-5)
Students practice and review knowledge of major U.S. cities.
  • game cards cardstock of any color on which to print game cards paper and pencil for keeping score
This activity is great for helping students identify to which states major U.S. cities belong. None of the cities on the cards are state capitals, which provides an extra challenge for students. Copy the game cards on cardstock. You might want to decorate the back of the cards with a sticker such as a flag or another symbol. If possible, laminate the cards, then cut them out. Before students begin playing the game, use a map to review well-known cities in different states. See how many cities students can think of. Find each city on the map and point it out to students. Game Rules: Shuffle the cards and place them face down. Turn the first card up and show it or read it to students. If a student knows the state in which the city is found, he or she can raise his or her hand to answer the question. Check the answer key for the correct answer and score as follows: Correct answer-Win 2 points, card goes to discard pile. Incorrect answer-Lose 2 points, card goes to bottom of pile.

10. Department Of Women's Studies, Washington State University
Women's Center; University of maine, Farmington Women's Center. Moorhead state University(MN) - Women's studies; St of Minnesota (Twin cities) - Women's studies
Washington State University Home
College and University Women's Studies Programs Alabama Arizona California Colorado ... INTERNATIONAL Alabama Arizona California
  • California State University, Chico - Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies California State University, Long Beach - Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies California State University, Northridge - Women's Studies Department California State University, San Marcos - Women's Studies Program Claremont Colleges (CA) - Women's Studies Program Mills College (CA) - Women's Studies Program Occidental College - Women's Studies Program Pitzer College - Gender and Feminist Studies Pomona College (part of Claremont Colleges, CA) - Women's Studies

11. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill: Social Studies 2003
maine. Capital Augusta. Major cities Portland, Lewiston, Bangor. LocationNortheast. Nickname Pine Tree state. Admitted to the Union 1820.

12. WebQuest
A WebQuest for 78th Grade Social studies. You are working at the maine state Chamberof Commerce. maine cities/towns information online
State of Maine Chamber of Commerce Needs Your Help!!!! A WebQuest for 7-8th Grade Social Studies Designed by
r i c ... n Introduction Process Evaluation Conclusion ... Teacher Page Introduction You are working at the Maine State Chamber of Commerce. Things have not been going very well lately. There have not been enough people moving into Maine! The Maine economy is strong and there are opportunities here but other New England states have been attracting new comers. The Chamber cannot figure out what the problem is. Recently the governor has offered your office an incentive. The next representative(that is what you are) that can convince a family to move to Maine will get a large bonus(that means a good grade). Process Here are the families that have recently called the office requesting information about moving to Maine. Your job is to decide on one of the families and create a brochure (description below) for the town that you would choose for them. Each family has different needs and wants different things in their new home. You must use the resources that the Chamber has given you to decide which town or towns would best fit their needs.

13. Individual Studies Program | Potential NSE Host Campuses For UNI Students
of maine at Farmington, University of Southern maine. Minnesota state University,Mankato, University of Minnesota Twin cities. Minnesota state University Moorhead,
Potential host campus list for outbound UNI students Use the menu and table below to locate a potential exchange college/university. Links will open a new window. Select a state/territory ... Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas U.S. Virgin Islands Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington DC West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming ALABAMA
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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

ITQs in the Wreckfish Fishery (South Atlantic) state Failure to Solid Waste Reduction(maine, USA) DepositRefund Systems(maine, USA) Waste Sustainable cities.
(Updated 4/03)
These "executive summaries" of actual attempts to pursue some aspect of sustainable development were created by the students of an undergraduate senior seminar at Colby College. All are designed to be two pages or less and are fully referenced for those who wish to consult the original sources. The case studies can be accessed by clicking on the topic headings or by scrolling down through the subject areas.

Air Pollution


Wildlife Management
Sustainable Agriculture and Pest Control (Indonesia)
Farming Systems Research and Extension (Zambia)

Controlling Worker Exposure to Pesticides (United States)
Air Pollution
Inefficient Automobile Regulation (Mexico)
Peak Hour Road Congestion Pricing (Singapore)

Eco-Taxation and Carbon Dioxide Emissions (Sweden)

Zero Emission Vehicle Program (California, USA)
... Sulfur Allowance Program (United States)
CPR Problems in Shrimp Mariculture (Ecuador) Pricing and Property Rights in Salmon Farming (Oregon, USA)
Encroachment and Indigenous Deforestation (Bolivia) Sources of Deforestation (Philippines) Land Tenure Systems and Land Conversion (Uganda) Perverse Economic Incentives and Deforestation (Brazil) ... History and Current Situation of Deforestation (Nepal)
Demand Side Management
Shared Savings Incentives in Regulated Utilities (New England, USA)

15. St. Cloud State Universty Graduate Bulletin
Media BS 1973, University of Southern maine; M.Ed Madison; Ph.D. 1971, Universityof MinnesotaTwin cities. Community studies BS 1966, Wayne state University; MA

16. Social Studies - Grade 3
will be able to construct a map of his/her state, The United states will be able toidentify locations on a map (major cities of the 16 counties of maine).
Social Studies Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 ...
Ordering Info

Made with
Curriculum Designer by
MSAD 49 MSAD #49 K-8 Social Studies Social Studies - Grade 3 Printable Version
Civics and Government
Cultural Perspective Earth and Space Science ... Historical Perspective
Civics and Government Responsibilities: Significance
The learner will be able to understand the significance of responsibilities to him/her self, family, community, and/or nation. Bloom's Scope Activities Comprehension Master Classroom
Responsibilities: Personal/Significance
The learner will be able to assess the significance of personal responsibilities. Bloom's Scope Activities Evaluation Master Classroom Home Government: Division/Sharing of Power The learner will be able to understand how the national, state, and local governments divide and share power. Bloom's Scope Activities Comprehension Master Classroom Home Government: Accomplish Goals The learner will be able to describe how government can accomplish goals that could not be achieved individually. Bloom's Scope Activities Comprehension Master Classroom Home State: Branch Responsibilities The learner will be able to identify the responsibilities of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state government.

17. "HOME: The Story Of Maine" Program 1, Lesson 2
Content Area SOCIAL studies Geography Skills and Tools. For links to Mainecities and towns on the web, go to ities/cities.htm.
HOME: The Story of Maine
Program 1: "A Place Apart" - The Story Behind the Image of Maine
Lesson 2: The Geography of Maine Tourism
(for use with both modules of Episode 1)
ALIGNMENT WITH MAINE'S LEARNING RESULTS Guiding Principles 1. A Clear and Effective Communicator
  • Uses oral, written, visual, artistic and technological modes of expression.
  • A Self-Directed and Life-Long Learner
  • Finds and uses information from libraries, electronic data bases and other resources. 2. A Collaborative and Quality Worker
  • Demonstrates reliability, flexibility, and concern for quality. Content Area: SOCIAL STUDIES: Geography: Skills and Tools Content Standard: Students will know how to construct and interpret maps and use globes and other geographic tools to locate and derive information about people, places, regions, and environments. Performance Indicator: Middle Grades (5-8): Students will develop maps, globes, charts, models, and databases to analyze geographical patterns on the earth. Content Area: GEOGRAPHY: Human Interaction with Environments Content Standard: Students will understand and analyze the relationships between people and their physical environments.
  • 18. Homes In | Moving To Maine | Education
    maine Technical College System; Midstate College, Auburn and College; SALT Institutefor Documentary studies; St. and how it affects maine's cities and towns.






    Help/site guide

    Network Affiliate Homes Classifieds Find an Agent In the News ... Settling In
    Education in Maine
    Maine Department of Education
    The homepage to the Department of Education in Maine. Schools Educational data and statistics from the state, including test scores by district and graduation statistics Maine Department of Education has a listing of all the state's schools and administrative districts' websites. Web66 International School Registry - Maine Schools
    A registry of elementary and secondary schools throughout Maine. Maine Colleges and Universities
  • Andover College Bates College Bangor Theological Seminary Beal College ... York County Technical College To top of page ADVERTISEMENTS Visit Census 2000 , an ongoing special report on the census information and how it affects Maine's cities and towns. We've got news, analysis, charts, maps and more. Questions? Check out our commonly asked questions here. Country Resort Setting 5 Minutes from Portland Gracious Cottages and Apartments 75-acre wooded campus Walk to Brunswick Indoor Pool/Fitness Center To receive more information on any of these Retirement Communities, complete our simple
  • 19. Social Studies 3-5
    Government, Understand that the maine state government is a system 1. Construct andcompare maps of maine, and the 2. Locate major cities of the United states
    Social Studies Grades 3 to 5
    Students will understand the rights and responsibilities of civic life and will employ the skills of effective civic participation. Students will be able to: Grades 3 - 4 Performance Indicators (detailed knowledge/skill)
    RIGHTS, RESPONSIBILITIES, AND PARTICIPATION 1. Identify important individual rights (e.g., freedom of religion, speech, ownership of property). 2. Explain why certain responsibilities of democratic society are important. 3. Identify the functions of government at school, locally, and the state level. 4. Identify positions on current issues regarding individual rights and judicial protection. B. PURPOSE AND TYPES OF GOVERNMENT
    Students will understand the types and purposes of governments, their evolutions, and their relationships with the governed. Students will be able to: Grades 3 - 4 Performance Indicators (detailed knowledge/skill)
    PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT 1. Describe why we need governments (e.g.,law and order, defense, roads, schools).

    20. | NCSS Affiliates
    maine. Council; Aldine; Cypress Fairbanks; Dallas; Houston; Midcities; San Antonio VirginiaVirginia state Council; Virginia Consortium of Social studies Specialists
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