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         Maine Disabled & Special Needs Schools:     more detail

21. KidPower Links Page
of Exceptional Children Services maine special Education Massachusetts Support Christianand disabled Christian Parents of special needs Kids Circle of

22. Health And Disability Resource Centre -
CANADA ALBERTA - good University of maine - On-line good University of Strathclyde- special needs Service - UK of Utah Center for disabled Student Services
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general resources
all countries Australia Canada UK USA
Acadia University - Nova Scotia - CANADA - good
Access Summit - UK - good
ACE Access Centre - UK - good
American Association of University Affiliated Programs for Persons with Developmental Disabilities - USA - good
Athabasca University - CANADA - good
Athabasca University - CANADA - ALBERTA - good
Augustana University - Alberta - CANADA - good
Barnard College Office of Disability Services - USA - good
Bishop's University - CANADA - QUEBEC - good
Brandon University - Services for Students with Disabilities - CANADA - MANITOBA - good
Bristol UWE - Disability Resource Centre - UK - good
Brock University - Services for Students with Disabilities - CANADA - ONTARIO - good
California Polytechnic State University Disability Resource Center - USA - good
California State University Northridge-Center On Disabilites - USA - good
Cambridge University - Students and Staff with a Disability - UK - good
Cardiff University - Students with Disabilities and Special Needs - UK - good
Carleton University - Services for Students with Disabilities - CANADA - ONTARIO - good
Centennial Colleges Centre for Students with Disabilities - UK - good
Center for Community Inclusion University of Maine - On-line - USA - good
College and University Admissions - Disabilities and the College Student - USA - good
Dalhousie University - Services for Students with Disabilities - CANADA - NOVA SCOTIA -

23. Therapy/Respite Camps: Kids With Autism And Other Special Needs
Information about summer camps for kids with autism and other special needs in the US.Category Health Mental Health Services United States...... maine. Camp Starfish serves emotionally, behaviorally, and learning disabled childrenby providing a coed day camp for children ages 5-15 with special needs.
Therapy/Respite Camps for Kids
This page evolves as people tell me about new camps, so if you know of camps that are not listed here, please email me so I can get the information posted here. If you direct a camp that would like a simple WWW page that describes your camp, I'll be pleased to put one up just email a description of the camp to me. Also, please let me know about any other WWW resources to which I should have a link. Thanks!
What's Here?
Information about summer camps that focus on therapy for kids with special needs and/or respite for the kids and their families. I have broken it into national categories and regional categories in the USA:
  • United States Apologies in advance if my sense of these regions differs from yours! I also have some links to other potentially useful pages
    Camps in the Northeast (USA)
    • Camp Horizons provides winter weekend get-a-ways, a week long holiday event, and 8 weeks of residential summer camp for children and adults who are mild to moderately mentally handicapped. In South Windham, CT.
    • Camp Hemlocks , in Hebron, is a rustic, barrier-free, year-round camping facility which provides recreational, educational and social programs for children and adults with disabilities and their families.

24. Vouchers: Myth Vs. Fact
Voucher plans have been struck down in Florida, maine, New Hampshire therapy, andthose costs associated with educating disabled and special needs children.
Search AU: Magazine
Private School Vouchers
Myth vs. Fact
Promoters of "educational choice" make many assertions about the positive effects of private school vouchers on America's educational system. Are these claims true? What would vouchers really do? Let's examine some of the common myths about vouchers and review the facts. MYTH: Vouchers are a constitutional way to assist parochial and other private schools. FACT: Vouchers result in tax dollars flowing to private sectarian schools. Sectarian schools account for 85 percent of the total private school enrollment in the United States. These schools serve as arms of religious ministries and integrate religious values and doctrine throughout their curriculum, indoctrinating students on controversial subjects such as abortion, creationism and the role of women in society. Church-state provisions in the federal and state constitutions prohibit government from subsidizing sectarian education, either directly or indirectly. As a result, federal and state courts have repeatedly struck down various schemes designed to funnel tax dollars to religious schools. The fact that parents may "choose" the private school is legally irrelevant, because public funds will still be used for religious instruction. Voucher plans have been struck down in Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Vermont, even when some laws provided funds for public school choice.

25. Disability Related Mailing Lists
STJOHNS.EDU TravAble Travel for the disabled AUTISM@MAELSTROM loving and/or livingwith a child with special needs. children (08) ECEOL-L@maine.maine.EDU Early
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated DISABILITY RELATED MAILING LISTS ECENET-L@POSTOFFICE.CSO.UIUC.EDU Early childhood education/young children (0-8) ECEOL-L@MAINE.MAINE.EDU Early Childhood Education On-Line mailing list ECPOLICY-L@POSTOFFICE.CSO.UIUC.EDU Policy Issues Related to Young Children ECPROFDEV-L@POSTOFFICE.CSO.UIUC.EDU professional development of teachers and caregivers of young children KIDS@UMSLVMA.UMSL.EDU Child Health Utilization Project SAC-L@POSTOFFICE.CSO.UIUC.EDU School Aged Child Care Issues and Concerns YANX-DEP@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU Child and Adolescent Anxiety and Depression Forum BEHAVIOR@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Children These lists may vary greatly in activity level. If you join any of these lists, you will find people with similar interests. Others on the list may have information to share with you as you will be able to share with them. Please share the information you may learn with others and us as well Information is POWER!

26. Parent--2--Parent For Special Students
Support and advocacy group for parents of learning disabled students in the Norhwestern Chicago area Category Regional North America Disability Resources...... P2PSS wants to inform parents of disabled infants and webpage has been created bya former special needs student who East maine School District 63 maine TWP.
htmlAdWH('7002980', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7001972', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Parent2Parent For Special Students
( A Support/Advocacy Group for Parents and Friends of Children With Disabilities-Located in the IL and WI) Parent-2-Parent for Special Students (P2PSS) is a support/advocacy group open to parents and friends of children with disabilities.
P2PSS welcomes parents of children with ANY type of disability, from mild to severe.
P2PSS is concerned about the rights of your child, whether he/she attends a public school (whether in regular classes, self contained classes, or in a special day or residential school), a private school, or is home schooled.
P2PSS wants to inform parents of disabled infants and toddlers of their rights as early as possible. The law requires needed services to be provided to such children even before the age at which a child usually starts school.
Does your child have persistent problems at school, that may be due to a disability?
Do you want to learn how you can make a difference? Do you know how to communicate your concerns to an audience larger than you school district?

27. United Way Of Kennebec Valley : Youth And Family Services : Emergency Support :
Catholic Charities maine Home Family Services Volunteers needed for Mission Homemaker,support services for families, elderly and disabled. special needs,
Cony and Gardiner area high school students, faculty and administrators worked with municipal personnel and United Way volunteers at school yards, parks, cemeteries, and river fronts in their communities. They raked, cleaned up trash, painted buildings and docks, visited seniors in nursing homes, read to children in Head Start classes, and worked together to help others.
Volunteer today!
Throughout Kennebec Valley, volunteers are making a difference. You could be one of them! There is a wide range of possibilities for volunteering in our community. Bringing food to a soup kitchen, mentoring a teenager, teaching an adult to read, helping to organize a special event, joining a disaster relief team, caring for a pet at your local shelter are some of the many opportunities for volunteering in Kennebec Valley. The agency profiles below will help narrow your choices, help define your areas of interest and provide contact information.
Abuse, Neglect or Violence
Adolescent Needs


Children's Needs
Substance Abuse

ABUSE, NEGLECT OR VIOLENCE Families First Child Abuse and Neglect Council Volunteers needed for administrative back-up, lending library, special community events, advocacy, guest speakers, committee members and Board of Directors. Staci Fortunato, Director, 257A Water Street, Augusta ME 04330 and/or 126 North Street, Waterville ME 04901, 207-626-3428. Mission: Preventing child abuse and neglect through parent education, school-based prevention curricula, support groups, community awareness, collaboration and advocacy.

28. Welcome To!
income students, those with limited English skills and disabled students every maine. graduationfor many high school seniors in specialneeds programs meant
Lead Poisoning Positive Behavior Support Community Schools Where to find help for a child in Michigan - click here Breaking News What's New? Help ... Text Menu Last Updated: Resources by State Click on a state for resources specific to that state Some of the smaller, Eastern states are grouped together ( Maryland Delaware , and the District of Columbia States, Territories, and Islands not pictured: Alaska American Samoa Hawaii Puerto Rico , and the Virgin Islands NEW! Find Resources in Your State from Children With Disabilities Click here for U.S. Regional Resource Centers Alaska
Nothing listed for your state? Submit a link here American Samoa
Nothing listed for your state? Submit a link here Arizona
AZ E-mail classes get 'A' Online program in Mesa credible, convenient, free Arkansas
AR 5 teens charged in taped assault Group beat special education student at bus stop, police say AR Bill Would Offer School Vouchers to Disabled Children Legislation proposed for the upcoming session would give Arkansas, for the first time, a limited form of school vouchers. California CA County's tip line provides outlet for school concerns Prevention of violence, teen suicide are missions; its anonymity, 24-hr availability boost its profile

29. Industry Contacts
and might easily come into play in transporting disabled students. What are thehot topics in special needs transportation? MSAD 28, 27 IDELR 786, maine.
In the Rear View Mirror:
Looking Back on 1998 (Part 1)
By Peggy A. Burns, Esq. Editor's note: As 1998 winds down, writer and school attorney Peggy Burns takes a retrospective look back at the year. In this first of a two-part series she documents decisions affecting school transporters handed down by the courts in several states nationwide. The cases noted here were selected for their relevance to readers, regardless of what state or jurisdiction the incidents occurred in or where the ruling was issued. They are intended to give readers an insight into the court's approach to the issues that affect the day-to-day operation of school transportation. Employment Discrimination
From disabled driver to bus attendant? When school bus driver Brickers began to experience severe pain which kept her from driving, she requested an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act: a transfer to a bus attendant position. The school district refused the transfer because lifting - which Brickers could not do - was an essential function of a bus attendant's job. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals found that Ohio state law required that only applicants able to lift be hired as bus attendants. Moreover, the Court found that lifting was otherwise an essential function because the ability to lift would be crucial in an emergency situation, and might easily come into play in transporting disabled students. Consequently, the Court upheld the school district's position.

30. New England Comprehensive Assistance Center: Resources: Title I: Schoolwide Upda
children, which can be adaptable to meet special needs. advantaged and disabled/nondisabled,so that conjunction with the Vermont and maine State Departments
New England Comprehensive Assistance Center (NECAC)
at EDC, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02158
Phone: 800-332-0226
Fax: (617) 969-7578
TDD: 617-964-5448
URL: We have done our best to make this site accessible.
Please direct comments or questions about this site to Cyndi Plouff
Schoolwide Updates
Opportunities for Schoolwide Improvement
An Overview of the Title I Schoolwide Program Option for New England Schools
By the New England Comprehensive Assistance Center
What is a schoolwide Title I program?
A "schoolwide" Title I program allows schools the flexibility to combine Title I of the federal Improving America's Schools Act (IASA) funds with other federal, state and local funds to raise the academic achievement of all the students in the school, rather than focusing on certain students targeted for Title I programs and assistance. In a schoolwide program, the Title I funds are used for a schoolwide reform strategy that increases the amount and quality of learning time and provides an enriched and accelerated curriculum for all children in the school. Schools that choose the schoolwide program option must prepare a plan that will enable all students to reach high standards of achievement. All children must meet the state's content and performance standards.

31. UMA Profile
and it accommodates the special needs of the disabled. Tutoring and other specialservices for students who need formerly a college of the University of maine.
Search UMA's Site
UMA Home Page
Academic Information Student Resources Campus Directory
UMA Profile
Page links: Mission Statement Background History UMA at a Glance
Mission Statement
The University of Maine at Augusta, one of seven institutions governed by the Trustees of the University of Maine System , is a single institution, geographically dispersed, committed to teaching and learning, which provides access to educational programs and workforce training, both through traditional and interactive electronic instruction, at multiple campuses, centers, and distance learning sites throughout the state, in selected baccalaureate and associate degree programs offered individually and cooperatively with other public and private institutions of higher learning.
The University of Maine at Augusta's student body is composed of adults with varied educational backgrounds, many of whom are in the workforce and have strong practical needs for higher education. The University of Maine at Augusta is dedicated to teaching excellence and to exemplary public services. In all educational endeavors, it appreciates and fosters multicultural and pluralistic values; it provides for the educational disadvantaged; and it accommodates the special needs of the disabled. The University of Maine at Augusta offers courses and support services to students of all ages from a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds. The institution offers academic programs in the liberal arts, fine and performing arts, nursing and allied health and a variety of other areas. These provide opportunities for personal growth and development and prepare students for transfer to other institutions, graduate study, and career preparation and mobility. UMA is particularly committed both to recent high school graduates and to Maine's adult population, many of whom attend college on a part-time basis. UMA's staff desires to develop in its students the capacity to succeed in college. We assess student skills, offer developmental work when needed, and design courses based on the educational concept which emphasizes learning as a life-long process.

32. Rosemont Community Guide
special needs Learning disabled, Emotionally Disturbed, Behavior Disordered,HearingImpaired, Sight-Impaired students. maine East High School.
Home Page - Index Rosemont Community Guide Community Overview Rosemont is a village of about 4,200 14 miles west of downtown Chicago. While geographically small (4.5 square miles), Rosemont takes advantage of its proximity to the airport with the development of a convention center and hotels. The town is largely commercial and industrial, with approximately 25% of its area for residential housing. Recreational opportunities include the programs of the Park District. Grade school-aged children who live north of Devon Avenue attend Des Plaines district 62 schools and go on to Maine Township West High School, district 207. All other children attend Rosemont School District 78 and Leyden Community High School, District 212. Transportation needs are served by area highways (I-90/Kennedy Expwy., I-294/Tri-State Tollway), and major local roads (Rt. 72/Higgins Rd., U.S. 45/Mannheim Rd., Touhy Ave.). Commuter service to downtown is provided by Metra at the Park Ridge or Franklin Park stations. Local bus service is available from PACE. The RTA Travel Info. Number is 1-800-972-7000. Metra has schedule and ticket information online.

33. Desplaines
special needs Learning disabled, Emotionally Disturbed, Behavior Disordered,HearingImpaired, Sight-Impaired students. maine West High School.
Home Page-Index Child Care Spotlight Des Plaines Community Guide Community Overview Des Plaines is a village of about 59,000 17 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. Recreational opportunities include the programs of the Park District. Most grade school-aged children attend district 62 schools, while the rest are served by districts 26, 57, 59 and 63. Secondary students go to Maine East or West High Schools, district 207. (See below for details on schools). Transportation needs are served by area highways (I-90/Kennedy Expwy./Northwest Tollway, I-294/Tri-State Tollway), and major local roads (U.S. 45/Des Plaines River Road, I-58/Golf Rd., U.S. 14/Northwest Hwy., U.S. 12/Rand Rd.). Commuter service to downtown is provided by Metra. Travel time to the downtown Chicago station is about 28 minutes (express). Local bus service is available from PACE. The RTA Travel Info. Number is 1-800-972-7000. Metra has schedule and ticket information online. Important Phone Numbers: City of Des Plaines Commonwealth Edison: 1-800-334-7661 NICOR: 1-888-642-6748 Ameritech (Phone): 1-800-244-4444 Des Plaines Public Library : 1501 Ellinwood St. 847-827-5551

34. Asheville Citizen-Times Ethan's Story, A Report On Disabled Children, Has Far-re
Ethan's Story, a report on disabled children, has far far away as the Netherlands,maine, Pennsylvania and educating the public about the special needs of such
Jan. 4, 2003 HOME NEWS SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT ... COMMUNITIES CITIZEN-TIMES NEWSROOM Submit a News Tip Ethics Policy Write a Letter to the Editor FEEDBACK E-mail this reporter Questions or Comments about
Ethan's Story, a report on disabled children, has far-reaching impact
By Bob Gabordi
POSTED: Jan. 4, 2003 9:52 p.m. Kendall is about to turn 3 years old. She lives in Rockaway, N.J., with her parents and 5-year-old brother. About six months ago, she was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, the same condition as afflicts my daughter Jessica. Her mom wrote us this week after our special section, Ethan's Story, was published. Looking through the eyes of 11-year-old Ethan Gray, the section was an in-depth report on how children with developmental disabilities and their families are cared for in North Carolina. Kendall's mom used words like "pilgrimage" and "journey" to describe the life her family now faces caring for their child. "Next month, we are going on a three-week family road trip. . Living life to the fullest. We don't like to waste time feeling sorry for our situation," she wrote. We published Ethan's Story as a way to help educate about such children in North Carolina and to shine a light on how the system works against them and their families. But we - even those of us who thought we were experts - learned a lot, too.

35. Your Local Guide To Pregnancy And
Little Rock special needs Resources. educational links for parents of disabled children,lists of Wichita KY Central KY - Louisville maine MA - Boston Needs Resources

36. Nov 2002 : Autism News,disability News,special Education News
Once back in maine, assistance hard to find. Parents may settle special needs suitConflict involves method of help out in class for disabled students THERAPY
Posted 11/29/02 IN - Thanks to you: Wilson student thanks teachers, classmates UK- 'Special needs' pupils turned away for fear they will harm their league table standings. WI - Budget ax looms over aides Wages remain low despite high demands Rising Autism Could Put Strain on System Researchers, Social Workers Concerned About Schools, Social Services Lame-duck leftovers have become stale, unappetizing Legal Reform in Congress' Lap WA - Struggling to stay afloat; mother, grandmother raise autistic child on their own NY - A Loss For Parents Of Autistic Kids Suits over drug blocked CA - Homeland bill helps firms block lawsuits over autism Clovis girl is one of many who may have been affected by mercury in vaccines. IL- Newman girl overcomes handicap Mercury concentrations and metabolism in infants receiving vaccines containing thiomersal: a descriptive study New and Important Insights Into IBS: From Epidemiology to Treatment (medscape free registration and sign in required.) A Capitol Hill Mystery: Who Aided Drug Maker? (NY TimesRegistration Required) MA - Statewide study of autism rate underway `Patriotic' Pork UK - Boys dominate 'special needs' Boys are more likely to have behaviour problems NY - Learning How to Be Mother and Son (NY TimesRegistration Required) A Homeland Security Whodunit In Massive Bill, Someone Buried a Clause to Benefit Drug Maker Eli Lilly

37. New Page 1
a disability as defined by the maine special Education Regulations who are suspectedof being disabled and in is a possible indicator of special education needs
(scroll for details) Section 1 – Child Find Section 2 – Referral/Pre-Referral of Students with Disabilities Section 3 - Individualized Education Programs Section 4 – Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities Section 7 - Special Education Graduation Section 9 - Suspension/Expulsion It shall be the policy of M.S.A.D. No. 71 to comply with and implement the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act (PL 105-17,20 USC 1401 et. seq.) and Title 20-A, chapters 301 and 302, of the Maine Revised Statutes, as supplemented by Chapter 101 of the Maine Department of Education regulations. To that end, M.S.A.D. No. 71 shall provide a free appropriate public education to all exceptional students for whom the unit has legal responsibility. These students have reached age 5 years on or before October 15 of the current school year; have not graduated from secondary school or reached 20 years of age before the start of the current school year (July 1); have a disability as defined by the Maine Special Education Regulations which require the provision of special education services and, if needed, supportive services in order that they may benefit from an elementary or secondary education program.

38. Flexible Learning Programs - A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Distance Learning
North Atlantic Regional schools An incorporated forprofit business in the Stateof maine, recognized by Accomodates special needs students as well as those
Are you Creative?
A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Distance Learning I am Ann Zeise , your guide to over 800 pages of the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about home education on the web. Search
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Flexible Learning Programs These might best be called "Unschooling with a Diploma" programs, though with some, you can just take classes for fun, and not for credit. They give you some guidance and sometimes a diploma, but mostly these are for families who want to design their own curriculum but need an umbrella school. Beach High School
A private alternative school run by Wes Beach, offering a legal umbrella, guidance, documentation, college admission planning, and transcripts based on concise portfolios. Specialty: helping teenagers make a transition from high school studies to their next life situation, whether college or other.

39. -- Your Local Guide To Pregnancy And Parenting Resources
Deaf and Blind includes four schools, a healthcare for those in the disabled communityand Family Advocacy Services Assist special needs families with insurance Needs Resources

40. Alice's Virtual Restaurant - Very Important Places
Variety of issuesbased organizations - issues such as health, disability, and homelessness.Category Society Issues Personal Multi-issues Pages A...... the Net to free and enable the disabled . maine Adoption Placement Svc (MAPS) helpingchildren find love web page devoted to raising kids with special needs.
A Family Friendly Site Meets Kid-Safe Standards
A Word About Privacy
Last Updated Friday 20 April 2001
Click Button to Help End Hunger...It Costs You Nothing! Restaurant Home Page ~or~ Site Map , bottom of this page The links on this page lead to sites addressing vital social and family issues;
things which should concern each of us as members of the human family.
Note: Some of the issues dealt with might be a bit distressing to a very young child. [Plans are afoot to break these alphabetical listings apart and group them into categories;
please bear with me 'til the time presents itself!
Meanwhile, your Browser's "find" function can help you locate what you need. :-)]
A Minor Consideration vital must read for every parent of a would-be child performer] Ability Project [using the Net to free and enable the "disabled"] Adopt America Network [matching special needs children with adoptive families] [huge resources index; "everything prospective adoptive parents need to know"] Alpha One [seeking a society where people with disabilities make choices for themselves] ALS Assn [fighting the cruel killer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; a/k/a

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