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         Maine Education Regulations:     more detail
  1. Maine lawmakers to challenge changes to higher-ed. system.: An article from: Community College Week
  2. Maine college grads to get free pass to UMaine system.: An article from: Community College Week
  3. Embracing consolidation in rural Maine.(COVER STORY): An article from: School Administrator by Thomas J. Ward, 2010-05-01
  4. Is It a House . . . or a Pile of Bricks? Important Features of a Local Assessment System - By addressing the six features that Mr. Coladarci describes, ... An article from: Phi Delta Kappan by Theodore Coladarci, 2002-06-01
  5. Achieving health & safety in construction by William C Murphy, 1998

61. Maine Association For Charter Schools
Of Page maine Department of education maine's enabling legislation as part of thestate's public education program safety, and civil rights regulations, as are
Planning and Start-Up Funds Facilities Accountability
Chartering Authorizers
... Maine Department of Education
Planning and Start-Up Funds
Once a public charter school begins operations, it receives a per pupil allocation for each student enrolled. However, there are many expenses prior to opening. It usually takes at least a year of planning to start a new public school or to convert a school from an existing public school or to reinvent an existing private school as a public charter school. Most of the planning time is donated by the potential charter school organizers and teachers. Some states provide small planning grants.
Once a prospective charter school receives a charter contract from a chartering authority, even if it is a "conditional" approval, the charter school can apply to the US Department of Education Public Charter School Grant Program for start-up grants. In states where the state department of education does not apply on behalf of the charter schools in that state, charter schools may apply directly to US DOE. Federal funds can be used for most typical school expenses during the first three years of operation, except that facilities may not be purchased with federal funds. FMI, see Depending on the number of students enrolled, federal grants can be $100,000 or more each year for 3 years.
For those interested in starting a new public charter school, among the many resources available is the recent publication by the Annie E. Casey foundation, "How Community-Based Organizations Can Start Charter Schools." To order a copy, contact "

62. Maine Logs On!
able to the public all laws, rules, decisions, regulations, requirements, procedures C.maine's education and business communities, with government agencies,.
Maine Logs On!
Maine Telecommunications and Information Technology Planning Project
Janet Waldron, Commissioner of Financial and Administrative Service, Project Chair
May 1995
Acknowledgments The Maine Telecommunications and Information Technology Planning Project is grateful to the members of its Goals and Benchmarking Committee for this document. Its efforts spanned many months from autumn of 1994 through early spring of 1995. Committee members are Kate Arno of Maine Public Television, Jane Considine of TV 4 - the Community Television Network, Barry Mills of the Maine State Bar Asso ciation, Gary Nichols of the Maine State Library, Greg Scott of Maine Department of Education, Randy Visser of Southern Maine Technical College, Mike Angelakis of State Cable Television, Reginald Palmer of West Penobscot Telephone, Elizabeth Frey of Biddeford Internet, Richard Rhames, Suzanne Goucher of Maine Association of Broad Bob Ho (Committee Chair) of the Maine Rural Development Council.

63. University Of Maine System: AUP
is extended to certain maine education, research and of research or instructionin maine is acceptable respects all University regulations, contracts with
University of Maine System Network for Education and Technology Services
Network Acceptable Use Policy
Revision date: 2/5/97 UNET's computing and network facilities support the University of Maine System's instruction, research and service missions and administrative needs. As part of the service missions, the use of the facilities is extended to certain Maine education, research and government institutions and projects. This statement represents a guide to the acceptable use of UNET's facilities.
  • All use of UNET's facilities must be consistent with the missions of the University of Maine System: teaching, research, and public service for the people of Maine and the larger society. The intent of the use policy is to make clear certain cases which are consistent with the mission, not to exhaustively enumerate all such possible uses.
  • If a use is consistent with the purposes of the University System, then activities in direct support of that use will be considered consistent with the purposes. For example, administrative communications for the support of infrastructure needed for research and instruction are acceptable.
  • Use in support of research, instruction, and public service at not-for- profit institutions of research, instruction, or public service in Maine is acceptable.
  • 64. LAW - EDUCATION LawResearch
    of Federal regulations Subtitle C. regulations Relating to Title 4. education andEarly Development Cl Arizona Kentucky (see Title XIII; PDF) maine Title 20
    Internet Private Investigator

    65. Maine
    Mixed report on DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance education). maine Med vaccinating whilemany hospitals nationwide regulations added to Federal spending bill behind

    Maine Seafood from
    Maine Lobster Direct
    Mainely Scrubs
    Portland Dine Around
    Camp Maine
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  • Co-op America ...
  • Susan George Wed, Apr 09 2003 WAR IS GOOD BUSINESS; INVEST YOUR SON. "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." - Jefferson rev 2003-04-08 14:02:40
    Photo Al Jazeera
    Americans rally around the flag. 3/4 support war even if no weapons of mass destruction are found. 60% believe Iraq was behind 9/11. Uninformed, misinformed or senseless? Charlotte Aldebron, Presque Isle, Maine asks " Can you hear us now ram Thirty-six years ago , on April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King "The image of America will never again be the image of freedom, democracy and revolution, but the image of militarism and defeat." Angels of the Lord come to save us.
  • 66. Elementary Education
    at the 500 and/ or 600-level at the University of maine. Social Studies education(MA, MS, M.Ed., CAS by the student and advisor within the regulations of the

    Human Development
    Academic Programs Contacting the College College Happenings ... The University of Maine
    Elementary and Secondary Education
    (M.S., M.Ed., C.A.S.)
    I n addition to programs leading to graduate degrees for elementary and secondary teachers, studies may be developed for individuals whose interests and occupations are similar or closely allied to teaching, such as environmental educators with government agencies, consultants, and health services personnel. In all cases, planned programs will capitalize on the resources of the University at large and, with the exception of the core courses stipulated by the graduate faculty of the College, may vary widely to meet personal needs and professional goals. The Master of Education is intended to enhance the preparation of classroom teachers and to prepare educators for specialty areas. The degree is granted on completion of a planned program of study, which includes a minimum of 33-48 semester hours, depending on the discipline. Students are required to elect two seminars appropriate to their program of study or, with the agreement of the advisor, students may substitute an appropriate practicum or internship for one of the seminars. The seminars are in lieu of a thesis, graduate paper, or oral examination. The Master of Education program begins with the first course including transfer courses, and all work must be completed within a six-year period. Eligibility for admission to Master of Education programs is based on completion of an approved teacher education program. However, an applicant from another undergraduate program may establish eligibility by meeting essential prerequisites.

    67. The Maine Advantage Education Loan Program: Glossary Of Financial Aid Terms
    Consolidation Consolidating multiple education loans into one new loan with anew repayment term and This term is no longer used in federal regulations.
    Glossary of Education Finance Terms
    Achievement Tests: Tests required by some colleges to measure student achievement in specific areas of study such as English, Math or Science. Accrued Interest: Interest that accumulates on the unpaid principal balance of a loan. ACT: A test published by American College Testing to measure a student's ability in math, verbal comprehension and problem solving. Usually students take this test during their junior or senior year of high school. Adjusted Gross Income Amortization: The gradual reduction of a loan debt by periodic installment (usually monthly) payments of principal and interest. Balloon Payment: The last payment of a loan that is much larger than the preceding payments. If there is to be a balloon payment, it should be clearly stated in the loan contract. Bankruptcy: Borrower: Any "legal entity" who obtains funds from a lender by the extension of credit for a period of time; said borrower signs a "promissory note" as evidence of the indebtedness. Cancellation: The balance of a student loan may be cancelled upon the death or total and permanent disability of the borrower.

    68. Lobster Links
    The regulations are no longer posted for online trap fishery through scientificresearch and education. The Lobsterman's Page maine/New Hampshire Sea Grant
    Lobster Links
    Other Web Sites Beyond the Gulf of Maine Aquarium
    Please let us know if you find any of these links broken. Web addresses often change, and we would like to keep this page current. From the New York Times:
    Down East, the Lobster Hauls Are Up Big
    The Department of Marine Resources has several areas of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about lobstering and the industry.
    • Start at their Home Page to find laws and regulations about lobster zone management and other lobster landings statistics. Try Resource Management - Lobsters to find a wealth of resources and information on lobsters, including how to order a wide variety of information leaflets. ...or for downloadable copies of regulations, go directly to: State of Maine Rule Chapters for the Department of Marine Resources (This is an ftp site where you may download the Rule Chapters in Word 2.0 or WordPerfect 5.1 format.
      The regulations are no longer posted for online viewing.)
    The Darling Marine Center is the marine laboratory of the University of Maine. It functions year round as a research and educational facility serving the marine interests of faculty, staff, students and visiting investigators from around the world.
    The Lobster Institute

    Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

    For more details of Lew Incze's research, see his

    69. Dover-Foxcroft, Maine - Dover-Foxcroft Schools/Education
    governed by the laws and regulations of the State of maine and are approved forattendance and tuition by the Department of education of the State of maine.
    Home Town Government Calendar Municipal Directory Archived Stories 11/2002 Election Results ... Schools Services Ambulance Service Fire Department Police Department Email Directory Now Available Online Flood Plain Ordinance
    Sewer Ordinance

    Shoreland Zoning

    Subdivision Ordinance
    Schools Foxcroft Academy
    "A private secondary school serving the people of Dover-Foxcroft" For admission information you may write: Foxcroft Academy
    Admission Office
    147 West Main Street
    Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
    Phone: 207 564-8351 or email: MSAD 68
    Maine School Administrative District No. 68
    Charleston Monson Dover-Foxcroft Sebec 55 High Street Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426 Phone: 207-564-2421 Fax: 207-564-3487 Town of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine February 06, 2003

    70. Appendix | By Request...May 2002
    maine. education technician/Level III—three years college plus inservice. Allare renewed yearly. 2001—Development of state regulations in progress.
    Appendix: Existing or Proposed State Paraeducator Certification Policies
    Alabama. Letter of approval required. Thirty hours of formal training; permanent. Delaware. Permit with requirements not specified; must have evaluated experience and training and skills relevant to the position; permanent. Florida. Legislation outlining career ladder with LEA option (not mandatory) passed in 1998. Current regulations specify standards and procedures that apply to teacher aides, including health, age, knowledge of policies, and instructional practices. Georgia. State license requires two years of college or 50 hours; renewable every three years, requiring additional 50 hours instruction or inservice. Idaho. Illinois. State certificate requires completion of a teacher aide training program approved by the superintendent or 30 semester hours; permanent. Legislation pending for revision and creation of task force to study issue. Indiana. Iowa. Kansas. Maine. Maryland. Minnesota. Minnesota Omnibus Education Bill of 1998 requires school boards in districts where paraprofessionals are employed in programs for students with disabilities to ensure that: Paraprofessionals have sufficient knowledge and skills in various areas, annual training opportunities to further develop knowledge and skills, and ongoing direction of their work by a licensed teacher, and where appropriate and possible, the supervision of a school nurse. Mississippi.

    71. EPA New England
    1 New England Connecticut, maine, Massachusetts, New community in complying withenvironmental regulations. education and Outreach educational and outreach
    Region 1: New England
    Recent Additions
    Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home EPA New England A-Z Index Topics Info Resources Compliance ... About Us
    EPA New England Shows Off New Mobile Command Post for Emergency Responses
    April 3, 2003
    More Information

    EPA Administrator Honors Four New England Community Groups as 'Clean Water Partners'
    April 1, 2003
    EPA Administrator Christie Whitman this week honored four New England community groups as 'Clean Water Partners for the 21st Century.' The winners, honored at a ceremony in Washington, were the Norwalk River Watershed Initiative in Norwalk, CT, the Auburn, MA Water District, the Town of Narragansett, RI and the Town of Portage Lake, Maine.
    ME MA RI
    EPA New England Announces Strong Enforcement Results for 2002
    March 24, 2003

    72. Laws And Regulations For The U.S. And Canada: Maine
    Massage Magazine. Laws and regulations for the US and Canada Back. maine Number ofcredentialed practitioners in this state 1,217. License. Required education/.
    Laws and Regulations for the U.S. and Canada
    STATES: Alabama Maryland Ohio Washington D.C ... South Carolina PROVINCES: Florida New Hampshire Tennessee British Columbia ... Washington MAINE
    Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 1,2 Phone/Web Site web site Title/Type of Credential Massage Therapist/ License Required Education/ Written or Practical Exam 500 hours No exam NCETMB* Used No Renewal Fee $50/year *National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork- visit NCBTMB SpaMassage Alliance World of Massage Museum Site Menu ... Products
    Articles: Research News Self-care Reader Expressions ... Contact Us I Resources
    Spa Professional
    Featured Advertisers Advertise in Massage Magazine ... Contribute

    73. [maine-math] Math Position Opening
    in collaboration with the maine Mathematics and involvement issues in education policydecisions federal legislation, rules and regulations impacting education
    [maine-math] Math position opening
    Hupp, Dan
    Wed Jun 13 13:53:01 2001

    74. CLE, MCLE, Online CLE Credits - Broadcasting Continuing Legal Education - Lawlin
    York State Continuing Legal education Board on New York State regulations and guidelines Connecticut,Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, maine, Maryland, Michigan

    Press Room

    Getting Started

    Log In Available Courses Getting Started ... Testimonials Links The following programs have been approved in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board. For more information on New York State regulations and guidelines click here. has made meeting your CLE requirements easy by providing a wide selection of online CLE courses for credit. Each course is only $25.00 per credit hour.
    We have provided a FREE SAMPLE COURSE FOR CREDIT entitled "How to Cross Examine Taped Evidence" featuring noted defense attorney Ben Brafman. Take this sample course and experience the ease of online learning. Browse through the other courses in our inventory and watch them at your convenience.
    Are you unfamiliar with online learning?
    Click here for instructions!

    Available Courses. is offering CLE in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, ... Virginia and Washington, D.C.

    75. Maine Fire Chiefs Links/Internet Resources Page
    OSHA regulations (Standards 29 CFR) Portable fire extinguishers. - 1910.157. HazMatResources maine Fire Marshall. maine Fire Training education.
    Other Links / Internet Resources
    Firefighter Safety: Firefighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program
    (NIOSH) National Safety Council Operation Life Safety SOS Fires: Youth Intervention Programs Fire Chief website ... Firehouse website (firefighting, rescue, EMS, safety) National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors National Fire Sprinkler Association Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition American Fire Sprinkler Association ... Automatic Fire Alarm Association OSHA Regulations: OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) Table of Contents OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) Table of Contents for ... Fire Protection - 1910 Subpart L App A [1910.156 Fire brigades] OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) Table of Contents for Part 1910 Subpart L - Fire Protection OSHA Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) ... Examples of Permit-required Confined Space Programs - 1910.146 App C

    76. Rule Chapters For The Department Of Education
    Renovation Fund Ch. 81 Uniform School Bus Standards for Pupil Transportationin maine Ch. 101 Special education Rules Ch. 104 education
    State of Maine
    Rule Chapters for the Department of Education
    Chapters available for downloading are highlighted. All chapters for this Department are formatted in Microsoft Word. WARNING: While we have taken care with the accuracy of the files accessible here, they are not "official" state rules in the sense that they can be used before a court. Anyone who needs a certified copy of a rule chapter should contact the APA Office If you're trying to view these chapters and are having trouble, click here for some advice.
    05 071 Education / General Ch. 4 Equal Educational Opportunity (a joint chapter with 94-348) Ch. 13 Qualifying Examinations for Teachers Ch. 14 Exceptions to General Residency Rules and Education of Homeless Students Ch. 18 Licensure of Residential Child Care Facilities (Joint rule with 10-148 and 14-193) Ch. 21 Secular Textbooks and Services to Private School Pupils Ch. 23 Collection of Staff Information Ch. 25 Administration of Special Education Adjustments;Definition of Budgetary Hardship Ch. 26

    77. Maine State Department Of Education
    Supplies certification information, department statistics and links to school Web pages. Download enrollment and budget forms. Site Index Interesting Links State of maine Contact the Webmaster
    Contact Us
    Partnerships text only page ... Resources
    Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS) Training and Development Standards Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) New List of Priority Schools Released As Required By Federal No Child Left Behind Act Proposed RulePrivate School Requirements and Approval Standards FY 2003-04 Commissioner's Recommended Funding Level Released12/18/02 LAD - Local Assessment Development 2001-02 MEA Results Required Plans Required Policies $10 Million from Gates Foundation to Support Promising Futures High School Efforts MDOE Regulations Filed for Repeal on 9/24/2002 State Board of Education Designates 11 School Construction Projects for 2003/2004 Washington's Release of Maine's Priority Schools Needs Clarification Major Capital School Construction Priority List DOE Rule Changes Being Considered Maine Learning Technology Endowment Most Popular Sites:
    Certification Services School Directories Data Center School Profiles Forms Learning Results Maine Educational Assessment Search DOE by Keyword:
    Site Index
    Interesting Links State of Maine Contact the Webmaster

    78. Maine State Department Of Education
    Resource for maine educators.Category Regional North America United States maine education......
    Contact Us
    Partnerships text only page ... Resources
    Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS) Training and Development Standards Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) New List of Priority Schools Released As Required By Federal No Child Left Behind Act Proposed RulePrivate School Requirements and Approval Standards FY 2003-04 Commissioner's Recommended Funding Level Released12/18/02 LAD - Local Assessment Development 2001-02 MEA Results Required Plans Required Policies $10 Million from Gates Foundation to Support Promising Futures High School Efforts MDOE Regulations Filed for Repeal on 9/24/2002 State Board of Education Designates 11 School Construction Projects for 2003/2004 Washington's Release of Maine's Priority Schools Needs Clarification Major Capital School Construction Priority List DOE Rule Changes Being Considered Maine Learning Technology Endowment Most Popular Sites:
    Certification Services School Directories Data Center School Profiles Forms Learning Results Maine Educational Assessment Search DOE by Keyword:
    Site Index
    Interesting Links State of Maine Contact the Webmaster

    79. Maine Educational Assessment
    Explore the links below to learn more about Special education Supporting Students with disabilities kindergarten through graduation in their quest to achieve maine's Learning Results. Public Law 10517 June 4, 1997
    This page has moved. Please wait and you will be automatically redirected.

    80. Maine Department Of Education Special Services
    to Assistive Technology maine Department of education Special Services Deborah Parker Wolfenden This guidebook was funded by the maine Department of education, Special Services, maineCITE Project, with a grant from the

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