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         Maine School Media Centers:     more detail

1. School Libraries Menu Page
maine school Library Facilities Handbook From maine Association of Statement onAppropriate Staffing for school Library media centers Library media
School Library Media Centers
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center (ISLMC) school libraries page. You will find information on selection, cataloging and classification, management and other topics of interest to school librarians. Please visit the ISLMC Home Page for more links. You can search this site, use an index or a sitemap
See Also: Networking
Assessment General Sites Publicity, Special Observances ... Professional Publications
Information Power; Building Partnerships for Learning
McREL Standards Database
educator resources.
MAME: Library/Media Standards/Curriculum
Excellent collection of links from Michigan Association for
Media in Education
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Improving America's Schools : A Newsletter on Issues in School Reform
Somewhat dated, 1996. Topics are still timely, as "Creating Better
Student Assessments;" From Improving America's Schools
Vermont's Assessment System
Check site. Page under development
Assessment Resource Center
Information and Web based resources on assessment of teaching
and learning; from University of Maryland

2. Statistics For School Libraries
Augusta maine Educational media Association and maine State Dept. Townsend, CatherineM. Public school Library media centers in South Carolina A
Evelyn Daniel,
Page revised 3/11/97.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
January 1997 General Publications
Bard, Therese B. and Edith N. School Libraries in the United States Since 1945 1981. ED 227 851. DeCandido, Grace Ann and Alan P. Mahony, "Overworked and Underbudgeted: Staff and Funds for School Library Media Centers 1992," [survey of 38 states] School Library Journal 38 (June 1992): 25-29. Erratum 38 (July 1992): 16. < /P> Garland, Kathleen. "An analysis of school media center statistics collected by site agencies and individual library media specialists," School Library Media Quarterly , 21/2 (Winter 1993): 106-10. Lynch, Mary Jo, et al. "Library Research and Statistics ," Bowker Annual Library and Book Trade Almanac Lynch, Mary Jo. National statistics on the SMLC and SLMS: What’s coming and how does it relate to learning November 11, 1994. Lynch, Mary Jo et al. Public library media centers in 12 states: report of the NCLIS/ALA survey . Washington, DC: U.S. Commission on Library and Information Science, April 1994.

3. NCEF Resource List: Libraries/Media Centers
guidance on building superior school library media centers by outlining conceptual plans http// list.html. maine school Library Facilities Handbook.
NCEF's resource list of links, books, and journal articles on the design of K-12 school libraries, including sample city and state guidelines, and resources on technology requirements.
Building Libraries and Library Additions. A Selected Annotated Bibliography. ALA Library Fact Sheet Number 11.

(American Library Association, Chicago, IL, 2002)
This fact sheet provides references to tools, resources, and advice to manage a library building project, whether large or small. 10p.
School Libraries and Resource Centres = Bibliotheques scolaires et centres de documentation. (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris, France., 2001) ERIC NO: ED459810 ; TO ORDER: OECD Washington Center, 2001 L Street N.W., Suite 650, Washington, DC, 20036-4922. Tel: 202-785.6323.Tel: 800-456-6323. Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future. Erikson, Rolf; Markuson, Carolyn

4. Richmond, Maine Schools
Richmond, maine schools, Library media centers. The Library media centers at theRichmond Middle/High school and Marcia Buker Elementary school serve the schools
Richmond, Maine Schools
Library Media Centers
The Library Media Centers at the Richmond Middle/High School and Marcia Buker Elementary School serve the schools' students and faculty. They are also open for use by all members of the Richmond Community. Access the Richmond Middle/High School Library Media Center's web site at . You will find links to magazine and newspaper indexes (many articles with full-text) and suggested quality links for school projects.
c2002 Richmond (Maine) School Department
Created: August 2002. Last Update: August 1, 2002

5. Index For The Internet School Library Media Center
MacWeek periodical Madison, James Magazines see Electronic Journals maine. Librarians'Index to the Internet school Library media centers see school

6. Preface (Facilities)
Excellent school library media centers require excellent programs, staff, materials,and facilities. The maine school Library Facilities Handbook is designed
Maine School Library Facilities Handbook PREFACE
Table of Contents
Considerations Essential Areas Comparison Tables ... Committee Excellent school library media centers require excellent programs, staff, materials, and facilities. The Maine School Library Facilities Handbook is designed to assist school library media specialists and architects in planning new or renovated facilities to meet the continually changing needs of both school children and school communities. Computers and telecommunications continue to transform how students access, use and create information. Goals 2000, the State of Maine Learning Results, Improving America's Schools Act (IASA), and other school reform legislation carry the expectation that all students will be able users of a variety of resources and technologies. Students in our schools must develop the skills needed to locate, evaluate, and use information in order to meet their academic and personal needs, and to participate fully in a technological society. The school library media specialist, in collaboration with classroom teachers, provides a library media program in which individual users, groups of students, and whole classes learn, develop, and practice these skills. These expanded expectations for students, along with the need to follow federal ADA requirements to accommodate the needs of the disabled, necessitate a new look at library design. Library media center facilities must provide for a variety of learning and teaching styles and access to new technologies. The library media center must be flexible and incorporate spaces which can accommodate a variety of simultaneous activities: whole class instruction, individual research, group work, recreational reading, and quiet study. ADA requirements often necessitate more space and special equipment or furnishings to accommodate the needs of physically disabled students. The growing role of school library media centers necessitates additional areas and increased square footage.

7. Statistics And Input-Output Measures For School Library Media Centers
Statistics and InputOutput Measures for school Library media centers in Colorado - Fall 2000 Eads RE-1. 900 N. maine St. Eads. Kiowa

8. Maine Association Of School Libraries: Resources
libraries listserv) SCOOP Programs Other maine Resource Links Materials for Classroomand school Libraries included in both library media centers and classroom
Curriculum Links In-service Opportunities Selected MASL Resources Author - Illustrator - Speaker Information
School Library Media Specialist Evaluation Kit.
Maine Resources ACTEM (Association of Computer Technology Educators of Me)
Department of Education

Learning Results

Library Awarenes Campaign

Library Job Opportunities
(Information about the Maine libraries listserv)
SCOOP Programs
Other Maine Resource Links for Libraries National Resources AASL Advocacy Toolkit update
Many of the Talking Points documents included in the AASL Advocacy
Toolkit have been updated to reflect new data from the U.S. Department of
Education's National Center for Education Statistics. Also, a Sample Letter to the Editor has been added. The AASL Advocacy Toolkit is available online at American Association of School Librarians (AASL) "The mission of AASL is to advocate excellence, facilitate change, and develop leaders in the school library media field. Largest professional organization serving school library media professionals, grades K-12." Association for Educational Communication and Technology

9. School Library Standards And Evaluation
maine school Library Facilities Handbook; Library media Standards State ofMaryland. Standards for school Library media centers in the Commonwealth of
Resources for School Librarians - Index School Libraries on the Web : Main Directory
School Library Standards and Evaluation
School Library Standards Job Descriptions Evaluation Forms School Library Mission Statements ... School Library Statistics Today it seems that accountability is the hot topic in educational reform. It will become increasingly important for school library media specialists to demonstrate the importance of their media center to the school, and also be able to demonstrate how effectively they are doing their job. Busy adminstrators like numbers and well organized reports to demonstrate progress.
School Library Standards for Programs and Facilities

10. State Departments Of Library Services
maine school Library Facilities Handbook by the maine Association of school Libraries. Standardsfor school Library media centers in Massachusetts;
State Pages Relating to School Library/Media Services
School Libraries on the Web : Main Directory Directory of US Web Pages School District Libraries National Library Pages ... Resources for Librarians Countries: Australia Canada United Kingdom Germany ... United States

11. Facilities
maine school Library Facilities Handbook is a fairly detailed handbook that NCEFInformation Resources Libraries/media centers contains an annotated list of
27 Snappy Rules for Good and Evil in Library Architecture (2000) is aimed at public libraries, but many rules are applicable to school libraries as well. SLJ Online Article: Architectural Follies by Serena Fenton (1 February 1999) has practical advice on creating the school library of your dreams. Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School provides a good overview of computer ergonomics for elementary school students, and it also contains some inexpensive solutions to making computer use more comfortable for students. Library Alive! (PDF) by Rose Dotten is a 5 page document on what to look for when designing or redesigning a school library. Maine School Library Facilities Handbook is a fairly detailed handbook that contains an overview and description of essential areas, comparison chart, square footage table, shelving requirements, advice, glossary, resources, and more. NCEF Information Resources: Libraries/Media Centers contains an annotated list of links, books, and journal articles on designing school library or media centers. This is the best webpage that I have found on facilities so I recommend that you start here.

12. MAME: Moving/Renovation A Library
maine school Library Facilities Handbook A gold mine for those looking for onlineplanning information for those renovating or building media centers.

Moving/Renovating a Library
SITES (go to Michigan Libraries Chocolate Changes
This is a PDF file of a session from MAME 26 on moving and/or renovating a library.
Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future
This book was written by Rolf Erikson and Carolyn Markuson for the American Association
of School Librarians. The link takes you to more information about the book. ©2000. ISBN 0-8389-0790-3. 128 p. $39.00 / ALA members, $35.10. By phone at 800-545-2433 then press 7. It can be ordered online by going to ALA's Books Online page.
Facilities Planning for School Library Media and Technology Centers
This is a publication written by Steven M. Baule, 1999, 0-938865-74-9 and is available from Linworth Publishing
LION's Facilities Links
From the Librarians' Information Online Network.
Maine School Library Facilities Handbook
A gold mine for those looking for online planning information for those renovating or building media centers.
Moving a Library: The Planning Stages
This is a PowerPoint file of a Round Table session from MAME 26. There is an extensive bibliography at the end of the presentation which includes websites, books, journal articles and listservs.

13. Library Walls
maine school Library Facilities Handbook · Library media Standards State ofMaryland. · Standards for school Library media centers in the Commonwealth
Welcome to Library Walls The Ideal Library Blueprints Library Design Center What Works ... Resources
The Virtual School Library Project District Plans and State Standards Join us here to view state library standards, evaluate the level of service they are recommending to their Districts, examine what Districts are recommending as standards for their schools, and finally what local schools are proposing as the acceptable level of library services they will provide their students. Nationwide help is needed to complete this project. Please provide any links you have to your State, District or School Plans. State Standards AASL Position Statement on Appropriate Staffing for School Library Media Centers Massachusetts School Library Association State Standards Thanks to

Design maine; Facilities Design - one page functional areas from maine with CT DesignConsiderations for school Library media centers-Wisconsin Dept.
I LS 693
Issues in School Library Media Centers Institute
Southern Connecticut State University
Summer 200
August Morrill Hall - Computer Lab - Basement - Rm 013 HOME TEXTS/TOOLS S CHEDULE ... LINKS Links for Teachers and Library Media Specialists A Administration of a library media program
Authors - Children's Literature
P Primary Sources
Professional Magazines

Problem Based Learning

Professional Organizations
B Books and Publishers
Budgeting and Ordering for LMSs
Q The art of creating Questions? Quizzes, Puzzles, Games, Crosswords, etc. C Certification Issues for LMSs Collection Development - School LMCs Connecticut Websites Curriculum R Research and Evaluation Roles and Responsibilities of the LMS Rubrics G Grant Writing Graphic Organizers S School Library Media Centers - Facilities Planning School Library Media Centers - HISTORY School Library Media Centers - Scheduling I INFORMATION LITERACY (including Big6) Intellectual Freedom S School Reform Efforts School Websites (Coming Soon) K Keypals S Standards L Lesson Plans T Technology M MEDIA-NEWS, RADIO, etc

15. Walter
Many of the public libraries and school media centers in our state are administeredby USC grads and the maine Libraries Conference planning committee looks
NOTES FROM 4 OAK STREET...By John R. Clark, MLIS Last week was a productive one. I had two goals when I left the previous weekend: Cut my supply of wood for this winter and finish the manuscript for my second book. The book got done, the wood is in process, so I'm declaring a victory. This week's column is a tribute to Walter Taranko, one of the ten nicest people on our planet. Walter is being forced to retire as the Media Services Coordinator for the Maine State Library because of ill health. To say that Walter's absence from the Maine school and library community will leave a huge hole would be an understatement. There are 844 members of Melibs, the Maine Library Listserv and Walt's name is one of a handful that would be instantly recognized by every single one on that list. Walter and I go back 24 years to the days when I was the adult education director at AMHI and was working on my masters degree in adult ed. At the University of Southern Maine. I enrolled in "Preparation of Classroom Instructional Materials" taught by Walter. Not only was it an enjoyable learning experience, but I discovered a kindred spirit who believed in taking unloved resources from one location and finding them a home somewhere else. When Walt discovered I was trying to build up the program for the patients at AMHI, He invited me to come and raid the corner of the state library where he maintained an informal stash of discarded and surplus books, record players and projectors. Walter's support and generosity made a huge difference in the quality of that program and benefitted hundreds of people who were in the process of recovering from major mental illnesses.

16. Statement Of Beliefs, Mission, Goals - Falmouth, Maine Technology Plan
buildings; Library media centers within three of the school buildings,one of which is shared with the fourth building; Four computer
3. Inventory of Technology Resources in the Falmouth Schools
In our assessment of our current technology resources, the Technology Advisory Committee considered:
  • Human resources
  • Facilities, software, hardware, and network resources Resources for equipment maintenance
  • Evidence of equity of access
  • Overall financial resources
This section provides a summary overview of our technology resources. We refer readers to appropriate sections of the portfolio and plan for details, and especially to section 6, where the integration of these resources into our curriculum in support of the Learning Results is discussed.
Human Resources
The School Department's technology program is overseen by the Technology Advisory Committee (see Portfolio C for a complete list), which includes:
  • Administrators
  • School Board members
  • Technology staff
  • Community members.
The Technology staff consists of:
  • A full-time high school computer coordinator who maintains the high school network and troubleshoots high school computers. (See Portfolio H for full job description)
  • A full-time middle school computer teacher teaches students (7th grade), assists classroom teachers, and troubleshoots middle school computers.

17. U-46 Libraries And Learning Centers: State-wide School Library Associations
U46 Libraries and Learning centers Iowa Educational media Association; Kentuckyschool media Association; maine Association of school Librarians; Michigan
U-46 Libraries and Learning Centers State-wide School Library Associations
Who did I miss? Send me the URL of your group , if it's not listed above. Thanks! U-46 Libraries and Learning Centers
Library-oriented Links

Help with: Cataloging and Circulation Ordering Reference

18. Library Links
maine Library and Information Services Scarborough school Department. school Libraryand media centers - Caroline County Board of Education; Library media
Web Sites Maintained by Library Media Programs
United States

19. More Resources: Bibliography
maine maine Educational media Association, 1990. Pennsylvania OnlineA Curriculum Guide for school Library media centers.
Recommended Readings
Follett's Information Skills Model
Background Information
Electronic Searching Strategies
Additional Resources
Follett's Information Skills Model:
Pappas, Marjorie and Ann Tepe. Pathways to Knowledge : Follett's Information Skills Model Kit. McHenry, IL: Follett Software, 1997. Background Information:
AASL and AECT. Information Power. Chicago: ALA, 1988. Brock, Kathy Thomas. "Developing Information Literacy through the Information Intermediary Process." Emergency Librarian 22, no. 1 (1994): 16-20. Bromley, Karen, Linda Irwin-De Vitis, and Marcia Modlo. Graphic Organizers: Visual Strategies for Active Learning. NY: Scholastic Professional Books, 1995. California School Library Association. From Library Skills to Information Literacy: A Handbook for the 21st Century. 2nd ed. Castle Rock, CO: Hi Willow Research, 1997. Considine, David M. "Are We There Yet? An Update on the Media Literacy Movement." Educational Technology (July-August 1995): 32-43. Craver, Kathleen W.

20. Program Information
cohort in West Virginia began in Spring 1998 and maine II began in in academic libraries,special libraries, public libraries, school media centers, and other
The following information is subject to review and change without notice.
    The College of Library and Information Science (CLIS) at the University of South Carolina is one of the nation's youngest and most distinctive schools of library and information science education. With an outstanding faculty who share the philosophy that information service is not primarily a system of procedures relating to materials but rather a dynamic human service profession, the CLIS has produced an effective educational program which prepares graduates to enter challenging and rewarding careers in libraries and information centers in colleges, schools, communities, industries, and businesses. Students in the CLIS enjoy their studies and develop, both in and out of the classroom, collegial relationships and friendships which enrich and support them throughout their professional careers. Many students who are qualified to enroll in the College's programs of library and information science education are not able to participate full time in traditional campus-based classes. We are pleased to be able to offer these students flexible scheduling and convenient modes of course delivery. The USC College of Library and Information Science leads the nation in live interactive transmission of courses. The CLIS has provided this type of innovative educational opportunity to students in South Carolina since 1982. A three-year cohort of students in West Virginia and Georgia completed the USC-MLIS program through distance education in 1995. A three-year cohort in Maine reached completion in 1997. A second cohort began in West Virginia during the 1997-98 academic year and will extend over a four year period. A second four year cohort of Mainers started in Fall 2000.

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