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         Maine Schools General:     more books (100)
  1. Laws of Maine relating to public schools, 1921 by Maine Maine, 2010-09-07
  2. Laws of Maine relating to public schools. 1919 by Maine Maine, 2010-08-03
  3. Laws of Maine Relating to Public Schools, 1913: Comp. by the State Superintendent and Printed Agreeably to an Act Approved March 13, 1889 by Maine, 2010-01-11
  4. Report of the Doings of the First Maine State Convention of Sabbath School Teachers, Held at Portland, Me., June 28 and 29, 1859: With Statistics Appended
  5. Laws of Maine relating to public schools. 1899 by statutes Maine. Laws, 2010-08-03
  6. Laws of Maine relating to public schools, 1913 : comp. by the state superintendent and printed agree by Anonymous, Maine, et all 2009-11-24
  7. Report Of The State Superintendent Of Public Schools Of The State Of Maine: For The School Year Ending June 30, 1907 (1907) by Maine Department Of Education, 2010-09-10
  8. Report Of The State Superintendent Of Public Schools Of The State Of Maine: For The School Year Ending June 30, 1907 (1907) by Maine Department Of Education, 2010-09-10
  9. A Book for the Children of Maine, for the Use of Families and Schools
  10. Emotional Health and Wellbeing: Activities and Resources to Promote a Whole-school Approach to Emotional Wellbeing by Belinda Heaven, 2008-11-28
  11. Improvement of School Buildings and Grounds by Maine Office of State Commissioner of Education, 2009-01-27
  12. Creative and Philosophical Thinking in Primary Schools: Stimulating Ideas to Generate Creative and Philosophical Thinking in Children by Marie Huxtable, Hurford Rosalind, et all 2008-11
  13. Words, reading and literature, and the school as it was, is and should be
  14. Laws Relating to Public Schools, 1911 by Maine, 2010-01-11

61. Arcady Music Society Founder / Artistic Director Masanabu Ikemiya
Your contribution can enter our general fund, which will be International Music Camp,which allows maine students who for concerts held at your local schools.
Arcady Music Society founder artistic director Masanabu Ikemiya
Arcady Membership
Your Gift Does Make a Difference . . . C ontributing to Arcady shows that you care about the state of music in Maine. Giving young people a chance to access classical music can create a lifetime habit of appreciation and practice. It can give young people confidence, opportunities to explore their talents, and often an exciting and rewarding profession in music performance or teaching. Arcady is proud of its 21-year commitment to the young musicians of Maine.
Become part of the Arcady family and help us:
  • bring groups like the New York Ragtime Orchestra , the Jacques Thibaud Trio , and the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin to Maine;
  • bring musicians like Carol Wincenc Mela Tenenbaum , and Yosif Feigelson to Maine;
  • bring musicians and groups to over 40 Maine schools each winter;
  • give Maine students the opportunity to rehearse and then perform with top-notch baritones, sopranos, violinists, trumpeters, and more;
  • bring quality music into a community near you.
Your contribution can enter our general fund, which will be applied to operating expenses (which includes musician salaries), or you can designate your contribution for a special fund. Arcady welcomes donations to:

62. General Announcements ::
general ANNOUNCEMENTS. 16) TriState Events are open to schools from Pennsylvania,New Jersey and are open to colleges from coastal states from maine to Virginia
PENN Relays
Directions to Franklin Field

2003 Guide Book

2003 Ticket Brochure

2003 Distance Classic Brochure
Relays School Days

Interested in becoming a vendor?
Call Milton Street
History of Penn Relays

Relays Wall of Fame

Archived Results
News Archive ... Athletic Links Tickets Schedules Online Store Traditions ... Sitemap Other Links PENN Home Page PENN Relays Ivy League NCAA ... E-mail this article HEADLINES Penn Relays Participant Information 2003 Penn Relays Tickets On Sale Now! PENN RELAYS 2003 - TENTATIVE TIME SCHEDULE RELATED LINKS FANSonly Newswire Email this to a friend General Announcements Feb. 18, 2003 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS 1) Rules of Eligibility: For colleges, see "College Events" on the right side bar, for high schools, see "High School Events" on the right side bar, for prep schools, see "Prep School Events" on the right side bar. Athletes with high school eligibility may not compete for a club team (exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis and must be cleared in advance by the Carnival Director and Secondary Schools Chairman). 2) Team Membership: No athlete may participate with two different affiliations in one Carnival.

63. Wilderness School Home Page
I am missing on schools I have Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana maine Maryland Massachusetts general Aviation Post Office Box 80444 Fairbanks, Alaska
Welcome to the Wilderness Schools Home Page
I hope you can find these resources helpful. Each school here, as far as I know, has some experience with primative skills, tracking, etc. If you have any questions, comments or would like to add a school to this list please feel free to email me at . Please drop me a note if you can give me any information I am missing on schools I have listed as well such as phone numbers, web pages, addresses etc. Enjoy!
United States
Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming
Children of the Earth Nature Awareness School
c/o Mike Andreasen
PO Box 624
Robertsdale, Al 36567
General Aviation
Post Office Box 80444
Fairbanks, Alaska 99708
Ancient Pathways Ancient Pathways, LLC 1931 E. Andes Flagstaff, AZ 86004 Phone: 520-774-7522 Aboriginal Living Skills School PO Box 3064 Prescott, AZ 86302 Phone: 520-636-8384 Ability Wilderness Survival Ability Wilderness Survival 5725 E. Beck Lane

64. Slashdot | Maine Buys 38,600 Ibooks For Public Schools
school is going to set aside a perfectly good general classroom just to put Anotherquote In maine the issue of access to computers in schools will no
OSDN Devchannel Newsletters Shop Slashdot All OSDN Sites freshmeat DevChannel NewsForge Slashcode X


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Apr 7 (3 recent) books Apr 7 (1 recent) bsd Apr 7 (2 recent) developers Apr 7 (3 recent) features Apr 6 (1 recent) interviews Mar 31 radio Jun 29 science Apr 7 (11 recent) yro Apr 7 (7 recent) Maine buys 38,600 ibooks for Public Schools Posted by chrisd on Monday December 03, @07:41PM from the maine-kids-are-31337 dept. Anderson Silva writes "I just found this piece of news on MacSlash , and since I live in Maine, and I own an ibook, I thought I would pass the word along: The Maine Learning Technology Endowment has announced today that Apple has won the bid to provide Maine 6th, 7th and 8th graders with Apple iBooks and Airport wireless connection points." "Bronze Age Pompeii" Discovered U.S. Playstation 2 Linux Hits the Streets. Slashdot Login Nickname: Password: Create a new account Related Links
  • MacSlash Maine Learning Technology Endowment More on Apple Also by chrisd
  • This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. Maine buys 38,600 ibooks for Public Schools

    65. Schools In Maine :: The Source For College Prep & Career Information
    maine $111,530. general practitioners can go back to school to become a specialistor become consultants to insurance companies or teachers in medical schools.

    66. GUIDE TO LAW ONLINE: United States - Maine
    maine Attorney general; maine Division of Elections; maine Secretary of State.return to top. JUDICIARY. Law schools University of maine School of Law
    Law Library of Congress GLIN Century of Lawmaking Library of Congress ... Index Maine
    State of Maine


    General Sources

    67. University Of New England Career Services - Links
    general Career/Job Search Resources, United States Department of Education.Serving schools Job postings for school districts in maine.
    Career Services Academic Programs Admissions Tours Libraries ... Career Services Home
    Links of Interest
    We have compiled links to some web pages that may help you in researching careers and finding a job. We hope this will get you started - explore the rich resources on the Internet!
    If you would like to make a suggestion for this section, please contact Judy Bellante, career services coordinator at
    General Job Listings
    Job Find Positions available in the Northeast Jobs in Maine Positions available in Maine Southern Maine Help Wanted Maine Today Positions listed in the Maine classifieds Career City Search for jobs from a number of sources Access Jobs Non-profit employment website Government Jobs Federal government positions with many agencies Cool Works Summer jobs College Grad Job Hunter Brass Ring MonsterTRAK Contact Career Services for password

    68. About The Library
    York schools Links to all four York schools. Official State of maine page.The maine Revised Statutes. Top . Our favorite general reference sites.
    About the Library Our Library Catalog Magazine articles...
    and much more Friends of the York Library Ongoing and
    Special Events
    Policies and Services Favorite Internet Sites Our Favorite Internet Links Children's Sites Libraries
    Search Engines
    Federal Government, State, Cities and Towns ... Museums General Reference Medical Information Entertainment Legal Information Indexes to Information
    Children's Sites
    Federal and State Government , Cities and Towns

    69. Maine Association For Charter Schools
    3. general authority. A Charter School Foundation will be established to supportthe development of high quality charter schools in maine.

    70. Digital Librarian: Citations - K-12 Schools
    Center Computers - Links to general Reference Sites Missouri Accelerated SchoolsProject - Research - Missouri Ockett Middle School Library - maine Links and
    K12 Okullar ve Internet Kaynaklarý

    lending knowledge of grantsmanship, reporting, and general administrative support onthe bullying problems within maine Elementary schools would be
    Maine Project Against Bullying
    The Maine Project Against Bullying is a task force created to address a need educators throughout the state recognized as an area which, had not to date, received adequate attention and study. During Training of Trainer sessions offered by the Gender Equity Division of Vocational Education, via the Maine State Department of Education, consultants Susan Parks and Ed Maroon learned from elementary educators in attendance, that a void existed at the K-4 level to respond to harassment issues evidenced on buses, in hallways, and on playgrounds. Ms. Parks and Mr. Maroon contacted Chuck Saufler and Cyndi Gagne of the Wiscasset School System to explore grant funding possibilities to examine the elementary level harassment question. Together, Ms. Parks and Mr. Maroon provided names of individuals statewide who had expressed an interest in researching the K-4 equity issues more closely. These individuals were contacted, and a grant application was prepared by Saufler and Gagne to target funds from the Gender Equity Division of Vocational Education. In the Fall of 1997, a Carl D. Perkins Grant, funded for a three year period was awarded, and the first meeting of the Maine Project Against Bullying (MPAB) was held in Waterville, Maine. The report that follows details the research currently available, evaluates books, curricula, media materials, and programs. A sample survey instrument is included and may be copied and administered freely to those who wish to utilize it. Results of the survey which was administered in grade three throughout Maine are contained herein, and information to access the MPAB web site is outlined.

    72. Constitution Of The Northeastern Association Of Graduate Schools
    institutions in Connecticut, Delaware, maine, Maryland, Massachusetts on committees,and in general represent the Council of Graduate schools will communicate
    Constitution Article I. NAME The name of this organization shall be the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools. Article II. FUNCTIONS Section 1. Graduate Study . The Association shall have as a primary purpose the consideration of mutual problems among member institutions relating to graduate study and research. It will cooperate with other agencies for this purpose by dissemination of information, improvement of standards, encouragement of research and assistance to institutions embarking upon graduate programs. The Association shall function in liaison with other national and regional educational bodies and may serve as a representative on graduate affairs for the institutional members. Section 2. Academic Standards . The Association will take continuous interest in the activities of other bodies which concern themselves with the standards of graduate work. The Association shall not assume the role of an accreditation agency. Section 3. Special Studies . Special studies in graduate education may be undertaken by the Association upon authorization of the membership at an annual meeting, or the Association may designate other organizations to conduct studies for it under its supervision. Section 4.

    73. Lewiston School Department--State Of Maine General Purpose Aid Trends
    36 Oak Street, Lewiston, maine 04240 (207) 7954100. State of maine. general Purpose Aid Trends. general Fund Appropriations (Millions)
    36 Oak Street, Lewiston, Maine 04240
    State of Maine
    General Purpose Aid Trends
    General Fund Appropriations (Millions) Governor's Recommended Budget
    FY 96
    FY 97
    FY 98
    FY 99
    FY 00
    FY 01
    FY 02
    FY 03 N/A Top of this page Back to Budget Index Quick Site Index BUDGET 2002-2003 CANCELLATIONS CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION CURRICULUM PROJECTS HOMELewiston School Department HOMEWORK HELP LEWISTON COMMUNITY LEWISTON SCHOOL DEPARTMENT MENUS 2000-2001 Calendar School Events Calendar School Dept. News OUR SCHOOLS list of all schools Farwell School Longley School Martel School McMahon School Montello School Pettingill School Lewiston Middle School Lewiston High School Lewiston Regional Tech Ctr Lewiston Adult Education RESOURCES FOR EDUCATORS Grant Opportunities Initiatives 1999-2000 Professional Development Technical Support SCHOOL COMMITTEE SCHOOL/COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS SEARCH TOOLS-Elementary SEARCH TOOLS-Intermediate-Adult STRATEGIC PLAN Please address questions or comments about this site to Jan Brackett

    74. The American Local History Network - Maine
    Find an array of local history links and resources, which may be helpful in researching your maine family tree. Navigation for the maine Page of the American Waterville. Waterville maine, Public schools. Cheverus High School K12 schools in maine. maine schools Online. maine EdWeb Server
    Navigation for the American Local History Network Main Page Submit your Site
    The database is updated in real time!
    Search ALHN's Links

    Navigation for the Maine Page of the American Local History Network
    County Selection List
    Topical Selection List
    Contacts: Richard Bouchard
    State of Maine At Large
  • Maine State Page
  • State Government
  • Maine Symbols
  • Historical Events in Maine ...
  • Home: The Story of Maine MPBS series.
  • Maine Firsts
    County Selection List
    Contacts: None at present Androscoggin
  • Androscoggin County Information
  • Androscoggin Historical Society Aroostook
  • Acadian Village
  • Aroostook County Information
  • History of the Town of Houlton
  • History of Presque Isle ...
  • History of Aroostook State Park
  • Linda Allen's First Settlers of the Aroostook River Valley Cumberland
  • Cumberland County Information
  • Cumberland County Page
  • Chebeague Island Historical Society
  • Bridgton Historical Society ...
  • The 1947 Fire in Portland Franklin
  • Franklin County Information Hancock
  • Hancock County Information
  • Town of Ellsworth
  • Brief History of Blue Hill Kennebec
  • Kennebec County Information
  • City of Waterville
  • Oakland Historical Society Knox
  • Knox County Information Lincoln
  • Lincoln County Information
  • History of Lincoln County
  • Pemaquid Adventure
  • History of the Town of Bristol ...
  • Lincoln County History Links Oxford
  • Oxford County Information
  • The Bethel Historical Society
  • A Brief History of Andover, Maine
  • 75. Public K-12 Education In Maine - Report Card
    , Special purpose stateoperated schools, including the Governor Baxter School.for the Deaf, The maine Youth Center Educational Program, and the Mountain.
    Educational Profile Public K-12 Education in Maine Data in this Profile: General Information Staff Data Financial Data Student Test Data ... Other Student Data Each of the 492 municipalities in Maine is responsible for the K-12 education of its school aged students. Many of these municipalities have their own municipal school systems to discharge these K-12 public education responsibilities. The remaining municipalities are organized into districts: school administrative districts (S.A.D.)and community school districts(C.S.D.). In addition, publicly funded education is also provided by: Education in Unorganized Territories (operated by the Maine Department of Education); The Maine School of Science and Mathematics (a state-funded charter school); Special purpose state-operated schools, including the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf, The Maine Youth Center Educational Program, and the Mountain View Youth Development Center; and Eleven privately operated schools that serve as public high schools for some school administrative units that do not operate their own high schools.

    76. Maine School Administrative Unit Educational Profile
    The above table includes all resident pupils who were attending these schoolson October 1, 2001. Data in this Profile general Information, Staff Data,

    77. General - Maine Arts Commission
    For general assistance, please contact 207/2872724. Contact Rebekah Leadbetterat 207/287-6571 or to obtain a mailing list.

    Site Map Frequently Asked Questions Contact Us ... Log In
    You are here: Home Frequently Asked Questions General
    Maine Arts Events
    Programs for Artists Public Art Programs About the Maine Arts Commission
    Frequently Asked Questions About the Maine Arts Commission
    Where are you located?
    Our mailing address is 25 State House Station, 193 State Street, Augusta ME 04333-0025. Our building is located just northeast of the Capitol building, at the intersection of State, Child and Capitol Streets. Parking is located on Child Street. Our office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Please make an appointment if you plan to visit. Telephone messages may be left at any time with each program staff person. For general assistance, please contact 207/287-2724.
    Do you provide mailing lists?
    Yes, we provide mailing lists for the public. Photocopied lists are free; lists on mailing labels cost three cents per entry. Contact Rebekah Leadbetter at 207/287-6571 or to obtain a mailing list. You can also download the mail list from our website Directory of Maine Artists and Organizations, for more information, contact

    78. Center For The Prevention Of Hate Violence - People
    Rights Teams Project, a hate violence prevention program conducted by the AttorneyGeneral's office, which is now in over 150 maine middle and high schools.
    usm home a-z index contacts help
    Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence
    Tyler M. Christensen
    Tyler Christensen is the Coordinator of Projects, Finances, Grants and Publications at the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence. Ms. Christensen joined CPHV in the Spring of 2001. She plans, coordinates and conducts presentations at Training-of-Trainers conferences, supervises and maintains CPHV budgets and accounts, assists in the implementation of web-based support, maintains CPHV’s website, designs and edits CPHV materials and publications, writes grants and conducts trainings. Ms. Christensen is a graduate of Clark University and holds a degree in Women's Studies. While at Clark, she provided counseling and legal advocacy to victims of domestic violence in Worcester, Massachusetts. She currently resides in Portland, Maine. Lelia De Andrade Lelia De Andrade is the Assistant Director of CPHV. Dr. De Andrade joined the staff in the summer of 2002 and conducted several trainings for CPHV previously as a contract trainer.

    79. Charter School Law - Maine Charter Schools Page
    LINKS TO IMPORTANT CHARTER SCHOOL SITES maine does not allow charterschools maine Association for Charter schools. RECOMMENDED READING
    Maine Charter School Resources
    Top Ten Resources
    Complete List of Resources
    Legal Services Providers

    ... Home
    Maine does not allow charter schools
    Maine Association for Charter Schools
    RECOMMENDED READING This is a great book to help you get ready to start your own charter school. Buy This Book! For more charter school books,
    visit the book store

    80. Maine Marks
    Outcome Children succeeding in school and schools succeeding for children. GeneralComments All Materials on this web page are © State of maine, 2000.

    Indicators Survey Activities ... Links

    Survey Instructions:
    Thank you for taking time to provide feedback on the list of indicators. In the first section below, you are asked to provide any comments you may have about specific indicators. There is also a box provided where you may include suggestions for adding or deleting indicators in order to best monitor the intended outcome. In the second section, you are asked to provide any comments you may have about the Outcome Statements developed by the Children's Cabinet. The third and final section of the survey provides space for any other general comments or suggestions you may have. I. Comments on Specific Indicators Questions to consider: Are the indicators well defined? Are some indicators more important than others? Are there other indicators that need to be added? Would you delete an indicator? Do the indicators in each section adequately encompass the stated subject/outcome this section?

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