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         Manic Depression:     more books (100)
  1. The Depression WorkB00K A Guide for Living With Depression and Manic Depression, Edition: 2 by M. Copeland, 2002-01-01
  2. Depakote: An Emerging Option for Manic Depression.: An article from: Behavioral Health Management
  3. The Therapeutic Use of Lithium in the Treatment of Manic Depression
  4. We Fly, We Cry : Our Lives with Manic-Depression by B. A. Sakals, 2001
  5. An investigation of manic-depression. (reprinted from the Saturday Evening Post, March-April 1996): An article from: Medical Update
  6. Manic Depression by Michael T. Wayne, 2005-12-05
  7. Four Lives: Portraits in Manic Depression (Video Tape) (The MacArthur Library)
  8. Manic Depression At Close Quarters by Barry Hardy, 2010-08-14
  9. Marriage of Heaven and Hell Manic Depression and the Life of Virginia Woolf - 2001 publication. by Ptr Daly, 2001
  10. Manic Depression (The Infinite Mind vol. 32) by The Infinite Mind, 1998-10-04
  11. Living Without Depression and Manic Depression A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability - 1994 publication. by Mary ln Copland, 1994
  12. Dark to Light: Struggle of a Manic-Depressive by Rolling Waters, 2006-12-14
  13. Living With Depression & Manic Depression: Self-Help Strategies by Mary Ellen Copeland, 1994-04
  14. Raw Days/ Candid views on being bipolar (Volume 1) by Dexa! Dog, 2008-08-18

121. Depressive And Manic-Depressive Association Of New York City
A psychoeducational support group program for persons with depression, bipolar disorder, family members and friends. DMDA members are a community dedicated to recovery and wellness in coping with depressive illnesses.

122. New York City - Mount Sinai Depressive And Manic-Depressive Group
A psychoeducational support group in Manhattan (NYC), attracting people from all five boroughs, for persons with depression, bipolar disorder, family members and friends. Services include facilitator training program, including the training of mental health practitioners.

123. Tri-County And Akron Depressive And Manic-Depressive Association
Provides support and advocacy for individuals living with depression and bipolar disorder in Northeastern Ohio.

124. Harbor Of Refuge Bipolar Disorder / Manic-Depression Support
Peer to peer support for people with Bipolar Disorder and the people who care about them.Category Health Mental Health Bipolar Disorder Support Groups....... haborof-refuge. Harbor of Refuge Organization, Inc.®. Peer to Peer Supportfor People with Bipolar disorder and those that care about them.

125. Phinny's LiveJournal
Journal of a Silicon Valley, California artist dealing with manicdepression and schizophrenia since 1983.

126. The Mood Disorders Support Group
A non profit, selfhelp organization serving both individuals with depression and manic-depression (bipolar disorder), as well as, families and friends.

127. Manisch-depressive Krankheit
In diesem Forum k¶nnen manisch depressive Menschen und Angeh¶rige Erfahrungen austauschen und diskutieren. Themen sind unter anderem Psychopharmaka, Lithium, manische Phasen, Manie, depression und Selbsthilfe

128. New York City Depressive And Manic-Depressive Group
Free psychoeducational support group in Manhattan for persons diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder. For family members and friends. Group offers newsletter, facilitator training program, employment workshop series, NYC mental health referrals.

129. SEAR Publications
Series of books for laymen on depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia, manicdepression, schizophrenia, autism, orthomolecular medicine, restorative mental healthcare, and self-help.

130. Mental Help Net - Bipolar Disorder
Introduction Staff. Bipolar disorder, also known as manicdepression,affects at least 2 million Americans at any given time. The

131. DepressionBooks
Focusing on books for treatment of major clinical and suicidal depression, mood disorders. Includes unipolar, bipolar, manic, and postpartum depression.

132. MDDA Home Page
Nonprofit, self-help organization run by and for people with affective disorders. Includes support Category Regional North America Regions Greater Boston Health...... Association of Boston) is a nonprofit, selfhelp organization run by and forpeople with affective disorders such as depression and manic-depression.

133. National Depression Screening Day NMISP
manicdepression Frequently Asked Questions. What is manic- depression(bipolar disorder)? What are the symptoms of manic-depression?

134. Psychology Information Online Bipolar Depression
Facts, descriptions of mood states, features of a depressive or manic episode, factors that prevent early intervention, treatment issues, resources for information and support.

135. Lichtenstein Creative Media - VOAI Manic-Depression
manicdepression Voices Of An Illness. National Public Radio stations described manicdepression Voices of An Illness as unlike any program of its kind

136. Bipolar Balancing Act
Personal stories of struggles and triumphs with manicdepression.

137. Cassie's Depression Chat Room
A chat room for people suffering from depression, manic or any form of mental illness.

138. Biological Theories Of Manic-Depression
Biological Theories of manicdepression. Much of the existing body of knowledgeconcerning the causes of manic-depression points to genetics.

139. The Manic-Depression Twins
The manicdepression Twins Now, for that roller coaster of life The manic-depressionTwins manic - Creativity/Destruction depression - Destruction

140. Depression And Bipolar Support Alliance
Share Your Stories. depression and Other Illnesses Living with depression and bipolardisorder has significant impact on the treatment of other illnesses.

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