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         Manitoba Geography:     more books (62)
  1. Manitoba (Let's Discover Canada) by Suzanne Levert, 1992-02
  2. The 1870 Wolseley Expedition Route.: An article from: Manitoba History by Larry Laliberte, 2006-06-01
  3. Natural Disasters in Manitoba: 2009 Red River Flood
  4. Rhineland, Manitoba
  5. Victoria Beach, Manitoba
  6. People from Dauphin, Manitoba
  7. 'Manitoba (Hello Canada Series) by Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Sarah Yates, 1999-04
  8. The Brandon-Neepawa region of Manitoba (Prairie regional studies in economic geography) by J. W Channon, 1972
  9. The Russell region of Manitoba (Prairie regional studies in economic geography) by Henry R Fast, 1975
  10. The Virden region of Manitoba (Prairie regional studies in economic geography) by Henry R Fast, 1973
  11. The Carman region of Manitoba (Prairie regional studies in economic geography) by Henry R Fast, 1975
  12. Geography and lake morphometry of the aquaculture study area in the Erickson-Elphinstone District of Southwestern Manitoba, ([Canada.Research and Development ...Freshwater Institute]Technical report) by L. A Sunde, 1975
  13. Hudson Bay: Hudson Bay, Canada, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta,Manitoba, Nunavut, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota,Montana, James Bay
  14. Saskatchewan Highway 16: Saskatchewan Highway 16, Highway, Saskatchewan, Yellowhead Highway, Trans-Canada Highway, Manitoba Highway 16, Lloydminster, Yellowhead Pass

61. UNC-CH Geog: North American Geog Depts-Canada (text)
Winnipeg. B University of Winnipeg D University of manitoba. Highest geography degreeoffered B=Bachelor's M=Master's D=Doctorate. New Brunswick. St. John's.
UNC-CH Geography
Geography Departments in Canada
Highest geography degree offered: B M D =Doctorate
British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick ... Saskatchewan
D University of Calgary
D University of Alberta
M University of Lethbridge Highest geography degree offered: B M D =Doctorate
British Columbia
D Simon Fraser University
B University College of the Cariboo
Prince George
D University of Northern British Columbia
D University of British Columbia
D University of Victoria Highest geography degree offered: B M D =Doctorate
B Brandon University
B University of Winnipeg D University of Manitoba Highest geography degree offered: B M D =Doctorate
New Brunswick
St. John's
B Mount Allison University Highest geography degree offered: B M D =Doctorate
St. John's
D Memorial University of Newfoundland Highest geography degree offered: B M D =Doctorate
Nova Scotia
B St. Mary's University Highest geography degree offered: B M D =Doctorate
D University of Guelph
D McMaster University
D Queen's University
D University of Western Ontario
North York
D York University
D University of Ottawa
M Trent University
St. Catharines

62. Course Description | Campus Manitoba
UM 053.129 Introduction to Physical geography; UW 23.1200/6 Physical geography (BU38.170 fees, labs fees, student service fee and the manitoba government rebate
Introduction to Physical Geography
BU 38.170L
Physical Geography is the study of the spatial dimension of the natural physical components and processes operating within the four spheres of the Earth: Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, and Biosphere. This course will introduce basic geographic concepts and examine a variety of these systems in a spatial context. Topics discussed include location, coordinate systems, maps and map projections, remote sensing and GIS technology, radiation balances, weather and climate, volcanism, earthquakes, plate tectonics, weathering and mass movements, fluvial, eolian, coastal, and glacial landforms and processes, soils, ecosystems, and biomes. Students with credit in 38:160 may not take 38:170. Prerequisites Nil Transfer Equivalent
  • UM 053.129 Introduction to Physical Geography UW 23.1200/6 Physical Geography (BU 38.170 and BU. 38.190)

Delivery Method(s)

Fee amount includes: course fees, labs fees, student service fee and the Manitoba government rebate. For detailed information on cost breakdown please proceed to the Fees section of this website.

63. AAG 2001
Garry L. Running IV, Department of geography, University of WisconsinEau Alberta;Scott Hamilton, Lakehead University; Matthew Boyd, University of manitoba.
AAG 2003 Chacmool 2002 GAC/MAC ... Joint Midwest/Plains [ AAG 2001 ] Geological Society Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers,
New York. Papers Presented:
Garry L. Running IV, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI with: Karen G. Havholm, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Dion J. Wiseman and Bev Nicholson, Brandon University; Harry M. Jol, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Alwynne B. Beaudoin, Archaeological Survey, Provincial Museum of Alberta; Scott Hamilton, Lakehead University; Matthew Boyd, University of Manitoba. Post-glacial Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, and Paleoenvironmental History at Flint Stone Hill, Oak Lake Sandhills, Southwestern Manitoba. Abstract:
SCAPE Posters presented at the AAG conference:
Lahner, J. T., Ollendick, C. M., Long, K. A., and G. L. Running IV.
Geomorphology of the Pembina Spillway, Southcentral
Manitoba, Canada. A poster presented at the 97th Annual Meeting of
the Association of American Geographers, New York.

64. CAA 2001
of geography, Brandon University; Alwynne Beaudoin Alberta Provincial Museum;Matt Boyd - Department of Geological Sciences, University of manitoba.
AAG 2003 Chacmool 2002 GAC/MAC ... Chacmool 2001 [ CAA 2001 ] Joint Midwest/Plains AAG 2001 Geological Society
Canadian Archaeology Association 2001 Conference
Banff, Alberta - May
The SCAPE team presented a day long session:
The Study of Cultural Adaptations within the Prairie Ecozone - SCAPE, is an interdisciplinary research project. Our goal is to understand Precontact lifeways and perceptions and, in particular, the importance attached by Aboriginal Groups to areas with high bio-diversity, in the context of the Canadian Prairie Ecozone. The research is based upon problem oriented Archaeology and also incorporates Paleobotany, Paleoentomology, Geoarchaeology, Geomatics, Ethnohistory, Toponomy, and First Nations Oral Traditions. The papers in this session deal with a variety of aspects related to achieving the goals the SCAPE Project. This is a five year research project, with major funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). SCAPE Researchers and Associates presented the following papers.

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Geography:North America:Canada:Manitoba

  • Delta Marsh Bird Observatory
    Description: Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
    Living Prairie Museum

    Description: Winnipeg
    University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
    Description: Department of Zoology University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada Description: Research and Graduate Programs in Zoology Delta Marsh Field Station Description: a research and teaching facility of the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 66. Study In Canada!
    Facts Economy History Climate geography Government Tourism Provinces and TerritoriesAlberta British Columbia manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland Northwest
    Main General Info Are You Ready? Choosing a School Search/School Info How Much Does It Cost? Getting a Visa Request Information Virtual Campus e-Tours(TM) Site Map Sign Up for a Free Account Forgot Your Password?
    Land Mass:
    The Provinces/Territories:

    Canada has 10 provinces and three territories, each with its own capital city:




    Geography Government Tourism Provinces and Territories Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick ... Client Centre

    67. Manitoba
    geography Bordered by Ontario, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Hudson Bayand the United States, manitoba is one of the three Prairie provinces and is

    68. The Manitoba Metis Federation
    Click on the map for links in that area. MÉTIS LINKS BY geography. ManitobaMetis Federation Regional Offices. Interlake Metis Association
    Click on the map for links in that area
    Manitoba Metis Federation Regional Offices Interlake Metis Association
    Northwest Metis Council
    Mani toba Metis Federation Locals websites Selkirk Local Website Metis National Council
    British Columbia
    Vancouver Michif page
    British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

    Fraser/Brazeau Métis Clan

    BC Metis Communications Centre
    The Edmonton Metis Cultural Dance Society
    Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement

    Métis Nation of Alberta Homepage
    Battlefords Indian and Métis Friendship Centre
    Prince Albert Indian Métis Friendship Centre

    Gabriel Dumont Institute
    Interview with David Chartrand Aboriginal Single Window Initiative (Winnipeg) Aboriginal Justice Inquiry Child Welfare Initiative Manitoba Association for Native Languages ...
    Manitoba Act, 1870
    North American Indigenous Games
    The Métis Nation of Ontario links to Northern Ontario
    centres Ka:nen Our Children Our Future
    Northern Canada
    Fort Providence Métis Nation NWT Métis Dene Development Fund
    Wisconsin's French Connections Pembina, North Dakota

    69. Geography Faculty Members | Graduate Studies Calendar | Graduate Studies Office
    UBC) Assistant Professor B.Wolfe , BSc, (manitoba), MSc(manitoba), PhD (Waterloo membersholding cross/joint appointments as shown 1 geography/Planning 2

    70. Geography Faculty Members | Graduate Studies Calendar | Graduate Studies Office
    Faculty Members geography Professor, Director, WaterlooLaurier Graduate Program† JH MSc(Alberta), PhD(McGill) † A.Hecht , Bsc, MA (manitoba), PhD (Clark

    71. Learning Resources: Manitoba: Canada Today: Canadian Studies
    manitoba. Immigration and Citizenship Linguistic Diversity Successful ResourcebasedLearning Strategies for the geography of Canada Course.
    Senior 1: Canada Today: Canadian Studies (Compulsory)
    Canadian Identity and Multiculturalism Lessons
    Aboriginal Population

    How Well Do You Know Canada?

    Immigration and Citizenship

    Linguistic Diversity
    Successful Resource-based Learning Strategies for the Geography of Canada Course
    Canadian Statistics Data

    Community Profiles
    E-STAT Data
    E-STAT Articles
    Canadian Physical Environment, Unifying Forces and Challenges Lessons
    Human Activity and the Environment Teacher's Kit
    The Ice Storm 1998 Maps and Facts Activity Canadian Statistics Data Latest indicators The Canadian Society: Political and Legal Processes Lessons The Canadian Federation Federal Elections Government Deficits and Debt Political Parties and Election Results Canadian Statistics Data The Canadian Society: Economic Process and Technology Lessons The Consumer Price Index: A Measure of Inflation Family Income Government Policy and the Economy Natural Resources and the Economy ... Labour Force Canadian Statistics Data E-STAT Data E-STAT Articles Canada and the World Lessons Assessing Quality of Life Canada and Its Trading Partners Canadian Statistics Data International trade E-STAT Data E-STAT Articles Canada in the Future Lesson Animated Population Pyramids Canadian Statistics Data Home Search Contact Us Important Notices

    72. Learning Resources: Manitoba: North America: A Geographic Perspective
    manitoba. Canadian Statistics Data geography – Land area and resources geography– Water geography – Weather Economy – Latest indicators Environment
    Senior 2: North America: A Geographic Perspective (Compulsory)
    Overview of North America Lessons
    Canadian Statistics Data
    E-STAT Data
    E-STAT Articles

    Agricultural Interior Lesson
    E-STAT Data
    E-STAT Articles

    The North E-STAT Data
    E-STAT Articles

    Atlantic Canada and Appalachia E-STAT Data
    E-STAT Articles
    The Industrial Heartland and the Megalopolis E-STAT Data Population and demography E-STAT Articles Population and demography Current Issues in the Agricultural Interior Lessons Home Search Contact Us Important Notices

    73. Atlas: Manitoba
    manitoba. manitoba Profile More Geographic Information Country Profiles; Flags;World geography; World Stats and Facts. US State Profiles; 50 Largest US Cities;
    Manitoba Profile

    More Geographic Information

  • Country Profiles
  • Flags
  • World Geography
  • World Stats and Facts ... Map Index
    Print this page Cite this page Awards and Press Link to Fact Monster Add Fact Monster search ... Privacy
  • 74. Geography 20 G - Energy
    For manitoba The SAGE Program (Kids); manitoba Sustainable Development;offers a geothermal Earth Power Loan of up to $15,000. For
    Environment Why discuss Climate Change? Green energy:
    • Renewable - this means the resource must be replenishable by natural processes within a reasonable length of time - the longest being about one average human life span. Non-renewable - a natural resource that cannot be replaced once used. Sustainable development - a decision-making process in which the impact of economic activities. their effect on the environment, and the well-being of society are integrated and balanced. Connections Online BC Hydro Manitoba Hydro
    For B.C. - Projected green energy projects completion dates are 2002 - 2004.
    • Ocean wave energy 2004 green landfill gas and biomass, wind and micro hydro installations 2003
    For Manitoba - For Alberta - Alberta includes wind power, biomass and micro and small hydro developments in their green energy plans. For Saskatchewan - wind power project proposed for construction five kilometres southeast of Gull Lake Think about our future. Remember the past, but take time to consider alternative green energy solutions.

    75. Geography 421: Canadian Cities
    geography 421 Canadian Cities. WINNIPEG. Research Winnipeg. Winnipeg isa city in southern Canada. It is also the capital of manitoba. Its
    Geography 421: Canadian Cities
    Research by:
    City Map
    Basic Statistics
    Winnipeg Links:
    Winnipeg is a city in southern Canada. It is also the capital of Manitoba. Its excellent transportation facilities make Winnipeg the chief commercial, industrial, and distribution center for the Prairie Provinces. The city is known best for its Royal Winnipeg Ballet and its symphony orchestra.
    City Map
    Basic Statistics
    The Stats Canada website was used as a reference for the following information:
    Population (1996):
    Land Area:
    Age Characteristics
    65 and over
    Average Age
    First Language
    % of the population with less than grade 9
    % of the population with a high school diploma or higher
    % of the population with a trade or non-university diploma or higher
    % of the population that has completed a university degree
    Income and Work
    Average Total Income
    Persons employed in the labour force
    1996 Labour force participation rate
    1996 Unemployment Rate
    Persons working in agriculture and resource based industries (primary)
    Persons working in manufacturing and construction industries (secondary)
    Persons working in service industry (tertiary)
    Number of owned private occupied dwellings
    Number of rented private occupied dwellings

    76. Free Stuff For Canadian Teachers : Teaching Kit : Geography
    You are in the Top Teaching Kit geography Category. Travel manitoba Includesan Explorer's Guide, manitoba Fact Sheet, manitoba Flag Sheet (bilingual
    Top Teaching Kit : Geography
    You are in the Top Teaching Kit : Geography Category Advanced Search  Categories  Links
    • Canada's Capital Region. - Teacher Guide, Capital Adventures, A Capital Quiz, and class copies of The Cyber Pal Pursuit.
      (Added: 21-Aug-2001 Hits: 462)
    • Travel Manitoba - Includes an Explorer's Guide, Manitoba Fact Sheet, Manitoba Flag Sheet (bilingual), and an Emblem Sheet.
      (Added: 11-Aug-2001 Hits: 125)
    • Canadian Forestry Association - "Canada's Forests - A Teaching Kit" is a 34 page guide filled with forest related information and activities. Educators who appreciate the quality of the CFA's product are encouraged to make a $5 contribution in support of their century-long educational program legacy.
      (Added: 15-Dec-2001 Hits: 188)
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  • Teaching Kit : English Teaching Kit : Health Teaching Kit : Math Teaching Kit : Science ... Search
  • 77. Keeseekoowenin - Riding Mountain Geography
    G. Hillman, in geography of manitoba Its Land and Its People, edited by John Welsted,John Everitt, and Christoph Stadel, University of manitoba Press. (back).

    Community History Treaty 2 ... Credits This Website is owned and maintained by the Keeseekoowenin First Nation History Committee and published under the authority of the Chief and Council of Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation. The images and text contained in this website are the property of the Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation Riding Mountain: The Geography The Little Saskatchewan River is a tightly-meandering tributary of the Assiniboine, flowing south out of Lake Audy and Clear Lake ( footnote 1 ), generally following a southeast course through a fertile deeply-entrenched heavily-treed valley. The "Little Saskatchewan" has had several other names. It was referred to as the River St. Peter by LaVerendrye. In 1806, Alexander Henry speaks of it as the "Rapid River". The Okanase people called it Keeseesatchewan , "Rapid Flowing River". Early Europeans called "Riding Mountain" the "Fort Dauphin Mountain". The Okanase Band called the mountain Wowwaswajicus , "The Hill of the Buffalo Chase".

    78. Saskatchewan Geography - The Regions, The Land And The Water
    It is bordered by manitoba (E), Alberta (W), the United States (S) and the NorthwestTerritories (N). The southern border is the 49th parallel (which is the
    The province of Saskatchewan is in the Great Plains region. It is bordered by Manitoba (E), Alberta (W), the United States (S) and the Northwest Territories (N). The southern border is the 49th parallel (which is the United States/Canada boundary). The 60th parallel is the northern boundary. Its shape resembles a rectangle. The area is 652,330 sq km (251,866 sq mi). Saskatchewan ranks fifth in size among the provinces of Canada.
    Saskatchewan lies in two major natural regions: the Canadian Shield (north) and the Interior Plains (south). The CANADIAN SHIELD makes up about forty percent of the surface area .
    • area - Its southern edge begins north of the Saskatchewan River at the Manitoba border, continues west-northwest across the province, through Lac La Ronge to the Alberta boundary south of Lake Athabasca.
    • landscape -The shield is an area of very old rocks ( which came from ancient mountains). Great glaciers moved across the shield creating an area dotted with thousands of lakes, rivers and bogs (poorly drained land).
    South of the shield are the INTERIOR PLAINS. In the time of glaciers most of this lowland was under the waters of Lake Agassiz, a prehistoric lake. During the Ice Age a great delta ( deposits of earth and sand ) was formed. The Plains region is mostly flat with some gently rolling hills and valleys.

    79. Immigrating To Canada - Geography, Climate And Environment
    geography Occupying the northern half of the North American continent, Canada hasa land If you fly over manitoba or northern Ontario in summer, you will see
    Home Page History Geography Government ... Climate and Environment
    1. The Pacific Coast Bathed by warm, moist Pacific air currents, the British Columbia coast, indented by deep fiords and shielded from Pacific storms by Vancouver Island, has the most moderate climate of Canada's regions. Vancouver Island's west coast receives an exceptional amount of rain, giving it a temperate rain forest climate. Although it does not contain the diversity of species of a tropical rain forest, the island's west coast does have the oldest and tallest trees in Canada: Western Red Cedars 1300 years old and Douglas firs 90 m high.
    3. The Prairies To drive across the Prairies is to see endless fields of wheat ripening under a sky that seems to go on forever. The plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are among the richest grain-producing regions in the world. Yet, even here are surprises. If you leave the road at Brooks, Alberta, and drive north, you descend into the Red Deer River Valley. Here, in desert-like conditions, water and wind have created strange shapes in the sandstone called "hoodoos." The same forces of erosion have uncovered some of the largest concentrations of dinosaur fossils in the world.
    4. The Canadian Shield A huge inland sea called Hudson Bay extends into the heart of Canada, and wrapped around this bay is a rocky region called the Canadian Shield. Canada's largest geographical feature, it stretches east to Labrador, south to Kingston on Lake Ontario and northwest as far as the Arctic Ocean. The Shield is considered to be the nucleus of the North American continent. Its gneiss and granite rocks are 3.5 billion years old, three-quarters the age of the Earth. Scraped by the advance and retreat of glaciers, the Shield has only a thin layer of soil that supports a boreal forest of spruce, fir, tamarack and pine. The region is a storehouse of minerals, including gold, silver, zinc, copper and uranium.

    80. Manitoba School Divisions/Districts Boundaries Review Commission: Final Report
    1. Equality versus Equity, 363 KB. 2. manitoba Physical and Cultural geography(a), 1.5 MB. 2. manitoba - Physical and Cultural geography (b), 2.9 MB.
    To view PDF files, you must have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available as a free download.
    (November 1994)
    Photographs are not available in the online version of this document.
    The PDF files for this report are large and may take some time to download.
    You may download the document in the sections indicated below or as one large file Final Report 37.4 MB) A French version of this document is also available. Cover Page 364 KB ISBN 42 KB Conveyance Letter 110 KB Acknowledgements 243 KB The Commission 66 KB Table of Contents 513 KB I. Introduction 1 MB II. Boundaries - Theory and History 1.7 MB III. Elsewhere in Canada 1.2 MB IV. What's Working Well?/Concerns Heard by the Commission 499 KB V. Issues for Consideration 1. Equality versus Equity 363 KB 2. Manitoba - Physical and Cultural Geography (a) 1.5 MB 2. Manitoba - Physical and Cultural Geography (b) 2.9 MB 3. School Division Size
    4. Cost of Operating School Division/Districts
    2.3 MB 5. Property Assessment and Taxation

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