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         Marine Biology Careers:     more books (21)
  1. Under the Ice: A Marine Biologist at Work (Canadian Museum of Nature & Kathy Conlan) by Kathy Conlan, Canadian Museum of Nature, 2004-08-01
  2. Secrets of the Deep: Marine Biologists (Scientists at Work) by Mike Unwin, 2007-12
  3. Marine Biologists (Scientists at Work) by Julie Haydon, 2004-08
  4. Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole by Gary N. Calkins, 2010-02-05
  5. Far from Shore: Chronicles of a Deep Sea Voyage by Sophie Webb, 2011-06-13
  6. A Whale Biologist at Work (Wildlife Conservation Society Books) by Sneed B. Collard, 2000-09

21. Careers & Jobs In Marine Biology & Oceanography
careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography. careers in marine biology Monterey Bay Aquarium; careers in marine Science - Mote marine Lab;
The following web pages provide advice for those interested in a career in the marine or aquatic sciences:

22. Welcome To
A comprehensive overview of careers in marine biology and the other marine sciences prepared as part of the Sea Grant program of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
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23. Preparation For A Career In Marine Biology
can provided coursework in general marine biology, and a K Webster, Ph.D. Seniormarine Biologist Monterey For information about careers at the Monterey Bay
Dear students: Marine biology is a graduate level pursuit, and so the first priority is to obtain a strong undergraduate major in biological sciences. If you already have a strong interest in fishes, or marine mammals, or ecology, etc., you will want to choose a college or university with some strength in those areas, and this can generally be gleaned from a reading of the catalog from virtually any school. Most major colleges and universities can provide a good basic biology preparation. Math through calculus, some statistics, and some computer science should also be included to round out the preparation in the major. Selecting the graduate school is more directed to specialization. One should not plan to study crab reproduction at a school where no professors are involved in that specialty, so some ground work has to be done to determine where the people are located who are involved in the desired area of concentration. Your priority interests have, one hopes, been identified by the end of the undergraduate years, so you then go into the current scientific literature at a university library to determine who is publishing in the desired field of interest. For instance, if population biology or behavior among elephant seals is the area of interest, a review of the literature would lead you to U.C. Santa Cruz and Dr. Burney La Boeuf. Or, if your interest is in coastal ecology, the literature might lead to Dr. Paul Dayton at Scripps. Coral reef ecology would be Dr. John Ogden at Florida Atlantic, etc. If you are not sure of the specialty, then most schools with marine stations can provided coursework in general marine biology, and a specialty can be identified while working towards your Masters degree. Hopefully, a change of institution will not be required, but that's all right even if it is.

24. Majors/biology
marine biology major. Use this as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers

Career Services Home

Student Homepage

(formerly CareerConnections)
UNCW Experience

Job Listings

Roanoke Valley Job Fair

Updated April 01, 2003
Diane Sledden Reed
Related Career Titles
List of Opportunities Related Major Skills Related Web Sites Related Career Titles for Biology and Marine Biology Majors
*Agronomist *Environmental Engineer *Marine Engineering Tech *Animal Scientist *Environmental Health Specialist *Marine Fisheries/Worker *Aquaculture Farmer *Environmental Protection Worker *Marine Geologist/ Geophysicist/ Physicist *Aqua culturist *Ergonomist *Marine Sales *Fish Hatchery Technician *Marine Tourist Worker *Aquarium Technician *Fish Processor *Market Research Analyst *Aquatic Biologist *Fisheries Conservationist *Medical Illustrator *Barrier Beach Manager *Fishing Captain *Medical Laboratory Tech *Bio-Engineer *Florist *Medical Librarian *Bio-Technologist *Food Scientist-Technologist *Medical Technologist *Biochemist *Forester *Merchant Marine *Biometrician *Genetic Engineering Research *Meteorologist *Geographer *Microbiologist *Botanist *Health Officer *Brewery Laboratory Assistant *Horticulturist *Molecular Biologist *Chemical Oceanographer *Hospital Administrator *Mortician *Chiropractor *Hydrographic Survey Tech *Museum/Aquarium Admin.

25. Biology
careers in marine biology from Monterey Bay Aquarium
Information Resources for Biology
Botany, Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, Zoology
[Indexes and Gateways] [Bibliographies] [Library Resources] [Aquatic Botany] ... [Careers]
Indexes and Gateways to Biology and Aquatic Science Sources on the Internet
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Library Resources
  • Biology Reference Guide
    Guide to databases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, manuals, history for biology, available at UCSB

26. Marine Biology Career Questionaire
A comprehensive overview of careers in marine biology and the other marine sciences.
SOME COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT A MARINE BIOLOGY CAREER 1. What, in your opinion, are the disadvantages of being a Marine Biologist? Don't see any real disadvantages at all. Can't complain about freedom (a fair amount), opportunities (lots in everything from government to teaching to popular book writing) 2. What, in your opinion, are the advantages of being a Marine Biologist? Advantages include doing what you love to do; travel, often to fascinating and lovely places; interactions with interesting folks. 3. If you could do it all over again, would you have chosen this field? Why? Maybe, but maybe not. Who knows why? Life is complex. I started wanting to be a writer, but found that I loved geology and majored in this in college and in graduate school. It was in graduate school that marine biology took over as my primary interest. 4. I heard that it is hard to get a job as a Marine Biologist because of the few job openings. Was it hard for you? I was lucky as jobs were relatively accessible in the early 1970s but one should not enter a field without a realistic understanding of the job market. Govt. jobs and academic jobs are very competitive but still available. I have had 16 students get Ph.D.s and all are employed or on the way. I am optimistic. 5. What do you find the most satisfying part of this field?

27. Careers In Marine Science
Answers to OceanLink questions on careers in marine biology Interviews with marineScientists A question about the role of a marine biologist in society A
Marine Science is a very broad field. Check out the following links to find out more about becoming a marine scientist or a marine biologist!
More interviews with Marine Scientists
new questions about schooling, salaries and skills
Answers to OceanLink questions on Careers in Marine Biology

Interviews with Marine Scientists

A question about the role of a marine biologist in society

A first hand account from a marine biology student
Students in Action!!!
- learn first hand what life is like at Marine field school

28. Marine Biology Career Websites
off the coast of Los Angeles Scripps Institute of Oceanography lots of greatinformation on oceanography, marine biology and careers in marine sciences.
Career Links
Interested in marine science as a career? Check out these great links to careers in marine science, interviews with marine scientists, marine labs, institutes, and universities. These are just a few of the many universities and labs worldwide that have marine science programs.
If there are any links you think should be added, please email us at
Click on the categories listed below for links to career web pages.
Careers in Marine Science

- International

Universities - Western Canada

Universities - Eastern Canada
Universities - International
Careers in Marine Science
Vancouver Aquarium Career AquaFacts Page - Considering a Career as a Marine Biologist?
Answers to OceanLink questions on Careers in Marine Biology
OceanLink Interviews with Marine Biologists Careers in Marine Biology from Monterey Bay Aquarium So you want to become a Marine Biologist - from Scripps Institution of Oceanography Preparing for a Career in Oceanography - from Scripps Institution of Oceanography - lots of great links!

29. Careers In Biology
Mammalogy; careers in marine Mammal Science; careers in Herpetology;careers in marine biology Oceanography; Environmental careers
Careers in Biology
Emporia State University
These are links to places where one can find information about careers in specific fields of biology. For the most part these pages are maintained by the professional/scientific organization whose speciality is that area. Career information is divided into the rather broad categories of "Molecular and Cellular" and "Organismal and Field" . Some sites are fairly general and are listed in both categories. There is also a listing of some sites that provide information on specific jobs and internships . For more generic information about finding a job, look at the information provided by ESU's Career Placement Office
Finding a career, whether it be in biology or not, is often a difficult process. For some help in this area, look at the page Career Exploration on the Internet . This page guides you through this process starting with an exploration of self.
Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Experiences in Molecular and Cellular Biology an ESU document
  • Careers in Physiology
  • Careers in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Careers in Genetic Counseling
  • Careers in Human Genetics ...
  • Careers in Biology
    Organismal or Field Biology
  • Experiences in Field Biology an ESU document
  • Careers in Animal Behavior
  • Careers in Biological Systematics
  • Careers in Ecology
  • Career Opportunities in Ecology and Environmental Studies ...
  • Careers with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • 30. Marine Biology - Page 2 Of 2
    Online marine Picture Book Learn about marine life in the intertidal zone. marinebiology careers and Jobs Find out what it takes to become a marine biologist.
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    Marine Biology
    Guide picks Previous
    The Fish Net

    This site provides information about and access to Zebrafish research databases. FINS: Fish Information Service
    An archive of data about aquariums, complete with catalogs about marine fish. Florida Museum of Natural History: Ichthyology Offers a wealth of resources and information about fish. Learn about the different classes and groups of fish . You can also find information and resources about sharks Hands-On:The Florida Aquarium, Lessons from the Sea Activities for "budding" marine scientists of all ages! Projects can be performed solo or in groups. Hubbard's Fish Anatomy Contains detailed anatomical pictures of freshwater drum and striped bass fish. Introduction to Porifera Contains loads of information about sponges.

    31. University Of New England Biological Sciences - Careers
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography careers in marine biology and BiologicalOceanography. Coast Notes careers in marine biology (pdf).
    Biological Sciences Academic Programs Admissions Tours Libraries ... Biological Sciences Home
    Students majoring in biological sciences can pursue a wide variety of careers, some that require advanced graduate study. The following are just a few examples to provide a sense of the opportunities. Also listed are some links with further sources of career information:
    Aquaculture and Aquarium Science
    Aquarists, who maintain aquarium exhibits Aquarium educators Mammalogists, who provide supervision, care and training of the marine mammals, such as seals and the dolphins. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians, responsible for the health of aquarium animals. Water quality technicians, who test the water from the tanks in an aquarium. Entrepreneurs and aquarists in corporate businesses, who raise aquatic species for sale.
    Links of Interest:
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography
    : Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography
    Biological Sciences
    A goal of the biological sciences major is to provide students with the necessary background for entry-level career positions and graduate study. The major is particularly suited to students interested in the overall field of biology but not wishing to specialize in one of the other majors.

    32. Careers In Marine Biology -
    careers in marine biology The information available online concerning planningand pursuing a career in marine biology is quite extensive and also rather

    The Oceans
    All about the Seas Creatures of the Sea Divers... Suit Up! ... The Future
    21 onsite
    MarineBio Newsletter E-Mail Address
    First Name
    Last Name
    Unsubscribe Latest Research Search Dissertations
    CSA Databases

    Biology Resources

    Undersea Research
    ... Deep-sea benthos... Creature Quiz Which of the Cephalopods below have both arms AND tentacles? Octopi Cuttlefish Squid Plankton Board 66 topics - 6 forums Africa * Australia * British Isles * Canada * China Finland France * Germany Italy Japan Norway Sweden The Netherlands * Send Country Info MarineBio News Species List (A-G) Bat eagle ray Bearded Scorpion Blacktip Reef Shark Blue Dorid ... False Clown Total Species: 54 Favorite Species Killer Whale Blue Whale Bottlenose Dolphin Coelacanth ... Tiger Shark - Cool Links - 3D Shark Tank Bering Sea Black Sea Deep Sea Creatures! Deep Sea Slides Deep Sea Vents Deep Sea Vents 2 Deep Voyage Evolution Humpback Whales Marine Sanctuaries Minke Whales Ocean Conservancy Ocean Explorer Reef Status Robert D. Ballard Sea Life Guide Seahorse Biology Seapix Galleries Stellar Sea Lions Sustainable Seas Sylvia Earle Underwater Lab Harbor Branch Oceanographic Woods Hole Oceanographic BBC Nature Kelp Cam + Careers in Marine Biology The information available online concerning planning and pursuing a career in Marine Biology is quite extensive and also rather confusing. For a great start for Common Questions and Answers visit the "

    33. Biology Job Opportunities And Information
    careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography. A Career Planning Center for BeginningScientists and Engineers. careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography.
    Biology Job Opportunities and Information Find a good job link? Career Advice and Planning Job and Internship Announcements (in no particular order)

    34. MH Marine Biology
    careers in marine biology. careers in biology careers and Jobsin marine biology and Oceanography

    35. Aibs | Careers In Biology
    LIFE SCIENCE careers FOR THE FUTURE marine biologists may discover ways to get morefood from Researchers who study human biology might slow the aging process
    WHAT JOBS DO BIOLOGISTS HAVE? Research Many researchers work at colleges and universities, where they also teach. Industry employs research biologists in fields such as biotechnology, drug development, and food processing. Some research biologists work for the government, where they aim to protect and restore the environment, breed better crops, fight human and animal diseases, evaluate food and drug safety, or work on space missions. Researchers attend seminars, read scientific journals, and write articles to tell others about their results. Some travel to exotic places to do their work. Researchers often need help from skilled people trained in biology. Laboratory technicians help carry out experiments; they often become experts at taking field measurements, manipulating cells, handling animals and chemicals, or using sophisticated instruments. Health Care Health care workers apply biological knowledge to keep people healthy or return sick people to health. Physicians, dentists, nurses, medical technicians, and physician's assistants all must have a solid biology background. Some health care professionals work directly with patients; others may devise public health campaigns to defeat illnesses such as tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, and heart disease. Some work to prevent the spread of rare, deadly diseases like that caused by the now infamous Ebola virus. The Great Outdoors Many outdoor jobs await people well trained in the life sciences. Horticulturalists develop new crop varieties, care for plants in greenhouses and fields, and design landscape plans. Fisheries biologists might work with an aquaculture company, overseeing the reproduction of farm-raised trout that eventually end up in your local supermarket. Zookeepers make food, medicate animals, and may help with captive breeding programs for endangered species.

    36. Biology Health Environment Environmental Science Career Careers
    Ecological Society of America. Professional Jobs. careers in Ecology for HighSchool Students. Society of Wetland Scientists Wetland Jobs. marine biology.
    Careers in Natural Sciences
    These are links to web sites which are relevant to finding a career in the health professions, biology, or environmental sciences.
    Health Professions American Medical Assocation Physical Therapy Physician Assistant Dentistry ... Chiropractic Schools
    Biology Careers in Biology Teaching K-12 Jobs How to Get a Teaching Job at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution Careers in the Microbiological Sciences - American Society of Microbiology Careers in Biology - Emporia State University Botany Careers in Ecology for College Students Science Careers Websites - Holy Cross College American Society of Limnology and Oceanography - see careers Ecological Society of America Professional Jobs Careers in Ecology for High School Students Society of Wetland Scientists - Wetland Jobs ... Genetic Counseling
    Environmental Sciences
    The Environmental Careers Organization Environmental Career Opportunities Forest Preserve District of Will County The EnviroNetwork ... Professional Services Industries
    General Career Resouces FASEB Career Resources Office of Personnel Management for Federal Jobs Career Builder Career Resource Center ... Federal Job Opennings from FedWorld
    If you are thinking about graduate school look at "

    37. Career Links
    labs and institutions; careers in marine biology links; Strategiesfor Pursuing a Career in marine Mammal Science; Smithsonian Sources
    BIOLOGY, MARINE BIOLOGY, AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE CAREER LINKS These links provide general information about career opportunities in the various fields. For specific job announcements click here Careers in Oceanography and Marine Biology Careers in Biology Careers in Environmental Science Faculty Directory Courses and Programs ... e-mail Department IP

    38. Marine Biology - School Of Biological Sciences
    New Zealanders. careers. A training in marine biology leads to careersin NIWA as scientists and technicians; environmental consultancy;
    School of Biological Sciences School of Biological
    Courses and Careers Biomedical Science ... Plant Science
    Marine Biology
    What is Marine Biology Careers Courses Graduate Profiles
    What is Marine Biology?
    Marine biologists study the behaviour, biochemistry, ecology and physiology of organisms that live in the oceans. These organisms range in size from the smallest phytoplankton to invertebrates, such as molluscs and starfish, to vertebrates such as fish, marine birds and mammals. With over 16,000 km of coastline, and the fourth largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the world, an understanding of the marine environment is crucial to all New Zealanders.
    A training in Marine Biology leads to careers in:
    • NIWA as scientists and technicians
    • environmental consultancy
    • aquaculture and fisheries
    • regional councils
    • natural history television production
    • ecotourism
    • teaching
    What courses contribute to a programme majoring in Marine Biology?
    Marine biology courses cover a broad range of disciplines including behaviour, ecology and physiology. New Zealand's marine organisms and environments are introduced in Year 1 in two courses. BIOSCI 103 (Comparitive Animal Biology) and BIOSCI 104 (New Zealand Ecology and Conservation). At Year 2, marine biology is covered in three courses BIOSCI 206:Ecology, BIOSCI 207 (Animal Function and Design) and BIOSCI 208: Biology of Marine Organisms. BIOSCI 206 includes a 4-day field trip to learn the practical skills of marine biology.
    Graduate Profiles
    Chris Muller
    Chris Muller works for Trimble Navigation in Christshurch - a subsidiary of a US company than manufactures GPS equipment (the Global Positioning System uses orbiting satellites to calculate a position anywhere around the earth and can be used for mapping, data collection and precise positioning). For his BSc, Chris studied Coastal Marine Ecology and Aquaculture, Biological Oceanography and Advanced Software Design (with the Computer Science Department). In 4th year, Chris included a paper on Geopraphical Inofrmation systems (Geography Department) and his MSc research at SBS studied the visual prey location ability of snapper, especially under low light.

    39. Careers & Jobs In Marine Biology & Oceanography
    careers in marine biology from Monterey Bay Aquarium; So you want to becomea marine Biologist from Scripps Institution of Oceanography;
    The following web pages provide advice for those interested in a career in the marine or aquatic sciences:
    2595 Ingraham Street, San Diego, CA 92109

    40. Latz Laboratory Of Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
    careers in marine biology and Biological Oceanography. Consideringa career in oceanography or marine biology? Here's a quick guide
    Careers in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography
    Considering a career in oceanography or marine biology? Here's a quick guide to get you started thinking about such an endeavor. Helpful Web sites:
    • A comprehensive guide to careers in oceanography, marine science, and marine biology compliments of the SIO Library.
    • The National Sea Grant College Program's web site on careers in marine science.
    • Florida Tech's answers to basic questions about marine biology : What is marine biology? What will you study? Career opportunities? And what courses should you take?
    • oceanography . What is an oceanographer? Where does one study oceanography? Who hires oceanographers?
    • Career information from the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography.
    • Information from the U.S. Navy Meteorology and Oceanography Command on careers in oceanography
    • Graduate school advice from the Director of Education at the Monterey Bay Aquarium .
    • For those of you interested in marine mammals, check out SeaWorld's Web page on preparing for a career in marine mammal science.
    • Last but definitely not least

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