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         Marine Biology Careers:     more books (21)
  1. Marine Biologist (Cool Careers) by William David Thomas, 2009-07
  2. Opportunities in Marine Science and Maritime Careers, revised edition (Opportunities InSeries) by Wm. Ray Heitzmann, 2006-03-28
  3. Marine Biologist (Career Exploration) by Jennifer Wendt, 2000-01
  4. Eugenie Clark: Marine Biologist (Ferguson Career Biographies) by Ronald A. Reis, 2005-04-30
  5. A Century of Diatom Research in North America: A Tribute to the Distinguished Careers of Charles W. Reimer and Ruth Patrick by P. Kociolek, M. J. Sullivan, 1995-09
  6. Degree Course Guides 1994-95: Biological Sciences Comprising Biology, Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Genetics and Zoology
  7. Career education: The marine science occupations cluster (Ohio State University. Center for Vocational and Technical Education. Informaion series) by Maxwell Farming, 1973
  8. Marine career series; marine related occupations: A primer for high school students (Marine memorandum) by Prentice K Stout, 1976
  9. Strategies for pursuing a career in marine mammal science by Jeanette A Thomas, 1994
  10. Marine science career awareness: Grade four by James A Kolb, 1984
  11. You Can Be a Woman Marine Biologist by Florence McAlary, Judith Love Cohen, 1997-09
  12. Risky Business - Marine Biologist by Keith Elliot Greenberg, 1995-09-18
  13. I Can Be a Marine Biologist (Reach High and Find Out Why) by Stella Frederick, Nancy Brickner, et all 1986-06
  14. Marine Biologist (Cool Careers) by Barbara Somervill, 2009-07-15

41. Marine And Aquatic Biology
I — Field description, careers, hyperlinks http// biology II — careers, jobs, extensive hyperlinks http//wwwmarine
Marine and Aquatic Biology
Table of Contents
Click on subject to scroll to area
Basics, Introductions, General Hyperlinks Dictionaries, Glossaries, Journals, Publications
Careers, Education, Institutes, Laboratories
Aquatic Biology, Limnology ... Ecosystems, Biomes, Ecological Concepts
Basics, Introductions, General Hyperlinks
Aquatic Biology Hypelinks
Fish, FAQ's
Freshwater-Saltwater Interactions
Marine Biology Learning Center
Marine Biology Links I
Marine Biology Links II
Marine Biology Online Sources
Marine Biology Research Resources
Marine Biology Resources, Information
Marine Biology Webpage

42. PH@School: Biology: Careers
Biologist For more information on careers involving marine invertebrates and marinebiology in general, visit this site from Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
As you explore the topics in each unit of your textbook, you may discover many different types of careers associated with biology. This page lists Web links that you can use to learn more about career opportunities in biology. Careers in Biology
A career in biology can be a fulfilling and exciting profession, provided your own goals, talents, and interests match the activities of biologists. These pages provide general information on a variety of interests and careers in biology. Explore this site to discover the diversity of biology.
Careers in Chemistry

This site from the Duke University Department of Chemistry has links to lots of information on careers for those interested in chemical processes. You'll be surprised at the many fields in which a knowledge of chemistry can be used, including research, biotechnology, library science, education, and law.
Guide to Biotechnology Careers

Biotechnology is the science of using living cells and materials to make products that improve the world. A career in this field can be personally and professionally fulfilling, and may offer long-term growth potential. The Biotechnology Industry Organization hosts this useful guide.
Careers in Genetics

This excellent site describes the field and profiles a number of active geneticists.

43. Marine Biology - Career Monograph / Career Development Center / California State
in the Western US Since marine biology is a Animal Behaviorist, marine Algologist,and Merchant marine. Many of these careers require additional education or
MARINE BIOLOGY Career Monograph GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND QUALIFICATIONS Marine biology is the field of study concerned with ocean life and all of its biological manifestations. Areas of study include systematics, ecology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, parasitology, reproduction and development, mariculture, ocean farming, pollution biology, energy resources and conservation. Marine biologists must be able to conduct research, analyze data, have good written and oral communication skills and a scientific curiosity. They identify, catalogue, and analyze different kinds of sea life. Marine biologists often use computers and statistical analysis in their research. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for entry-level positions in marine biology; however, competition is keen and positions are typically obtained by those with advanced degrees. CSULB is one of the few universities with a Bachelor of Science Degree programs in Marine Biology in the Western U.S. Since marine biology is a combination of many life sciences, the more specialized training or experience one has, the more competitive one becomes. For college or university teaching, a Ph.D. is a necessity. CAREER OPTIONS

44. Odyssey Expeditions Marine Biology Summer Adventure Teen Programs FORUM-Marine B
marine biology Schools, careers and Job Market I'm very interested in the goinginto the field of marine biology, but I'm not exactly sure what it is.
Follow Ups Post Followup FORUM- Marine Biology
Posted by KT on January 30, 1999 at 08:45:43: Marine Biology - Schools, Careers and Job Market
I'm very interested in the going into the field of Marine Biology, but I'm not exactly sure what it is. Which schools would be best for this field, what types of careers are there and what is the job market in this field of study? If you have any information that may help me, please email me at this address. Thanks "KT"
Follow Ups:

45. Coastal Careers: Get Information On Jobs To Help Protect The Coast
Hopkins marine Station of Stanford University This website discussescareers and jobs in marine biology and Oceanography. Check
Many exciting career opportunities exist in marine related fields. Here are some suggestions on ways for you to find more information about employment.
  • Volunteering or interning for an organization is a great way to explore and gain experience in many different areas. Search the Marine, Coastal and Watershed Resource Directory for volunteer and internship opportunities with organizations that work on marine and coastal issues. Explore the employment opportunities that exist at the California Coastal Commission Use the Internet as a research tool. Below is a list of links to great resources that can answer questions you might have regarding coastal careers.
General Marine Science and Related Fields: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Sea Grant Program and the New Hampshire Sea Grant Program - This web site is dedicated to providing information on the marine science field. - This is an extensive catalogue of marine career links. This career directory is divided into three sections: general guides for oceanography and marine science; guides for marine biology, marine mammals, zoos and aquariums; and other guides covering all of science. Sea Grant - This site contains documents related to marine careers on various topics from 1970 to 1995.

46. Biolinks careers and Jobs in marine biology and Oceanography(links to pages with job postings, traineeships, internships, etc.
World Wide Web Sites Related to Careers in Biology
General information:
Biology-Careers and Jobs (Science and Engineering Library of the University at Buffalo) Career planning guides, employment trends, opportunities and positions available, resumes, cover letters plus several links to specific careers
Emporia State University (list of careers and links)
Numerous links to specific biology careers
Careers in Science and Engineering. A Student Planning Guide To Graduate School and Beyond. (National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine)
1998-99 Occupational Outlook Handbook (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Outlook for biological and medical scientists (same source as above)
Career perspectives. Articles focusing on career opportunities in the scientific community published as a special advertising supplement in Science Botany

47. Marine
out the following links careers and Jobs in marine biology and Oceanographyhttp//
Biology at
Marine / Freshwater Biology
Questions? Email us In its broadest sense, marine biology is the study of any aspect of the biology of marine organisms. Likewise, freshwater biology is the study of any aspect of the biology of freshwater organisms. Thus, when thinking about careers, it is useful to keep in mind that marine and freshwater biologists study not just the ecology of aquatic organisms, but also their anatomy,taxonomy, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, parasitology, developmental biology, etc . The best preparation for someone interested in a career in marine or freshwater biology is a broad education that includes coursework in animal and plant biology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, and statistics. Courses in geology, hydrology, or GIS (geographic information systems) might also be appropriate, depending on your interests. The ECSU Biology Department offers several courses that enable students interested in marine or freshwater biology to study aquatic organisms in the laboratory or in the field, including: Bio 125 Organismal Biology Bio 320 Tropical Biology (includes field trips to Belize, the Bahamas, or Bermuda)

48. Careers In Biological Sciences
in Oceanography, marine Science marine biology University of California, San Diegoand careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography Standford University
Department of Biological Sciences
Kent State University Careers in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Explore Academic Majors at Kent Peterson's Guide to Graduate Study Kent State University Career Services Center Still uncertain about a career? Registered KSU students, explore options at the Career Services Center Collage
InternNET: The Internship Network
InternNET is an online searchable database for students, faculty/staff, and employers. Graduate Record Exam BS/MD degree program at Kent State and NEOUCOM (application early in senior year of high school) Resources on Medical Schools and Medical Education Careers in Biotechnology
Genetech Careers in Science and Engineering:
A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond, National Academy of Sciences Occupations Outlook Hand Bood for Biological and Medical Scientists
Bureau of Labor Statistics Trends in the Early Careers of Life Scientists National Academy of Sciences OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine
information about veterinary medicine and admission requirements Ohio Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
Medical Technology and Clinical laboratory Sciences Biology - Careers and Jobs State University of New York at Buffalo Links Page Careers in Physiology
The American Physiological Society The Biology Careers Page
Furman University Links Page Science's Next Wave Job Market News, Career and Job-hunting Advice, Women in Science

49. Careers In Biology -- Arts & Sciences Libraries, UB Libraries
of career planning resources in the following areas Oceanography; marine Science marine biology; Outdoor and Environmental careers; Ichthyology; Botany
Biology Careers and Jobs Here is a comprehensive inventory of career and job-finding resources in the Biological Sciences . This list has been arranged in alphabetic order by Web site name. Italicized entries offer extensive coverage. The SEL Career Information Site provides additional access to general and subject-specific resources..

50. Welcome To The Scripps Graduate Department
You can also find information about careers in marine biology throughSIO's careers in Oceanography, marine Science and marine biology.
Students Who's Who Calendar Resources ... Grad Home Become a Marine Biologist Curricular Groups Bio Oceanography Climate Sciences Marine/Geo Chem Geological Sciences ... Physical Oceanography
Scripps Graduate

Mail Code 0208
9500 Gilman Drive,
La Jolla, CA, 92093
So You Want to Become a Marine Biologist... So you want to become a Marine Biologist . . .
Here's some advice from Greg Szulgit, former Scripps graduate student.

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography Graduate Department Office recently asked me to put together some information for young adults who would like to know more about careers in the marine sciences. This may not answer your questions exactly, but I think you will find it to be helpful.
Let me begin by saying that Biology and Marine Biology are very large and diverse fields. Many of the questions I often hear have a broad range of answers. It depends on how you direct your career. For instance, many people ask me if Marine Biologists SCUBA dive often. My answer to that question is, "It depends on what type of research they are conducting." If that scientist is studying populations of fish around a coral reef, then she/he would probably dive frequently. If, however, the scientist was examining the chemical properties of a certain toxin, then they might spend most of their time in a laboratory.
I would also like to point out that I am a research scientist. Many Marine Biologists teach, manage fisheries, work in aquaria, etc., but I conduct research. I will answer most of your questions from this perspective.

51. Biology Careers Information From The CBU Biology Department
Studies (U. Louisville) Jobs in Agriculture, Zoology, and the Environment Careersin Oceanography, marine Science marine biology (numerous links to career
Department of Biology
Biology Careers Information CBU Biology CBU Biology Events CBU Biology Alumni News CBU School of Sciences Careers ... CBU Career Center Index to CBU the Biology Careers Page:
Biology Careers, General
Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Guide to Grad School and Beyond
Links to Sites with General Career Information (Furman) Biology Careers Page , Furman University
"A Bachelor's Degree in biology opens the door to an unusually large number of career options.... Each of the occupation names listed under ' Many Specific Careers Described will connect you to one or more pertinent Web sites."
AIBS "Careers in Biology" Biology Careers (SICB): Publications - Newsletters
Careers for Biology Majors over 200 links to Web sites that describe specific careers accessible after training in biology" Furman Univ. Application writing law, medical, business, grad schools ASLO Aquatic Science Career Information American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) Career Planning Center for Beginning Scientists and Engineers Career Builder (Job search) Catapult on JobWeb Nat'l. Assoc. of Colleges and Employers

52. Careers In Biology
Ichthyology careers in Genetics careers in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnologycareers in Mammalogy careers in marine biology and Oceanography careers in
Careers in Biology
Undergrad Links
The Biology Major

Biology Handbook

Scholarships and Fellowships

Research Opportunities
... Return to Undergrads Follow the links below for ideas about careers in biology: Careers in Animal Behavior
Careers in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Careers in Biology

Careers in Biotechnology
... Frequently asked questions about careers in Biology
Occupational Outlook Handbook
entry for "Biologist"
Career and Job Finding Resources
Furman's Biology Careers page Biology Department of Wake Forest University This page last updated on November 07, 2000

53. Careers In Marine Biology
with a serious interest in marine science should may be of particular interest –say biology – but including There are jobs, careers and support for those
Marine Biology Facts and Fantasies of a Popular Career Goal James R. Smail Reprinted from: The American Biology Teacher, Volume 50, No. 8, November/December 1988, pp. 484-485. James R. Smail is a Professor of Biology at Macalester College, St. Paul, MN 55105. He has a B.A. from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois and trained in marine science at Duke University, Florida State University and in Hawaii. Smail has conducted natural history and reef ecology trips on a sailing schooner in the windward islands of the Caribbean. His research interest lies in developmental biology and coral reef ecology, and Smail has written and lectured on Hawaiian natural history and marine science, particularly on coral reef environments.
For most people, identifying a career goal is not easy. The difficulties are compounded by television where many careers are glamorized. Although “consultants” may appear in the credits assuring accuracy, the true nature of the given work or profession may bear little resemblance to what is portrayed.
While most people may realize that this is true for medicine and law, in the biological sciences it is much less clear. For example, what do animal behaviorists do? Do they just move in with the animals in the wild? How are they trained? What credentials are required for them to make meaningful contributions to their professions? How does one become a park ranger or forester, an environmentalist or a marine biologist?

54. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Science Occupations"
http// 4. careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography The followingweb pages have postings for jobs, post docs, traineeships, internships Occupations

55. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Marine Biology Jobs" 8. EARTHWORKS Jobs in Oceanography marine Science marinebiology Fisheries Science careers Jobs Employment EARTHWORKS advertises Biology Jobs

56. MMS-GOMR, Careers In Science: Marine_Biology
geometry, trigonometry and calculus; sciences, including biology, chemistry or nowoffering undergraduate degrees in marine science Return to careers in Science.
Marine Biology
Since the early days of Jacques Cousteau, the science of marine biology and biological oceanography has been viewed by the general public as the adventurous pursuit of diving beneath the crystal blue waters of the ocean to swim with whales and photograph the multicolored life teeming in the warm waters of a coral reef. Although studying the living creatures of the sea can be interesting and rewarding, it does not always involve such glamorous outdoor activities. A marine biologist may spend much time collecting organisms in coastal waters as well as on the open ocean. He or she will definitely spend much time in the laboratory peering through a microscope, doing chemical analyses, or entering data into a computer. Marine biology cuts across many fields of study and covers many subjects. As a result, a marine biologist may specialize in such areas as marine ecology, physiology, anatomy, botany, or fisheries. Marine Biology also encompasses applied areas of study. These may include studying effects of toxic chemicals on living organisms, culturing shellfish and finfish, and studying human impacts on the marine environment.
Marine Biologist
In the MMS, marine biologists use their training in a variety of ways. For example, they design environmental studies that assess potential impacts of oil and gas development on the marine environment. Many studies have been carried out to investigate the impacts of drilling products on marine creatures living in the water column and around the production platform. MMS marine biologists also study resources of the Gulf of Mexico such as coastal wetlands, seagrasses, barrier islands, submarine banks, and live bottoms.

57. PittState Biology: Careers In Biology
marine biology, Science, and Oceanography http//
@import "layout_pages.css"; Careers in Biology return to main Biology Page What does a biology major do? Your interest in biology and the life sciences can come from several directions.
  • Perhaps your primary interest is in one or more of the many human health career areas like medicine, medical technology, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or any of the new "assistant" health careers in dentistry or medicine or therapy.
  • On the other hand, you may be an outdoor person, interested in jobs involving animals or plants, ecology, fish or wildlife management, natural history, pollution, or environmental science.
  • You might also be fascinated by a teaching career or biological research in any area: health, genetics, or ecology.
  • Maybe you're not sure, but just know that biology is an area you are very interested in.
This page has many links to web sites with career information. Many sites change address - if you run across a bad link, please contact the webmaster (bottom of page) with the information. Thanks! General places to start learning about careers in biology
  • Careers in science and engineering (Nat'l Acad. of Sci./Nat'l Acad. Engin.) -

58. Marine Biology At QUB
boats, and houses the Centre for marine Resources and Mariculture, which includesdiving facilities. Professional Recognition Institute of biology. careers
Marine Biology C170 Entrance Requirements
Course Content

Special Facilities

Professional Recognition
Further Information
Marine Biology is a multidisciplinary field of study, linking Biology and the predominantly physico-chemical discipline of Oceanography. Consequently, investigations range from studies of physico-chemical and microbiological processes, to macrobiological processes and the impact of humans on these processes and on marine resources. Entrance Requirements: In addition to general University and Faculty entrance requirements: Stage (4-yr course): A2-level Biology or Chemistry and at least GCSE Biology and Chemistry or Double Award Science Stage 1 (3-yr course): A2-level grades AB or BCC, including Biology and Chemistry (both to at least AS-level grade C) plus GCSE Mathematics Course Content: Stage 0: students study Biology (2 modules), Chemistry (2 modules) and 2 modules in subjects of their choosing.

59. Marine Biology Career
in the marine or aquatic sciences careers in marine biology MontereyBay Aquarium careers in marine Science biolog

60. Biology Career In Marine
career in the marine or aquatic sciences careers in marine biology MontereyBay Aquarium careers in marine Science - Mote marine Lab careers caree

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