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         Marine Biology Careers:     more books (21)
  1. Marine Biologist (Cool Careers) by William David Thomas, 2009-07
  2. Opportunities in Marine Science and Maritime Careers, revised edition (Opportunities InSeries) by Wm. Ray Heitzmann, 2006-03-28
  3. Marine Biologist (Career Exploration) by Jennifer Wendt, 2000-01
  4. Eugenie Clark: Marine Biologist (Ferguson Career Biographies) by Ronald A. Reis, 2005-04-30
  5. A Century of Diatom Research in North America: A Tribute to the Distinguished Careers of Charles W. Reimer and Ruth Patrick by P. Kociolek, M. J. Sullivan, 1995-09
  6. Degree Course Guides 1994-95: Biological Sciences Comprising Biology, Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Genetics and Zoology
  7. Career education: The marine science occupations cluster (Ohio State University. Center for Vocational and Technical Education. Informaion series) by Maxwell Farming, 1973
  8. Marine career series; marine related occupations: A primer for high school students (Marine memorandum) by Prentice K Stout, 1976
  9. Strategies for pursuing a career in marine mammal science by Jeanette A Thomas, 1994
  10. Marine science career awareness: Grade four by James A Kolb, 1984
  11. You Can Be a Woman Marine Biologist by Florence McAlary, Judith Love Cohen, 1997-09
  12. Risky Business - Marine Biologist by Keith Elliot Greenberg, 1995-09-18
  13. I Can Be a Marine Biologist (Reach High and Find Out Why) by Stella Frederick, Nancy Brickner, et all 1986-06
  14. Marine Biologist (Cool Careers) by Barbara Somervill, 2009-07-15

61. Marine Biology
The field of marine biology the study of Therefore, marine biologists and biologicaloceanographers study fields throughout their careers, enabling them to
The field of marine biology the study of marine organisms, their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment is considered one of the most all-encompassing fields of oceanography. To understand marine organisms and their behaviors completely, marine biologists must have a basic understanding of other aspects or "disciplines" of oceanography, such as chemical oceanography, physical oceanography, and geological oceanography. Therefore, marine biologists and biological oceanographers study these other fields throughout their careers, enabling them to take a "big picture" approach to doing research. Because there are so many topics one could study within the field of marine biology, many researchers select a particular interest and specialize in it. Specializations can be based on a particular species, organism, behavior, technique, or ecosystem. For example, marine biologists may choose to study a single species of clams, or all clams that are native to a climate or region.
One area of specialization, the emerging field of marine biotechnology, offers great opportunity for marine biologists. Marine biotechnology research presents a wide range of possibilities and applications. One focus area is the biomedical field, where scientists develop and test drugs, many of which come from marine organisms. An example of an application of biotechnology research can be seen in industry or defense, where researchers have developed non-toxic coatings that prevent the build-up of fouling organisms, such as barnacles and zebra mussels. Such coatings are useful for ships and intake pipes used in power plants.

62. Dalhousie University - FoS Biology And Marine Biology
more specialized disciplines of marine biology, ecology, microbiology Within biology,there are a large number resource conservation and to careers related to and Marine

63. Major Sheets - Natural Sciences - Marine Biology
Career Opportunities Students graduating from UCSC with a major in marine biologyhave a good academic foundation for careers in the following fields, some of
Related Links
Natural Sciences Home Page

Marine Sciences Home Page

Art History


Theater Arts


Computer Engineering
Computer Science Dual Degree Engineering ... Information Systems Management Humanities American Studies Classical Studies East Asian Studies (individual major) German Studies History Italian Studies Language Studies ... Women's Studies Natural Sciences Astrophysics Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biology Earth Sciences Marine Biology Mathematics Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Neuroscience and Behavior Ocean Sciences ... Physics Social Sciences Anthropology Business Management Economics Community Studies Economics ... Sociology Other Academic Programs Individual Study Prelaw Premedicine The marine biology major provides students with interests in marine biology, biological oceanography, marine sciences, marine ecology, and the general biology of aquatic life with the opportunity to gain a general background in this area while ensuring a fundamental grounding in the biology discipline. The marine biology major is designed to introduce students to marine organisms and the chemical and physical processes that affect these organisms. The emphasis is on basic principles that aid in understanding the processes that shape life in marine environments. The marine biology major is a demanding program that requires several more courses than the general biology major; students can opt for the general biology major and still follow a marine biology concentration.

64. - Career Browser: Marine Biology Major
biology 2 years Chemistry 1 year Physics 1 year History Or Social Studies 2 yearsComputer Science 2 years Potential careers. marine biology graduates find jobs,3480,15-097,00.html
Marine Biology
General Information
Typical Courses H.S. Preparation
Potential Careers
... Sources of Additional Information
General Information
In the marine biology major students learn about the diversity of life in the ocean, how ocean species relate to each other as food and prey, and how different species depend on and use the physical and chemical structures of the ocean. What the Major is Like The ocean has a special fascination. Covering two-thirds of the earth's surface, it contains a great abundance and wide diversity of life forms, ranging from the bizarre to the beautiful. How ocean species relate to each other, as food and prey, as sources of nutrients, or even as animal and chemical structures of the ocean are all topics of deep interest to marine biologists. Students majoring in marine biology will not only receive broad exposure to the extraordinary complexity of this major ecosystem, but also insight into some of the most important environmental problems facing our future. For example, they will explore the consequences of global climate changes, which threaten to produce a warming of the ocean and a rise in sea level, and the consequences of increasing ocean pollution. Marine biology majors study the ocean as a system and learn about the interaction and interdependency of the physics, chemistry, and biology of the ocean. They learn about the form, structure, development, evolution, physiology, biochemistry, and genetics of marine systems, including fisheries. Through such study they come to appreciate the many competing interests and concerns that center around people's use of the ocean.

65. Careers In Aquatic Science (training): Southern African Society Of Aquatic Scien
careers in Aquatic Science. Environmental Water Management, Applied Hydrology, WaterResource Management, Ichthyology, marine biology, Diploma in Fisheries
Careers in Aquatic Science
Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists This list is not comprehensive and courses offered may change. Prospective students should enquire at institutes in their area. Address correspondence to The Registrar . Research institutes associated with individual universities are indicated - these are often involved in student training. Universities not listed offer straight B.Sc. degrees with no specialist courses. If you spot any errors, or would like to update the list, please contact SASAqS Technikons
  • Cape Technikon PO Box 652 Cape Town 8000. Nature Conservation, Oceanography (for Department of Sea Fisheries employees only), Parks and Recreation Management
  • Pretoria Technikon P/Bag X7 Pretoria North 0116. Water Care, Analytical Chemistry
  • M.L. Sultan Technikon PO Box 1334 Durban 4000. Water Care, Analytical Chemistry
  • Rhodes University PO Box 94 Grahamstown 6140. Environmental Water Management, Applied Hydrology, Water Resource Management, Ichthyology, Marine Biology, Diploma in Fisheries Science. University of Cape Town P/Bag Rondebosch 7700. Marine Geoscience, Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography, Coastal Engineering, Ocean and Atmosphere Science, Quantitative Resource Ecology, Conservation Biology, Avian Biology, Marine Biology, Marine Law, Freshwater Ecology.

66. Marine Careers
A similar type of web site by the Hopkins marine School of Stanford University, careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography (http//

67. Careers In Marine Biology
careers in marine biology (See related pages). XSL error we don't have a listof diacritics for course code 1010, Accents, Home careers in marine biology.
You must have javascript enabled to view this website. Please change your browser preferences to enable javascript, and reload this page. Careers in Marine Biology
(See related pages)

Careers in Biology

Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science and Marine Biology - Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library

Careers and Jobs in Marine Biology and Oceanography
Science Professional Network

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68. Marine Science | The University Of Sydney
Career Profiles in marine Science. Student/Graduate Profiles. Victoria Cole marine biology Student. Victoria Cole. marine biology Student.
career profiles in marine science
Student/Graduate Profiles Victoria Cole - Marine Biology Student
Victoria Cole
Marine Biology Student The dream to become a marine biologist has been with Vicky Cole for as long as she can remember. Now she's nearly there, and excited about it.. Not that there could ever have been any doubt that she would make it: Anything to do with marine biology, Vicky has been into it. Although the BSc(Marine) wasn't available when she started, Vicky worked toward her goal by doing advanced biology projects all the way through her university career, as part of her BSc(Advanced). In first year, she investigated coral nutrition and did volunteer work for two honours students in marine biology. In second year, she won the Mary Besly prize for the best invertebrate project for her research on the relationship between species richness and habitat in marine polychaete worms that she conducted with Pat Hutchings at the Australian Museum . "It was a great contact to get," says Vicky, "and the opportunity to do my own research and think up a project with my own mentor was excellent as well."

69. Modelling And Careers In Marine Biology
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70. Salaries And Careers - Major : Marine Biology
Subscribe now! Join the discussion now! More than 200 Princeton Reviewtitles on sale! Major marine biology. careers and Salary

71. Career Library
careers in Oceanography, marine Science marine biology Scripps Institute of OceanographyLibrary. careers in marine biology Oceanography Stanford University.

72. The Marine Biology Degree Course At Stirling
Alternatively, marine biology graduates are fully equipped for a widerange of more general careers based in biological sciences.
This page contains information relevant to the Marine Biology Degree courses. Either read the whole page or click on the links below to jump to a particular section.
Honours in Marine Biology
The study of Marine Biology brings to bear the power of modern science on man's historic and vital understanding of the sea. Its scope includes unravelling processes whereby the sun's radiation drives the production of organisms and maintains food chains in the sea. It attempts to estimate and predict the effects of environmental factors upon populations of fish. It analyses the physiology and behaviour involved in the migration and breeding activities of marine invertebrates, fishes, mammals and birds. Currently, marine biologists are helping to assess the extent to which the seas and their organisms add or remove carbon dioxide and other materials from the atmosphere, and so might speed or slow global warming. Marine Biology examines biological processes in marine organisms from bacteria to whales, from coasts and estuaries to open oceans and the greatest depths. While it is a rigorous biological science, Marine Biology depends heavily on other environmental sciences and on chemical and physical techniques. The course includes elements from Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry and a choice of other subjects (eg Biochemistry) in the first two years, and students retain the option to specialise in some of these if they wish. Early marine experience is gained in an introductory course with lectures, practical work, shore exercises and a field course on Great Cumbrae Island.

73. VSAC - Pathfinder
Information on careers in oceanography, marine science, and marine biology fromthe Scripps Institution of Oceanography
FAQs l contact us l vsac home Pathfinder index
Resource Center
Resource Center Library Marine Biology Books Search our catalog online at Patrons may borrow books either by coming to the Resource Center in Winooski or by making an inter-library loan request through their local school or public library. Here are some books that contain information on marine biology:
  • (2001). Call # 333.7 Miller Great Jobs for Biology Majors (1999). Call # 570.23 Camenson Opportunities in Marine and Maritime Careers (1999). Call # 387.5 Heitzmann Outdoor Careers (2000). Call # 363.6 Shenk
Web Links

74. Career Resources For Biology Majors
Cell and Molecular biology Online Sites with General Career Information CareerResources in marine biology and Oceanography careers in biology.
Career Resources for Biology Majors
Internet Sources of Career Information Resources in Career Services
Biology Specific Employment Information
General Sources of Employment Information ... CUA Biology Alumni Careers
Career Information (what biological scientists do)
Internet Sources
Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Graduate School and Beyond

Biological Sciences Career Exploration Links

Occupational Outlook Handbook:
An annual career encyclopedia produced by the U.S. Government Bureau of Labor Statistics
Biology - What Can I Do With This Degree?

Careers in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Careers in Plant Pathology

Specific Career Descriptions
Careers in Biology
Resources In CUA Career Services Office
Alumni Career Outcomes - Biology
Career Publications: Science Medical Professions Occupational Outlook Handbook Careers in Health Care Opportunities in Biological Science Careers Careers in Medicine Opportunities in Biotechnology Fields Opportunities in Health and Medical Careers Opportunities in Environmental Careers Opportunities in Public Health Careers Careers in the Environment Resource Guide to Careers in Toxicology The New Complete Guide to Environmental Careers Opportunities in Chriopractic Health Care Careers Careers in Oceanography and Marine-Related Fields Opportunities in Medical Technology Careers
Employment Information (jobs, organizational information)

75. Bridge - Ocean Science Careers
information pages. careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography List of links to more career information pages. Tips Tools. Other

Marine Careers Net
- A new Sea Grant online resource that profiles 34 marine science professionals. This site shows the diversity of ages, genders, races, and even educational background of people working in marine science. Office of Naval Research: Careers in Oceanography - An online booklet by the Navy with an that tells you about careers in oceanography including educational requirements, job opportunities, market outlook, and special sections for women, minorities, and people with disabilities. Careers in the Marine Science Field - A small list of jobs in the marine science field to give you an idea of the diversity of career opportunities in this area. Careers in Marine Science - Advice from Mote Marine Laboratory including information on the different marine science disciplines, education needed, and what you can do to prepare yourself. Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science - Everything you ever wanted to know about a career in marine mammal science including the required education, chances of finding a job in the field, typical salary, etc. AquaFacts: Career as a Whale Biologist or Researcher - Excellent advice on what to study and do to become a cetacean researcher. Also has a brief interview with Dr. John Ford, a whale researcher.

76. Marine Biology Major At U Maine Machias
careers in marine biology. As demand. UMM’s marine biology programcan prepare you for careers in such areas as marine Education
Academics About UMM Academics Admissions Alumni ... Student/Faculty Resources Academics Academic Affairs

Cooperative Education

Course Schedule
Honors Program
Marine Biology Major at U Maine Machias
Behavioral Science

Business Administration

Recreation Management
For More Information
Admissions Office
1-888-468-6866 (toll-free)
or From the small to the large, from algae to marine mammals, UMM’s program in Marine Biology offers you a hands-on approach to the fascinating field of marine science. You will learn about the biology and ecology of marine plants and animals inhabiting oceans, rocky shores, tidal pools, marshes, mudflats, and other marine environments. UMM is uniquely located at the headwaters of the Machias River estuary on the Down East coast of Maine. Far from the bright lights of the city, Machias is an ideal location for the naturalist. Surrounded by spruce-fir forests, lakes, rivers, the spectacular Gulf of Maine, and nearby Bay of Fundy, our faculty specialize in teaching outdoors to enhance hands-on learning. The ocean will be your classroom. We are minutes away from sand beaches, rocky shores, mudflats, salt marshes, and other natural habitats. In addition to our own aquaculture laboratory, we are a short drive from state-of-the-art mariculture facilities for finfish and shellfish.

77. Biology Web Resources
careers Jobs in marine biology Oceanography careers in Biotechnology careersin Botany careers in Herpetology careers in Ichthyology careers in the
Academic Counseling and Career Services (ACCS)
Biology Web Resources
DEPARTMENT IPFW's Department of Biology GENERAL INFORMATION The Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory
Bioethics for Beginners


USDA Forest Service

Careers in Biotechnology

Careers in Botany

Careers in Herpetology

Careers in Ichthyology
Student Conservation Association Jobs and Internships
PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS American Association of Immunologists American Board of Forensic Entomology American Fisheries Society American Society of Mammalogists ... The Society for Marine Mammalogy Return to: ACCS Home Page Previous Page Send comments to Cathy McGinnis

of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental biology) careers in marinebiology Conservation (courtesy of Stanford University) careers in marine
Links to career information for pre-professional students
Links to career information graduate and professional programs
Links to information on admission exams

Biology Careers (courtesy of Furman University)
Careers in Biology (courtesy ofEmporia State University)
Careers in Biological Research
Careers in Biotechnology and Beyond
Careers in Genetics (Courtesy of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
Careers in Marine Science (courtesy of Mote Marine Laboraotry, Sarasota, FL)
Careers in Science (courtesy of Louisiana State University)
Careers in Science and Engineering (National Academy of Science) Careers in Science, Health and Medicine (courtesy of Cornell University) Careers Opportunities in Ecology (courtesy of University of Louisville) Employment Links for the Biomedical Scientists Encylopedia Smithosonian: Sources for information on careers in biology, conservation and oceanography Exploring Environmental Careers (courtesy of North Carolina State University) Job Smart: Guides for Specific Careers Guides to Zoological Parks Careers (courtesy of Sea World-Busch Gardens) Job Searching and Career Opportunities (courtesy of Montana State University) Marine Science Careers (courtesy of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania) Marine Science Careers: as Sea Grant guide to ocean opportunities (courtesy of Stanford University Myrin Laboratory Resource Guides: Sciences Science Careers '95 Science, Engineering and Mathematics Career Guide (courtesy of Pursuit)

79. Marine Biology, Oceanography And Fisheries - Job Description
See Also Environmental Researcher, and Other Environmental careers (Click on theGraphics) marine biology is the study of life in the world's oceans, seas
Marine Biology, Oceanography, Fisheries, and Related Disciplines
Table of Contents
Careers in Oceanography
What is Oceanography?
Specialty Fields in Oceanography

What do Oceanographers Do?

Salary and Job Outlook for Oceanographers

Teachers: check out the
Careers in Marine Mammal Biology
What is Marine Mammal Biology?
General Education Guidelines for Marine Biology

Salary Information for Marine Biologists
Careers in Fisheries Science
What is Fisheries Science?
What do You do on the Job?

Education Requirements

Music: "Calypso"Tribute to Jacques Cousteau by John Denver. Source: Crystalcove Music MIDI Archive See Also: Environmental Researcher , and Other Environmental Careers (Click on the Graphics)
What is Oceanography?
(Thanks to: International Oceanographic Foundation "Oceanography" is a broad field in which many sciences are focused on the common goal of understanding the oceans. Since the ocean comprises the largest ecosystem on earth, study of the ocean ecosystems is critical to understanding man's effects on the biosphere. Persons specializing in Botany, cartography, chemistry, engineering, geography, geology, geophysics, limnology, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, and zoology all play roles in expanding our knowledge of marine environments. "Marine biology" is the study of life in the world's oceans, seas, bays and estuaries (in other words, in salt water), but requires an understanding of freshwater systems as well. It includes the study of all living marine organisms (from bacteria to whales) and their physical marine environment. The field of oceanography is usually broken down into sub-disciplines, including:

80. Science - Marine Biology - LIFE SCIENCE
careers marine biology, marine biology, Master, The learner will be able toidentify careers in the field of marine biology and technology. Knoweldge.
S pecial S chool D istrict of St. Louis County
Electronic Instructional Resource Bank
SCIENCE - Marine Biology The Missouri Show-Me Standards identify eight learning goals for Science. The Missouri Framework for Curriculum Development contains benchmarks for Science at grade 12 LIFE SCIENCE - The Life Science unit includes cells, organism, reproduction and heredity, human health, evolution, living systems, ecosystems, and the environment. GO TO LESSON PLANS STRAND COURSE SCOPE THE LEARNER WILL BE ABLE TO BLOOM'S Organisms Organisms: Interactions Marine Biology Master The learner will be able to understand how organisms interact with the area in which they live. Application Ecosystems Ecosystems: Changes Marine Biology Master The learner will be able to understand changes in the ecosystem. Application Fossils Fossils: Origin Marine Biology Master The learner will be able to analyze fossils to gain an understanding of the origin of living and non-living things Analysis Fossils: Evolution Marine Biology Master The learner will be able to analyze fossils to gain an understanding of the evolution of living and non-living things.

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