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         Marine Biology Careers:     more books (21)
  1. Marine Biologist (Cool Careers) by William David Thomas, 2009-07
  2. Opportunities in Marine Science and Maritime Careers, revised edition (Opportunities InSeries) by Wm. Ray Heitzmann, 2006-03-28
  3. Marine Biologist (Career Exploration) by Jennifer Wendt, 2000-01
  4. Eugenie Clark: Marine Biologist (Ferguson Career Biographies) by Ronald A. Reis, 2005-04-30
  5. A Century of Diatom Research in North America: A Tribute to the Distinguished Careers of Charles W. Reimer and Ruth Patrick by P. Kociolek, M. J. Sullivan, 1995-09
  6. Degree Course Guides 1994-95: Biological Sciences Comprising Biology, Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Genetics and Zoology
  7. Career education: The marine science occupations cluster (Ohio State University. Center for Vocational and Technical Education. Informaion series) by Maxwell Farming, 1973
  8. Marine career series; marine related occupations: A primer for high school students (Marine memorandum) by Prentice K Stout, 1976
  9. Strategies for pursuing a career in marine mammal science by Jeanette A Thomas, 1994
  10. Marine science career awareness: Grade four by James A Kolb, 1984
  11. You Can Be a Woman Marine Biologist by Florence McAlary, Judith Love Cohen, 1997-09
  12. Risky Business - Marine Biologist by Keith Elliot Greenberg, 1995-09-18
  13. I Can Be a Marine Biologist (Reach High and Find Out Why) by Stella Frederick, Nancy Brickner, et all 1986-06
  14. Marine Biologist (Cool Careers) by Barbara Somervill, 2009-07-15

81. Smithsonian Institution Libraries: Internet Subject Guide
careers in Oceanography and marineRelated Fields (Office of Naval Research); careersin Oceanography, marine Science marine biology (Scripps Institute of
Natural History: Careers and Jobs
(Selected sources of information about careers and jobs in natural history fields) See also Job Databases by Professional Societies and Other Institutions

82. Marine Science Career Links
in Baltimore). careers and Jobs in marine biology and Oceanography (Hopkinsmarine Station of Stanford University). Home Academics
Job Listings
UGA Job List Job Opportunities at UGAMI (Sapelo Island) Employment Opportunities at Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography

Internship Programs
UGA Marine Institute Student Intern Program Georgia Sea Grant Marine Science Education Internships

Marine Science Career Guides
Marine Careers (Sea Grant ~ WHOI) General Information about Marine Careers (Sea Grant ~ VIMS) Preparing for a Career in Oceanography (Scripps Inst. of Oceanography) Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science, and Marine Biology (UCSD) Careers in Marine Science (OceanLink - Bamfield Marine Station) Careers in Aquatic and Marine Science (National Aquarium in Baltimore) Careers and Jobs in Marine Biology and Oceanography (Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University)
Academics Personnel Research ... Information

83. Careers In Oceanography
A comprehensive list of information about careers in oceanography, marine science,and marine biology is available through the Scripps Institution of
Careers in Oceanography Many people associate careers in oceanography as consisting of swimming with marine animals at a marine life park or snorkeling in crystal-clear tropical waters studying coral reefs. In reality, these kinds of jobs are extremely rare and there is intense competition for the few jobs that do exist. Most oceanographers work in fields that use science to solve a particular problem in the ocean. Some examples include:
  • What is the role of the ocean in limiting the greenhouse effect? What kinds of pharmaceuticals can be found naturally in marine organisms? How does sea-floor spreading relate to the movement of tectonic plates? What economic deposits are there on the sea floor? Can rogue waves be predicted? What is the role of longshore transport in the distribution of sand on the beach? How does a particular pollutant affect organisms in the marine environment?
Preparation for a Career in Oceanography
Preparing yourself for a career in oceanography is probably one of the most interesting and rewarding (yet difficult) paths to travel. The study of oceanography is typically divided into different academic disciplines (or sub-fields) of study. The four main disciplines of oceanography are:
  • Geological oceanography is the study of the structure of the sea floor and how the sea floor has changed through time; the creation of sea floor features; and the history of sediments deposited on it.

84. Ocean-Related Professional Careers
careers in marine biology from Monterey Bay Aquarium marine biology is a graduatelevel pursuit, and so the first priority is to obtain a strong undergraduate
Man and Mollusc has a new venture: Man and Mollusc Books! I'm proud to announce my first book in a proposed series of children's books; "Sammy's Adventure".
For more story details and the costs of purchasing "Sammy's Adventure" please go to the promotional flyer Ocean-Related Professional Careers


This page is provided as a service to those interested in pursuing an Ocean-Related Career and is intended for self-directed learning. Please don't ask me for career advice. I'm not an oceanographer or a marine biologist. I am a retired nurse with a love for molluscs. I cannot provide informed career advice for marine biology and oceanography. Avril Bourquin Academic Programs in Aquatic Science Listed on this page are some of the institutions offering graduate programs in limnology or oceanography. This is an International list!! Advanced Technology Environmental Education Library : Eastern Iowa Community
Advice and hints about becoming an oceanographer
- Texas A & M Dept. of Oceanography by by Mike Peccini: "If you're a high school student or undergraduate, you may have discovered that the road to oceanography is not well defined. With a shortage of available information about entering the field, it may be difficult to figure out what academic and extracurricular experiences will help you get into graduate school to study oceanography..."

85. SUT Oceans Of Opportunity
How to use this careers information These pages cover a specificarea, such as geology or engineering or marine biology. For pre

Main Index
Oceans of Opportunity
Consider a career in marine science and technology:
70% of the earth's surface is covered by the oceans-and career opportunities abound in this environment where fresh challenges arise all the time.
Do you think you might be interested in:
diving - underwater communications - design of offshore structures - aquaculture - geology of the sea bed - pipeline design and manufacture - oceanography - instrumentation - submarines - remotely controlled underwater vehicles - naval architecture - computing - offshore oil and gas production - pollution control - underwater vehicles - marine engineering
These fall within three main areas of career opportunity:
  • underwater technology
  • ocean science
  • offshore engineering

You would be wise to find out about possible specific careers in these areas if you already enjoy studying any of the following subjects:
  • biology, maths, physics, chemistry, geography, computing, electronics, geology or zoology.

86. Oceanlink
marine organization collaborative provides ocean news, a Q A forum, and science trivia. Read about mammals, water pollution, and fish. of great questions about marine biology; from seaweed to sharks, a career in marine biology, interviews with marine Scientists and more! you hear in marine biology mean? Here's your

87. Plankton Board -
Show All Categories, Forums, Topics, Posts, Last Post, Collapse This Category CareersIn marine biology, New Posts, What's it take for a career in marine biology?

88. Sea Grant News Media Center - Marine Biology
We have needed this for a long time! K ids are always interested in marine biologycareers and we've never had much to give them. Now we do! Thank you! .
C urrent News
Sea Grant Publishes Guide To Marine Science Careers
COLLEGE PARK, MD. Does your son or daughter want to be a marine biologist? Do you want to know if that's a good career choice? A recently produced Sea Grant publication can help you and your child find the answers. Marine Science Careers: A Sea Grant Guide to Ocean Opport unities describes the fields of marine biology, oceanography and ocean engineering as well as other closely related fields and offers some insight as to what the future holds as far as career opportunities go in these fields. In addition, the guide contains question and answer profiles of 38 marine scientists and other professionals from around the country. These men and women talk about how they got into their careers, what they do, what they like and dislike about their wor k, what they see for the future in their fields, and much more. The guide is being distributed by Sea Grant, a national network of 29 research and education programs dedicated to the wise use and conservation of our marine and Great Lakes resources for the public benefit. Individual copies cost $5 and can be ordered from Sea Grant Communications, Kingman Farm, University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H. 03828-3512 (checks payable to UNH) or from Sea Grant Communications, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, 193 Oyster Pond Rd., CRL 209, Woods Hole, Mass. 02543-1525 (checks payable to WHOI).
A guidance counselor from Milwaukee, Wisc.: "What I like most about Marine Science Careers is its comprehensiveness. Not only does it give job information and where to learn more, but it also gives students real life feedback from workers in the field. I wouldn't change a thing. It is too rare that we guidance counselors are given concise, relevant information on specific careers to give our students."

89. Marine Biology Links
Want A Career in marine biology? Check This Out! Prairie Starfish Educationaland Fun marine biology Films. Project Oceanography - Great Link for K-12.
If a link can't be found, please email Jeff Levinton
General Links
Want A Career in Marine Biology? Check This Out! Ocean Link: A Site with Lots for K-12, Interviews of Scientists Get a Flavor of Marine Research with @Sea So you want to study whales and dolphins. You have company! ... Whalewatch Listserv
The State of the Ocean
Shifting Baselines - The Changing State of the Ocean Audubon Society Living Oceans Program Pew Oceans Commission State of the Marine Environment - Australia
Organism Pages
Amphipod Biology - with an emphasis on southern Australian forms Animal Underwater Photos - Erik Svensen Amphipod Homepage Annelid Resource Page ... Invertebrate Zoology Animations - from A. Richard Palmer's Invertebrate Zoology Course P lankton Images - Gallery of Zooplankton and Phytoplankton Microbes - A general information portal Deep-Sea Molluscs Molluscs of Singapore - Great Photo Collection ... Whale Shark Research Group
Reference Sites
AquaSearch - Aquaculture Resources Biotelemetry Projects Directory MarLIN - Britain and Ireland Information Network British Marine Life Study Society ... El Nino - Latest on the 1997 Cycle - Most extreme yet!

90. Marine Biology Employment Opportunities
marine Ecology Research Opportunities. I welcome any new postings that youwish to add using this online Form. Jobs Posted in Sci.Bio.Ecology.
M arine E cology R esearch O pportunities
I welcome any new postings that you wish to add using this online Form
Jobs Posted in Sci.Bio.Ecology
You can also receive an updated summary of job opportunities posted to the group ( in ECOLOG-L . This job summary is archived in a file called JOBS and can be obtained by sending the message :
"GET JOBS Job_lst ecolog-l" to
(don't include the quotation marks, case doesn't matter)
To have a copy of the job file sent automatically to you whenever it is updated, send the message
(again, don't include the quotation marks).
Job Postings in EnvJobs-L
Institutional Job Postings
Research Opportunity Listings from other Resources
Post A Job!
Note: This form is to be used to advertise research opportunities only.

91. Biology Careers
biology. The following three abbreviations after a career description representtheir source CB= College Board COG=California Occupational
The following three abbreviations after a career description represent their source:
CB= College Board COG=California Occupational Guide OOH=Occupational Outlook Handbook. Note: All College Board (CB) career description links are continuallly changing. Please search for your specific career description at the College Board career browser site by clicking on any links that contain (CB) after the career name.
  • 92. Careers In Biology
    careers in biology. The following links will take you to a variety ofsites with information about biology careers. General biology.

    93. Marine Biology Links
    marine biology Links. College and University marinebiology Programs. marine biology Internships.
    Marine Biology Links
    College and University Marine Biology Programs SUNY Marine Biology Web College Programs

    Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB)

    Garrison Oceanography
    University of Otago
    Aquariums North Carolina Aquariums
    Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

    Shedd Aquarium

    Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
    St. Croix Aquarium and Education Center
    - provides guided tours featuring local customs and lore, facts on fish and invertebrate biology and ecology, conservation issues, and wise snorkeling and diving practices
    Key West Aquarium
    - hands on activities for kids
    Lake District Coast Aquarium
    Marine labs and institutions (Many of these have summer programs of instruction) Scripps Institution of Oceanography Moss Landing Marine Laboratory MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) Wrigley Institute for Environmental Sciences ... National Marine Mammal Laboratory - conducts research on marine mammals with particular attention to issues related to marine mammals off the coast of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska Roundhouse Lab and Aquarium - offers marine science classes to schools and groups HOBI Labs - private marine sciences laboratory specializing in optical oceanography and hydro-optical intrumentation. Conducts oceanographic research in areas of physics and biology

    94. Welcome To Project Oceanography! Career Links
    marinecareers.Net This site will introduce you to careers in marinebiology and other marine sciences. You can also find information
    Project Oceanography Links Meet the Project Oceanography Staff
    Marine Science Career Links
    Who's Watching Project Oceanography

    - This site will introduce you to careers in marine biology and other marine sciences. You can also find information on salaries and links to additional resources.
    Women in Oceanography
    - This site features the careers of remarkable women in oceanography. Learn how women are contributing to our understanding and appreciation of the ocean and how they go about their daily work.
    UHM Career Links
    - This site is hosted by the Human Resources department of the University of Hawaii at Manoa and provides links for information on marine science and other technology careers.
    VIMS Career Links
    ocean science career links
    SIO Career Links
    - This site is hosted by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California in San Diego and provides information on careers in oceanography, marine science, and marine biology.
    Virtual Mentorships
    - Got a question? Receive e-mail from a real marine scientist, or read a few words of advice from a former graduate student at Scripps on how to prepare yourself for a career in marine science.

    95. Environment Resources On The Web
    Explore careers in Environment with the following links to job descriptions, whichinclude information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and
    INFORMATION CENTER Environmental Career Guide
    Explore careers in Environment with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required. To learn more about the Environment, follow the related links below the career descriptions section. Home Careers Skills Schools ... About Environmental Career Descriptions Agricultural Careers

    Becoming a Scientist

    Biological Scientists
    Environmental Related Links Basics about the Environment
    Tutorials and sites with basic
    information for learning about
    the environment. Also find Environmental
    schools and training programs here.
    Environment and Ecology
    Links to environmental, ecology and biotechnology directories. It also includes links to environmental job resources. Protection and Conservation Environmental protection and conservation web sites including recycling and pollution Natural Spaces and Resources Resource sites for parks, trails and natural resources.

    96. University Of New England
    This is the University of New England, with two Maine campuses in Biddeford and Portland, specializing in Osteopathic Medicine, Natural and Environmental
    University of New England Academic Programs Admissions Tours Libraries ... Community Resources Quick Links Academic Programs Admissions Applications Art Gallery Athletics Bookstore Calendars Campus Pipeline Catalogs Contact UNE Continuing Education Directions Directory Distance Education Employment - HR Financial Aid Gifts Graduation Libraries Maps Marine Science Center Registrar Research Sitemap Student Affairs U-Online Virtual Tour
    Thank you for visiting the University of New England website. It appears the page you were looking for is not available or no longer exists on the website.
    Here are some suggestions to help find what you're after:
    home page
    , the Quicklinks to the left or the sitemap
    If you arrived at this page by following a link, please notify the webmaster via email the page that contained a non-working link on the UNE website.
    Thank you.
    UNE does not discriminate in admission or employment. Please see our Equal Opportunity Policy . UNE respects your privacy. Please review our Privacy Statement if you have concerns.

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