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         Marine Biology Courses Schools:     more detail
  1. The mini-course: from Basic marine biology to Some of my best friends are witches: A project (Masters' theses.Secondary Education.Social Studies) by Alan James Trombley, 1975
  2. The major marine plant and invertebrate animal phyla (A high school course in marine ecology, Unit 3 addendum) by Judith M Spitsbergen, 1971
  3. Degree Course Guides 1992-93: Biological Sciences (Including Biology, Botany, Cell and Marine Biology, Genetics and Zoology) (CRAC Degree Course Guides)
  4. Degree Course Guides 1994-95: Biological Sciences Comprising Biology, Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Genetics and Zoology

81. Comparative Biology Of Marine Invertebrate Animals
The Committee discussed the courses, deciding which ones could possibly be taughtat a later date. B TERM. Comparative biology of marine Invertebrate Animals
FRIDAY HARBOR LABORATORIES ADVISORY COMMITTEE Notes from the June 15, 2001, Meeting Present: Thomas Daniel, Daniel Grunbaum, Molly Jacobs, Marsha Landolt, Malcolm Parks, Richard Strathmann, and Dennis Willows Absent: Debra Friedman, Albert Gordon, Alvin Kwiram, and Robert Waaland Visitors: Scott Schwinge and Peggy Fanning Dennis opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to Friday Harbor Laboratory. He proceeded to report on the new duplexes that should be completed within a week or two. They have run into some problems with the construction outfit (Rocket Construction), which was the lowest bidder for the project. So, we fall into the "lowest bid syndrome" by running into problems like unpaid bills, one lien against the University and Rocket Construction, etc. Whiteley and Ben Hall are proceeding to build 3, 1-2 bedroom units ($700,000). The construction should start late summer and finish by February. Discussion about other developments: - Molly Jacobs suggested they post who is at the Center and what they are studying. It would be nice to build a better interaction amongst the scholars. Another way to help promote this interaction would be to have more functions like the beer and popcorn socials. Dennis talked about the fund raising with Mellon Foundation to raise salary support for faculty to bring diversity to the research apprenticeship teams. He is very hopeful because the Mellon Foundation solicited the proposal and seems keen to partner with us on this project.

82. Ecology And Environmental Biology
Some of the courses Available in Ecology and Environmental biology Biota of Florida,Hydrobiology, Conservation biology, Field Botany marine Science Consortium.
Department of Biology
Requirements for EEB Concentration
Jobs and Internships Undergraduate Research Marine Science Consortium ... Home The Ecology and Environmental Biology Concentration Students in the biology program at Shippensburg University can now choose a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Biology (EEB). Students in the EEB concentration earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. In addition to courses in the Biology Core Curriculum, Students in the EEB concentration take a variety of courses dealing with ecology and the environment. In addition, students must complete either an internship or an independent research project. To see the specific requirements for the EEB Concentration, click here What is Ecology? Ecology is the study of the interactions between living organisms and their environment. These interactions, in turn, affect the distribution and abundance of organisms. Ecologists study a tremendous variety of organisms and environments from microorganisms in the soil or a puddle of water to plants and animals in a forest or ocean. Since human activity often has a detrimental impact on the natural world, ecologists are often involved in identifying and finding solutions to environmental problems. What can I do with a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in

83. Degree Programs In Biology
Current elective courses that are offered include Evolution, marine biology, Fieldbiology, Molecular Cell biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology
B.A. and B.S. Degree Programs
The Department of Biology at Gallaudet offers both Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) tracks in biology. These programs are described in detail in the Gallaudet Undergraduate Catalog The B.A. program is designed for majors who are seeking employment after college, and as a second major for education majors who aim to become high-school biology teachers. The B.S. program is especially designed for majors who plan to continue to graduate, medical, dental or veterinary school. The B.A. and B.S. degree programs both require similar biology courses, but differ in the amount of additional science courses outside of the major. B.S. students are expected to take additional courses in physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry and mathematics. The B.S. program is set up such that B.S. majors in biology take reduced general education courses to compensate for the large number of science courses. Both the B.A. and B.S. programs have built-in flexibility, allowing for students to take electives in their field of interest, whether it may be marine biology or molecular biology. In addition, through the consortium of universities, Gallaudet students have the ability to take biology elective courses in virtually every area of interest imaginable.

84. Under The Sea
Get a good biology and chemistry foundation and then start to take specialty courses. mayhave killed the cat, but cats rarely train to be marine biologists a marine.htm
Home About Us School Programs Birthday Parties ... Contact Us Under the Sea So you want to become a
Marine Biologist

There are several divisions of ocean study, such as Physical Oceanography, chemical oceanography, geological oceanography, biological oceanography, and of course, marine biology. We at Under the Sea, specialize in the education side of these fields but also participate in some research. Here are a few suggestions on how you may pursue the goal of becoming a marine biologist or other kind of marine scientist: 1- Bathe every day - no one likes a stinky person so remember - ya ain't gonna work here smelling like that! And brush your teeth, too! Seriously, hygiene will aid you in getting any job. 2- Read - I mean everything. The more you know, the further you go. Heck, if you fail to achieve the goal of Marine Biologist, at least you will be ready for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! 3- Take Notes - Every time you learn something new, into the note book it goes. Every time you read a book, write down the title, author, and summary of the book, as well as things that you learned from the book and things you disagree with.

85. Berry College Academics - Majors
Summer fieldbased courses (eg Costa Rica, Belize graduate and/or professional schoolsand on agronomy, aquatic and marine biology, biotechnology, biochemistry

86. Science And Mathematics
from Science schools (defined as schools in the two cognate areas that have coursesin common Geography; Geology; marine Science (marine biology); marine Science

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3970 Science and Mathematics
Faculty Faculty of Science School Faculty of Science Contact Faculty of Science Campus Kensington Campus Award/s
  • BScH - Bachelor of Science (Honours) BSc - Bachelor of Science BSc - Bachelor of Science
Career Undergraduate Norm Minimum Duration 3 Years Norm UOC Enrolment Per Session Min UOC For Award Min UOC Enrolment Per Session Max UOC Enrolment Per Session
Program Outline
The three year Science degree has been designed for students who seek a 'generalist' degree in which there is a large element of choice. A student can combine courses from 2 or more Science disciplines, or take courses from outside the Science disciplines. The basic rules for the degree are set out in the following sections under Program Objectives and Award Rules. The main thing that students in the Science program need to ensure is that they complete at least one Major and either a second Major or a Minor sequence. At least 84 units of credit (out of a total of 144) must be taken from Science. The remainder may be in another Faculty. Subject to certain conditions a student may be permitted to continue into a fourth year to complete an honours degree.
Program Objectives
This program has been designed to: 1. develop and sustain an interest in and knowledge of Science.

87. The Freshwater Science Degree At Stirling
Environmental Science; marine biology; Molecular Cell biology. The University'scourses are subject to a continuous process of review.
This page contains information relevant to the Freshwater Science Degree course. Either read the whole page or click on the links below to jump to a particular section.
Why study Freshwater Science?
Water is essential for all life and in the United Kingdom and in many other countries there are concerns over the quantity and quality of water resources. This awareness of freshwater concerns has been growing in the last two decades. At the moment unprecedented media attention has been focused on privatisation of water companies in England and Wales and the re-organisation of River Purification Boards in Scotland. Furthermore, these institutional changes have been overshadowed by the signs of water shortages and concerns over the impacts of climate change scenarios on future water supplies.
And why the University of Stirling?

88. UNCW Interests
Planning Statement) biology Alumni Newsletter biology courses with Homepages Marinebiology Information, National, State and Local biology's Alumni Newsletter
Marine Centers at UNCW:
Aquarius from UNCW
UNCW's Center for Marine Science (CMS)

National Undersea Research Program (NURP) through UNCW

National Undersea Research Center at UNCW CMS

Pictured:Center for Marine Science Biology: Science, Humanities, and Society Minor
TriBeta Information
TriBeta application TriBeta Scholarships ...
Biology and Marine Biology FAQ's
Marine Biology: Science, Humanities, and Society Minor
Collaborative Research at Undergraduate Institutions Program (CRUI) Miscellaneous: Science, Humanities, and Society Minor
Weather Information, National, State and Local

Biology's Alumni Newsletter and News
Cetacea organization ... - Airborne visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer For Teachers Description of Various Biological Disciplines and Related Careers: Alga e Ecosystems Marine Mammals ... Science Education

89. DLRN -- For Educators
Be sure to check out all their courses! State University offers a high school MarineBiology and Oceanography schools may begin the course in the Fall or sign
Examples of Online Courses
Cow's Eye Dissection.
This is one of the most popular demonstrations at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. It has helped people satisfy their curiosity about what is inside an eye. The material presented here is meant not to replace the act of dissecting a cow's eye, but rather to enhance the experience. IE5 in the Classroom. A course brought to you by Digital Education Network , which offers 7th through 12th grade students a chance to expand their knowledge in many areas. Be sure to check out all their courses! Marine Biology and Oceanography Course. Oregon State University offers a high school Marine Biology and Oceanography course over a C-Band satellite that provides coverage to Canada and the United States, including Alaska. The course, Exploring Our Oceans, is taught by Hilary Staatz, who received the 1995 national award for Excellence in Distance Learning Teaching from the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). The course consists of three live broadcasts and on-site lab activities per week. Schools may begin the course in the Fall or sign up for the second semester beginning in January. Hilary has taught the course for four years and has enrolled students from Missouri to Alaska. Mega-Mathematics.

90. UBC Student Services - 2003-2004 Calendar - XI. Faculties, Colleges, And Schools
The field of all biology Major programs is Life Sciences and includes all coursesin Biochemistry, biology, Microbiology, and marine Sciences.,215,410,418

91. Rainforest And Reef - Rainforest And Marine Biology Workshops
Norma Diehl, Piedmont Virginia Community College/biology Email FieldCourses in Rainforest and marine Ecology 501 (c)(3
References from Past Course Participants and Leaders Below is a list of references from leaders of past groups. These group leaders are professors and teachers who have brought groups of students to field courses arranged by us. As group leaders, they notice just about everything as a course proceeds and can provide you with an honest evaluation of the high quality of our trips. UNIVERSITY GROUP LEADER REFERENCES:
Stam Zervanos, Ph.D., Penn State University/Zoology
School Phone: 610-396-6166 Rich Niesenbaum, Ph.D., Muhlenberg College of PA/Biology
School Phone: 484-664-3258 Pam Erickson, Ph.D., University of Connecticut/Anthropology
School Phone: 860-486-1736 Mac Hunter, Ph.D., University of Maine/Wildlife Ecology

92. Subject Choices
geophysics, physics, mathematics, biology, and zoology. fewer oceanography undergraduatecourses available which Challenger Society for marine Science, Society

93. --- OSU Biology Program Web Page - Undergraduates---
Many graduates go on to graduate schools at other Options consist of a set of coursesthat focus on to students of a specific major (only biology students may
Undergraduate Information
The undergraduate biology major was created for students who wish to obtain a broad, interdisciplinary training in the biological sciences rather than enter one of the traditional life-science departments. Other such departments include Biochemistry - Biophysics Botany and Plant Pathology Entomology Microbiology , and Zoology . Biology students may transfer to one of these departments if their interests change as they progress in their undergraduate studies. Career Opportunities in Biology
Biology is basic to many disciplines and professions. It offers career opportunities in government agencies, business firms, and industry. An undergraduate biology major also receives excellent preparation for graduate school or one of the professional schools, such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, or veterinary medicine. Biologists work in food production, in medicine, with regulatory agencies, and with public and private groups concerned about the environment. Others teach or do research, or both. Some recent OSU biology graduates are employed as: biological researchers; sales representatives for pharmaceutical or publishing companies; teachers in high schools, community colleges, and universities; naturalists; aquatic ecologists; physicians, veterinarians, dentists, and environmental consultants. Many graduates go on to graduate schools at other universities.

94. Undergraduate Studies At University Of Melbourne
university schools liaison. University schools Liaison University of Melbourne.Information about undergraduate courses, admission, and scholarships.
Undergraduate Courses at University of Melbourne
Visit University of Melbourne's Website for more information on undergraduate studies and opportunities.
Enter University of Melbourne

95. Summer Internships For Undergraduates
2/16/01. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution marine sciences. biology. 3/15/01. Summercourses Tuition is charged Columbia University - Biosphere II.
Summer Internships in Biology Internship programs in biology, with application deadlines. Some information here has been updated for 2002. A date of '01 or earlier means I haven't yet found anything more recent, and you may want to contact the address given, and ask whether the program will be repeated. Within each category, sites are listed more or less geographically, radiating outward from the center of our universe (Morningside Heights). Internships in New York City Biomedical laboratory research - elsewhere Ecology and environmental sciences Marine biology ... Summer jobs Additional lists of summer programs may be found at these sites:
International Student Bioethics Initiative
has links to bioethics internships.
Yale University
A Guide to Summer Research Opportunities For Undergraduate Students In Science And Engineering
National Science Foundation
Research Experience for Undergraduates Program
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
, Science Opportunities.
University of Illinois
. Search through list of biology internships around the country.
Syracuse University
. Summer programs for pre-health professions, listed by state.

96. Degrees And Courses, Faculty Of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University
Faculty of Environmental Sciences courses, degree programs
Flip to Text Version
The undergraduate degree and other academic programmes within the Faculty of Environmental Sciences are managed by its four Schools. Links to the Schools are provided below. (Brief descriptions of the four Schools are also provided at the bottom of this page).
Australian School of Environmental Studies

The original, multidisciplinary school with a comprehensive coverage of both the natural and social sciences. It produces environmental professionals with a strong theoretical and practical background based on an understanding of the interrelationships between human societies and the natural environment necessary for ecologically sustainable development. From the year 2000 on, seven new degree programmes will be offered - Bachelor of Environmental Management (4-year), Bachelor of Environmental Science, Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conservation Biology, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Modelling, Bachelor of Science in Land and Water Management, Bachelor of Science in Pollution Studies, and Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management and Policy (3-year). Located at the Nathan Campus in Brisbane. School of Environmental Planning
A relatively new, four-year professional degree producing professional regional and town planners with specialist knowledge and skills in the environmental field. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Environmental Planning. Located at the Nathan Campus in Brisbane.

97. Food Technology, Food Production And Technology Studies At University Of Melbour
undergraduate courses graduate tertiary deck heater University of Melbourne marinebiology undergraduate courses science courses horticulture university
University courses and diplomas in Food Science - Food Technology, Food Production, Food Microbiology
For undergraduate education in Food Technology, Food Production or Food Microbiology, visit University of Melbourne's Land and Food Resources Website.
Enter Land and Food Resources Website at Melbourne University

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