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         Marine Biology General:     more books (100)
  1. The biology of marine life: General biology for nonmajors by Richard N Mariscal, 1999
  3. The general biology of Teredo: Final report, 1954-1960 (Miami, University of, Coral Gables, Fla. Marine Laboratory. [Publication] 62-2) by Charles Edward Lane, 1962
  4. Marine Biology (Real Kids, Real Science Books) by Ellen Doris, 1993-06
  5. Marine Biology: Environment, Diversity, and Ecology by Matthew Lerman, 1999-07
  6. Introduction to Marine Biology by George Karleskint, Richard Turner, et all 2009-01-07
  7. The Marine Biology Coloring Book, Second Edition by Thomas M. Niesen, 2000-08-01
  8. Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology by Jeffrey S. Levinton, 2008-12-02
  9. Biology of Marine Birds (Marine Biology)
  10. Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life by John F. Morrissey, James L. Sumich, 2008-03-14
  11. Ultimate Field Trip 3: Wading into Marine Biology by Susan E. Goodman, 2000-09-01
  12. Methods in Reproductive Aquaculture: Marine and Freshwater Species (Marine Biology)
  13. Marine Conservation Biology: The Science of Maintaining the Sea's Biodiversity
  14. Ecology of Marine Sediments (Oxford Biology) by John S. Gray, Michael Elliot, 2009-03-25

1. Harold A. Miller Library Of Marine Biology: General Information
Harold A. Miller Marine Biology Library Hopkins Marine Hopkins Marine Station, StanfordUniversity, Oceanview Blvd. General Information (831) 6556229 hopkins
General Information
Miller Library
Mon-Thurs Friday Saturday Sunday Regular Closed Closed Intersession Closed Closed Summer Closed Closed Libraries of Stanford University: Current Hours
Harold A. Miller Marine Biology Library
Hopkins Marine Station
Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3094
Exterior Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University, Oceanview Blvd. at Dewey Street, Pacific Grove. Floor Map
General Information

Fax: (831) 373-7859 Circulation

Fax: (831) 373-7859
Key contacts
Joe Wible
Susan Harris Library Specialist

2. Symbioses And Coevolution Picture An Ectocommensal Myzostome
marine biology general information Marine biology is the study oforganisms living in the seas. This science integrates numerous
Marine Biology: general information Marine biology is the study of organisms living in the seas. This science integrates numerous disciplines such as ecology, ethology, classical and ultrastructural morphology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The goals pursued by marine biologists are cultural and social. The marine biologist deciphers the multiple ways of life of the marine organisms as well as the interactions they have together and with their environment. He studies the impacts of human activities on the seas (fisheries, industrial and domestic activities, metallic and organic pollutions) and gives the solutions for solving those that are subversive for the environment. The Marine Biology Laboratory of the University of Mons is linked to the ones of the Free University of Brussels and the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve which, together, form the "Centre Interuniversitaire de Biologie Marine" (CIBIM). Directed by Prof. Michel Jangoux since its origin, the researches of the laboratory of Mons deal with the biology of many invertebrates, especially the echinoderms Fields of researches developped at the University of Mons are:
Symbioses and coevolution
Picture : an ectocommensal myzostome walking on its obligate crinoid host Adhesion Picture : a holothuroid ejecting its adhesive Cuvierian tubules Ecotoxicology Picture : sea urchins used as bioindicators in ecotoxicology Regeneration Picture : a tropical sea star with regenerating arms

3. Careers In Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology
general career guides for oceanography and marine scientists including guides for marine biology, marine mammal work, zoos and aquariums.
C a r e e r s i n O c e a n o g r a p h y M a r i n e S c i e n c e M a r i n e B i o l o g y
Take the time to read through these guides. You will find that most of your questions will be answered through the incredible variety and depth of career information represented by these sites. This career directory is divided into three sections: general guides for oceanography and marine science; guides for marine biology, marine mammals, zoos and aquariums; and other guides covering all of science. If you are interested in marine biology, most of the general guides encompass marine biology so look at them too - don't confine yourself to the marine biology guides if you are interested in marine biology One place to find colleges offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in subjects like marine biology is Petersons at GENERAL GUIDES

4. BGLR - Marine Biology -
general biology Dictionaries. Concise Encyclopedia. biology (Tisch Ref QH302.5.A2313);Concise Dictionary of biology (Tisch Ref QH302.5.C66); marine biology.
General Biology: Dictionaries Marine Biology
  • Ocean and Marine Dictionary (Tisch Ref GC9 .T86) Practical Handbook of Marine Science (Tisch Ref GC11.2.P73) Plants and Their Names: A Concise Dictionary (Tisch Ref QK96.P35) Encyclopedia of Aquatic Life (Tisch Ref QL120 .E53) The Invertebrates: An Illustrated Glossary (Tisch Ref QL362.S82) Encyclopedia of Fishes (Tisch Oversize QL614.7 .E52) Fishes of the World : An Illustrated Dictionary (Tisch Ref QL614.7 .W47) Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference
    (Tisch Ref QL708.M35) Classification and Synopsis of Living Organisms (Tisch Ref)

5. Kingzett Professional Services Ltd. - Index
general marine biology consultants and specialists in shellfish aquaculture, based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. List of services, staff biographies, past and present projects.
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Access to the seven branch science libraries (biology, chemistry, computer science, geoscience, marine and atmospheric sciences, engineering, and math/physics/astronomy) and to general databases and Internet resources.
SUNY Stony Brook - Science Libraries
Melville Library Homepage University Homepage Science Libraries Virtual Library Biology Collection and Resources Stars , the online catalog Chemistry Library Computer Science Library Databases for searching Geosciences Collection for articles, papers, etc. Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Information Center Journals available online Math/Physics/Astronomy Library Internet resources in the sciences Subject specific lists of databases and internet sites are available from the branch library pages Top Melville Library Homepage Comments
Revised July 29, 2002

7. Hotlinks
The Science of marine biology. Aquaria and Research Station Sites Trees of Life. general References in Phycology. Diversity of Algae. Photosynthetic marine Organisms
Chapter 1 - The Ocean as a Habitat Introductory Materials and Governmental Sites
Introductory Sites

Writing Papers and Study Tips

Glossaries and Dictionaries
Waves, Tides, and Currents

Chapter 2 - Some Ecological and Biological Concepts Cell Theory
Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

Cellular Organelles

Food Webs
Nutrient Cycling

Chapter 3 - Phytoplankton Classification and Phylogeny of Animals Methods of Classification Trees of Life General References in Phycology ... Economic and Ecological Importance of Algae Chapter 4 - Marine Plants Macroscopic Algae and Sea Grasses Mangroves Kelp Forests Chapter 5 - Primary Production in the Sea Primary Productivity Photosynthesis Chloroplasts Root Systems and Plant Mineral Nutrition ... Root Systems and Plant Mineral Nutrition Chapter 6 - Protozoans and Invertebrates Protistan Groups Phylum Sarcomastigophora Phylum Ciliophora Phylum Porifera ... Subphylum Urochordata Chapter 7 - Marine Vertebrates Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata Systematics and Characteristics of the Craniates Class Myxini ... Marine Mammals Chapter 8 - The Intertidal Rocky Shore Communities Beaches and Mud Flats Shallow Subtidal Communities Chapter 9 - Estuaries Estuaries The Coast and the Continental Shelf Chapter 10 - Coral Reefs Class Anthozoa Coral Reefs Coral Bleaching Chapter 11 - Below the Tides Shallow Subtidal Communities The Coast and the Continental Shelf The Marine Deep Sea Zone Phylum Pogonophora Chapter 12 - The Zooplankton Marine Protozoans and Invertebrates Zooplankton Subphylum Crustacea Chapter 13 - Nekton - Distribution, Locomotion, and Feeding

8. Marine Biology Links
T. H. Huxley's The Crayfish not marine, but real cool! marine Crustacea of Australia.Crustacean Society Web Page. Dolphins - Excellent general biology Site.
If a link can't be found, please email Jeff Levinton
General Links
Want A Career in Marine Biology? Check This Out! Ocean Link: A Site with Lots for K-12, Interviews of Scientists Get a Flavor of Marine Research with @Sea So you want to study whales and dolphins. You have company! ... Whalewatch Listserv
The State of the Ocean
Shifting Baselines - The Changing State of the Ocean Audubon Society Living Oceans Program Pew Oceans Commission State of the Marine Environment - Australia
Organism Pages
Amphipod Biology - with an emphasis on southern Australian forms Animal Underwater Photos - Erik Svensen Amphipod Homepage Annelid Resource Page ... Invertebrate Zoology Animations - from A. Richard Palmer's Invertebrate Zoology Course P lankton Images - Gallery of Zooplankton and Phytoplankton Microbes - A general information portal Deep-Sea Molluscs Molluscs of Singapore - Great Photo Collection ... Whale Shark Research Group
Reference Sites
AquaSearch - Aquaculture Resources Biotelemetry Projects Directory MarLIN - Britain and Ireland Information Network British Marine Life Study Society ... El Nino - Latest on the 1997 Cycle - Most extreme yet!

9. BENthic Biology And Geochemistry Of A North-eastern Atlantic Abyssal Locality (B
The BENGAL project is a high resolution temporal and spatial study of the BENthic biology and Geochemistry of a northeastern Atlantic abyssal Locality. This project has the general objective of understanding how the physics, chemistry and biology of the abyssal benthic boundary layer respond to, and modify the incoming chemical signal from the overlying surface layers and thus affect the palaeoceanographic record in the underlying sediment. services/data and info products/cd-roms/bengal

10. MedBioWorld: Hydrology, Marine Science, Freshwater Science & Aquaculture Journal
general Ecology Education Program. Course brought to the net by Odyssey Expeditions Tropical marine biology Voyages general ECOLOGY. an introduction. Index. general ECOLOGY basics and definitions your mattresses, and funguses in your marine head, etc.

11. UCSB General Catalog - Ecology, Evolution, And Marine Biology
20022003 UCSB general Catalog Ecology, Evolution, and marine biologyDepartment of Ecology, Evolution, and marine biology Division
Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences,
Bren Building, Room 4312;
Telephone (805) 893-3511
Undergraduate Information (805) 893-
Graduate Information (805) 893-3023 Undergraduate e-mail:
Graduate e-mail:
(will open in a new browser window) Department Chair: Roger Nisbet Index: Faculty Alice L. Alldredge , Ph.D., UC Davis, Professor (marine biology) Mark A. Brzezinski , Ph.D., Oregon State University, Professor (biological oceanography) Craig Carlson , Ph.D., University of Maryland, Assistant Professor (marine microbial ecology) David J. Chapman , Ph.D., UC San Diego, Professor (phycology, biochemical evolution) James J. Childress , Ph.D., Stanford University, Professor (ecological physiology) Peter M. Collins , Ph.D., University of London, Professor (endocrinology) Scott D. Cooper

12. UCSB General Catalog - Ecology, Evolution, And Marine Biology
oceanography, limnology, marine and freshwater ecology, and population biology ofaquatic organisms with an opportunity to gain a general background in these
Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Division of Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences,
Building 478, Room 1200A;
Telephone (805) 893-3511
Undergraduate Information (805) 893-3052
Graduate Information (805) 893-3023 Undergraduate e-mail:
Graduate e-mail:
Web site:
(will open in a new browser window) Department Chair: Robert R. Warner Index: Faculty Alice L. Alldredge , Ph.D., UC Davis, Professor (marine biology) Daniel B. Botkin , Ph.D., Rutgers University, Professor Emeritus Mark A. Brzezinski , Ph.D., Oregon State University, Associate Professor (biological oceanography) James F. Case , Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Professor Emeritus David J. Chapman , Ph.D., UC San Diego, Professor (phycology, biochemical evolution) James J. Childress , Ph.D., Stanford University, Professor (ecological physiology) Peter M. Collins

13. Biology Home Page
Describes general and marine biology requirements, undergraduate and faculty research as well as a listing of faculty.
@import "/its/includes/sophisto.css"; Biology Program University of Alaska Southeast Meet the Faculty Faculty Research Marine Biology Program General Biology Program ... Local Links and Resources UAS offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with an emphasis in either Marine Biology or General Biology. Students learn biological principles and skills in lecture, laboratory, and field courses with an emphasis on involvement in research projects. The program has five permanent faculty actively involved in a wide range of disciplines, including marine ecology, behavioral ecology, marine mammalogy, crustacean physiology, and marine algology. The location of the university provides students with a “natural laboratory” that includes extensive marine habitat, rainforest, wetlands, and ice fields all within walking distance of the classrooms. A small student to professor ratio ensures a more personal approach to learning than is possible at larger universities. Last Updated 12/02/02 The University of Alaska Southeast

14. Marine Biology Books - General Interest
MEER marine biology Books general interest marine and EnvironmentalEducation and Research, Inc. Order your books, Video's, and
MEER home Marine biology home Table of Contents Index ...

Marine Biology Books - general interest

Marine and Environmental Education and Research, Inc.
Order your books, Video's, and CDs here (through, and help support MEER! Check our recommended titles below, - or search through the database to find any other title. Search: Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Enter keywords...
Or, If you prefer, go directly to the website to order! Choose any title below to order Aquatic Predators and Their Prey
by Simon P. R. Greenstreet (Editor), Mark L. Tasker (Editor)

Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.

Hardcover - 191 pages (June 1996)
Univ California Press; ISBN: 0520065158 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.31 x 7.97 x 4.79

15. Education Program At OIMB
and summer terms for upper class and graduate majors in biology, general science,and Oregon Institute of marine biology PO Box 5389 63466 Boat Basin Drive
Teaching program at OIMB
About the teaching program: Courses available at OIMB: OIMB offers formal courses in the fall, spring and summer terms for upper class and graduate majors in biology, general science, and environmental studies/science. Classes are small with a maximum of 24 students and are designed for juniors, seniors, and first year graduate students. Field trips and lab activities are emphasized. During fall and spring terms, students must be registered with University of Oregon, but guest student status can be arranged. Students from other institutions should complete a Guest Student Application and send it to OIMB. Summer term courses are open to all qualified students and do not require the guest student application. Students must have completed either BI 211-213 or BI 251-253 or an equivalent to take courses OIMB. Graduate students are in residence during all four terms of the academic year, pursuing research leading to either the M.S. or the Ph.D. degree. Additional information about OIMB: Additional University of Oregon links * :

16. UO Library: Department Template
Rippey Library Oregon Institute of marine biology. PO Box 5389 or 63466 Boat BasinDrive Charleston, OR 97420. Tel. (541) 8882581, ex.219. general Information.
Loyd and Dorothy Rippey Library
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology PO Box 5389
63466 Boat Basin Drive
Charleston, OR 97420 Tel. (541) 888-2581, ex.219 General Information Links to Internet Resources
General Information

Links to Internet Resources
General Information
UO Library UO Homepage Date of Last Update: June 1999

17. UCSC Discover -The Marine Biology Major
general biology BA major. Alternatively, students can opt for the generalbiology major and choose a marine biology concentration.
Admissions Home Discover UC Santa Cruz See the Campus Apply to the University ... [+] feedback for this page The Marine Biology Major The marine biology major is designed to introduce students to marine organisms and the chemical and physical processes that affect these organisms. The emphasis is on basic principles that help us to understand the processes that shape life in marine environments. The marine biology major is a demanding program that offers a B.S. degree and requires several more courses than the general biology B.A. major. Alternatively, students can opt for the general biology major and choose a marine biology concentration.
  • B.S. UC Santa Cruz also offers a graduate program in marine sciences leading to an M.S. degree, with concentrations in biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, and physics.
Marine Biology 2002.pdf (32kb)
More Information UCSC General Catalog
Biological Sciences web site

Transfer Course agreements and articulation

Biological Sciences Advising
103A Thimann Laboratories
University of California, Santa Cruz

18. HPU-Marine Biology
The marine biology major is composed of a rigorous sequence of courses leading bytaking a year (two semesters) each of general biology, general chemistry, and

19. Biologybase: General Natural History Index
general Natural History/biology. See also the Bird Stuff page marine biology;biologybase Oceanography Resources Page; biologybase Aquatic Resources Page;
covering the world of life
General Natural History/Biology
BiologyBase General Natural History/Biology Stuff Museums and Zoos Ecology and Field Biology ... Literature Searching

20. Links To General Marine Biology Resources
general marine biology RESOURCES/INFO LINKS
GENERAL MARINE BIOLOGY RESOURCES/INFO LINKS: Jump To Links On: 1.1 Phylum Mollusca 1.8 Coral Reefs 1.2 Phylum Crustacea 1.9 On line Journals/Magazines ... 1.7 Mangroves 1.1 Phylum Mollusca links/information/pictures of Nudibranchs, and the Nudibranch Newsletter Bernard Pictons Page - Excellent page on Nudibranchs The Cephalapod page Cone Shells and Conotoxin About Octopi - Mote Marine Laboratory Molluscan Collections Catalogues Mollia - Information for Malacologists CLEMAM Databae - Checklist of European Marine Mollusca Eurosquid - Cephalapod Research at Aberdeen The search for the Giant Squid Cowrie Genetic Database Project - at Berkelely 1.2 Phylum Crustacea Hermit Crab Gallery - an Australian Site, pictures and links 1.3 Phylum Cnidaria British Sea Anemones 1.4 Phylum Echinodermata The CAS Echinoderm Webpage Echinoderm Newsletter 1.5 Sea Turtles 1.6 Sharks / Whales The Basking Shark Society at the Isle of Man The Shark Trust Mediterranean Shark Site Sharkworld Whale Net - interactive education website on whales/marine research 1.7 Mangroves

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