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41. Biology - Homework And Term Papers - 191-003
students writing term papers term papers and homework help for college Papers OnBiology Page 4 of 18. It also discusses what happens to marine life after an
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Page 4 of 18 [Previous] [Next] Bioremediation And The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
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A 10 page paper. The Exxon Valdez spilled 11 millions of oil that eventually stretched for 1,300 miles along the west coast of Alaska. The process used to clean up the shoreline was bioremediation. By introducing specific microorganisms, growth of natural bacteria that eat hydrocarbons is enhanced. This essay discusses and describes the process that was used after this oil spill. It also discusses what happens to marine life after an oil spill. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: PGbiore.wps

42. Nearctica - Education - Ask An Expert
games and puzzles, help with your homework, and someone at the Takoma Public Librarysystem can help. If you have a question about marine biology, you might
Education - Ask an Expert Return to Education Main Page Sometimes you have a question you just can't seem to find the answer to. Well, a lot of people on the web have volunteered their expertiese to help you find these answers. The volume of questions these people receive, however, can sometimes overwhelm them and some have had to stop taking questions. So let's give them a break and follow some simple rules.
  • Always make an effort to find the answer yourself, either through the World Wide Web or in your local library. Nearctica is a very good place to look first. Many of these "Ask an Expert" sites have archives of questions already asked and answered.
  • Make your question short and to the point.
  • Do not expect the experts to do your homework assignments for you.
  • Make sure you understand your teacher's rules for using these expert pages.
  • Understand the rules set down in each of the sites for submitting questions.
  • Have patience. These people are very busy.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We at Nearctica regret that we do not have enough people to answer your individual questions. You should be able find someone in the links below.

43. Homework Help
Developmental biology Cinema • Video of developing organisms; includes the FlyMorph animals, coral reefs, El Nino, shorelines, and marine plants homework help.
Earth Sciences Life Sciences Physics Astronomy Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards
Learn about the dangers asteroids and comets pose to Earth. Astronomy In Your Face
Space pictures, movies, animations, links, and more. Astronomy Interactive Network
Detailed information about radio, optical, physics and the history of astronomy; with games, pictures, quizzes, glossary, timeline, links, and message boards. Astronomy Thesaurus
Astronomy terms in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian; all terms cross referenced. Aurora Page
Information links and images about the "northern lights". Blast from the Past
A recently discovered deep-sea core contains convincing new evidence an asteroid impact 65 million years caused the extinction of dinosaurs. This exhibit shows new evidence. Lunar phases
Tutorial on why the moon changes shape Lunar Prospector
Current and past moon exploration, including moon phases, geology, and mythology Mars Global Surveyor
Describes the NASA mission to map Mars Mars Pathfinder Mission Get the latest news and photos from NASA's expedition to Mars.

44. Biology Web Guide - The Science Beat
Lesson Plans homework help . help build the largest humanedited directory on the MBCR- The Molecular biology Computation Resource; marine biology Links - by Jobs Metasearch Quick
addresses area codes books cameras directions electronics email search europe maps int'l jobs jobs kitchen lawn and patio maps meta-search web movies movie times music news phone numbers software stocks tools and hardware toys traffic tv listings video games comparison shop family fashion gov't ... Science Biology Science Books
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    A comprehensive biotechnology employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines, including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing/production. The site also contains a resume database where candidates can place their resumes for review by industry professionals, as well as career resources and links, company information and industry news.
    New Scientist Website

    The online voice of the world's leading popular science weekly. One of the top science magazines on the Web. Full of useful information, news, job database and much more!

45. ScienceQuest: Phase 4 - Tool Kit
homework help It focuses on human biology and medical questions. Ask a marine ScientistThis site is operated by OceanLink, of the Vancouver (Canada) Aquarium
SciQuest I-Search At a Glance Team Web sites What's Hot
Tool Kit for
Online Resources for Research Science Topics:
Biology Chemistry Earth Science/Animals
Environmental Science
... Space Additional Resources: Science References Museums General Reference
Tips for Building Good Web Sites
Ask a Scientist
Biology Chemistry Earth Science/Animals Environmental Science Genetics Health Physical Science Space

46. Topic Biology & Nature For User Category All Categories
USGS Biological Resources Discipline biology homework help and teacher for molecularbiology information Department NIH) National marine Mammal Laboratory
Home Search Site Map Index ... About Search
Search capabilities provided by DOE/OSTI and USGS Browse topic: ( home) Narrower topics: Animals, Plants And Other Organisms

Biological Processes

... W
AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access)
- Search a bibliographic database of citations to the literature of agriculture [Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agriculture Research Service (ARS), National Agricultural Library (NAL)]
AGROS Agricultural Research Data Directory
- Search for data from USDA funded research, including soil, crop and plant, forest, rangeland, animal sciences, and other natural resource research areas, as well as economics, population, and food safety [Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agriculture Research Service (ARS), National Agricultural Library (NAL)]
Antibiotic Resistance
- Offers links to information on this topic [Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA)] B
BRD Publications
- Scientific and technical articles and reports resulting from the research performed by our scientists and partners [Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)]

47. PLCH - Kidspace - Homework Help - Science
homework help. out. Information on astronomy, chemistry, biology, physicalscience and by categories such as chemistry, dinosaurs, marine life and

48. Welcome To The San Diego Supercomputer Center
marine biology, Aquariums and Zoos. Math questions about anything related to Mathematics;puzzles, even homework. needed), and a tool to help evaluate students
Welcome to the San Diego
Supercomputer Center!
Of course, one of our favorites is our own site Science Discovery . This Web site will tell you about what SDSC does with movies, images, and activities and gives you a chance to be a computational scientist for a day. We hope you like it!
Here are some other Sites to Try!!
Caution!! Most are educational. You might learn some cool stuff here!
Want to make your own site? Click here
Want an explanation of supercomputers , as seen by a 5th grade student who came here? You may need help to view this one; just ask!
Want to learn something cool? Go to "Cool Fact of the day" It's something different every day! General Science Chemistry Physics Biology ... Other cool places
Search Engines
Google Yahooligans The Web Guide for Kids Alta Vista Excite HotBot InfoSeek ... Internets, Your Global Link to 1000's of databases Meta-Search Engines: These are Search engines of Search Engines
Try these when you want to find ALL of the info on one subject on the Web Metacrawler Dogpile Inference Find Metafind
General Science

49. Harmony Public Library - Dolphins & Whales
many marine science topics including marine biology, Oceanography, marine on whalesand marine research FosterGlocester Schools homework help Children's Room

Search This Site
Ocean Link
Find information on many marine science topics including Marine Biology, Oceanography, Marine Mammals, Seabirds, Marine Pollution and more. Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin
Provides descriptions and information from the Mystic Aquarium. Bottlenose Dolphins
This Sea World site features information on habitat, life span, scientific classification, diet, etc. about this mammal. Marine Mammals Stranding Center
Gives opportunity to track progress of stranded marine mammals. National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Protected Resources
Provides information on legislation protecting fish and marine mammals. Ocean Alliance
Stresses research, education, and conservation. Woods Hole: Whales, Dolphins, and Marine Mammals
Provides connections from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to a number of links about whales and dolphins. Whale Net
Focuses on whales and marine research. Includes a blue whale dissection slide show. Harmony Library • 195 Putnam Pike - Box 419 • Harmony, RI 02829

50. Future Focus Updates - 11/26/02
Under Live homework help, click on QandACafe and go to Live homework help. 912,students work side-by-side with wildlife and marine biology educators and

51. Kids Links Page With Links For Kids
software,math,spanish,homework,experiments,multimedia exhibitions, america's library,help and faqs oceanography astronomy geology marine biology rain forest
Kids Lin ks Page

52. The Science Page: SCIENCE NEWSGROUPS
deepsea research in deep-sea marine biology, oceanography and discussion abouttopics related to biology and the - ask for help or
... from the Science Page
Note: These newsgroup links will only work if you have access to a news server which carries the particular newsgroup associated with each link.

for notebook 1) warm-ups notes 2) labs 3) homework 4) quizzes make appointmentsto see me if you are falling behind or need extra help; marine biology Teacher.
MARINE SCIENCE Instructor: Ms. Thompson Dear Student and Parent or Guardian, Welcome to Marine Science! This course will explore the chemical and biological aspects of marine environments and marine organisms. Studying Marine Science in this area is a great way to learn. In order to learn there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. Please read through this information carefully and sign your name at the end of the letter. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM ME: WHAT I WILL EXPECT FROM YOU:
  • I will challenge each of you to think critically, independently, and creatively. I will treat each of you with respect. I will make an effort to know each of you as an individual. I will be available whenever possible to assist you. I will do whatever I can to help you learn.
I expect you to be prepared for class. Bring your homework and necessary materials. I expect you to be on time and begin promptly on the warm-up assignment. I expect you to be courteous and respectful of others.

54. Louisville Free Public Library - Teen Pages - Homework Help
for your favorite fish or browse through the catalog of marine and freshwater biology. MathHomework help Prealgebra, algebra I II, college algebra, geometry

Around the World Art Biology ...
internet links
  • Electronic Zoo
    Extensive information on all kinds of animals. Just click on the "Electronic Zoo" Icon. FINS:Fish Information Service
    FINS is a database of fish information. You can search the archive for your favorite fish or browse through the catalog of marine and freshwater fish. Fish FAQ
    This site calls itself the "Bouillabaisse of Fascinating Facts About Fish." Find out the answer to such thoughtful questions as: do fish chew their food?... and do fish sleep?..... Sea World/Busch Gardens
    Wonder what the striped newt looks like? What about the hamadryas baboon? Find them in the very comprehensive index of photos. This database is also a good place to get quick facts OR detailed information on animals.
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Around the World
  • CIA Publications
    Includes the World Factbook, a listing of foreign heads of state and many others.

55. Bridge - FAQ
internships, visit the marine Conservation biology Institute at salaries, check outSea Grant's marine Careers Net Bridge help me with my homework assignment or
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
The Bridge staff and "Scuttlebutt", the Bridge email discussion list, are asked a number of common questions time and again. To help others with the same queries, we have compiled the list of questions into an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page with answers from both Bridge staff and Scuttlebutt subscribers. If you do not find the answer to your marine science education question here, feel free to post your inquiry to the Bridge or Scuttlebutt
Click on any of the following questions, to read the responses.
Q. I will be teaching a new oceanography course at our high school this school year. Can you recommend a syllabus or textbook that would be appropriate for 11th and 12th grade?

56. Teacher Community @
Cable in the Classroom — Geography Action — homework help — Parents Guide Howelse can we help? in various fields ranging from marine biology to glacial
Home Site Index MAGAZINES: National Traveler Adventure NG Kids NG Explorer TV AND FILM: Channel (U.S.) Channel (Intl) Explorer More TV SUBJECTS: About National Adventure Animals Education History and Kids Maps and News Photography Science and Travel Shop Customer Service Complete Site Site Index Subscribe Shop Search for
Educational Materials
SUBJECT Geography - North American - World Science - Earth Science - Life Science - Physical Science Social Studies - Ancient World - U.S. History - World History Animals Explorers All Subject Areas RESOURCE TYPE Lesson Plans Books/Workbooks Kits/Overheads Maps/Globes/Atlases Online Adventures Videos/Videodiscs Software All resource types GRADE K-4 All grades K Search by keyword:
Or, search our publications index for articles in National Geographic, NG Kids, and more. How can we help you teach?
Educator Favorites:

Education Foundation


National Geographic Bee

Extension Sites: Windows on Literacy Reading Expeditions GeoKits Our Magazines: National Geographic NG Kids (formerly World ... (Classroom) Sign up for our monthly e-mail updates for educators. We'll let you in on our latest lesson plans, ideas for using our content in the classroom, and more. LOOKING FOR SCHOOL PUBLISHING PRODUCTS?

57. Massillon Public Library - Reference Dept. - HOMEWORK HELPERS - Resources For Ca
homework helpers Career Report Resources. links have been selected to help you research inOceanography, marine Science marine biology •
About Us Contact Information Reference Department Search CyberReference Home Biography Business/Finance College Consumer Information Current Events Directories Genealogy Government Homework Helpers Job Searching Legal Resources Local Sites Maps Medical Resources Ohio Periodicals Recipes Research Databases Search Engines Statistics Travel
Homework Helpers - Career Report Resources These links have been selected to help you research and write about a career that interests you. You can search for specific career information by clicking on a letter of the alphabet below, or you can use one of these general career information links
to begin your project. A B C D ... Z

58. Home Work Helps
biology. Chemistry. Pollution. marine Life. These homework pages are links to sitesthat I found on other search engines or while searching to help my kids online!
Parker Colorado Community Website Calendar of Events General Information What's New? Advertising Rates ... Neighborhood Links Community Forum Sign Guest Book Funnies Local Weather Yellow Pages ... How to be on this site! var site="parker"
Home Work Helps English Foreign Languages
Math Reference Tools Science
Social Studies English Helps English Grammar Writing ... Speech Foreign Language Help Spanish Latin French German ... Thesaurus Science Helps General Science Agriculture Biology Chemistry ... Weather Social Studies Helps


Government and Politics
World Cultures
These homework pages are links to sites that I found on other search engines or while searching to help my kids online! Please email me here with your favorites. Homework Helps Calendar of Events What's New? General Information ... Home
Accountants Airline Companies Apartments Attorneys Attorneys By Specialty Auto Dealers-New Auto Dealers-Used Auto Repair Banks Books-New Churches Computers Dentists Employment Agency Florists Furniture Retailers General Contractors Golf Courses Grocers Hospitals Hotels and Motels Insurance Internet Products Newspapers Night Clubs Printers Real Estate Restaurants Schools Schools-Pre K thru 12 Sporting Goods Travel Agencies Veterinarians Or Enter Category: AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NH NJ NM

59. Links: Te Ropu Awhina Putaiao
homework help Students Teachers/Educators Virtual Dissection Cell Anatomy Cell biologyCell Division Genetics Insects marine biology Microbiology Molecular
Home News Resources Awhina Library ... Tutorial Timetable Links Scholarships About Photo Gallery
Useful Links
This page last updated 18 December, 2002 [cultural] [vuw] [miscellaneous]
Subject links
Biology with Regina Bailey
Find out about... Homework Help Students Teachers/Educators Virtual Dissection Anatomy/Physiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Botany Cell Anatomy Cell Biology Cell Division Developmental Bio Evolution Genetics Insects Marine Biology Microbiology Molecular Biology Structural Biology Zoology Animal Cams Clip Art/Software Forensics General Biology Health/Medicine Jobs/Internships Museums/Zoos Subject Library Articles
Find out about... PreCalculus Functions Algebra Trigonometry Calculus Topics Differential Calculus Integral Calculus Sequences and Series Multivariable Calculus Differential Equations Curriculum Material Labs Technology Graphing Calculators CAS Web-Based Assessment Reference Material Libraries Journals Newsgroups Applications Derivatives Integrals Diff. Eqs. Pedagogy Research Advanced Mathematics Analysis Algebra Number Theory

60. Pekin Public Library
homework help Page. Need help? Computer Science Conservation Organizations Earthand the Environment Engineering Geology marine biology Mathematics Natural
Pekin Public Library Paula Weiss, Director
301 S. 4th
Pekin, IL 61554 (309) 347-7111 phone
(309) 347-6587 fax Home Library Friends Page Youth Services Local History ... Online Catalog
Search catalog for books, music, audiobooks, videos, and computer programs SEARCH

Homework Help Page
Learn about our
Featured Service

of the Month!!
Online Resources Access to the databases in italics is made possible through library and state funding. They are not free to home users.
= only available at the library) If I am looking for: Then I need to use: magazines and newspapers
  • InfoTrac SIRS BigChalk Library login required for remote access NewsBank Illinois FirstSearch
  • business information
  • InfoTrac Business Thomas Register White Pages Yellow Pages
  • health information
  • InfoTrac Health
  • MedLine Plus
  • Physicians' Desk Reference employment info
  • Job Search
  • Pekin area history

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