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         Marine Biology Organizations:     more books (35)
  1. Living Marine Resources of Somalia (Fao Species Identification Field Guide for Fishery) by Corinna Sommer, Wolfgang Schneider, et all 1996-12
  2. Biomechanical factors contributing to self-organization in seagrass landscapes [An article from: Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology] by M.S. Fonseca, M.A.R. Koehl, et all 2007-01-23
  3. Trophic Organization in Coastal Systems (Marine Science) by Robert J. Livingston, 2002-12-23
  4. Waste Discharge into the Marine Environment: Principles and Guidelines by World Health Organization, 1982-07
  5. Second Meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Fao Project "Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity: Conservation And Socio-economics 15-18 March 2004, Madrid, Spain (Fao Fisheries Proceedings)
  6. Mammals in the Seas: Small Cetaceans, Seals, Sirenians and Otters (Fao Fisheries Reports) by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Working Party on Marine Mammals, 1983-06
  7. Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring in Aquaculture: Requirements, Practices, Effectiveness and Improvements (Fao Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper)
  8. General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean: Report of the Thirty-third Session, Tunis, 23-27 March 2009 (General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (Gfcm) Reports)
  9. Sharks, Rays and Chinaeras: International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks, Fao Species Identifications Publications Excerpts by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2007-12-31
  10. International Marine Organizations: Essays on Structure and Activities by K.A. Bekiashev, V.V. Serebriakov, 1981-09-30
  11. Annotated acronyms and abbreviations of marine science related international organizations (General series : Publication - National Oceanographic Data Center) by Jeannette P North, 1969
  12. A pump net sampler to examine the spatial distribution of rock lobster larvae (Report / Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Division of Fisheries and Oceanography) by D. W Rimmer, 1978
  13. Marine Biological Association of San Diego by William Emerson Ritter, 1907
  14. A review of the fisheries programs and their organization at the University of Alaska (Sea grant report - University of Alaska) by Clinton E Atkinson, 1979

1. Marine Biology: Organizations
A collection of selected and reviewed links to great web sites about marine biology organizations. Biological sciences Marine Biology marine biology organizations. marine biology organizations. submit a link »
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Southern California Association Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists

The SAMIT homepage. SCAMIT was formed in 1982 with the goal of promoting the study of marine invertebrate taxonomy in southern California and developing a regionally standardized taxonomy. Review: Lucid
Cambrian Foundation

The Web site of the organization that is dedicated to research, education, preservation and exploration of the aquatic realm. Review: Lucid
International Association of Meiobenthologists

The homepage of the IAM that is a scientific society of meiofaunologists from all aquatic disciplines. The Association is dedicated to the dissemination of information by publishing a quarterly newsletter, Psammonalia. Review: Lucid Intersea Foundation The homepage of a corporation that conducts whale research expeditions aboard their research vessel in Southeast Alaska and other parts of the world.

2. MH Marine Biology
marine biology organizations. American Association for Advancement ofScience American Fisheries Society

3. Marine Biology Links And Resources |
the precise value and number of Marine Biology listings may vary according to theworld current events and marine biology organizations that participate in our
MUSEUMS EXHIBITS EVENTS NEWS ... email this page keyword search Marine Biology Items at Auction Books and CDs Organizations General Links ... Marine Biology Books .. why not take a moment to view the latest special offers and new arrivals for Marine Biology .. available on .. this link will quickly deliver the results to your screen. Marine Biology Auction .. the auction site offers a continually updated database of unique and hard to find items that relate to Marine Biology .. from museum reproductions to original artwork .. you can find it here.
links science :: marine biology
Marine Biology - Links
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Marine Biology - Books and Videos Marine Biology - Auction Marine Biology - Links Search
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4. MH Marine Biology
marine biology organizations. Careers in Marine Biology
Accounting Activities and Sports Agriculture Allied Health Anatomy and Physiology Anthropology Art Astronomy Biology Botany Business Communication Business Law Business Math Business Statistics Cellular/Molecular Biology Chemistry Communication Computer Literacy/CIT Computer Science Criminal Justice Ecology eCommerce Economics Education Engineering English Environmental Science ESL Evolution Film Finance First-Year Experience Foreign Language Methods Forestry French Genetics Geography Geology German Health History Human Performance Humanities Intro To Business Italian Japanese Journalism Literature Management Information Systems (MIS) Mass Communication Marine/Aquatic Biology Marketing Math Meteorology Microbiology Music Nutrition Operations and Decision Sciences Philosophy and Religion Physical Education Physical Science Physics Political Science Portuguese Programming Languages Psychology Recreation Russian Sociology Spanish Statistics and Probability Student Success Theater Women's Studies World Languages Zoology
Browse Our Course Offerings: Algae/Phycology Animal Behavior Anatomy Laboratory Series Biostatistics ... Zoology Lab
Additional Resources: Digital Zoology Marine Biology Case Studies Marine Biology Organizations Careers in Marine Biology
Related Disciplines: Oceanography
MHHE Quick Links: Digital Solutions Locate Your Campus Rep!

5. Va Earth Science Oceanography Organizations
Oceanography Organizations. Associations Oceanography Associations andSocieties; Coral Reefs Organizations; marine biology organizations;
Oceanography Organizations
Associations: Institutions: Libraries: (C) 2002 Department of Education, Richmond, Virginia. The Webmaster and the Department of Education assume no responsibility for the material contained within this site.

6. Organizations - Marine - Biology (Science And Technology) WebShed.Com Center Of
Links organized by subject all searchable and well organized. Very useful if not sure what to search for. Great Place To Start!
Science and Technology (Biology) - Marine Biology - Organizations
Marine Science Club
Founded by a science teacher in New York. Native Fish Society
This group defends fish and the environments they depend upon for survival. Workshop on the Biology and Fishery of Dolphin-fish and Related Species
Conference on the biology and fishery of dolphin-fish to be held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in October 1997. E-Mail Us: Date Modified:
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7. Careers & Jobs In Marine Biology & Oceanography
Links to career advice and employment opportunities, from the Hopkins marine Station of Stanford University. Careers in marine biology Monterey Bay Aquarium. Careers in marine Science - Mote marine Lab from Sea World - Busch Gardens. marine Mammal organizations List - plus where to write
The following web pages provide advice for those interested in a career in the marine or aquatic sciences:

8. Marine Biology Links
Want A Career in marine biology? Check This Out! North Atlantic and Mediterranean marine organizations. Oceanography Resources on the Internet
If a link can't be found, please email Jeff Levinton
General Links
Want A Career in Marine Biology? Check This Out! Ocean Link: A Site with Lots for K-12, Interviews of Scientists Get a Flavor of Marine Research with @Sea So you want to study whales and dolphins. You have company! ... Whalewatch Listserv
The State of the Ocean
Shifting Baselines - The Changing State of the Ocean Audubon Society Living Oceans Program Pew Oceans Commission State of the Marine Environment - Australia
Organism Pages
Amphipod Biology - with an emphasis on southern Australian forms Animal Underwater Photos - Erik Svensen Amphipod Homepage Annelid Resource Page ... Invertebrate Zoology Animations - from A. Richard Palmer's Invertebrate Zoology Course P lankton Images - Gallery of Zooplankton and Phytoplankton Microbes - A general information portal Deep-Sea Molluscs Molluscs of Singapore - Great Photo Collection ... Whale Shark Research Group
Reference Sites
AquaSearch - Aquaculture Resources Biotelemetry Projects Directory MarLIN - Britain and Ireland Information Network British Marine Life Study Society ... El Nino - Latest on the 1997 Cycle - Most extreme yet!

9. Transfer Page
A nonprofit organization founded by 20 universities in Eastern Canada. It provides field research and teaches marine biology and oceanography. Lists member organizations, courses and contact information.
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10. Biology
Glossary of marine biology; ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) Apartnership of US, Canadian, and Mexican agencies, other organizations, and
Information Resources for Biology
Botany, Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, Zoology
[Indexes and Gateways] [Bibliographies] [Library Resources] [Aquatic Botany] ... [Careers]
Indexes and Gateways to Biology and Aquatic Science Sources on the Internet
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Library Resources
  • Biology Reference Guide
    Guide to databases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, manuals, history for biology, available at UCSB

11. Marine Biology Institutes & Organizations
Worthington Biochemical, Institutes organizations marine biology,Web Directory Index. Northwest Fisheries Science Center The NWFSC
I nstitutes O rganizations
M arine B iology
Web Directory Index
Northwest Fisheries Science Center
The NWFSC is a research facility of the Northwest Region of the National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA, and is responsible for providing scientific and technical support for the
management, conservation, and development of the Pacific Northwest region's anadromous and marine fishery resources.

12. Worthington Biochemical Institutes & Organizations
Worthington Biochemical, Institutes organizations, Web Directory Index. Cancerbiology 3. Cell biology 2. Genetics 1. K12 1. marine biology 1.
I nstitutes O rganizations Web Directory Index Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biological Sciences ... Virology

13. Topical Directory Of Professional Organizations And Associations For Biologists,
organizations and Associations Listings by Topic General Multidisciplinary biology/ScienceAquatic marine biology Botany/Forestry Ecology Conservation
Organizations and Associations Listings by Topic:



Botany/Forestry Zoology Other

14. Portugal: Biological Organizations And Resources - NBII
EDUCATIONAL/RESEARCH INSTITUTES Section of marine biology and Oceanography of theUniversity of Madeira (catalog item 172) Published by Section of marine
International Resources:
BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION GATEWAYS Biological Intelligence: Gateway to the World (catalog item 728)
Published by: William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Languages: English
This page contains links to universities, research groups, and companies involved in Biological/Natural Intelligence and related activities in several countries.
EDUCATIONAL/RESEARCH INSTITUTES Section of Marine Biology and Oceanography of the University of Madeira (catalog item 172)
Published by: Section of Marine Biology and Oceanography of the University of Madeira
Languages: English, Portuguese
Description: International research institution. Offers an online key to the identification of sea turtles and also related research, created by the Marine Turtle Project. University of Madeira Section of Marine Biology (catalog item 220) Published by: University of Madeira Languages: English, Portuguese Description: Information about the marine biology program, research, and staff at this institution. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES General Directorate for the Environment (Direcção Geral do Ambiente) (catalog item 478) Published by: Direcção Geral do Ambiente Languages: Portuguese Description: Portuguese only. Coordinates, defines, performs and evaluates government environmental policy. Also performs environmental analyses and related scientific research, such as environmental impact studies.

15. Mollusks - Marine - Biology (Science And Technology) WebShed.Com Center Of Web
Science and Technology (biology) marine biology - Mollusks. Internet Resourcesfor Conchologists A great index of organizations, scientific materials, shell
Science and Technology (Biology) - Marine Biology - Mollusks
Aquatic Mollusks of North Dakota
Mussels, Pil Clams and Snails are listed by classification and discussed in detail. Cephalopod Page
An introduction and host of resources for those interested in the phyllum Mollusca containing squid, octopus, or cuttlefish. Conchologists of America
Their main index contains meeting and membership info, educational materials, and conch and other mollusk facts. The Cuttlefish of Sentosa German Slug Site
Take in slug facts, photos, and bios from around the globe, including a listing of all slugs in alphabetical order. Glossary of Molluscan Terminology
A scientific index of vocabulary words and nomanclature. Hawaiian Shell News
A monthly educational magazine of the Hawaiian Malacological Society providing information about mollusks of all kinds to shell collectors. Hermit Crab Sponges
A profile and encyclopdic entry on hermit crabs' behavior in their natural habitats. House of Slime
Dedicated to all things slimey, including the lovable pet slug.

16. Augustana Biology Organizations
honor society) Lindahl biology Club - Darwin Club - ACHOO (Augustana CommunityHealth Outreach Organization) - Pre-Optometry Club marine Science Education
- Beta Beta Beta (biological honor society)
Lindahl Biology Club

Darwin Club

(Augustana Community Health Outreach Organization)
- Pre-Optometry Club
Marine Science Education Consortium
Marine Laboratory, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University:
Augustana College is a member of the Duke University Marine Sciences Education Consortium. This consortium was developed to provide a formal curriculum in the marine sciences, including supervised research, to member institutions. Such institutions are liberal arts colleges or universities attended by students who are preparing for careers in the marine sciences or who have a strong liberal arts interest in the oceans but for whom no specialized programs in the marine sciences are available. Consortium students have access to the summer program (Summer Term I; Summer Term IIIntegrated Marine Conservation Program) at the Duke University Marine Laboratory as well as spring and fall semester programs in marine sciences. Consortium members join upon invitation only.
For over half a century, the Duke Marine Lab has been chosen by students for its unique high quality education: a learning as well as living experience. It enjoys both a national as well as international reputation in its field, continuing to be a leader in marine and environmental sciences and policy education. The Lab's location on the "Crystal Coast" of North Carolina with its pristine beaches, amidst a highly popular seaside resort area, historic forts, and other popular attractions makes for one of the most exciting places on the globe to live and study.

17. Links To Ocean Related Organizations And Databases
This page contains links to some ocean related organizations and Data Bases. GlobalLand Data Set Ionia AVHRR; Glossary of marine biology A very useful site for
OPEN SEAS INSTRUMENTATION INC This page contains links to some ocean related Organizations and Data Bases. Also see our Oceanographic Laboratories page and our Commercial Ocean Industries page. These pages are comprehensive but incomplete. Please email us if you either have, or know of, a site that should be listed. These listings are alphabetical. Either scroll down, or click on a letter to select a group of sites. A B C D ... Z

18. @LA Biology/Biological/Life Sciences In Southern California: Los Angeles County,
Institute, Long Beach USC marine biology Biological USC Fish, Downtown Wrigleymarine Science Center organizations marine Mammal Research Group, Costa Mesa
Biology/Biological/Life Sciences
Understanding Our Universe
+ Lego Mindstorms, Battlebots Pro Series and much MORE! whole words only All Counties Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Bernardino County Ventura County Agriculture Anatomy Anthropology Aquariums ...
Biology in General
Departments / Schools Information Laboratories / Research Centers Libraries ... Organizations Departments/Schools
Caltech Division of Biology
, Pasadena
California Lutheran University Biology
, Thousand Oaks
Cal State Dominguez Hills Dept. of Biology
, Carson
Cal State Fullerton Biological Sciences

Cal State Long Beach Dept. of Biological Sciences

and Cal State Long Beach Dept. of Biological Sciences
Cal State L.A. Dept. of Biology and Microbiology
, East LA Cal State Northridge (CSUN) Biology Dept. Cal Poly Pomona Biological Sciences Dept. Cal State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) Dept. of Biology Chaffey College Automotive Biology Dept. , Rancho Cucamonga Citrus College Biology , Glendora Claremont Colleges Joint Science Biology Dept. College of the Canyons Biology Dept. , Santa Clarita Glendale Community College Biology Division Harvey Mudd College Biology Dept.

19. - United States - New - Library - Sciences - Biology - Zoology - Marine
A great resource for United States New - Library - Sciences - Animalbiology - marine biology - organizations. Find the web's

20. Nearctica - Organizations - Marine Laboratories
Click Here. Return to organizations Main Page. Bamfield Oregon. Hawaii Instituteof marine biology. Hopkins marine Station Stanford University.
Return to Organizations Main Page
Bamfield Marine Station, Vancouver Island, Canada
Bermuda Biological Station Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Delaware - Graduate College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware ... Huntsman Marine Science Centre , New Brunswick Institute for Marine Biosciences (IMB) , Halifax, Long Marine Lab (of UC Santa Cruz) Marine Biological Laboratory - Woods Hole Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) Moss Landing Marine Labs ... Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies, Univ. of Southern California Contact us at

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