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         Martens Wildlife:     more books (44)
  1. Martens and Fishers (Martes) in Human-Altered Environments: An International Perspective
  2. Weird & Wonderful Wildlife by Marten, May, et all 1983-06-01
  3. Summary of data on martens and marten trapping from the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, 1984-91 by Thomas F Paragi, 1991
  4. Winter habitat selection by American marten in the Central Cascades of Oregon: Wildlife information report by Thomas A O'Neil, 1998
  5. Summary of the 1992-93 marten harvest on the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska by Thomas F Paragi, 1993
  6. A bibliography on the marten (Wildlife habitat research) by Linda A Stordeur, 1983
  7. Distribution and abundance of the American Marten in northern Michigan (Wildlife report) by Richard D Earle, 2001
  8. Marten (M̲a̲r̲t̲e̲n̲ ̲a̲m̲e̲r̲i̲c̲a̲n̲a̲) (Wildlife notebook series / Utah Division of Wildlife Resources) by Carolie Parker, 1991
  9. The restoration of marten in Manitoba: An evaluation (Biological report / Manitoba, Wildlife Branch) by C. G Van Zyll de Jong, 1969
  10. Analysis of the 1994-95 marten harvest on the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska by W. N Johnson, 1996
  11. Analysis of the 1995-96 marten harvest on the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska by W. N Johnson, 1998
  12. Sex and age distribution of the 1987-88 marten harvest, Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge by Andy Loranger, 1989
  13. Ecology of martens in southeast Alaska (Federal aid in wildlife restoration research progress report) by Rodney W Flynn, 1995
  14. Pine marten introduction into the Black Hills of South Dakota:progress report by Larry F Fredrickson, 1984

1. WildPicture: Wildlife And Nature Photography By Hans Martens
Wildlife and Nature Photography Website
Click on the Cheetah to enter the website
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2. Wildlife And Nature Photography By Hans Martens
Wildlife and Nature Photography Website
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3. Africa Tour Links
Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture. Hans martens wildlife Photogarphy, Hans MartensWildlife Photography great photos, but Sigrid's are better.
Africa Tour
Including: Links that are referenced in the journal, links that I find related or interesting, links that I wish I had found before we left, links that others have suggested, and anything else that I feel like putting here.
    Harlan's Gallery. Lots of Great Africa links. Nature Encounters - Our Travel Agency for this trip (Andrea and Caren) T he Zambezi Safari and Trading Co. (are using some of Sigrid's photos) CIA World Factbook - Botswana
    CIA World Factbook - Zimbabwe CIA World Factbook - Zambia CIA World Factbook - South Africa Afro Ventures - Our Tour operator in Botswana.
    Africa Travel Resources: Travelogues. Useful Links for the Traveler to Africa.
    Cape to Cairo - African Business and Adventure Travel (and lots of great links). City of Cape Town - Official Site CDC travel advisory for Southern Africa.
    The Journal of African Travel Writing.
    Part of Chas Lotter's "Echoes of an African War" Website African Studies at University of Pennsylvania site.
    Tristan is trying to keep in touch with Zimbabwe Medical Graduates . . .

4. Crédit Photographique
Hans martens wildlife Photographer, Field Guide Wildlife NaturePhotography http// Martin Kramer mkramer@wxs

Antoine Joris
JF Mairlot,
P. Dubois,
Frederic Desmette
Serge Sorbi - AVES,
Luc Quere.
Francis Krauth
Charly Farinelle
Hannu Ekblom
He has been an avid birder since 1964. He started to band them back in 1988. In 1995 he banded some 3200 birds belonging to 82 species.His first camera he bought way back in -79 and it´s still use. Now he has two Olympus camera bodies. He has been a member of WWF White-Tailed Eagle working group in Finland since 1982. Hannu Hautala He is propably the best know finnish naturephotographer. His photos have appeared in numerous books and magazines. I´ve always thought of my bird "hunting" as an occasional hobby. But as the years have gone - pictures seem to accumulate. And I have had the habit of carrying my camera with me always wherever I go... Hans Martens Wildlife Photographer,

5. Britishexpats - Fuel Prices In Namibia / ZA
Hans = Hans martens wildlife Photographer,Field Guide Wildlife Nature Photography http//
document.location.href='';document.write('Please wait while the new version is loading... '); Archive of - britishexpats
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britishexpats Archive
Fuel prices in Namibia / ZA

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Rafael Kampel
Jan 25 2002 14:30 Does anyone have an idea of what's the going price for a litre of fuel in Namibia
(outside of Windhoek). What about South Africa?
Hans Martens Jan 25 2002 19:00 Rafael Kampel wrote: [usenetquote]> Does anyone have an idea of what's the going price for a litre of fuel in Namibia[/usenetquote] [usenetquote]> (outside of Windhoek). What about South Africa?[/usenetquote] If I remember correct the prices in Namibia were (last october) around 1 euro per liter. Not much variation around the country. They have government controlled maximum prices. Prices in SA should be the same roughly. Botswana is a tiny bit cheaper. Hans Hans Martens Wildlife Photographer, Field Guide

6. Britishexpats - Road Conditions Kasane To Francistown
Have a great trip, Hans = Hans martens wildlifePhotographer, Field Guide Wildlife Nature Photography http//www.wildpicture
document.location.href='';document.write('Please wait while the new version is loading... '); Archive of - britishexpats
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britishexpats Archive
Road conditions Kasane to Francistown

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Mar 8 2001 20:36 If anyone has travelled this stretch of road before, would you consider it
practicable........I know its cover it in one day? If not, I would be
pleased to hear suggestions as to where I might camp.
Philip Xtophe Mar 9 2001 8:18 The road from Kasane to Francistown is excellent. You'll have no problems at all. I do it at least fourvtimes a year. The road is fast, and you hardly see any traffic at all. The part between Kasana and Pandamatenga os excellent (newly tarred) and no traffic. Then from Pandamatenga to Nata it is good, but as you get towards Nata you'll find road works. In Nata itself there are 2 garages, and the one on the left going towards Francistown has a reasonable place to eat

Bears. martens. Owls/other birds. wildlife Along the Rockies
Rare Wildlife Sightings C assie's Page ... Owls/other birds Wildlife Along the Rockies by Dan and Cindy Hartman Wolves Bears Martens Other Wildlife ... Other Wildlife Living year round on the NorthEast Border of Yellowstone National Park, Dan and Cindy Hartman have obtained many special images of elusive wildlife. Through years of patience and careful, quiet and respectful observation, they have proved rare wildlife can be photographed in their natural habitat, without the use of game farms. The Hartmans, which also includes two young daughters, have operated their Silver Gate Gallery for the past twelve years and have sold thousands of prints and posters. Dan and Cindy have also been widely published including National Wildlife and National Geographic. Phone 406-838-2296 Updated on: 4/5/03
Wildlife photos make great presents. We will ship to the address of your choice and enclose a note from you.
CURRENT FIELD NOTES 4-03-03 On my drive through Yellowstone today I saw my first grizzly of the year by Black-tail Ponds. Also a trumpeter swan near Soda Butte Cone and many blue birds. 3-28 The Druids made a kill yesterday in Round Prairie. 8 wolves were present, including U-Black. Today 6 wolves were seen at the site. Thanks

8. Naturfoto-links -
NL Hans martens wildlife and Nature Photography Website
Nature Photography in the Internet
  • BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Art Wolfe
  • Joe McDonnald Wildlife Photography
  • George Lepp and Associates
  • Mountain Light Photography - Galen and Barbara Rowell ...
  • nhmyers
  • Franz and Gisella Poelking
  • Uwe Walz - Tier und Naturfotograf
  • Mara und Bernd Fuhrmann - ein starkes Team
  • Kurt Moebus - UMWELTBILD ...
  • Tecklenborg Verlag
  • Andreas Roesller
  • Alfred Trunk
  • Gerhard Zimmert
  • Daniel Zupanc ...
  • Dieter Manhart
  • Novak Laszlo - az ev termeszetfotosa 1998
  • Fotomuveszet
  • Hans Martens - Wildlife and Nature Photography Website
  • Roine Magnusson
  • Geoff Dore - Landscape and Nature Photography
    The Number One site for nature photography:
  • Nature Photography by
  • Bob Atkins Photography
  • Don Baccus Photography
  • photo critique
  • Bilddatenbank
  • stockphoto agentur
  • AGPix agentur
  • PIAG agentur ...
  • Naturpix
  • NANPA - North American Nature Photography Association
  • ASONP - Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers
  • IFWP - International Federation of Wildlife Photography
  • GDT - Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen ...
  • ASCPF - Association Sportive de la Chasse Photographique Francaise
  • Outdoorphotographer
  • fotolinks
  • nature photo
  • Texel site
  • Photo Links ...
  • deutsche tierfotografen
  • 9. Wildlife And Nature Photography Website
    Problems with wildlife Animal sound solutions Beach martens at lofts. Over the last years, people have increasing problems with beach martens at their lofts.
    This website has moved ! After more than 25000 visits to this website, I decided that it was time to set up my own website with my own domain.   It´s now online with lots of photos and information about wildlife photography, technique and equipment, and there is a detailed section about the Canon FD lens system. New on the site are book reviews for wildlife photographers. You are the  th visitor to these pages 

    10. Highland Wildlife Park Kincraig Scotland
    affiliated to edinburgh zoo The Highland wildlife Park specialises in Scottish wildlife past and present, animals from of Scottish animals including capercaillie, foxes, badgers, pine martens, otters and lynx.
    Highland Wildlife Park The Highland Wildlife Park specialises in Scottish Wildlife past and present, animals from our past include wolves, and our Wolf Territory shows off these magnificent animals very well. There are habitat areas with creatures such as Scotland’s largest and rarest grouse the capercaillie, the otter and many more. Go Wild in the Highlands GROUP 1




    GROUP 2
    GROUP 3

    GROUP 4
    FOXES OTTERS BEAVERS ... WILD BOAR Click on Groups for more information MARVEL at many of Scotland's native species as you drive around our huge reserve (walkers will be taken by park staff): herds of beautiful red deer, secretive roe deer, magnificent Highland cattle. You can even meet species now extinct in the wild: enormous bison, ancient breeds of sheep and the wild Przewalski's horses, once of the world's rarest animals. EXPLORE the rest of the Park on foot, as you wander around our themed habitats, meeting an amazing variety of Scottish animals including capercaillie, foxes, badgers, pine martens, otters and lynx. You may even be lucky enough to see red squirrels in their secluded feeding station in the Forest Habitat. DISCOVER an amazing variety of native Scottish wildlife in this wild and truly unique attraction. Then step back in time as you meet animals which roamed the earth hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Get closer than you ever thought possible as past meets present in the spectacular setting of the Highland Wildlife Park.

    11. Wildlife,Birds
    wildlifeAnimals martens usually have several dens found in hollow trees or craggsbut can sometimes be found in more unusual paces like old eagles nest's or
    Wildlife-Animals Common otters -Lutra lutra- this beautifull animal has dropped in numbers over recent years all over Scotland and has gone completely from some of it's old habitat and appart from the north west it is now thinly spread elsewhere. Little is known about the behavior of the Otter as it is a very shy animal, it has a wide range of prey from fish to small mammals and from crabs to frogs. Otter's can reproduce once at any time during the year, the Father does not usualy stick around but there are exeptions to this rule.
    Red Squirrel -Sciurus vulgaris- Found all over the mainland except in the central belt between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Introduced American grey has overtaken this habitat, because of this foreign invader and the destruction of forests the Red has been through difficult times, at the moment ways are being sought to stem the population of Greys without harming them, including introducing contraceptives aiming to stop the overall abillity to repuduce therefore eventually leaving the central belt open for re-habitation by the indigenous animal and to stop anymore loss of territory .
    red deer stag -Cervus elaphus- One of the most recogniseable and potent symbols of Scotland the Red deer stag, usually a forest animal it has adapted well to their loss and now thrives in great numbers over bare hills and in the remaining forests, to stop their numbers growing to unsustainable numbers there is a cull once a year where up to 30 thousand of more are shot. They live seperately throught the year in same sex groups until the rutting season heralded by wild roaring begins in september/october, most calves are born in june. They are the largest land mammal left in the british Isles.

    12. Wilflife Rescue Centre Opglabbeek - Problems With Wildlife -Beach Martens At Lof
    Problems with wildlife Animal sound solutions Beach martens at lofts. Over the lastyears, people have increasing problems with beach martens at their lofts.
    Problems with wildlife
    Animal sound solutions
    Beach martens at lofts.
    Over the last years, people have increasing problems with beach martens at their lofts. Fifteen years ago, beach martens only appeared in the south of the province of Limburg, now they have conquered the whole province. Beach martens are predators - they eat mice and rats but also chickens, pigeons, ducks and rabbits. Our pets can only be protected by putting them in a well closed pen at night. Feeding chickens in the evening instead of in the morning, makes it easy to lure them into their coop. Ducks can find protection on the water. If they have a pond which is big enough, they can go into the water when they are threatened by a beach marten, since this does not swim.
    It is a greater problem if you have beach martens at your loft. They make a lot of noise and can make wholes in the ceiling, can ruin the insulation or can bring dead prey to the loft. It is not easy to chase them away. The Wildlife Rescue Centre, however, can help you. We possess a small machine which produces a special sound. This sound, which is barely audible for humans, is very annoying for beach martens. If you put such a machine on your loft, the beach marten will leave in a few days. We do not come over to catch the beach marten for two reasons : first, it is very difficult to catch an adult marten, second, we have to release him somewhere else and he will again search for houses or barns to live in.
    Therefore, to chase him away is a better solution. People who are afraid the beach marten will come back, can buy an anti-marten spray. This is a spray can with a special smell which will make the beach marten leave soon. For more information and for the reservation of such a machine or to buy a spray can, please contact us at 0032/89/854906.

    13. Wildlife Biology - 2002 - Brainerd & Rolsted
    Grimso wildlife Research Area, Sweden, near the southern limit of the boreal forest zone. Pine martens preferred spruce
    Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

    14. Wildlife & Nature Photography By Hans Martens
    Click here to view the site.

    15. Grizzly Bears - National Wildlife Federation
    Close up photo and information about pine martens. Holidays + Tours. Jobs. Mammals. Marine wildlife. Moths. Museums. News. Organisations Special features Pine martens belong to the same family as stoats, weasels and otters.
    Home Contact Us Search Conservation ... Get Outdoors Grizzly Bears The grizzly is a symbol of the American wilderness and one of the nation's most beautiful and imposing creatures. Lewis and Clark found a healthy grizzly population when they explored Idaho's Bitterroot Mountains in the early 19th century. As the nation expanded westward, grizzly numbers plummeted due to unchecked hunting and trapping. The grizzly is now "threatened" in the lower 48 states. To restore grizzlies to the Selway-Bitterroot ecosystem, NWF developed the innovative Citizen Management Plan. Despite widespread support, the plan was recently abandoned by Interior Secretary Gale Norton. Our Focus Grizzly Bear Recovery in the Bitterroot Ecosystem
    Report finds forest management trends positive for Bitterroot grizzly restoration.
    • Grizzlies range in color from very dark brown to very light, almost white. Frequently they are light brown or tan with darker colored legs. The dark brown bears are most abundant coastal areas while the lighter colored ones are found in interior areas.
    • The largest grizzlies (males of up to 1,500 pounds) are found in coastal areas like Kodiak Island where they have abundant salmon to eat. In interior areas where bears may have little to eat but grass, roots, and berries, the largest males may be no more than 500 pounds.

    16. Nature Photo Index - Nature Photography Links
    wildlife Nature Photography by Hans martens (Added 7/10/1999 Last Modified8/2/2000 - 4 Galleries - 733 click-thrus - Average rating by 19 users Good

    17. Wildlife Distribution And Occurrence
    wildlife SPECIES Martes americana GENERAL DISTRIBUTION American martens occurthroughout much of the northern boreal forest of Canada and in isolated
    WILDLIFE SPECIES: Martes americana GENERAL DISTRIBUTION : American Martens occur throughout much of the northern boreal forest of Canada and in isolated portions of northeastern United States and Canada. They also occur in isolated areas of the Pacific Coast States, the inland Rocky Mountain West, and the Southwest. American martens are rare in the eastern United States but can be found in limited areas of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota [
    American martens are also found on the following Alaskan islands: Admiralty, Kuiu, Kupreanof, and Revillagigedo. They have been stocked on Prince of Wales, Garanof, and Chichagof islands. Subspecies: Eastern marten inhabit eastern North America. Western marten inhabit portions of California and Nevada. Rocky Mountain marten inhabit the western United States [ ECOSYSTEMS : FRES11 Spruce-fir FRES18 Maple-beech-birch FRES19 Aspen-birch FRES23 Fir-spruce FRES24 Hemlock-Sitka spruce STATES : AK AR CA CO ID MI MN MT NY OH UT WA WY
    AB BC MB NB NF NT NS ON PE PQ SK YK BLM PHYSIOGRAPHIC REGIONS : 1 Northern Pacific Border 2 Cascade Mountains 4 Sierra Mountains 8 Northern Rocky Mountains 9 Middle Rocky Mountains 10 Wyoming Basin 11 Southern Rocky Mountains 12 Colorado Plateau KUCHLER PLANT ASSOCIATIONS : K001 Spruce - cedar - hemlock forest K002 Cedar - hemlock - Douglas-fir forest K003 Silver fir - Douglas-fir forest K004 Fir - hemlock forest K005 Mixed conifer forest K007 Red fir forest K008 Lodgepole pine - subalpine forest K013 Cedar - hemlock - pine forest K014 Grand fir - Douglas-fir forest K015 Western spruce - fir forest K020 Spruce - fir - Douglas-fir forest K021 Southwestern spruce -fir forest K093 Great Lakes spruce - fir forest K094 Conifer bog K096 Northeastern spruce - fir forest K102 Beech - maple forest K107 Northern hardwoods - fir forest K108 Northern hardwoods - spruce forest

    18. Bill's Wildlife Sites; Art And Photography
    Bill's wildlife Sites; Art and Photography An index of sites on the world wide web that feature wildlife art work and photography (originals, limited-edition prints, notecards). of mammals. Hans martens - Features beautiful photographs of African wildlife. Catherine McClung - Watercolor
    Wildlife Art and Photography
    "Sable Mountain Ram"
    by Greg Warrick "Horsing Around - Burchell's Zebras"
    by Ron Schlorff
  • 3D Airbrush Shirts - Features hand screened nature images on shirts that are individually enhanced with airbrush to look so real, you want to reach out and touch it!
  • - Features the work of Torsten Steinbach and Gülbün, Can, both nature photographers and graphic designers
  • 3-D Wildlife Art in Leather - Handcrafted portraits in leather by Norman Willey.
  • Absolute Images Wildlife and Outdoor Photography - Features photographs by Carlyn Iverson.
  • - Features realistic oil paintings of domestic animals, nature, wildlife.
  • African Wildlife Photography - Features the photos of Michael C Wain.
  • Afrigalah's Wildlife Photos - Features photos taken on safari in Africa and Australia by John Milbank.
  • Aigrette Stockpix - Wildlife note cards, environmental assignment and stock photography by Steven Holt.
  • Edward Aldrich - Mr. Aldrich depicts wildlife from around the world, his preferences being the cat family, primates, and exotic birds.
  • Animals Online - A source for free animal graphics including web graphics, banner templates, and free graphics for iron-on t-shirt transfers.
  • 19. Natural History And Habitat Use By American Martens In A Central Oregon Lodgepol
    and denning structures used by American martens in southcentral Oregon and westernWashington. Oral presentation, annual meeting, The wildlife Society, Oregon
    Olympia Forestry Sciences Laboratory
    The Wildlife Ecology Team
    OF SENSITIVE WILDLIFE SPECIES October 1996 1. Title: Natural history and habitat use by American martens in a central Oregon lodgepole pine ecosystem. 2. Principal Investigator(s) and Organization(s): Dr. M. G. Raphael (PI); L. Jones (Lead Biologist); D. Katnik, L. Clark, J. Holyan, M. Dennis, P. Brewster (Biologists): Pacific Northwest Research Station, Olympia, WA; Dr. L. Irwin (Co-PI): National Council of the Paper Industry for Stream and Air Improvement, Stevensville, MT; T. Simpson, T. Forbes (District liaisons): Chemult R.D., Chemult, OR. 3. Study Objective(s): a. To obtain basic ecological and natural history information on American martens in lodgepole pine-bitterbrush and ponderosa pine-bitterbrush communities, including home range size, configuration, and overlap for both sexes; and resting and maternal den site characteristics. b. To identify silvicultural options for meeting marten management objectives.

    20. Country Reflections Article - Mallard
    back PINE martens could soon be seen again in southern English woodlands which is bad news for a certain American upstart. The
    PINE MARTEN: tough hunter on his way back PINE martens could soon be seen again in southern English woodlands - which is bad news for a certain American upstart.
    The grey squirrel, which has driven our native red squirrel almost to extinction, would certainly be on the menu for these ferocious predators. Nimble and agile, pine martens can climb trees as fast as squirrels and will pursue them into the topmost branches - unlike foxes and stoats, which are often left floundering below. According to English Nature, it should now be possible to reintroduce pine martens back to their historic haunts throughout the country.
    "About 150 years ago, pine martens were widespread throughout Britain," a spokesman explained."However, in a few short decades they were almost completely exterminated to protect game birds on large shooting estates.
    "Today they are one of our rarest mammals with good populations restricted to Galloway and north-west Scotland."
    Fully grown, pine martens are about the size of a cat and have rich reddish-brown hair with a creamy yellow throat.
    Comparatively long legs, fur-padded paws and large bushy tails deployed for balance all contribute to their climbing skill.

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