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         Masai Indigenous Peoples Africa:     more detail
  1. Maasai (Indigenous Peoples) by Rennay Craats, 2005-01
  2. Maasai by Tepilit Ole Saitoti, 1990-08-01
  3. The Maasai's education and empowerment: challenges of a migrant lifestyle.: An article from: Childhood Education by Jacqueline S. Phillips, Navaz Peshotan Bhavnagri, 2002-03-22
  4. Adventures in East Africa, or, Sultan to Sultan: The narrative of a woman's adventures among Masai and other tribes of East Africa by Mary French Sheldon, 1892

1. Unasylva - No. 186 - Forest - Dependent People - Beyond "participation": Indigen
HUMAN RIGHTS OF indigenous peoples. Report of the of the Adivasi indigenous peoples, Altepetl Nahauas AC, American Group of indigenous Minorities in Southern africa (WIMSA), World
Beyond "participation": indigenous peoples, biological diversity conservation and protected area management
M. Colchester Marcus Colchester is Director of the Forest Peoples Programme of the World Rain forest Movement. Chadlington, United Kingdoms Attempts to involve local communities in protected area management usually fail when initiated and directed by outsiders. This article focuses on some of The fundamental issues related to indigenous peoples and natural resource conservation. Western concepts of humankind's place in nature underlie the premises of wilderness conservation and present obstacles to indigenous residents. Imposed conservationist visions have led to forced relocation, impoverishment, human rights abuse and a breakdown of traditional systems of resource management. Conservation organizations are adopting new policies for working with indigenous peoples but, at the same time, top-down conservation and global environmental management by large development agencies threaten to reverse this progress. Conservationists need to develop new means of accountability to ensure that indigenous peoples' needs and rights are respected.
Classical conservation
The roots of conservation lie very deep in historical views of humankind's place in nature. However, whereas in recent years there has been an increasing acceptance of the value of indigenous knowledge systems as providing effective means of regulating human interaction with the environment, there has been much less scrutiny of the degree to which "scientific" notions of nature conservation have been shaped by Western cultural traditions and political economies.

2. Globalisation And Tourism:Deadly Mix For Indigenous Peoples
In africa, tourism's effects on indigenous peoples have been internationally, it haslong been existing in africa. however, straddled lands of the masai tribe.
BACK TO MAIN ONLINE BOOKSTORE HOW TO ORDER Globalisation and tourism: Deadly mix for indigenous peoples Indigenous peoples are paying a high price for tourism, says Raymond de Chavez. In their drive for profits, transnational corporations which dominate the international tourist industry have, with the complicity of governments (particularly those of the Third World), devastated the lives and lifestyles of indigenous peoples. The process of globalisation will only exacerbate their plight. GLOBALISATION and tourism have become a deadly mix for indigenous peoples. Tourism's impact on indigenous peoples' way of life and on their control of and access to their resources and environment has become more pronounced with globalisation of the world economy. For several decades now, tourism has been a major source of revenue for countries, specifically in the Third World. Its growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. In the 1950s, 25 million people travelled to a foreign destination. In the 1960s, this grew to 70 million. By 1997, 617 million tourists had been reported by the Madrid-based World Tourism Organisation to have travelled to foreign countries. The World Tourism Organisation has even predicted that by the 21st century, tourist arrivals would have reached billions annually. It foresees that by the year 2010, 1 billion tourists would have travelled abroad and by 2020, this would have increased to 1.6 billion.

3. Africa On The Matrix: The Masai
But one redrobed masai far in the distance was enough to seize their attention.Other indigenous peoples Himba Herero and Samburu. Other africa Pages
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The Masai
Most of the Masai pictured here are from a small village on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater in northern Tanzania. They have very much maintained their traditional ways as cattle herders.
The Masai believe that all cattle in the world belong to them, even though some may have temporarily found themselves in the possession of others. Thus, the Masai are always justified in raiding their non-Masai neighbors in order to "return" the cattle to the rightful owners.
The Masai (and the Samburu) have very elaborate "coming of age" traditions. Boys are circumcised in their early teens in a ceremony attended by the entire village. The boy who flinches during this procedure brands himself as a coward and disgraces his family. Once circumcised, the young man becomes a member of the warrior class – a moran – and must live apart from the village with the other warriors. Eventually, at some point in his late teens or early twenties, a moran is chosen to become a junior elder, earns the right to marry and returns to live in the village. There were no moran nearby on the day we visited the Masai village near Ngorongoro, but I did see some in the Samburu region, where the customs are very similar. For photographs, go to the

4. H-Net Review: Elizabeth Akingbola
Cape Town, South africa Various indigenous peoples in africa 246 Mary Simat (f) masai masai AMERICA 1) NORTH

5. ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Library : Africa
The tribes involved in our page include; Buganda, masai, Zulu, Pygmies, Bushmenand the Berbers. Index Society Culture \ indigenous peoples \ africa

6. Browsing & Curriculum Planning -
Natural Sites, North africa, South africa, Southern africa, West africa, Wildlife,indigenous peoples All, Culture Daily Life, masai, Questions, call 800-843-3620.

7. Browsing & Curriculum Planning -
East africa All, Art Architecture, Cities, Culture Daily Life, Ethiopia, HistoricSites, indigenous peoples, Kenya, masai, Mount Kilimanjaro, Natural Sites, Safari,

8. Ambrose Video Publishing
The first program introduces Kenya and the masai, one of explores the unique cultures,marvels of nature, indigenous peoples and remote lands of africa.

9. Search Geographic Images By LCTGM Result Set
Costume, Necklaces, Hats Durban, South africa Group of 7/22/69 Topics Dancers, Indigenouspeoples, Women, Clothing United Republic of Two masai herdsmen with people

10. Take A Wildlife Safari With Ark Animals
Day Thirteen masai Mara Game ReserveNairobi-Johannesburg. Go to africa In Gear! Yourpurchase will benefit the indigenous peoples and Max the gorilla!

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11. Powersports New Releases
of africa and the variety of peoples who inhabit it. KENYA THE masai HOMELAND.Explore the vast national parks of Samburu and Masaai Mara, the indigenous

12. Press Releases - Abercrombie & Kent
named Best Tour Operator in africa/Middle East conservation practices by workingwith indigenous peoples and local treeplanting in the masai Mara, publication

13. About A&K - Abercrombie & Kent
to camps with some of africa's finest game that respects the natural environment andbenefits indigenous peoples. preservation of Kenya's famed masai Mara Game
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14. Studwork.html
Enviromental Threat and It's Impact on indigenous People, Impact of Colonialismand indigenous peoples. masai africa, Gond - Central India. Studies 20/Student/stud
Web Pages on Indigenous People of the World
Mining and

Indigenous People
Yanomami - Brazil Sami - Norway ...
Doc's Homepage

15. Past Events
at various tourist lodges in the masai Mara, and Game, depicting the demise of elephantsin africa. was part of the Aspen Celebration for indigenous peoples.
Home Affiliates - Save the Elephants - Mt. Kenya Trust ... Contact Us Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher - Book Signing
On March 9, 2003, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher visited Aspen, with their spectacular multi-media presentation and book-signing event on AFRICAN CEREMONIES. A reception, dinner and auction followed, to benefit projects of Friends of Africa International.
Dr. Iain Douglas Hamilton - Lecture Presentation
Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton is the former coordinator of the African Elephant program for the European Economic Community and senior associate for the African Wildlife Foundation, is the founder of 'Save the Elephants', based in Nairobi, Kenya, and was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth for "services to the protection of elephants." Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton and his wife Oria co-authored the highly acclaimed books, Among the Elephants and Battle for the Elephants , which chronicle their struggle to help protect elephants from poachers and their work to help build a coalition of conservationists against the powerful ivory trade. In 1993 FOAI sponsored a presentation in Aspen by Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton, in which the film featured on national television in which he is featured

16. 100gogo Expedition Of Africa, Africa's Super Predators & Mammals Safari
formerly called Nilotes), those of the central plains (masai, Nandi, and others Theother indigenous groups are all Bantuspeaking peoples, originally from
Africa - The Birthplace of Modern Humans You either love it or hate it . . . Africa Map Click here to see large map
Features of Africa
Africa is the second-largest continent , after Asia, covering 30,330,000 sq km; about 22% of the total land area of the Earth. It measures about 8,000 km from north to south and about 7,360 km from east to west. The highest point on the continent is Mt. Kilimanjaro - Uhuru Point - (5,963 m/19,340 ft) in Tanzania. The lowest is Lake 'Asal (153 m/502 ft below sea level) in Djibouti. The Forests cover about one-fifth of the total land area of the continent.
The Woodlands, bush lands, grasslands and thickets occupy about two-fifth.
And the Deserts and their extended margins have the remaining two-fifths of African land. World's longest river : The River Nile drains north-eastern Africa, and, at 6,650 km (4,132 mi), is the longest river in the world. It is formed from the Blue Nile, which originates at Lake Tana in Ethiopia, and the White Nile, which originates at Lake Victoria. World's second largest lake : Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the is the world's second-largest freshwater lake - covering an area of 69,490 sq km (26,830 sq mi) and lies 1,130 m (3,720 ft) above sea level. Its greatest known depth is 82 m (270 ft).

17. Wildlife Stock Photography Subject Listings By Leonard Rue Video Productions
masai┬ľafrica; Zulu┬ľSouth africa. Action in Nature; Adventure Travel; africans(see Aboriginal peoples); indigenous Native peoples africa; Asia; Australia;
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18. Adventure Travel! African Culture Safaris
open pasture lands we meet with masai herdsmen and if we have entered another partof africa. creation of partnerships with other indigenous peoples worldwide.
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19. CSOC208.htm
WWW Virtual Library to indigenous Resources for africa to find links for the !Kung,Akan, Amazigh/Berber, masai,Tamazight, Hadzabe peoples, Ogoni, Oromia
Peoples of Africa
Comparative Sociology 208
Dr. Karen Porter
University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library
Librarian Donna Bachmann
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Africa News provides fairly comprehensive to current news from and about Africa it links to reporting from more than 40 African news organizations. Search by topic, country, or region Channel Africa presents a collection of news items from Africa, compiled from shortwave,satellite, and Internet radio broadcasts by Channel Africa. Read, listen, and/or watch: Video, audio, and text files about music, sports, money markets, and news are available. To go directly to English language resources, click on Programmes in English . (RealPlayer is required for media files. If you don't have it, Download RealPlayer from Sun Microsystems.) Browse the list of all newspapers in Africa, or search by the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Electronic Journals and Newspapers on Africa is a directory of links to electronic journals and newspapers about Africa on the Internet, arranged alphabetically and presented by the Department of African Studies at Columbia University. A short description of each journal and newspaper is included.

20. Articles On Moro History, Culture And Lifestyle
Also the masai of Kenya, the Zulus of South africa When any of these peoples is convertedto Islam, their the Moros should not be considered indigenous People.

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Sawt al-Haq (Voice of Truth) FOUNDATION Archived Articles on Moro history and culture
(these articles were published in Philippine national daily newspapers FOR ABSTRACTS OF THESE ARTICLES, CLICK TITLE Current Events: SYMPOSIUM: Social Impact of Mindanao Conflict
SYMPOSIUM: War in Mindanao: Situation and Solution

Moro Women In New York

Booklaunching: BANGSAMORO - A Nation Under
... Endless Tyranny
" All-Out War!" 13 May 2000
Human Rights Crusader

Mindanao State University : a tool for peace and integration
The Maranaos and the Philippine Centennial
(Photo taken during President Estrada's "all-out war" against the Moros in the year 2000) History:
Battle of Bayang and our Cousins from Brunei
Barahman, the forgotten Sultan of Mindanao The Maguindanao Sultan and the Dutch colonialists The Charge of the Wood Brigade ... Mindanao and Moluccas - Lands of Kings (complete article) Once Upon A Time: Sarangany Island 2nd Runner Up in the Manila Rotary Club's Gawad Kalinangan Journalism Awards 2001.

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