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         Massachusetts Parochial Schools:     more detail
  1. Learning to teach: The professional preparation of Massachusetts parochial school faculty, 1870-1940 (Working paper series / Charles and Margaret Hall ... for the Study of American Catholicism) by Mary J Oates, 1981
  2. Teaching in Massachusetts parochial schools, 1870-1940 (Bunting Institute working paper) by Mary J Oates, 1981
  3. Archdiocese of Boston: growth of parochial schools in chronological order, 1820-1900 by Louis S Walsh, 1901
  4. Historical sketch of the growth of Catholic parochial schools in the archdiocese of Boston by Louis S Walsh, 1901

21. Real Estate Affiliates Of Massachusetts | Community & Schools
of eight elementary schools, a junior high school, a senior high, and several privateand parochial schools. The Commonwealth of massachusetts maintains a page
Marlborough Once the fifth-leading shoe manufacturing city in the United States, Marlborough is now the home of the Frye Boot Company, the Digital Equipment Corporation, Raytheon Corporation, and smaller electronics, shoe and paperbox manufacturing companies. And the inexpensive commercial property continues to draw new businesses here. Most recently, a branch of the John Hancock Insurance Company and a sprawling new industrial park were built here. All this development has brought an influx of people to this town that was once an Indian plantation. Since 1965, the population has grown about 35% to 32,000. But there's no chance the city will be overrun by rampant industrialization as the city's master plan reflects controlled growth. A "High Tech" community with quality residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes and condominiums, and a variety of apartment complexes, with styles ranging from mock Tudor to modern, have sprung up recently to accommodate all the new residents. Single family houses embody all traditional New England styles, from colonial to ranch, and new homes being built this year start at $185,000. The town has a stable tax rate which has even decreased recently. Industrial development and housing have not taken up all the hills and dales, though. The city's outer belt has much undeveloped land, some working farms, a picturesque reservoir, and 71 acres of woodlands for conservation and recreation. Marlborough is conveniently located near 3 major highways and the junction of 2 interstate roads, Route 495 and the Massachusetts Turnpike. Boston is a 35-minute drive, Worcester is 16 miles away, and Route 128 industrial belt is also nearby. It is, as some describe, in the heart of the opportunity belt. Many Marlborough residents commute by bus or train to Boston from Framingham, only 6 miles away.

22. Pioneer Institute For Public Policy Research
choice that is sweeping the nation is beginning to take root in massachusetts. prohibitsthe use of any public funds for private and parochial schools, and is
Constitutional amendment blocks reform
By Fredrik Stanton
November 1, 1999
The drive for school choice that is sweeping the nation is beginning to take root in Massachusetts. A suit on behalf of three mothers challenging the Anti-Aid Amendment to the State Constitution is currently pending in U.S. District Court. The amendment prohibits the use of any public funds for private and parochial schools, and is the biggest barrier to meaningful school choice in the Commonwealth.
The Anti-Aid Amendment is also under attack via the initiative petition route. Although using the process to challenge the amendment was specifically prohibited when initiative petitions were adopted in 1917, an injunction granted as part of the pending lawsuit has cleared the way for the petition drive that is currently underway to collect the signatures necessary to force a ballot initiative on the amendment.
Last April, over 1.25 million under-privileged families applied for scholarships from the Children's Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance for poor families to attend the private school - including parochial schoolsof their choice. This "million parent march" was a stunning repudiation of the status quo by those with a direct and highly personal stake in the success of our K-12 school systemparents.
As various attempts to improve public schools have been tried and failed over the past several years, an alternative model is achieving success. In poor neighborhoods where parents are most dissatisfied with the public schools to which they are compelled to send their children, low-cost private and parochial schools are delivering stunning results. Inner-city private schools in Washington, D.C. have a 99 percent graduation rate, as opposed to less than 53 percent for the District's public schools. The benefits cut across racial lines as well. An African-American or Hispanic child from any private school is 37 percent more likely to complete college than a white student from a public school. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of applicants to the Children's Scholarship Fund were minorities.

23. Pioneer Institute For Public Policy Research
of the socalled anti-aid amendment to the massachusetts constitution, no publicfunds may be used to defray tuition costs at private or parochial schools.
Survey of Massachusetts Residents Shows Clear Majority Supports School Choice
October 1996
Reasons for Survey
In July, 1996, Opinion Dynamics Corporation of Cambridge designed and conducted a telephone poll for Pioneer Institute of 800 Massachusetts residents on the subject of parental choice in education. In general, polls on parental choice are commissioned by advocates for one side or the other. The questions asked in these polls are inevitably slanted to produce the "right" answer, desired by the organization paying the bill. For example, opponents of parental choice often ask questions like this one: "Do you favor or oppose allowing students and parents to choose a private school to attend at public expense?" This question suggests a zero-sum game in which the "public" is, almost by definition, made worse off . When this kind of question is asked, it predictably produces large majorities against school choice.
Pioneer Institute is an advocate for more parental choice in education. At the same time, we are a research organization whose credibility depends on our commitment to honest scholarship. With that reputation in mind, we set out to commission a poll on parental choice that would ask honest, unbiased questions. Based on anecdotal evidence, we were confident the survey would support our position, but we were willing to take the chance that it would not.
The timing of the survey was based on two considerations. First, it was our hope that reliable opinion data might help candidates for political office take notice of the growing enthusiasm for expanded choice. We have long felt that many officials at both the state and local level are out of sync with their constituents on this issue. A well-timed poll prior to an election might help make parental choice a serious topic of discussion on the campaign trail and serve to better align legislators with the voters.

24. Frequently Asked Questions About Private Schools - Massachusetts - GreatSchools.
directory; National Association of Independent schools;'s parochialschool directory;
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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Frequently Asked Questions About Private Schools Start here to learn about the private school profiles listed on, where to find more information about private schools and links to helpful resources.

25. The School Visit: Things To Look For, Questions To Ask - Massachusetts - GreatSc
I wish you luck in changing schools. switching my 2 children from parochial schoolto
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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The School Visit: Things to Look For, Questions to Ask

26. James O'Keefe, Green Party Candidate For Massachusetts State
to better public school children because if the government is willing to spend moneyon public school students to transfer to parochial schools, they should

27. Massachusetts Conservative PAC
We also support further reductions in the massachusetts’s Personal Income theirchildren to go to school, including Public, Private, or parochial schools.

28. Free-Market.Net: InsiderUpdate List Archive
o massachusetts at war with homeschoolers o massachusetts tough state to homeschool schoolboard goes on voucher field trip o parochial schools need vouchers

news channels network ... find you are here: Free-Market.Net Freedom Network Email Lists List Archives Book of the Month Enter your email address here to get future issues: insiderUpdate
Email List Archive
Date Next NEWS REPORTS Massachusetts at war with homeschoolers Michael and Jenny Brunelle made the mistake of moving to Lynn in 1993 and trying to homeschool their children. They were criminally prosecuted in Essex County for failing to send their children to public school. They had refused to sign an agreement with the Lynn Public Schools that would give permission for random home inspections. (05/03/01) Massachusetts: tough state to homeschool your kids? Massachusetts is "kind of a mixed bag," says the vice president of a MA homeschool organization. "While some school districts use every bureaucratic method at their disposal to make life miserable for homeschooling parents, others do all they can to leave homeschoolers alone." Stay out of Lynn, MA, homeschoolers say. (05/03/01)

29. New Bedford Infrastructure
of massachusetts/Dartmouth BCC Bristol Community College massachusetts MaritimeAcademy Private and parochial schools Bishop Stang High School Tabor Academy
New Bedford, Massachusetts Schools Hospitals Libraries
Media and Communications

30. IBM Massachusetts Corporate Community Relations Program
massachusettsbased grants are made according to the following and reconstructionor renovation projects; · private or parochial schools; · chairs, endowments
IBM Massachusetts Corporate Community Relations Program GUIDELINES IBM is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen globally, nationally, and in each of the communities in which IBM facilities exist. This is accomplished through corporate support of the individual efforts of executives, employees, retirees, and their spouses; through the IBM International Foundation; and through local Corporate Community Relations Programs. I. MASSACHUSETTS CORPORATE COMMUNITY RELATIONS PROGRAM The IBM Massachusetts Corporate Community Relations (CCR) program, as with all local sites, reflects the priorities of the IBM Corporate Community Relations Program and IBM's Employee Partnership Programs. Additional information on these priorities and the Employee Partnership Programs is included below. A. Grantmaking Priorities Massachusetts-based grants are made according to the following priorities:
    K-12 Education Reform - Statewide and local initiatives aimed at encouraging systemic reform in public school districts serving kindergarten through twelfth grade. IBM's cornerstone program is Reinventing Education, an international effort through which $35 million in cash and technology has been committed to date. The program is currently in 21 cities in the US, including Boston, and in six international locations. At a state and site level, we encourage the support of organizations that work across districts around issues of school governance, curriculum, assessment, and accountability. Workforce Development

31. Give A Child A Choice
Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Lynn and Quincy, massachusetts. That programplaced approximately 135 children in private and parochial schools chosen by
The Coalition for Parental Choice in Education (CPCE) was formed in 1996 by a diverse group of individuals who came together to implement a conviction that they all sharednamely, that K through 12 education in America could be improved by giving parents a greater array of choices for their children.
That original founding group included a black woman who had formerly been a public school teacher; a home-schooling father; an Asian woman who had been an active participant in the movement to bring charter schools to Massachusetts; parents of children in Catholic schools; a Jewish father of children in public schools; libertarians and public policy specialists; and both advocates forand opponents ofschool vouchers.
With these scholarships, most parents were able to find good, low-cost schools for their children. Some children were accepted at more expensive private schools that supplemented the scholarships with financial aid in order to increase the racial and economic diversity of their student body.

32. Schools
Bedford Junior High schools New Bedford parochial schools. High schools ApponequetRegional High School College University of massachusetts Boston University of
Resources For: Home Education Centers Academic Subjects Entertainment ... Reference [ Schools ] Search Engines Teacher Sites Schools Grammar/Junior High Schools
New Bedford Junior High Schools

New Bedford Parochial Schools
High Schools
Apponequet Regional High School

Bishop Stang High School

Cardinal Spellman High School

Dartmouth High School
Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School
Colleges and Universities
Bridgewater State College

Bristol Community College

Eastern Connecticut State University
Eastern Nazarene College ... Wheaton College
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33. NPIN Virtual Library. Promises To Keep
faced by charter schools. Many massachusetts charter schools leasespace in former parochial schools. Others have received help
PROMISES TO KEEP (continued) Something Different
Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who would like "to make every public school in this country essentially a charter school within the public school system," elaborated on the themes of choice and competition in an October 1998 speech: Although diverse as a group, virtually all charter schools in Massachusetts have a single unifying mission or focus that lends coherence to the school and attracts like-minded teachers, parents, and students. City On A Hill Charter School in Boston, for example, has a strong civic focus that includes student participation in weekly town meetings. Pioneer Valley Charter School in Hadley integrates performing arts into the regular curriculum. The Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School provides a college prep program for high school dropouts. And Community Day Charter School in Lawrence has adopted standards of the Modern Red School House, a comprehensive design for school restructuring sponsored by the New American Schools.

34. Carla Howell's Education Proposal August 17, 2002 Previous Next
year. Are massachusetts public school children getting twice theeducation as children in parochial schools or private schools?
Carla Howell's Education Proposal
August 17, 2002
    Below is an issue of the "Small Government News" reposted in it's entirety. Here in Massachusetts, things are a mess. Most of the candidates for governor think the answer to everything is to throw money at it and raise taxes to fund it. This goes for everything from education to roads etc...Carla Howell is the ONLY candidate saying something different. Get government out of our lives and wallets.
    In Massachusetts we have a neighbor to the North called New Hampshire. We only need to take a peek over the border for an example of what can be done without income tax and sales tax. New Hampshire is a beautiful State. They stand behind their motto "Live Free or Die." New Hampshire's roads are beatiful and the mountains and beachfront is gorgeous. In Massachusetts we are saddled with an eyesore called "The Big Dig"
    Take a look at this Ediucation Proposal by Carla Howell. This puts things in the proper perspective.
    Small Government News*
    August 17, 2002

35. ARL: Voters Say No To School Vouchers
down by voters in Maryland (1974), Missouri (1976), and massachusetts (1982 Tuitionreimbursement for parochial schools was rejected by Nebraska voters in 1970.
Home About ARL Articles >> School Vouchers
School Vouchers: Voters Say No . . .
by Albert Menendez and Edd Doerr Regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court rules in the Cleveland school voucher case this year, the voucher issue will continue to play a role in the political process. Just about every state legislature and Congress could see battles over proposals to drain the public treasury to support nonpublic schools’ under the guise of parental choice. And hard-pressed public schools will be caught in the crossfire as they try to maintain adequate levels of funding to educate 90% of this country’s children. N THE 2000 ELECTIONS voters in two large and important states, California and Michigan, overwhelmingly rejected voucher schemes in statewide referenda. These voters handed advocates of public aid to private and parochial schools their 23rd and 24th defeats in 25 elections held in 14 states since 1966. The California vote was 71% to 29% against Proposition 38, an elaborate voucher proposal that would have cost at least $2.4 billion and would have required the state to give a $4,000 annual voucher to any parent, rich or poor, to send a child to a private school. No accountability for the expenditures and carte blanche for private school religious and gender discrimination were parts of the plan. Californians of every demographic group and regional location voted against the plan, including 66% of Catholic voters. Even rural, white “interior California” counties that voted heavily for George W. Bush for president opposed the initiative.

36. Quincy Massachusetts Real Estate
of Presidents is located on the south side of massachusetts Bay is Educational choicesinclude quality public schools, private and parochial schools and the
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Quincy, Massachusetts
Approx. Pop. 84,985 This Community is not Yet Sponsored by a Real Estate Professional! Consumers
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Real Estate Professionals
Located in Norfolk County, Quincy is directly south of Boston. Logan Airport is approximately 30 minutes by car, harbor shuttle, rapid transit or bus.
Housing Types
Housing in Quincy offers condominiums from $40,000 to $700,000. Single family residences are available from $125,000 to $500,000. Multi family homes are available from duplexes to multi-building apartment complexes. Important Numbers
Quincy Hospitals: (617)773-6100
Quincy Schools (617)984-8700
South Shore Chamber of Commerce: (617)479-1111 T he "City of Presidents" is located on the south side of Massachusetts Bay is bracketed by the Blue Hills to the west. Boston is due north and Quincy is the gateway to the South Shore and Cape Cod. Just minutes from the heart of Boston, Quincy has a multitude of benefits for its residents. This South Shore community is rich in native and revolutionary history, which color the diversity within its bounds. Quincy, birthplace of two U.S. Presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, is today a city of many facets. The city offers a home of tradition to both manufacturing and commerce. Rounding out its profile are diverse residential choices which range from the elegant proportions of the past to today's multi-family homes, apartments and condominiums.

37. Directory Profiles - Massachusetts Department Of Education
Private schools Private schools, including parochial schools, operateindependently of state or regional authority. However some

38. ArtEdWeb-Employment Resources
Educator's Career Center Welcome to the massachusetts Educators Career educatorsand educational institutions (public, private, parochial schools and college

Massachusetts Educator's Career Center
Welcome to the Massachusetts Educators Career Center. This service assists educator candidates seeking new positions and school district administrators looking to fill positions. Educator candidates may post resumes and search for jobs. School district administrators may post job listings and search for candidates back to top
We started Ed-U-Link because we were asked to - by friends who were overseas school administrators. They needed a support relationship based on trust and our respect for their independence. We earn that trust throughout every year. Our objective is to provide support services efficiently and economically, using contemporary technology. We get top results for realistic fees. Our clients like that.
International School Services (ISS) is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1955 to serve American international schools overseas. The Princeton office of ISS is staffed by professionals experienced in the field of international education. ISS also employs teachers and administrators in the schools it operates worldwide.

39. Conference To Host Amistad’s Visit To Boston , Massachusetts Conference Edition
Abolitionists from Connecticut, massachusetts and New York – many of them ofthe Voices of Freedom curriculum to public, private and parochial schools.
The Massachusetts Conference Edition of the United Church News is published 10 times a year by the Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ. One Badger Road Framingham, MA 01702 Editor: Tiffany Vail

Click here for a free subscription to the printed version of the UC News
See also the: You are here: Home News United Church News Amistad’s visit to Boston
Conference to host Amistad’s visit to Boston
More Amistad visit will be good for UCC, Boston and state (Jan.-Feb., 2003) AMISTAD America, Inc. Amistad Research Center Museum of Afro American History January-February, 2003
By Tiffany Vail The Massachusetts Conference will be the chief sponsor of the Freedom Schooner Amistad’s visit to Boston Harbor in October. The visit is likely to be a major event in the life of the Conference, offering a chance to educate the public and church members about the Amistad Incident of 1839, an important part of the heritage of the United Church of Christ. The Amistad , which acts as a floating civil rights museum and classroom, has attracted as many as 22,000 visitors in large cities such as Baltimore. During port visits, the schooner is open for tours, school trips, excursions and corporate events. It is expected to be docked in Boston Harbor October 15–21

40. Revolution31_11
CULVER, Raymond B. Horace Mann and Religion in the massachusetts Public schools SHERRILL,Lewis J. Presbyterian parochial schools, 18461870 (New York, 1969).
Prof. em. Jurgen Herbst
University of Wisconsin-Madison
    11. Religion and Education
  • ABONYI, Malvina H. "The Role of Ethnic Church Schools in the History of Education in the United States: The Detroit Experience, 1850-1920." Doctoral dissertation, Wayne State University, 1987.
    BAUMGARTEN, Nikola. "Education and Democracy in Frontier St. Louis: The Society of the Sacred Heart," History of Education Quarterly, XXXIV (Summer 1994), 171-192.
    BENDER, Norman J. Winning the West for Christ: Sheldon Jackson and Presbyterianism on the Rocky Mountain Frontier, 1869-1880. (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1996).
    BICKLEY, William Phillips. "Education as Reformation: An Examination of Orthodox Quakers' Formation of the Haverford School Association and Founding of Haverford School, 1815-1840." Ed. D. Dissertation, Harvard University, 1983.
    BOYLAN, Anne M. "Evangelical Womanhood in the 19th Century: The Role of Women in Sunday Schools." Feminist Studies, IV (October 1978).
    BOYLAN, Anne M. "Sunday Schools and Changing Evangelical Views of Children in the 1820s." Church History, XLVIII (September 1979).

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