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         Massachusetts Parochial Schools:     more detail
  1. Learning to teach: The professional preparation of Massachusetts parochial school faculty, 1870-1940 (Working paper series / Charles and Margaret Hall ... for the Study of American Catholicism) by Mary J Oates, 1981
  2. Teaching in Massachusetts parochial schools, 1870-1940 (Bunting Institute working paper) by Mary J Oates, 1981
  3. Archdiocese of Boston: growth of parochial schools in chronological order, 1820-1900 by Louis S Walsh, 1901
  4. Historical sketch of the growth of Catholic parochial schools in the archdiocese of Boston by Louis S Walsh, 1901

41. The Heritage Foundation: Research: Education: School Choice 2001: Massachusetts
for a charter; private and parochial schools may not. student's home district, andthe schools are independent A 1997 study by the massachusetts Department of
site map help contact us The Heritage Foundation ... School Choice 2001 Massachusetts Policy Archive:
view by date
Policy Archive:
view by issue
... Return Home MASSACHUSETTS: SCHOOL CHOICE 2001: WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE STATES State Profile (Updated July 2001) School Choice Status
  • Public school choice: Limited (Interdistrict/Voluntary and Intra-district)
  • Charter schools: Established 1993
  • Strength of law: Strong
  • Number of charter schools in operation (fall 2000): 42
  • Number of students enrolled in charter schools (fall 2000): 11,565
  • Publicly funded private school choice: No
  • Privately funded school choice: Yes
  • Ranking on the Education Freedom Index: 22nd out of 50 states
K-12 Public Schools and Students (2000-2001)
  • Public school enrollment: 977,000
  • Number of schools (1998-1999): 1,874
  • Current expenditures: $9,009,468,000
  • Current per-pupil expenditure: $9,222
  • Amount of revenue from the federal government: 5.1%
  • Evaluation of school performance: Report card
K-12 Public School Teachers (2000-2001)
  • Number of teachers: 70,100
  • Average salary: $47,523
  • Students enrolled per teacher: 13.9

42. Avon, Massachusetts - Private School Links
Avon, massachusetts Private School Links. SOUTHOFBOSTON.COM. Linksto Private and parochial schools near Avon. BC High; Milton Academy;
Avon, Massachusetts - Private School Links
Links to Private and Parochial Schools near Avon email to add schools of interest Last Updated 22-Oct-2002 Contact webmaster

43. Why Choose A Parochial School? (Freude)
(Orthodox Christian parochial schools are becoming more common, too, and nowexist in California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, massachusetts, New York
In the past, OFL has offered articles for Orthodox parents interested in making the most of their children's experience in the public school system, and for parents interested in home schooling. Many Orthodox parents, however, turn to non-Orthodox parochial schools for their children's academic education. Below, Popadia Donna Freude offers both her professional and personal advice on evaluating a parochial school and handling the potential conflicts between Orthodox beliefs and the religious beliefs taught by the school. - NTK
Why Choose a Parochial School?
by Donna M. Freude, M.A.Ed. From the time of birth, we parents make thousands of decisions concerning our children. Should we use disposable diapers or cloth diapers? Bottle feed or breast feed? What pediatrician should we select? And of course, where will we send our child to school? The plethora of choices continue to develop as your child grows. The decision to send your child - a baptized Orthodox Christian - to a non-Orthodox parochial school may be made for as many reasons as there are individual children.
What is a parochial school?

44. [Discuss-sudbury-model]Re: [DSM]Deciding Where To Teach / Costs
However, Sudbury schools are also accross the board less expensive perpupil thanany private school in massachusetts (including the parochial schools).
[Discuss-sudbury-model]Re: [DSM]Deciding where to teach / costs
Scott David Gray
Fri May 10 12:42:00 2002 In a message dated 5/8/02 12:13:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: means that it costs a lot of money. I don't know of a the per-pupil costs of any of the public schools in Scott, Never one to defend the Massachusetts public school system . . . but is this comparison of cost complete? Doesn't the per pupil cost of public schools include the rather significant expense of busing? What about the cost associated with school lunches? Are school lunch (and in some cases breakfast) programs are funded separately? I'm not sure. Additionally, certain segments of the population that would be denied admission at Sudbury schools (because of special needs we are not equipped to deal with) drive the average costs per pupil WAY up.

45., A Parents' Resource
Bumper lanes and 60 lanes of candlepin bowling.Category Sports Bowling Candlepin Bowling Centers...... Some of the best independent schools, both private and parochial, in massachusetts,Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. parochial schools.
Child care. Looking for daycare or help with your child? You can easily find a state-certified provider here. Search for licensed child care by town or zip code through the Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services. Education for fast learners. Here are resources for the parents of very bright kids. These children are sometimes called advanced learners exceptional children fast learners able learners or gifted and talented children
Martial arts for kids . Self-defense against street threats, schoolyard bullies and unwanted advances. Valued for boys and girls for fostering personal discipline and focus. Tutors and private teachers . We list tutors and private teachers as a no-cost service to parents. Listings are free for individual tutors. Parents contact tutors based on location, background or subjects offered. E-mail addresses or phone numbers are provided in our listings, but KidsBoston is never involved in the hiring or tutoring process. We provide raw information only. Parents must interview a potential tutor and thoroughly check references. Tutors Whether your expertise is in math and science or in things like beginning guitar, enter your information and we'll include you in the KidsBoston list. Parents will learn about your services and easily reach you.

46. Teacher Of The Year Warns: Public Schools Destroy Democracy
In part, the massachusetts effort was a nativist attempt to obstruct recent IrishCatholic immigrants from being able to support their parochial schools.
"Teacher of the Year" Warns:
Public Schools Destroy Democracy Read also: Liberals are Also Upset By Paul Moreno
October 2000 Parents who remove their children from public schools are not trying to just get a better education for them. They are rebelling against a tyrannical and oppressive central power that began in Massachusetts. That's how a New York City and New York State "Teacher of the Year," John Taylor Gatto, says in explaining how Massachusetts, the cradle of the American Revolution, led the way in the "Second American Revolution," that undermined democracy via compulsory schooling. America had achieved near-universal literacy by 1850 without any compulsory schooling. But in the second half of the nineteenth century, the American elite turned to European models - to Prussia especially - to create a docile and homogenized population, he claims. Gatto tells the story in The Underground History of American Education: A Schoolteacher's Intimate Investigation into the Problem of Modern Schooling. Gatto quit his job while he was New York's Teacher of the Year in 1991 and since then has been leading a crusade to break up the government monopoly in schools.

47. Ask Jeeves: Search Results For "Catholic Schools Massachusetts"
A directoy of Catholic schools in massachusetts, with a parochial School World Directoryhttp// 7 to All 108,000 K12 schools Fully developed Schools Massachuse

48. FACTS Management Company
He attended parochial schools growing up, and this near Hartford, Connecticut, servingschools in Eastern New Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and massachusetts.
Helping chart your course in the 21st century
Big East
Joe Loglisci - Senior Vice President
Senior Vice President Joe Loglisci heads the Big East team. He attended parochial schools growing up, and this helps him identify with schools in the New England area. Joe works from his office near Hartford, Connecticut, serving schools in Eastern New York, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
He can be reached by:
Calling 800-401-9471
Back to top
Jack Donnelly
Jack Donnelly is our man in the Big Apple. His territory includes New York City and its suburbs and all of New Jersey. Not only did Jack attend parochial school, but he recognized the value of that education and sent all of his children to parochial schools. Jack has been with FACTS for over 10 years serving schools in the east.
He can be reached by:
Calling 800-811-1079

49. PolkOnline: The Website Of The News Chief: Editorial PageLiberals Losing The War
In 1855, massachusetts Protestants capped their antiimmigrant (meaning anti publicassistance in meeting expenses of nonpublic, including parochial, schools.
Wed Apr 9 15:00:38 EDT 2003
News local


Communities W. Haven Auburndale Bartow B. Park Davenport Dundee Eagle Lake Frostproof Haines City Lake Alfred Lake Wales AP



Liberals losing the war against poor kids George Will
The Washington Post In its potential for social amelioration, the largest domestic event this autumn was nothing done by voters or elected officials. It was the Supreme Court's refusal to review the Wisconsin Supreme Court's ruling that Milwaukee's school choice program is constitutional. By such steps liberals are losing their protracted war against poor children. It takes a village of vigilant liberals to keep poor children chained on the plantation of public education. Poor parents are rebellious about their children's assigned role as fodder for one of the Democratic Party's most muscular sources of money, the teachers unions. Milwaukee provides vouchers worth up to $5,000 for 15,000 of the poorest among the city's 100,000 students, who may use them at 122 private schools, 89 of which are religious. Wisconsin's court, in a rare intrusion of common sense about the Establishment Clause, said Milwaukee's program does not constitute ''establishment'' of religion. Vouchers are doubly neutral: They go not to institutions but to parents, who can use them at secular or parochial schools. Splitting already split hairs, courts have held that public money can transport parochial school pupils to classes but not on field trips, can pay for nurses but not guidance counselors at parochial schools, can pay for books but not maps in religious schools. So, mused Sen. Pat Moynihan, what of atlasesbooks of maps?

50. MA-TLC - Introduction
of 2000 to develop a program of activities that will support educational leadersin public, private and parochial schools throughout massachusetts in putting
The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Consortium (MA-TLC) was established in the spring of 2000 to develop a program of activities that will support educational leaders in public, private and parochial schools throughout Massachusetts in putting technology to effective use to improve teaching and learning. The Consortium is a collaboration of six organizations that are collectively responsible for designing and implementing the program. These organizations are:
  • Massachusetts Elementary Schools Principals Association ( MESPA Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents ( M.A.S.S. Education Development Center, Inc. ( EDC Programs in Professional Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education ( PPE/HGSE MassNetworks Educational Partnership ( MNEP TERC
This consortium is seeking funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation State Challenge Grant for Leadership Development program for comprehensive professional development activities that will enable school and district leaders throughout Massachusetts to increase their abilities to lead systemic educational improvement efforts that include high standards for all students; inquiry-based teaching practices; multiple forms of assessment; effective team-building; data-driven decision making; and effective uses of technology in the classroom and for administrative functions. Three other statewide educational entities, the Massachusetts Department of Education (

51. Boston Globe / Spotlight / Abuse In The Catholic Church
Boston University, Harvard, Tufts, and the University of massachusetts, as well students,parents, teachers, and staff in our parochial schools and religious
Coverage Globe coverage of the scandal has been divided into nine categories: Predator priests The worst abusers preyed on dozens of children in many parishes around Boston. Go Scandal and coverup For years, the church moved priests and paid off victims to keep abuse cases quiet. Go The victims Hundreds of people have come forward claiming they were abused by clergy. Go The financial cost With hundreds of lawsuits pending, the church could be forced into bankruptcy. Go Cardinal Law and the laity An energized lay movement helped force the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law. Go The church's response Church leaders have turned over priest files and adopted a new policy on sex abuse. Go The clergy Priests around Boston have struggled to comfort their shaken parishioners. Go Investigations and lawsuits Civil suits have been brought against the church; criminal charges may be next. Go Opinion Globe columnists and guest writers offer their perspectives on the abuse crisis. Go More documents: Make a selection Complete list of documents LETTERS AND MEMOS Rev. John Geoghan case

52. St. John's Episcopal Church, Worcester, MA. - Community
learning in the region, including the University of massachusetts Medical School Thereare seven private and parochial schools in Worcester, and several in
Worcester County, Massachusetts
Community Description
Worcester is the second largest city in New England with a population approaching 170,000. One million people live within a 25-mile radius of this very livable and diverse city. Worcester was voted an All-America city in 2000. Worcester has both the economic base and cultural diversity to support a wide variety of schools, artistic endeavors, and businesses. There are over one dozen institutions of higher learning in the region, including the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Holy Cross, Clark University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Assumption College. Campus facilities are shared with the community and college participation in the community from the arts to mentoring programs involves the students. The public school system has over 30 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 2 charter schools, and 4 high schools with an enrollment of 113,000. There are seven private and parochial schools in Worcester, and several in surrounding towns including Holden Christian Academy and St. John’s Preparatory School in Shrewsbury run by Jesuits. These schools enroll an additional 12,000.

53. Springfield Library: Education Links
parochial schools, but only those that have an established home page on the Web.Also includes links to associations and other related resources. massachusetts
Government sites Higher Education Schools Alternative Education ... Special Education Government sites:
Massachusetts Department of Education
Contains resources and information for administrators, teachers, students, parents and community; educational technology; Education Reform Report; and press releases. Pages of documents, articles, and links to related sites.
MCAS: School District Results
Check here to find results of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System tests for the year 2000 and previous years for individual school districts.
Massachusetts Educations Career Center
This service assists educator candidates seeking new positions and school district administrators looking to fill positions. Educator candidates may post resumes and search for jobs. School district administrators may post job listings and search for candidates.
U.S. Department of Education
News, resources, documents and links from the Federal government. Learn about laws affecting education, budget issues, financial aid, statistics, adult education, technology. Link to programs and services, publications and products of the Department of Education.
EROD: Education Resource Organizations Directory
A database intended to help identify and contact organizations that provide information and assistance on a broad range of education-related topics. For teachers, librarians, parents, researchers and others. From the U.S. Department of Education.

54. Norfolk County Massachusetts Books
List of books which provide historical and/or genealogical information on cities and towns in the county.Category Regional North America Norfolk Society and Culture...... Quincy Historic Quincy, massachusetts $29.95 William Churchill Edwards Quincy City AdamsCrypt; Adams Academy, Private and parochial schools, Eastern Nazarene
New Arrivals Genealogies General Research Colonial ... Order Form Massachusetts Books
Norfolk County Broad View Books
Norfolk County History, Town Histories, Church Histories, Vital Records and Genealogies Braintree Dedham Dover Foxboro ... Massachusetts Index Page History of Plymouth, Norfolk and Barnstable County (2 Volume set)
Elroy S. Thompson
New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company 1928
Table of Contents:

Braintree Massachusetts Town Records 1640-1793
Edited by Samuel A. Bates
Randolph, Mass: Daniel H. Huxford, Printer, 1886
Table of contents: Town Records, Births, Marriages And Deaths, Index of Names On Town Records Index of Subjects Index of Towns, Index Of Local Places, Index Of Marriages, Index Of Intentions Of Marriage, Index Of Births, Index Of Deaths, 939 pages, hardbound, Spine has been repaired with Book binding tape, former owner was a pipe smoker, ex library. Dedham Abstract of Births, Dedham, Massachusetts. 1844-1890 Edited by Don Gleason Hill Dedham, Mass: 1894

55. State Regulation Of Private Schools - Massachusetts
to pupils of private schools violates the Miscellaneous Private and parochial schoolstudents, grades 4 the 14member massachusetts Educational Communications
State Regulation of Private Schools - June 2000
Registration/Licensing/Accreditation Recordkeeping/Reports: Special Education: Health: Safety: Transportation: Home Schooling: Care and Protection of Charles
  • Procedures: Parents must obtain approval from the superintendent or school committee prior to removing the child from the public school or beginning a home education program. The parents must demonstrate that the home education proposal meets the requirements of General Laws Chapter 76. Brunella v. Lynn Public Schools 428 Mass 512 (1998) that home visits by public school officials may not be required as a condition of approval of a home education plan.
Public Aid for Private Schools/Private School Students: The Massachusetts Constitution provides that no appropriation of public money may be made to aid a primary or secondary school that is not publicly owned and under the exclusive control of public officers authorized by the Commonwealth. Mass. Const. Ann. Amend. Art. 18 § 120. Textbook loans to pupils of private schools violates the state constitution. Bloom v. School Committee of Springfield

56. Dominican Sisters - Fall River, Massachusetts
Catherine of Siena (Dominican Sisters) of Fall River, massachusetts, was foundedat is the Christian education of youth in parochial schools, private academies Orders/sp282.html
Blessings Expressions of Faith Dominican Sisters - Fall River, Massachusetts Item No.: SP282 History
The Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena (Dominican Sisters) of Fall River, Massachusetts, was founded at Fall River September 4, 1891, by Reverend Mother M. Bertrans Sheridian and two companions, who came from Carrollton, Missouri, at the request of the Dominican Fathers of St. Anne’s Parish, Fall River, to take charge of the parochial school. Permission to open a novitiate was granted in January, 1892, and in April, 1894, construction was begun on the present Motherhouse building, which was ready for occupancy the following year. Dominican Academy was opened that year in a section of the new building. By 1922 the Community had increased sufficiently to be erected into a Congregation.
The primary purpose of the Congregation is the sanctification of its members through the vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience, the regular life and the various monastic observances customary in Dominican convents. The secondary purpose is the Christian education of youth in parochial schools, private academies and through released time programs for pupils of the public school.
• is sincerely desirous of serving God in “The Dominican Way.”

57. Housing -childcare
family day care are licensed by the Commonwealth of massachusetts to take Privateand parochial schools There are many private primary and secondary schools in
[Home] About us Travel Housing ... Adminstrator's Resources
Childcare and Schooling
For Younger Children
The Office of Work and Family , Two Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA 02138, 495-4100, has complete, frequently up-dated listings of family day care providers, day care centers and nursery schools. You may pick up these listings in their office or make an appointment with their staff to discuss your child care needs. Family Day Care Providers of family day care are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to take care of a limited number of children in their private homes. Individual providers set their own fees. Quality, style, and service differ greatly among these providers. One benefit of this type of childcare arrangement is flexible hours. It is important to visit the family day care home, speak with the provider, and make detailed arrangements in advance. The Harvard Office of Work and Family (see above) can give a list of family day care providers in your area.

58. Education World® - K12 Schools : Secondary : Parochial : North America : Genera
A Catholic, college prep, coeducational high school in Fall River, massachusetts. ChristLutheran schools, Kitchener Waterloo, ON, (LCMS) includes contact

59. Alternative Teaching Opportunities
Library and look in the Teaching in Private and parochial schools binder. English(to) Speakers (of) Other Languages Resources massachusetts Adult Literacy
Alternative Teaching Opportunities
Other options for
teaching in ... Private schools Public schools Catholic schools Public schools, no certif. Adult education Alternative settings Higher education Teach K-12 abroad Teach English abroad Advice for Ed majors ...Events ...Job search timeline ...Resumes ...Cover Letters ...Interviews ...Portfolios ...Philosophy of education ...Why I didn't get the job ...Internet job search What do we mean by "alternative"?
  • Opportunities other than full-time teaching in the public, parochial and private schools.
Why teach in a alternative setting?
  • To gain teaching experience for your resume, or to see if teaching is for really you.
  • To supplement the income from another job, through part-time (usually after-school) work.
  • You can't find a full-time teaching position (or you are working toward certification) but still want to teach, tutor or mentor young people.
What are some of the opportunities and resources available?
  • academic enrichment centers
  • reading improvement schools
  • language schools
  • English as a Second Language schools
  • Adult Literacy Centers
  • youth programs such as the YMCA's, YWCA's and community-sponsored programs

60. Lawrence D Weinberg's Resume
Boston, massachusetts (Spring 1998) Taught halfsemester, graduate class; topicsincluded parental rights, state funding of parochial schools, school prayer
10237 Kessler
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
Teaching Experience ... Interests
EdD (projected completion May 2001) Administrative Training and Policy Boston University , Boston, Massachusetts
  • Drafted studies of the Establishment Clause's impact on Character Education, the constitutionality of Bible classes in public schools, and the relationship between education funding and whether education is a constitutional right in a given state.
  • Dissertation title: The Constitutionality of Religion-based Charter Schools
JD (1996) Boston University School of Law , Boston, Massachusetts
  • Drafted studies of school tort liability, the relationship between special education and racial discrimination, and the Establishment Clause as applied to after school programs.
  • Explored Free Exercise Clause rights of teachers in certification paper. Findings assessed the connection between administrative responses and teacher claims.
  • Editor-in-Chief and columnist of The Law Register (student newspaper).

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