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         Massachusetts Parochial Schools:     more detail
  1. Learning to teach: The professional preparation of Massachusetts parochial school faculty, 1870-1940 (Working paper series / Charles and Margaret Hall ... for the Study of American Catholicism) by Mary J Oates, 1981
  2. Teaching in Massachusetts parochial schools, 1870-1940 (Bunting Institute working paper) by Mary J Oates, 1981
  3. Archdiocese of Boston: growth of parochial schools in chronological order, 1820-1900 by Louis S Walsh, 1901
  4. Historical sketch of the growth of Catholic parochial schools in the archdiocese of Boston by Louis S Walsh, 1901

61. State/Church Bulletin, Freethought Today Jan/Feb 1998
The massachusetts Supreme Court ruled on Dec. The court ignored precedent in rulingthat Title I services may be taught in parochial schools by public school
Freethought Today , January/February 1998
State/Church Bulletin
Church Welfare To Be Challenged
The "charitable choice" provision of the 1996 welfare act will probably be challenged in court for allowing states to contract for welfare services with any religious group. The provision, initiated by U.S. Sen. John Ashcroft, R-MO, permits tax money to be given directly to a church, rather than through vouchers going to recipients. While critics await implementation before initiating a court challenge, Ashcroft plans to spearhead an expansion of his church welfare program to include money to churches for drug rehabilitation, job training and other public social services. A handful of states, such as Michigan and Texas, are already implementing their own sabotage of public welfare programs, by directing indigent clients to tax-subsidized church programs.
Court Lets Stand Religion On Job
The U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 15 let stand a lower court decision upholding the right of a company to fire a bookkeeper because she refused to attend a religious seminar. The court rejected the appeal of Ruth Kolodziej, a Catholic from Springfield, Massachusetts, who was offered a promotion to controller by Electro-Term, on the condition she attend a weeklong seminar.

62. IEdx - Polls / Surveys
Of massachusetts residents polled 68% supported charter schools; 60% supported publicfunds to defray the cost of private or parochial school tuition;
Who We Are

For Parents Only

For Teachers Only
Survey Finds Majority Support for School Vouchers in Massachusetts

Are Parents Satisfied with Their Child’s School?
Source: U.S. Department of Education, NCES. National Household Education Survey (NHES, 1999: Parent Interview Component). Do you have the option of deciding where your child attends school? Click here
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Poll Captures Michigan Voters’ Views on Vouchers, Tuition Tax Credits
Michigan voters were polled concerning their attitudes toward vouchers in the days preceding the U.S here
  • of Michigan voters using taxpayer-funded vouchers in areas where schools are poor and failure rates are high, the concept voucher use under those circumstances voucher use under those circumstances
for the vouchers, respondents answer:
  • say they will be voucher programs say they will be say it will not change their stance toward vouchers When asked in general if they favor or oppose taxpayer-funded vouchers to aid parents with tuition costs, Michigan voters say:
    • favor oppose Regarding allowing private-school tuition-paying parents to receive up to a $2,000 tax credit

63. Untitled
of which was put into practice in colonial massachusetts), the Constitution of the Plaintiffsalso include parochial schools and parents of children who attend
Church and State Professor Mansfield May 19, 1998 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. This is an open book examination. Students may bring to the examination any materials they wish. There are five questions. Be sure to answer all five questions. DO NOT TURN TO PAGE TWO UNTIL THE PROCTOR TELLS YOU TO BEGIN. I. (Suggested time: 30 minutes) Comment on the following statement: A As contrasted with earlier approaches to the relation between religion and government considered in this course, including Medieval theories about the Two Swords and the A direct or A indirect power of the Church, and the views of the Protestant Reformers (one variant of which was put into practice in colonial Massachusetts), the Constitution of the United States is founded upon a rejection of belief in the sacred. II. (Suggested time: 45 minutes) Alarmed by the decline of morality in society, the legislature of the State of Ames enacted a law compelling all secondary schools in the state to teach a required course on human values. The course must include teaching that cheating and lying are wrong; that one should treat others as one would wish to be treated; that no race is superior to any other race; that the sexes are of equal value and no occupation is more appropriate for one sex than for the other; that all religions are to be equally respected; that democracy is superior to other forms of government; and that the modern American form of capitalism is superior to other economic systems. The law is challenged as violative of the First and Fourteenth Amendments. Plaintiffs include parents of children who attend public schools, some of whom seek to have the teaching of the course in public schools entirely enjoined, others to have their children excused from the course on the ground its teachings conflict with their religious beliefs. Plaintiffs also include parochial schools and parents of children who attend parochial schools. These plaintiffs seek to have enforcement of the law against parochial schools enjoined on the ground that it conflicts with the religion of the schools and the parents.

64. FrontPage
Most voters in massachusetts ignored the Globe’s warnings not to uproot the Hardlysurprising, because his parochial schools teach all students in English.

65. Education Planet Education,K-12 Resources,Schools,Primary,Parochial,North Americ
massachusetts (3) Home/Research Tools/USA and World News/Newspapers/North America/USAmassachusetts (18) Home/Education/K12 Resources/schools/Primary/Public
Apr. 09, 2003 12:00 PST
Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
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66. Untitled
law to provide funds to parochial schools in Missouri HEW's first Office of Nonpublicschools, appointing as Elm College in Chicopee, massachusetts, and former
    "While Carter and I refused to hold out false hopes of unconstitutional relief for parochial schools as Nixon had cynically done, we did work to help such schools in every constitutional way.
For the first time, I used HEW's authority to bypass state and local school districts that did not provide a fair share of federal funds to [Roman Catholic] parochial elementary and secondary schools for compensatory education, books, equipment, and other materials and services. We invoked the law to provide funds to [Roman Catholic] parochial schools in Missouri, Virginia, and Wisconsin and proposed legislative expansion of this authority. I urged [Roman] Catholic schools to monitor the performance of the states carefully. I established HEW's first Office of Nonpublic Schools, appointing as director Edward D'Alessio, president of Our Lady of the Elm College in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and former head of the elementary and secondary education division for the U.S. Catholic Conference." From .......... GOVERNING AMERICA - An Insider's Report
    From the White House and the Cabinet
By Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

67. Untitled
of Lourdes Church on Main Street in Wellfleet, massachusetts, where my petitions,they talked about how the government discriminated against parochial schools.
"During the Easter recess, the [Roman] Catholic Bishops mounted a massive lobbying campaign." From ........ GOVERNING AMERICA- An Insider's Report
    From the White House and the Cabinet
By Joseph A. Califano, Jr. pages 303-308 ................. EDUCATION Concern about separation of church and state also drove many on those committees to oppose the tuition tax credit proposals for lower schools. The same day that the President unfolded the administration's Middle Income Student Assistance bill, I asked Attorney General Griffin Bell for his formal opinion on the constitutionality of tax credits for parochial elementary and secondary schools. On March 17, Bell responded to my request and a similar one from Missouri Democratic Senator Thomas Eagleton. The Attorney General concluded that
    "tax programs of the sort contemplated here would be held unconstitutional insofar as they would provide aid at the elementary and secondary school levels. However .... similar aid at the college level would he constitutional ....."
Bell concluded that the tax credit, dollar for dollar up to a certain amount, was in affect a federal payment to a parochial school for whatever purpose the school decided to use it, and so was unconstitutional.

68. HMS / Office For Diversity And Community Partnership / Mentations Volume 12 - Sp
applications from students attending public, private and parochial schools, as well HarvardUniversity (10), University of massachusetts (6), Brown University
Project Success: Opening the Doors to Biomedical Careers
Project Success Graph I Percentage of High School Graduates Earning Credits in Science Courses by Race: 1994 (Source: National Science Board. Science and Engineering Indicators 2000. National Science Foundation) During the summer of 2001, Project Success accepted 14 high school students and one college student, in accordance with available funding; had there been additional monies, we would have been able to accept a larger percentage of the more than 120 Boston and Cambridge high school students who applied. We received applications from students attending public, private and parochial schools, as well as from those involved in programs such as the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO). To date, 86.4% (n=70) of the Project Success participants have graduated from high school. (Nearly 99% of these students have already matriculated at a variety of four year colleges or universities). For example, 41 of these 70 students either will be enrolled in/are currently enrolled in/or have graduated from the following institutions: Harvard University (10), University of Massachusetts (6), Brown University (4), Boston University (5), Tufts University (4), Northeastern University (4), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2), Boston College (3), Stanford (1), Princeton (1), Wellesley (1). In addition, Project Success alums are now matriculated at medical, dental and graduate schools, and two are currently teaching in the Boston Public Schools.

69. Alfie Kohn - Teaching - Selected Publications
Read the following passages from the massachusetts 1993 Education Reform Act Giveparents at the failing school vouchers for private or parochial schools.
BOSTON GLOBE November 14, 1999 Turning the tables: What if students and parents designed a test for the Board of Education? By Tim Wise With the release last week of the latest scores on the MCAS tests, or Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System, we are once again being bombarded with warnings about "failing schools." The stakes are high; these statewide standardized tests, administered to fourth-, eighth-, and 10th-graders, will determine, among other things, whether a student gets a high school diploma or whether the state takes over a low-scoring school district. While the state Board of Education has raised concerns about students’ performance on the MCAS, parents, teachers, students, and others question the quality of the test - and the qualifications of the board's nine members themselves. After all, not one of the board's members can claim any meaningful experience teaching school. None of them had to pass a single test to join the board. And if asked to do so, they undoubtedly would refuse, saying no one test should determine their promotion. But let's turn the tables for a moment. How would the board score on an education competency test designed by parents and students? Call it the Massachusetts Citizens' Assessment System - our own MCAS. Based on the board's performance thus far, their answers would not be hard to predict.

70. The Wakefield Daily Item, Wakefield, Massachusetts 01880
the Blueprint calls for reform in the MCAS (massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment dollarsto be spent on private and parochial schools, thereby diminishing
Wakefield, Massachusetts Tuesday, February 22, 2000 Master Archive
Teachers' union head backs MTA's blueprint
Class size, mentors among local concerns
by PETER ROSSI By CHRISTOPHER IACONO Teachers' Blueprint for Educational Excellence , released today by the Massachusetts Teachers Association. According to Wakefield Education Association President Michael Boyages, smaller class sizes are important because of the demands on teachers today. "It's changed so much since I went to school," he said. "The kids come to school with many more issues, and they need a little more support than they did in the past." School Committee members in town agree: They have requested $135,000 in the Fiscal Year 2001 school budget to hire new teachers and reduce maximum class sizes by one. Boyages said while he would like to see the mentoring program — where experienced teachers help newer ones make the transition to working in a school system — continue, he said the problem is there will be an influx of new teachers during the next five to 10 years. "It's going to be a daunting task, considering the amount of new teachers expected," he said. Superintendent Terrance Holmes said this influx of new teachers is due to not only those who are retiring, but to lower class sizes, to meet Special Education demands and to increase programs, such as world languages. For example, Holmes said that because of reduction of class sizes, four more teachers will be needed.

71. Hale And Dorr LLP Attorneys
of Boston, which raises scholarship funds for students at inner city parochial schools. sOutreach, and a director of Young Audiences of massachusetts, Inc., a

72. School Of The Sisters Of The Congrégation De Notre Dame, Worcester, Massachuset
the Sisters of the Congrégation de Notre Dame, Worcester, massachusetts (circa 1910 1986,p. 193 that there were still 198 parochial schools servicing 104,644
Select from the list below Readings in Quebec History Documents of Quebec History Statistical Materials and Charts Chronologies of Quebec History Biographies of Prominent Quebec Historical Figures Maps of Quebec Events, Issues and Concepts of Quebec History The Picture Gallery of Quebec History Internet Resources for Quebec and Canadian History Studies on the Canadian Constitution and Canadian Federalism
The Picture Gallery of Quebec History
Last revised:
23 August 2000
School of the Sisters of the Congrégation de Notre Dame, Worcester, Massachusetts (circa 1910) Gérard Brault reports in his book The French Canadian Heritage in New England , [1986, p. 193] that there were still 198 parochial schools servicing 104,644 children Franco-American pupils in 1938. Most of these schools were « bilingual schools ». All taught French as a subject and used French as a language of instruction to a varying degree. To the extent that this reinforced the learning of the language within the family and the Church, it made a real contribution to « la survivance ».

73. "Private Schools K-12 - Religious - Christian - Educational Services" - The Open
List of links to parochial schools around the Saint Bernard's Elementary School Fitchburg, massachusetts. parochial school for pre-K through grade 8. Mission
Associations Companies Equipment League of Nations ... Professionals
You are Here: Open Directory Educational Services In this Section: Educational Services Continuing Education
Private Schools K-12
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Elementary Secondary Catholicism Associations and Information
  • Catholic Boarding Schools Association - Affiliation of Catholic schools in North America whose educational programs include a residential component. Mission and bylaws, locations and descriptions of member schools.

74. The United Kingdom Parliament
structural changes were being made to the education systems in massachusetts andNorth there is a vigorous debate on the role that parochial schools could play
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Parliament Live

section... Parliamentary Publications and Archives Site Map Bills Hansard Directories Frequently Asked Questions Judicial Work Select Committee on Education and Employment Second Report
1. Members of the Education Sub-committee of the Education and Employment Committee visited schools and other organisations concerned with education in Boston, Massachusetts and Raleigh, North Carolina during October 1999. This Report highlights our key observations from the many discussions we held during the visit. Informal notes of our meetings during the visit are annexed to this Report.
2. We would like to thank warmly the many people who contributed to our wide ranging and extensive programme while in Boston and Raleigh. In particular, we would like to record our gratitude to Ms Terri Evans of the British Consulate in Boston and to Ms Marty Babcock of the North Carolina Center for International Understanding in Raleigh for coordinating the programme and ensuring our visit ran smoothly . Our visit formed part of two inquiries: the role of the private sector in the management and supply of state education services; and raising standards in disadvantaged urban communities. Terms of reference for these inquiries are annexed.
3. In many respects we found similarities to the UK in the challenges which face educators in Massachusetts and North Carolina. There is much to learn from sharing experience of the many initiatives which aim to raise standards of achievement in state schools in both countries.

75. High School Football Schedules
. According to Carol Tosches of the massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association infive divisions, four for public schools and one for parochial schools.
January 23, 2002 2002-R-0047 HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL SCHEDULES By: Judith Lohman, Chief Analyst
    You asked if Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island allow high school football teams to play regular season games against larger schools. SUMMARY All five states allow high school football teams from small schools to play teams from larger schools, according to spokespeople from their interscholastic athletic associations. New York reports that games between schools of different size classes are rare. In New Jersey, schools commonly play teams in the next higher size class but it is rare for a school in the smallest school class to play a team from the largest. Rhode Island limits regular season games to schools in the same division, but it is the only state of the five that does not assign schools to divisions strictly by size. As in Connecticut, three of the states award additional points towards state tournament participation for defeating a team in a larger class. MASSACHUSETTS Massachusetts teams are divided into Eastern, Central, and Western regions. Each region has divisions and the Eastern region divisions are subdivided into leagues. (A

76. 12.06.99 - Ed.Net Briefs
states or systems lowering standards include Arizona, Virginia, massachusetts, NewYork a formula for deciding how much public aid to parochial schools is too
Sponsored by
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Ed.Net Briefs is a free weekly online education newsletter. Each issue is filled with summaries of the week's important education stories, including the source citation for those who want more information. Ed.Net Briefs is sent to subscribers via e-mail and posted here on the Simpson Communications Web site each week. RECEIVE A FREE SUBSCRIPTION BY E-MAIL . Fill out this online subscription request form and you will receive Ed.Net Briefs via e-mail each Monday morning. QUESTIONS? Contact us via e-mail. SUPREME COURT DEBATES PAROCHIAL SCHOOL FUNDING The Supreme Court is trying to develop a formula for deciding how much public aid to parochial schools is too much. The debate was provoked by a Louisiana case in which two Jefferson Parish parents challenged a federal program that loans instructional equipment, including computers, to parochial schools. A federal appeals court panel struck down the program as a violation of the First Amendment, which prohibits government establishment of religion. The appeals judges said they approached the case with caution because of the Supreme Court's confusing precedents in the area. In a string of cases over three decades, the Supreme Court has upheld some forms of aid to parochial schools, such as textbooks, but not others, evaluating each program differently. A decision in the case could come any time before the end of the Court term next summer. Tony Mauro, "Court debates funding for parochial schools" USA Today, December 2, 1999, 11A

77. Jeff Jacoby: A Case Study In Educational Bureaucracy
At the heart of educationreform law—in massachusetts and elsewhere—is a of parentswho go into debt so their kids can attend private or parochial schools.
Jacoby MORE FROM JEFF JACOBY Immigrants in America: Out of Many, One Lady Arafat's Real Mistake A Case Study in Educational Bureaucracy Boston Globe
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"E DUCATION REFORM" in Massachusetts is now seven years old. It has cost taxpayers more than $6 billion in increased state spending on public schools. It has enjoyed robust support from virtually the entire Bay State political establishment. It has been championed by the teachers unions. It has been earnestly covered by the press. And it has failed. After all these years of "reform," educational achievement is as pathetic as ever. The latest statewide exam scores confirm it. In nearly every grade and every subject tested, a majority of Massachusetts public-school students either did poorly or failed outright. Among fourth-graders, 79 percent scored at the lowest levels in English and 63 percent did so in math. Forty percent of eighth-graders flunked math, 45 percent flunked science, and 49 percent flunked history. The number of tenth-graders failing was greater this year than last; a staggering 53 percent cannot solve even simple problems in math. When the wretched scores were released, the state's education commissioner, David Driscoll, claimed to see in them proof "that we are on the right track." James Peyser, chairman of the board of education, said that what is needed is "the fortitude to stay the course." Similar sentiments were expressed a year ago, and a year before that, and a year before that. Like compulsive gamblers, Massachusetts officials are sure that if only they keep wagering more money, the big payoff is bound to come.

78. Books In Review: Religious Liberty In The Supreme Court
as ratified, is the work of the fiery massachusetts Puritan, Fisher Ames role inAmerican society should focus on the schools, both public and parochial.
Books In Review
Religious Liberty in the Supreme Court
First Things 42 (April 1994): 51-54.
Liberalism vs. Religious Freedom
Religious Liberty in the Supreme Court: The cases That Define the Debate Over Church and State . Edited by Terry Eastland. Ethics and Public Policy Center. 516 pp. $29.95. Reviewed by Mark C. Henrie For all their concern about the rise of anti-democrats in post-Soviet Russia, when it comes to the decisive excellence of the American regime our chattering classes strangely forget self-government and the will of the people. Instead they proffer for praise the wise guidance of the Supreme Court, our government's most antidemocratic branch. Indeed, given the wrenching national struggle we witness each time a seat on the High Bench must be filled, it sometimes seems that the primary function of our Senate and presidency is the filling of openings among the Nine Oligarchs. Of course, there is truth to the claim that constitutional democracy is recognized by its special respect for law. One might also observe that our Nine represent a needed aristocratic element in an American "mixed regime"-this despite the Founders' boast of having achieved a government wholly republican in character. Such an aristocracy would probably not be objectionable were there less divergence between the moral and social intuitions of these oligarchs and those of the people, a divergence particularly acute on the question of the social role of religion. Surely the "spirit of the laws" is violated when courts decree a theory of justice that so completely contradicts the character of a people as does our case law concerning the Religion Clause(s) of the First Amendment.

79. Private School Choice Demonstration Amendment
the government from appropriating money, or property, to aid, maintain, or supporta religious sect (parochial schools are considered 6. massachusetts, Const.
You are currently visiting the ACLU online archives. These pages are not updated. For the latest information from the ACLU, go to TO: Interested Parties FROM: Robert S. Peck, Legislative Counsel DATE: January 22, 1992 RE: Private School Choice Demonstration Amendment The proposed school choice demonstration amendment to S. 2 would permit states to include private and parochial schools as "choice schools," notwithstanding contrary provisions of state law. While this effectively preempts state law after the Secretary of Education awards grants for the demonstration projects, it does not and cannot do so before an award is made. Therefore, a number of states, operating under state constitutions that prohibit the public funding of sectarian schools or institutions, are ineligible to apply for the grants. A government has only the power and authority granted to it by the people through a constitution. This is the foundation of a nation that observes "the rule of law." Just as the authority of the federal government is limited by the powers granted and denied by the federal Constitution, the authority of the state governments are limited by the powers granted and denied by their respective state constitutions. Where a state constitution prohibits public funding of sectarian institutions, the state would violate its constitution when it applied for the grant program contemplated by the choice demonstration amendment because it would exceed its constitutional authority. Thus, the following states are constitutionally inhibited from participating in the choice demonstration and cannot benefit from the amendment under consideration:

80. Fidelity Opportunities: About Us
campus is located right in the center of massachusetts's technology belt several optionsfor parents seeking high quality private and parochial schools as well.
"Fidelity is the biggest mutual fund company in the world. Regardless of your background, every day is a learning experience. "
New York
Region Marlborough MA Merrimack NH Midwest Region Raleigh NC Incorporated as a town in 1660 Marlborough, Massachusetts In the heart of New England irst incorporated in 1660 using the old English spelling of the 17th century, Marlborough, Massachusetts is rich in colonial New England tradition. Commonly referred to today as "Marlboro", this MetroWest city has become synonymous with the tremendous growth of the high-tech industry and has become one of New England's premier locations for businesses and visitors alike. Situated in a peaceful woodlands setting, Fidelity's 90 acre Marlborough campus is located right in the center of Massachusetts's technology belt, and is home to more than 3,000 Fidelity employees. To find out more about what this diverse and up and coming region has to offer, please click on the following sections: Traditional New England colonial style home Things to do The City of Marlborough provides a plethora of programs for adults and children to suit the diverse recreational needs of its residents including traveling basketball teams, tennis lessons, swimming lessons, exercise programs for adults, and horseback riding lessons at the Marlborough Equestrian Center. Ghiloni Recreation Center - a 56-acre park - provides jogging and nature trails, basketball courts, volleyball court, a picnic area and a playground. There's also a lake for swimming, fishing and boating, and a golf course at the Marlborough Country Club.

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