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         Massachusetts Ptas Ptos:     more detail

1. Home - Search Chu Mei Feng Video
media centers. massachusetts ptas ptos. massachusetts parochial schools.massachusetts newspapers magazines. massachusetts military mei feng video&show_page=1

2. Grants
Any public or private school in massachusetts is eligible to apply to may be submittedby teachers, school administrators or parent organizations (ptas/ptos).
orcester rts and umanities
ducational ollaborative Grants and Donations Received
  • The Worcester Arts and Humanities Educational collaborative was fortunate to receive a grant from Allmerica Financial Corporation The money will allow the schools to further develop working partnerships with the cultural institutions in the area. Allmerica has made a most significant contribution to the collaborative in terms of leadership, support and monetary contributions. Thorndyke Road School received a grant from the Francis R. Dewing Foundation to develop a "Thinking Trail" on the site of their school that will complement the science, art, literature and environmental studies.
Collaborative Grant Opportunities Alliance for Education
The Alliance for education provides funds for the schools to enhance the development of new and innovative curriculum units. Awards up to $800 will be made. For more information call the Alliance for Education at (508) 754-9425 or on the internet:

3. PTO Vs. PTA : August/September 2000 (upd. Aug '02) | PTO Today
than 75 percent of U.S. groups are now ptos. office and most state ptas advocate at their respective recordhigh school enrollments. The massachusetts PTA s experience is telling.
The national PTA’s position as presumed leader of the parent group world is no longer a given. More than 75 percent of U.S. groups are now PTOs.
(updated August 2002)
By Tim Sullivan It was perhaps the loudest reaction on the first day of the 2000 national PTA convention in Chicago. Illinois Superintendent of Schools Dr. Glenn McGee remembered a day earlier in his career when he made the “mistake” of referring to parent groups as “PTOs.” Almost on cue, the crowd of 1,500 or so PTAers roared their disapproval. Loud boos echoed through the cavernous meeting hall. He may as well have said that he hated the Cubs, the White Sox, the Bulls, and the Bears. Why the strong emotions? Are PTOs hurting kids or doing something wrong? While no PTA defenders go that far, there is a subtle but undeniable implication that those groups that aren’t part of the PTA are in some way choosing to abandon the cause of children. For some groups, the PTO vs. PTA debate is simply a matter of dollars and cents (either “we don’t want to send any money out of our school” or “are we getting enough service for the money we send out of our school?”). For others, though, the debate takes on a significantly increased importance. “If we don’t speak for all children, then who will?” the PTA’s most loyal defenders often ask.
Independence vs. Affiliation

4. C-599 Parent Teacher Connection
the ‘Rose Recommends’ column to schools, families, and area ptas and ptos, wecan O’Donnell, write NCTA Public Affairs Dept., 1924 massachusetts Ave

5. Massachusetts Special Education - What To Do Now
ptas chartered by the massachusetts PTA are 501(C)(3) tax exempt organizations. Other parent organizations, like ptos
MASSACHUSETTS SPECIAL EDUCATION WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW ? Set up meetings with your representative and senator . Have as many parents as possible attend these meetings; remember, a meeting with two or three parents (even one parent) can have a huge impact. (See Suggested Script).
Ask your local superintendent, special education director, teachers' union, school committee member if they will join you in the meeting with your legislator to support the Special Education Reform Proposal negotiated by statewide organizations.
Work to make sure that your PAC is an active organization with as full a membership as possible.
Organize parents and other members of your community. Remember, all constituents have an impact on legislators. Friends, relatives, and other community members are important participants.
Establish a phone chain to disseminate information as it becomes available. We may not have much time. -a "phone-in '' day for your legislator may be planned in the future; the phone chain will be critical
Include PTAs/PTOs and other "regular education" parent groups in your community.

6. The Latest PTO/PTA News | PTO Today
DECEMBER 30, 2002 Some massachusetts districts going to extremes and requiringbackground checks for NOVEMBER 18, 2002 Mississippi ptos and ptas hold a
Check this space frequently for the latest news and notes from the PTO world. Run into an interesting PTO tidbit? email us the news or a link to: APRIL 9, 2003: North Carolina parent group holds a special fundraiser inorder to display their freedom quilt.
APRIL 9, 2003: Comprehensive program profile here on connecting with and involving Hispanic parents at one Atlanta school.
APRIL 9, 2003: Weather doesn't dampen the spirit of this huge community-built plaground effort.
APRIL 9, 2003: Hawaiian Luau. Coppertone. Playground. $5000. There is a connection for this West Virginia school.
APRIL 8, 2003: Principal flipping burgers at this New York PTO's McDonald's Night fundraiser.
APRIL 7, 2003: Comprehensive piece here on parental involvement challenges in North Carolina. Nicely done. First in a series.
APRIL 1, 2003: NH fathers and daughters dance the night away at this "Enchanted Evening" fundraiser hosted by their PTO.
APRIL 1, 2003:

7. Progressive Possibilities
massachusetts PTO Today Site devoted to the work of volunteer schoolparentgroups (ptos, ptas, etc.) Issues education; education; media; parenting
Progressive Possibilities
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Massachusetts :
  • Alliance for Democracy, Merrimack Valley Chapter :: A group of citizens working to take back the government from special interest groups and/or corporations. Issues: Democratic Socialism; representation; justice; equality. Location: Chelmsford, MA 01824.
  • CPPAX (Citizens for Participation in Political Action) :: Multi-issue grassroots organizing for peace, justice, economic democracy and lasting systemic change. Issues: politics; peace; justice; healthcare; education. Location: Boston, MA 02111.
  • GW Dance Marathon :: A philanthropic event that benefits a local Children's Miracle Network affiliate, The Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. All proceeds will go directly to the local Children's Hospital for purchasing medical equipment and funding research. Issues: health; jordan, usdan, dance, fundraising, donate, hospital, children, education Location: Washington, DC 20052.
  • GW Dance Marathon :: A philanthropic event that benefits a local Children's Miracle Network affiliate, The Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. All proceeds will go directly to the local Children's Hospital for purchasing medical equipment and funding research. Issues: health; jordan, usdan, dance, fundraising, donate, hospital, children, education

8. Multistate Tax Commission
massachusetts. Agency Department of Revenue. Contact Person/Department Rulings Regulations Bureau. Tel. ptas. ptos. Other parent groups. (please identify).
Massachusetts Agency: Department of Revenue Tel. No.: (617) 626-3250 Fax No.: (617) 626-3290 E-mail:
  • If your State exempts fundraising sales by certain groups from sales or use taxes, please indicate which of the following are exempt in your State. Public Schools (K-12) Private Schools (K-12) School Groups (e.g., clubs, bands, teams) PTAs PTOs Other parent groups (please identify) Church Groups Youth Sports League 501 (c)(3) organizations 501 (c)(6) organizations Other (specify:) No Exemption. There is no categorical exemption for fundraising sales of tangible personal property by any of the above. However, fundraising sales by any of the above groups may qualify as "casual and isolated sales", under G.L. c. 64H, § 6 (c) provided that the requirements of 830 CMR 64H.6.1 (Casual and Isolated Sales regulation) are met. Please note that sales to government entities and agents purchasing on their behalf are exempt under M.G.L. c. 64H, § 6(d) and 830 CMR 64H.6.1. Sales to 501(c)(3) organizations and agents purchasing on their behalf are exempt under M.G.L .c. 64H, §6(e) and 830 CMR 64H.6.1. 1a Are local sales and use taxes in your State applied to these groups in the same manner as State sales and use taxes are applied to these groups?
  • 9. PTOtoday Online: Harper Valley PT0?
    PTOtoday is dedicated to helping school parent groups (like ptos and ptas) help their schools with information on fundraising, playgrounds, parent involvement and more. Across Connecticut, massachusetts and Rhode Island, parent groups continue to play important roles children"explains the difference between ptos and ptas. The National PTA Web
    Volume 1, Issue 1 September/October, 1999
    Harper Valley PTO?
    In southern New England, the 102-year old PTA seems to be less relevant than at any time in its history, but school parent groups are as busy as ever. What's happening with the PTA? And does it matter?
    The images are the same as ever. Parents chaperoning the school field trip. A school carnival in the playground celebrating the end of the year. The annual wrapping-paper sale. Across Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, parent groups continue to play important roles helping to build community at their schools. Today, though, these groups are far more likely to be called PTO or HSA or PCC...than they are to be called PTA. In total, fewer than 11 percent of southern New England K-8 parent groups remain affiliated with the formal PTA. While Connecticut's PTA is the strongest in the region (19 percent of the state's K-8 schools belong), the region's largest state, Massachusetts, can claim only 5 percent membership. "Back in the 60's we had over 100,000 members," recalls Massachusetts PTA Treasurer and Past President Barbara Bailey, herself a member for some 20 years. "There's just over 20,000 members now in 126 local units." "Personally, I've never heard of what the PTA does" says Sue Greenleaf, an active PTO volunteer at two schools in Tyngsboro, MA, expressing perhaps the most frustrating reality for PTA leaders.

    10. Fundraising Special Events / Shows / Fairs Etc. Fundraisers
    A great family show. East Orleans, massachusetts PopA-Shot, Inc. Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania Operation Bookworm - ptas/ptos can offer Operation Bookworm
    Home Fundraising Message Boards Fundraiser Advertisers Fundraising Newsletter ... Fundraiser Link Swap
    Top Fundraising Ideas Soundscape Fundraising PackJam Fundraising JD Fund-raiser Solutions Visit our
    Fundraiser of the Month

    Fundraising by Location Alabama Fundraising Alaska Fundraising Arizona Fundraising Arkansas Fundraising California Fundraising Colorado Fundraising Connecticut Fundraising Delaware Fundraising DC Fundraising Florida Fundraising Georgia Fundraising Hawaii Fundraising Idaho Fundraising Illinois Fundraising Indiana Fundraising Iowa Fundraising Kansas Fundraising Kentucky Fundraising Louisiana Fundraising Maine Fundraising Maryland Fundraising Massachusetts Fundraising Michigan Fundraising Minnesota Fundraising Mississippi Fundraising Missouri Fundraising Montana Fundraising Nebraska Fundraising Nevada Fundraising NewHampshire Fundraising New Jersey Fundraising New Mexico Fundraising New York Fundraising North Carolina Fundraising North Dakota Fundraising Ohio Fundraising Oklahoma Fundraising Oregon Fundraising Pennsylvania Fundraising Puerto Rico Fundraising Rhode Island Fundraising South Carolina Fundraising South Dakota Fundraising Tennessee Fundraising Texas Fundraising Utah Fundraising Vermont Fundraising Virginia Fundraising Washington Fundraising West Virginia Fundraising Wisconsin Fundraising Wyoming Fundraising FUNDRAISERS



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    11. The Role Of The PTA - Massachusetts -
    the same functions as ptas, but operate sometimes referred to as ptos (parentteacher
    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
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    The Role of the PTA The PTA is a powerful organization affiliated with many schools across the country. Read on for information about what the PTA does at school, and how you can join the club.

    12. Valentine's Day Parties To Include Games, Treats
    all her SAT exams and was recently accepted to massachusetts Institute of The PhoenixSuns Celebrity Shootout, to benefit Valley ptas, ptos and Cox Charities

    13. Projects
    Also, through our partnership with the ptos and ptas, we have Volunteers of the TelephonePioneers meet at the Friendly’s in Lee, massachusetts, as they
    Projects Talking Book Program
    The granddaddy of Pioneer Partnerships
    For 40 years, the talking book repair program has brought the joy of the printed word to
    those who cannot see. In cooperation with the Library of Congress and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and under the guidance of the Talking Book coordinators, Pioneers are
    responsible for refurbishing the special cassette and record-player machines that deliver books, newspapers magazines and other reading materials via the spoken word for more than 800,000 blind, visually or physically impaired users.
    Pioneers help repair upwards of 135,000 machines a year and have processed over 2 million
    to date a contribution valued at over $4 million annually and in excess of $70 million overall. Recently recognized in the U. S. with a congressional proclamation, the program marked 30 years of service in Canada in 2001. There is much to be done in continuing our support of this invaluable free program, and we invite you to be a part of it! (PS: It only sounds technical!)

    14. Subsection
    other organizations that advocate for education, such as ptos, ptas, or local RevisitedA FundRaising Starter Kit, in massachusetts Grantmakers, Associated
    7.3 Local fundraising efforts
    Consider joining forces with other organizations that advocate for education, such as PTOs, PTAs, or local education foundations. If these organizations pool their resources with yours to focus on technology for a defined period of time, you can all make major strides. "There is only one solid, consistent, and unshakable source of funding...: the gifts and bequests made by millions of individuals and families each year...In 1991, they gave more than $103 billion to the more than half-million groups, agencies, and institutions that make up the non-profit world. While a foundation or corporate funder will come and go, a generous individual, if properly recognized and cultivated by your organization, will make a commitment that can last a lifetime and beyond." From "Quest for Funds Revisited: A Fund-Raising Starter Kit," in Massachusetts Grantmakers, Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts, Inc. 1. Consider the benefits of a "Major Givers Campaign." 2. You may also want to consider Special Event Benefits.

    15. Bowling With Tocqueville Civic Engagement And Social Capital
    it was unlikely that in education–conscious massachusetts only one How many of theschools without ptas in fact because no one collects data on ptos or other

    16. Re: Risks Involved In Teachers Not Administering Standardized Tests (ARN-L)
    tests a true community action, with Parent Councils, ptas and ptos, civil rights Nothinghas been negotiated with the massachusetts Board of Education, nor
    Join the ARN E-mail Discussion Group ARN Home
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    Re: Risks involved in teachers not administering standardized tests

    17. AEI - News & Commentary
    it was unlikely that in educationconscious massachusetts only one How many of theschools without ptas in fact because no one collects data on ptos or other
    About AEI My AEI Support AEI Contact AEI ... Research Section Search
    America at War
    Browse by: Date Subject Author Type ...
    Bowling with Tocqueville Civic Engagement and Social Capital By Everett Carll Ladd Posted: September 15, 1998 SPEECHES Bradley Lecture (Washington) Publication Date: September 15, 1998 If some public pleasure is concerned, an association is formed to give more splendor and regularity to the entertainment. Societies are formed to resist evils that are exclusively of a moral nature, as to diminish the vice of intemperance. In the United States associations are established to promote the public safety, commerce, industry, morality, and religion. . . .The Americans make associations to give entertainment's, to found seminaries, to build ins, to construct churches, to diffuse books, to send missionaries to the antipodes; in the manner they found hospital, prisons, and schools. . . .There is no end which the human will despairs of attaining through the combined power of individuals united into a society. . . . Alexis de Tocqueville

    18. Education Exchange, December 1999
    a former educator from New York City, now living in massachusetts. October 1999,with articles on the difference between ptas and ptos, fundraising ideas
    4401-A Connecticut Avenue, Box 294, Washington, DC 20008
    Tel: (202) 244-7535, Fax: (202) 244-7584 Education Exchange
    Volume 3, Issue 12 December 1999 Focusing on Education Reforms at Your School, in Your State Legislature, and in Congress
    In This Issue
    California on Front Lines Concerning Charter School Bargaining
    Family Friendly Schools Offers New Concept for Parent Involvement
    New Magazine Created to Address PTO Issues ...
    EPI's Education Quick Facts
    California on Front Lines Concerning Charter School Bargaining
    New legislation approved in October by Governor Gray Davis threatens the way charter schools have been conducting business in California. After their legislative proposal to require collective bargaining in charter schools failed, California teacher unions successfully lobbied for Assembly Bill 631, a compromise almost as egregious. A.B. 631 affects new and existing charter schools. Before new applications to operate as a charter school will be approved, the charter board must decide whether 1) to be an independent public employer, or 2) to be subject to the district's collective bargaining negotiations with the incumbent employee unions. With well over 250,000 members, the teacher union likely to capture the most additional members will be the California Teachers Association the NEA affiliate.

    19. New England Comprehensive Assistance Center: Resources: Parental Involvement
    parents to join Parent Teacher Associations (ptas) or Parent Teacher Organizations(ptos). Laurie Slobody at the massachusetts Department of Education
    New England Comprehensive Assistance Center (NECAC)
    at EDC, Inc.
    55 Chapel Street
    Newton, MA 02158
    Phone: 800-332-0226
    Fax: (617) 969-7578
    TDD: 617-964-5448
    URL: We have done our best to make this site accessible.
    Please direct comments or questions about this site to Cyndi Plouff
    Parental Involvement
    June 1997 An update for Title I schoolwide program schools from the New England Comprehensive Assistance Center Parent Involvement In today's world, it is not always easy for parents, especially single parents, to find time and energy to get involved in their children's education. However, when parents become involved, both children and parents are benefit. Researchers report that parent participation enhances children's self-esteem, improves their academic achievement, improves parent-child relationships, and helps parents develop positive attitudes towards school. Two Types of Involvement One kind of parental involvement is school-based. It centers around school activities such as attending parent-teacher conferences and school functions, volunteering at the school, receiving and responding to written communications from the teacher, and encouraging parents to join Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) or Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs). Many schools try to make it easier for working parents to participate in school-based activities by scheduling conferences and school events at different times of the day. A second type of involvement focuses on parent-child interaction at home. Home-based activities allow parents flexibility in scheduling, provide opportunities for parents and children to spend time together, and offer a relaxed setting. The most beneficial home activities are deceptively simple. Many parents do not realize that when they involve children in day-to-day activities such as a trip to the gas station or grocery store, they can provide opportunities for learning. For example, although watching TV is viewed as noneducational, joint TV viewing can become educational if parents and children discuss what they saw.

    20. ECS Education Issue Document
    Deborah Hirsch, director, New England Resource Center for Higher Education, Universityof massachusetts at Boston. Reconstitute ptas and ptos as Parent
    ECS Executive Summary Education Commission of the States • 700 Broadway, Suite 1200 • Denver, CO 80203-3460 • 303-299-3600 • fax 303-296-8332 • Every Student A Citizen: Creating the Democratic Self Campaign for Action Compact for Learning and Citizenship National Study Group on Citizenship in K-12 Schools
    The National Study Group on Citizenship in K-12 Schools
    Sheila Bailey, education consultant, Vermont Elsa Banuelos, student organizer, West High School, Colorado Jill Blair, principal, BTW Consultants – informing change, California Steve Bonchek, executive director, Harmony School Education Center, Indiana Bernadette Chi, graduate student researcher, University of California-Berkeley Todd Clark, executive director, Constitutional Rights Foundation, California Thomas Ehrlich, senior scholar, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Stanford University, California Donald Ernst, government affairs director, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Virginia Robert Franco, chairman – social science; professor of anthropology, Kapi'olani Community College, Hawaii

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