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  1. MTEL Visual Art (17) Flashcard Study System: MTEL Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  2. MTEL Physics (11) Flashcard Study System: MTEL Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  3. MTEL Theater (45) Flashcard Study System: MTEL Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  4. MTEL Business (19) Exam Secrets Study Guide: MTEL Test Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  5. MTEL General Science (10) Exam Secrets Study Guide: MTEL Test Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  6. MTEL History (06) Exam Secrets Study Guide: MTEL Test Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  7. MTEL Physics (11) Exam Secrets Study Guide: MTEL Test Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  8. MTEL Physical Education (22) Flashcard Study System: MTEL Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  9. MTEL Visual Arts (17) Exam Secrets Study Guide: MTEL Test Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  10. MTEL Middle School Mathematics/Science (51) Exam Secrets Study Guide: MTEL Test Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2009
  11. MTEL Early Childhood (02) Exam Secrets Study Guide: MTEL Test Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  12. MTEL Mathematics (Elementary) (53) Flashcard Study System: MTEL Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  13. MTEL Foundations of Reading (90) Flashcard Study System: MTEL Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010
  14. MTEL Early Childhood (02) Flashcard Study System: MTEL Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure by MTEL Exam Secrets Test Prep Team, 2010

61. Teacherprep
City On A Hill has been awarded five grants by the massachusetts Department of Educationto establish and disseminate a teacher certification and development
The Community Teacher Institute at City On A Hill
Teacher Preparation Program
Work in Progress

62. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Missouri (Massachusetts-New Jersey)
Educator Resources teacher Resources teachers' Professional Resources CareerDevelopment State certification Renewal Requirements massachusettsNew
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  • 63. Massachusetts – Education Departments (Reference)
    Print Page, massachusetts – Education Departments. Board of Education CurriculumFrameworks. teachers Association. teacher certification. Grade Levels PreK - 12.
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    64. Teacher Certification Test's Critics Misfire With Analysis: 2/15/99
    Those who are still nursing their wounds over the results of the new teachercertification exams in massachusetts now have a shoulder to cry on.
    Teacher certification test's critics misfire with analysis
    Those who are still nursing their wounds over the results of the new teacher certification exams in Massachusetts now have a shoulder to cry on. Three education specialists, working on their own and with their own money, have concluded that the state's examinations are flawed and do not reliably identify those who are not competent to teach in the commonwealth's public schools. It may come as little surprise that one of the three, Salem State College professor Clarke Fowler, is a member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, which is vehemently anti-test. (Salem, incidentally, saw half its candidates fail the certification tests.) The other two are Boston College professor Walter Haney, who is nationally known as a testing expert, and Anne Wheelock, who writes on education issues.
    They didn't actually analyze the test; instead they compared test results with personal evaluations of some of those who took the test with varying degrees of success. They also looked at the variations in test scores among those who took the exam more than once. Their conclusion is that the results vary wildly, too wildly to be reliable, and some highly skilled individuals were screened out while others with less ability won their certification.
    That will come as a surprise to the hundreds of test designers and reviewers mostly all teachers who put in many months to ensure that the test was as fair, relevant and reliable as anyone could make it.

    65. Trivial Pursuit Testing - Vol 13 No 2 - Rethinking Schools Online
    In an endeavor to comply with state teacher certification policy, I took the Oct.3 massachusetts teacher Test, but found both the content and process of the
    Search Rethinking Schools Help Home Archive Volume 13, No. 2 - Winter 1998/99 Trivial Pursuit Testing
    Trivial Pursuit Testing
    An education professor takes the Massachuesetts teacher certification test. His conclusion? The test is excellent - if the goal is to train winners in competitions of Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit By Peter Kiang In an endeavor to comply with state teacher certification policy, I took the Oct. 3 Massachusetts Teacher Test, but found both the content and process of the test to be distressingly arbitrary. The above three italicized words were among those that test-takers had to define in the most recent Teacher Test. The sentence reflects my own understanding of how to use them appropriately. As a professor of teacher education and Asian-American Studies, I chose to take the four-hour Communication and Literacy Skills Test and the four-hour Social Studies Test (with a 20-minute lunch break) in order to understand directly what our students are being asked to know and do. Like others, I was struck by the rigid, disrespectful conditions of the test process itself. In the afternoon, for example, I was reprimanded initially by the test monitor for not having a more legible signature on my photo identification card, and then more sternly for taking a sip of water. To go to the bathroom, I was told to raise my hand and wait for the test monitor to grant permission because only one of us could leave the testing room at any given time. Then, on my way to the bathroom and back, I noticed three different hall monitors, seated in strategic locations, each doing their duty to check if I had the yellow bathroom permission pass. Had the state somehow confused reform school for education reform, I wondered.

    66. Fund Code - 508: Goals 2000 Preservice: District-Based Teacher Certification Pro
    Purpose The massachusetts Education Reform Act enables school districts to of Educationin developing assessment of teacher certification candidates based on
    get things done agencies elected officials Select Program Area DOE HOME Advisory Councils Board of Education Career and Technical Education Charter Schools Compliance/Monitoring Curriculum Frameworks/Institutes Dual Enrollment Early Learning Services Education Reform Educational Technology Educator Licensure Tests (MTEL) Educator Licensure ETIS Family Literacy Forms Directory General Educational Development Grants: Information Information Services Educator Licensure Health, Safety and Student Support Services MCAS MECC - (Career Center) "No Child Left Behind" Federal Education Law Nutrition Programs Reading Office School and District Accountability School and District Profiles/Directory School Councils School Finance School-to-Career Education Security Portal Special Education Spread the Word Title I Virtual Education Space - VES Videotapes News District/School Administration Educator Services Assessment/Accountability ... Links
    Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2000
    Goals 2000 Preservice: District-Based Teacher Certification Programs (Fund Code:508)
    Purpose: The Massachusetts Education Reform Act enables school districts to hire provisionally certified teachers and teachers holding the provisional certificate with advanced standing and prepare them for the next level of certification while employed in schools. Goals 2000 funds will be used to assist districts or charter schools and their partners in the design and implementation of District-Based Certification Programs.

    67. "Testing . . . Testing"
    (Education) The massachusetts Department of or to the testtakers the actual questionsused (and the correct answers) from the recent teacher certification test
    Serving Educators Around The World
    Media Literacy Review
    Media Literacy Online Project - College of Education - University of Oregon - Eugene "Testing . . . Testing" Bill Walsh, Contributing Writer
    E-Mail: WillWalsh@aol The big story in the local media these days is testing "the testing" of Massachusetts students with the MCAS tests and the testing of Massachusetts teachers on a new certification exam. While lots of people have already offered their opinions about the quality of education in this state( or lack of it), few have opined about the quality or difficulty of the tests themselves. I mean, it's pretty clear that you can determine how easy or hard a test is going to be when you make up the questions. At least, I THOUGHT that was clear. Maybe not. To illustrate that (neglected) point, I humbly offer the Simple Test for Obviously Outrageous Predetermined Ignorant Dolts (STOOPID test):
  • (Math) According to newspaper reports, it cost the state of Massachusetts 23 million dollars to administer the MCAS tests to 210,000 students across the state. What was the cost per student? (ANSWER: $110 per student).
  • (Social Studies) Assume you are given a hundred ten dollars to spend on each student. What is the best way to spend the money? (a) purchase textbooks; (b) increase the salary of teachers; (c) construct smaller class sizes; (d) improve the quality of instruction; (e) disrupt classes for two weeks to give the students a test. (ANSWER: Obviously e).
  • 68. WestEd Resources
    Alternative Route to teacher certification in Rhode Island A and middlelevel teachers,teacher leaders, and the University of massachusetts-Lowell, Learning

    69. American Association For Employment In Education - U.S. State Teacher Certificat
    West Baltimore Street Baltimore 212012595, 410-767-0412 massachusetts Departmentof 3rd Floor Lansing 48933, 517-335-0406 teacher certification Minnesota (3
    Quick Link About AAEE Contact Us Give us your feedback Education Candidates College Career Centers School Districts Educational Organizations Become a Member For Members Only
    This article is taken from The Job Search Handbook for Educators. Each year, more than 135,000 teacher candidates use this book to help organize their job searches. This is just one of many featured articles which are researched and written by AAEE members. If you would like more information on ordering this handbook, c lick here The Job Search Handbook for Educators A teaching certification is valid only in the state for which it is issued, and certification and testing requirements are never static. If you are planning to move to another state, you should contact that state's certification office, as listed below. The number code following each entry indicates the types of testing which the state required at the time this information was published in the 1999 Job Search Hanbook. The key to the codes follows the state listing.
    When you write or call the state certification office, indicate the type of certificate you are receiving from your current state, which national tests you have taken, and ask for application materials and procedures for obtaining certification in the new state. Another source of information about certification requirements will be the actual districts to which you apply.

    70. Kyle Nash
    of massachusetts, North Dartmouth, massachusetts Graduate program in ProfessionalWriting certification massachusetts State teacher certification Maine State
    @import url(/styles/ces.css); Home About CES Job Board
    CES Job Board Resume
    Kyle Nash
    Resume Title: Kyle Nash
    Target Organization(s): CES School, CES Center
    Target Job(s): Teacher
    Target Grade Level(s): Middle, High
    Target Subject(s): Language Arts, Technology
    The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts
    B.A., Theatre; Minor in Music. Honors: Cum Laude, Chancellor's Talent Award
    Salem State College, Salem, Massachusetts
    Certification in Secondary Education, English
    University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts Graduate program in Professional Writing Certification: Massachusetts State Teacher Certification Maine State Teacher Certification Teaching Experience: Poland Regional High School, Poland, Maine (1999-2002) •Planned and developed a Senior level literture course entitled “Exploring Life’s Big Questions.” •Worked within the governance system to promote and develop the school’s mission. •Counseled with both students and parents in an effort to improve student performance. •Worked directly with teachers in staff development as a Critical Friends Group coaching position.

    71. 50 State's Certification Requirements
    links to 50 State's certification requirements for teachers, administrators, and other P12 support personnel to collect the teacher certification requirements for the continually revising their teacher certification/licensure rules and search for teacher certification information, you find
    50 States' Certification Requirements
    In an effort to facilitate the movement from one state to another, the UK College of Education will attempt to collect the teacher certification requirements for the 50 States. We recognize that States are continually revising their teacher certification/licensure rules and requirements. This page is intended to help you gather planning information on states of your choice! You might want to look at the certification requirements and later look for position announcements in the State. Good luck in your search!! Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware D.C. Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Sometimes you will want more information about a State's educational offerings, you can go to the

    72. Teacher Test Accountability: From Alabama To Massachusetts
    teacher Test Accountability From Alabama to massachusetts Larry H. Ludlow Associate Professor Boston College Lynch School of Education Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation Department Education Policy Analysis Archives, 2001 9 (6).
    Teacher Test Accountability: From Alabama to Massachusetts Larry H. Ludlow Associate Professor Boston College
    Lynch School of Education Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation Department Education Policy Analysis Archives, 2001,9 (6). Acknowledgment : I wish to thank Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Walt Haney, Joseph Herlihy, Craig Kowalski, George Madaus, and Diana Pullin for their advice and editorial comments. Teacher Test Accountability: From Alabama to Massachusetts Abstract Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing . Unfortunately, however, there is no public or private business or governmental agency that serves to certify or in any other formal way declare that any teacher test does, in fact, meet the psychometric recommendations stipulated in the Standards. Consequently, there are no legislated penalties for faulty products (tests) nor are there opportunities for test takers simply to raise questions about a test and to have their questions taken seriously by an impartial panel. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the psychometric results reported by National Evaluation Systems (NES) in their 1999 Massachusetts Educator Certification Test (MECT) Technical Report , and more specifically, to identify those technical characteristics of the MECT that are inconsistent with the Standards . A second purpose of this article is to call for the establishment of a standing test auditing organization with investigation and sanctioning power. The significance of the present analysis is twofold: a) psychometric results for the MECT are similar in nature to psychometric results presented as evidence of test development flaws in an Alabama class-action lawsuit dealing with teacher certification (an NES-designed testing system); and b) there was no impartial enforcement agency to whom complaints about the Alabama tests could be brought, other than the court, nor is there any such agency to whom complaints about the Massachusetts tests can be brought. I begin by reviewing NES’s role in

    73. Summer/Fall Certification Option
    matter knowledge. A passing score in both test areas is required forMassachusetts's teacher certification. Registration forms and
    Summer/Fall Option of the
    Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies Department School of Education University of Massachusetts, Amherst Massachusetts 01003 For More Information Program Details Summer/Fall Handbook Course Descriptions June Calendar ... APPLICATION Who should apply to this option? This option is designed for juniors, seniors, and the Post-BA/BS students who want to teach science or mathematics in middle or high school, and who want to begin a certification program this summer and finish at the close of the fall semester. Students interested in the option should have completed most or all of a major in science, math, or the equivalent.
    What does this option provide? This university-based option provides students with the opportunity to learn the most effective ways to teach science and math and to work in innovative science and math classrooms. Students who complete this option and have passed the applicable parts of the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure will be recommended to receive Massachusetts's Initial Licensure to teach middle school (General Science, Earth Science, or Mathematics) or high school (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, or Mathematics). This is the level of licensure necessary to teach in public schools in the State of Massachusetts and the other states that recognize Massachusetts's accreditation.

    74. ~ EPAA Vol. 7 No. 4 Haney, Fowler, Wheelock, Bebell Malec
    9/98 The DOE announced that as of 9/30/98 the title of the educator certificationtesting program changed from massachusetts teacher Tests to massachusetts

    page 1
    introduction background interviews ... references
    Appendix 1
    The Massachusetts Teacher Tests: A Chronology
    • The Massachusetts legislature passed a bill that, among other things, required candidates for teacher certification to pass a "standardized exam in his or her subject field [and] a standardized exam of communication and language skill" (MGL, 1985, Chapter 188, Section 15).
    • The Massachusetts legislature passed the Education Reform Act of 1993 which included language that required candidates to pass tests, specifically "a writing and subject matter test," in order to be certified.
    • The Board of Education had "an initial discussion about implementing ... a two-part test for teacher certification .... The Commissioner [Robert Antonucci] recommended that the Board set October 1, 1997 as the implementation date. The Board agreed to discuss this further and take action at the November meeting" (Massachusetts Department of Education, Board in Brief, 10/24/96).
    • The Massachusetts Board of Education "voted to endorse a recommendation by Commissioner Antonucci to require all candidates for teacher certification as of January 1, 1998 to pass a standardized test in communications and literacy skills and subject matter knowledge" (Massachusetts Department of Education, Board in Brief, 11/21/96). The Board also voted that Commissioner Robert Antonucci should "proceed at once with the selection of a test vendor with the aim of having the test available for review by the Board no later than October 1, 1997" (Massachusetts Department of Education, Videotape of Board Meeting of 11/18/96).

    75. MTEL | Test Information Booklets
    which test(s) a candidate must take should be directed to the teacher certificationcontact person at that individual's college or massachusetts Department of
    Quick Links > Catalog Library Directions Directories Contact Us Site Map Search:
    Assessment Center
    Massachusetts Teacher Tests
    Test Information Booklets Click here to view the Test Information Booklets at the DOE Web site.
    Purpose of This Booklet This booklet is designed to provide general information on the Massachusetts Teacher Tests program, including the structure, format, and items of the Communication and Literacy Skills test and the subject tests. Key Features of This Booklet
    • Information about the Massachusetts Teacher Tests List of test objectives for the Communication and Literacy Skills test Sample multiple-choice and open-response items (including four items which appeared on the April 1998 Massachusetts Teacher Tests) Criteria for scoring
    For Further Information Readers who have any questions about registration and test administration procedures for the Massachusetts Teacher Tests should consult the current version of the Massachusetts Teacher Tests Registration Bulletin. Copies of the registration bulletin can be obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Education, from schools of education at Massachusetts colleges and universities, or by contacting the Massachusetts Teacher Tests program at the phone number and address listed below. Questions regarding

    76. V.82 No.10 Pages 773-780/June 2001: Fowler
    his conversation with Amy Wilkins, one of the Trust's senior associates The Massachusettstest wasn't any harder than other teacher certification tests, she
    What Did the Massachusetts Teacher Tests Say About American Education? By R. Clarke Fowler Will the mechanisms that policy makers are using to improve schools of education more certification tests, higher cut scores, and severe penalties for institutions that fail to meet specific pass rates actually deliver the increased accountability and better teachers that policy makers have promised? Mr. Fowler's experience in Massachusetts suggests that the answer is no. DURING the summer of 1998, magazines, newspapers, and the electronic media widely reported the results of the first administration of Massachusetts' new tests for aspiring teachers. The results were notable because 59% of those tested failed an exam that state officials described as a test of eighth- to 10th-grade skills. This story was also notable because of the remarkable series of events that accompanied the announcement of the test scores. The state board of education sparked outrage when it initially set the cut scores at one standard deviation below the levels recommended by its own panels of experts. It sparked controversy when it reversed this decision just one week later, in a vote preceded by the unexpected departure of Frank Haydu, then commissioner of education, who resigned with the comment that "the political forces have been unleashed." This story also made headlines because of the heated and highly quotable rhetoric that surrounded the affair. Thomas Finneran, the speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, declared: "I'll tell you who won't be a teacher. The idiots who took that test and flunked so miserably and, of course, the idiots who passed them."

    77. Eliot Pearson Department Of Child Development Undergraduate Teacher Preparation
    massachusetts regulations require a twostage process for obtainingteacher certification (1) Provisional and (2) Standard. The

    About the Department
    Program Info Teacher Prep News ... Home Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Programs Leading to Certification Teacher Certification at the Provisional with Advanced Standing level is available to Tufts undergraduates through the Department of Child Development. Massachusetts regulations require a two-stage process for obtaining teacher certification: (1) Provisional and (2) Standard . The Department sponsors or co-sponsors two teacher certification programs for undergraduates: the Provisional Early Childhood Teacher Certification Program (Pre-K through 3rd Grade)

    78. TSSN
    this program, students are eligible for endorsement for the massachusetts Teacherof Students with Special Needs (PreK8) Standard certification and Elementary
    Graduate School
    Teaching Students with Special Needs Program: PreK - 8
    Program Overview
    Certification Options

    Partner Schools/Paid Internships

    TSSN Partner Schools
    Financial Aid Information

    SPECIAL NEEDS PROGRAM OVERVIEW Special Needs Program Outline
    Urban Teacher Special Needs Program Outline

    The Teaching Students with Special Needs Program is designed to prepare professionals to work with children, Pre-Kindergarten through eigth grade, with mild to moderate special needs who participate in integrated or self-contained private and public school classrooms. It is a collaboration between Wheelock College Graduate School and Boston area private and public schools providing paid internships. This Master of Science Program leads to dual certifications: Teacher of Students with Special Needs (PreK-8) and Elementary Education (1-6).
    Students develop skills in integrative curriculum design, creating a supportive classroom ecology, adaptive teaching strategies, problem-solving with other practitioners, collecting and analyzing formal and informal assessment, and maintaining effective parent-professional partnerships. Emphasis is placed on teacher-as-researcher, knower and doer and a commitment to equity for all children in a multiracial and multicultural society.
    With variations in the course of study, this program is open to those new to teaching, individuals with an advanced provisional teacher certification, and to professionals already teaching in their own classrooms who seek special needs standard certification. Students who want to use their own classroom must obtain approval from the program coordinator in order to participate in this option.

    79. THE MENTOR CONNECTION - Massachusetts
    TROOPSTO-teacherS THE MENTOR CONNECTION massachusetts Mentors. Workedin the civilian sector then pursued my goal of becoming a teacher.
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    THE MENTOR CONNECTION Massachusetts Mentors Troops to Teachers
    Information Employment Search Mentor Connection
    Troops to Teachers State Offices
    TTT Access for District/School Administrators

    Contact Information
    • Chief, Code 02

    80. Are Teachers REALLY "idiots"? By Jerry Taylor
    It calls for teacher certification candidates to take and pass a test measuring Massachusettspublic school teachers must be certified by the state first in


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    Are Teachers REALLY "idiots"?
    Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998
    Subject: "Teachers are idiots!" (?)
    Are teachers REALLY "idiots"? They are if you believe Massachusetts House Speaker Thomas Finneran! That's what he recently called the prospective teachers who recently failed the Massachusetts Teacher Exam. He also criticized the colleges granting them degrees.
    There have been several instances in the news lately that have not put
    teachers in the brightest of lights. (Matter of fact, it makes us look more

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