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         Math Glossaries & Tables:     more detail

1. Online Resources
math glossaries. Harcourt Brace Animated Glossary. In addition to the glossary,the option to view tables is available at each grade level.
The purpose of this site is to provide valuable online resources related to mathematics. The sites found on this page offer you a wide range of valuable tools found on the World Wide Web. The sites selected for use on this page are only a sample of the many, many math-related sites found on the Internet; however, we feel these sites best meet the needs of our viewers. Math Glossaries Math Resources Math Organizations Curriculum Support Math Glossaries Harcourt Brace Animated Glossary This site provides the user with an interactive glossary for grades 1-8. Each grade level has a glossary that supplements the curriculum in textbooks published by Harcourt . In addition to the glossary, the option to view tables is available at each grade level. Mathematical Glossary - Middle Years This glossary is designed for use in grades 6-9. The glossary "provides meaningful definitions to middle level mathematics teachers." Mathworld At this site you will find a "convenient and comprehensive mathematics encyclopedia." This site is intended for students, teachers, and professionals in the world of mathematics. You will also find engaging graphics and interactive media that can be manipulated through your web browser.

2. TopMath.Info's Math Reference Links For 3rd - 5th Grade Students
math reference links for students in 3rd through 5th grade. math Glossary. Several math glossaries, sorted by grade level. math Reference tables. math reference materials
TopMath.Info Home Page
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3rd - 5th Grade Arithmetic Money Geometry Multiple Topics ... Collections of Links

3. Glossaries & Tables
math tables and Dictionary Dave's math tables math Database Onlinemathematics Dictionary Salary Calculator home1.gif (20220 bytes).
Math Tables and Dictionary
Dave's Math Tables Math Database Online Mathematics Dictionary Salary Calculator

4. About "Math (StudyWeb)"
in each of the following categories general math, algebra, chaos theory, calculus,elementary math, fractals, geometry, glossaries tables, history of math
Math (StudyWeb)
Library Home
Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link Library Help
Visit this site: Author: The Lightspan Partnership, Inc. Description: Levels: Elementary Middle School (6-8) High School (9-12) Languages: English Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles Link Listings Dictionaries, Glossaries, Thesauri Instructional Packages/Games ... Web Interactive/Java Math Topics: Basic Algebra Equations Arithmetic/Early Math Measurement ... Search

5. TopMath.Info's Math Reference Links For Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Students
math references for students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Multimedia math Glossary. Several math glossaries, sorted by grade level. Dave's math tables. tables and formulas
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Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Arithmetic Money Puzzles and Problems Answers to Your Questions ... Collections of Links

6. Math Forum Electronic Newsletter
INTERNET NEWS math tables Formulas SOS Lighthouses math Words, glossaries,Dictionaries mathEMATICAL tables AND FORMULAS - SOS mathEMATICS http//www
Volume 4, Number 25 Back to Table of Contents
Math Words, Glossaries, Dictionaries MATHEMATICAL TABLES AND FORMULAS - S.O.S. MATHEMATICS This "educational resource honoring the design, history, and spirit of our nation's guiding beacons" offers suggestions for questions that investigate the geometry, algebra and trigonometry, physics, and chemistry of lighthouses, with some history and a short bibliography of books and online references, including Lighthouse Digest magazine: For more on lighthouses, see LIGHTHOUSE BUILDERS NEED TO KNOW MATH from the Groton Public Schools Online. The page identifies some geometric shapes common to lighthouse architecture, and outlines a construction project for making your own lighthouse on a paper plate island, with a link to information on how to electrify it: Why do they call it a right angle? Where did the word hundred come from? A list of over 120 mostly math words, and their origins, from abscissa to zero. For annotated links to sites with glossaries and dictionaries see the Forum's Math Library page: Resource Types : Reference Sources : Dictionaries

7. About " (formerly Dave's Math Tables)"
of useful searchable math reference tables, formatted especially for the Web. Resource Types Dictionaries, glossaries, Thesauri. math Topics Basic Algebra, Vectors, Fourier (formerly Dave's Math Tables)
Library Home
Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link Library Help
Visit this site: Author: David Manura Description: A collection of useful searchable math reference tables, formatted especially for the Web. Tables cover topics in general math (number notation), algebra (identities, polynomials, exponents, etc.), geometry (areas, volumes, surface areas), trigonometry (identities, hyperbolics, etc), odds and ends (constants, vectors, graphs, etc), calculus (integrals, derivatives, etc) and advanced topics (Fourier series, transforms). You can download the site and view it offline, or view a version in Spanish, including an English-Spanish Math Dictionary. An interactive message board is also available. Levels: Elementary Middle School (6-8) High School (9-12) College Languages: English Spanish Resource Types: Dictionaries, Glossaries, Thesauri Math Topics: Basic Algebra Vectors Fourier Analysis/Wavelets Exponents/Roots ... Search

8. About "Math (StudyWeb)"
theory, calculus, elementary math, fractals, geometry, glossaries tables, history of math, mathematicians, math
Math (StudyWeb)
Library Home
Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link Library Help
Visit this site: Author: The Lightspan Partnership, Inc. Description: Levels: Elementary Middle School (6-8) High School (9-12) Languages: English Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles Link Listings Dictionaries, Glossaries, Thesauri Instructional Packages/Games ... Web Interactive/Java Math Topics: Basic Algebra Equations Arithmetic/Early Math Measurement ... Search

9. Jim Reed's Home Page
glossaries K7 8-10. NUMBER Flash math Movies - new Learning About Number RelationshipsAddition tables Zoo Zillions Clocks Multiple Counting Practice Hungry
Philosophy: I believe families have the right to educate their children at home and school boards have a duty to support this decision. Interests: I enjoy developing on-line tools to teach my @home learning students. This year I am exploring Flash MX. Sample Activities: This course is best displayed in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The icon provided will link you to the latest browser update. Multimedia content will not display properly without the appropriate plugins. The test below will tell you which plugins are installed. The Macromedia Flash™ 6 Plugin is required in order to view many of the multimedia segments. If you cannot see the animation on the left, click on the Flash Player icon to download the plugin.

10. - Reference - Mathematics
Dictionaries, Encylopedias and glossaries; Lists and tables. First 500 Fibonacci Numbers (D Schweizer - College of Holy Cross); math Formulas and tables - (math
  • Dictionaries, Encylopedias and Glossaries FAQ Image Galleries Lists and Tables ... Other Resources

  • Dictionaries, Encylopedias and Glossaries
  • Combinatorial Structures - (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) Combinatorics (J Fields - University of Illinois at Chicago) Discrete Mathematics - (The Discrete Mathematics Project - University of Colorado at Boulder) Engineering Terms - (Astro-Med, Inc.) Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics - (Wolfram Research, Inc.) Famous Curves Index - (MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive - University of St. Andrews) Fundamental Physical Constants - (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Galois Theory - (G Wraith - University of Sussex) Glossary of Mathematical Terms - (A Bogomolny) Graph Theory Glossary - (Chris Caldwell - University of Tennesse) High Performance Computing and Communications - (K Hawick and S Elmohamend - Northeast Parallel Architecture Center at Syracuse University) Integer Sequences Internet Terms and Technical Support . - (Webopedia) Linear Algebra - (J Burkardt - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center) Mathematical Functions - (Wolfram Research, Inc.)
  • 11. StudyWorks! Online : StudyWorks Is For Teachers!
    that contains lessons, practice problems, and exercises for math or science, a tutorialon how to use StudyWorks, glossaries, reference tables, and multimedia,,NAV9-58_SWK1591,00.shtm

    News and Reviews
    Standards Compliance Teacher to Teacher Classroom Resources ... Where to Buy
    StudyWorks Is for Teachers!
    StudyWorks! Mathematics can be used in myriad ways to enhance your presentations, improve your personal productivity, and engage students in problem solving for math and science. StudyWorks is a fully featured graphing and solving tool for mathematics as well as a multi-faceted environment for creating demonstrations, activities, tests, handouts, papers, or any other technical document you want. In addition, it provides an expansive CD-based library of learning resources for students and teachers alike, as well as additional online materials.
    In a nutshell, StudyWorks offers the following tools and resources:
    • WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) presentation of mathematics. A live calculation environment where results are updated automatically when values change, including:
        A vast collection of built-in constants and functions for performing almost any mathematical calculation up through Calculus. Symbolic algebra including solving, simplification, and other common procedures.

    12. StudyWorks! Online : What The Press Says
    StudyWorks! presents sophisticated math and science lessons and provides studentswith reference tables, glossaries, Web links, tools to create your own lab,,NAV9-53_SAR341,00.shtml

    News and Reviews
    StudyWorks! Video News Release
    Business Week Online Finds StudyWorks Eases Math and Science Work
    MathSoft Awards StudyWorks Grant to Brady Independent School District ... Where to Buy
    What the Press Says
    1999 Fastest Growing High School Math Product!
    1998, 1997 PC Magazine Top 100
    1996 HomePC Top 100
    Boston Herald
    May 21, 2000
    Associated Press
    May 22, 2000
    PC Magazine
    "A powerful study tool built around MathSoft's excellent StudyWorks package, Mathematics Deluxe is an electronic study guide and notebook for junior high and high school students. The product covers every math subject, from prealgebra to calculus and statistics. Online features let students discuss problems and concepts with peers and educators from around the country."
    September 1, 1999
    The New York Times
    "StudyWorks Science is serious software... It combines the power of a scientific calculator with the advantages of a computer, offering an unusual word-and-math processor, a resource library and Web and newsgroup links on physics, chemistry, earth science, statistics and biology."
    September 23, 1999

    13. Hogg"s Favorite Sites
    tools. mathematics Reference tables and glossaries by subject. DiscoverySchool's Puzzlemaker Create word and math puzzles. FunBrain
    Favorite Sites Students Parents Teachers Just for Fun Use the "back " button to return to this page. Sites for Students A+ Math
    Games, flashcards, worksheets and homework help for all grade s. Math Forum
    Submit solutions for the problem of the week. Geometry Center (Science U)
    Fun photographs and information for science and geometry. Math is Power.
    Great resource for math and careers. See the parent resource page. Dr. Alice Christie's Search Engines Page
    Large list of a variety of search engines and subject directories. Math Careers
    Information about what to do with a math major. Women Mathematicians
    Biographies of women mathematicians 5th century B.C to today Online Math Applications
    Teaches kids that mat applies to the real world. The Math Forum-Ask Dr. Math
    Students can ask and submit math questions. TOP Dr. Christie's Online Research Page

    14. Subject Guide For Mathematics And Statistics
    math dictionary with solutions QA5 .K692 1999. 4 glossaries translating from French,German, Russian and Selected tables in mathematical Statistics QA276.25 S42.
    Engineering and Science Library
    Subject Guide: Mathematics and Statistics
    General Info - Handbooks etc. Journal Articles - Indexes and Databases Mathematics Ejournals Current Journals - in the ... Other Math Links Suggestions are welcomed. The following is a selection of local and Internet resources of interest to Mathematics and Statistics students and researchers.
    Handbooks, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias. All items are available in the Reference section ASM handbook of engineering mathematics Biometrika Tables for Statisticians 2nd ed CRC handbook of tables for probability and statistics 2d ed. CRC handbook of mathematical sciences 5th ed CRC standard mathematical tables and formulae 30th ed Dictionary of mathematics: in four languages, English, German, French, Russian
    Encyclopaedia of mathematics : an updated and annotated translation of the Soviet "Mathematical encyclopaedia"

    9 volume set plus supplement published between 1988 and 1994. Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences
    10 volume set published by Wiley-Interscience between 1982 and 1989.

    15. Math
    General math General Resources glossaries tables History of math mathematiciansmath Software Puzzles Problems Study Skills Tips Word Problems.
    okee i Site Contents ... Feedback Math , is Absolutely fantastic, because you only have to learn it once...
    No-one will ever tell you that algebra no longer works. Arithmetic General Resources

    Long Division

    Learning to Count

    Algebra General Resources
    Pre Algebra

    Linear Algebra

    Online Courses
    Advanced Math Applied Math General Resources Unsolved Problems Chaos Theory General Resources Software/Shareware Tutorials General Resources ... Earthquake Measurement General Math General Resources History of Math Mathematicians Math Software ... Word Problems Geometry General Resources Euclid Fibonacci Numbers Golden Mean ... Tutorials Fractals General Resources Animated Fractals Journals Mandelbrot ... Tutorials Teaching Resources Algebra Business Ed., Accounting Business Ed., Stock Market Calculus ... Word Pr Send mail to jeffpinder@ okee i with questions or comments about this web site. Last modified: February 05, 2002 06:23:38 PM

    16. Connecting Math To Our Lives Project- International Networking Project Sponsored
    2.1 Use titles, tables of contents, chapter headings, glossaries, and indexes Theseskills were addressed though the math Introductions, Class Portrait
    A Tour of the Connecting Math to Our Lives Project:
    A Global Learning Network Project Designed to Promote Collaborative and Critical Inquiry
    Curriculum Standards: Key Math Concepts
    Addressing Key Math Concepts, Standards and Assessment Some teachers interested in beginning global learning network projects may ask, "What about the standards that I am accountable for? How do I have time to teach all the required subjects and still have time for another project?" Some teachers may want to begin a project, yet feel pressure about addressing standards. Meg Marino was one of the pioneers who began the "Connecting Math to Our Lives" Project at her school, and also had the same responsibility to meet standards. After looking at the activities which evolved from students' interests in the CMTOL project, we have seen that students experience many authentic ways of exciting learning. We have also seen that teachers who know the standards and curriculum for their grade levels can also readily address those grade level standards in a student-centered way. Finally, the authentic teaching and learning that takes places is also appropriate for differentiating instruction for all students as needed.

    17. Web Links Concerning Statistics Teaching
    Statistics glossaries General Comment I believe none of these have an entry for tablesPublic Domain tables confidence interval for median, Utest, normal, t
    Web links concerning statistics teaching
    Other collections of links

    18. SUBJECT AREA AND TOPIC CLICK HERE Algebra I - Linear Equations. {
    Elementary math. Fractals. Fractions. Geometry. glossaries tables. History ofmath. Linear Algebra. mathematicians. math Software. Pascal's Triangle. PreAlgebra.
    Secondary Web Links for Pre-Algebra/Algebra I All of the sites below were found to have relationships with multiple standards. Since it would be redundant to list this site under every standard, we have left the links listed as they currently are. SUBJECT AREA AND TOPIC CLICK HERE Algebra I - Linear Equations. Algebra I - Distance/Rate/Time. Houston Area Real-Time Traffic Report Algebra I: Mean, Median, Interpreting Data, Finding Rates, Times, and Distances. INDY 500 Interactive Algebra Equations, Factoring, Graphing Algebra From the NASA 9th Grade Math Proficiency Test: Math Discussion The Role of the Graphical Calculator in the Classroom All Algebra Algebra Online is a free service designed to allow students, parents, and educators throughout the world to communicate. This includes free private tutoring, live chat, and a message board, among many other features. Questions and discussions relating to all levels of mathematics (not just Algebra) are welcome. Algebra Online is the future in education! All Algebra+ Uses JAVA script to integrate, simplify, and differentiate, fourier and taylor algebraic expressions.

    19. Additional Links To Web Teaching Material In Probability And Statistics
    mit dem Computer Probability Central glossaries The Internet Links The math Forummath Library - Prob/Stat tables Public tables and Programs Text Probability
    Introduction Table Classification Links Additional Links to Web Teaching Material in Probability and Statistics
    Courses Demonstrations Exercises ... Tutorials

    Fisher's Exact Test

    Power Analysis for ANOVA Designs

    Sieve Diagrams
    Bayesian Self Organizing Map Simulation

    Math 225: Introduction to Biostatistics

    Math 30: Introduction to Linear Models
    Statistics 407 - Methods of Multivariate Analysis Statistics 501 - Multivariate Statistical Methods ... Statistics 1001: Introduction to Ideas of Statistics Demonstrations Java Student's T Tester U of T Day Statistics Applets Robert Scott Mitchell's Web Site Live 2D Monte Carlo Simulation ... Distribuzione Normale in 3D con animazione (Java Applet) Exercises Practice Questions for Business Statistics STATISTICAL CONCEPTS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES: SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS Index of True/False Quizzes Workshop Statistics Sample Exams ... UWSP Resampling Stats Web Pages Excel Sheets Anthony's Framed Page DISCUS: Discovering Important Statistical Concepts Using Spreadsheets Some Statistics Demonstrations with Excel Business Analysis Software for Microsoft Excel General Statistical Education Resource Kit SIIP - Statistical Instruction Internet Palette Exploring Data Probability Central Glossaries The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms IEA Lexicon A Glossary of Statistics Glossary of Terms ... Science Vocabulary Lists of Links Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources Teaching Statistics and Probability: Internet Resources and Websites Martindale's Reference Desk: The Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line: Statistics A few links related to Statistics Education ... Internet Resources for Teaching Statistics: Datasets, Software, Teaching

    20. Educators
    levels. In addition to the regular math subjects, you'll find linkson math history, software, fractals, tables, and glossaries. Cut
    Home Students Research Center Select an Education Resource Research Center Current Events School Athletics Center Discovery Adventures Creative Zone Music Hall Brought to you in partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica
    The Cornell Theory Center K-12 Gateways

    Cornell University

    Directory of education resources for teachers and students at the primary and secondary levels. Points to tutorials, primary documents, schools and museums, online experts, discussion lists, and research articles. The ³Math and Science Gateway² is for grades 9-12 and covers resources in astronomy, biology, chemistry, computing, environmental science, engineering, health and medicine, mathematics, meteorology, and physics. The ³Arts and Social Sciences Gateway² is for all grades and covers language arts, foreign languages, fine arts, social studies, government, history, and the news media. The ³Gateway for Educators² contains resources for specific subject areas and leads to information about teaching methods and curriculum, classroom software, and setting up Web servers in schools.
    The Geometry Center

    NSF-funded center at the University of Minnesota supporting ³math and computer science research, mathematical visualization, software development, application development, video animation production, and K-16 math education.² Provides many valuable aids for visualizing concepts from mathematics and related sciences and for teaching mathematics: interactive Web and Java applications, multimedia research papers and tutorials, a graphics archive, videos, and software. Includes a useful search engine.

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