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1. Mathematics Lesson Plans
Teacher oriented sites which contain significant collections of materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K12 level. realistic for students, by using real-world applications. math Central's Resource Room. math Forum's math lesson plans
Mathematics Lesson Plans
Math - Elementary (K-5)
math01.txt Math review on concept and facts (4-6) math02.txt Learning multiplication tables (2-6) math03.txt Interpret data and making a graph (3-6) math04.txt Exploring Base 4 (4) math05.txt One to one matching and writing numerals (K-1) math06.txt Calculator Pattern Puzzles (gifted K-5) math07.txt Observation, sorting, predicting, using valentine candy (1-4) math08.txt Use of manipulatives to Pre-Algebra (3-8) math09.txt Making Change; Buying at community store (K-2) math10.txt Multiplication; hands-on arrays, skip counting (2-3) math13.txt math14.txt Addition and Subtraction game (2-8) math16.txt Place Value using a dice game (4) math17.txt math18.txt Mystery number motivates place value (2-6) math19.txt Fraction Hunt activity sheet (3-5) math20.txt Cooking; practical application of math (4-6) math21.txt Making estimations (2) math24.txt Estimation using grocery list (3-5) math25.txt Problem solving using the sports page (4) math26.txt

A collection of almost 200 single concept lessons.Category Science math Education Teaching Resources lesson plans...... Shapes (Geometric) (lesson 1) by Violet M. Nash Spencer Money by Yolanda Smith -Douglass math and Science real Numbers in the real world by Ulysses Harrison
The SMILE website is hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology
The Mathematics lessons are divided into the following categories: Geometry and Measurement Patterns and Logic Probability and Statistics Recreational and Creative Math ... Algebra and Trigonometry , and Miscellaneous
Geometry and Measurement
  • The Pythagorean Puzzle by Earl Zwicker - Illinois Institute of Technology - Dedicated to Prof. Harald Jensen, Lake Forest College
  • Areas of States - Estimation by Janice C. Harvey - Carver Middle School
  • Liquid Volume by Robert Foote - Disney Magnet
  • Spherical Geometry: A Global Perspective by William R. Colson - Morgan Park High School
  • Geometry Distance of Triangles using a Protractor by Eileen Lally - A. Philip Randolph Magnet School
  • Circles - Diameter, Circumference, Radius and the Discovery of Pi by Kathleen Ryan - Randolph Magnet School
  • How To Measure Area by Levi Johnson - James Otis
  • An Introduction to Pi and the Area of a Circle by Edwina R. Justice - Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy
  • Area and Perimeter by Monica Starks - John Fiske Elementary
  • Shapes (Geometric) (Lesson 2) by Violet M. Nash - Spencer Math and Science Academy
  • 3. Lesson Plans At | Subjects - Music, Art, Language Arts, Science
    plans, Music general lesson plans. Language Arts reading writing - terminology- general, math geometry - maps graphs - real world - terminology - general.

    Front page
    Lesson plans Art
    general lesson plans Music
    general lesson plans Language Arts
    reading - writing - terminology - general Math

    Social Studies

    history - personal growth - society Real-World
    general lesson plans Internet
    general lesson plans Classroom-to-Classroom
    general lesson plans fitness - nutrition - general lesson plans Parents general lesson plans Seasonal index of lesson plans Miscellaneous general lesson plans Front Page Lesson Plans Power Tools Sharing ... Help

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    Lesson Plans Math Real World Real World

    Buy Groceries: Wish you had a dollar for every time you heard "But we'll NEVER use this when we grow up"? Using the newspaper grocery ads inserts, "give" your students $100 to spend. A great combination of math, health and social studies. Credit Cards for Kids: With the trend of targeting college grads with credit card offers now shifting to college freshmen instead, banks might also soon be offering them to high school students as soon as they turn 18. Get your kids ready for the real world by having them calculate a 40 hour wage based on minimum wage, and for an art-related project, make their own credit cards . Then turn them loose with newspapers and catalogs, buying what they want, and figuring how many lifetimes they will spend paying them off at current percentage rates. Back to top
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    Lesson Plans Power Tools ... Help

    The Awesome Library organizes 22 000 carefully reviewed K12 education resources, the top 5 percent for teachers, students, parents, and librarians. It includes a search engine. Materials Search lesson plans math. math Site also has math lesson plans from Big Sky, Includes rational numbers, real numbers, proportions, consumer mathematics, statistics,
    GRADES: 3-6
    Wycinanki, Polish paper cut designs, are symmetrical.
    • construction paper 12x18
    • scissors
    • glue
    • pencils
    • authentic examples or reproductions of Wycinanki
  • Share with the students the following historical reference: Farming families in Poland in the early 19th century used brightly colored Wycinanki to decorate their homes before Easter. They show that intricate details can be created using basic materials. Wycinanki are cut with sheep shears with no preliminary sketching. Cut from folded paper, they are always symmetrical. Their subject matter reflects the Polish countryside and includes trees, flowers, roosters, birds, and sometimes men and women. There are many styles of Wycinanki found in the different regions of Poland.
  • Activity: After students have looked at examples and discussed the characteristics of Wycinanki, they will create their own paper cut designs. Each student will use a sheet of 12x18 paper. It should be folded in half lengthwise, and students will draw their designs first with pencil. They will then carefully cut out their designs. Completed pictures should be mounted on black paper (12x18).
  • Questions to ask during the lesson:
    • What things in our world are symmetrical?
  • 7. Reality Education, Lesson Plans, Workshops, Real World Math Supplementary Materi
    Please take some time to sample some lesson plans from our many books such as RealWorld math Skills, learn about our current presentations and workshop kits
    We Serve All of Your Educational and Business Needs Welcome to Reality Education BUY TWO. GET ONE FREE!!!! Send no Money Now! We will bill you later! Order Books Now! Online Catalogue Free Lesson Plans and Worksheets! Looking for real world facts? ... Teaching Kits! Do you own Workshops! Math Supplementary Materials Order Books Now! Online Catalogue Free Lesson Plans and Worksheets! Teacher Help Looking for real world facts? Here's some great links Pictures and links from our book Money Money Money Letters - Dear Reality Education.... Professional Development Teaching Kits! Do you own Workshops! Workshops and training Customer Service Contact Us! About Us Nancy L. Wilkinson Resume For a FREE catalog...
    or to be added to our mailing list, fill-out our Guest Register What's your interest? Real World Math Skills Mars Designing a House A Math Dictionary complete with simple step by step instructions? Teaching Kits and Workshops? Designing a Town Garbology Learning about Money Beyond just Balancing a Checkbook? Survey and Statistics Creating a Treasure Hunt Are you enjoying your other Reality Education Books? Then, why not complete your set?

    8. Lessons
    reality Education. Free lesson plans! Mars and Beyond lesson Plan. Learnabout this book. real world math Skills lesson Plan. Using a
    Reality Education Free Lesson Plans! Mars and Beyond Lesson Plan Learn about how far the Mars Global Surveyor is away from Mars. View pictures of Mars taken with MOC (Mars Orbital Camera). Learn about size and proportion. This book focuses on the planets and the missions to Mars. Students will learn basic physics such as the electromagnetic spectrum and vital information about the recent landing on Mars and the Mars Global Surveyor. Other activities focus on our planetary system, the galaxy and other space missions. They include creating a time line, learning large numbers and the metric system, designing your own space shuttle crew compartment and much more! I Don't Get It! Sample Pages See two sample dictionary pages from the books "I Don't Get It!" The dictionary pages give the definition for central angle, chord, circle and congruent. They also explain how to find congruent polygons and how to solve one and two step equations. This is only part of an entire book explaining most middle school math skills. This book is a must for every child whether they are at school or at home! Garbology Lesson Plan Sort through trash and create a frequency table on the amount of recyclable material found in the trash. This is a great lesson to kick off an environmental unit. Our book, Garbology is a complete thematic unit on garbage. This

    9. SMCNWS: Internet-Based Lesson Plans
    Data K8 lesson plans on the Web Lots of interactive lesson plans compiled by Onlinemath Applications Simulations that apply math to real world situations
    Internet-Based Lesson Plans Math


    Math Elementary
    • BasketMath Interactive An interactive approach to learning many different math concepts. It is designed for grades 4-10. Exploring Data: K-8 Lesson Plans on the Web Lots of interactive lesson plans compiled by the Math Forum/Urban Systemic Initiative. MegaMath Experiment and play with unusual and important mathematical ideas. Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies A free educational website featuring interactive lessons that use a problem-solving approach and actively engage students in the learning process. MSTE Mathematics Lessons Database A searchable, K-12 database of only lessons that use the Internet in some way. Online Math Applications Simulations that apply math to real world situations. Includes a simulated stock market game, the connection between math and music, the history of math, math concepts involving science, and how math can help you save money and drive safely. Silver Burdett Gin Ready to use math activity descriptions, activity sheets and answer keys for grades K-6.

    10. ENC: Web Links: Lessons & Activities: Math Topics
    Use math topic words to find web sites with lesson plans and activities. Consumermathematics; mathematical Modeling; real Data; real world Applications.
    Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home Web Links Math Topics Advanced ... Frequently Asked Questions Find detailed information about thousands of materials for K-12 math and science. Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
    Math Topics
    Use math topic words to find web sites with lesson plans and activities.
    Number and Operations
    Advanced Mathematics
    Back to Top You Are Here ENC Home Web Links Math Topics

    11. ENC: Education Topics: Real World Math & Science
    Web Links. Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacherlearning tools. Curriculum Resources. real world math Science.
    Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home Education Topics Advanced
    ... Ask ENC Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. Find detailed information about thousands of materials for K-12 math and science. Across the Curriculum Assessment Equity and Diversity Family and Community ... Frequently Asked Questions Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
    Teachers describe ways to bring the real world into the classroom, making the curriculum relevant to students' lives.
    Framing the Context
    This section provides information on how this topic relates to the concerns of educators.
    Data on the Internet
    Students use real-world data and the internet to learn math and science.
    Hands-on Learning
    Educators describe practical ideas to help you connect your students to the world beyond the classroom.
    Internet Projects
    Going online is a great way to connect students to real-world data.
    Mathematics and Science Literacy
    A literate citizenry has the knowledge and skills to handle the ever-changing world with confidence. The articles in this section provide ideas and resources to help teachers meet the challenge.
    Selected Resources
    Selected resources from the Math and Science in the Real World issue of ENC Focus Back to Top You Are Here ENC Home Education Topics

    12. Education World® : Lesson Planning Center : Teacher Lesson Plans : Mathematics
    TwentyFive Twenty-Five A math Card Game Submitted by Students glue real seeds forthose fruits and vegetables in Copyright 1996-2003 by Education world, Inc

    Teacher Lesson Plans
    Archives: VIEW ALL LESSONS Arts and Humanities ... Archives Mathematics M A T H E M A T I C S
    • Yummy Gummy Subtraction
      Submitted by Tori Ledlow
      Tori Ledlow, who teaches at Pinson (Alabama) Elementary School, submitted this week’s yummy hands-on lesson, in which gummy bears are used to teach simple subtraction. (Grades PreK-2)
    • Positive and Negative Integers: A Card Game
      Submitted by Pam Harper
      Pam Harper, who teaches at Rockville (Indiana) Jr/Sr High School, submitted this lesson a card game in which black cards have positive values and red cards have negative values. (Grades 6-12)
    • Shopping Spree
      Submitted by Julie Graves
      Julie Graves, who teaches at Centre (Alabama) Middle School, submitted this week’s lesson. Students go on a shopping spree that requires them to calculate discount amounts and sales tax on merchandise. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)
    • Puzzle Boxes for Any Subject
      Submitted by Pauline Finlay
      This lesson can be done daily or used as a special weekly lesson. Students love the anticipation of a Puzzle Box: It's an opportunity to challenge students and reward them for using critical-thinking skills. (Grades 3-5, 6-8)

    13. Teachers.Net MATHEMATICS
    Bracelets Game Points, Planes, Lines and Angles lesson plans grades 1, 2 4 Maps Graphs lesson plans 36 real world math lesson plans 3-9 General math
      MathMol K-12 Mathematics and Molecules.
    ** RefDesk QuickLinks ** LANGUAGE RESOURCES Dictionaries Dictionaries, standard

    14. Math Forum: Geometry Lesson Plans
    seeing the structures as they occur in the real world. CalstateSan Bernardino Afeet-on math lesson for K-8 search or browse Geometry or lesson plans in the
    Geometry Lesson Plans
    Back to Geometry Classroom Materials
    Math by Subject

    K12 Topics
    discrete math
    Advanced Topics analysis calculus diff. equations game theory discrete math geometry (coll.) geometry (adv.) linear algebra modern algebra num. analysis
    Lesson Plans: Geometry
    This list contains some of the best geometry lesson plans or materials on which to base them. For a more exhaustive list, or to find materials that fit your specific needs, search or browse Geometry or Lesson Plans in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.
    3-D Drawing and Geometry - Cathi Sanders
    A Math Forum Summer 1998 Institute project that uses examples of paintings, architecture, etc. to analyze different types of 3-D drawings, and teaches ...
    The Area of a Circle - Jon Basden, Highland Middle School
    A one- or two-period lesson plan in which students use work sheets to cut circles into sectors, rearrange them, and derive the formula for the area of ...
    The Area of a Parallelogram - Jon Basden, Highland Middle School

    15. Math
    Both lessons develop math skills within realworld contexts and Science and mathematicsEducation (CESME), is a collection of lesson plans for grades K
    This site has a new address. You will be automatically taken there in 10 seconds, or click the link below to go there right away. Please change your bookmarks and favorites. http://www.sitesforteacher
    Lesson Plans Applications Board Games Organizations
    Lesson Plans
    Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 32 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the elementary school level.
    Academy Curriculum Exchange (6-8). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 13 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the middle school level.
    Academy Curriculum Exchange (9-12). The Academy Curriculum Exchange offers 8 mini-lesson plans covering various math topics at the high school level.
    Activity Search from Houghton Mifflin. Activity Search from Houghton Mifflin features a curriculum database where the K-8 teachers can search for math lesson plans/activities by grade level.
    Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans for Teachers. The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) provides a variety of cross-curricular lesson plans for grades 4-8 based upon the theme of ancient Egypt. Formath teacher-created plans, click here
    Apple K-12 Curriculum.

    16. Math Lesson Plans
    Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle A lesson that answers What would an Egyptian SCOREmathematics lessons- 20 lessons that tie math and the real world .
    Best Sites


    Free Sites
    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Lesson Plans Math ... Approaches to Teaching High School Mathematics - Unique approaches to learning math. Arithmetic - This site contains 200+ lessons for teaching individual mathematics skills. AskERIC Lesson Plans - Mathematics - Lessons on Algebra, Applied Math, Arithmetic, Functions, Geometry, Measurement, Probability, Process Skills, and Statistics. Big Sky Math - 30 lessons. Center of Excellence for Science and Mathematics Education - Activity guides for grades K-8. CRPC Lessons - 5 lessons that use the contructivist approach. Explorer - Search over 500 math lessons. GirlTECH Lesson Plans - Lessons for teaching mathematics and science concepts in new and exciting ways. Hands-on Math Educators - Elementary project-based lessons.

    17. Sample Integrated Lesson Plans
    Living with Algebra Stock Market math. The Kinetics of Roller Coasters. real LifeStatistics. Sports Marketing. The Pioneer in You. world War I Webquest
    Integrated Lesson Plans Primary Intermediate Middle School High School LanguageArts Words All Around Us Begin at the Beginning Adding to a Story Wolves: Good or Bad? ... The Crucible Math The Amazing Value of Place Weather the Weather Real World Pie Graphing Grocery Store ... Real Life Statistics Science Who lives here? Animal Habitats The Great Plant Case Have You Seen the Man on the Moon? Habitats ... Investigating the Changing Polar Ice Caps Social Studies Communities Around the World School Days: New England Primer Getting Along Fire Safety ... Equality for All? Foreign Language Cinco de Mayo Let's Visit Mexico Advertisio de Comidas y Bebidas Mein Traumauto ... La Cuisine Francaise Fine Arts Comprehending a Musical Story The Music Lives On Designing a Multimedia Gallery Artists' Self Portraits Health/PE Health Teacher K-12 A Heart Healthy Run Shoot a Foul Shot Healthy Lifestyle Brochures History White House Pets Ellis Island: Lesson 1 A Revolutionary War Diary Changes of the 20th Century Library Media "Count" on the Net Our School Sources for Lesson Plans Apple Learning Interchange
    Click on
    Units of Practice Classroom Connect's Connected Teacher ESSDACK Projects
    Check Technology AND a subject area AND a grade level Maryland Tech Academy
    Webquest Collection

    18. Awesome Library - Materials_Search
    Links to many useful lesson plan sites.Category Science math Education Teaching Resources lesson plans...... real world lessons (TeachNet) Provides four lessons. 202; Spanish Resources formath 1 (math Forum) Provides math resources and lesson plans in Spanish.
    Awesome Talking Library Examples ... U.S. Department of Peace
    Here: Home Library Materials Search Lesson Plans > Math
    Also Try
  • Assessment Information
  • Elementary Level Math
  • Math Standards by Grade
  • Math Worksheets ...
  • Middle and High School Math
    Lesson Plans
  • -Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division (Awesome Library)
      Provides hundreds of lesson plans, worksheets, examples, and articles. 7-01

  • -Algebra - Elementary School Level (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons and introductory materials. 6-02

  • -Algebra - Middle and High School Level (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons and introductory materials. 6-02

  • -Calculus (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons and introductory materials. 6-00

  • -Data Analysis - Elementary Level (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons at the elementary school level. 6-02
  • -Data Analysis - Middle and High School Levels (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons and exercises. 6-02
  • -Decimals (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons, worksheets, examples, and more.
  • -Fractions (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons, worksheets, examples, and more.
  • -Geometry - Elementary School Level (Awesome Library)
      Provides lessons and introductory materials. 6-02
  • 19. Awesome Library - Mathematics
    Large resource for students of middle schools. Includes algebra, calculus, graphing, and data analysis Category Kids and Teens School Time math...... Clearinghouse) Provides dozens of sources of lesson plans. 400. Papers -Definitionsof math Words (Online numbers, real numbers, real-world problems (also
    Awesome Talking Library Examples ... U.S. Department of Peace
    Here: Home Classroom Mathematics > Middle-High School Math
    Middle-High School Math

    By Subject and Standard


    Data Analysis

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  • Assessment Information
  • Math Lessons
  • Problem Solving
  • Standards Discussions
  • Ask Dr. Math (Math Forum)
      Provides organized structure for gaining answers. Award-winning site.
  • Questions for Discussion (Droujkov and Droujkova)
      Provides questions for students designed to turn a boring arthmetic exercise into an exciting research adventure. 5-00
  • Math Games (
      Provides almost two dozen games to help teens in junior high or high school learn basic math. 7-02
  • Math Puzzles (Bogomolny)
      Provides games and puzzles that require math to solve. 9-99
    Lesson Plans
  • By Grade Level (Learning Network -
      Provides dozens of math lesson plans by grade level. 5-01
  • By Grade Level (PBS) 8-00
  • By Grade Level and Topic (8-10) (British Columbia Ministry of Education)
      Provides math outcomes and activities by topic and grade level (8-10). 5-00
  • By Topic (Thinkquest Team 20991)
      Provides math tutorials by topic. 5-00
  • 20. Lesson Planet - Math,Integers,startat10 Lesson Plans
    Home/math Integers (22). lesson on Operations with Integers lesson on Operationswith Challenge Exercises Integers and the real world - Challenge Exercises
    Grade K - 2 higher ed Search from over 20,000 online lesson plans by keyword and grade! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Apr. 09, 2003 12:34 PST Resources Other Teacher Resources Education Clip Art Grant Information Curriculum Tools Collaborative Projects ... Link To Us Teacher Discussions Click to discuss teaching topics with your peers! Pre K-6 Elem. Discussion 7-12 Sec. Discussion Ed. Tech. Discussion privacy Found lessons and other resources for ' integers. Web Sites Books Software Maps ... Videos Find 'integers' books Supplies Online Courses Category matches for: ' integers Home/Math Integers (22) Home Math Integers Lesson Plans (11-20 of 20): Lesson on Addition of Integers - Lesson on Addition of Integers
    Add to Learninglinks Tell a friend! Lesson on Subtraction of Integers - How to subtract integers when you have both positive and negative values.
    Grades: Add to Learninglinks Tell a friend! Lesson on Operations with Integers - Lesson on Operations with Integers
    Add to Learninglinks Tell a friend! Challenge Exercises: Integers and the Real World - Challenge Exercises: Integers and the Real World
    Add to Learninglinks Tell a friend!

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