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61. The Math Forum - Math Library - Lesson Plans/Activities
established to develop integrated math/science materials stresses modeling and solvingreal world problems and where there are sample lesson plans more .
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  • 100 Percent! - Energy Conservation Enhancement Project
    What is Infiltration? Math objectives: 1. Define the term "percent." 2. Solve problems using percentages. Energy objectives: 1. Define infiltration. 2. Describe the major areas of infiltration in the home. An activity guide from the Energy Conservation ...more>>
  • 100th Day of School Celebration - Loogootee Community Schools, Loogootee, Indiana
  • 62. Applied Math Lesson Plans
    is to not only work on basic math skills such as of money and how it is used in thereal world. The Statistical Student Project In this lesson, students will
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  • Browntown Mall - A unit to help 4th-5th graders learn about community job responsibilities, while earning "Browntown Bucks" to be used in shopping adventures in the Browntown Mall. Budgeting - To help students understand principles of budgeting. Calculating a Car Payment - The student will use a formula containing complex fractions and large exponents to calculate a monthly car payment. Celebrate the Century Vote! - In this program, students learn, decade by decade, about major events of the second half of the twentieth century. The program culminates in a vote on which of these significant events are to become the subjects of postage stamps. Students' votes count the same as adults' votes in the final tally. Class Bank - To learn about banking and how to use money more wisely.
  • 63. K-12 Lesson Plans
    Based lessons and activities on math and aeronautics for 14 lesson unit teaching realworldfinancial planning You'll find lesson plans, worksheets, curricular
    The Arts Current and Seasonal Events History/Social Science Language Arts ... Science
    Activities for Pi Mathematics
    Lesson plan inviting students to explore pi. Includes history, activities, information video, project, and application
    Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason
    A variety of mathematics and logic lessons provided by Alan Selby, Ph.D.
    Arithmetic Lesson Plans
    Links to more than two dozen of some of the best arithmetic lessons plans on the Internet compiled by the Swarthmore College's Math Forum staff.
    Best Sites for Teachers
    A wealth of resources for educators. Free lesson plans, educational materials, word games, puzzles, links to thousands of resources.
    Collaborative Lesson Archive
    Find math and science lessons for grades 2-12.
    CEEE GirlTech Lesson Plans
    These lesson plans were designed by teachers to take full advantage of Internet resources and teach standard concepts in mathematics and sciences in new and exciting ways.
    Encarta Lesson Plans
    A collection of lessons and student activities for K-12 teachers.

    64. Math Lesson Plans And Resources
    lesson High and Low Tides A lesson plan giving students opportunities to find collectreal world data from math Forum Trigonometry Links to lesson plans and
    Math Lesson Plans and Resources
    All links on this page were checked and updated 10-30-02 This page lists sites for K-12 math lesson plans and resources. Scroll down the page or click on one of the topics listed in the site index below: Collections of Math Lesson Plans, Math Resources, Rubrics, Elementary Arithmetic, ... Click here to get 250 free business cards from VistaPrint!
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    to find great free stuff for teachers, students, and homeschoolers. Click here to access the NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.

    65. La. Challenge K-12 Activities: High School Lessons
    and Burros La. Oil Spill Cleanup Preparing a Resume The Chaos of Oil Spills TheElectromagnetic Spectrum real world Examples of lesson plans Activities for
    La. Challenge Activities for the K-12 Classroom
    High School Lessons
    Top of Content Career Education Foreign Language Language Arts ... Navigation Bar
    Career Education
    Business Ownership The Three C's Choices in Career Clusters Career Exploration (Introduction to Business) Sole Proprietorship
    Foreign Language
    An integrated lesson which uses the Pages de Paris page to present a lesson on planning a day in Paris.
    Language Arts
    Everyday Life in The Middle Ages Returning to Nature through Our Parks The Quest for King Arthur
    Applying Trignometric Functions
    An Internet Fractal Lesson Data Representation of Integers Geometric Art ... Populations Are Exponentially Exploding
    Adding External, Internal, and Graphical Links to a Home Page Current AIDS Statistics
    How to Create a Home Page for Your School
    Nutritional Value of Fast Food ... Weather Watchers
    Social Studies
    Louisiana's State Legislature Money and The Banking System Political Campaigns Summer Scavenger Hunt
    denotes a Louisiana Lesson . Click on the graphic or the link above to find out more about this type of lesson. Have a lesson you feel should be here? Please

    66. Co-op City Scale Drawings: Architectural Design Classroom Lesson Plans For Teach
    Ginny Graves, Director of CUBE Center for Understanding the Built Environment CoopCity is the project which can connect math, science and the real world.
    Interior view of a house 9"x 12" What People Say About Our Teacher's Guide...
    from Teaching Children Mathematics
    National Council of Teachers of Math, December 1998
    "Imagine a whole city growing on the wall on your classroom! Create A Co-op City can help give your students opportunities to connect mathematics to their daily lives….Although the project is primarily intended for upper elementary students, my second-grade bilingual students enthusiastically completed a simplified form of their own city….Teachers committed to implementing the NCTM’s Standard of mathematical reasoning, communicating, mathematical understanding, and geometry will appreciate this small but informative book."
    from Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
    National Council of Teachers of Math, October 1998
    "This thorough description reflects a sensitivity to various situations and includes practical comments about materials to use and methods of display and storage....Each chapter provides enrichment ideas and activities for the other major areas of science, social studies, and language arts.....For teachers casting about for long-term, intriguing projects, this book could prove to be a real help."
    from Gifted Child Today
    May/June 1999
    "This book is an excellent step-by-step guide for teachers who want to integrate architecture and design with math, social studies, science, and language arts."

    67. Education Planet Education,World Education Lesson Plans
    Find information about computer training programs at Full Sail real world Educationin our site and gain access to lesson Planet's 20,000+ lesson plans as a
    Apr. 09, 2003 12:35 PST
    Search top educational sites, lessons, supplies and more! Membership Log In User Name: Password: Education Planet -
    TelCom Services Teachers - Receive a second year of Lesson Planet for FREE! ... by choosing our Smart Saver Long Distance Program Top Sites this Week Science: Middle School Physical Science Resource Center Math: Project Interactive Social Science: America at War - Time for Kids Language Arts: International Children's Digital Library Project: Stay Safe Online Lesson Plan: from the Department of Homeland Security Top Sites Archives Educational News Schools Seek to Reassure in Wartime Special Education May Get Overhaul Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Sick Student Go to College
    World Education Subcategories: Australia and New Zealand Canada China Ireland ... United Kingdom Most Popular Education Searches: Education Clip Art Resume Writing Scholarships Home ... World Education Sponsored Links
    Powered by Web Sites (1-2 of 2): Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program - The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program is seeking high school students to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity studying abroad. Now in its 17th year, the exchange program provides students with the unique opportunity of living and stud...
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    68. ProTeacher! Fractions & Decimals Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers Inc
    Mighty M M math Students learn about fractions and A lesson plan with a real-worldapplication for Fractions - A collection of lesson plans with printable

    [Click Here]
    to search tens of thousands of ideas
    on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

    Math Board - Share you ideas, strategies, and questions for making math instruction effective and meaningful for students. source
    Apple Pie Slicing
    - Students slice a pie in various ways to see how many pieces result. Includes printable activity sheet source
    Balancing A Checkbook
    - Students use real world math skills to balance a checkbook using decimals. Printable reproducibles are included source
    Common Denominators
    - A lesson plan designed for LEP middle school students, but adaptable for elementary students. The class uses sandwiches to understand common demoninators source
    Cooking Up Fractions
    - How can we change this recipe so that it makes three times as many cookies? Students practice multiplying and dividing fractions by modifying recipes source
    Decimals Activities
    - A collection of lessons, some with printable worksheets, for teaching about decimals. Topics incude adding and subtracting, number lines, hundredths, and equivalent fractions source
    Fraction Shapes: A Pattern Block Activity
    - Students explore geometric models of fractions, and discover relationships among them. Lessons with printable worksheets guide learning

    69. Math Lesson Plans
    NASA. lesson plans and activities which engage students in realworldapplications of math. Organized by grade level and topic.
    • 100th Day Celebration Ideas
      • 300 ideas from teachers, librarians and others on how to celebrate the 100th day of school.
      Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads
      • Learn to use an abacus, discover the history and more.
      AIMS Education Foundation
      • Activities Integrating Science Math and Technology - find activities, lessons, puzzles and more here.
      AIMS Puzzle Corner
      • Math puzzles teachers can use with students. One puzzle per month. Solutions are posted the following month. Archives hold past puzzles.
      • Online books written by Alan M. Selby. Full-text of his books can be read online which "may test or improve your skills and knowledge in reasoning, reading, writing, arithmetic, algebra, complex numbers, calculus, science and technology."
      Bamdad's Math Comics
      • A wide collection of math humor in the form of comics.
      Casio Contest Page
      • Run by the University of Central Florida and the University of Mississippi, this site allows students to answer a problem of the week in order to attempt to win a Casio calculator. Problems are divided into elementary, middle, high school and higher levels. Students can solve current or past problems. Teachers should monitor this activity and check permission requirements for students e-mailing personal information on the Internet before allowing students to participate.

    70. Education World® : Lesson Planning Center : Lesson Plans : Catchy Captions
    Have students determine how close their captions were to the real captions. Observestudents' participation and responses. lesson Plan Source. Education world.

    Lesson Planning Center
    Archives: All Articles by Date The Arts ... Lesson Planning Lesson Plan L E S S O N P L A N
    Click here to return to the article
    Catchy Captions Subject: Language Arts Grade: K-2, 3-5 Brief Description
    Students write captions for pictures cut from newspapers and then match the real captions to the pictures. Objectives Students
    • define the word caption,
    • demonstrate creative thinking and creative writing skills in writing captions about newspaper pictures,
    • demonstrate critical thinking and reading skills to correctly match pictures and captions.
    Keywords newspaper, caption, catchy, picture, photo, photograph, creative writing, creative thinking Materials Needed
    • newspaper photos (at least one per student)
    • scissors
    • writing paper
    • pencils
    • tape
    • a paper bag
    Lesson Plan
    • Prior to the lesson, collect photos with captions from newspapers. Create an answer key or a code so you know which captions and pictures go together. Cut apart the pictures and captions (except for one or two to use as examples). Put the pictures in the bag.
    • Show students newspaper pictures with captions. Discuss the meaning of the word

    71. Authentic Assessment Overview
    write stories and reports; read and interpret literature; solve mathproblems that have realworld applications. Why might I use authentic
    Explore Our Sites... Family Education Network Home Shop at PearsonAtSchool SchoolCash PARENTS FamilyEducation MySchoolOnline TEACHERS TeacherVision Quiz Lab MyGradeBook MySchoolOnline REFERENCE Infoplease Fact Monster KIDS FEkids FunBrain Fact Monster TEENS FEteens Teacher Home Lesson Planning
    Lesson Plans ... Help Authentic Assessment Overview
    By Pearson Education Development Group How well do multiple-choice tests really evaluate student understanding and achievement? Many educators believe that there is a more effective assessment alternative. These teachers use testing strategies that do not focus entirely on recalling facts. Instead, they ask students to demonstrate skills and concepts they have learned. This strategy is called authentic assessment How can you encourage students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world tasks? What is authentic assessment?
    Authentic assessment aims to evaluate students' abilities in 'real-world' contexts. In other words, students learn how to apply their skills to authentic tasks and projects. Authentic assessment does not encourage rote learning and passive test-taking. Instead, it focuses on students' analytical skills; ability to integrate what they learn; creativity; ability to work collaboratively; and written and oral expression skills. It values the learning process as much as the finished product. In authentic assessment, students:

    72. Math Number Sense Math Lesson Plan, Thematic Unit, Activity, Worksheet, Or Mathe
    Give a math related sticker to each child to Standards for Grades K4 Addressed inThis lesson -construct number meanings through real world experiences and
    Features: Special Features: Partner Site: teacher workspace more lessons safe research sites state certification ... retirement planning Site Information: EdScope Sites: Join Newsletter:
    Search This Site:
    Vote For Us: @ SitesForTeachers @ Teach-nology

    Math Number Sense
    Visit Other
    Search Forums Newsletter ... Tell-A-Friend
    Printable Version for your convenience! Sarah Zubrowski Math Number Sense Grade One Prerequisite Knowledge: the ability to count to at least 12. the story of If You Take a Pencil by Fulvio Testa (New York, Dial Press, 1982). Objective: the first grade students will draw pictures to represent the numbers one through six. Materials: If You Take a Pencil pencils (colored and regular) markers and crayons white drawing paper construction paper stapler Set and Initiation: Announce that it is circle time and once the children are seated on the carpet, draw on the board a picture of two trees, five clouds, and eight little boys and girls. Ask the students what they see and how many of each. Ask the students to name off a few of their favorite things and how many of each there are. Hold up the book If You Take a Pencil and ask them to guess what it is about. Begin reading. Procedure: Ask the children what part of the book they enjoyed the most and ask them to recall the number associated with that "favorite" part. Ask questions such as, "What number did the book start off with?" and, "What number did the book end with?"

    73. Lesson Plans / Units - Grade Five
    lesson plans / Units Grade Five. the mean of a set of data from the real world with/without UsingMath with Sale Papers Designed by Andress CarterSims, Burton
    Lesson Plans / Units
    Building Models

    Designed by:
    Cindy Page School: Burton-Pack Elementary
    Core Curriculum Objective(s): Use concrete and graphic models to discover formulas for finding area, perimeter, and volume.
    Can You Create A Congruent Figure?

    Designed by:
    Ashley Norton School: Rosewood
    Core Curriculum Objective: Identify and create congruent figures and patterns with/without manipulatives and/or graphs.
    Emotional Speed with Balls and Ramps

    Designed By:
    Andress Carter-Sims, Burton-Pack Elementary
    South Carolina Science Standard(s): Physical Science (IV. B.1.c). Investigate the variables that affect speed (e.g., ramp height/length/surface, and mass of object). A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Designed by: Ashley Norton School: Rosewood Curriculum Objective: Collect data (count, measure, survey, simulate, experiment. or review reference books)

    74. MathStar Site Map
    Measurement Number - Problem Solving Problems of the Week - real world MathApplications - Investigations/ Projects - lesson plans - Activities and Games
    MathStar Site Map
    A. Learning Modules
    B. New Media Project
    C. Online Courses:
    What are these online courses?
    Who is eligible?

    What courses are offered?

    How do these courses align to my current textbook?
    Conference Booth Exhibits
    Mathematics Teaching and Learning
    Math Content Standards
    Technology Standards

    B. Teaching with Technology:
    Technology Resources
    Software Resources

    Video Resources

    Web Resources for Administrators
    C. Especially for Teachers:
    Algebra Geometry Measurement Number ... Communications Center
    D. Especially for Students:
    Real World Math Applications Investigations/Projects Activities and Games Math Tools ... Communications Center
    E. Especially for Parents:
    Real World Math Applications Investigations/Projects Activities and Games Math Tools ... Communications Center
    F. Especially for Administrators:
    Research Lesson Plans Resources Conferences ... Educational Vendors
    Middle School Trends and Topics
    A. Focus on Students

    75. Reference Desk
    of lesson plans for K12 Eisenhower National Clearinghouse ways to bring thereal world into the classroom GetSmarter K-12 students can test their math
    Link with us
    Text or Banner.
    We'll reciprocate!
    Stop digging for information....there's
    plenty here!
    LD OnLine
    Does your site deserve
    this award?
    Click on it to find out! If you're looking for teaching ideas, inspiration, lesson plans,
    activity sheets, free advice and more, you're at the right place By Subject or Area: Art Reference Desk A to Z Teacher Stuff wide variety of lesson plans for K-12
    Getty ArtsEdNet
    lesson plans, curriculum ideas, image galleries, and much more New York Times Online Lesson Plans access a lesson plan based on the news of that day Study Art explore the world of art and artists through our interactive timeline and glossary Timelines English/Reading/Language Arts Reference Desk A to Z Teacher Stuff wide variety of lesson plans for K-12 thousands of free online classics of literature, nonfiction and reference Bulfinch's Mythology stories of gods and heroes Dewey Subject Guide Dewey Decimal System

    76. Mathematics Archives - K12 Internet Sites
    learning of mathematics more engaging and realistic for students, by using realworldapplications. math Central's Resource Room. math Forum's math lesson plans.
    K-12 Teaching Materials The following are Internet sites which contain significant collections of materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level. We have organized these materials into the following categories: Lesson Plans
    Columbia Education Center Mathematics Lesson Plans
    The Explorer is part of the Unified Network Informatics Technology for Education (UNITE) efforts at the University of Kansas. The Explorer is part of a research and development effort to establish an on time and user friendly means of delivering a full range of information resources to educators and students. This site includes information on software, lab materials, lesson plans, video tapes, etc. for the teaching of mathematics at the k-12 grade levels. Lesson Plans for the Graphing Calculator
    Lesson Plans using Geometer's Sketchpad
    Math Activities for K-12 Teachers
    In December, 1997, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center funded Dan Biezad, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, and Robin Ward, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, both of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, to develop materials for K-12 teachers based on aeronautical themes and NASA projects. One major goal of this project was to make the learning of mathematics more engaging and realistic for students, by using real-world applications.

    77. Web Sites In Secondary Math & Science
    to learn, gives examples of good lesson plans, and a Introduces students to real worldsituations and helps them The math Forum ~ Ask Dr. math http//mathforum
    uPath = '../../';
    subject guides
    Holly Bravender
    , or consult a Reference Librarian Recommend a website in this area through our online form
    Math Sites
    Teachers Network.Org
    Teachers Network.Org is a national, educational nonprofit organization that connects teachers exemplifying professionalism and creativity within public school systems. Offers grant opportunities for teachers, a discussion board, online classes, and teacher's bookstore. Tom Allen's Net Place Teacher Preparation, Humboldt State University National ~ Madeline Hunter Lesson Presentation Element
    Good place to look for basic lesson presentation elements. Direct Teaching Information from Adprima
    This is their motto "Anything not understood in more than one way is not understood at all." Take a look.

    78. SMart Books Lesson Plan
    groups to solve a variety of percent problems common to the real world. ElaborationAsk the students if percents are important to our world. Why? math Strand,
    Literature Connection: Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith
    Mathematical strand: Number
    Topic: Students will use percents to solve problems, see math in the real world, and make reasonable choices pertaining to percents
    Grade Level:
    Lesson Created by Marilyn Kilgore, Susan B. Anthony Middle School, Manhattan, KS
    Lesson Description:
    • Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, note cards, paper, pencil, and calculator.
    1. Launching the lesson (engage)
  • Warm-Up- each student will receive a note card as they enter the classroom. Each note card will have an occupation or math pertaining to an occupation. The students will try to find their matches. We will discuss any other math in these jobs once the matches have been made.
  • Read the story
    2. Developing the lesson
  • Ask the students if they see math around them. Where? What? Ask students about percents in the real world. Ask students what percent means to them.
  • Hand out Sense or Nonsense cards. The cards have statements about percent written on them. The students will read the statement aloud. The class will decide if the statement is reasonable or not. (Sense or Nonsense)
  • Pose the question: What else could we use besides percents? Are there fractions, decimals and percents in the real world?
  • 79. Education Planet Store ,store,Mathematics,Mathematics,reproducible Lesson Plans
    each objective contains a handson lesson, a diagram or Media reproducible, Grade3-8 Linking math with family and parents face) every day in the real world.
    Apr. 09, 2003 12:35 PST
    Grade K - 2 Higher Ed. Search from over educational supplies by keyword and grade. Membership Log In User Name: Password: Welcome Education Planet Store helps teachers, parents, students and administrators find and purchase quality educational software, books, videos, maps, supplies and more! Featured Stores
    Found: Store items for Home Mathematics reproducible Audiocassettes ... Videocassettes Featured Book Cinderella Grade: K-5 Now that she's a princess, Cinderella is suing her stepmother for back wages. 27 pages. Buy it at Featured Video Stress Grade: 6-12 Exposes the emotional and physical harm that can result from too much stress. Points out how to make stress ... Buy it at Featured Software Encarta World English Dictionary 2001 Grade: 6-12 Strong on newly minted words and phrases, this extensive dictionary benefits ... Buy it at Featured Map Grand Teton National Park, Wy Grade: K-12+ Maps for and by people who love the Outdoors! Trails Illustrated is recognized as ... Buy it at

    80. Teacher Links
    science, mathematics and technology education with realworld examples of ScholasticLesson plans, research reference tools, live Science and math Resources.
    Teacher Resources on the Web
    A Commonwealth of Knowledge (Virginia's Site for Educators) Welcome to the Commonwealth of Knowledge! Educator and First Lady Roxane Gilmore developed the concept to assist teachers in implementing the Standards of Learning (SOLs). This Commonwealth of Knowledge website is an innovative tool to index teachers' lesson plans directly to the SOLs so that teachers across the state could have access to plans that were being used successfully in other schools. American Civil War Art Ed - suggested activities and lesson plans Ask An Expert
    Ask ERIC Teachers can send a message requesting education information. AskERIC will respond with ERIC database searches, ERIC Digests and Internet resources.
    Busy Teacher's Website Cells Alive
    Classline's Online Special feature section of USA Today tailor-made for teachers - articles, hotlinks and information Cyberbee Discover curriculum treasures and find information on how to cite electronic references, evaluate Web pages, etc

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