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         Math Word Problems:     more books (111)
  1. Math Word Problems Made Easy: Grade 5 by Jill Safro, 2005-05-01
  2. Math Word Problems Made Easy: Grade 4 by Bob Krech, 2005-05-01
  3. Maths Plus: Word Problems 4 - Pupil Book (Maths Plus Word Problems) by L.J. Frobisher, 2002-01-28
  4. Geometry Word Problems: No Problem! (Math Busters Word Problems) by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson, 2010-09
  5. Math Word Problems in 15 Minutes a Day (Junior Skill Builders) by LearningExpress, 2009-07-16
  6. Marvelous Math Word Problem Mini-Books: 12 Reproducible Mini-Books Filled with Engaging Word Problems That Kids Complete to Build Essential Math Skills, Grades 2-3 by Betsy Franco, 2002-09-01
  7. Express Review Guides: Math Word Problems by LearningExpress Editors, 2008-08-18
  8. It's Elementary! 275 Math Word Problems (Book 2) by M.J. Owen, 2000
  9. Math Word Problems Made Easy: Grade 6 by Jill Safro, 2005-05-01
  10. 50 Fill-in Math Word Problems: Grades 2-3: 50 Engaging Stories for Students to Read, Fill In, Solve, and Sharpen Their Math Skills by Bob Krech, 2007-02-01
  11. It's Elementary! 275 Math Word Problems Book 2 Answer Key (It's Elementary! 275 Math Word Problems, Book 2) by Educators Publishing Service, 2002
  12. Get Wise! Mastering Math Word Problems (Peterson's Get Wise!) (Get Wise Mastering Math Word Problems) by Peterson's, 2004-04-23
  13. Go Figure! 102 Math Word Problems Based on Actual News Stories (Middle Grades) by Max W. Fischer, 2007-11
  14. Math Word Problems the Easy Way by David Ebner, 2002-02-28

21. Word Problems
links to the most useful math word problems sites on thenet, and descriptions of what you'll find there.
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Word Problems
Guide picks Get help solving word problems appropriate to your level
Math Word Problems for Grades 1 and 2

From, a well organized group of word problems on addition and subtraction. Math Word Problems for Grades 3 and 4
From, a well organized group of word problems on multiplication, division, fractions, estimation, and measurement. Math Word Problems for Grade 5 From, a well organized group of word problems on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals. Grade 5 Word Problems For Kids From St. Francis Xavier University, a large selection of word problems along with hints and answers. For the Grade 5 level. Grade 6 Word Problems For Kids From St. Francis Xavier University, a large selection of word problems along with hints and answers. For the Grade 6 level.

22. Math Word Problems Series
Search by ID, Title or ISBN. math word problems Whole Numbers Fractions Decimals Percents - Mixed Concepts Whole Numbers-Percents.
Grade Level Subject Test Prep >Books Only >All software All Subjects: General CT Skills Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies >All Grades >Pre-K >K >Adult Search by ID, Title or ISBN Math Word Problems
Turns students into super math-word-problem solvers!
Grades: 4th - 10th
Subject: Mathematics
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The developmentally sequenced problems in each book are arranged so they cannot be solved by rote processes. Each problem requires its own thinking/problem-solving approach rather than applying the same solution process to entire groups of problems.
Teaching Support
Includes answers, instructions at the beginning of each concept, and examples provided as models to reassure students about what is expected of them.

23. Critical Thinking Homeschool Catalog - Problem-Solving Skills For Life
math word problems, Students read for evidence, discover clues, and solveeach case to become a 4star master reading detective! Reading Detective.
My Last Search Result Shopping Cart Help Best Sellers Software Demos Product Bundles ... Test Prep >Books Only >All software All Subjects: General CT Skills Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies >All Grades >PreK >K Search by ID, Title or ISBN Welcome to our Homeschool Catalog!
We offer easy-to-use products that develop thinking skills and improve content learning in reading, writing, math, science, and United States history.
Browse or search to find exactly what you need and let us show you our highly acclaimed products. Free Catalog !

24. MiddleWare From Optimum Resource
Math. math word problems Careers. math word problems Money. math word problems Sports.math word problems Travel. Keyboarding/Science. Typing Workshop. Car Builder.
Optimum Resource, Inc.
18 Hunter Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
Phone: 1-843-689-8000 Fax: 1-843-689-8008 Email:
Grades 3 - 9 Language Arts Math Keyboarding/Science
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... Tools for Educators

25. Buy Products
Stickybear Math Splash, Stickybear math word problems, Stickybear Math 1 Deluxe, Math.math word problems Series Careers, math word problems Series Money,
Optimum Resource, Inc.
Fine Educational Software
denotes program is only available in bilingual version (English/Spanish) Pre-K - Grade 5 Early Learning Stickybear ABC Deluxe Stickybear Early Learning Activities Deluxe Stickybear Kindergarten Activities Stickybear Numbers Deluxe ... Stickybear Opposites Deluxe Reading Stickybear Phonics 1 Stickybear Phonics 2 Stickybear Phonics 3 Stickybear Phonics Series Combo ... Stickybear Spelling Math Stickybear Math Town Stickybear Math Splash Stickybear Math Word Problems Stickybear Math 1 Deluxe ... Stickybear Numbers Deluxe Keyboarding/Science Stickybear Typing Stickybear Science Fair: Light Bilingual Software Stickybear Early Learning Activities Stickybear Numbers Deluxe Bilingual Stickybear Shapes Deluxe Bilingual Stickybear Opposites Deluxe Bilingual ... Top of Page Grades 3 - 9 Language Arts Reading Comprehension Series: Famous People Reading Comprehension Series: Science Reading Comprehension Series: International Competition Reading Comprehension Series: Geography ... Punctuation Rules Grades 3 - 9 Language Arts - Bilingual Reading Comprehension Series: Famous People Reading Comprehension Series: Science Reading Comprehension Series: Geography Reading Comprehension Series: History ... Spelling Rules Bilingual Math Math Word Problems Series: Careers Math Word Problems Series: Money Math Word Problems Series: Sports Math Word Problems Series: Travel Keyboarding/Science

encoded Mac binary file 'edu/mmwposx-10.hqx' Uploaded 04/18/2002 1362527 bytes Subject Master math word problems for OS X v1.0
Abstract of INFO-MAC archived encoded Mac binary file 'edu/mmwp-osx-10.hqx' Uploaded 04/18/2002 1362527 bytes From: Subject: Master Math Word Problems for OS X v1.0 Master Math Word Problems v1.0 for Mac OS X 10.1 or higher Release date: April 15, 2002 Master Math Word Problems is an easy to use program to aide students in learning to identify key words that identify mathematical operations and work through mathematical word problems. Word problems are considered important because they take math into the real world. Unfortunately solving word problems is one of the areas where students have the most difficulties in elementary math. Master Math Word Problems helps students develop word problem skills through practice. It features optional on screen tips and three practice modes. Results of each round as well as missed questions may be printed with student name and time/date stamp. Shareware US$12.95

27. Education World® ”Photograph Math” Word Problems
LESSON PLAN. Photograph Math Word Problems Return to Math Fun! Lesson Plan.math word problems can be a difficult concept for many students to master.

Lesson Planning Center
Archives: All Articles by Date The Arts ... Lesson Planning Lesson Plan L E S S O N P L A N "Photograph Math" Word Problems
Return to Math Fun! (Volume 2)
  • Language Arts Visual Arts
Educational Technology Mathematics
  • Applied Math Arithmetic
  • K-2
Brief Description
Word problems come to life when kids write their own problems and stage photos that illustrate them.
Students will
  • practice reading and answering word problems as a class, in small groups, and on their own.
  • think about the ways in which, and the places where, they use math.
  • stage a photograph that illustrates one of the ways in which they use math.
  • write their own real-life word problems to accompany the photo.
word, problem, math, photo, photograph, reality, real-life math
Materials Needed
  • camera (a digital camera is preferable; that way photographs can be downloaded and enlarged), but any camera will do
  • a collection of grade-appropriate math word problems from math texts, work sheet sources, and the like
Lesson Plan
Math word problems can be a difficult concept for many students to master. Why not add some fun to problem solving by having students write their own word problems? Increase the fun by adding a little theater! Bring word problems to life by challenging students to work together in pairs or small groups to stage photographs of real-life settings that involve math and to write word problems to go with the photographs.

28. Education World® : Literature And Math Converge In Storyville!
Through the Storyville Math project, classes of second grade students across thecountry create literaturebased math word problems that are posted on the

Professional Development Center
Archives: VIEW ALL ARTICLES The Arts ... Interdisciplinary Curriculum Article C U R R I C U L U M A R T I C L E
Literature and Math Converge in Storyville!
After working with teachers who took part in successful Web-based projects, technology facilitators Marguerite Miller and Carol Ann Hennessy of East Islip, New York, joined forces to create their own online project! Seeking ways to actively engage students, they designed Storyville Math, an adventure in learning in which classes read books, write word problems, illustrate solutions, and calculate answers to math problems written by their peers! Included: Tips for coordinators of online projects!
"Many of the classroom teachers in our schools have enjoyed participating in online projects through the years," Carol Ann Hennessy told Education World, "so this year we decided it was time to host our own project!" Hennessy and project partner, Marguerite Miller, knew they wanted their new project to focus on problem solving; they also wanted an activity that would bring together all the classes that participated. They decided that the best way to accomplish those goals was to make literature the heart of the project and Storyville Math was born!

29. NTID ProjectSOLVE: Teachers Intro
research about the linguistic and experiential factors which explain why deafand hardof-hearing students struggle with a variety of math word problems.
Teachers and Parents, Whether you are teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing students in high school or in a college environment, you are likely looking for information and resources to help you enhance the mathematics word problem solving skills of your students. The purpose of PROJECT SOLVE is twofold:
  • To provide deaf and hard-of-hearing students (or any other student who shares similar learning needs) with a large bank of mathematics word problems to solve with guided help. The "Help" we provide is based as much as possible on what we know from educational research about the linguistic and experiential factors which explain why deaf and hard-of-hearing students struggle with a variety of math word problems. [For more information on the guided help, click on the link for students at the top of this web page]. The PROJECT SOLVE item pool includes a variety of mathematics word problems for students to practice in the following categories: A. Arithmetic
      - Fractions - Variation - Percents (fractional and decimal) - Averages - Conversions
    B. Algebra
  • 30. - Math Sites Includes over 1,000 math word problems for grades 1 through6, plus instructions on how you can use numbers to do magic.




    ... A+ Math
    This site has plenty of activities and games to help beginning to intermediate math students improve their skills. Flash cards, concentration games, more. AAA Math
    Designed for grades K-8, this comprehensive math resource contains hundreds of pages of basic math skills and randomly-created interactive practice activities. Ask Dr. Math
    This is a huge resource of answers to math questions for elementary to college students. If you have a question not covered, you can ask Dr. Math! Brain Bashers
    Includes an interesting collection of math, logic, and language puzzles, seperated into easy, medium and hard categories. Brain Teasers
    Brain Teasers presents a weekly word problem for 3 grade ranges; answers are given the following week. A section with past 'teasers' is also available.

    31. Shreve Systems - Apple II Software
    Travel, movement and faroff places encourage students to solve math word problems.There are over 130 math word problems in the program. Grades 2 through 6.
    We are the oldest and largest recycler
    of Macintosh and Apple II equipment in the world!


    Mac Parts and Upgrades LOGIC BOARDS


    Accessories MAC SOFTWARE PC SOFTWARE USER MANUALS IMAGING DEVICES ... VIDEO CARDS PRINTERS INKJET PRINTERS LASER PRINTERS PRINTER PARTS Apple II Stuff HARDWARE SOFTWARE Take Any FIVE Titles For Just $19! StickyBear Math Now kids can practice basic math skills and help the Stickybear family out of some sticky jams at the same time!

    32. General Skills - Math Workbooks, Grammer Tests
    Painless math word problems. Barron’s Painless math word problems. How toSolve math word problems. How to Solve Word Problems in Mathematics. Cliff's: Police Sergeant Exam Guide Arco: State Trooper Exam Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel Barron's: Guide to Law Enforcement Careers Tests and Guides home email Police Police Promotion ... Spanish Language
    Learning Express: Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam Arco: 24 hrs to the Law Enforcement Exams
    Logical Reasoning
    Reading Comp. Writing Practice Math Workbooks All the Math You'll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Guide Everyday Math For Dummies® Barron’s: Painless Math Word Problems How to Solve Word Problems in Mathematics Learning Express: 1001 Math Problems Master Math: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra Learning Express: Math Essentials Algebra for Dummies® How to Solve Word Problems in Algebra Learning Express: Algebra Success in 20 Minutes A Day Barron’s: Painless Algebra Ace's Exambusters Algebra 1 Study Cards Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide Logical Reasoning Learning Express: Learning Express:

    33. Great Sites For Great Kids - Math
    Fish Tank Can you figure the probability? Disaster math word problems; K3Challenges Problems to try. Do not forget to check the past problems too.
    Math Sites

    34. Activity Sheet 34, Math Word Problems
    ACTIVITY SHEET 34. math word problems. The worker bee weighs 80 milligrams.Her honey crop will hold 70 milligrams of nectar, and
    Math Word Problems
    The worker bee weighs 80 milligrams. Her honey crop will hold 70 milligrams of nectar, and her pollen baskets will hold 20 milligrams of pollen. Workers can fly 12 to 15 miles per hour and will average 8 to 12 trips from the hive each day for a distance of 1 1/2 miles forag ing for nectar and pollen. 1. If a worker bee flies 15 miles per hour from the colony to a pollen and nectar source 3/4 miles away, how long does it take her to complete one trip? [6 minutes] 2. If a worker bee makes 10 round trips from the colony to the nectar source 3/4 miles away, how many miles does she travel all together? [15 miles] 3. If a worker bee makes 10 complete trips to get food 3/4 miles away by flying 15 miles per hour, how much time has she spent flying? [One hour] 4. If a worker bee can carry 90 milligrams of nectar and pollen each trip, how much total weight has she carried after making 10 trips? [900 milligrams] 5. Based on your answer for problem 4, how many grams of weight does the worker bee carry all together? [.90 grams or almost 1 gram]

    35. ReferenceResources:MathandMathHelp
    Math Stories for Grades for 1 through 5 Over 1,000 math word problems,classified according to grades and topics. math word problems
    Reference Resources: Mathematics Math Dictionary for Kids Math Dictionary An animated dictionary that explains over 400 math terms. Included are interactive activities, practice, and calculators Brain Teasers / Problem Solving/ Activities Brain Teasers Improve your problem solving skills with these brain teasers grade levels 3, 5-6, 7+ Brain Teasers and Puzzle Web Page Hundreds of brainteasers CyberKids Brain Teasers Graphic puzzles, memory games, word puzzles Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, Games Page A site devoted to mathematics, games, and puzzles Math Puzzles Weekly math puzzles with solutions discussed at length each following week;examples of past puzzles include: Chaos Tiles, Dissecting Convex Figures, Domino Games, Eternity Puzzle, Fair Dice, Diamonds, Leapers, Multistate Mazes, Parity, Pentagon Tiling, Philosopher Logic, Phonetic Alphabet and Word Play Geometry A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry The activities will help you get a "hands-on" feel for some of the fundamental principles of geometry. Try them all to help understand theorems and proofs.

    36. SGBox Math Help - Singapore Mathematics Homework Help
    SGBox Math Help TM. Do you need help on how to solve math sums ormath word problems based on Singapore curriculum? We offer the
    Book Store Math Help Library Games ... Newsletter
    Established since 1998 Please support this website Math Help Get the best professional help on Singapore math problems by experienced Singapore math teachers and tutors! TM
    Testimonials "Very detailed and attractive site which satisfies the requirements of primary school teachers." Site map
    Online store catalogue
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    Select your items ... Make your payment
    SGBox Math Help TM
    Do you need help on how to solve math sums or math word problems based on Singapore curriculum? We offer the best professional help on Singapore math problems by experienced Singapore math teachers and tutors! Code SGBox Math Help Price SGBox Math Help For Primary 1 / 1st Grade Singapore Math Sum Or Word Problem US$0.99 SGBox Math Help For Primary 2 / 2nd Grade Singapore Math Sum Or Word Problem US$0.99

    37. Word Problems - A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Math
    solving skills. math word problems For Kids This interactive websiteprovides 48 math word problem hints and tips. Mathematical
    Gifts for Smarter Kids, Toddlers through 12 Year Olds.
    A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Explorations 4 Kids I am Ann Zeise , your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about home education on the web. Search
    This Site
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    Home New Kids Links One Exploration A Day Contact Ann Zeise ... Free Newsletter
    Site Index:
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    Math 4 Kids
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    Word Problems
    Advanced Math
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    History of Math
    High School Math
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    Regional Information ...
    Holiday Directory
    Word Problems Brain Teasers
    Challenge your brain! A new question every Wednesday. Divided by grade level. Archive of previous questions.

    38. Master Math Word Problems X 1.1 - VersionTracker
    Master math word problems X 1.1. Practice math word problems. Download Now (FileSize 1.1M). •, Download Classic Version. Master math word problems X, Company
    TechTracker Network MacFixit Developers
    var test = 'Educational'; var catos = categoryOS; test = test.replace(/ /g, '+'); document.write("Category: Educational"); Master Math Word Problems X - 1.1 Practice math word problems Download Now (File Size: 1.1M) Download Classic Version E-mail a Friend about this product
    Troubleshooting Forums

    Search for Master Math Word Problems X

    Product Info What's new in this version:
    • Splash screen eliminated.
    • Partial program title added to Quit menu item.
    • Default display font changed from Charcoal (Mac OS 9 standard) to Geneva (Mac OS X standard).
    • Program version now displayed on drill parameters selection, main practice, and end of round results window titles.
    • Total questions for round and mode now displayed in score box of main practice window. Product Description: Aides elementary students in learing to solve mathematical word problems through practice. Modes include: addition and subtraction, multipication and division, and mixed. Problems include randomization of numerical values, names, and item labels so that students don't see the same exact problem scenarios over and over. Regular practice with Master Math Word Problems could help your student become a master math word problem solver. Latest User Reviews: There are currently no User reviews for this product.

    39. Math Resources
    Math Stories. Help students improve their math problemsolving and critical thinkingskills with hundreds of math word problems for grades 1-8. Math Study Web.
    Teacher Resources
    Problem Solving/Games ...
    Grades 9 - 12
    General Math
    Abacus History of the Abacus and how it is used in various number systems.
    Annenberg Guide to Math and Science Reform
    A comprehensive searchable database with concise information on initiatives and organizations responding to America's call for better science and mathematics education for all K-12 students. Best Sites for Teachers A wealth of resources for educators. Free lesson plans, educational materials, word games, puzzles, links to thousands of resources. Build Your Own Math Worksheets Create practice pages, quizzes, homework- all with great ease from TEAMS and the Math Fact Cafe. Your custom-designed template will generate a new page every time along with answer sheets, if you wish. Chronological List of Mathematicians A long list of mathematicians indexed by datequite a few with links to further information. The Color Pixel Calculator The Color Pixel Calculator is a version of the pixel calculator that can be used on color images. CyberMath Resources for high school and university mathematics students. High end users will enjoy the VRLM Gallery.

    40. Math Word Problems Study Skills
    math word problems Study Skills, Classes in mathematics and the scienceshave traditionally been the nemesis of students' attempts
    Math Word Problems
    Study Skills
    Classes in mathematics and the sciences have traditionally been the nemesis of students' attempts to maintain high grade point averages. While some of the difficulties students have with these disciplines may be ascribed to highly esoteric vocabulary and great quantities of factual material, these attributes are found in other non-science courses as well, and thus cannot form a sufficient explanation of the problem. However, the scientific disciplines are unique in their heavy reliance on problem-solving methods, and in testing strategies which use work problems as a major part of the test format. The feature of word problems which makes them so difficult is that information is expressed in a form which is different than that used in obtaining a solution. Thus, before a student can attempt a solution, it is necessary that he/she isolate the major pieces of information the problem contains, relate them to a specific mathematical equation, and then perhaps modify the units of the given data to fit the conventions of the equation. The difficulty is further increased because of the enormous number of situations which may be generated as the subject of a word problem, and the fact that verbal descriptions are inevitably much longer than symbolic statements. One might initially suppose that the extensive use of solved problems, both during lectures and in accompanying texts, might serve to alleviate some of the difficulty. While it is certainly true that these illustrative problems contribute to a student's mastery of a given solution method, the very fact that they are illustrative of a concept, and are identified as such, removes a crucial step in the problem solving process, i.e., the need to establish the general nature of the solution. Also, most of the illustrative problems given utilize a single concept for the solution, contrasting strongly with the types included in exams, where combinations of concepts are required.

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