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         Math Word Problems:     more books (111)
  1. 225 Fantastic Facts Math Word Problems: Amazing Facts and Quick Companion Word Problems That Build Skills in Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, and More by Eric Charlesworth, 2001-11-01
  2. Math Logic & Word Problems, Gr. 1-2 (Power Practice) by Vicky Shiotsu, 2005-02
  3. Thinking Through Math Word Problems: Strategies for Intermediate Elementary School Students by Art Whimbey, Jack Lochhead, et all 1990-06-01
  4. Math Logic & Word Problems, Gr. 5-6 (Power Practice) by Angela Higgins, 2005-02
  5. Animal Word Problems Starring Addition and Subtraction (Math Word Problems Solved) by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson, 2009-01

41. Word Problems For Kids
Find over a dozen different categories related to math with hints and suggestions to help user solve a problem. Click on a problem solver below, enter your math problem and click for an explanation of how it's done Story problems (Grades 38). +. word problems (Grades 8-12)
Word Problems For Kids
Made Possible With Funding From:
    This site has been turbo charged for viewing with This Web Site contains word problems for students and teachers. The problems are classified into grade levels from Grade 5 to Grade 12. THIS IS NOT A TEST, but a set of carefully selected problems which can help you improve your problem solving skills -if you try to carefully think about how you would solve each problem, and once you have found the solution, you make sure that you understand all parts of the solution. You can try any problem you like and if the problem is a little difficult you can get helpful hints by following the hints link. This web site has been established with support from Industry Canada and is located at St. Francis Xavier University . Our thanks to the Waterloo Mathematics Foundation for their permission to adapt problems from the Canadian Mathematics Competitions Please send any suggestions you may have for improvements to this Web Site to

42. Math / Math Online / Free Math Games Online - Ray
Includes word problems, online games, and interactives quizzes.
Ray's Math Land


Over 130
WordProblems ?Grade 1 ?Grade 2 ?Grade 3-4 ?Grade 5 ?Grade 5-6 ?Grade 6 ?Grade 7 ?Grade 8 ?JuniorHigh ?Grade 9 ?Grade 10 ?Grade 11 ?Grade 12 Workbook(K-6) ?Workbook(K-6) Math FAQ ?Math FAQ MathStrategy ?Word Problem AdvancedMath ?AdvancedMath Math Glossary ?Grade 1 ?Grade 2 ?Grade 3 ?Grade 4 ?Grade 5 ?Grade 6 ?Grade 7 ?Grade 8 Math Games Online Kindergarten ?CarnivalCars ?PatternBuild ?Shapes ?Count 100 Grade 1-2 ?Dinosaur ?Express ?Time Tell ?AddSurprise ?Hi-riseMath ?Laser Math Grade 3 ?Model Add ?Multiplication ?Mul-Problem ?Time Match ?MoneyMatch ?MetricMatch Grade 4 ?SolidFigure ?Shape Match ?CustMeasure Grade 5 ?FractionMan ?PrimeFactor ?Fra-Deci-Per ?RatioMatch Grade 6 ?UnlikeFrac ?MixOperation ?RobotStudio Grade 7 ?Figure Cut ?Pre-algebra Other Games ?Egg Drop ?CrossNumber ?Math Chase
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43. Solar System Worksheets, Planets, Math Problems, Puzzles, And More!
math and logic problems, word searches and vocabulary worksheets.

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The Solar System
Math Problems
Logic Worksheets
Planet Word Searches
Lesson Plans
and More!
Every time you click to create a worksheet a New worksheet is created!
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Solar System Math Worksheets Solar System: Addition and Subtraction Math Problems Solar System: Rounding Math Problems Solar System: Scientific Notation and Multiplication Math Problems Solar System: Algebra Math Problems Solar System Crossword Puzzle The Solar System Crossword Puzzle Solar System Word Searches The Solar System Word Search Mercury Word Search Venus Word Search Earth Word Search ... Pluto Word Search Solar System Logic Worksheets Name the Planet How much do they weigh? Solar System Word Finds Use the Default Settings: Build Solar System Word Find (with at most 20 words) Build Solar System Word Find (with at most 40 words) Build Solar System Word Find Solar System Word Puzzles! Fill in the Missing Solar System Words Puzzle Solar System Crossword with just the words scrambled as hints Vocabulary Solar System Crossword Solar System Word Worksheets Fill in the Missing Letter Unscramble the Words Circle the Correct Word Fill in the Missing Vowels ... Word Chop Also Visit: Solar System Lesson Plans, Printables, Crafts, Activities, Bulletin Boards, and more at edHelperNet

44. Algebra Story And Word Problems
A collection of simple word problems illustrating conceptbased problem solving.Category Science math Algebra High School...... website Ms. Lindquist The Algebra word Problem Tutor a valuable resource for exercisein handling story problems. powerful source of automatic math operations
Reliable problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving. Algebra, Physics, Chemistry... from grade school to grad school and beyond. For Windows users, NuCalc 2.0 (The Graphing Calculator for Windows) includes capabilities similar to SureMath.
Only identify what is asked for. Ignore all the ifs, ands and buts....
A problem is understood by solving it not by pondering it.
sign guestbook. See guestbook. This site is directed to students teachers administrators Parents and other professionals. document.write('');
The next generation of problem solving
Seize the moment!

Teach/Learn HOW TO solve problems!
Automatic math by QuickMath Algebra




Scientific notation
A collection of simple Word Problems illustrating concept-based problem solving. These are typical of problems in textbooks, in a variety of competency tests and real-life problems. The problems, and their solutions, on this site provide a base for

45. Logicville
Logicville is a website collection of mathematical games, puzzles, and brain teasers, including anagrams, cryptograms, cryptarithms or alphametics, word puzzles, logic games, doublets, tangrams, chess problems, and many educational and math problems.
WELCOME TO L O G I C V I L L E Over a Hundred Educational Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Mathematical Recreations and Word Games List of Puzzles
Cryptogram Quiz


Birthday E-Cards
... Word Puzzles, Mathematical Recreations, Anagrams, Cryptograms, Doublets, Tangrams, Cryptarithms, Chess, and many more...
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Puzzle of the Week MAGIC WORD SQUARE A magic word square is a square array of letters such a valid word is found in every row and every column of the array. Form a magic word square by filling the 4x4 square array below using only the letters shown below. These letters may be used more than once. However, all letters should be used at least once. G R E D L O W
This puzzle is INTERACTIVE in Java-enabled browsers. Select a letter by clicking on any RED letter on the upper array, then click on the cell that you want the selected letter placed. PREVIOUS PUZZLE Test your Logic!

46. 21st Century Problem Solving
Sound problem solving concepts and examples that apply to grade school through graduate school and beyond.Category Science math Education...... word problems, also known as Story problems, are an and an evolving encyclopedia ofsolved problems in mathematics Automatic math by Quickmath, Use Quickmath to


since 2/3/95.
TM A modern approach to reliable
problem solving across the curriculum.
The next generation of problem solving.
Seize the moment!
The light in the window, coming to you from
Last site modification: February 10, 2003
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Students will enjoy solving word problems easily and dependably. They will become happy campers in the forest of problem solving Teachers will gain the advantage of a logical, consistent approach to problem solving that applies across the curriculum and at all grade levels. Administrators, curriculum developers and librarians will gain a cost-effective approach to curriculum development related to problem solving . The method is applicable across the curriculum and at all grade levels for subjects that use mathematics for problem solving. Parents are a critical component of the educational process. Word Problems, also known as Story Problems, are an essential part of learning to use mathematics effectively. Sound problem solving methods make this possible.

47. Problems, Word Games, Puzzles, Brainteasers, And Wordplay
Solve math problems, brainteasers, word games and riddles. Featuring a selection of free puzzles to help develop problem solving and lateral thinking skills.

The Problem Site

Welcome to The Problem Site , a special problem solving site for both students and adults. This site hosts 'Problem Of the Week' and 'Problem of the Month' pages, maintained by educators, mathemeticians, puzzle enthusiasts, and others who care about students' ability to think critically.
Please visit any of the pages listed below. You can stop in just to get the problems, or you can compete against others around the world by submitting solutions. To submit solutions, you must have cookies enabled in your browser.
Have fun!
Public Problem Pages At The Problem Site The Maine Page
The Maine Page is designed to help high school students from the state of Maine prepare for the Maine Association of Math Leagues math competitions.( visit this page
Doug's Brain Food

Brainteasers, riddles, and word games can be found here. A well rounded knowledge of many subject areas will help you do well with this hodgepodge of puzzles! ( visit this page
MathHS: Graeme's Problem of the Month

This problem page contains high school level math problems updated monthly.( visit this page Mr. T's Calculus Problems

48. Commonwealth Learning Center
Programs in elementary and advanced math skills including algebra, geometry, trigonometry. Elementary skills include decimals, fractions, and word problems.
We provide individualized programs for children and adults to develop and improve math skills. Elementary Math We offer programs for students of any age who wish to develop their math skills. Programs may include instruction in whole numbers, fractions, decimals, time, money, measurement, elementary geometry, and word problems. The programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the learner. Instruction moves from the concrete to the abstract, when appropriate for the student. It often begins with hands-on materials and pictorial representation and then advances to symbolic computation and problem-solving. Computer software programs are provided for practice and reinforcement of previously taught material. Advanced Math Programs for Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Trigonometry are available. These instructional programs are suitable for secondary school students, and for adults preparing for college entrance or high school equivalency examinations. Programs


Wilson Reading System
Test Preparation - SAT, SSAT, ISEE, MCAS

Massachusetts Locations:
Needham, Danvers, and Sudbury

49. Mother's Day Worksheets, Math Problems, Word Search, Puzzles, And More!
math problems, word searches, crossword puzzle, spelling, and vocabulary.

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Mother's Day
Math Problems
Word Searches
Lesson Plans
and More!
Every time you click to create a worksheet a New worksheet is created!
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Mother's Day Math Worksheets Mother's Day: Addition and Subtraction Math Problems Mother's Day: Multiplication and Division Mother's Day: Money Problems Mother's Day: Time Problems ... Mother's Day: Mix of all above Math Problems Mother's Day Word Searches Use the Default Settings: Build Mother's Day Word Find (with at most 20 words) Build Mother's Day Word Find (with at most 40 words) Build Mother's Day Word Find Mother's Day Word Puzzles! Fill in the Missing Mother's Day Words Puzzle Mother's Day Crossword with just the words scrambled as hints Vocabulary Mother's Day Crossword Mother's Day Word Worksheets Fill in the Missing Letter Unscramble the Words Circle the Correct Word Fill in the Missing Vowels ... Word Chop Also Visit: Mother's Day Lesson Plans, Printables, Crafts, Activities, Bulletin Boards, and more at edHelperNet

50. Math Help Word Problems
word problems with explanation via email. In person tutoring in Wilkes-Barre area, PA, USA.
NOW THE MATH HELP YOU NEED AND DESERVE! Want help with homework?
More free time?
Higher marks?
A better understanding of Math ?
Read on.
I can help you to get all of these!
First select any problem or problems you need extar help with.
Send me the ENTIRE problem.
I'll return a COMPLETE explanation with ALL work as well as the ANSWER
Arithemetic word problems,including Fractions,Interest,Percentages etc. Alegbra and Trig. word problems of all types. Basic Probability and Statistic problems,as well as Calc1 and Calc2 word problems. Spring Schedule All questions received by 4:00 PM. Payment must accompany or precede questions. Current Prices $2.50 for 1 one part problem. $20.00 for 10 one part problems. Problems with more than one part ,will be an additinal $1.25 per part. Payment by Paypal, see favorite links on this page. See SPRING SEMESTER SPECIALl FOR STUDENTS OF NORTHEAST PA. SCHOOLS. In person tutoring available. Single session for students who need a better understanding of a single idea or to prepare for 1 test. Multiple sessions for students who desire help with an entire course or who has difficulties with Math in general.

51. Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Archives: Middle School Word Problems
Search the Dr. math Library Search entire archive just Middle School word ProblemsFind items containing (put spaces between keywords) Click only once for
Ask Dr. Math
Middle School Archive

Dr. Math Home
Elementary Middle School High School ... Dr. Math FAQ
This page:

word problems

Dr. Math

mixture problems

See also the Dr. Math FAQ classic problems and distance/rate/time and word problems MIDDLE SCHOOL About Math Algebra equations factoring expressions ... Word Problems
Browse Middle School Word Problems Stars indicate particularly interesting answers or good places to begin browsing.
100 Percent of Daily Allowance of Iron
A common foodstuff is found to contain .00125% iron. The serving size is 87.0 grams. If the recommended daily allowance is 18mg of iron, how many servings would a person have to eat to get 100% of the daily allowance of iron?
Acid Concentration, Heating Bill
1) A pharmacist has 8 liters of a 15 percent solution of acid. How much distilled water must she add.... 2) By installing a $120 thermostat, a family hopes to cut its annual heating bill...
Age and Money
Frank is eight years older than his sister. In three years he will be twice as old as she is. How old are they now? (and other similar problems)
Backwards Through the Steps
Can you show strategies for solving this baseball card word problem?

52. Math Hunt
Travel to Web sites and hunt for the answers to mathematics word problems.
Greetings, math fanatics! I'm Webster, your personal tour guide to the WWW. Together we'll travel to cool Web sites and hunt for the answers to math problems. Just pick one of the topics listed below, and we'll be on our way.
Teacher's Guide

Science Social Studies Creepy Crawlies
Deep Sea

Early America

Earth Day
World Explorers

Note to Teachers: To see a list of skills your students will need to complete each of the Hunts above, check out the Math Hunt Skill Chart Special Note: To play Math Hunt, you must have your browsers set to accept cookies. Scholastic uses cookies to keep track of your Math Hunt score. For more information about cookies, see our Teacher's Guide Skill Chart Teacher Resource Center Online Activities Center ... Teacher Store
Read our

53. Arithmetic Word Problems And Kids Math Practice Exercises
Click banner to visit sponsor Hide ads Advertise here. Kids math WordProblems. Buy this SyvumBook for offline use. Recommended Age 67 years.
Syvum Home K-12 SAT GRE ... Advertise here
Kids Math Word Problems
Buy this SyvumBook for offline use.
Recommended Age: 6-7 years.
Knowledge Required of 1-2 digit numbers.
1. Addition Activities for Kids Math
Addition Word Problems 1.1: Fun with Animals
Addition Word Problems 1.2: Fun with Vehicles

Addition Word Problems 1.3: Fun with Toys

Addition Word Problems 1.4: Fun with Fruits
Addition Word Problems 1.9: Maps are Fun
2. Subtraction Activities for Kids Math
Subtraction Word Problems 2.1: Fun with Animals
Subtraction Word Problems 2.2: Fun with Vehicles

Subtraction Word Problems 2.3: Fun with Toys

Subtraction Word Problems 2.4: Family Fun
Subtraction Word Problems 2.9: Fun Road Map
3. Multiplication Activities for Kids Math
Multiplication Word Problems 3.1: Fun with Animals Multiplication Word Problems 3.2: Birthday Party Multiplication Word Problems 3.3: Fun with Toys Multiplication Word Problems 3.4: Pretty Flowers ... Multiplication Word Problems 3.9: Fun Road Map
4. Division Activities for Kids Math
Division Word Problems 4.1: Fun with Toys

54. Number Puzzles!
200 math Number Puzzles, including arithmetic, rounding, fractions, decimals, algebra, multiplication, ratios, word problems, and order of operations.

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Build a Number Puzzle!
Every time you click to create a number puzzle, a new worksheet with different questions will be created. Create as many as you like! When you print the worksheet, the answer page will automatically be printed on a separate piece of paper! This section is for subscribers. A subscription to edHelper includes access to the math, spelling, and vocabulary subscription areas. Sign up for the subscriber materials.
View Some Pre-Made Samples
Misc Grade 1 Sample

Misc Grade 3 Sample

Easy Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Easy Addition and Subtraction (Numbers to 20)
Round to the Nearest Whole Number

Also, be sure to visit: Math Boxes Math Sequences Critical Thinking Logic Puzzles! Missing Digits ... Math Standardized Tests Grade Specific Puzzles First Grade First Grade (part 2) First Grade Mixed Review Second Grade ... Seventh Grade Mixed Review Large Word Problem Number Puzzles Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (easy) Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (easy) Multiplication and Division Word Problems (easy) Additon, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Word Problems (easy) ... Integers and Algebra Word Problems (grades 6-8) More Word Problems Money Word Problems Word Problems - Addition,Subtraction,Division,Multiplication (Grades 4-5)

55. Softbasics Software - Free Math Software
Free Windows math software for children ages 612. Printable math activities, word problems, onscreen activities.
Math Tri-Pak Programs (Free copy)
Free Math Tri-Pak offer for families who make the effort to help their children. Any concerned parents of children ages 6-13 may participate. Parental involvement is the single most critical factor in the academic success of their children. We are happy to share these teacher-developed programs with those who are willing to help their children master the facts, skills, and concepts crucial to math mastery. We also offer low cost, optional language arts software.
  • FREE - Math Maker - printable activities with answer keys (up to 35 copies with answer key - see visual below). All activities arranged in order, easy to hard, for logical progression.
  • FREE - Math Master - on-screen companion program with unique 100% mouse input for ease of use by young children. Same activities as Math Maker, but on-screen.
  • FREE - Math User - on-screen program for solving the 900 multi-level word problems (also printable in Math Maker) with built-in calculator. Crucial for true math mastery.

Each day we ship free Math Tri-Pak CD's to families throughout the USA. Over

56. Educational Math Activities For Kids
Features interactive word problems, educational math movies, and math games.
Math Playground is a member of Math Playground Welcome to Math Playground! Math Playground is a mathematics learning site for students in grades K - 6. We feature a large collection of word problems, math games, and logic puzzles. Explore our site, practice your math skills, and have fun!
Coming soon! Interactive geometry problems.

57. Ms. Lindquist: The Free Algebra Tutor For Word Problems
math help, help with math, help with algebra, algebra help, algebra , tutoring, software,download, online, math, agent, word problems, freeware, shareware, non
Math teachers should also check out The Learning Open.
Ms. Lindquist : The Tutor The Free, Web-Delivered, Patented (New-April 2003)
Intelligent Tutoring System
For Tutoring Students In Writing Expressions
For Algebra Word Problems
That Has Tutored Thousands of Students!
written by Neil Heffernan
at Carnegie Mellon University As seen in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics News Bulletin....
And Selected "Best of the Web" by these Teacher Sites
This project was funded by The National Science Foundation through a grant to Privacy Policy Great for Summer School Use!
Other Algebra Resources on the Web
Link To Us! Comments and questions can be sent by email to Neil Heffernan. Carnegie Learning Inc. Neil Heffernan. My sister. Search Engine Stuff math algebra math help homework help mathematics interactive algebra lesson math high school tutorial algebra table math tutorial middle school math algebra math help homework help mathematics interactive algebra lesson math high school tutorial algebra table math tutorial middle school math algebra math help homework help mathematics interactive algebra lesson math high school tutorial algebra table math tutorial middle school,math tutor, math tutoring, algebra math, math help, help with math, help with algebra, algebra help, algebra , tutoring, software, download, online, math, agent, word problems, freeware, shareware, non-profit, research, computer, Intelligent Tutoring System, intelligence, pre-algebra,middle school,school,mathematics, tutor, student, teachers, curriculum, on line algebra tutor online algebra tutor online tutor algebra tutoring help algebra help word problems word problem homework, help,free,homework help, home,home school,mathematics home schooling

58. Free Lesson Plans, WebQuests, Worksheets And Teacher Tools!
Comprehensive database of lesson plans plus education news.Category Reference Education Educators K through 12 Lesson Plans...... math Test Prep word problems word problems and word Stories Grade 1, Grade 2,Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Algebra I. Vocabulary
Lesson Plans - Worksheets - Teacher's Lesson Plans - WebQuests - Primary Teacher Resources - Math Lesson Plans - Writing Lesson Plans - Reading Lesson Plans - Science Lesson Plans - Technology Lesson Plans - Social Studies Lesson Plans - ...
Lesson Plans, WebQuests, 5000 Free Worksheet Generators 1600 Word and Critical Thinking Problems , Exams and Puzzles for Standardized Tests.
The spelling and vocabulary sections now include new worksheets and tools!
New Word Stories Math Problems Section!
Subtraction Multiplication , and Division worksheets now use bigger fonts!
Language Arts Worksheets
Animal Worksheets
Biomes: Rainforests Deserts Polar Regions Grasslands ... Oceans
Reading + Math + Vocabulary + Spelling + Writing = edHelper's New Reading Comprehension Section
New Phonics Section with Printables and Worksheets
April Theme Units
Spring Theme Unit
Magic Egg
Now Playing! Build a puzzle: Use Your Own Words (Build Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheets) Word Find Crossword ... Critical Thinking Puzzles Subscribe to edHelper Get access to the subscriber only math, reading comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary worksheets!

59. Free Spelling, Vocabulary, And Math Worksheets!
Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers, Logarithms, Trigonometry, Time and TellingTime, Calendar, Money, Business math, Investing, word problems and word Stories
Free Worksheets and Printables for Teachers!
Return to

Thousands of free mathematical worksheets!
Math Worksheets - Algebra, Decimals, Fractions, Ratios, Measurement, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Polynomials!
Plus Puzzles, Spelling, and Vocabulary!
Every time you click to create a worksheet a New worksheet is created!
Basic Math
Place Value Addition Subtraction ...
Language Arts Worksheets

Build a puzzle: Word Find Crossword Spelling Math Crossnumber ...
Number Puzzles
Diagnostic, Standardized Test Materials, and Review Exams/Crossnumbers from the test prep section, requires registration Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 ... Area of a Triangle Word Problems and Critical Thinking Problems from the test prep section, requires registration Addition Word Problems Subtraction Word Problems Multiplication Word Problems Division Word Problems ... Algebra Word Problems Grade Specific Number Puzzles Puzzles Level 1 (Grade 1) Level 2 (Grade 2) Level 3 (Grade 3) Number Basics Number Puzzles Read the Number Word (up to millions) Write the Place Value (up to Thousands) Write the Place Value (up to millions) Tens and Ones ... Hundreds, Tens, and Ones Counting Money Math Number Puzzles Counting Money (Number Puzzle) Money Word Calculations (Number Puzzle) Combined Counting and Money Word Calculations (Number Puzzle) Rounding Number Puzzles Round Whole Numbers to nearest tens, hundreds, or thousands.

60. Practical Algebra Lessons From Purplemath
Includes illustrated tutorials, categorized links, homework guidelines, and a study skills survey.Category Kids and Teens School Time math Algebra...... Translation How to translate word problems from English into math age problems area/volume/perimeter problems coin (money) problems distance d = rt
Practical Algebra Lessons
The following lessons give practical tips, hints, and examples, and point out common mistakes. They are cross-referenced to each other, to help you find related material.
Search this site for:
powered by FreeFind Preliminary Topics Absolute Value
Factoring Numbers


Geometric Formulas
Number Bases
(binary, hexidecimal, etc.)
Number Properties
(Distributive, etc.)
Number Types
(natural, integer, real, etc.)
(converting) Rounding (and significant digits Beginning Algebra Topics Canceling Units Distance Formula Engineering Notation Evaluation ... Exponents (basic, negative, fractional) Graphing Overview Graphing: Absolute Value Graphing: Linear Equations Graphing: Radical Equations ... Inequalities Overview (three methods) Inequalities: Linear NEW Intercepts Midpoint Formula Order of Operations Polynomials (definitions & "like terms") Polynomials: Multiplying Polynomials: Dividing Radicals (square roots, cube roots, etc.) Scientific Notation Simple Factoring such as 2x + 6 = 2(x + 3) NEW Simplifying with Parentheses NEW Slope of a straight line Slope and Graphing Slope and y-intercept (their meaning in word problems) Solving: Absolute Value Equations Solving: Linear Equations Solving: Literal Equations Solving: Radical Equations ... Straight-line equations (y = mx + b) Variables x,y-Plane

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