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         Mathematician Biographies General:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians by Luetta Reimer, Wilbert Reimer, 1990-12
  2. Tales of Mathematicians and Physicists (Volume 0) by Simon Gindikin, 2006-11-17
  3. Women and Numbers: Lives of Women Mathematicians plus Discovery Activities by Teri Perl, 1993
  4. Math Equals: Biographies of Women Mathematicians+Related Activities (Addison-Wesley Innovative Series) by Teri Perl, 1978-02
  5. I Am a Mathematician by Norbert Wiener, 1964-08-15
  6. Stephen Smale: The Mathematician Who Broke the Dimension Barrier by Steve Batterson, 2000-02
  7. Women Becoming Mathematicians: Creating a Professional Identity in Post-World War II America by Margaret A. M. Murray, 2001-10-01
  8. Notable Mathematicians
  9. Benjamin Banneker: Astronomer and Mathematician (Fact Finders. Biographies) by Lassieur, Allison, 2006-01-01
  10. Out of the Mouths of Mathematicians: A Quotation Book for Philomaths (Spectrum Series of the Mathematical Association of America) by Rosemary Schmalz, 1993-10
  11. Mathematicians Are People, Too: Stories from the Lives of Great Mathematicians, Vol. 2 by Luetta Reimer, Wilbert Reimer, 1993-06
  12. Math and Mathematicians: The History of Math Discoveries Around the World (Volumes A-H and I-Z) by Leonard C. Bruno, Lawrence W. Baker, 1999-07-23
  13. Benjamin Banneker: Astronomer and Mathematician (African-American Biographies) by Laura Baskes Litwin, Benjamin Banneker, 1999-07
  14. Charles Babbage on the Principles and Development of the Calculator and Other Seminal Writings by Charles Babbage, 1984-06

1. General Classroom Support - Support Links
of Mathematics is a wellorganized index of Internet resources related to mathhistory, including books, articles, mathematician biographies, mailing lists
History of Math and Biographies
MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
If you're looking for biographies of mathematicians and reference material on the history of math for grades 7 or 8 and above, check out this site. From ancient to current times, you'll find over 1,000 biographical entries, alphabetically and chronologically arranged. This site is part of the Mathematical MacTutor at the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, University of St. Andrews. History of Mathematics
The History of Mathematics is a well-organized index of Internet resources related to math history, including books, articles, mathematician biographies, mailing lists, organizations, and more. This site also provides several mathematics-related chronologies, time lines, and bibliographies organized both by topic and geographic region. History of Mathematics is maintained by David E. Joyce, and is hosted by the Clark University Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Link Library
Education Place
Site Index
Terms and Conditions of Use
By providing this service Houghton Mifflin Company is not undertaking any responsibility or liability for information or publications of third parties on the Internet, even if you access them through Houghton Mifflin Education Place.

2. The Biography Links Pages (Biography,Famous People,Who's Who,Research
Philosophers' gallery. mathematician biographies. Famous Chiefs, etc. AOL SITE. biographies from The AWESOME Library Rosa Parks. general George S. Patton, Jr. (1885-1945)

3. Math Resources, Online Calculators, Homework Help
general general Resources. One of the very best math sites is Ask Dr. Math Elementary grades and up. mathematician's biographies has short to long biographies of mathematician's worldwide.

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School sites: Student Loans Student Loan Consolidation
General Math Resources
One of the very best math sites is Ask Dr. Math Elementary grades and up. Email help available. Forgotten the formula for figuring the area of a triangle? (Or, if you're like some of us, you never knew it in the first place.) Check out Dave's Math Tables for all of your theorems, tables, proofs, and graphs. The site is available in Spanish too! Internet Mathematics Library has it all. Brought to you by Math Forum. Math Homework Help MathMagic is a K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas. MathMagic posts challenges in each of four categories (k-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) to trigger each registered team to pair up with another team and engage in a problem-solving dialog. When an agreement has been reached, one solution is posted for every pair. Want more homework? Really Math Exercises gives introductory, intermediate and advanced math questions from square roots to trigonometry. Answers are provided. ThinkQuest provides some interesting ways of learning math skills. One of them is the

4. AWM Links For Biographies
other sources for biographies of women in the mathematical sciences and science in general. Please send suggestions Synge Morawetz (first female mathematician to ever be awarded a
//menuID = "index"; Here we've compiled individual biographies (mostly for AWM's own site) as well as links to other sources for biographies of women in the mathematical sciences and science in general. Please send suggestions for additional links to
Individual Biographies and Profiles

5. Links General
Math Methods Links ( ECI 653) Activities/Online Tools. Helping your child learnMath Graphing tool mathematician biographies. Standards and Guidelines.
M a t h M e t h o d s Links
( ECI 653)
Activities/Online Tools Helping your child learn Math
Graphing tool

Mathematician Biographies
Standards and Guidelines National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Virginia State Standards of Learning (SOL

Mathematics SOL
Data / Research National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information
US DOE National Center for Ed Statistics

Health data and statistics

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Lesson Plan Development Pacific Bell Blue Web'N
Free Resources for Education Excellence (FREE) Mathematics page
Webmath Reference ERIC Problem Based Learning Teachers Lab Index of Mathematician Biographies ... Internet Public Library Other Links Urban success stories Chronicle of Higher Education American School Directory SAT scores by race ... Email math

6. Indexes Of Biographies
Subject Re mathematician biographies in Encyclopedias Author Victor Steinbok more complete idea. In general, I've noticed that European mathematics of
Indexes of Biographies
Click below to go to either an alphabetical or chronological index. Full indexes are available, but these files are very large (over 100K) so you may have a long wait. Alphabetical indexes A B C D ... XYZ Chronological indexes
- 500 AD
1940-present Female mathematicians Recent changes in the archive ... Full Chronological index Enter a word or phrase: Main index History Topics Index Birthplace Maps Famous curves index ... Search Form JOC/EFR January 2003 The URL of this page is:

7. Mathematician Biographies
is alphabetical order; however, the biographies that follow and identifying worksby the same mathematician. best known for his very general geometric theorems
Biographies of Mathematicians
The table below is alphabetical order;
however, the biographies that follow are in chronological order, according to birth dates.
deLagny Newton Thales ... References Return to: Carrie Soffietti's Home Page
Thales of Miletus
Born: about 624 BC in Miletus, Asia Minor (modern day Turkey)
Died: about 547 BC in Miletus, Asia Minor (modern day Turkey)
He was a pre-Socratic philosopher, who specialized in geometry. After being a merchant toward the beginning of his life, his interests shifted to astronomy, then to philosophy, and then to mathematics. Thales calculated the height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt with the sun and a stick. He is also known for his five geometric theorems that state (1) a closed angle circumscribed in a semicircle is a right angle, (2) a diameter bisects a circle, (3) if two sides of a triangle are equal then their bases are equal and vice versa (the definition of an isosceles triangle), (4) the vertical angle theorem, and (5) the theorem for similar triangles: if two triangles have equal angles, then any ratio of corresponding sides has the same value as any other (which is the basis for trigonometry). No direct writings are attributed to him, for they may have been lost or his findings were only recorded by others.
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Pythagoras of Samos
Born: about 569 BC in Samos, Ionia

8. Geneology Search, Trace Your Family History
biographies of Saints, Popes, mathematicians World Leaders. History, Biography. Learn online with our Reference and Biography Directory. the authenticity of his works. Some general sites for information on everyone mathematician biographies including Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Archimedes,
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    Click here to learn more.

9. People: Biographies
BIOGRAPHY OF THE DAY For more, please visit my general USA History mathematician BiographiesWomen mathematicians For more, please visit my Other Subjects page.
Updated February 10, 2002
Biographical Dictionary
Who2 Homepage

Famous Birthdays

Past TIME Men of the Year
Biographies - Important People

Zarate's Political Collections (ZPC)

Political Leaders, 1945-Present


Women Leaders of the World
... The Political Graveyard For more, please visit my Country Information and General World History pages. FAMOUS PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY Famous Historical Americans Who's Who in American History USA: index to biographies-area Meet Amazing Americans ... AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY: BIOGRAPHY OF THE DAY For more, please visit my General U.S.A. History 50 states From Colonies to Revolution 19th Century America ... Presidents , and TEXAS pages. BIOGRAPHIES BY ETHNICITY FAMOUS AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS ASIAN AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS HISPANIC AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES FAMOUS NATIVE AMERICANS IN THE HUMANITIES ... Famous Hispanics in the World and History For much more, please visit my Non-Western Cultures African Americans Native Americans , and Meso and Latin America pages.

10. Biographies
general biographies ( general biographies (Lives, the Biography Resource). Inventors biographies. Jewish biographies. mathematician biographies. Medieval biographies
African Americans biographies Astronaunt biographies Biographical Dictionary Biography Maker (for teachers) ... Women biographies

11. Other Subjects
of biographies mathematician biographies mathematician biographies by Time mathematician Trading Cards general COMPREHENSIVE SITES Helping
Can't Forget about Math and Science!!! Info on subjects other than History and the Fine Arts!
Updated June 19, 2002
I have included this new page because so many students need resources on other subjects besides history and the fine arts ECONOMICS - ENGLISH - INVENTORS - MATH - PHILOSOPHY - SCIENCE - STUFF TOO ODD TO CATEGORIZE
In addition to these links, you can find many other subject links on my
Teachers and Education page.

Understanding Economics

Introduction to Economics: What exactly is economics?

Great Economists and Their Times

Definitions of Economics

Economic History

Index of Microeconomic Topics
... The Great Keynesian Boom ENGLISH On-Line English Grammar Guide to Grammar and Writing Common Errors in English American English Spelling Checker ... Spelling Test - take a quiz on the 50 most misspelled(or is it mispelled?) words in the English language! History House: Stories: English Spelling and Why It's Stupid History House: The Dictionary Wars I: Noah Webster Ready Reference Record for Words ending in "gry" Gry, Gry, Everywhere, and Not a Clue in Sight. ... Teachers and Education (English Section), STUDY SKILLS - RESEARCH - WRITING - AP/SAT/REGENTS - COLLEGE INFO , and Literature and Drama pages.

12. CyberStacks(sm)Mathematics (General) Screen
Mathematics (general) a Chronology showing the overlapping lives of the mathematicianswho have long biographies in the archive, a mathematician of the Day
Mathematics (General) (QA: 1 - 8) Q Science R Medicine S Agriculture T Technology U Military V Naval
QA 1 Periodicals, Societies, Congresses, Serial Collections, Yearbooks
AMS Preprint Server (AMSPPS)
Summary: The AMS Preprint Server (AMSPS) is a service of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), which was created to "...further mathematical research and scholarship....It has approximately 30,000 members, including mathematicians throughout the United States and around the world." The mission of AMS is to "...promote mathematical research, increase the awareness of its value to society, and foster excellence in math education..." and to serve as a major math publisher. At the top of the site are three major links: (1) recent preprints (last 100); (2) browse preprints; and (3) search preprints. The first link produces a listing of the last added 100 preprints, in no particular order. Scrolling to view the listings, users will find the following in entries: (1) author(s); (2) title; (3) preprint code number; and (4) a link to view an abstract of the text. "Browse preprints" lists preprints based on the Mathematics Subject Classification; each category is noted with a description and code number. Selecting a category then produces an index of its presective holdings; users can view all of the category's listings, as well as a chronological listing of preprints. Selecting the "index" link allows the user to view all of the category's holdings; selecting a date allows viewing of one preprint's entry. "Search preprints" produces a query page with a keyword field, as well as searching instructions.

mathematician biographies Hardto-find information about NASA Astronaut biographiesbiographies of NASA general Elizabethan England People and events of
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HELP ON THE WEB ONLINE DATABASES Authors Biographies Biomes ... U.S. History
Author Search Index

Find out about our favorite authors
Find your favorite authors on the Web The Shy Librarian Author and Illustrator Links
Links to roughly 400 children's authors and illustrators web pages Biographies

Information about many different people Biographies of Saints
Find information on all the Catholic saints Mathematician Biographies Hard-to-find information about mathematicians

14. WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia > Geography > General > Biographies Of
WorldBook general Reference Encyclopedia Geography general biographies of Geographers Humboldt, HUA LuoGeng ( - ) Chinese mathematician - Chinese Peoples Republic 2148 HUA

WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia
Geography General Biographies of Geographers ... Humboldt, Baron von Humboldt, Baron von Search the Web with WorldBook All of Surfable Books Match: All Any Boolean
Documents 31 - 40 of 71 on the subject : Humboldt, Baron von Add to my e-mail alerts 1200 to the Latest
1200 to the Latest ... No. 1206: Harriet Beecher Stowe No. 1205: Henry Chapman Mercer No. 1204: Baron Von Humboldt No. 1203: Commercializing Schools No. 1202: After Science No. 1201 ...
Found by: Google , Google2

Biographies - Hua to Hyrtl
HUA Luo-Geng ( - ) Chinese mathematician - Chinese Peoples Republic 2148 HUA To ( 3rd Cent.) Chinese physician, educator - China 1648 HUANG Dao-Po ( - ) Chinese textile expert - Chinese Peoples Republic 1639 HUANG Hsing (1873-1916) Chinese statesm
Found by: HotBot

Subject Headings
Howe collection sorted by Library of Congress Subject Headings (a list of items without LCSH is also available ) Absorption spectra 1911 Jones, Harry Clary, 1865-1916. The absorption spectra of solutions of comparatively rare saltsincluding those of
Found by: HotBot

15. Y-KSD - Student Resources - Math
Dave's Math Tables Math subjects include general math, algebra, geometry MacTutorHistory of Mathematics Archive mathematician biographies as well as an index
District Info:
Our Programs

Our Schools

The Elders

Contact Us

For Students:

Teachers Lounge:


Chat Room
Navigation: Back To Main Site Map Other Resources of Interest Click the resource you wish to view Math Resources - Quick Jump Menu - General Math Algebra Geometry Trigonometry ... History of Math General Math Tutorials and Resources Ask Dr. Math Questions and answers for high-school level math questions are located here. WebMath: The Internet site that solves your math problems Lots of samples and problems. Math in Daily Life Find out how math applies to your everyday life. DAU Math Refresher Check out the Algebra and elementary Calculus tutorials. GCSE Mathematics Tutorials Some pretty useful tutorials, most focus on Trigonometry. Dave's Math Tables Math subjects include general math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. Algebra Top Algebra Like an advanced algebra textbook online! Online Algebra An algebra textbook online. S.O.S. Mathematics - Algebra

16. Biographies - Euler 2007 - Http:// - E-mail:
Friedrich, Saxon mathematician , magister philosophae University of Leipzig from1745. Panin, Nikita Livanovic, 17181783. Russian general, Statesman and
Biographical index of quoted persons: b. 16-11-1717 (Paris) - d.17-5-1783 (Paris). Mathematician and philosopher. 1741 Associate member Paris Academy,1746 Elected member of Berlin Academy, 1764 elected member of the St. Petersburg Academy. Algarotti, Francesco count, b. 11-12-1712 (Venice) - d. 3-3-1764 (Pisa). Physician, chamberlain to Frederick II; 1747-1754. Member of honor Berlin Academy. Anna Ioannovna, b.28-1-1693 (Moscow) - d. 17-10-1740 (Petersburg). Empress of Russia from 1730 to 1740. b. 14-6-1704 (Aix-en -Provence) - d. 11-1-1771 (Toulon). Philosopher and chamberlain to Frederick II; 1744 Ordinary member and 1744-1771 director of the History and philology class of the Berlin Academy. August Wilhelm, prince of Prussia, b. 9-8-1722 - d. 12-6-1758. Brother of Frederick II and father of the Prussian king Frederick-Wilhelm II. Balbi, Johann Friedrich

17. Math
Math subjects covered include general math, algebra, geometry, trig, statistics,and Archive Includes a massive index of mathematician biographies as well as
HTML> Literature
  • Ask Dr. Math - This is by far the best general resource on math for high-school students that I have found. Questions and answers for high-school level math questions are located at this site. You can also ask Dr. Math your own question. If you cant find your answer there, check out the College-level questions and answers.
  • WebMath: The Internet site that solves your math problems This site has many sample math problems and solutions for high school level math. The types of problems covered fall into these categories: everyday math, numbers, fractions, graphing, simplifying expressions, polynomials, factoring polynomials, quadratic equations, word problems, and even a little physics.
  • DAU Math Refresher A great site with Algebra and elementary Calculus help. This site also has online tests you can take after completing the math tutorials.
  • GCSE Mathematics Tutorials This page inclues short, but useful tutorials on negative numbers, probability, and basic trigonometry. The tutorials are well explained and laid out usin Java. This site also has math questions on algebra, functions, graphs, probability, and trigonometry.
  • Daves Math Tables This is not a tutorial, but its a great way to look up math identities and such. Math subjects covered include general math, algebra, geometry, trig, statistics, and calculus.
  • 18. WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia > Physical Science & Maths > Science >
    WorldBook general Reference Encyclopedia Physical Science Maths Science biographies Banneker, Benjamin an astronomer, farmer, mathematician, and Science & Maths/Science/B

    WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia
    Science Biographies Banneker, Benjamin Banneker, Benjamin Search the Web with WorldBook All of Surfable Books Match: All Any Boolean
    Documents 1 - 10 of 97 on the subject : Banneker, Benjamin Add to my e-mail alerts Benjamin Banneker
    Benjamin Banneker ... Benjamin Banneker Benjamin Banneker was an African American who made his mark as an inventor, surveyor, farmer, and for years has been referred to as "the ...
    Found by: Google2 , Google , HotBot

    Benjamin Banneker
    Benjamin Banneker Benjamin Banneker . Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) was a brilliant young ... In 1791 Banneker published an almanac illustrating the results of his observations and ...
    Found by: Google

    Banneker , Benjamin - A-to-Z Science -
    Banneker , Benjamin - A-to-Z Science - ... Banneker , Benjamin (1731-1806), was probably the best-known black person in early United States history. He was an astronomer, farmer, mathematician, and ...
    Found by: Google2 , Google

    19. Student Resources
    general biographies A great site with biographical informationon over mathematician biographies - Links to other sites with information on
    Student Resources Resources for Students Biographies General Biographies Authors General Biographies - A great site with biographical information on over 20,000 personalities. Biographical Dictionary - Very brief descriptions of over 22,000 people who have helped shape our planet are listed here. Distinguished Women of Past and Present - Biographical info. on famous women; search by subject or name. There is a Black History Month page included. First Ladies of the United States - Biographical information on these famous women. Inventors - Spotlights a few of the more well known inventors and includes links to other sites. Mathematician biographies - Links to other sites with information on mathematicians. National Inventors Hall of Fame - Created by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Who's Who in American History - Biographies of famous people in the history of the US. Authors Author's Corner - Biographical information on authors and illustrators. Author Information - A good collection of author bios, as well as book reviews.

    20. Chesterfield County Middle Schools/library Media
    mathematician biographies, Short to long biographies of mathematicians worldwide. Kidsweb,general math pages for students and teachers.
    Chesterfield County Middle Schools Library Media Home Page Curriculum

    Links to references for Mathematics. GENERAL RESOURCES Ask Dr. Math Good site that has a searchable database and resources to ask math questions for K-12 (over 2000 sites) Frank Potters' Mathematics Gem Reasoning, Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Functions, Probability for K-12 educators Math Forum Homepage MARVELOUS site for students and educators Mathematics Lessons Database K-12 Mathematics Lessonsearchable database (still under construction but continually adding) Math Teacher The Math Forum Math Forum Student Center for all levels of math Research: Math Databases Big Sky MANY lesson plans and problems arranged by level Dave's Math Tables Series of resources including algebra, geometry, calculus, and general math EDU2-Math School Math Links for educators Grades 4-8 Eisenhower National Clearing House Center for Math and Science K-12 education , lesson plans and other resources Explorers - Math Problems Math folders of projects Mathematica Track Home Page Contemporary use of the computer in analyzing problems VOSE Math Resource Links Good Guide to other math internet sources Kids Invest Introduction of the stock market for children Stock Market Learning Project for K-12 Web-base, interdisciplinary , stock market unit

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