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         Mauritania Culture:     more detail
  1. Mauritania (Cultures of the World) by Ettagale Blauer, Jason Laure, 2008-12
  2. MAURITANIA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by GARBA DIALLO, 2001
  3. Executive Report on Strategies in Mauritania, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Mauritania Research Group, The Mauritania Research Group, 2000-11-02
  4. Feasibility study of fish culture projects in the Gorgol Region (Farming systems research along the Senegal River Valley) by Donald T Rivard, 1987
  5. Climate, cattle, and culture: Collision course in Mauritania by Donald E Vermeer, 1981
  6. Mauritanian Culture: Ethnic Groups in Mauritania, Languages of Mauritania, Mauritanian Music, National Symbols of Mauritania

61. JamboWeb - Culture By Country
Zambia Zimbabwe. culture » mauritania (3), Increase your site's traffic.Promote your Site! in the JamboWeb Directory. Ancient Future

62. Backpackers Travel Guide And Information On Mauritania
Guide to mauritania, with travel information for backpackers on country and culture,including Nouakchott, sahara desert, Adrar, Affolé and Assaba regions.
Guide to Mauritania, with travel information for backpackers on country and culture, including Nouakchott, sahara desert, Adrar, Affolé and Assaba regions Welcome to Mauritania Algeria






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63. Countries - Http://
The market is considered as one of the more intereting in mauritania, but will oftenreflect more of the subsaharan culture than the Moorish cultures to the
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map of country
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ADRAR REGION . Mountains of contrasts
The Adrar Region is one of the main attractions in Mauritania, offering both accessibility, dramatic nature and green oases. In this region, much of the traditional culture now disappearing from most other North African countries, survives, without being an expression of poverty.
One of the more fascinating aspects of the Adrar is that the past was so much different from the present, with lakes and rivers, green valleys and hills, big cities and influential empires. This region has been inhabited since Neolithic times, and there is an abundance of remains to testify of this.
Adrar's proud history is as recent as until the French colonization, and opposition to Nouakchott has been staged several times during the time of Nouakchott's independence.

64. American Finds Kinship Of Faith In Islamic Mauritania
kindness and friendship, I haltingly asked them to tell me more about their beliefsand why Islam in their culture seemed characterized In mauritania both men
American finds kinship of faith in Islamic Mauritania
By: Dale Hanson Bourke
Broadcasted on BICNews 18 December 1997
Most people live quiet lives of faith, believing because they want to or need to in order to make it through each day.
But there are others who brandish belief as a weapon, sowing seeds of destruction in the name of religion. Their actions often grab headlines; their faith implicated by the violence.
Most Americans have been exposed to accounts of Muslim extremism more than they have read about or known the majority of peace-loving people who follow the teachings of the Koran and the example of Mohammad. I realized this very personally when I told my friends I would be traveling to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.
My friends' reactions ranged from concern to alarm. They worried about my safety and my sanity when I explained Mauritania is one of a handful of countries outside of the Gulf States which is governed by shari'a or Islamic law.
But it was partially because of this that I wanted to experience this land. I knew enough about the religion and the country to be more curious than frightened. And I wanted to see how Christian organizations like Caritas, Lutheran World Federation and World Vision are able to conduct humanitarian programs in a Muslim culture.
My only concern was that I would feel shut off from the culture and be shunned as an outsider.

65. Destinations/Africa/Mauritania
Rate It. Miftah Shamali mauritania - The largest, most colourfuland reliable travelling and culture guide to mauritania. Rate It.
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66. Mauritania @, Local Links And Information, Mauritania Arts And Entert
Business and Economy Education Government Maps and Views, News and Media Scienceand Environment Society and culture Travel and Tourism. mauritania Country Study
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Africa : Mauritania
Business and Economy Education Government Maps and Views ...
Mauritania Country Study from the Library of Congress Bid for position Mauritania Consular Information Sheet Bid for position Mauritania Country Information Arab World - Location, Population, Religion, Language - Facts and History Bid for position Mauritania Page [from Univ Penn] Bid for position MENIC - Mauritania From the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin Bid for position • Find products related to Mauritania @ • Search the web for Mauritania web sites Mauritania: Learning Maps News Add a Site ... Feedback Africa: Algeria Egypt Kenya Libya ... more... Asia: Bangladesh China Georgia Hong Kong ... more... Caribbean: Bahamas Barbados Cuba Jamaica ... more... Europe: Belgium France Germany Greece ... more...

67. Lutheran World Federation Mauritania
You can learn a great deal from the people and culture of RIM and you and her husbandMitch, also a Peace Corps volunteer, arrived in mauritania in September
Welcome! Bienvenue!

The great droughts of the early 1970s caused massive problems in a country where 70% of its inhabitants were nomads. People who had wandered the desert lost their herds of camels, donkeys, goats, and sheep. Destitute, they flocked to Nouakchott and other urban areas to a radically changed way of life. Today only 15% remain nomads. We entered this environmental and human crisis in 1974. Beginning with emergency relief, our work has evolved over 27 years into rehabilitation and development. Our continued success is possible through the support of individuals and organizations like you from all over the world. Dream with us about what we might do next. Share your observations and questions about your experience of our website by clicking on "How to contact us". Spring 2001
Nouakchott, Mauritania
First Impressions of RIM
By Jennifer Leith When you step off the plane in Mauritania, your first impression will likely be a blur of heat, sand, and strange smells. If camels and sandstorms are your "thing," then you will think that you have come to the right place. but once you venture to look beyond the physical, you will be pleasantly surprised.

68. ANN News: Section: Society & Culture
Source/Publisher IRIN Date Tuesday, 11 March 2003 Category Society and culture Read/Post Comments (0). mauritania Haemorrhagic fever reported A total
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09 April 2003
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69. Arab World Ministries
All other visitors to need visas. culture mauritania is the onlycountry in West Africa ruled by people with a nomadic heritage.
Population: Capital City: Nouakchott Language: Arabic, French, various tribal languages. Religion: Islam Government: Republic Climate: There is no rainy season, just hot-and -dry and hotter-and-dry. Rainfall is almost totally absent in the Sahara region. From June to August, temperatures average about 40C (104F), although along the coast, breezes keep the temperatures down a little. Many places can register temperatures below freezing at any time of the year, so pack warm gear. The most tolerable weather occurs between November and February, when it's hot and sunny during the day, but cooling off in the evenings with southerlies blowing in from the desert. From June to October it's very hot all the time, but bearable for brief visits. Avoid visiting there between March and May since there will be a constant blast of sand and hot wind during those months. Location: About the same size as New Mexico or twice the size of France. Mauritania shares its borders with Morocco, Algeria, Mali and Senegal. It is about 60% desert- a figure that increases relentlessly as the Saharan sand spreads southwestward towards the sea. Literacy Rate: Visas: Only visitors from France, Italy and certain African nations don't require a visa up to three months. All other visitors to need visas.

70. Encyclopædia Britannica
Also includes a location map. mauritania Visitors guide to this Africancountry. Covers history, culture, economy, and popular destinations.

71. Sudan Page
done by the Library of Congress, covers history, geography, politics, culture, etc CoalitionAgainst Slavery in mauritania and Sudan (CASMAS) CASMAS is a human
Sudan Page
Other On-Line Resources Related to Sudan
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      The index has been created by The Norwegian Council for Africa, as part of its comprehensive effort to strengthen the knowledge of Africa and African affairs. The projects has been developed in cooperation with the information company Gazette, and wit h financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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72. Mauritania
plains of sand and scrub covers most of the country of mauritania, making travel allowedprovided proper credit is given to the York County culture Heritage
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Mauritania What It Is Where It's From What It's Made Of Airplane Mauritania, 2000 (made by Moctar Tambo) Wood Getting around in Mauritania
The Sahara Desert with its vast plains of sand and scrub covers most of the country of Mauritania, making travel difficult at best. A paved highway named La Route de l'Espoir or Road of Hope runs east through the country to Mali. Most other routes are simply sand tracks necessitating the use of 4-wheel drive vehicles. During the dry season these roads may become obscured and covered by the shifting sands. The rainy season brings other difficulties rendering the roads impassible. Travelers are warned never to attempt a desert journey without a full set of spare parts, essential safety equipment and a determined spirit. Search Our Site Revisions
Page created 3 Aug 2001

73. IT'S A RICH MAN'S WORLD: How Money Makes It Mark - NI 137 - Country Profile: Mau
In its unique crossroads position for Arabsubsaharan contact, mauritania has arich history. Moorish culture extended into Southern Spain in the eleventh
new internationalist July 1984 COUNTRY PROFILE Mauritania Leader Lt-Col. Mohamed Khouna ould Haidalla Economy : GNP per capita $460 per year Monetary unit Mauritania Ouguiya (linked to French franc) Main exports : Iron ore, fish, gypsum People : 1.6 million Health : Life expectancy 44 years Infant mortality : 187 per 1,000 live births (1979) Culture Language : French (official); Hassanya Arabic (National); Black African languages predominate in South. Sources : World Development Report 1983, Africa South of the Sahara 1983/4, US. Dept of State Briefings 1979 (culture, infant mortality) Mauritania is a country of deep-rooted tradition. Until as recently as ten years ago, two-thirds of the population were nomadic herders. But the fierce drought of the 1970s and the drain on the economy caused by the war in the North (which only ended in 1979) have combined to accelerate rural-urban migration and joblessness. Undeterred, many Mauritanians still aspire to be nomadic traders. If in the past the trade was across the Sahara in slaves, gold, salt and dates, today it is by air to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to bring back watches, radios and cassette recorders. In its unique crossroads position for Arab-subsaharan contact, Mauritania has a rich history. Moorish culture extended into Southern Spain in the eleventh century and the earliest known West African Kingdom, Ghana, is said to have had its capital in the south.

74. Catalonian Parliament Offers Support To Amazigh Identity,
ALGERIA CANARY ISLANDS - EGYPT - LIBYA - MALI - mauritania - MOROCCO - NIGER -TUNISIA in support of the Amazigh identity, language, and culture and proposed

75. The Saudi Arabian Information Resource - Mosque Inauguration In Mauritania
mauritanian Minister of culture and Islamic Guidance Aslamou Ould Sidi AlMustafa,along with Saudi Charge d'Affaires in mauritania Mohammed bin Mubarak Al
var markerOn = new Image (18, 18) var markerOff = new Image (18, 18) markerOn.src = "../jpg/marker1.gif" markerOff.src = "../jpg/marker2.gif" NEWS ISSUES MAP GALLERY ... Statistical Tables 01/12/2002 Mosque inauguration in Mauritania Nouakchott, 1st December 2002 Mauritanian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Aslamou Ould Sidi Al-Mustafa, along with Saudi Charge d'Affaires in Mauritania Mohammed bin Mubarak Al-Karni inaugurated here on Sunday a mosque, financed by the Saudi philanthropist, Fatima Jamal. The project of the mosque was implemented under the supervision of Jiddah-based International Islamic Relief Organization(IIRO). The mosque project, implemented on an area of 150 square meter, includes an Islamic school and a library. Source: SPA Site search: Related Items 25th to 31st March 2003 16th to 24th March 2003 26th February to 15th March 2003 25th January to 25th February 2003 ... ARCHIVED NEWS RELEASES

76. TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents
mauritania. Lonely Planet offers insite into the culture and Peoples of mauritania.To Country Main Page To TDS Home Page Travel Document Systems
Lonely Planet offers insite into the Culture and Peoples of Mauritania.
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77. Tea Ceremony, Mauritania, 1999 -, Posters, Prints And Fine Art
10071499B. Tea Ceremony, mauritania, 1999. Related Galleries, Related Products.World culture Jean-Marc Durou African American Americana Native American,

78. Directory ::
government, and people. mauritania Including map and overviewof history, culture, economy and currency. mauritania Country

79. Royaume De Biffeche Kingdom Of Biffeche - The People
Describes Biffeche Fula (Peulh), Sereer (Ndut), Wolof, Moor, and European peoples and cultural practices in the small Kingdom of Biffeche on the Senegal River between mauritania and Senegal. Features news and information for visitors.
People and Cultures of the Kingdom of Biffeche Pop Up Picture One of the numerous baby Ronald's named after our beloved King
Peoples of Biffeche
The ethnic groups of Biffeche live together in harmony, united by their love for the Kingdom, mutual respect, and pious submission to, and appreciation of God's will. Although there are some common cultural practices unique to Biffeche, each group brings its own rich heritage and culture; many noble races and ancient Kingdoms and empires enrich our Kingdom today. Pop Up Picture A small Biffeche family shows the loyalty for which our citizens have always been known. Ethnic groups include Fula, Sérér-Ndut, Wolof, Naar (Moor) and American, but all are truly called "the Biffeche". Pop Up Picture Madame Sow, one of the wives of Chevalier Malick Sow with some of his children and grandchildren. The Fula (also called Peulh or Ful Fulde) are a nomadic pastoral race, guiding their herds all across West Africa. They are the only nomadic pastoral race in all of West Africa (hence in Biffeche). Unlike the case in East Africa with pastoral nomads, the Fula get along well with the non-pastoral groups in Biffeche among whom they live. They are the largest ethnic group in Biffeche, spread across the countryside in numerous villages. They are a proud race, noble in appearance. "Our language is Pulaar, the most harmonious sounding, and yet perhaps the most complicated of all Biffeche languages." Tukulor people here also speak Pulaar. Most are Muslim, a few are Christian and several groups are traditionalist.

80. History
mauritania, History, Back to Top. Stone Age cultures have been found in northernmauritania. In 1946 mauritania became an overseas territory of the French Union.
Country Info Mauritania Introduction Mauritania General Data Mauritania Maps Mauritania Culture ... Mauritania Time and Date Mauritania History Back to Top Stone Age cultures have been found in northern Mauritania. Berber nomads moved into the area in the 1st millennium ad and subjugated the indigenous black population. The newcomers belonged to the Sanhaja Confederation that long dominated trade between the northern parts of Africa and the kingdom of Ghana, the capital of which, Kumbi Saleh (Koumbi Saleh), was in southeastern Mauritania. Under Almoravid leadership, the Sanhaja razed Kumbi Saleh in 1076, although Ghana survived until the early 13th century. The Berbers, in turn, were conquered by Arabs in the 16th century. The descendants of the Arabs became the upper stratum of Mauritanian society, and Arabic gradually displaced Berber dialects as the language of the country. French forces, moving up the Sénégal River, made the area a French protectorate by 1905 and a colony in 1920. In 1946 Mauritania became an overseas territory of the French Union. Under French occupation, slavery was legally abolished. Mauritania was first peopled by Negroes and by the Sanhadja Berbers. It was the cradle of the Berber Almoravid movement. The Almoravids imposed Islam upon all the neighbouring peoples. A caravan route at that time linked Mauritania with Morocco. Arab tribes infiltrated by this route and in the 15th century submerged the Berbers. The nomadic tribes formed several powerful confederations: Trarza and Brakna, which dominated the Sénégal River valley; Kunta in the east; and Rigaibat (Regeibat) in the north.

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