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         Mauritania History Regional:     more detail
  1. Paths of Accommodation: Muslim Societies and French Colonial Authorities in Senegal and Mauritania, 1880 (Western African Studies) by David Robinson, 2001-01-01
  2. Mauritanie. Aux confins du aMghreb (French Edition) by Danielle Bisson, 2005-04-01
  3. Historical Dictionary of Mauritania by Anthony G. Pazzanita, 1996-08-30

41. SearchUK - Finds It Fast!
Africa/Mali/Society_and_Culture; /TOP/regional/Africa/mauritania/Society_and_Culture; TOP/regional/Asia/Kazakhstan onaspects of British history and culture
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Know Britain
- Features short articles on aspects of British history and culture, including the Union Jack, country houses, education and islands.
British Culture for Americans
- Collected reflections on the distinguishing characteristics of British culture. Includes "British-American/American-British" dictionary.
Culture Lab UK
- Guide to style, culture and technology in the UK from the British Council.
On the Line - United Kingdom Virtual Journey
- Aimed at children and young people, provides a guide to the culture, history and daily life of the UK. Includes facts, figures and quotations.
- News about health, housing, regeneration, local government, voluntary sector, social care and policy. Part of Guardian Unlimited.
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2. Congratulates the Government and People of mauritania for successfully hostingthe Looks forward to collaborating with WAHO in subregional programs aimed
Plan of Action DECISIONS AND PLAN OF ACTION The West African College of Surgeons: 1. Thanks the Government and People of Mauritania for their immense support for medical training and services in West Africa and their support for the West African College of Surgeons; 2. Congratulates the Government and People of Mauritania for successfully hosting the 41st Annual Conference of WACS; 3. Pledges to work in close cooperation with the West African Health Organisation (WAHO) and notes the delay in the takeoff of WAHO activities with the demise of the West African Health Community. 4. Looks forward to collaborating with WAHO in sub-regional programs aimed at improving the health status of our peoples across regional boundaries. 5. Prays that the Governments of West Africa will continue to support its laudable objectives of Specialist Manpower Development through adequate funding of WAHO. 6. Reaffirms its commitment to the training of surgical specialists through the fellowship program and middle-level manpower through the Diploma programs in west Africa. The College also supports the commencement of the "Diploma in Hospital Practice" program in cooperation with West African Countries who need this cadre of trained personnel over a shorter period. 7. Supports the call by the Head of State of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania for the establishment of telemedicine throughout the subregion for the rapid exchange of medical information and ideas and experiences between specialists and practitioners in West Africa.

43. Regional/Africa/Mauritania
http// MauritaniaIncluding map and overview of history, culture, economy and currency.
Search the Internet:
Check Out: Home Regional Africa : Mauritania CATEGORIES: Business and Economy


Guides and Directories

LINKS: BBC Country Profile - Mauritania
Key facts, figures and dates, media links.
CIA Factbook - Mauritania

Features map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people. : Mauritania Including map and overview of history, culture, economy and currency. Mauritania Country Study from the Library of Congress Mauritania Country Information Arab World - Location, Population, Religion, Language - Facts and History Mauritania Profile Mauritania facts and profile One page of background information and links. World Desk Reference: Mauritania General country information, demographics, and statistics from Dorling Kindersley.

44. Mauritania
Arab World Location, Population, Religion, Language - Facts and history CategoryRegional Africa mauritania http//
BBC Country Profile - Mauritania Key facts, figures and dates, media links.
Category: Regional > Africa > Mauritania
CIA Factbook - Mauritania
Features map and brief descriptions of geography, economy, government, and people.
Category: Regional > Africa > Mauritania : Mauritania Including map and overview of history, culture, economy and currency. Category: Regional > Africa > Mauritania Mauritania Country Study from the Library of Congress Category: Regional > Africa > Mauritania Mauritania Country Information Arab World - Location, Population, Religion, Language - Facts and History Category: Regional > Africa > Mauritania Mauritania Profile Mauritania facts and profile Category: Regional > Africa > Mauritania

45. -- Mauritania: Mauritania: Food Agreement Signed
UN Integrated regional Information Networks. This is the first time in World VisionMauritania's 20 year history that the agency has been awarded such a
Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Comoros Congo-Brazzaville Congo-Kinshasa Côte d'Ivoire Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea Bissau Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania Mauritius Morocco Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Rwanda Sao Tomé and Principé Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Western Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe
Mauritania: Food Agreement Signed
This Page
This Page
The Publisher's Site UN Integrated Regional Information Networks January 21, 2003
Posted to the web January 21, 2003 Abidjan An agreement to distribute 13,500 mt of food to thousands of Mauritanians in the Assaba region near the Senegal border, and the adjoining Brakna and Tagant regions has been signed between World Food Programme (WFP) and World Vision Mauritania. The drought relief program valued at US $5.7 million is expected to benefit at least 88,800 people who are at risk of starvation over nine months, World Vision reported on Tuesday. "The rations include cereals, beans, oil, wheat-soya blend, and sugar. This is the first time in World Vision Mauritania's 20 year history that the agency has been awarded such a large general food distribution contract from WFP," the NGO said.

46. Foreign Governments/Africa
Also includes mauritania, Somalia, and a section on discipline (anthropology, economics,history, religion, sociology conditions with some regional and country
Sub-Saharan Africa
Frames Index No-Frames Version Angola Benin ...
Related Regional Web Sites

Last updated on February 8, 2001

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  • Under Politics: structure of the government, social policies, profile of the President, directory of key officials, and text of the Lusaka agreement
  • Welcome to Benin
    • Brief history and politics of country
    • Basic population and economic statistics
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    • Constitution of Benin
    • Directories of government institutions and officials
    • Links to sites with general and political information about Africa
    • Republic of Botswana
      • Extensive description of government offices and their e-mail addresses linked through an organization chart
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      Burkina Faso
      • A la decouverte du Burkina Faso
        • Official government website in French
        • Constitution, electoral law, institutions, foreign policy
        • Tourist and historical information
      • Embassy to Canada
        • Brief history and description of country
        • Economic laws and policy
        • Directory of government officials and membership in international organizations
        • Africa Index
          • Annotated links to Cameroon's politics, economy, culture, environment, tourism, and news

47. Links SQL Regional/Africa/Mauritania mauritania Including map and overview of history, culture,economy and currency. http//

48. Mauritania
of the Atar Region, Taoudeni Basin, mauritania***, R3E5086. regional Reports forOil Gas Companies. W.Africa history West Africa history Commerce and Economic
April 12, 1996
Friday NOTE: This is an old page. Please click here to see latest updates. Code Report Title A EXT 25652/3 Data Compilation for the West African Margin (Morocco to Guinea Bissau); 1984 A EXT 25652/6 Data Compilation for the West African Margin (Morocco to Guinea Bissau). Enclosures 1 - 20; 1984 A EXT 25652/7 Data Compilation for the West African Margin (Morocco to Guinea Bissau). Enclosures 21 - 39; 1984 C DOS 21381 An Appraisal of Mauritania Offshore Blocks; 1982 C EXT 31454 Overview of North West African Basins; 1985 C OC 12833 Note on the Photogeological Interpretation of the Atar Region, Taoudeni Basin, Mauritania; 1960 C OC 12922 Proposition de Demande de Permis en Mauritanie; 1963 C OC 2735 Rapport Sur Une Etude Sismique Reflexion Par Methode McCollum Sur Le Permis D' Hassi Fokra (No. 7) Mauritanie; 1962 C OC 4002/1 Etude Geologique de la Partie Nord Occidentale du Bassin de Taoudeni Mission de Prereconnaissance Campagne 1960 - 1961, Tome (Texte); 1962 C OC 4002/2 Etude Geologique de la Partie Nord Occidentale du Bassin de Taoudeni Mission de Prereconnaissance Campagne 1960 - 1961, Tome (Planches); 1962

49. Africa
Africa, mauritania, Data Compilation for the West African Margin regional Reportsfor Oil Gas Companies. W.Africa history West Africa history Commerce and Africa

50. The History Guy: New And Recent Conflicts Of The World
of developing into multinational regional conflicts. with a long and violent historybetween them left their Saharan colony, Morocco and mauritania seized the
The History Guy New and Recent Conflicts of the World Home Military History Historical Personalities What's New ... Site Map Want to be notified of updates and additions to the History Guy website? Click HERE The world is a violent place, and for various political, economic, religious and other reasons, wars and conflicts often erupt. The purpose of this web page is to chronicle these conflicts and attempt to explain why they occur and what may result from them.
Updated on January 11, 2003
This page contains four current sections and one section not yet completed. The current sections are:
  • Recently concluded or suspended wars and conflicts Major Acts of Terrorism
  • More detail to be added as time allows
    Alphabetical listing. q Afghan War q Al-Aqsa Intifada (Israeli-Palestinian Conflict) (high-risk to become a regional war) q Algerian Civil War q Basque Separatist Conflict q Burma (Myanmar) Civil War Military operations near border areas have brought both rebels and the Burmese government into occasional conflict with neighboring Thailand. q Burundi Civil War The rebels use neighboring Congo as a base to launch attacks, thereby giving the Burundi government reason to involve itself in the

    51. Senegal - History And Politics
    from the Zenega Berbers of mauritania and northern important time in the politicalhistory of Senegal afford greater autonomy to regional structures reiterating
    Geographic Map General Information Geography Natural resources ... Sources
    Senegal - History and Politics
    Constitution adopted March 1963, revised 1991 Legal system - based on the Napoleonic Code and the 1963 constitution Legislative branch - National Assembly (140 seats); Senate (48 seats) Elections - Legislative, last held May 1998; Presidential, last held March 2000
    Political groupings and alliances
    Parti socialiste (PS, the dominant party in the National Assembly) (PIT) (LD-MPT) (PLS)
    The Republic of Senegal is the most westerly state of Africa. It covers an area of 196,722 sq. km (75,955sq miles). The May 1988 population census of Senegal stood at 6,896,808 and an estimated 8,152,000 at mid-1993. The southern border of Senegal is first with Guinea-Bissau and then with Guinea on the northern edge of the outcrop of Fouta Djallon. It shares its eastern border with Mali, the northern border with Mauritania and Gambia forms a semi-enclave between part of southern Senegal and the sea. It is bordered on its western side by the Atlantic Ocean.
    Pre-colonial history
    It is now known that Senegal has been inhabited since Paleolithic and Neolithic period This has been evidenced by the discovery of household implements and tools and stone circles. Added to these discoveries are copper and iron objects, which have been discovered in the Sine-Saloum region. One of the major ethnic groups the Tukulor occupied the lower Senegal Valley since the 11

    52. Morocco: History
    Education 4. Religions, Peoples, Languages 5. history. the south of today's mauritania,in Koumbi and universities, introduction of regional government, actions
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    Click to open Encyclopaedia of the Orient on its front page

    Morocco: History


    Political situation


    Religions, Peoples, Languages

    Morocco is consistently used to denote the region in which the following events take place. Morocco is however a modern name of the region.
    Around 15,000 BCE: Paleolithic settlements in the area of today's Morocco. Around 3000 BCE: Simple pastoral and agricultural settlements, which were heavily reduced with the starting growth of Sahara Around 1100 BCE: Establishment of trading posts by the Phoenicians . These functioned separately from the communities in the interior of the country. Around 200 BCE: Despite the demise of the Phoenician empire, the coastal trading posts get increased growth, due to the influx of refugees from Carthage Around 0: Establishment of a Berber kingdom centered to northwestern Morocco. 42 CE: The Roman empire imposes direct rule over the Moroccan coastal region. Morocco becomes part of the province called Mauretania Tingitana. The Roman presence is met with hard resistance from the local rulers, resulting in numerous wars. Withdrawal of Roman forces from most Moroccan settlements.

    53. Library Of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handboo
    Country Study from the Library of CongressCategory regional Africa mauritania...... mauritania; Foreward; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; PREFACE; COUNTRY PROFILE Historical SettingEARLY history; SANHADJA CONFEDERATION; Western Sahara; regional Security Concerns
    MAURITANIA - A Country Study
    Search Mauritania
    Include word variants Use only words as entered.

    54. History, Arts Faculty Library
    GuineeBissau, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Liberia, Mali, mauritania, Niger, Nigeria Maritimeans military history 10 Metropolitan and regional history 11 Female
    University Library
    Arts Faculty Library


    Systematic layout
    ... University of Groningen Arts Faculty Library
    - Collection This page presents an alphabetical overview of the disciplines in the Faculty of Arts library.
    Systematic layout of the disciplines
    Due to the fact that the Faculty of Arts library makes use of a systematic layout, all books on the same topic are collected together. This systematic layout helps you in your search to find specific books. The information below indicates the way in which the request numbers for the discipline in question are determined.For more details, see the explanation of the structure of the request numbers
    The request number is also the location code in the library. The upper floor accommodates request numbers 1 to 35, while the ground floor contains categories 36-70, the Teachers Information Centre (LIC), and the magazines. Top History . History
    Main classifications for sources, reference books and monographies. The books are categorized by continent; within the countries and/or regions they are alphabetically classified. In the catagory GENERAL belong works on global history and e.g. general reference works.
    ALG General EUR Europe; general

    55. PhD Consultancy RRojas Databank: The Róbinson Rojas Archive.-The World Bank 200
    regional tables Key indicators (16K PDF) regional comparisons for People, Environment,Economy, States and A short history. Congo, Rep, mauritania, Tanzania.
    Globalization Poverty Development Sustainability ... FROM THE WORLD BANK DATABASE Regional Summary Tables from the World Development Indicators 2001 The tables provided below contain the latest data for key development topics from the World Development Indicators database. All files are in PDF format.
    • Regional tables
      Key indicators:
      (16K PDF) regional comparisons for People, Environment,
      Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links.
    Country comparisons: (9k PDF), (9K PDF), (9k PDF), South Asia (8K PDF), Sub-Saharan Africa (10K PDF) Classification of economies A short history ... Definitions of groups Country groups
    East Asia and Pacific
    Europe and Central Asia

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Middle East and North Africa
    Not classified by indebtedness

    Classification of economies More about this change in terminology ). Based on its GNI per capita, every economy is classified as low income, middle income (subdivided into lower middle and upper middle), or high income. Other analytical groups, based on geographic regions and levels of external debt, are also used.

    56. Encyclopædia Britannica
    Includes brief information on the nation's history, economy, and politics. MauritaniaOverview of this northwestern African nation. Also includes regional maps

    57. Encyclopædia Britannica
    mauritania Travel guide to this state in northwestern Africa. Provides informationon regional attractions, culture, history, events, recreational activities

    58. The Page Cannot Be Found
    history African music is not a timeless, ancient art a similar type of instrumentsurvived only in mauritania. with other criteria, such as regional styles, and
    Seems like there's been some kind of error. The link that brought you here is malfunctioning. The content you wish to view may have moved to another area of the site or may no longer be available. Apologies for the inconvenience. Let's try again!

    59. International Ombudsman Institute: History And Development
    countries with ombudsman offices at the provincial/state or regional levels UnitedKingdom),; Médiateur de la République (eg France, Gabon, mauritania, Senegal
    The roots of the modern ombudsman can be traced back to the Justitieombudsman (ombudsman for justice) of Sweden which was established in 1809. The office did not spread to other countries until the twentieth century, when it was adopted in other Scandinavian countries, in Finland (1919), Denmark (1955) and Norway (1962). The popularity of the ombudsman office has increased since the early 1960s, as various Commonwealth and other, mainly European, countries established the office: for example, New Zealand (1962), United Kingdom (1967), most Canadian provinces (starting in 1967), Tanzania (1968), Israel (1971), Puerto Rico (1977), Australia (1977 at the federal level, 1972-1979 at the state level), France (1973), Portugal (1975), Austria (1977), Spain (1981), and the Netherlands (1981).
    By mid-1983, there were only about twenty-one countries with ombudsman offices at the national level and about six other countries with ombudsman offices at the provincial/state or regional levels. However, the transition of many countries to democracy and democratic structures of governance over the past two decades has led to the establishment of many more ombudsman offices during this most recent period. This transition to democracy accompanied by the reform of government, including the ombudsman or ombudsman-human rights complaint office, has been evident particularly in Latin America, Central and East Europe, as well as in parts of Africa and the Asia-Pacific. Countries that have established national offices during this period include Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Namibia, South Africa, Poland, some francophone African countries, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Thailand and the Philippines.

    60. History--Best Sites
    State and regional. Covers all countries and cultures between mauritania in westand Iran East European Studies World Wide Web Server Russian history Back to
    General North America State and Regional Latin America and South America ... Women For guides to printed information on this topic, see History and Black History
    History Guide : searchable guide to Internet sites.
    History Place
    : dedicated to student's and teachers, this is a source for speeches and photos as well as timelines and text.
    Index of Resources for Historians

    Internet Modern History Sourcebook

    National Center for History in the Schools

    Places on the WWW for Historians
    ... [Back to Top]
    North America
    African American Mosiac : "Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture."
    American and British History Resources on the Internet

    American Memory
    : from the Library of Congress
    American Studies Web

    American Women's History

    Avalon Project
    : Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy. Documents include pre-18th century - 20th century. Civil War Page Classics of American Colonial History : database of scholarly books and articles Historic American Buildings Survey : Library of Congress Special Collections Historical Flags of the United States Museum of African Slavery : Essays on the realities and practices of slavery with links to other key slavery sites.

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